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Avengers: Endgame (SPOILER WARNING)


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Let's talk about this movie here. To be fair to those who have not seen it, please use spoiler tags.



OK, so where to begin. The beginning scene showing Hawkeye losing his family was sad, but expected. Tony and Nebula get rescued by Captain Marvel, of course.

The whole scenes with Thanos post-snap was sorta anti-climatic. Good foreshadowing to the end of the movie, though. Thor went for the head this time LOL. Speaking of Thor.. wow, he really let himself go.

The soul stone scene was sad, Black Widow's death hurt. Iron Man's death didn't really hurt all that much for some reason.

I think the theater nearly lost it when Cap uttered Hail Hydra. Lost it again at Avengers, Assemble, then again when he picks up Mjölnir.

The end battle was neat but felt cluttered.


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Yeah, I already gave some of my thoughts, spoiler free, on Discord.  But it doesn't hurt repeating here.


I agree with most of what you said, though I felt a little more upset with Iron-Man's death, even though it was totally expected and foreshadowed quite well.

I caught a lot of references, like Cap saying Hail Hydra.  That was a reference to the Hydra Captain America arc in the comics.  Speaking of, I caught the classic Ant-Man helmet easter egg, which anyone familiar with the classic version of the character will easily recognize.

Also, the Infinity Stones seem to in fact operate somewhat differently from the comics.  For one thing, they didn't do any harm to the user of all six in the comics.  Not here in the MCU, where attempting to use all six at once will do serious harm to the user if not outright kill them.  Also, while I need to look it up, it's kind of a known fact that the Infinity Stones do not work outside of their native reality.  I wonder though, if that applies to operating outside of their native time points but still being in their otherwise native reality?

And here's another proof of me seeing the movie.  During the battle with Thanos, at one point, he grabs and picks up Iron-Man in the same, exact, way he did in an alternate universe comic where he ripped him in half ala Megatron to Jazz in the 2007 TF movie.  Upper torso in the right hand, lower torso in the left hand.  Anyone who read that comic will have had their heart stop I assure you when that reference happened.


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The scene where Cap uses Mjolnir was just utterly everything I could ever want in that scene. I love Captain America so I was so giddy when that happened. I was waiting for it the whole movie and it was the perfect moment for it. Also when he finally says Assemble, I was kinda hoping he'd scream it like he seems to in the comics, but the way it was delivered was really good anyway. Tony's scenes towards the end were absolutely fantastic. RDJ acted those scenes to perfection. "and I am Iron Man" freakin awesome, man.

I also love the brief scene where Cap's shield is in pieces and he stands up anyway to face the entire army, before everyone else comes in of course, but seeing him ready to go anyway was such a meaningful scene. It mirrored a scene from the comics, just without the dialog, which it didn't need in the movie!! The scene spoke for itself tenfold.

I loved Thor in this movie, and I loved seeing Captain Marvel come in and just go through Thanos' ship towards the end. That was super super cool. Loved Hawkeye, loved the scene on Vormir. Exceptional acting from Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. I love Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, his stuff in this movie was really great. 

Not totally 100% sure how I feel about Cap's ending, since he is my favorite superhero and all. I expected the ending, and it makes sense in the context of the movie, especially with the scene earlier in the 70s, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it haha

Really great movie!! A great end to the MCU thus far.


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