Ikran's F-Zero timeline

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Now, here's another one of my OCs; Dr. Robert Stewart's son, Rodney! He also has a half-sister, Luna Stewart, a brother-in-law, Jack Levin, a nephew, Phoenix Levin, and his late grandfather, Dr. Kevin Stewart. His mom is unnamed but it's said that she was the first wife of Dr. Stewart, before he divorced and married Katherine Wilson, Luna's mom. He still loves them, and his offspring, dearly even though he doesn't see his wives often; although things could change again if he's committed to Jody Summer. He really does have a crazy, though promising heritage.

F-Zero OC - Rodney Stewart

Rodney is a young physicist and is the son of Dr. Stewart (Robert Stewart); aside from his half-sister, Luna, he happens to be his only living kin. He looks up to his father highly and was always willing to follow in his footsteps as a doctor, rather than an F-Zero racer. He's very well-liked and famous throughout the world and the universe.

Tinsel Steelus discovered Rodney as she was searching for her friends within the Task Force. They've mysteriously went missing, and she wanted to consult with him about a strange compound in a syringe his dad left behind. The note entrusted her to hang on to it and use it when the time is right. According to the analysis, Rodney stated that it's used as some kind of psychological agent; he theorized it would be used as a way to enhance cerebral functions if a person has been brainwashed. He and Tinsel hoped it wouldn't be the case in terms of their missing comrades. Unfortunately, their fears were justified as soon as she encountered Rick Wheeler on his Dark Star Dragon. Luckily, she was able to snap him out of his trance, and he was the first to receive the syringe. Because of their close relationship, he advised Tinsel to follow her heart and give Rick her true feelings, as he may give them to her in return. Later, he was able to make a replica of his father's formula and so far, he was successful on healing Jack Levin, Lucy Liberty, and Mr. EAD. He was quite astonished that his dad's secret formula was able to restore a lifeform as complex as an android's. With the four functioning normally, he thinks that hope is on the horizon, and he strongly believes that Rick, Tinsel, and her friends can rescue his old man and overthrow Dark Million. Unfortunately, after the semifinals in Death Wind, he was abducted by Black Shadow, Jody Summer, and his dad. In response, the Emperor of Brutality demanded to lose the final race and surrender the Reactor Mights in exchange for his mind. Rick and Tinsel planned on rescuing him after they prevail in Lightning. Sadly, Rick was taken in by the demon, however, he was able to regain his mind while Rodney, Tinsel, Captain Falcon, and all his allies restored his erasing memories and broke the trance. Rick burst out of his stasis tube and broke into Rodney's, then escaped with Tinsel and Falcon. Nevertheless, without the formula, he's still in a comatose state, until Rick revived him. He said it was a miracle despite the concussion. It was the same for John Tanaka, although he had it far worse than Rodney did. Now, he's determined to go with the Task Force as they prepare for the perilous intergalactic journey to rescue his dad in Dark Star.

Eventually he did, thanks to the help from the Duelists. As well as Octoman who led him away to prevent the black sorcery from The Skull reaching him. He met up with Rick, Tinsel, Leon, and the other pilots and decided to go with him while he saves his dad. At the Dark Star Reactor, it was there that his dad unveiled a legend of the savior, Rick was the one who was chosen. After the restricted laboratory was demolished he stayed with his father and all the other pilots, praying for the best for Rick to fulfill his destiny and help Falcon to stop Deathborn.

He witnessed his success, but it cost the life of Captain Falcon. After a week of solitude, his hospital was rebuilt and he had a warmer heart toward his family. His future looks bright, now that he's finally in good terms with his dad, and a companion to his half-sister, Luna.

He was involved w/ Rick's 1st bounty hunting mission at the Hive in Port Town, as he, Luna, and Stewart were helping Rick recover from the T-Virus infection.

Several months later, Rodney found out that Rick was engaged to Tinsel, and he was successful on obtaining 50 bounties during his career as the Young Captain Falcon. He later was advised by his dad and the Task Force that Rick and Tinsel were heading to the primitive planet, Giant, in order for them to relax and also help Lily Flyer capture Don Geniei; he was desperate on awakening the four sacred Materia titans in order to destroy the planet and tear the universe asunder, and eventually sell them for a hefty profit. Rodney soon arrived there following a distress signal from the Dragon Bird EX and witnessed Rick assisting the plasma being, Plassein, while obtaining the orbs and reuniting them at the main shrine. Unfortunately, Don ganged up on them, shocking and nearly killing them both. The young doc rushed to Rick's side and attempted to revive him; he was successful, but the electrocution left him very weak. Tinsel was successful on finishing his mission, and Giant and its Deities were saved, while Don was apprehended. Rodney, along with his father, made rubber arches and gloves for Rick since he had an unusual molecular makeup due to the misfiring in his body. Rick was later able to properly use his new, profound abilities, thanks to Samurai Goroh, and later he was bestowed with the power of the Falcon.Several months later, Rodney found out that Rick was engaged to Tinsel, and he was successful on obtaining 50 bounties during his career as the Young Captain Falcon. He later was advised by his dad and the Task Force that Rick and Tinsel were heading to the primitive planet, Giant, in order for them to relax and also help Lily Flyer capture Don Genie; he was desperate on awakening the four sacred Materia titans in order to destroy the planet and tear the universe asunder, and eventually sell them for a hefty profit. Rodney soon arrived there following a distress signal from the Dragon Bird EX and witnessed Rick assisting the plasma being, Plassein, while obtaining the orbs and reuniting them at the main shrine. Unfortunately, Don ganged up on them, shocking and nearly killing them both. The young doc rushed to Rick's side and attempted to revive him; he was successful, but the electrocution left him very weak. Tinsel was successful on finishing his mission, and Giant and its Deities were saved, while Don was apprehended. Rodney, along with his father, made rubber arches and gloves for Rick since he had an unusual molecular makeup due to the misfiring in his body. Rick was later able to properly use his new, profound abilities, thanks to Samurai Goroh, and later he was bestowed with the power of the Falcon.

Later on, he deals with a lot of family drama. His half-sis, Luna, sometimes goes through some personal crises, whether it'd be her insecurity or when she feels her dad is picking him as his favorite. Rodney has observed Luna going downhill, even close to committing suicide if it wasn't for Jack. This started a time paradox, and Rodney would constantly be the white knight in the Stewart family if his sister becomes the Sadistic Coroner. Despite this, he has seen some accomplishments too. He'd recently became a certified physician like his dad, and so did Luna. Nevertheless, he's still in the midst of the chaos along with his father. But no matter what, he'll do whatever he can to remain by his sister's side and make peace within his ever-growing legacy. He soon had a brother-in-law, Jack, thanks to Luna's wedding, as well as a son-in-law, Phoenix.

Speaking of which, he has been chosen as one of Tinsel's and Rick's ushers. Along with his sis and dad, he had been helping Tinsel fight her inner demons, thanks to her repressed memories. While she was dealing w/ her angsts of her estranged old man, he assured her she made the right decision on staying in Mute City rather than forcefully relocate to the Asian colonies. When Tinsel was thinking on who should walk her down the aisle, she brainstormed on who, yet her dark past was unlocked in the process; it was soon decided that his father would be her official escort.

Several months later, Rodney, along with his dad and sis, suspected Tinsel on how she was getting sicker frequently; including that incident at the Particle Accelerator race. Instead of being housed in Mute City, they stood by at a hospital in Port Town awaiting Rick and Tinsel if anything should happen to her. Sure enough, something did as she nearly fainted at the course after running over a Blinding Zone. He examined her when she recovered, and the prognosis wasn't foodborne illness nor motion sickness as she experienced advancing symptoms. But rather, she was expecting! They volunteered to try out the experimental uterine replicator to avoid complications, deficiencies, and the risks of labor. However...after several months, Rick's and Tinsel's cells were unable to merge and form a fetus; their chances bearing a child were lost...


Rodney was a name based on Rod Stewart, or rather Roderick.

Ikran wanted Robert Stewart to carry on his legacy like his dad, Kevin, did. It was like a desperate attempt to resolve the angsts on finding the Task Force and dealing with the sudden cancellation of GP Legend.

Luna is a character her friend, Buttscottcch, came up with.

His voice actor, Peter Kelamis, played Goku in Deadzone and The World's Strongest.

Unlike his dad and sis, he's not an F-Zero racer.

Theme Song


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And here are even more OCs! These happen to be the four Materia Deities located within the planet, Giant. They'd introduced in my fanfic, The Power of the Falcon, and loosely based on the Legendary Birds and Lugia from Pokémon.

Holidus, Lixa, Gastro, Plassein


The Four Materia Deities (Plassein (plasma; top), Gastro (gas; left), Holidus (solid; center), Lixa (water/ice; right)

Appearance: The Power of the Falcon

Occupation: The sacred Deities of Matter from Planet Giant

Plassein's Best Friend: Rick

Theme Song: Regeneration (F-Zero X)

Voice Actors: Holidus - Shane Ray, Gastro - Kevin Michael Richardson, Lixa - Katsuyuki Konishi, Plassein - Eric Rath

Since the Big Bang, four Deities were created; each represent the states of matter. They're all from the planet, Giant, particularly at the Materia archipelago. A legend was foretold there, saying that a Chosen One must pass each of the titans' tests, and only a pure heart should unite the three orbs from Holidus, Lixa, and Gastro to quench the fighting if their peace is disturbed. Unfortunately, it came to pass as Don Genie made a visit. He was the culprit to awaken each of the Deities so he could capture the rarely seen guardian, Plassein, and destroy the world for his own personal gain. The catastrophe could also result the obliteration of the galaxy. Aside from manipulating the F-Zero committee, that was his main objective.

Holidus is the giant golem of solid, Lixa is the titan of liquid, Gastro represents the air, and Plassein resembles plasma. Rick, as the new bounty hunter, was able to accomplish each task and retrieved the orbs, until Don made the Deities clash with one another. Plassein eventually materialized; however, his strength alone wasn't enough. With the help from the savior of the universe and the Elite Mobile Task Force, both he and Rick were able to restore peace to the planet, but not without a painful sacrifice. Plassein endured Don's trap then gave Rick his essence in a sphere of plasma, which was the last secret piece of the Materia shrine. It was his parting gift since the new Falcon was his only hope. The energy from Rick's hidden stamina incapacitated the two titans, Lixa and Gastro, while Holidus fell from their battle.

Giant was torn to shreds from various environmental anomalies, although Lily played the song of regeneration as the last two spheres were gathered by Tinsel, Rick's last mantle. An aurora was formed and Lily and Jack jammed together, restoring tranquility and balance to the earth, water, and wind. After Rick paid for his respects to the fallen serpent, the three revived Deities made a final visit. They gave him their own sphere, combining a small portion of their essences. That gave him all his lost strength, and then they'd shown him a silvery wing which was the last of Plassein. The solar system would still remain in check since that was all that was left, and they promised to keep it safe from harm. They made their farewell, knowing that Giant, and the space surrounding it, will forever be in good hands.

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Well, since FZerovember's still going on, I thought it might be a good idea to do a retrospective on the classic Yugioh series; not any of its spinoffs like GX, 5Ds, etc. As I'd never bothered with them. The anime had some humble beginnings so I might as well go with them. And this has been a crucial part of my F-Zero timeline.

My first vivid memory I had with this was when I saw my ex-stepbrothers constantly watching it on Kids WB, and eventually Nicktoons. It was around the advent of its first movie, Yugioh the Movie: Pyramid of Light. Around August 2004, I got back into the F-Zero series solidifying myself as a fan for life. And while I was playing thru GX, even struggling thru its infamous Story Mode, my bros and I eventually got to see it in theaters; I believe it was around the time I reached Lap 8, after those enormous killjoys Chapters 3 and 7, especially the LATTER!! Anyway, I liked the movie, can also be hard to get into; like any other anime series, if you can't pay attention/understand what's going on, you'd get lost in the sauce. No different than in DBZ..! Since then, I really liked the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, the exclusive card of the film! Plus, I also remembered going to an IHOP afterwards trying liver with onions; didn't really like it that much aside from the mashed potatoes. I saw bits and pieces of Battle City when it was at its close, and I became anxious while Joey was brainwashed by Marik, and when he constantly used Ra! Even when Kaiba was about to blow up the island w/ the Duelists still on it!!

I'd always hated that corporate, power-hungry bastard! I also hate Mai; that bully intimidating Tea after Yugi suffered from fear when he was about to beat Kaiba. I like Mokuba, though, even when I saw some of the Virtual World saga. As I was anxious in the series, I was desperate when I was struggling thru chapter after chapter in GX; I'd decided to make 2 and 2 together just to cope w/ it. Hence the story of Falcon's Followers. Several of the Duel Monsters, Yugi/Yami, and Joey were my topmost favorite chars, and when I beat GX just before junior year in high school started, and I discovered GP Legend, it was official.

Much like in GX, the anime also gave me some hectic moments, thus using Yugioh as a crutch of sorts; such as Truman's betrayal (Cold as Ice), Pico's sensitive-bomb scandal, the idea of having Baby Dragon watch over a Sand Ocean race, Joey using Red-Eyes chasing after the Blue Falcon w/ the sensitive-bomb, making a Valentine's card for my bros, a drawing of Yugi and Dark Magician battling the multiplying Black Shadow virus in Falcon's body...and using the low-level Duel Monsters at the Outer Space Circuit after seeing Double Jeopardy, aside from adding the DDR song, Drop the Bomb! Then...after that, there was this very sudden curse. A curse that lasted for months on end.

For not only was junior year (the worst year ever!!) was getting more hectic, the state-standardized test known as the HSPA was underway as were my remedial classes in preparation for it. Not only that, but I just discovered the first episode of the nefarious saga, The Wake of the Dragons..! I encountered the 10k-year curse and how all the Egyptian Gods remained powerless against the Seal of Orichalcos. I think Yami was also being controlled by it... I figured Yami and his friends would never stand a chance since the pharaoh was half the amount..! And it reminded me of The Day After Tomorrow since the Ice Age was also 10,000 years ago, hence a possible solution to this curse, Dartz and the Great Leviathan. Hell, I also had a dream around that time when I saw a city completely encased in ice with a gloomy, dark, indigo sky! And some of the structures like signs or skinny buildings collapsed and shattered. Then, that was it, I was officially done since I cracked under the pressure and it was so damned complicated to endure, even A LOT more than Pokémon!! It's not like it at all!! Even when it involves magic and math which I sorely suck at both fields!! I threw in the towel, and I officially quit hence scenarios for Tinsel. Though I did see some cards from time to time, such as Harpie's Brother (aka Sky Scout) and the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon. My bros were really into the series and weren't deterred at all, even in GX.

One time, I forgot when exactly, I decided to try one of the GBA dueling games. Painful, agonizing FAILURE!! I wasn't into Duel of the Roses very much, and I'd tried the pilot of 5Ds a couple years ago on Xmas... It wasn't my cup of tea on how Monsters were used w/ racing, even having Greg Abbey have a leading role as Yusei... Quite a shame. Then...F-Zero got canned on March 2005, and because of my Showitious and stress going thru the roof, my ex-stepmom forced me to give up on the series too. I was living with A LOT of scrutiny!

Well...that was it for me in the series; never finished it. However, I wasn't done using Yugioh. I still incorporated it into the timeline at times late in Ending it All, as well as some cameos in To Be Married and Loved, plus some of the characters are still involved in my Showitious. Especially when I happen to rewatch the very tense F-Zero episodes. They always seem to be the way to help me cope with the stressors, even while finishing the GP Legend saga when the Japanese version gave me HELL! I HATE their pisspoor ideas!!!
I...never cared for Dark Side of Dimensions or Bonds in Time; just looked up the former because of complexity. Although it was almost heart-wrenching that I'd missed on Yami's official death, as well as his temporary one by the series finale once he got his memories back as Atem. Thus the ideas for To Be Married and Loved, such as taking place after the last duel, saying goodbye to the pharaoh, and inviting the Duelists while still remaining as distant friends to Tinsel.

I guess that's it, and I miss Greg and Dan's epic works, though I do get very weary when it's always about Yugioh even since it's everlasting! All good things must come to an end, people..! So I guess this is the end of the road here.

Here are my favorite Duel Monsters, and/or those that're just used for lulz:

Kuriboh, The Five-Star Twilight, Flame Swordsmen, Slifer the Sky Dragon, Red-Eyes (all forms), Blue-Eyes (all forms), Black Skull Dragon, Summoned Skull, Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl, Catapult Turtle, Time Wizard, Baby Dragon, Thousand Dragon, Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress, Giant Soldier of Stone, Curse of Dragon, Aura Armor, Magical Arm Shield, the Magnetic Warriors, the Legendary Dragons, Multiply, Castle of Dark Illusions, Swords of Revealing Light

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So much for Yugioh, now for F-Zero!

Well since I've been doing some F-Zero projects, I might as well get something off my chest with another retrospective. Even though, I highly doubt anyone would read this...who knows.

Anyway, I'll just start with the original. Like many Nintendo consumers back in 1990-1991, I've seen the first F-Zero for the SNES; it was indeed a classic! Little did I know at the time, it was a launch title along with Super Mario World. Shigeru Miyamoto was in his prime then. I remembered my dad playing it a lot, and he was pretty good at it. I, however, was not since I was very young; I've always kept blowing up and ranking out. It was pretty disappointing, until several years later. I eventually beat the Knight League using my all-time favorite machine, the Wild Goose. Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky in the Queen League; that gap in the second White Land was the death of me. Thus, I came up with a scenario for my OC.

I'd lost interest after that and F-Zero Maximum Velocity back in 2001 was so-so. I did get it for Christmas along with Pinobee and Wario Land 4, and even that was a launch title, but it didn't have the same feel as the original did. I thought I was going to throw in the towel for the series...until in the summer of 2004. That was when I was introduced to my favorite installment, F-Zero GX. Of course, before that, I met Captain Falcon in Smash Bros, and he was a cool fighter. Though, I never had the chance to try F-Zero X. By that time, I was back in the cockpit as I had loads of fun playing it. I remember being in Toys 'R' Us one time, and that's when I saw and bought it. My passion for the franchise came back to me full throttle, and I used the Goose again! This was light years better than the original and Maximum Velocity! Then, I got curious about this "accident" that happened in the events prior to it. For the longest time, I never had the answers, except for that so-called rumor that Pico was behind it. Ironically, he was the pilot for my favorite machine, but I didn't mind.

Next, I was enamored by GX's Story Mode. It was insane as hell, and beyond frustrating! But, like Joshscorcher and Meta527ii said, I couldn't help but hate it and love it at the same time. Those chapters were so unforgiving; my imagination just went into overdrive as I tried to hypothesize what would happen next. That was when the duelists, Yugi and Joey, came along. My younger bros were watching Yu-Gi-Oh a lot, so I eventually incorporated them. Sure, they were only card duelers, not racers, but I've made up scenarios in which they've used their monsters in various ways to achieve missions. I did eventually beat the game, though, and I managed to unlock 3 pilots, Deathborn, Dai Goroh, and Princia Ramode.

Aside from the raging story, I enjoyed the Grand Prix as I was introduced to many awesome courses (Aeropolis, Green Plant, Lightning) and pilots (Leon, Blood Falcon, Black Shadow, Beastman, Draq, Gomar & Shioh, Pico, Octoman). Out of all the exhilaration, there was always the upcoming junior year; I've dreaded it nonstop since there was going to be a huge state test where if I can't pass, I wouldn't graduate. I've been worried sick over that...I was so lucky I barely passed it.

Later on, I was introduced to the anime, F-Zero GP Legend. The first episode I saw was the one that had Rick look for Samurai Goroh. At first, I wasn't very thrilled of the new character, Rick Wheeler. I was hoping to see Captain Falcon as the main hero of it all like in GX, but instead I saw him a few times like any elusive bounty hunter. So, eventually I got used to it and I began to like Rick more and more, especially by Lap 8. Shortly after, by Christmas which was a Saturday, I saw the pilot episode. Aside from some DDR games, it was like the best gift ever! Speaking of which, another stunning gift was from my birthday, when I've played the actual GBA game. Back then, I thought it was amazing, but in retrospect it was pretty rushed, and its story was incomplete. Regardless I had a blast with it, even during the throwback in the Platinum Cup.

I hadn't really heard of F-Zero AX or Climax. I guess I was missing out on the former since there was a special cup from that on GX, and I wasn't skilled enough. By the time the enormous test ended, I saw that GP Legend just got up and went, as did the FoxBox. I knew later that it was cancelled and it only had 15 episodes (out of 51) in English. Sure, I found out recently of the subbed episodes, but they just didn't feel the same. And that was why I wanted to write "Ending it All" even though it's been on hiatus for years, much like the series itself. Even to this day, I can't understand why it was so overlooked and abandoned. I too wish that another company like FUNimation or whoever would get the job done properly, instead of a shabby, poor quality translation I'd find on the internet. I'm looking straight at you, Stonestream Dubs!!

When I look back on it now, it did remind me of my teenage years, and sometimes these memories can also hurt deeply as well. I felt I'd lost so much then; it's like a void that cannot be filled. I've always wondered why I'd root for the underdog, what if Rick were in Smash, why the good things always have to end so soon... Would the series ever recover and rise up again, just like it did back in 2004..? Before the failures of GP Legend and Climax? Even though I sorely disagree with the first one?

And that was the main reason for this retrospective; I want to share my experiences with everyone that'll appreciate them. I know it's been too long, and the anime may never be redone. But still, I just needed to get a load off of my mind before it'll consume me so much. Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? Is F-Zero really a discontinued series? Am I the only one?

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My F-Zero Voice Cast

If Fanfictiondreamer has done this, then I must as well do it too. In this case, for my F-Zero fics. Feel free to look 'em up if you don't know them.

Adult Clank - David Stenstrom 

Baba/Pico - Sean Schemmel

Beastman/Chris Annex- Eric Val

Black Shadow/Mr. Zero - Jack Merluzzi

Burt Lemming/Andy Summer - David Wills

Captain Falcon/Blood Falcon - Eric Kelso

Daigoroh - Bryce Papenbrook

Deathborn/The Elder - Michael McConnohie

Don Genie - Dameon Clarke 

Dr. Clash - Marc Diraison

Dr. Stewart/Yami/Yugi Moto/James McCloud - Dan Green

Draq - Michael Chiklis

Gastro - Kevin Michael Richardson

Holidus - Shane Ray

Jack Levin/Bio Rex/Michael Chain - Marc Thompson

Jody Summer - Veronica Taylor

John Tanaka - David Lapkin

Katherine Wilson - Games: Cissy Jones, Anime: Debi Mae West

Leon/Gomar/Shioh/PJ - Jeff Gedert

Lisa Brilliant - Lisa Ortiz

Lixa - Katsuyuki Konishi

Lucifer Shadow - Games: Troy Baker, Anime: Jesse Hooker

Lucy Liberty/Clank Hughes/Haruka Misaki/Alias/Alias' Mom/Rose/Lily Flyer/Sasuke - Amy Birnbaum

Luna Stewart - Games: Lori Fischer, Anime: Danielle Judovits

Mighty Gazelle - David Frederick White

Miss Killer/Kate Alen/Princia Ramode - Karen Neill

Mr. EAD/Joey Wheeler/Roy Hughes - Wayne Grayson

Octoman - Eric Stuart                                      

Phoenix Levin - Games - Max Kaufman (young), Parry Shen (older), Anime - Sam Lavagnino (young), Jason Griffith (older)

Plassein - Eric Rath                                      

Rick Wheeler - Greg Abbey

Rodney Stewart - Peter Kelamis

Roger Buster - Dwayne Johnson

Samurai Goroh/Antonio Guster - Ryan Drees

The Skull - Andrew Rannells

Tinsel Steelus - Myself

Vidion/Thieves - The Great Clement/James Clement                 

Zoda - Dave Wittenberg

I believe that's it for them. It's sometimes a dream of mine to work alongside these awesome people. Hope you liked this little project I had; you're more than welcome to look into those talented individuals.

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Ending it All's Virtual Soundtrack!

Hey futuristic racing fans. This is just a little something I've been wanting to add to one of my epics, Ending it All. I've decided to create a virtual soundtrack to the story itself; much like a motion picture soundtrack to a feature film. So, here's the track listing in case you're all interested in this as well as the fic itself:

Bonus Tracks

    Octoman's Theme (GX)
    Baba's Theme (GX)
    Samurai Goroh's Theme (GX)
    Daigoroh's Theme (GX)
    Draq's Theme (GX)
    Zoda's Theme (GX)
    Jack Levin's Theme (GX)
    Dr. Clash's Theme (GX)
    Blood Falcon's Theme (GX)
    Mighty Gazelle's Theme (GX)
    Mr. EAD's Theme (GX)
    John Tanaka's Theme (GX)
    Death Wind (original)
    Black Shadow's Theme (GX)
    Deathborn's Theme (GX)
    Jody Summer's Theme (GX)
    Burt's Classroom (anime)
    Dr. Stewart's Theme (GX)
    Without End (anime)
    Resolution (anime)
    A Friend is Nearby (anime)

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If you remember in the comedy movie "License to Wed," there was a segment where couples went as the priest gives them certain scenarios to test them. One of them consisted the statement, "I Like it When..." and the lovebirds fill in the sentence highlighting their significant others' strengths. This I jut came up with on a whim, thinking of how Tinsel would answer it; I'm not sure with Rick just yet.

From Tinsel to Rick, she said the following: 

   I like it when Rick gives that daring sneer. It sometimes may represent impulsiveness or ruthless determination, but I always liked him when he's on the prowl. I just think looking at that expression with those squinting eyes and that wide grin is just...kind of cute and sexy to look at, even when he races.
   I like it when he gives me some friendly competition, on the subject of racing. He never holds back, though sometimes he would show off and give me some playful nudges to my machine. Sometimes we would train with others, but it's mostly Rick that I grew fond with. He once said that racing with me sort of reminds him of Haruka. They did race together, though they never competed against each other, unless if it has to do with the late lethal Miss Killer. Nevertheless, I always looked forward to him as we would cruise through each circuit with gusto and have fun doing it; he's an excellent competitor.
   I like it when he talks about his distant past and his heritage. Rick is known to be 1/8 Japanese, though it is misleading since he seems to be more of the Brooklyn-type; in fact he was once a Bostonian. He went into cold sleep in 2523 (2051 in the alternate continuity) after that fatal chase with an insane escaped convict named Zoda. There wasn't much technology to cure him at the time, so doctors put him in cryo-hibernation for a century and a half. Needless to say, he lost his whole life then, including his late girlfriend just before he was about to propose. He was lucky he was able to adapt with the times, and found some new friends to help him go through them. Even me and Jack Levin. We were also able to put an end to his old nemesis in Port Town, and Haruka's spirit was finally at peace when Deathborn was defeated upon Captain Falcon's sacrifice. As for his heritage, he found out his native name was actually Ryu Suzaku II. His ancestors relocated to Ellis Island back at 1945, before Hiroshima was bombed. They adapted as they made a living in the US and changed their surnames to Wheeler. And during an anniversary, Rick's parents bestowed him as Ryu's descendant. There were some actions that showed his traits, like having an affinity for ramen noodles, his incredible fascination of the culture, and even training his fighting prowess with a samurai. His Japanese title does represent the Vermillion Bird and a dragon, after all. Plus, his machine, the Dragon Bird, really made sense. And I just couldn't staunch my interest in him; the more he shares his experiences, the more I want to know about him.
   I like it whenever he holds me close, even if it's just a simple handhold. He practically does encourage it, whether we'd be sitting on a bench in Memory Park, or sleeping next to each other. Heck I sometimes give him some nudges. When we embrace, he feels so warm and secure whenever I'm within his arms. He also tends to feel and be like a rock, hard with all that muscle and a bit rough around the edges, but smooth as well. He also tends to be a hothead, but can be compassionate. Or, he may land himself into trouble at times, but he does have a strong sense of justice. Or he may have something in his mind and can't let go, but it's for a good reason. It just represents the perfect balance, even in his personality, like his warmness melts my ice...even when we get intimate.
   I like it when he praises me on my greatest traits, whether it'd be my everlasting, unwavering love and attraction to him, my feelings, or simply my nature. He never judges me harshly and he always looks forward to spending time with me and he also listens to my hardships before finding a way to fix them. He's a very caring guy and I tend to do the same to him. I also give him some incentives like picking some things that remind me of him in a positive light, like certain songs about racing, even some surprises such as those in "Days of Thunder." He always worships me and helps me out however he can, as do I with Rick.
   In closing, there are many reasons why I love Rick. Whether it'd be his actions, personality, motivation, and style. His good qualities always shine through and outweighs his flaws. He's always a joy to be around and he does make a promising mate. It is like we fill our own gaps, cover our weaknesses with our strongpoints, and seem to be the perfect mix of fire and ice; maybe sometimes opposites do attract. I can completely understand why Haruka loves him so much, and these are the main reasons why.

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A Trilogy of Tension

A/N: Yes. You heard right. There were 3 episodes, in a row, within the F-Zero anime that gave me so much tension, and these fanfics shall describe them all. This is just a series of scenarios in which F-Zero GP Legend crosses over with the original Yugioh series, aside from Cold as Ice. Indeed, there are three segments here.

Lap 1

It was during a sunset at the end of Tinsel's shift, but just as she was heading for home, she once saw Rick at Memory Park, despondent, as he watched the boats go by. She heard that this reminded him of Haruka as they went on a balmy cruise together 150 years ago, and Haruka herself enjoyed watching them sail across the harbor beside the city line. It was sort of a hobby and became his as well.

She once asked Rick why he was so down, could it be on account of the freakish accident back in the dangerous Mute City race, when the Dragon Bird crashed beside Zoda which in turn hit Jody next to it? He felt so ashamed about that sudden chain reaction ever since, but it wasn't the only thing that was bothering him; he still couldn't get his vengeance for Zoda off his mind, which was who he was aiming for, if only Jody didn't get in the way. He also told Tinsel about the secret he discovered, about Jody being a cyborg after the incident 5 years ago in which she and her brother, Andy Summer, got fatally injured during a shootout! To Tinsel, it wasn't the first time she'd heard of a police officer who's half-human; as she found out about another detective named Del Spooner who had a grudge against robots that were atttempting to dominate over humanity in Chicago back in 2035. So, to her, it wasn't too big of a surprise.

He also remembered Jody's point of advice, "I hate what Zoda did, but we have a bigger mission than just stopping him. And that's to destroy the organization he works for..!" She'd said that he must remember the good things in life too, and they must never forget them nor be consumed with payback. Believe or not, Tinsel reluctantly agreed with that, as they must fight for the things and the people they cherish so much, and it's natural to forget the smaller things in life. She vowed that she'll be by his side so he won't go astray while facing the demonic monster.

Soon, Jody was well enough to take her repaired White Cat for a "test run," when in reality she was heading to the abandoned maximum security prison in Planet Alcatrand. She hopes to find answers in looking to how she can defeat Zoda. Eventually, Rick and Tinsel came back to headquarters, he asked Clash where she went, and he said she took her machine! The Dragon Bird followed the signal emitting from it, leading to a warp gate. Tinsel actually tagged along but only several feet away to avoid detection. To her horror, though, she realized they'd headed to the home world of her worst fear, White Land! Thankfully there wasn't the deadly 50-foot gap she was unable to cross 13 years ago. Her body temperature dropped several degrees, and it wasn't the below freezing climate since the Comet was able to adjust in tepid and frigid environments. But intense fear! Her body began to quiver and break out in a cold sweat, remembering the fatal incident. Her mind fogged for a moment, then as she saw the Dragon Bird's backlights starting to fade, she slowly trodden toward it.

Above the snowy horizon, she saw a distinctive spaceship. It was the same one Zoda often used for his assaults, even the one when he invaded the Galaxy Platoon soon after winning that said F-Zero race and reveling in his destruction, even scaring away the weak leader, John Tanaka. When she recovered, she noticed it shot a volley of bullets and Jody was under fire!

Rick was also heading toward it making Tinsel alarmed! She immediately stepped on the gas as Rick left the cockpit, took off his denim jacket making him more exposed to the deadly climate and having his body covering her while the malicious madman continued to rain down more bullets! Tinsel hurriedly shot out the Comet's ice jets up toward the gunship's underside. A portion above the stem became frozen almost instantly showing a crystalized bright-blue hue! Knowing Zoda's onslaught had been disabled, he soared away from the hapless duo. However, to Tinsel's shock, they managed to survive, unscathed! It seemed as though the Comet had also frozen the battleship's bullets and they acted more like hailstones instead.

Realizing Jody and Rick were alright, they headed back to Mute City together. But not before Tinsel, who was still shaken up, activated her telecom. "We're gonna need backup..!" she muttered.

Sure enough, the transmission reached Domino City, in Yugi's and Solomon's home. Inside his bedroom, where it was still nighttime, Yugi picked it up; since it had a different time zone it was much later than in Mute City's, and the kid was a little groggy. Tinsel apologized for calling him so early, but they noticed that Dark Million had recently raised the bar. They should be taken much more seriously and he and Joey must use their Duel Monsters as outside help besides Falcon; they knew he wasn't very reliable on account he's a bounty hunter and thus is usually unreachable. They knew a war was coming, and since he, Yami, and Joey are currently free from dueling since the championship in Battle City, she hopes they'd be available. She believed there could be a warp gate from Japan to Mute City; however she was never sure where. They wished Capt. Falcon would know its whereabouts and assist them on their mission.

A/N: Ah...finally got this lap out of the way. This scenario has always been in my mind for years, ever since I first saw the English version of Chain Reaction, although I never liked the order of episodes; as it was used for Lap 6 which is irrelevant since Miss Killer was shown and her debut's 2 episodes away. So instead it should be around Lap 9 since she's been introduced, Tanaka's tirade on Rick winning races would be relevant, and it would start Dark Million's more serious plans. Hence, in order to cope with the anxieties, I introduced Yugioh again since Cold as Ice.

Speaking of which, I figured the Silver Comet making its move at a very cold planet would make the most sense allowing Zoda's gunship to retreat; I assumed that Zoda flew off thinking that Rick and Jody had been shot. Yet...they never showed any signs of injury, at all, not even hypothermia. Although, just recently, I figured the reason why was because Jody's a cyborg, while Rick seems a bi3t accustomed to the cold since he seems hotblooded and may have traits related to the Vermillion Bird/Ryu Suzaku.

On the subject of cyborgs, I made a reference to the flick, I, Robot. Where Det. Del Spooner holds a grudge against robots, even against Sonny. Always reminds me of Jody even her ambition in the Task Force; both sources debuted in 2004 after all.



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A/N: Alright, here's Lap 2 where I add elements from Yugioh as Tinsel uses its Monsters again. Only this time, it's during an emergency while an F-Zero race is taking place.

Lap 2

This began a week later from that incident in Planet Alcatrand and when Tinsel called Yugi for outside assistance. He and Joey received the alert and knew that Dark Million needed to be taken more seriously this time around. With the Battle City competition over, they had more free time, and Yugi has spent more time with Tea, while Mai kept turning Joey down.

She just arrived at the Falcon House, ready to start her shift in the Elite Mobile Task Force, having the sweet coffee along with her best friend, Rick. They also met Lucy, Burt, as well as the young kid, Alias; the same one Tinsel, Lucy, and Rick met when the latter was chasing after Samurai Goroh. This time, the tyke was scared on receiving heart surgery next week. Then, a bodybuilder showed up. To Burt, his intergalactic delivery arrived, exotic mangoes, and he introduced the guy as Roger Buster.

He has heard of the boy's plight, and he mentioned the delivery was exclusively for him, and that the Fake Star Race is coming up very shortly. He and Rick decided to participate and win for Alias. Nevertheless, he's still pretty nervous of the procedure, even though his mom said it'll save his life in the long run and make him stay healthier than before. Roger offered to win it for the sake of giving him the exotic Doreya mangoes he loves so much, while Rick volunteered to win it as a promise to Alias and as an incentive if he would take the surgery.

"You have to take risks. If you want to be an F-Zero racer." Burt said.

Alias lightened up and accepted Rick's proposition. "Then let's have a handshake and make it official." They did just that.

Tinsel rooted for Rick to take the lead. But sadly, she was unable to register as the Fake Star Cup was already overbooked...

With the rest of the Task Force consisted of Dr. Clash, Dr. Stewart, Tanaka, and Lucy, Tinsel watched the competition from the sidelines, still disappointed in her inability to get involved in that race. Heck, she even noticed Rick, Roger, Draq and Capt. Falcon there as well! However, surprisingly, there were no racers from Dark Million. She then grew very concerned...

The signal interrupted her reverie and the race was on!

Rick, EAD, and Jody were doing a decent job, though the Dragon Bird always kept getting its wings clipped by the persistent Mighty Hurricane. As the war raged on, despite her cheering for Rick, she still felt anxious, but not just for him.

Meanwhile, the F-Zero Committee received an ultimatum from Zoda; that they must let all the racers slow down and remain in the orange zone, otherwise they'd explode if they should go above or below it! It was in exchange for them to give Zoda all the profits to him! 10 million space credits! They grew worried for the pilots' welfare, even if they should run out of fuel. The best they can do is alert the Galaxy Platoon!

Meanwhile, Tinsel, along with her comrades, received news of a sudden threat. All of the racers must maintain the said speed limit, as a sensitive detonator had been detected on each vehicle, excepting for one... Of course, this wouldn't deter Rick nor Roger's ambition to win the race for Alias; they had a promise to keep, after all. Alarmed for Rick's sake, Tinsel caved in to her anxieties and ran out of the base, disregarding Lucy or Clash's worries. While she was storming to her Comet, she overheard Tanaka's cries, while Stewart was more stern when he suspected there's some kind of transmitter within the racetrack, and they must find and destroy it! With that objective in mind, Tinsel headed for her machine in the garage and made a distress call to Domino City again!

According to Clash's analysis in the base, there were a total of nine sensors, though he believed it all to be a hoax, not willing to give away the prize money; however, a machine exploded showing the attack was real!

"Duelists. Tinsel Steelus calling Duelists..! Yugi, Joey!"

The former picked up the call via a cordless phone attached to a wall. Recognizing her voice, Yugi was anxious on answering it. His eyes widened as he heard the bad news!

Meanwhile, Falcon looked over the side of the track and saw a glare coming from the distant mountainside. The Blue Falcon leapt off the track, startling the spectators and even Mr. Zero! But unbeknowst to them, his machine was still attached beneath the course! He was on hot pursuit for the sniper, but something else caught his keen eye.

He then punched around the motherboard sending a transmission to Tinsel's key fob. She picked it up and noticed it was from him. Her face brightened but the situation was grim; according to him, there was a blimp circling the track figuring it has the transmitter for the activating sensors! Tinsel doubted, but then recoiled as the blimp never left the track and kept on orbiting it, never leaving a single advertisement; just monitoring the race without any glamor. So, she went with Falcon's advice and passed it on to Yugi. Joey also wanted to tag along as well. Then, her fob chirped when it received a map of sorts, and then she gave the schematics to Yugi.

"Yugi! Rick's under attack! Take the Mute City warp gate! Help me out here!"

"I'm on my way!" he said as soon as he received the location of Domino City's nearby warp gate!

He and Joey ran out and summoned their Duel Monsters. For Yami after transforming into the pharaoh, he used his Curse of Dragon, while Joey followed suit with his Baby Dragon! They immediately loaded their Duel Disks as they entered the gates and materialized discreetly, soaring over the Mute City track.

Capt. Falcon alerted the duo as soon as he saw them from upside-down! Just before his machine reached a gap, he ordered them to find and destroy that blimp with their best Monsters and stay discreet! They obliged and Yugi and Joey steered toward it. The Blue Falcon leapt toward it while the Duelists followed. Captain Falcon reached the end of the track before boosting, hurling his Blue Falcon through the air and straight towards the blimp, crashing into the command deck! The nose of the machine pierced thru the airship, seeing a swarm of Death Soldiers drawing out their weapons surrounding the vehicle.

"Fireball attack!" Yami shouted, then the dragon unleashed its fury. It also unloaded a little passenger inside it.

Joey drew out his Time Wizard and made his dragon age a century. The Thousand Dragon has emerged! Like his partner, the creature snorted and unleashed its own fiery fury, making them attack both sides and igniting the blimp! The invasion distracted the sentinels long enough for Kuriboh to enter the fray, glowed, and exploded the ship from the inside, making the Blue Falcon able to escape! It fell off, startling the duo, but thankfully it was caught in a large maw!

"Whoa! I remember this spaceship!" Joey cried.

"That's the Falcon Flyer, Joey!" Yami cheered as he made a fist. "Hmph! I should've known it'd be here. That'll put an end to this madness, and save the F-Zero competitors." He composed, "Tinsel was right; Dark Million IS truly raising the bar..!"

"Oh man..! I wonder how we can manage both Dueling and this..!" Joey added, implying Tinsel's own angsts. They watched the blimp drop and give off a dazzling display similar to a Viking's burning boat as it descended sharply toward the mountainside! The sniper, Pico, noticed the crash landing too, and with his plan thwarted and his bombs destroyed, he became rampant as he scurried away and drove in his Wild Goose.

"Rick! Slow down! That's an order!" Jody shouted back at the base. Tinsel was still in the garage as she received a message of their success. While Dr. Clash held his head never enduring the horror as the Dragon Bird accelerated and reached the finish line first! The crowd went wild for the victorious hero, but moments after the commotion, Roger slapped Draq squarely in the face for his betrayal. It turned out he was under scrutiny by Miss Killer demanding the ransom and he needed to win the race for Roger's sake if he should explode! Roger reprimanded him to take his mind off of their business for once and focus on what truly matters; their partnership, otherwise it'll soon become strained.

Rick was also punished but by Jody for disobeying orders on never slowing down during the Fake Star race, putting him and his colleagues in serious danger. Though she did praise him for his first-place victory and receiving the 10 million space credits, he was still put on a long probation; for about a month! This put Tinsel at complete unease as she heard the briefing, even when Clash was still puzzled picking up the sensor from Rick's machine.

"These sensors appear to be fake compared to the last machine that blew up." He examined it, no longer flashing.

The stress was mounting and Tinsel blurted out, "They weren't fake, Dr. Clash! They were actually real! Didn't you see the other machine blow up? I should know because..." She stopped, then she gathered her thoughts, ignoring the squad's piercing looks. "Because, I saw Falcon leap over the track. And he...invaded a blimp overhead. Then, he made it crash toward the mountain. I think a sniper was there activating these things." She motioned toward the sensor Clash was holding, still perplexed.

"Well, looks like we owe him one, Tinsel." Jody said. Although neither woman were pleased. She actually left out the Duelists' invasion to keep their identities safe. The last thing she wanted is to have them investigated for a possible murder. She was also very upset that the Task Force, Roger, nor Draq didn't notice them, as well as Rick receiving a hefty punishment despite keeping his promise to poor Alias. Just like in his last misadventure...

Tinsel began to carry a grudge for their fearless leader, but not before she saw Rick stargazing out a large window toward Roger's delivery vessel, with Alias and his mom riding shotgun, while holding a Doreya mango. He just smiled and wished him luck as Alias praised him, "Thank you for winning that race, Rick."

A/N: This Lap was a lot more tumultuous than the last one, as the Duelists, Falcon, and Tinsel got more involved. Like, the last Lap, it made me anxious to add the Duelists in, and Falcon didn't give me enough assurance since the tension was still mounting. Besides having Clash never know the attacker and having Rick on a serious probation really pissed me off to no end! You see, despite the good deed and his victory, he still receives the bitter end of the stick from Jody! THIS, aside from his treatment in GP Legend, started my hatred for her!

Also, just for lulz, I'd probably add the catchy song from DDR Extreme, Absolute! That song always gives me the feels. Well, this Lap was done, so off to the last one!

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A/N: Wow. Yugioh has been making a lot of appearances in the series. Three times in a row! This one takes place at the rare Outer Space circuit, in the 10th Lap of the anime, not the AX Cup. But rather, the Crystal Cup. I'm not including the Christmas Cup since that was an idea in the Japanese version... So, here's the last Lap in the tense trilogy!

Final Lap

Tinsel was assisting Rick who was on janitor duty for his month-long probation; she had to make it quick since Jody didn't want her to do so since this was Rick's severe punishment. He disobeyed orders at that lethal incident in Mute City last week. Just then, Dr. Clash came over, alerting Rick that the captain had something for him to see.

He went to the large office Tanaka always hung out, with Tinsel following him.

"I got here as soon as I could, Jody. What's up?"

"I have something interesting to show you, Rick." Both he and Tinsel grew curious, as she inserted the golden cartridge embedded with the emblem of a falcon on it. A large plasma screen buzzed behind the two rookies as they looked up. On it were the schematics and the striking image of Miss Killer to the right and the Moon Shadow to the left! Both pilots were incredibly shocked as their minds flashed back to that incident when Rick was losing consciousness as he hardly saw her leap out of the window in his apartment; Tinsel also saw her escapade too as she raced away on top of the Sonic Phantom!

"That's her. I'll never forget her face." Tinsel looked over to her best friend.

"She was the woman that attacked you?" the captain queried.

"Yeah. Definitely. I'll remember that face forever." Tinsel sobered at the thought; however, Tanaka was stupefied.

"After what she did, I don't blame you, Wheeler." He stuttered for a moment. "Uhh, who is she, Jody?"

"Her name's Luna Ryder. She's the new pilot who won the last F-Zero race." She then faced Rick, "And, I have evidence she's also working for Black Shadow." Rick was in shock, then she warned him, "She's entered in the Crystal Cup race. We've got to stop her."

His demeanor turned serious as he nodded. "Right." Then he looked up at the flat screen again. So Tinsel was right, after all. So she's not the damsel I once knew... She seems to be a very formidable opponent.

Tinsel followed his gaze. Rick, do not let her intimidate you. Somehow, I believe she is...

"Tinsel?" Jody interrupted her reverie.

"Yeah, Jody?"

"I know you'd be interested in the next race, for Wheeler's sake, but sadly like the race last week, this one has also been overbooked."

Her face fell. "What..? Oh no, not again..! How could this happen?"

"The racetrack takes place in the Outer Space circuit just above Earth and near the gateway; it's a popular and new attraction, but also experimental. This is a very special race, and spectators and pilots had enlisted rapidly. I had already recruited Rick, Lucy, Jack, and EAD. Dark Million would go all out on this one."

She sighed at Jody's words. Then, the leader perked up. "I'll tell you what, since you're that concerned over Rick's welfare, I'll have you as one of the spectators instead. I'll be counting on you to keep a close eye out."

"Right. Thanks, Jody."

Little did she know, Jody had an ulterior motive as this reminded the cyborg of another similar incident...


Tinsel was so ecstatic to be watching an actual race, only this was in space. Not only that, but the arena was pretty breathable, and the watchers were comfortably bemouth some energy shields protecting the pilots and the brown circuit from devastating meteors. She was so excited as she had never heard of this track before!

She watched the competition as closely as possible, but the machines had already hid themselves as they emerged into the ice tunnel. It was quite a shame since Tinsel was barely able to see the spectacular blue tiles sparkle! A few moments later, the Dragon Bird, Astro Robin, and the Blue Falcon finally rushed out of it, resulting in a tag between the former and latter machines. The track began to split in two!

"Take the shortcut! Take the shortcut!" Tinsel cried. But the two warring cars dragged toward the longer route, while the Robin made its way, much to her dismay. However, a few moments made her cringe as she noticed the lethal Moon Shadow, taking Jack out of commission! "Come on, Rick, be careful! Don't let her catch you off guard!"

The three vehicles were neck-to-neck, and Tinsel was nearly so into their battle that in her peripheral vision, she noticed the shields dissipating! The deadly meteor showers began to fall onto the Meteor Storm track!

"Oh no! How can this be happening? Rick, please be careful!" She almost instantly stood up, hoping to have a better vision of the Dragon Bird, but the pilots were too faraway, even for her nearsightedness. She then started to panic and her breathing went shallow! Then, she desperately took out her secret weapon beneath her seat, the Duel Disk!

The lethal rock show continued to bombard the course as it was too late to call the Duelists again and they were so faraway. In addition exposure in space is just like an instant death! So, it was up to her now! She stormed behind the rows of seats and drew a few Monsters into her gizmo! Unlike last time, though, this was more accustomed to her skinny arms; Yugi and Joey regretted on giving her a larger size earlier. But Tinsel had no choice and she immediately summoned several Monsters at once, such as the Giant Soldier of Stone, Baby Dragon, Time Wizard, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Catapult Turtle, Kuriboh, and the Winged Dragon aka the Guardian of the Fortress; every one was positioned in Attack Mode with the Cards facing tall ways, while the Soldier was positioned longways showing him in Defense Mode.

She then hollered into the contraption, and the Monsters obeyed. "Duel Monsters! Protect the pilots from the devastating meteorites! Everyone, attack the falling rocks while you, Stone Soldier, defend from them!"

The colossal golem roared as he stood up straight, bracing itself. The rest of the gang went all out toward the volley of deadly space rock. "Time Wizard! Use your time manipulation to slow down the meteors, and fast-forward to transform the Baby Dragon!" She figured the docile creature won't stand a chance and perhaps cower beneath the onslaughts. So she figured the best way was to use his altered form, just the way Joey did!

"Time magic!" it replied in a digital tone. Its arms rapidly rotated making the Duel Monster transform gradually into the Thousand Dragon! Its stats changed, displaying on Tinsel's Disk! Then, the clock rewound its arms as it faced the meteors attempting to slow down the menace! Tinsel figured that Dark Million can be behind this crisis, no doubt!

The Slow effect helped. but had little effect; however, the Monsters were able to reach and break their targets a little easier. The Winged Dragon kept using its Fireballs while avoiding other advances with ease. Thousand Dragon let out a volley of flames disintegrating them, while the Catapult Turtle continually launched the expendable Multiplying Kuriboh into the fierce melee! The Darkness Dragon blended into the environment, making it a stealth fighter as it dodged some space rock while incinerating others! Although, Tinsel's troops weren't entirely invincible...

Several times already, the Monsters were hit by more meteors and their Life Points kept dwindling, one after the other. Especially one particular Spirit; the gallant Giant was losing its stamina as it was in the line of fire while towering over the pilots! But it still managed to hang in there! Then, the worst was yet to come...

Tinsel saw the Black Bull bash into the lead, heading straight for the three leading pilots! She gasped, "Oh no, Black Shadow!" Sensing her fright, the Duel Monsters noticed the commotion and the humongous bringer of disaster. She wondered if HE'S responsible for letting this terror happen! She almost instantly cancelled the thought of attacking it; what mattered most was, "Forget about the Black Bull! Protect the pilots!"

They did just that as they bravely continued their valiance, but Tinsel was beyond terrified as she saw a large meteor head straight toward the rear of the track, and the three leading machines were heading for it! "Oh NO! Rick! Captain Falcon!" She didn't care too much of the Moon Shadow, either.

As if it heard her screams telepathically, the Giant Soldier of Stone responded as it gazed toward the oncoming storm! While remaining in Defense Mode, it simply secured its feet deep onto the lower layer of the course and raised its arms over its head, bracing for the worst! Willing to sacrifice itself, it took the destructive onslaught like a tree as a few meteors hit its arms! Then, the incoming large meteor impacted the Giant's chest, and it roared in agony as it fell back toward the further portion of the road! Simultaneously, the signal went dead, and the pic faded, replaced by a red X.

"I lost the Giant Soldier of Stone! NO!"

Tinsel sunk to her knees, never wanting to bare to see the pilots get murdered by the continuous storm nor behold Black Shadow winning! If anything should happen to Rick, Lucy, Falcon, EAD, and all her Monsters she might...

Her Monsters gave their all, but each one caved into the might of the meteors; she ran out of Kuriboh leaving the Catapult Turtle nothing to launch, the Thousand Dragon was clobbered by a meteor making it sink to the unforgiving terrain and separated into two: the Time Wizard with its gears popped out, and Baby Dragon unconscious. Even the Darkness Dragon was eventually wiped out, and all that was left was the Winged Dragon! It still let out all its fireballs toward the line of fire, but it was too exhausted to avoid any more. It gazed on an oncoming meteor, and Tinsel broke down.


Then, a miracle happened!

While Tinsel was wallowing in her despair, the Meteor Stream became deathly silent, even the audience as they beheld the devastated race, and the shields are back online again! Rumbles were heard above, and she nearly heard Mr. Zero tallying the results from the 7 Laps the pilots made, although it turned out the Blue Falcon, Moon Shadow and the Black Bull disappeared with no signs of damage!

The Guardian nuzzled her, and she gradually came to. She saw its toothy smile, assuring her that it did its bidding. She barely listened to the cyborg's announcements and the race had been cancelled due to severe track damage. She also saw the Dragon Bird safe and intact as a skinny Black Shadow robot crumbled into dust while it left a wrecked machine. It seemed the Emperor of Brutality made a copy of itself to avoid the onslaughts. The Robin, Great Star, and Elegance Liberty were also unscathed.

"And it's Lucy Liberty in her first F-Zero victory!"

"Ah, no way! She did it!" Tinsel cried with glee. She withdrew the Winged Dragon Card, the Monster dissipated and she ran to the stadium! She was overjoyed Lucy won by default, even when she was giggling while Clash was cheering for her and raising her high!

They eventually met up with Jack, EAD, and Rick as they carefully trekked back to the starting line.


Moments later, they arrived at the Falcon House and Burt set up the festivities specially for Lucy!

"Guys, you didn't have to do this."

"Sure we did, Lucy!" Rick said.

"Yeah, it's not everyday you get to win an F-Zero race, y'know." Jack added.

She simply just admired all the dazzling banners lighting up, and a tall strawberry cake towered over them at the center of the table. Tinsel could barely resist to eat some of it. In addition, a large red banner had white, bold font saying, Congratulations, Lucy!

"Well, Lucy, here's to hoping it's the first of many. To Lucy!" Rick cheered.

"To Lucy!" Jack and Tinsel followed as they also raised their glasses.

"Congratulations, Lucy." Burt said.

"Here, here!" Jack added.

"Yeah!" Tinsel cried.

The new champion and young apprentice just laughed with admiration.

Little did the heroes know that this victory was only a blessing and a start to a curse. Especially some great tumultuous trials ahead for Tinsel...

A/N: Dang! Finally got this trilogy of error out of the way at last! Well that's it, futuristic racing fans! That's all the crossovers for F-Zero GP Legend and Yugioh. At...least till my all-time favorite epic. Though, Lucy's victory is a sure sign of tremendous trouble for Tinsel as it starts her curse on losing several races, she actually quits dueling and works for the Task Force all-time as Yugi and his posse deal with the Great Leviathan and a menacing 10,000-year curse. Plus, I'd rather here the extended version of the DDR song, Drop the Bomb, at the end of that episode!

There was an error here... The Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon was a Duel Monster that didn't belong in the original Yugioh. But rather from GX; I saw an actual Card of it, and I thought it was one of Joey's Monsters, like a polar opposite to the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. I was wrong, but I still thought it was a cool Duel Monster.

Again, like the last two, it was tense, as I thought my favorite pilots would be destroyed by the endless meteors. Heck, I thought that Zoda was actually killed when Black Shadow ripped off his...yellow tube, or whatever it was. Sadly he wasn't, damn! So this is the prelude to Tinsel's curse as well as my F-Zero epics ahead.

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A/N: Just like Tinsel's short for Rick, I Like it When, this was also based on the segment in License to Wed. I...spent such a long time putting it on hold, as I was never sure on how Rick would describe Tinsel; I'm not Greg Abbey, so I'd always have it in the back burner. But I'll try here.

From Rick to Tinsel, he said the following:

I like it whenever Tinsel is in a good mood. You can see it both inside and outside. Like, when she smiles, her face and her eyes light up, and the latter sparkles just like a clear body of water or the comet itself. She also seems so energetic, especially when she recovered from Dark Million's thrall. Nothing seems to slow her down, and she always has such inspiration and beauty this way. It seems contagious and this is actually a pleasant sight as she tends to suffer from depression, anxiety, or any of her mental illnesses. Even when she gets giddy, it never bothers me. Actually, looking at her and in her eyes are like windows to the soul; I can see into her, how she's feeling, and who she truly is.
I like it when she wants to be close, especially whenever she snuggles. I...miss that loving, secure, and warming feeling even when I was with Haruka. There's always someone loving close by and sometimes I feel discomfort when she's afar and I won't have that kind of contact. It really hurt me knowing I won't see my beloved Haruka again...until my new love, Tinsel, came to be. She and I both love this close contact, whether it'd be a handhold, a hug, kiss, snuggle, or even when we grow intimate; I even invite her over to do so a lot. It's so soothing for the both of us.
I like it when she's willing to spend time with me. Just as Haruka used to do. Much like her, Tinsel's company gives me support, comfort, and encouragement to keep on living. She was the one who healed my deep wounds, and Haruka herself also said she's the one for me. And she was right. Whether it'd be racing, bounty hunting when I don't worry so much of her welfare, or just simply living together, she's the anchor for me whenever I go astray, even when we're apart. A perfect example was when she was still with me as she and Haruka spoke in my mind to stop me before I gave in to Princia's charm. She has saved me on several occasions, even after I had that near-death experience while I was suffocating thanks to the Skull's black magic as Miss Killer attempted to destroy me, or enduring Dark Million's thrall. Even with those intimate moments, whenever she's with me, she always makes me feel complete. It's always a relief that there's someone who watches out for me both living and dead.
I like it whenever she seems to be the voice of reason. Like a second voice or a conscience to me. Whenever I seem to be at wit's end or if I'm about to pounce on someone, Tinsel's the one who would help me restrain myself. She was the ice for my fiery persona, and vice versa. She's more of an introvert hence more cautious, where I'm the extrovert, so our opposites seem to benefit us. She even taught me the basics of F-Zero racing as she trains me, she helps me identify an enemy, like a new criminal/opponent, and always gives me sound advice without seeming so judgmental or overbearing. Like Jody or sometimes the late Dr. Clash. She has my back no matter how tense I am or the situation is. Like Haruka, she enters my mind and I'd either hear her words and/or see her face, reminding me she's always there for me; to catch me when I should fall. We are the personifications of the Ryu Suzaku (Vermillion Dragon Bird) and the Genbu (Black Tortoise), after all.
I like it when she sings and dances for me, as she likes it when I should try to sing for her (but I don't have a good voice) and play for her on the taiko and exotic drums from Giant. She seems to be so passionate if she should pick a song/auto-racing flick/any 150-year-old race for me, or if she wants to demonstrate how much we love each other. She always tends to sing from the heart, even though she sometimes goes slightly off key. And while she's not a professional, she does dance very well; even while wearing that sensuous, organic Black Tortoise dress. Like her eyes and the comet, she tends to sparkle with every moment and movement, and I can feel it, the passion, as much as her giving it. Whatever she does, even while racing, she always tends to think a lot about me and uses her heart. From what I'd heard in one of Falcon's interviews, it's all that matters, even as a key for racing.
Those are the traits of my new beloved, Tinsel Steelus Wheeler. My light in the darkness as I am hers. My kindred friend and life partner shall always be my inspiration and significant other. The one who's willing to share her heart, love, and soul with me. My chosen who has helped heal my deep wounds and angsts from the past. My comfort that shall last thru the tests of time, even if it should for another 150 years if we shall be in cold sleep together, or even for all eternity. Tinsel, I am forever grateful that you're truly the woman for me, and this, and our rings, proves our inseparable bond. I love you, now and always, Tinsel.


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A Tragic Day

This walks thru the process of a very unexpected event for Tinsel and Rick.

The story starts at a new location in another outer space circuit. Not the one known as the Outer Space Meteor Stream, the circuit that was once bombarded by meteors, but the one deep in Fractalian Space, simply known as the Particle Accelerator. The usual mission for the Elite Mobile Task Force was to beat the next gen of space pirates and win this race, but it won't be easy as this course had a new gimmick, a cinnabar pad that enables an allusion of the track getting blurry and making it swerve rapidly if they should run over the Blinding Zone. Unless if they'd pay attention to the course layout on their radar, they'll either fall off course or collide into any of the walls. Or even fall behind other racers.

To add to the festivities, Rick decided to don on his attire as the Young Capt. Falcon and race in the Blue Falcon GT, instead of his usual vehicle, the Dragon Bird! Tinsel, in her Silver Comet, arrived next to it, making Rick a little uneasy. He was concerned about her welfare; just a few weeks ago, she experienced some internal pain as well as spotting. Rick wondered if she was alright, she assumed it's normal as she was experiencing that time of the month, but it didn't discern him. Over time, Tinsel became more agitated and her temperature rose at times, making him adjust the air conditioning in the Falcon Fortress. She did experience some discomfort thru headaches and stomach cramps, and a little less of a drive and an appetite.

Rick was also acting peculiar himself, as he noticed his drive has increased more, making him a little reckless with each race and bounty-hunting mission. He was also having constant sessions of meditation with Goroh at his grove in Planet Cryton to calm himself, as well as getting intimate with the exotic drums from Giant; almost every day he had gone away as well as getting more tense, while Tinsel was growing more fragile. Nevertheless, these unusual symptoms didn't hinder their relationship; however, Rick grew anxious about Tinsel.

As their friends were beating the space pirates in that wavering course, Tinsel began to feel nauseous and light-headed upon the Blinding Zone interfering her machine including its G-Diffuser. Rick recently noticed she was growing paler before the race started and he wanted her to sit this one out, but she never budged. One time the Comet hovered over the disorienting obstacle, reducing her vision and increasing her anxieties. So much so, that she couldn't focus making her Comet slip hard to the side of the track. She literally felt she was going to faint!

Seeing the incident, Rick called her name and immediately stopped then turned toward her vehicle. Since it was in the middle of space, he never exited the cockpit, instead he released a grappling hook which popped out of the Blue Falcon's trunk and attached to the head of the Silver Comet. Still out of it, she hardly noticed Rick pulling her to the finish line steadily, while the rest of their friends just defeated the group of scoundrels, known as Mr. Kool and the Master Class, and won the prize money!

Meanwhile, the two machines stopped away from the Particle Accelerator track and he examined Tinsel, still out of it. She hardly noticed him as she muttered Rick. Without his helmet, he escorted her to the paramedics nearby and on a stretcher, she was loaded and taken back to Planet Nintae with Rick always by her side. He watched over her warily, hoping she wouldn't take a turn for the worst.

Moments later, they went to a hospital where the Stewarts were awaiting them. They examined her straightaway, wondering what made her so weak and fatigued. Rick constantly reassured her she'll be alright and tendered her. She apologized for partaking in that race, disregarding his advice. Rick assured her their friends won, and he was glad she didn't slip away. Eventually, thanks to a liquid solution made from the Light Reactor Mights, Tinsel got her strength recovered, but still experiencing some discomfort. She wondered if it was something she ate, but the tests shown no signs of foodborne illness. She then suspected it was the course's new gimmick that made her pass out, although to Rick's knowledge she experienced these symptoms prior to which progressively worsened in the last 3-4 weeks, so it wasn't due to motion sickness. Luna and Robert Stewart then encouraged Tinsel to take a urine test, to which she obliged. Rick was still by her side for hours on end as she finally rested, while also giving her some of his comforting thermal energy; they didn't care who exactly won the race nor how much prize money there was involved, although some of it would go straight to the emergency procedure. The Stewarts still housed in Mute City, though out of concern following Rick's, they decided to relocate to the Port Town hospital prior to the Fractilian Space race. Heck, even Phoenix Levin decided to pay Tinsel some visits, even Jack. Despite his best efforts wanting to hang out with Rick to lighten the mood, it didn't help much.

Several hours passed, and Dr. Stewart marched in, requesting Tinsel for analysis as the test results came back. Rick feared she may have contracted a sexual disease, as they had more frequent intimate moments, even sometimes twice a day. They usually diagnosed each other but each scan came back negative. Why now? Stewart asked if she can stand, and she slowly trotted to the other room. He even asked when was the last time her menstrual cycle began, which was only a few weeks ago with spotting; he was impressed by how she kept track on red blobs in her holographic calendar from her key fob. Minutes later they returned with wide smiles on their faces, though Tinsel's was more nervous. She then broke the news.

"Rick. I'm pregnant! I'm now expecting..!" she said bashfully.

He then broke into a wide grin, his eyes and face glowing. "What..? No! No way!" He immediately rose and they held each other tightly as they cried with ecstasy! The Stewarts can't be more prouder, and neither could Rick! They didn't expect this could happen on account on Tinsel's angsts of inheriting her birth defects. She was worried the baby could have similar symptoms to hers both mentally and physically. They figured they'd let the docs use a uterine replicator after the next few weeks.

It was a solution over their concerns on delivering a child; mostly Tinsel's, as it can't possibly pass on her birth defects nor would she experience the hardships of advanced pregnancy nor delivery. They were fully aware of what happened to Tinsel as her doomed late mom was giving birth, resulting the placenta being ruptured as well as the fetus lacking nutrients and oxygen. The infant would instead be grown, combining the inserts of samples from Tinsel's egg cells and Rick's sperm, as well as controlling the artificial womb's environment, and removing any corrupt DNA and RNA strands eliminating any chances of cancer, mental illness, and other genetic risks. However, the uterine replicator can be risky as it is experimental letting the fetus grow inside and in order for it to be healthy, the cells must be at their peak, hence making some lifestyle changes like diet and activity.

Inside the stasis tube, the fetus hadn't been forming throughout Tinsel's first trimester. Tinsel and Rick were called by Rodney as he made an appointment. He escorted them to the long glass cylinder attempting to scan thru the fluids fogging it, preventing the couple seeing the new lifeform from the outside. Despite his best efforts, no readings showed up... Tinsel grew worried.

He then went to the other room to get the high-flying medico. He repeated the process as he continually and thoroughly scanned the tube. He asked how long it's been, and Rodney said they were right on schedule, a few weeks after the prognosis. Still, no results were found, just masses of cells floating inside the liquid tube... He and Rodney turned somber and offered to leave the depressed couple alone for awhile. They were deeply sorry for their loss, even Luna who sobbed for them just a few rooms away.

As Rick and Tinsel got back to Port Town, he offered they should try again when she's ready. But, he only saw her sulking on the low-gravity mattress in the opaque bedroom just enough to hide her tears. He couldn't help but also shed some tears as he tried to comfort his beloved's devastation. Their chances for baring a child were lost. The uterine replicator process aborted.

A/N: The Fractilian Space section, and the Particle Accelerator, were references to MegaRace, the futuristic-racing game made for the Sega CD and MS-DOS back in 94. This course in particular used to make me dread when I was very young, in fact I believe it was the farthest I might've gotten in the game since it seemed difficult and it stood out to me the most. hopes on a new F-Zero are dwindling. F-Zero: Overdrive, the fandub, was indeed a blessing, but I don't think Nintendo has what it takes to make a new game. Especially as long as obsessives, greedy, egotistical Myamoto takes the helm. So...Rick and Tinsel were unable to bear a child... :(

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    • TheIkranRider
      By TheIkranRider
      Another sci-fi classic I grew fond of was the anime, Cowboy Bebop. When I was 25, I've made this post-epilogue crossover with Pokémon and Mega Man X. It may not be Starfox-related, but it does have some properties from Nintendo later on, and it is a sci-fi work. So, hopefully, you guys will enjoy this. And also have a little Biker Mice as well.
      A/N: Hello, fellow readers. I have finally written the long-awaited x-over for Cowboy Bebop. This takes place just after the final episode; and if you haven't seen the series finale, I suggest you either leave immediately or look it up. Because there are some slight spoilers here. For now, this is just the prologue, an intro of what's yet to come.

      There will be more action and drama later on. But until then, witness this tragic event.
      Prologue - The Death of Spike Spiegel

      Those were the last words Spike said, as he pointed his thumb and finger like a gun toward the Syndicate. His battered body fell onto the main staircase which was covered in a blinding white light.

      The black-suited gunmen were standing like a bunch of statues; they didn't even notice Trudy who hurriedly shoved them out of her way. She watched as he muttered his final word, during his final breath of life.

      "Nooo!" Trudy ran to his side and sat with a hard thud next to him. She felt that her heart had rushed to her throat. Her face grew pale and clammy, and she felt like she was breathing in several ice shards.

      But she didn't care. She still examined the body with complete panic. She thought that Spike, the one she looked up to as a brother, who taught her how to find the inner strength she thought she never had, would never be seen again. She truly idolized him aside from his laziness, cockiness, or his habitual drinking. That was then, this was now. Spike was gone, but she kept refusing to believe it.

      Trudy kept calling his name as she shook his body awake. No response. There wasn't even a pulse, a heartbeat, or a single breath. His body was completely motionless, and she saw a small grin on his placid face.

      That was when she finally realized that Spike had reunited with his lost love, Julia; his mentor, Mao Yenrai; and his friends Shin and Annie, in the afterlife. After those constant onslaughts by the Red Dragons, and the shootout in Tharsis, he at last defeated his nemesis, Vicious. Trudy knew that at that moment, Spike was resting in peace, and was never to return.

      First the departures from Edward and Ein...and now this?! she thought.

      There was nothing for her to do. Her face turned red as a ripe tomato as she gazed upon him. And rivers of tears flowed and stung her cheeks like hornet stings. She managed to lift his heavy head and rest it on her lap. She moved his oily strands of hair from his face.

      She only had enough of her sanity to whimper, "S-s...Spike!"

      Trudy collapsed and hugged Spike's face against her quaking body. Her world had stopped and began to grow dim as she mourned. She didn't even notice the snipers carry Spike's body away. Her grip was remarkably weak.

      Her mind went blank, and all she kept thinking of was Spike's last moments. And wondered how would she explain this to the remaining, surviving members, Jet and Faye.

      A/N: When I first saw Spike Spiegel pass away, I felt that my whole world screeched to a halt. I was in tears when I saw his death, along with the events foreshadowing it. Especially the sudden loss of Julia. My OC, Trudy, really idolized him in every way, ever since she first met him after she became a member of the Bebop crew. I haven't written a fic about her origins yet. Hopefully I'll have it ready while I keep working on this one.

      A recessional, for the Red Dragons, does mean a hymn or piece of music at the conclusion of a program, like say a concert. And since several episode titles have a reference to music, I find this to be fitting.

      So stay tuned for the next chapter, where the events take shape.
      Disclaimer: Before I start, I do NOT own Bebop, nor the crossover that's coming up. Get ready for a wild ride in this chapter!
      Chapter 1 - The Nightmare Begins
      The Bebop was drifting slowly through deep space on auto-pilot, just a few light years from Mars. Much like the outside, the interior was all dark and quiet. It was now in hyper sleep. And ever since Trudy summoned enough courage to tell the two crewmembers of Spike's fate, they had quite a hard time trying to catch some z's. They were shocked and devastated after hearing the news, but Faye took it far harder than Jet.

      Eventually the pressure lulled them to sleep, even Trudy who dosed at around 2:30 am. She was twisting and turning every which way, and her body felt bone-cold. Not even her thick, green comforter managed to keep her warm. This type of feeling reminded her of whenever she sensed Vicious around. She thought to herself if it was him again...or something more sinister is at foot.

      She was actually having a night terror taking place in a secluded, dark chamber. In it, the same Red Dragons she saw at Tharsis were there. Up ahead at the center of a back wall was an enormous throne. A strong beam of light was shining on it. It was decorated with all sorts of exotic jewels, and in the middle was a crimson carpet with a menacing dragon etched on it.

      Sitting on the elaborate chair was an elderly man with his eyes shut. He was wearing a long, thick robe with a lot of symbols Trudy couldn't describe. Apparently, this could be the Red Dragons' new leader?

      Two elites carried the lifeless Spike on their shoulders and brought him in front of their master. Their opaque shoes sounded like bullets as they walked. "We have come, Master... We brought the rogue, Spike, to you, as you instructed." One of them said in a gruff tone.

      The old man woke up, his eyes gleamed. "Excellent. Then let the ritual begin."

      The two men nodded, and a cot was wheeled toward the center. They walked Spike forward and dropped him to it. His body hit it with a deafening bang, his arms drooped from each side. Then, there were some distant drums, beating softly and steadily. Some incantations were made; Trudy couldn't quite understand them.

      A sniper took out a syringe and drew it into Vicious' corpse, resting on a platform. The blood filled it up rapidly, and by the time he sent it to Spike, the drums and the chants became faster and louder.

      He struck the needle into Spike's upper side of his neck and inserted. When it emptied, the syringe was removed and everything became silent. Next, his body began to tremble, his eyes fluttered, and he started to breathe...but very heavy. After that he started to convulse, as if he was having a seizure. Then, after what seemed like forever, his body slumped against the cot and remained very still.

      The elder rose from his perch and walked slowly toward him. He leaned in, laid a hand on the injection site, and whispered in his ear, "Spike Spiegel, your resurrection is complete. You've come back from the dead for one purpose, to serve the Red Dragons once more. Now, arise, great warrior! You shall be reunited with your brethren. Come out from the ashes. And to rise again! Join us."

      He backed away and watched Spike stir. Then, with an aggressive look, his eyes shot open. Trudy shot up with a cold sweat. She took in deep, rushed breaths to calm herself. She couldn't believe what she saw.

      Is Spike truly alive? Is he really working for the Red Dragons again?...What if he forgets us? Her anxieties were taking the best of her. She couldn't possibly answer these questions alone and so frantic.

      She then thought about her good friend, Mary. She was a Pokémon Champion from the Kanto region on Earth, Trudy's home planet. In times of great sorrow and grief, she was the one to count on. Without a second thought, Trudy immediately grabbed her tablet. She turned it on and a map of the entire galaxy was displayed. When she touched Earth, the screen zoomed in and showed vital stats of the planet. Due to Mars having a great distance, the timeline was different; by approximately two days and an hour.

      She zoomed in closer 'til she saw Kanto, which was a country fitting the northeastern quarter of the continent. She touched 'Pallet Town' on the screen and Mary's number showed up. Before she dialed it, the tablet gave off a ring and a buffering sign. Mary was calling instead.

      She tapped the screen and hesitated. "...Hello?"

      A female voice was heard. "Hello, Trudy. Do you know who this is?"

      Trudy's eyes widened. "Mary!" she whispered with astonishment.


      From the screen, a twenty-three year old with shoulder length dark brown hair, a grey cap with a red outline of a Poké Ball, and wearing a sky blue T was shown. Her face looked serious and she looked close to being Trudy's age. Her face grew somber when she spoke, "I'm very sorry for your loss. I sent you some PM's but you weren't available. Are you feeling alright?"

      "Well...not really. Listen I had this dream, right?" Trudy described to her friend what was happening and her fears of Spike turning over to the Red Dragons. "I'm worried, Mary. I'm not sure what to say to Jet and Faye. She might believe me, but it's unlikely that Jet would, considering he was an ISSP officer. He wouldn't believe me. After all...dreams"

      "Fantastical. Nothing more than random acts of the subconscious mind."


      Without any kind of proof, it's almost impossible for Jet to be convinced. And because of the news of Spike's death, he decided to go to Earth and drop off Faye and Trudy there. In other words, where they belonged. Of course, Faye's home had been devastated by a sudden meteor, where the only thing left was a running fountain coming from an open lion's mouth, and Trudy never wanted to go back to the slums.

      As if reading her mind, Mary said, "Look, I found out that you're heading back to Earth. If you need a place to stay I'll be-"

      "N-no. It's fine. I just need to find someway to convince them that something's going on. But I need to find some clues."

      "You said that this all happened at the Red Dragons' hideout, at Tharsis. You should start looking there. There may be some kind of connection to what you...saw."

      Trudy was quite sure it was a vision of some kind; it was way too real to be labeled as a dream. "Alright, I'll tell them that."

      "You gotta do it, Trudy. Otherwise, you'll never find the answers. We're all with you!" she exclaimed, and a chorus of cheers followed.

      With a small smile, she rose her head and remarked. "Ok, I'll do it! Jet and Faye just has to believe me. I'm their only source of information here."

      "Go then...until the hyper sleep wears off. Do not be afraid, and do not hesitate. You may rehearse your speech if you want to. Officers..." Mary shook her head and snapped her tongue against her teeth. "...they can be quite stubborn. Ball's in your court."

      Trudy nodded. "Thanks for the encouragement, Mary. I appreciate it. I'll let you know how it turned out."

      "Sure, I'll see you then." The screen switched back to the Kanto map as she ended the call.

      Trudy took some deep breaths to clear her head, she was very nervous. Whatever happens, happens, Spike said in her mind.

      The hyper sleep was still active, but she was much more awake and alert. She looked over and read her digital clock. It was 4:01.

      She kept herself busy reciting her dialogue. Then again if she were to head to Earth, it wouldn't be too much of a problem if she were to bring Mary and her other cousins. She was the oldest and the most experienced out of all of them. Starting at the age of 13 and obtaining her Bulbasaur, Seedy, Mary began her journey. By the time she completed, she became the Kanto League Champion, and thwarted its crime squad, Team Rocket. Her other younger cousins wanted to follow suit. From various other regions, they also went on to become expert Trainers, as well as continue her budding legacy.

      Trudy looked over each of her comrades. By the time she was done, it was a few minutes to eight. By then, the Bebop, even though there's not a lot of ruckus, would wake up. She'd gotten dressed, looked into the small, octagon mirror, and breathed in deep.

      They'll have to believe me. If not, I can still convince them to come with me at Tharsis; there's bound to be some clues of that vision I had. Her face turned stern. We must stop the Red Dragon Syndicate at all costs...especially for Spike.

      A/N: Hope you all liked it. Also, I'd love to give special thanks to my collaborators, pikaace & space cowboy-656. You two are awesome!  Unfortunately, only pikaace has an account here.

      Because of that, and with her permission, I decided to throw in a little bio from her first original character, Mary. As you would see, she did start her Pokémon journey when she was a teenager and became the Champion shortly afterwards. She has a great team, and as mentioned in the fic, she does have a diverse family who all want to carry out her legacy. However, that was only one of her allies I've mentioned Trudy will use, the rest will have to come later.

      Also, the dream sequence was roughly based off of the concepts from Jurassic Park and the Temple of Doom. Talk about wild, eh!

      But that's only the beginning. Be prepared for the next chapter when Trudy begs for Faye and especially, Jet, that Spike has been resurrected. See you then.
    • TheIkranRider
      By TheIkranRider
      Introducing a fic I came up with since I was a teenager, and my first fic posted on this site. This one centers on SSBM as well as ReBoot's Season 4, specifically the first 4 episodes in the Daemon saga. Yes, there will be some members from the Starfox team, but that won't be till later. For now, here are the misadventures of Samus Aran and my OC/Pokémon Trainer, Akari, as they prepare for the war against Daemon and The Word!
      I will also be posting a vid for each chapter as well.
      Daemon Rising...with a SMASH!
      A/N: I was going to save this project for much later, by the time I'm done with the ReBoot/Pokémon crossovers, but I feel it might be foolish to wait that long. So here's the first chapter of a project I've worked on several years ago. This is actually a ReBoot crossover with Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it takes place during the Daemon saga. Enjoy.

      Chapter 1 - WARNING! Incoming...Guardians?
      Deep in the vast space of the Web, a humongous, yellow spaceship was found wandering aimlessly with no particular destination. It was patrolling the universe for any signs of danger that would be a threat to the fellow citizens of the Net. The pilot was a female in a red, orange cyber suit with a green visor. She was the bounty hunter, Samus Aran.

      So far it'd been very quiet ever since Megabyte was thrown into a portal while being mauled by a Web Creature. They usually hunt for sustenance and travel in enormous packs, protecting their "digital domain," as Ray would call it.

      Content, she decided to steer to Mainframe where her best friend, Bob, Guardian 452, was located in. She couldn't wait to see him and his friends again. She reminisced when she first saved his life after he was trapped inside a capsule which was launched by his rival. She was circling the planet as she saw him and immediately used her tractor beam to take him into the haul. The most stunning thing was that he didn't have his key tool, Glitch. So it was up to her to take care of him until he was well enough to meet Enzo, now known as Matrix, and the others. She eventually found some Deformed Sprites who were rebels to the Web Creatures and who were also on exile like him. Although they never spoke any English, she could understand them as they spoke in dial tones. So she recruited them to help her look after Bob, find his comrades, and save the Net.

      Just then an alarm brought her out of her reverie. She pressed a button on her dashboard and spoke to the Intercom. "Samus, we've got trouble!" It was a distress call coming from Mainframe and Dot, the commander of the Principal Office, was calling.

      "Oh, hey, Dot. I was just on my way to visit you...What do you mean by trouble?" Samus' face clouded as she heard the news.

      "I've sent Matrix and AndrAIa to patrol the System. Unfortunately, we're under attack!"

      "By who?!" Samus was shocked at the news. She thought it would be Megabyte again, but, unfortunately, it was nothing she'd expected.

      "It's the Guardians! They're heading straight for us! Hurry-!"

      Suddenly there was nothing but static, and since her equipment never fails, she was horrified. "Why are they attacking Mainframe? Who's in charge of all this!" She shook her head to clear it. "No matter. I won't attack them. I'll just watch them and find out who's making them do what they're doing. Something's not right. I have to go."

      Hopeless, she sighed and set a course to Mainframe as fast as the engines would carry her.

      A/N: Sorry if this chapter's short, but I'm stirring the pot. The good stuff will happen later.
      And here's the vid for that:
      And here's Part 2 of that said vid:
      Chapter 2 - Assault on Mainframe
      As Samus was heading to Mainframe she saw a few small armies of Web Creatures heading toward her ship. An alarm went off indicating that and she took the helm as she was shooting them to space dust. At first there were the hammer-head shark classes, but then they grew tougher. Others were more sophisticated like the rebellious Web Riders. There was actually a large group of the hammer-heads forming into a large entity. Fortunately, due to Samus's massive plasma cannon, they degenerated. Soon they retreated and it was smooth sailing, until she saw a horrible sight.

      The System was being demolished by the Guardians. Raids were coming from large jets soaring in groups, and on the other side were Binomes who were protecting the Principal Office. As she surveyed the damage she saw that the Control Tower was destroyed in the Kits Sector. It was the main reason why she lost Dot's call. But the strangest thing was there was a doorway in the sky. This was not good because it could leave Mainframe on-line and vulnerable to enemy attack, or worse Daemon's infection. She then realized that the Guardians were using doors instead of portals.

      "Whatever happened to their key tools...? Unless, could they have abandoned them?" She began to worry about the Guardians' actions; she believed that the super virus was behind all this. All the rumors she heard were true, especially from a good friend of hers as she called on the Intercom.

      "Akari, is that you?"

      "Yeah, it's me!"

      Akari had short, brown hair and she wore a pink shirt with the SSB logo on it. She was from somewhere in the Net, training her Pokémon as she took them to very exotic places. She always went by her motto as she always wanted to take them "where no Pokémon, or no trainer has gone before."

      One day she was sending all her Pokémon from Professor Oak's lab to the wide-open frontier where she lived with Mewtwo. While she was doing it, she suddenly got sucked into the computer itself and wound up in Mainframe. She hurriedly brought some Pokémon with her, just so they could eventually get used to it for the first few cycles.

      Since then she became Bob's assistant, fighting off viruses and Users. She was also the one who summoned Samus as the System was in peril during the war against the Web. It was then she used some of her Pokémon to look after Enzo and his friends until Bob was well. But as she grew older she decided to lend them to Mewtwo's care. She continued talking as the assault raged on.

      "Samus, there is something you should know. Y'know the rumors surrounding Daemon taking control of the Guardians and infecting the Net?"

      Samus nodded. 

      "It's true! The super virus has infected other Systems as well, just like the same way she's trying to do here. Dot's trying her best to seal the others with a Firewall, but I'm not sure if they could be strong enough to...Wait! Why are they stopping?!"

      Sure enough the ships stood still. And Samus saw Bob who was in front of the Armada. Matrix and AndrAIa were also in the mix. On the other side a translucent face of a Guardian appeared.

      It spoke, "Your time has come. Lay down your arms, join with us!"

      Bob realized it was Cardon, his roommate at the Academy.

      Why is he mixed up in all this? Samus thought. 

      He talked again. "That was the past. Now there is no past, no future, only the Word. And the Word is Daemon." He smiled at the sensation of being infected, although she realized it was her worst nightmare.

      The Guardians were being brainwashed by the infection as she saw some streaks of glowing green lines on his face. She swore that Bob will never be one of them and that she will protect him at all costs.

      Infuriated, Matrix shouted, "I've had enough!"

      Just then a barrage of missiles shot out from his aircraft and they started to hit the ships on the opposing side. Cardon's signal was no more, and the onslaught was on again. Samus couldn't possibly help them shoot down the Guardians. They were a vital part in defending the other Systems, and she kept remembering how Bob loathes people, even viruses, getting deleted. So she had no choice but to watch from above.
      A few moments later, the sky turned purple and radical lightning started to flash. There was a digital female that kept saying, "Warning, Incoming Game." It was a signal that a Game Cube was coming. Just then an enormous, electrocuting, purple cube was dropping onto the battlefield; the combatants didn't really care of what's happening, except Bob who ordered Matrix and AndrAIa to pursue it.

      As the cube was falling, she zoomed in on an individual who was running away from the Sector. It was Akari and she saw Samus' ship. She waved her hands, telling her that she needed to be taken up for safety. She did just in time before the Cube landed.

      She materialized inside the haul in a bright, silvery tube. She ran to the cockpit and warned Samus, "I think the Guardians didn't see us, but we should go just in case."

      She nodded in approval. "I agree. There's nothing we could do but watch and wait. We still have to keep our eyes peeled and see what happens. With Daemon, she could possibly do anything. I've never dealt with a super virus before."

      "What about the Mother Brain or Ridley...or even your dark self...?"

      "Those were just mere tools...they are nothing compared to this. We should watch closely and avoid being detected." With that she initiated her cloaking device that Slippy gave to her. It worked like a charm as no one, not even the Guardians could see her.

      She then noticed that Bob was still in the fray but he was using his powers to contain the Guardians' ships. However, something was wrong. After each blast, his body started to fade in and out and he was losing energy.

      "What's happening?" Akari asked.

      Samus guessed that it had to do with the merging of his Key Tool. She had a flashback of him doing it because it was a last resort in making a portal to Mainframe. At the time the Saucy Mare was caught in a Web trap created by Mouse, fortunately they all made it safely.

      After the Game Cube landed with a deafening boom, the sky turned back to normal. Samus and Akari continued to watch the fray as they were trying to figure out who or what they're dealing with.

      A/N: Akari is a Japanese name for a girl, meaning light and brightness. I thought it could be a nice touch. She is my OC, after all. Now you know a little something about my past. I always imagined bringing Pokémon to many unknown places, and I'd been fantasizing about helping Bob out with Samus. And now I'm writing about it, whoop whoop! Anyways, I hope you're enjoying this fic and I should warn you that...Well, everyone knows the story in Daemon Rising and so I've decided to put it in a different POV. More is yet to come, so stand by. Ciao.
    • TheRadFox987
      By TheRadFox987
      My idea for a Star Fox game would be a massive multiplayer online game where people could pilot Arwings and either battle or race each other for galactic win. You could have a customization thing like Guitar Hero where you make not only your own ships but your own characters/wingmates. You could make furries and ships and then launch them into battle! In addition, there would be an adventure mode that would be offline. This mode would be similar to Star Fox Zero but it would be its OWN game and NOT a remake of Star Fox 64. This kind of idea IMO would save the series but only if done properly.
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      Hello everyone. ^^
      My name is MidnightMike, and I'm here to show you my tribute animation to the original Star Fox, which celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past March.
      I know it might not be as good as you were hoping, but I had fun making it. Here it is. :)