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StarFox: Wings of Lylat (fancomic)

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Hello, this is the beginning of my on-SFO link archive for my comic titled above. It is meant as a continuation of the 64-Command continuity taking place about a year and a half after the events of Command. I try to put a heavy emphasis on consistent storytelling, world building and character development with this, and I will try to keep updates on it as frequent as I can, with as good of quality as I can. One of the goals with it in particular is to merge character casts of the various timeline and give them all a decent amount of attention, and in particular I've basically made Krystal the co-protagonist to try and develop the character the way I think she should have been.

Mainly here this will be an archive of the pages in order, but comments and discussion are welcome here too, thank you :^).


Chapter 1: Page 1: I wanted to heavily reference the tactical map from StarFox 2 with the very first panel, I love how the Astropolis is shaded and ominous looking, the shadows disrupted by the lights on the structure gave it a cool mysterious look, and it was visible throughout the game, showing the players exactly what their end-goal target is. I tried to give it as ominous an appearance as I could for Panel 1 and 3, keeping it in the dark. I also tried to get the twin stars from SF2 the same look. Since the layout of the Lylat System has literally never been consistent, I decided to go with the binary solar system thing that seems to be implied given the two stars visible in SF2, and they are blue like in SF2, as how the sun appears either blue or white in 64, Assault, Zero and I think Command?

In Panel 3, the entry-way into the Astropolis is based on the design from the Sargasso space station in Assault, the Venomian cruisers visible in Panel 1 are based on the Battleships in StarFox Assault as well. Though I didn't draw them too well... The hangar bay in panel 4 is meant to resemble the interior of Sargasso in Assault, and panel 5 is meant to look like the shiny interiors from StarFox SNES to the best of my drawing ability. I hope to drastically improve later down the road. As for those Venomian troops, I gave them a design to resemble those ruffian enemies on the Sargasso mission from StarFox Assault, off-brand monkey stormtroopers, what's not to love?

Lastly, I included Andrew and Algy on the StarWolf team, Algy was retconned after SF2 was cancelled and replaced with Andrew in SF64, so I decided to imply some kind of rivalry between Algy and Andrew. A "I was replaced by this dunce?" type of deal, a meta element that I want to make a theme of with the characters going forward with this comic.



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