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Legend of Zelda: Champions of Hyrule


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Pleasure to meet you all! I'm deciding to finally post my written work. I appreciate you guys for clicking the thread and reading, I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1


Within the Sacred Realm, his mind was lost in thought. The red skies and dark clouds would hover over him as he reflects again and again on how he almost wielded the entire Triforce, the three pieces left by the Goddesses to grant him his wish. The constant thoughts of being so close yet so far away continued to press within the confounds of his wicked and entitled mind. “All of it…All of it was mine for the taking, yet I was denied by the other two foolish Goddesses?” His eyes would gaze down upon the back of his hand, seeing the one triangle light up at the top of the golden yet incomplete symbol. His expression of grief and worry quickly disappeared once he realized what was given to him or rather, what he stole.  “The power of Din….Strong enough to submit the force of Nayru and Farore to my will. “ The power began to radiate from his clenched fist, nothing could stop him from his newfound motivation and ambition. His lips would form a clever smirk that quickly evolved into a self-serving and arrogant chuckle and then a maniacal laugh. What seemed like an eternity of thinking and scheming within his mind was only just but a few short minutes. Ganondorf knew what needed to be done and he proceeded to walk towards the exit of the Realm.

A few feet away from the exit, he stopped in place. That same devilish smirk would appear on his face once more. Someone else was in his lair. “You believe to go unnoticed…? Do you think yourself of a better thief than I?” his voice was firm and controlling. His back still turned to this assailant, clearly not worried nor giving a care in the world as he would clench his fist again.  “Or perhaps you seek to challenge me?” he laughs. “You lack wisdom to enter this domain and oppose me…But Courage... You are not Nayru’s Champion….No… Farore’s fool, is what you are. Yes, this all makes sense…”

The figure emerged from the shadows yet remained hidden within his cloak. “And you are Din’s failure.” the assailant said in a cold tone. “She looks down upon you and pities the excuse of a man you are Ganon. That power has not been earned, but stolen!” The figure’s voice echoed within Ganon’s realm, insulting him. The courage and power within the man’s voice was so strong that for a moment, Ganon’s own lair would shift and reflect off the intruders’ heart. Ganon’s eyes shot wide open, his guard creeping up as he had to be alert! This was no mere stranger or fool wielding Farore’s blessing!

The air in the room shifted, the intruder had moved! There was no unsheathing of the infamous Master Sword, yet the Dark Lord knew a weapon was brought out. The assailant took silent yet confident footsteps towards Din’s thief.  Aware of the situation and the power he possesses, Ganondorf smirked. “You lack the weapon that COULD have given you a head start on leaving.” His right hand embedded with Din’s Power would reach for his sword hiding within his cape. “Unfortunately for you…”

His hand firmly grasped the handle of his massive blade. The triforce of Power would radiate from his hand. Ganondorf could feel the power within him. ”I give no mercy!” Gannondorf quickly spun around and swung his massive blade towards the voice. The massive blade clanked against the floor leaving a trail of purple colored blood. He stood in complete shock and awe as the stub of his dismembered arm continued to ooze blood.

Complete and utter silence reflected from within the chamber. Not a scream or grunt in pain escaped his lips when he realized what happened. His body instinctively took a few steps back only to fall on one knee and clench onto the wound. His eyes were wide with shock, staring at the intruder who held a black and silver colored axe. “You are not worthy of her blessing….” The hooded figured whispered. Ganondorf could only look up at his opponent, unarmed and completely defenseless. His eyes kept trying to study and examine the weapon as the assailant rose it up to perform another strike. “H-How!” he stammered. “No weapon in the prophecies outside of one should harm one who has been blessed by Din!”

“You were never blessed, Thief.” The courageous champion swung his axe and pressed it against Ganondorf’s chest, breaking the armor and sending him flying out the exit of the Sacred Lair.
“H-How?” The Dark Lord thought to himself as he felt his eyelids grow heavy and his life force depleting. No mere champion should have beaten him like this. It was then, he quickly recalled to that one second the champion challenged him. It is said that the Sacred Realm turns into a life of paradise for good and a terrible darkness for evil. Within that second, Ganondorf did not see a paradise challenge his dark lair…No, he saw a darker lair challenging his own. “I-Impossible….” He muttered under his own breath.  His eyes could no longer stay open as he was teleported elsewhere.

He felt the intense heat Gerudo Desert had to offer. His body felt heavy. Each breath of air felt like his last. His sense of hearing was the only reliable thing his dying body could give him. He heard a group of footsteps approaching him. He had no strength to question who was approaching him. “Sisters!” A young voice called out. “Over here!”  Ganondorf was drifting in and out of consciousness, unable to clearly hear what they were saying. “He’s dying.” One stated, her voice filled with concern. “This doesn’t concern us. Leave him.” Said another one. “You want to bring a man back to our village? “  

An older voice silenced the others. “Enough. We are taking him with us. Death like this is not one should face. “ The women lifted up his body. “Be swift, we need to be home before nightfall.”






Chapter 2


Dawned in clean and new Hylian armor, the young man proceeded to train under his master’s orders. He struck the sandbag with a few jabs and fast one-two combinations. “Your form is sloppy Link…” his master critiqued as he speculated his training. “It is to be expected… You’re officially a rookie and your body hasn’t adjusted to the weight of that gear.”  The Master adjusted Link’s stance making sure his feet weren’t too close together when he threw his punches. “Speed is not the priority here. Focus on your form and everything else will come naturally.” He stepped away having his pupil go under training once again. “Begin.”

Link proceeded to deliver blows again towards the sandbag. His attacks were slower this time, but his stance was nearly perfect. “If you have no balance, you have no control. No control means no power. No power means no change. “ 

Link had been trained by this high-ranking officer for years. Link had wanted to join the Knights of Hylia and serve under the royal court. The boy was 16 and showed promise, able to use any type of weapon with little to no difficulty. “Out on the battlefield, you won’t always have a weapon. This is why I’ve been pounding your head in with Hylian martial arts. You must recognize the importance of the weapons that are your hands and not the steel you can pick up from anywhere. “

Dusk had emerged and the training had reached its conclusion. Link gathered his belongings and just as he was about to head out, he felt a strong grip on his shoulder from his master’s hand. “Good job today Link.” The teenager looked back, eyes gleaming with hope from the rare compliment he had received from his strict teacher. He nodded with glee and quickly ran out the door exiting the dojo and making his way home. “Give Lyn my regards when you get home!” He shouted as he ran down the hill.

Upon Link leaving, a messenger of Hyrule took his place within the dojo. “Master Vaike… Apologies for the late notice! You have been requested by the council. “ Vaike took a deep breathe. “I can’t catch a break can I…? I gotta deal with the kid and now the politics? Ughh very well. “

Link had arrived home before dark, closing the door shut behind him. “Link?” a feminine voice called for him. Link had walked over and saw a young girl his age and reassembling a lot like him. Her verdant eyes with a rather soft complexion with her white skin. What stood out most was her long brown hair that cascaded past her middle back area.

“It’s about time you got home big brother! “ She scowled and gave him a plate of food. Link gave his sister a sincere bow to apologize for arriving so late. Lyn smiled, finding her brother’s gestures to be a bit too extreme, but this is what happens when you have a relative who is a mute. “I’m just teasing! You don’t need to be so formal!” she playfully elbowed his arm. The two sat down having a quiet dinner until Lyn broke the ice. “So….A knight of Hylia huh..? “ the tension in the room started to shift. Link resting his fork on the plate, turning his head away from facing her sister completely. Link’s knighthood had been something that was inevitable as that is what his heart wanted. His sister on the other hand, was not a fan of such a dangerous career with her only relative.  “I may not approve this lifestyle Link….” She closed her eyes taking a deep breath. “But I can recognize the hard work and be happy for your success.” She flashed a genuine smile, getting up from her seat and giving her older brother a tight embrace. “We’re so damn young….And here you are joining the knights.” Her body started to shiver, Link noticing wet droplets sliding down his chest. “I just don’t want to lose you…”

Link grabbed his sister’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze of reassurance. His eyes met up with hers as he gave her a smile of his own. Lyn had smacked his hand away from hers and released him from the embrace. “Y-You better not lose to anyone….You hear me?!” her voice was still shaky. Lyn turned her back towards his brother and crossed her arms. “If you go out there, you better…You better be smart…”

Link gave his sister another bow, acknowledging her words of wisdom. He made his way upstairs towards his bedroom. He throws his body on the bed. He knew this decision of his would not be easy for her. Even right now he finds himself shaking as he looks at the armor he is wearing. Despite all the training and his natural talent in combat, he felt like this was all too soon. Was he ready to be a knight mentally as he is physically? Only time would tell as his journey was about to unfold.




Chapter 3

Inside the royal chambers of Hyrule Castle were a group of hand maidens crowding the young princess. “Your nails must be flawless! “exclaimed one as she grabbed Zelda’s hand and applied a clear polish to the young girl’s nails. “A little more make-up could never go wrong!” said another as she proceeded to add the finishing touches of make up on the girl’s face.

“ENOUGH!” she blurted out, pushing the crowd of maidens off and away from her. “I’m just going out for a walk, nothing more and nothing less!” Zelda yanked off the needless necklaces and other over the top jewelry the maidens had forced on her. “Ughh, Alfred please handle them.” she crossed her arms looking away from the maidens, clearly distraught.

Near the exit of her chambers was a tall and rather strong older fellow who appeared to be roughly in his mid-50’s. The small strands of white hair were slowly emerging from that bush of brown. “Now ladies, you heard her highness, out.” His voice was calm yet firm. The maidens showing expressions of fear and worry and in a matter of seconds they proceeded to walk out the door leaving Zelda and her retainer alone.

“Honestly how much coddling can a girl like myself get? I’m 16 Alfred! “she complained, the girl quickly undoing the neatly bundle of her hair the maidens forced on her.  Alfred was giving her a smirk, finding her complaints valid but also amusing. “Do know the maidens have good intentions. While you may not value your status as Princess there are those outside our castle that have expectations.”

Zelda was visibly annoyed at that statement, despite how much truth resonated from it. “I know, I know…” She groaned. “You think being treated like this since birth I would get used to it, but honestly it’s the complete opposite.” She sat on the corner of her bed looking out the window and having the perfect view of the clear blue skies and the tall mountains over the large forests. “To think the cost of royalty would take away the freedom of one’s self?” She sighed.

Alfred stood by the door posing as a guard his posture straight as ever despite being older than most knights. “Your highness…” his strict and stoic voice now showing signs of compassion and humanity. “We’ve talked about this before and while I do not fault you for showing frustrations, I do hope you truly understand the reality of this situation that your Kingdom is in.”

Zelda clenches her hands, balling them into fists of anger. “I know…Father has been ill for the past month. His condition worsening every day.” The princess rubbed her right eye, trying to dry up any tear that had intentions of coming out. “I don’t feel ready Alfred….” She says in a hushed voice. Her body mildly shaking as she bears great shame at the thought of being a poor leader for her kingdom.  

“Acknowledging that is the first step in preparing yourself. While you may be young, there is a strong sense of wisdom within you. You bear your father and Hylia’s blessing, that much is truer than all. I would trust no other youngling with the ability to lead.”  

Zelda rubs her eye again, feeling her heart creak from the sentiment. “T-Thank you Alfred….”
She grabs a tissue and dries the wet skin underneath her eyes and stands up from her bed. “Okay!” Her voice now full of newfound energy and power. “Alfred, would you be willing to accompany me to the training grounds. I would love to see the training regime of our knights with my own eyes!”

Alfred gave his highness a bow. “Why of course milady. Right this way.” He proceeds to open the door for her giving the coddled princess the fresh air she had been longing for what seemed like an eternity.




Chapter 4

Out on the training grounds, Link was practicing his sword play against a fellow knight. The two were roughly around the same age and as they sparred with each other, one could see the clear difference between the young knights. The precision and balance in footwork was prominent from Link. There was no wasted movement as he continued to check his opponent with standard lunges and swift horizontal swipes.

     The knight was able to clash swords with Link and in the eyes of normal folk it would seem like an even fight until one saw the knight’s legs struggling to remain steady. “Hiiiya!” Link cried, delivering a powerful blow that was once again clashed with the knight’s sword. This time however, the knight was launched several feet back right on his rear. His sword skid across the training ground floor away from him.

     “D-Damn it!” The knight took off his helmet and tossed it to the ground. “So much to work on!” he complained. Link immediately sheathed his sword and offered the knight a hand. “T-Thanks!” he accepted his offer and proceeded to rub his knees. “Man the force behind those blows are crazy...We really are lucky to have you.” A small smile formed itself on Link’s face. It was not rare for Link to receive compliments, but it was still something that flattered him. Link proceeded to find another sparring partner but just before he could search a young and feminine voice gave praise to him.

          “That was so cool!” Zelda exclaimed as she along with Alfred approached Link and his comrade from the side. The knight was in disbelief. “Y-Your highness!” He took a knee and bowed. “Forgive the lack of formalities…We weren’t expecting a visit…”  Link looked over at the Princess, eyes somewhat lost as to who she was until the knight slapped his leg. “Where are your manners? This is Princess Zelda, daughter of King Regis!” Link’s eyes were wide in shock and he quickly mimicked the stance of his fellow knight.   Zelda giggled at the gesture and recognition but quickly waved them off. “Please, I’m not my father you don’t have to be so up-tight. “

          The two rose up from their bow and tried to assume a natural stance. Alfred looked over at Link. “Your swordsman ship radiated a superb amount of control for someone so young.” Link smiled once again, this time scratching the back of his head as he was flattered by another compliment. “It’s safe to assume that you are Link von Bismark, student of Master Vaike? Only one could learn that level of control from him.” Alfred extends his hand towards Link. “Tis a pleasure to meet you good sir. I have nothing but respect for those disciplined enough to remain under his teachings.” A blush formed on Link’s face, a chuckle escaping his lips.

Zelda smiled. “I felt so inspired seeing you move! The quick and controlled movements remind me of a series of sacred dancing the monks had performed and briefly taught me when I was little.“  She crossed her arms and looked up at Alfred. “Would you say the two are the same Alfred?”

Alfred stroked his beard. “I’m not sure…I’m not well-informed on dancing nor have I seen the monks perform, but if you see a similarity, then perhaps there could be a connection?”

Zelda looked up at Alfred, a wide smile and optimistic eyes on display. “Ha! T-Then maybe…Ohh! YOU! Give me your sword!” she points to the knight next to Link. “U-Uh…Y-Yes your highness.” He unsheathed his sword and reluctantly gave it to her.

Alfred’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out of his face. “Y-Your majesty you’ve never held a sword in your life what on Hylia are you doing..?!” He reached over to take the sword away from her.

Zelda took a step away from him. “Wouldn’t you say this would be the perfect time to do so? Here on the training grounds with my fellow knights?!” She vibrated with an absurd amount of energy. “Just one duel! Please Alfred?! You always supported me in learning new things! “

“This isn’t one of them!” Alfred sighs and pinches his forehead. He knew he couldn’t change her mind, nor could he legally argue against her orders.  “F-Fine…”

Zelda jumped up in excitement. “Yes! Thank you so much Alfred!” She looks over at Link, aiming her wooden sword towards him. “This will be so much fun! Please go a little easy on me…” she giggles. “Maybe even teach me a few things while you’re at it?’


          Link smiles and nods, accepting her challenge as he pulls out his wooden sword. Alfred crosses his arms giving Link a cruel and malicious glare. “You better go easy on her!” Link and Zelda adopt into their own stances ready to cross swords for the first time. 



Chapter 5

Alfred watched the two combatants getting in their stance. Link had already adopted that cold and focused demeanor as he inched forward towards his opponent. Zelda, who was a complete novice figured that the only way to learn was to mimic, and that is exactly what she did. The two continued to step around one another, a battle of patience already in the making. It was dead silence until Link made the first move going for a quick thrust aimed at her stomach.

Zelda evaded the strike, gracefully spinning to the side. Link immediately jumped back already anticipating a counterattack, however Zelda showed no signs of aggression. She was back to just stepping around him, continuing that slow movement that resembled a dance from before. Link gave her a smirk, impressed by her quick reflex to evade a quick thrust. Link proceeded to step forward towards Zelda’s personal space jerking his arms upwards slightly, causing her highness to flinch and jump back. It was a typical reaction that Link saw from his years of training. This basic maneuver was just a feint, designed to scare an opponent and have them use their energy to step back in order to create space and feel comfortable.

Unfortunately for Zelda, Link saw right through that. The second Zelda jumped back and tried to regain her balance, Link took another quick step forward and swung his wooden sword, aiming for her waist. “W-Whoa!” Zelda panicked, already losing balance in her left leg. She brought her sword to clash with Link and the second the wooden swords collided, Zelda was disarmed and launched a few feet onto her rear. “Ouch!!” Zelda quickly rose up, wiping the dirt off of her skirt. “Again!” The Princess having a bright smile on her face. Around the girl exuded a very eager and determined aura.

The two continued to spar for roughly fifteen minutes. While Zelda did not land a blow on Link, Alfred would take note on how well Zelda proceeded to dodge attacks. For a complete novice, she managed to dance around Link’s blows quite well. “I do believe you have had your fun.” Alfred chuckled. “But we are needed. “Zelda smiled at her retainer. “So much fun!” The cheerful princess proceeded to give Link a quick hug. “Thank you so much for the personal demonstration! Honestly, I should talk to my father and have him appoint you as my personal knight!”

Link let out a chuckle, waving Zelda off to imply that it was no big deal. Alfred gave Link a nod of approval. “The King is already well informed of your talents. It is only a matter of time before he calls upon a private meeting with you. In the meantime, we must bid you farewell. Come your highness, your Father is expecting you and I don’t intend to keep him waiting. 

The two left the training grounds and traveled towards the peak of the castle. Beyond two large doors with knights standing guard was the King’s chambers. “I will be outside.” Alfred informed her. Zelda acknowledged his comment and took a deep breath as she was approaching the doors. “It will be fine..” she whispered under her breathe. Upon entering the room, she was greeted with troubled breathing. Her father lying in his bed, face pale as a ghost along with eyes deprived of proper and undisturbed sleep. The man looking malnourished as if he were homeless. This was the King.



Chapter 6

His body was floating against the soothing and fresh cold water. The sun had no presence here as the room shaded anyone inside the oasis. His body was tranquil and at peace with the water. His eyelids started to flutter as he was slowly waking up from his slumber. He immediately rose-up from his float position, his legs sinking into the water and touching the ground floor. “W-What?!” His head darted in multiple directions, completely clueless as to where he was.

“Ah so you’re awake?” A feminine voice reached out to him. The young man turned to face her, carrying caution on his face. “W-Where am –“ He was interrupted by the woman. “I am no enemy of yours. If you have anger towards anything, let it be the desert that was about to consume you.” This woman carried an image similar to that of Gerudo women with the exception of finer jewelry that sported around her well-being.  This woman stood shortly over 8 feet in height and carried a voluptuous and athletic tone to her body.

“You are in Gerudo Desert, specifically in my royal chambers. “ She uncrosses her legs and rises from her throne. “ So before you try to ask me any question before thanking my sisters and I for saving you, I have a question for you. “ She approached the edge of pool arms crossed and her gentle and soothing tone turning into one that was stoic and cruel. “Who are you?”

The young man attempted to climb out of the oasis but felt a great pain when it came using the muscles in his upper body. His eyes jerking over to his left arm, the arm that was cut off from the assassin. It had grown back! The woman chuckled. “Stop trying to fight against it. Let the oasis heal you. You’re lucky Hylia blessed you with another arm after all. Now, your name. I won’t ask again!“ her tone much more aggressive this time.

He looked at left hand still struggling to believe that he was able to regrow another one. His mind would try to recall everything about his past life but all he could see was his assassin striking him down, everything else was a blur. “I..” he spoke in a low tone. “I don’t know.” He said in shame.

The woman rose a brow, finding that comment to be amusing. From his voice alone she could tell he was not lying. “Hmm, so no name… She did say this was a possibility. “ She pondered to herself for just a few moments. “Darius. “ she spoke.  He looked over to her once again. “What..?”

“That is your name from here on in. You can choose to leave that name and leave my village and die to the desert as a no-name or you can make a better life for yourself and enjoy our hospitality. “ she chuckles once again. “After all, you are the only man who was welcomed in open arms by the Gerudos. The previous Queen would have left you to the desert, do not think little of my kindness. “  The Queen proceeded to walk towards the double doors that exit out her royal chamber.

“W-Wait…!” He tried to swim out of the pool only to groan in pain, his body still injured. She scoffs. “Ugh men are so dense…Just shut up and rest, we have a room and everything ready for you. The maidens will come get you once you’re finished healing. In the meantime, I suggest you ponder how you will act as a guest within our village. “ She opens the door and looks back at Darius. “Gerudos don’t forget a face. You have one life, don’t waste it. “ She slams the door shut, leaving Darius alone to truly ponder the reality that was facing him.


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