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MUGEN is a 2D fighting game engine, but you probably knew that already. MUGEN is also an acronym for something, but no one knows what it is. MUGEN was created not only to make a fighting game, but also to let others create their own fighting games. You can control almost every aspect of the engine to suit your tastes. That's the primary goal of MUGEN. Unfortunately the original creators of the MUGEN engine, Elecbyte, have disappeared from the scene. However, this has not stopped the community from developing to the large scale its at now. At present there are thousands of different creations for the MUGEN engine, and many more to come. Currently there are three versions of MUGEN. They are the DOS version, Linux version, and the Windows version. The Dos version was the original version, but uses an outdated code that the later two versions have expanded upon. Many creators now only develop primarily for the Linux and Windows version of MUGEN, meaning that new creations often do not work on the Dos version. However, since most people use the Windows operating sytem, the Windows version of MUGEN is the current standard. However, the Windows version does have some bugs or glitches which are described here. These bugs are very minor and are due to the fact that the Windows version was actually a beta that was leaked to the public some time after Elecbyte left the scene. Thankfully rouhei, a separate programmer, has “hacked” the Windows version of MUGEN so that all people could enjoy it. Below are the most recent versions of MUGEN: (You can download mugen at these fine sites)



This is a tutorial for mugen  (explanes- uploading characters, musice, stages and more)

Danger!at the end of the tutorial the athor starts cussing for no reason most likely to sound cool, but its a very useful tutorial and really worth your time.


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I have Mugen but I sooooo don't know how to do everything. So it just sits there....

Anyone know the where abouts of a B.Orchid? >.>;

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The new versons of mugen are easy to work with just download a character


NOTE: do this after you have, installed the screen pack (it gives to 200 character slots)

1. open his/hers filde unzip (if needed)

2. copy the name of the .def file

3. put his/hers file into char file

4. open up data

5. open up settings

6.scroll down untill you find a "random select" replace the "RS" with his/hers file name/name of the .def file and put .def at the end.

7. save, and your done

I was thinking, if we have a SF-O mugen with all of the forum members (that are active of corse), and sense mugen isn't a rom its not illigel, so when its finished the maker could post it on the site!

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heres the link to download screen, be sure to also download the screen pack too it's very useful.


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