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Planet Eladard's Pronunciation?

Eladard Pronunciation?  

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  1. 1. How do you personally believe Eladard is pronounced?

    • "Ella"-dahrd
    • "Ella"-durd
    • EE-"lad"-ahrd
    • EE-"lad"-urd
    • Other? (Feel free to discuss!)

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AvaikaofStarfox    0

Now, after as much digging around here as possible, I don't think I've seen this around at all... but I've been a little curious about this of late and wanted "to bring it to the table", so-to-speak. Hope that's okay with you all. 

(For anyone new/unfamiliar, Eladard is a planet in the previously "eternally unreleased" Starfox 2. )

If you vote "other", I will be very surprised, haha!

Edit: Me? It's odd, really. I've always went with somewhere between choices 3 and 4 (EE-"lad"-ahrd, EE-"lad"-urd), and it's honestly hard to tell which one I'm actually using as it depends how slowly or quickly I'm speaking. (My particular case might be more 4-leaning, I don't truly know. )


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SF Redd    115
SF Redd

Just as it's spelled. E-la-da-r-d

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