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As you may or may not know, I happen to be autistic, much like Fanfictiondreamer. And much like her, I too suffer from a condition like her own Showitious, an obsession of certain shows/movies/games/their characters. Unlike her, though, I can't recall how it started, though it has been interfering w/ my life since the beginning. I...don't seem to be getting a lot of support either, as in the past, if it affects me too much I have to quit this thing cold turkey. I believe I've explained it all in my blog, I Am TheIkranRider; like a war between fiction and realism.

Anyway, here's lists of things that affect me, thus far:

Characters/Things involved in my Own Showitious


And now here's something inspired by my former friend, Fanfictiondreamer; she already made a category of it, but due to complications and subjections to change, I'll list 'em here:


Leann Caldwell, Echidna, PD-4

Princess Zelda, Mido, Talon

Some Pokémon like Miltank, Tauros, most Pokémon beyond Gens 1-2, etc.

Jake Wells, Alex Norwood, Moloch, Joe Corbin and his dad, August, The 3 other Horsemen (Death, Famine, Pestilence)

Castiel, Crowley, Ruby, Lillith, etc.

Mr. EAD, Dr. Clash, Mighty Gazelle, Kate Alen, The Skull, Baba

Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Tifa Lockhart, Lightning, Vaan, Squall and Laguna, Emperor Mateus

Mario; Biker Mice; Kirby; DKC; Toy Story; the Simpsons; Simba, King Lion (Korean ripoff), Sleepy Hollow (1999), The Time Machine (2002), Resident Evil, Blair Witch 2, Kingdom Hearts; Star Trek, Disney movies

Characters from Marvel excepting the Fantastic 4

Characters in Rise of the Guardians, excepting 2 more


Mugetsu, Volt Krueger, Kou Leifoh, Kaldea Orchid

Sheik, Ingo, Epona, Malon, The Great Deku Tree, The Six Sages (even Ruto), Majora, Navi

Some Pokémon like Nidorino, Gyarados, the Kanto Starters, Nidoqueen, Pikachu, Raichu, Dewgong, the Johto Starters, Rayquaza, etc.

Nick Hawley, Diana Thomas, Chief Falcolor, Jobe

Miles "Tails" Prower

Blood Falcon, Beastman, Leon, Octoman, Gomar & Shioh, Pico, Capt. Falcon, Dr, Stewart, Jack Levin, Samurai Goroh, Clank Hughes, Zoda, Rodney Stewart

Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Atem (Yami Yugi)

Family Guy (specifically the characters I despise like Glen Quagmire, Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Brain Griffin), Characters in Casino

Jack Frost and Pitch Black


Sion Barzahd, Dominique Cross, Wong Leung, Dauragon C. Mikado

Ichabod Crane, Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills, Jeremy Crane/Henry Parrish, Gavin Lucas, Molly Thomas/Lara Thomas, Malcolm Dreyfuss, Chief Turgado and most Onondagas, Katrina Crane (especially when she turns to the dark side)

Sam and Dean Winchester

Link (mostly Adult Link), Zelda II, Ganondorf, The Gerudo/Namira, Koume and Kotake/Twinrova, ReDeads

Some Pokémon like Mewtwo, most Dark-Types, The Legendary Birds, etc.

Rick Wheeler, Black Shadow/Deathborn, Miss Killer, Jody Summer, Zoda

Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Chaos, Warrior (Puppet) of Light, Jecht, Tidus, Seymour *butts* Guado

The Tribal Ceremony (2018, 2019)

Fanfictiondreamer (LOTM), Ratchet


Pandora and the Hidden One

Dante, Lucifer, Beatrice, Nessus, Alighiero

The Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Indiana Jones (particularly Temple of Doom), Rocky, ThunderCats, Sonic, ReBoot, DBZ, VR Troopers, Cowboy Bebop, Fantastic 4, Starfox, MK, The Matrix trilogy, etc.

Firion, Rydia, Golbez, Zidane Tribal, Terra Branford, Kefka Palazzo, Cosmos, Chaos, Yuna

Misty (US), Ly, The Ultimate Story, Fox McCloud, Krystal, Peppy Hare, Rayman, Peach, Prof. Oak, Ash Ketchum, Tracey Sketchit, Pikachu, Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, Tricky, Gen. Scales, Gen. Pepper, etc.

Captain N, Link (from the series, even when he's been lobotomized)

Big Chief, Tiger Lily, My Indian OCs excepting the Onondagas, Drowzee, Rufflet and Braviary, etc

VR Troopers and Mutants

Kamaros (Hercules: TLJ)

Lady Van Tassel, Brom Bones

Omadon and Bryargh

Hell, even YouTubers aren't safe from this:

Alex Rochon, Rabbidluigi, The Green Scorpion, Fanfictiondreamer (Severe)

Fawful's Minion, Itionoben, The Great Clement, NCS/Breakingncs, CJszero01, Joshscorcher, The Quarter Guy, Saberspark, Phantomstrider, Chris Stuckmann, AVGN (Moderate)

Meta527ii, Nostalgia Critic (Neutral)

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Believe it or not, sometimes I'd picture some theme songs of my Showitious. 2 of them include those from the original Starfox; those being the Black Hole Warp and the Black Hole level itself. There are some times in which music comes to play as well, like a tune/jingle replaying in my mind, either by after hearing the song playing or just replaying randomly in my head.

Speaking of music...there happens to be a certain...event relating to it. And I happen to present this every year at the start of November, aka the former International Month of the Drums. The Tribal Ceremony. This event seems...complicated, but I'll try and explain this as best I can. Please keep in mind it's not Starfox-related, just related to my own Showitious. Please note, this is a non-canon, multi-universal event. And this can be suitable for viewers 13+ I guess.


The Tribal Ceremony is an Event created by me. It was an annual occasion that featured certain characters chosen to participate in this enticing ceremony. The idea started when I was very young as I had heard/watched a few of them in some Sesame Street clips and in a field trip when I became enthralled and also mesmerized by the drums. These characters weren't entirely random, they were chosen by their short or long lineage of distant Indian blood. Such characters were featured from various universes to gather as one clan that embrace their tribal destinies. Throughout my life, starting with my youth, more special characters were bound together as permanent members, whether they'd be following the mesmerizing drums or just dancing and trying to attract some mates.

This all started during November, The International Month of the Drums, in 2018.

The Tribal Ceremony

Since November is known as the International Month of the Drums, the pseudo-tribe has gathered together as they were in a teepee village for a very enticing ceremony. All of the members perform in unison to honor their distant brethren, with some more related than others. Either way, the assembly was so inciting, so powerful, so irresistible...

Members of the tribe include:

Domin - My OC from the Injukhal tribe in Tenebre playing the Tom Tom in the left corner.

Cecil Harvey - His associate during Domin's regime in the events of "Trials of a King" and "Conquest of the Blue Planet, preparing to beat the neighboring Tom Tom.

Spear Guy- From Yoshi's Island, he dances on top of the Paladin's drum in time with the rhythm.

Count von Count - Wearing the tribal costume during his visit in Montana, he returns to his passion as he counts and beats in succession on his own drum; it was so easy to get into, and he noticed this was his true calling.

Nightwolf - The Native American warrior from Mortal Kombat beating the Djembe.

Drowzee - The Hypnosis Pokémon in all his enticing pride, sitting and playing the little drum, calling into the tribe's minds, leading them as he sways his arms, "Drowzee…Drowzee…"

Tiger Lily and Chief Big Red (Dragon Rose and Chief Abdullah) - Whether it's from Peter Pan or the heads of the Injukhal, they sit idly as they play the twin bongos.

Laughing Bull - From Cowboy Bebop, he sits in front tapping the tablas.

Chief Falcolor- The new Onondaga head from the Sleepy Hollow Missing Episodes as he and the former chief beat the massive drum covered with feathers.

Chief Turgado- The late head of the Onondaga people; while he had passed away before, he still lives participating in the ceremony.

Venusaur - Mewtwo's clone wears more war paint, some feathery earrings, and a grassy dress swaying as he thumps to the mesmerizing rhythm as he roars in pleasure and glory, "Saur..!"

Charizard - Mewtwo's flying beast possesses more battle scars and flies over the performance as his tail flame and ardency increases.

Blastoise - In the corner behind Domin and Cecil, he shows off as he displays his shell.

Rufflet and Braviary rise over the tribal grounds as the former perches on a teepee.

Ryu Suzaku II (Rick Wheeler) - My favorite F-Zero pilot embraces his roots as he wears a tribal outfit filled with heavy, red feathers honoring the Ryu (dragon) and the Suzaku (the Vermillion Bird), while he wields a long stick as he's about to beat the tall Taiko.

Oozaru - Whether it'd be young Gohan's or otherwise, he roars and pounds to the beat of the drums. He was quite the animal without destroying anything as he kept on letting out his war cries while dancing and slamming his fists to the ground and on his mighty chest, taking in the thrilling dance and embracing the pride of the Saiyans.

Chief Parrish (Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane) - The temporary head of the Onondagas wears one of Turgado's sacred outfits. He once took over the Onondagas, brainwashing them and making them as his own. He stands tall and proud as he beats the giant timpani.

Battle Hawk of Darkness (Gavin Lucas) - Parrish's young associate follows his lead as he hits the massive, organic drum in front of him; he was one of the hypnotized tribesmen working with Chief Parrish and the Onondagas.

These are all the people that I envisioned in joining this. All the people and drums throughout the years, even while I was really young, that "turned mr on." Embrace the performance with me...


A year later, another Tribal Ceremony occurred, only it was at night.

The Tribal Ceremony Continues...

Yes... The ceremony shall resume from last year as more enticing and mightier than ever. I should've saved this for the International Month of the Drums, but at the time, I can never resist this entrancing assembly.

This time, we have some new members:

Fierce Deity Link - This is his first-ever observance of any big, tribal ceremony, even more than in Hyrule. He watches the Gerudo dance around the blazing fire, and he becomes excited and enthralled by the performance, even those playing the drums. He wishes to be an official member of the tribe.

Bongo Bongo - The deceased phantom beast joins in with his own massive drum, beating in time with the other tribesmen hanging from Oozaru; it was a perfect fit for him. This wasn't the monster, just an illusion.

The Gerudo dance alluringly around the bonfire and show off in front of the tribesmen searching for a mate. While a couple others play on their own drum in the distance. They'd certainly catch a few men to get intimate with. One of them even shook some whirring drums.

Sheik - He simply bows down to the irresistible, dark spirit of the drums as well as the might of the chief.

Impa - Even though it felt wrong, she simply watches over the ceremony. Even she starts to get a change of heart.

Sneasel and Weavile - They both dance around while the latter beats on his own drum.

Tinsel Steelus - She joins in with her husband, Rick, in her own tribal outfit representing the Dark Warrior as the winter spirit, the Black Tortoise; she alternates between dancing in the fray as well as beating the neighboring bongo with Domin.

Returning members:

Ryu Suzaku/Rick Wheeler - Once again, he's dressed in his tribal outfit representing the Vermillion (Dragon) Bird beating on the taiko.

Cecil kisses Dragon Rose (Tiger Lily) passionately in the distance.

Domin hits the neighboring bongo with Tinsel's.

Venusaur stomps and roars proudly along with the mesmerizing beat as he does this in glory and complete arousal, "Saur..!"

Charizard, Braviary, and Rufflet soar over the party as ardent as ever.

Blastoise shows off his tribal designs on his shell.

Drowzee returns and sways his body, hands, and mind as he encourages everyone to move and perform with him, "Drowzee… Drowzee…"

Laughing Bull hit twin tablas like last year.

Battle Hawk of Darkness (Gavin Lucas) and Chief Parrish hit their own timpanis behind their fellow tribesmen.

Chief Abdullah (Big Red) is the main chieftain as he demonstrates his almighty presence; so much so that even Sheik gets submissive to him.

Nightwolf hit his own djembre like last year.

The Count finds his true purpose once more as he gathers with his frantic friends on his own Tom Tom.

Oozaru stomps, roars, and thumps along with the rhythm of the drums, with the full Indian moon giving him more power and enticement.

The Spear Guy prances around the bonfire with the Gerudo showing off his usual attire and glee.


The 3rd Tribal Ceremony Begins...

This is now the nightly tribal ceremony underneath a golden, full, Indian Summer moon. All through the night, everyone has been growing more deeply into the assembly as they gladly join on all the fun of the drums and the alluring dances of their future mates. You will certainly love it on what the people that turned me on has to offer. Please join me as I embrace this thrilling tribal performance...

While Chuckie was Chaz's kid in Rugrats, he's actually one of the tribe's, particularly the Gerudos', own children; this demonstrates the DNA code CAN be cracked and the women can give birth to males not once every century. Kid Gohan has been the one transforming into Oozaru throughout each ceremony, but seems to be more of a feral child than being the son of Goku. Phoenix represents the fifth element of the Chinese elements, the Yellow Dragon, aka the Koryu which symbolizes the Earth, the center, and changing seasons.

There could also be some minor chanting to enhance these mesmerizations, from counting from 1 to 8 in that steady rhythm, or encouraging "Gerudo Link," or Fierce Deity by chanting his name, or roars by Venusaur, Charizard or Oozaru, or Drowzee incanting his name.

The 3rd Tribal Ceremony shall have 2 portions of the assembly. One would take place outside like the other 2, inviting/enticing those into the gathering, while the other takes place inside the teepees; drums and a gong may be within them as well as chanting, and their purpose is to help some of the chosen to dance and even mate if they wish, and perhaps increase their offspring so its population will grow... Even for the Gerudo.

Yes... We have the 3rd Tribal Ceremony commencing at night. Everyone has gathered within the teepee village around the blazing bonfire igniting their passion as they dance with the drums... Or watch. This one has been divided into two parts, with the first dragging in some veterans as well as newcomers to the group.

Returning tribal members for the 3rd enticing ceremony include:

Charizard: He lets out all his fiery fury as he roars and soars above the assembly. showing off his tribal pride...

Venusaur: He thumps and roars to the beat of the drums wearing his enticing outfit... AS he lures in other members and encourages them to embrace it. "Saur...."

Blastoise: He shows off more of his large shell with the enhanced tribal markings as he watches the intriguing dance.

Gavin (Battle Hawk of Darkness): Without his chieftain along, he still embraces the ceremony with pride as he wears his full, ominous outfit as he beats his own massive drum. While also absorbing the beauty of the dances and the other drums...

The Gerudo Women also make a return as one prances around the fire with her whispering drums, while the rest of them passionately beat on their own drumline, drawing in and enticing the crowds...

Braviary: He flies along with Tribal Charizard, as well as a new Flyer.

Rufflet: The tribal chick meets two newer, beautiful tribal birds and how he wishes to even mate with them.

Nightwolf: He makes a return honoring his tribe and taking in the scenery while beating on his own drum.

Oozaru: Once again, he passionately roars and thumps to the beat of the enticing drums and drawing in the moonlight. As it is shown, he's actually the Great Ape of a new child of the tribe, the feral child, Gohan.

Big Red/Chief Abdullah: He leads them as he watches and hits his tall drum with pride and great authority; as if the tribe itself are his own kids aside from Tiger Lily/Dragon Rose, or perhaps even his own loyal subjects.

Bongo Bongo: The Phantom Beast returns from the last assembly still beating along the massive drum with his fellow cohorts.

Sneasel and Weavile make a return frolicking amongst the group.

Laughing Bull: He makes a return as he enchants his brethren and entices others to embrace their roots as well as releasing a few incents in the process.

Spear Guy: Indeed he makes a return and pounces around the fire as he brings along his mate, the Spear Girl and his own kind!

New Members:

Cicinato: Introducing the first boss from Snow Bros; he's no longer alone as he finally lives with his tribal family without any fear or pain from the kids. He skips and leaps with the rhythm of the drums and embraces it.

The Tribal Trio: The unnamed, though enticing, group from one of the inciting Sesame Street clips. The beautiful birds dance as they follow along with the Lizard as he beats along with his new brethren. The birds also seem to admire Rufflet as well.

Mega Evolved Pidgeot: She soars along with Tribal Charizard and Braviary and shows off her prowess, much like the birds below.

Chuckie: He's the new kid of the tribe (not the son of Chaz!) as the tribe's own baby son. As he encourages and hypnotizes each of member of the group as he himself gets lulled by the drums. "Must have fun... Must play drums..!" Those were his first words... Even his hypno-glasses and his primal outfit is the perfect lure with his cries...

Phoenix Levin: Introducing the son o Luna Stewart and Jack Levin. He was chosen as the personification of the Thunder Dragon/Koryu, the center, the earth, and the changing of seasons. Much as Rick and Tinsel; there's still yet to find the chosen ones for the White Tiger and Azure Dragon. He watches the ceremony, wishing to be a good musician as his dad with Chuckie and...

The Gerudo Girl: She's now less shy and old enough to embrace the ceremony with her brethren. She's quite a cutie of the proud, enticing Gerudo.

Tikal: Looks like she's not the only cutie in the tribe; she too is attractive as she prances around the ring. She's quite a sight to see as she embraces the sacred Echidnas. She does feel she belongs here.

But that's not all the members this year. Meet them inside their comforting, warm, and enthralling tent performances...

Inside the Teepees

For the first time, in the 3rd Tribal Ceremony, we finally see what goes on inside the teepees, and it's just as enticing as the outside. Despite the assembly recruiting and entertaining the newcomers and returning members, the rest of the group either follow the rhythm or make their very own. It's seen more differently than the outside, as some members have their chance to embrace the drums; in this case, seduction. Three different teepees are shown as the ceremony rages outside, each one with their own drums and bonfires. It's warm, awkward, yet pleasant...

The first teepee displays the proud leader of the Injukhal, Domin, as he beats on massive bongos while the Count maintains the rhythm of the drums in his usual way. Neither of them seemed fazed as Cecil finally gives in to his impulses and gets engaged with his love, Dragon Rose...

The second teepee displays Impa leading an enticing performance amongst a Gerudo woman, a love interest to Sheik and Link in his tribal attire, the Fierce Deity. Or in this case, Gerudo Link. It was surely a good way to relax after some hectic quests. Impa seems to accept the Gerudo's inciting charm...

In the last teepee Tinsel becomes fixated on her lover, Rick, clad as the Ryu Suzaku and the Genbu respectively. He gradually and hypnotically beats on the taiko and Tribal Drowzee guides him along. He embraces his sacred roots as well as display his affection for Tinsel while she watches on and takes in the enticing atmosphere...

When the time comes, each member shall either encourage them or give in to their thrall...

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They're minorities who exiled into the Island of Misfit Toys. While the king usually forbids humans, they want to make a small example of their broken lives, how they'd been rejected by society and yearn to be loved again. Whether it'd be my mascots Riolu and the Ikran (representing myself), my OCs, Buttscottchpiie's OCs, even Rick is there staying by Tinsel's side and waiting to be wanted again. This is a...semi-parody representing this poor group of outcasts.

Luna Stewart and Phoenix Levin belong to Buttscottchpiie; Luna, Phoenix, and Rodney pics created by her.

We're on the Island of Misfit Toys

Here we don't want to stay

We want to travel with Santa Claus

In his magic sleigh!

A pack full of toys means a sack full of joys

For millions of girls and for millions of boys

When Christmas Day is here

The most wonderful day of the year.

A Pokémon girl waits for children to shout

"Wake up! Don't you know that it's time to come out?"

When Christmas Day is here

The most wonderful day of the year.

Toys galore, scattered on the floor

There's no room for more

And it's all because of Santa Claus.

A fourth VR Trooper

A Z-Fighter too

The kinds that will bring a work out of the blue

When Christmas Day is here

The most wonderful day of the year.

How would you like to be a hero who has slept for 150 years?

Or a mentally diminished soldier representing a series canned by FOX?

Or a telepathic and telekinetic who's a member of the forgotten Fantastic 4?

We're all misfits!

How would you like to be a mascot for an unpopular user on the internet?

Or a bounty huntress who's an unknown member of the Bebop crew?

Or OCs that represent an unwanted racing franchise?

We're all misfits!

If we're on the Island of Unwanted Toys

We'll miss all the fun with the girls and the boys

When Christmas Day is here

The most wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,

Wonderful day of the year!

Hear original song here

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Ignore this, this is done by someone who's been banned from here and rightfully so.

Wanna hear the details?

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