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The mysterious assassin


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This is a sample of a planned Star Fox story playing after Assault, involving a mysterious panther assassin and known as the 'Fang' who crosses paths with the Star Fox team. After Krystal is attacked and wounded by the Fang, Fox engages the assassin...

"You son of a..." Fox shouted and aimed his blaster towards his feline opponent. But before he could pull the trigger, the Fang unsheathed his sword and sliced through Fox's blaster in one move. The vulpine was too shocked to react, so the panther took advantage and planted his left fist into Fox's stomach.

"Uaargh!" gritted his teeth due to the punch, though his well trained abs absorbed a good part of the force. After a second to recover, he counterattacked and punched the assailant in the face in return, followed by a swift roundhouse kick which sent him staggering backwards.

As the Fang was about to attack with his sword, his right hand was pinned against the wall and Fox kneed him into the gut. "Aaargh!" Despite the pain, the panther countered and punched the vulpine in the face, sending him backwards to the ground.

Fox stood up and wiped off the blood from his face. "Alright, Fang, or whatever you call yourself ... so you want it the hard way. Time to decide this!" "Exactly my thoughts!" the assassin answered with a cold voice. He took a defensive battle stance and waited for his opponent to attack. Fox concentrated and began to engulf himself in flames. The Fang watched fascinated as Fox prepared for his attack. He had never seen a technique like that before. He wondered what the fox was up to...

Fox concentrated his energy, enveloped in blazing fire. The panther watched his opponent closely and readied himself for the incoming attack.
"FIIIRE!" Fox shouted, boosting forward, surrounded by a torrent of flames. His opponent reacted fast. He took a quick sidestep to the left, seamlessly followed by a forward dash. This maneuver came too fast for the surprised fox, whose attack went nowhere, without having a chance to react.
Suddenly he felt a searing pain behind him. In the blink of an eye, the Fang drew his sword and cut off the vulpine's tail in one fluid motion. "Ahooough!" Fox howled in pain as his severed bushy foxtail hit the ground. He dropped to his knees, exposing his smoldering stub.

The black panther sheathed his sword again and went over to his beaten opponent who was still in shock after the sudden maneuver. "Is that all you've got? Looks like I was wasting my time with you." The assassin gave Fox a kick in the stomach and the vulpine collapsed on the ground. "I have no business with weaklings like you. I will take your brush as a trophy. This will be enough humiliation for you. So long, Fox McCloud."

The leader of Star Fox lay on the ground, unable to move, fighting against the imminent unconsciousness. He watched in anger and shame as the Fang picking up his forcefully removed appendage. Fox swore that he would find the guy who hurt Krystal, and his own pride. "Krystal!"The vulpine had to think of his loved one and he sincerely hoped and prayed that she would soon be found and treated. She was more important to him than his own life. As he faded to black, he saw the Fang disappear into the dark...

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Nice to see someone take the time to write something like this.

Not sure what else to say though. Keep at it, I guess.

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