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Welcome to a crossover I came up w/ since I was a teenager! Introducing The Bouncer tetralogy, a crossover between Dragon Ball Z and the underrated PS2 beat-em-up, The Bouncer! Hey, if Fanfictiondreamer can do it w/ her Ratchet/Kim Possible fics, might as well do this here too! After all, this underrated Squeenix classic deserves more love, am I right? So, here's an idea I came up w/ since before I started HS back in summer 2002. Originally this was supposed to be a trilogy,, you'll find out soon enough.


The Mikado Building, the heart of the Mikado Group international megacorporation, overlooks Dog Street. The bars located on this dangerous street are always guarded by bouncers. Sion, Kou, and Volt are three such men, working to protect their bar, Fate, from troublemakers. Recently, Dominique, a young girl Sion found lost in the city, has become a kind of mascot for Fate. No one knows where she came from or who she really is. Time passes uneventfully for them - until one day, Dominique is abducted by the Mikado Special Forces. What are Mikado's motives? Why was Dominique taken? What is her secret? Will Sion, Kou, and Volt be able to rescue Dominique...? It's going to be a long night for these three!

Alright, here's the Prologue!

The Mikado Saga

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z, or The Bouncer. They belong to FUNimation and Square-Enix respectively. I just happen to be a big fan of them.

A/N: Anyone remember the underrated beat'em up game for the PlayStation 2 back in the early 2000s, known as The Bouncer? Well, this is my first fic for these! This was a crossover story I came up with since before I started high school. I had a lot of great memories with those. Anyway, here's a story that centers on my OC, Ayame. She's a Z-Fighter and is on a quest to reunite the seven Dragon Balls, and one of them leads her to the dangerous, crime-ridden city known as Edge. Also, little did I know that Goku trained with Uub for a full year; either way, I'd disregard it. Besides, he wasn't good in GT anyways so it was all for naught. Like I said, it's been disregarded.

This is an unlikely choice, but I hope y'all like this one. Let's get our fists rolling!


It's been a few weeks after the 26th World Martial Arts Tournament. Uub was introduced into the world as a better half of Kid Buu, Vegeta was reunited with his family, and, as usual, Bulma was making last-minute repairs on the Dragon Ball radar. She was inside Goku's house deep within Mount Paozu and Goten and Trunks were wrestling happily in the fields, while Goku and Gohan were having a serious chat with Ayame.

She had skin as white as a sheet's, brown eyes, and a tomboyish do of dark blonde and brown. She was dressed in a black t-shirt with the seven sacred balls embedded on it, along with a red pair of pants, black sneakers, and a little white device on her right ear which was used to translate various languages. She was a young Z-fighter who became interested in her idol just before he was attacked by his eldest brother, Raditz. And recently, she reconciled with Goku from his constant disappearances and all the trouble he made by letting his archrival, Vegeta, get the best of him.

Her friends decided to give her a task to let her carry on by herself. By the time Bulma was finished making adjustments, she gave her a cap, a top, and some pants with olive green, black, and brown markings on them.

"Ok, Ayame, here you go." She plopped it in her hands.

"What's this?" Ayame asked, looking at the load with confusion.

"This is a camouflage outfit. I'm giving you this, so you could stay out of trouble while you search for the last Dragon Ball. According to the schematics, it's located a few thousand miles south from here. Specifically, at the busy city known as Edge, particularly in Dog Street."

"Dog Street? I've never heard of that location before." she said.

"Neither have we. This is the first time a Dragon Ball has ever landed here. It's not necessarily a place for dogs, I hear it has a very high crime rate, and a low economy." Bulma analyzed. "So, you'd best be careful to what's out there, that's why I gave you this outfit. Put it on!"

Ayame hesitantly did it. It was a bit snug around her body, though it was lighter than her usual clothing. As she left the bathroom, she asked, "Well, what do ya think?"

Everyone muttered she looked pretty good. "That outfit suits you well." Goku said.

"Yeah, you look just like a soldier." Gohan added.

"Uh, thanks." She was too bashful to say anything else. 

Then, the noble Saiyan gave her the extending Power Pole. The sacred weapon he used to have when he was just a kid. Bulma couldn't help but blush when he held it. It brought back so many memories since the two first met on the same mission. He also gave her permission to use the flying Nimbus for transportation. Ayame accepted, and the feeling of deja vu was so intense in here.

"Just remember everything we taught you, and you should make it out all right."

"Of course."

"I want you to be very careful at that place. There are street gangs and crooks all around. I'm always worried as the money keeps drying up for any judicial support." Bulma warned as she handed her the indicator. It was on full power, and the Ball was stagnant. Everyone wished her luck as she headed outside to the balmy air. It was sunset, and the two kids stopped playing as they noticed Ayame exiting.

"Good luck on hunting for the Dragon Ball!" Goten beamed.

"Yeah, if you need us, we'll be there to kick some butt!" Trunks added with a kick.

She hesitated, took a deep sigh, and cleared her throat as she called, "Flying Nimbus!" Clearly, this was her first time, and she was nervous since she may not ride it. Only those with a pure heart can use the small, yellow, mobile cloud. It arrived in a manner of seconds, and Ayame was able to stand on it without falling. It was pretty spongy, making her wobble a little. With a salute and a final farewell, it took her where she needed to go. She hoped with all her honed skills, things won't take a turn for the worst. It was only one Dragon Ball, right?

A couple hours have passed by the time Ayame reached her destination. It was already nightfall and she was just mere feet away from the spot on her locator. At first, it was still, but now it was on the move. The Dragon Ball was gonna be a little harder to spot in this crazy street. The numerous roofs would make it difficult to find it, so she stepped off the Nimbus and it flew away, leaving a temporary, thin, yellow streak in its wake. She peeked from the side of a tall brick building and headed toward the blinking light, lowering the beeping noise so onlookers wouldn't notice her. The dot blinked more rapidly, indicating she was getting warmer.

Then, at the side of her eye, she saw a woman on her laptop through a window. She was a brunette wearing a long, white bathrobe and she was typing vigorously as she was watching a news flash. The screen read it was on Channel 99, and big letters highlighted it. They read:

DFBC: Drf Broadcasting Community

Ayame stopped short as she heard a woman with long dark blond hair in a red formal sweater announce the bulletin.

"Our top story. Mikado, the company heading the international space project, announced the launch of an additional solar power generator satellite. The announcement comes as a surprise to many." 

A man with a strange complexion appeared. The screen read his name as Dauragon C. Mikado. He had shoulder-length, stringy dark blond hair much like the woman's. Apparently, he was the head honcho of this Mikado company. Still, Ayame never heard of this before. She continued to listen as she stepped closer and glued her eyes to the TV. "So, what exactly is a "Solar Power Generator Satellite"? Well, we've prepared some diagrams, so let's take a look."

The gizmo shifted its scenery from an anchor room, to an image of Earth floating in space. "First, an Earth-based station transmits a guidance signal." It then showed a satellite absorbing energy from the sun. "Upon receiving the signal, the satellite uses a large mirror to generate electricity from solar power." The craft began to flash and then sent an energy wave towards the Earth. "The electricity is then converted to microwave radiation, and sent down to the ground station. The ground station then converts the microwave radiation back to electricity, which can then be used for general purposes." 

Finally, the planet had a grid surrounding it. Each square was lit up as the sun's rays were received. Then, the TV returned to the newsroom, with a grim look on the woman's face.

"The question is, do we need such a costly energy program during this time of recession? And how will people be affected by the large amounts of radiation raining down on Earth? While the Mikado Corporation is in charge of a major internationally funded public project, no details about the launch thus far have been revealed. We will keep a close eye on this story."

Ayame was feeling the same thing. "Hm, good point. How would we be affected by all this radiation? Would we get cancer upon contact, and not even know about it? Is this man trying to kill us or something?" she wondered while rubbing her chin. Then the computer started to burst to life.
There was bold text at the center: Confirmed

The brunette entered and it changed to Target Dominique Cross. As it did, there were a few screenshots of the individual. And information was shown at the lower left-hand corner.

Name: Dominique Cross 
Sex: Female 
Age: 15 
Height: 4' 10

What a coincidence, Ayame is 15, too.

There was a pic displaying a bar of some kind. And there was a logo etched on its wall saying Dog Street in graffiti. At the center was a messy canine's face, hardly showing it despite the thick fur lines covering it. Sticking through it were two bones, similar to a pirate flag. Ayame swallowed hard, thinking that place really was bad news. She desperately hoped she wouldn't go there, and she wasn't even 21 yet.

Finally, the PC had an encrypted message. It later revealed itself, stating: Target headed for the "Fate" bar on Dog Street. Mikado Corporation is already on the move. Permission to eliminate target if necessary.

"Dammit. The beat us to it?" The brunette slammed her computer closed and stormed out of the room. Ayame ducked behind the bushes just seconds before she barely had the chance to see her. Catching her breath, she thought, The target. Could it be the one carrying the Dragon Ball?

Without wasting any time, she looked at the radar once more and followed the moving spot. As she did, she noticed a chopper overhead and she could hardly hear the pilot.

"We've arrived at the target coordinates. Deploying assault units!"

Ayame didn't care about the mysterious men covered in black, rubber suits, or the devastation they caused to the nearby house, or when they were leaping from rooftop to rooftop like tree frogs. She just kept chasing after the Dragon Ball, until she grinded to a halt. She was shocked of what she saw.

That's the girl on the computer. And she has the Dragon Ball! Ayame recognized her immediately. 

Dominique was running, as if she was late for an appointment. She had on leather boots and a yellow rain jacket. She donned on an orange bow through her elegant blond hair. She looked as pale and thin as Ayame, and the Dragon Ball was inside one of her coat pockets. Earlier, Goku gave Ayame his four-star Ball, just in case she needs it for proof, and whenever she gets close to it. The Balls illuminate when they are put together.

Sure enough, it was to that particular bar. Ayame sighed in irritation; bars were never good to hang around in, as they always ask for trouble, and drinking, and brawls. She always despised them, and she wishes she would never drink when she grows older. The neon sign on the roof shone "FATE". She saw a bulky man with bleached yellow hair and two small, metallic horns sticking out. He was wearing numerous chains and arm braces, and there was a black, shiny jacket. On the back was a large, white patch and a Cactuar on it. A "No" sign was covering it. His faded jeans and shoes were baggy and humongous. He almost looked like a living truck!

"Hey, Volt." Dominique greeted as Ayame was hiding beside the bar. "What's with the sour face? You're scaring away the customers."

"Sorry, just doing my job." He replied in a vehement, grunting voice. 

"Heh, yeah." She headed inside and the atmosphere shifted. Ayame saw snow falling, but the sky was partially clear. A huge full moon was shining down.

"Sure is weird weather for spring..." The bouncer thought aloud as he gazed up for a few moments. 

He walked inside the bar, too, not even noticing the ninjas jumping toward the place itself! Ayame had a brief, uneasy feeling. With her enhanced skills from the Z-fighters, she was able to sense people invading her space. These men she felt were definitely up to no good. She tried to remain calm as she reminded herself, all she has to do is get the Ball and get out! Hurriedly, she went to the rear and climbed on top of the closed garbage disposal and looked through a tall, glossy window.

Ayame saw Dominique as she entered the stingy, overcrowded place. A jukebox at the top floor was playing some kind of blues tune with an old piano. A plethora of ancient, dusty pictures and various alcoholic companies in neon signs were hung up.

"Hi, Boss!"

"Hey, Dominique. He's been waitin' for ya. Hurry up!" An old bartender behind the counter with snowy, short hair suggested while he was taking orders for patrons. She climbed the old steps to the next floor.

"You're looking busy, Kou." Dominique said sarcastically to a man with long, greasy, brown hair. He had tiger stripes tattooed all over his lean body. He wore a very thin dark grey shirt, and long army quarteroids.

"Hey, if we're not doing anything, it means the bar's doing just fine. Right, Sion?" He motioned to a younger man sleeping on a tilted wooden chair. He had spiky red hair like a punk's. He wore a thick collar around his neck with a chain descending from it, a fire red Dog Street jacket with a yellow inning and black sleeves, blue shorts with chains hanging from it, red socks, black sneakers, arm bands, and motorcycle gloves.
"Good morning." she interrupted. He immediately stood the chair upright, and his hazel-blue eyes looked stern.

"Hey, where were you? You're late."

"Well, uh..." Dominique almost immediately recovered, "Hey, Sion when's your birthday?"

"Birthday..? Why?"

Volt walked up to the bored trio as he announced, "Sion, it's your shift."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." He stood up slowly and began to walk down to start, until Kou mentioned something.

"Come to think of was exactly one year ago today you first came to this bar and started that giant brawlfest."

"Then that means today's your first anniversary as a bouncer!" Dominique exclaimed.

"Hmm..." Ayame's eyes lit up at that interesting remark, still watching from the lower part of the window.

Inside, Dominique took out a silver necklace with a pendant attached to it. "Here. I got this for you." she said, handing it to Sion.

"What's this?" he made a questionable demeanor.

"A present!" she smiled.

Suddenly, a huge clash startled the group as the ninjas with the rubber suits crashed through the glass ceiling. Everyone gasped as they looked up at the intruders. Even Ayame was just as frightened.

"Oh no." Kou whispered. 

"What the-" Volt murmured.

Sion immediately came at her defense as he raised an arm. "Get back, Dominique!"

They're Mikado's special forces. The spiky wrestler thought.

"They're making their move." Kou said as he made a fighting stance.

While the bartender was evacuating the civilians, Ayame hid herself inside the dumpster as the three men fought them off. Dominique just stood there, frozen like a statue.

There were five of them in all against three bouncers. So Sion teamed up with Kou as they fought two of them, as Volt dealt with one. The rest of them leapt off to the ground floor. Volt's strong build made it easy for him, however, his weight made him move a bit sluggish. Sion and Kou were much quicker, but had less stamina than him. Sion was like a street fighter, using nimble kicks and punches to knock them to the floor. Kou specialized in tae kwon do, as he kept using his legs to sweep them. And Volt was much like a wrestler, probably a mix between Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. Eventually, they met the remaining two foes, but their mobility allowed them to go higher and faster, confusing the trio.

Then, a distinctive figure with spiky hair sticking out from his red goggles and head straps dropped from the roof toward the damsel. It looked as if he was the leader of the fearsome five. There was nothing but shambles, and there was nowhere the scared lady could hide. She met him face to face, and the ninjas easily knocked the bouncers back down to the lower level, crashing through the railing! They were stunned on impact, and the menacing assassin grabbed Dominique as she screamed. 

"Dominique!" Sion tried to break through the melee. He managed to kick someone to the wall, but the awaiting fighter made him tumble down the stairs.

"This isn't good." Kou said as he rubbed his aching head.

"They weren't after me." Volt added as he witnessed the terror.

As the ninjas regrouped, the leader kept grabbing her by the neck while she struggled to break free, then he crashed through the window and the minions followed suit. 

"Sion!" The bouncers could barely hear her screeching in the quiet night.

As everything grew silent, they saw the damage, and Dominique was gone. In anger, Sion slammed his fist against the stairwell. And to Ayame, so was the Dragon Ball. She tried to emerge, but the lid was frozen shut. As she struggled, she could almost make out what the trio were saying, thanks to the broken window.

"Who were they?" Sion queried as he looked out.

"They were from Mikado..." Volt responded. Sion was surprised at what he revealed. Kou, on the other hand, wasn't too impressed.

"Humph, you're awfully well-informed." He folded his arms in displeasure.

Sion turned to the gang and declared, "Let's go to Mikado."

"Whoa, hang on." Kou intervened with a wave. "I've got connections. Let me look into this first." As he was walking away, he took out a yellow cellular phone from his pocket and dialed a number. Seconds later, it picked up.

"I need you to check on something for me. Yeah, I need to get into Mikado fast."

An irritated female voice answered. "No...Don't tell me the target's been..?"

"Look, I'm in a hurry."

"I can't believe you let this happen. Hold on, I'm checking in now."

"Yeah, thanks." Kou shifted it to his left hand.

"There's a special MSD cargo train leaving the central station."

"Great. What time?"

"In thirty minutes."

"Gotcha. We're taking off now."

"I'll be there to back you up at the Orage."

"Thanks, I owe you one." He turned to the group and delivered the message. "There's a special train at the central station that's headed for Mikado."


"In half an hour."

"Let's go then. We don't have much time." Sion immediately stormed downstairs like a speeding bullet. Even the two older men were surprised by his determination.

"Looks like he's got a heart after all. Especially when it comes to her." Volt commented.

"Heh, no kidding." Kou responded with a shrug. They soon followed him outside, despite the continuing flurry.

Meanwhile, Ayame decided to use her extra strength to lift off the lid, but instead...

It toppled and laid on its left side! The top swung open upon impact and Ayame crawled out slowly as she was coughing from the intense odor. The brisk air helped a little, yet her nostrils were burning.

"Ewww! I can't believe this has happened to me." she said in utter disgust. 

She brushed off her uniform. And looked at the radar, still intact. She took a deep breath, and the cool air extended her lungs. Renewed, she was more devoted than ever. "I have to get that Dragon Ball, and save that girl if I have to." 

She scraped her sneakers on the pavement, removing any excess filth. Her voice softened. "I have to be careful so those bouncers won't notice me. I don't want them involved in this, and I can't get in their way. I don't even know these guys." She shook her head to clear the cobwebs. "No matter. Bulma wants me to get that Dragon Ball, and that's what I'll do!"

She donned on her cap and she ran out of the alleyway, following the locator on where she needs to go next.

A/N: This story had a couple working titles, such as "Dragon Ball: Bouncer", and "The Hunt for the Damsel and the Dragon Ball." Eventually, after several years, I finally came up with a more decent name, "The Mikado Saga." Eventually, you'll see why soon enough. Believe it or not, it's been 15 years since I first played it, it's a very nostalgic favorite of mine. Yes, it is kind of flawed 'cause of obvious reasons, like awkward camera angles, no response time, clunky controls, and the infamous escort mission coming up. Nevertheless, I consider it a classic, and it was a breakthrough for the PS2's aesthetics.

Btw, the name Ayame is a Japanese name meaning iris.

Also, I always loved Sion Barzahd, even though he has a close resemblance to Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Aside from that, this is where the fun begins, as he goes on a salvage mission to rescue Dominique, while Ayame has her own searching for her with the missing Dragon Ball in her possession. I hope the first chapter will be up shortly. Until then, Ikran Rider out!


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Here's the pic for my custom Menu Select for the Bouncer Tetralogy; based on the similar designs to the Menu Select in the PS2 game. I'll unlock more as the series progresses.

Also, here's the pic/bio for my OC of the series, Ayame.


Alright, here’s the pic for my DBZ OC, Ayame. Background made by fellow Bouncer fan, Distant-Rain. Some minor spoilers here. so this is the lowdown:

Age: 15-18
Best Friends:  Sion, Dominique, Volt, Wong, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Bulma, Korin, Krillin, Dende, Mr. Popo, Videl, #18, Majin Buu, Chiaotzu, Echidna, Leann
Occupation: Z-Fighter, Dragon Ball hunter, Organizer at the Fate bar
Appearances: The Mikado Saga, The Drabble of Dog Street, The Black-Hooded Sion Saga, The Yakuza Saga    
     Other: Ayame, Sion Barzahd and Ayame, Goten and Trunks at the Galeos, Flying Home, Character Selection for the Yakuza Saga Theme Song: A mashup of Mystical Adventure Instrumental and Sion's Theme    
    Battle Theme: Battle Theme 5 - The Battle with All My Force (DBZ: Budokai)    
    Battle Theme for Trunks: Battle Theme 3 - Move Forward Fearlessly (DBZ: Budokai)    
    Battle Theme for Goten: Battle Theme 4 - Challengers (DBZ: Budokai)

Ayame was at first going to be my debut character, and in Japanese the name means iris. She's robust and very much like a tomboy. Unlike many women, she's always in the mood for adventure, and never backs down from a battle even if her friends are in a bind. Her charming demeanor and her determination often makes her stand out, much like Videl and #18. She's also very intelligent and it shows whenever there is a plan to pull off against her greatest adversaries: from Turlis and the Tree of Might, to venturing inside a Saiyan heart. However, she can be cocky, and she does rely on her allies' help too much if needed. Her best friend and inspiration is the noble Saiyan warrior, Goku. She's always willing to stand by his side, and her pure heart matches that of his own. Although there were times when they quarreled with each other when his compassion lands him into trouble. At Dog Street, her best friend there is Sion Barzahd, a bouncer employed by a bar called Fate. Much like him she, too, went through tragedy and loss; however, she still harbors a great deal of bravery if the time comes. She admires him; his beloved, Dominique; and his mentor, Wong very deeply. Her greatest hindrances are usually when she deals with confusion and a fallen comrade... She completely loses her focus and that often leads her overwhelming mind to go astray, which costs her life as well as others. However, her allies give her the support and encouragement she needs, and they help her stay on track. Ayame's courage, instincts, and camaraderie grows tenfold. She puts them into great use while she searches for a Dragon Ball at Dog Street and rescues a mysterious girl, then later encounters a menacing madman that threatens to destroy the world with a solar-powered satellite. As well as a certain doppelganger, and even the Yakuza. Overtime, her personality changed once she reached adulthood; she wasn't as resilient as she used to be and took on more responsibility. Her pressures growing up overwhelmed her so, that her charisma dimmed and she became less of a risktaker. As peace returned, she became less interested and retired as a Z-Fighter then decided to become a regular civilian. She returned to Dog Street thanks to the red hoodie she found, a present from Sion before she started high school. She was reluctant on working for Fate, but before she'd prove herself, the Yakuza threat intervened. The Z-Fighters came late against it as she teamed up with Echidna and Leann. The bouncers' betrayals were so overwhelming and the return to the Lookout was deja vu of Garlic's attack there. Plus, she lost her family during the threat, though the Z-Fighters (Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Korin, Dende, 18, Videl, and Mr. Popo) and her allies given her support. She then moved to Dog Street officially and became an employee of Fate functioning as a bookkeeper.

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Here's the 1st chapter for the Mikado Saga, as well as a bonus scene; the thing about The Bouncer is scenes can go in many ways. Depending on the character you choose for each scene; it's the game encouraging you as the director. So, to avoid confusion and in order to get the best scenes, this story has them. If not, then consult to the Great Clement's LP. HE'S the BEST!!

Disclaimer: I don't own The Bouncer or DBZ, they belong to their respective owners. Although I saw some people say the game needs an HD remake; it does need one pronto, and maybe fix the bugs while they're at it.

A/N: Welcome back to another chapter. The bouncers are on the move to save Dominique, while Ayame searches for her Dragon Ball. They come across more thugs along the way. Will they get to the train in time?

Chapter 1
The Hunt for the Damsel and the Dragon Ball

Ayame tried desperately to keep up with the bouncers. They just kept on going 'til it looked like their legs were gonna fall off. She was impressed on how much stamina they had. She was falling several feet behind them. She hunched over and began to breathe heavy as her lungs can't take anymore. By the time she lost them through a couple dark alleyways, she muttered under her breath, "Screw this."

She jumped to a skinny stone ledge five feet above her. Seeing the next one was quite a long distance, she took out the legendary red pole. She whispered, "Power Pole, extend." It elongated to about twenty feet, and it easily attached itself to the next one. With a few deep breaths she slid down the pole with her hands to the other side, and hit the wall. The impact created a slight thud, which stopped the bouncers temporarily in their tracks. They looked around, wondering where that sound came from. Ayame tried her best to blend in with the wall as much as possible. They saw nothing, and they pressed on as they came to the town square. A large analog clock perched over the elaborate street on a large brick archway. A fountain was located smack dab in the middle.
Out of nowhere, another one of those murderous ninjas appeared right in front of them.

"There's another one!" Sion exclaimed as he pointed to him.

"Yeah...there's a whole bunch of 'em." Kou pointed out as four more surrounded them.

Suddenly, the old, metallic doors closed both ways. Through the bars, Ayame gazed toward the melee. They were trapped in an ambush, so they had no choice.

"I don't think they're gonna let us through." Volt said as he was clenching his fists and snapping his knuckles.

"Then let's waste them." the street fighter chimed.

Since there was a lot more room to fight in, they had little to no trouble dealing with the assassins. The only obstacle that stood between them was the massive fountain. The trio had even footing which made it smooth and faster to take four of them out.

"You ready?"

Volt taunted toward the remaining man. As the ninja closed in on them, instead of retreating, Kou snuck in from behind. He effortlessly grabbed his collar and punched him to Volt. He slammed him down to the decorative brick floor, and pinned down his neck. Then, Sion screamed, "Here goes!" as he kicked him squarely in the face. Just as he would while performing a field goal!
Everything fell quiet after that. And one of the gates squeaked open by a few centimeters.

"We've wasted enough time on them." Sion mentioned. According to the town clock, ten minutes have already gone. From the long journey, and the brief brawl. They regrouped and headed to the exit. Then, Sion abruptly stopped and looked up.

"What is it?" Volt asked.

He continued to make out what was on the opaque ledge. Something was moving, something sleek, black, and had glowing yellow eyes. "Huh?" Whatever it was, it fixed its eyes on Sion, then it scampered away with a single lurch.

"You recognize that black panther?" Volt questioned.


Kou laid a firm hand on his shoulder, and snapped him out of his reverie. "Let's get going. We're gonna miss the train." he reminded him.


They rushed through another alley underneath an arch on the other side. Meanwhile, Ayame emerged beneath the first one. She was fascinated on what the trio could do. They had a great sense of camaraderie, especially when they deal with a bunch of enemies at once. They reminded her on how most of the Z-fighters worked. Well, except those who prefer to fight Vegeta...

She shook her head to clear out the disturbing, hateful memories she had with him. She must stay focused as she still had a job to do.

Another ten minutes have passed. Sion, Volt, and Kou were still on the prowl. With the red-head leading the way, he stopped against a wall. He made a side glance toward a group of people wearing ashen grey and red uniforms. Their hats matched the color of their uniforms.

"What's wrong?" Volt asked.

"Rent-a-cops." Sion pointed out.

"Security's tight, as expected."

"Ergh, we're running out of time." Kou responded anxiously.

"Then I guess we'll have to break through the front." Sion suggested as he motioned to the foursome.

As soon as they saw a glimpse of Sion's face, one of the officers yelled, "Hey, what're you doing there?!"

The others emerged seconds after, and Volt countered, "Oh, like you'll let us through if we tell ya?"

"We're hitchin' a ride is what we're doing." Kou added.

"We are the officers of the law, now put your hands up!" Unfortunately, he was met by a punch from the bulky man. His partners descended and another melee broke out. The enforcers were a bit on the wide side, making them not as flimsy as the ninjas; however, they were just as puny. They all momentarily fell down like a ton of blocks.

They made a few grunts before blacking out. Volt towered over them and said, "Sorry, we're in a hurry."

"Guess we don't need tickets." Sion added with a smirk.

They seamlessly leapt over large crates and marched on toward the station.

"I think that's it." The sassy man claimed. The train was already there, but there wasn't a conductor present. It was as if this was a top-secret trip to Mikado. They could easily tell it was for the corrupt corporation because of the tall red and white symbols on it. They almost looked to be some kind of elaborate arrow pointing up. There were also some gigantic tanks of fuel loaded on the car. The doors were closing, and it was just minutes before it was time to board.

Then, five more rent-a-cops emerged from beside it, heading toward the trio. They must've been called as reinforcements for the fallen ones.

"Not again..." Volt muttered.

The bouncers huddled back to back. They knew this was serious, they can't possibly miss this train, no matter what. Tension was building.

"I didn't expect such a warm reception." Kou made a sarcastic joke.

"Shouldn't the train be departing soon?" Volt asked.

"Uh-huh, it ought to be." Kou highlighted their plan. "We'll time it so that we jump on the train just as it starts to take off. When you hear the whistle start booking for the train. Don't miss your cue."

"Who do ya think you're talking to?" Volt said.

Sion couldn't take anymore of these delays, his desperation went through the roof. "You're not getting paid enough to die. Now get outta my way!" As soon as he said the second line, they parted and charged straight for the officers.

The station wasn't as roomy as the town hall was, making it difficult to navigate as there were obstacles in the way. As Volt and Kou were taking on two officers, Sion was with one, but he was more distant from the train. Heavy crates and lamp posts interfered and they drove the fight further away. Then, at a moment's notice, the tanker train let out a hiss from the tail pipe. And an alarm was ringing in the distance.

From the entrance, Ayame saw the commotion. She did a face palm. What the hell was he talking about? There's a bell, there's no whistle here! she thought, irritated.

"The train's moving!" Sion announced as he heard the bell. 

"Crap, we better hurry." Kou said in disbelief. Then he ran to the rear of the train.

"It's time." Volt confirmed after looking at his spike watch. He followed Kou, but Sion was further away. And the police were still on his tail.

"Sion, move it!" Kou yelled. He ran just as fast as his chicken legs could carry him.

"Jump!" Volt ordered, reaching out a hand for him to grab. Sion immediately leapt from the pillar and the wrestler had enough strength to pull him to it just as it was pulling away into the tunnels beyond.

Relieved, Ayame fired a couple quick ki shots from her palm, knocking out the remaining officials. As well as a security camera in the upper corner. At the abandoned station, she looked around, making sure nobody was watching her. She always hated being spied on. After she stopped at the ledge Sion hopped from, she put her hands close to her mouth and called, "Flying Nimbus!"

For a moment, she thought her ride wouldn't show up, until it silently flew in and bumped her leg. "What?! Oh, it's you. We gotta chase that train; it's the only way to get to Mikado." She climbed onto it with minimal effort. "Let's go!"

She followed the cargo train, though she kept several feet away to avoid detection.

A/N: I just described one of the Trinity Rushes the bouncers are able to do; in this case, Sion's. I've always liked his the most. Also, the character I absolutely despise the most is the egotistical, selfish prince of the bloodthirsty Saiyans, Vegeta! I could never stand this guy! Some people consider him to be a badass. Yeah, a badass that should be spanked until it bleeds!! Sorry, but I never liked him since the beginning, and the only redeeming quality he had was when he gave birth to Trunks. At least he's a lot more respectful than him, and I feel he deserves the title more!

I figured that the scene featured here would be more appropriate; it only happens if time runs out when you beat the rent-a-cops. I had little issues with that scenario anyway, as I always used Sion since he's indeed the fastest. Still, if he's low-leveled, it could take some work. The next chapter will be up soon, though I should warn you, things are gonna get a little suggestive. See you all next time.


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I should warn you guys that this chapter has some of one of the most grotesque outfits I'd seen! Echidna's UGLY!! Just a heads up; it is a T-game, after all. So, the journey begins.

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ or The Bouncer, but they're still very nostalgic. Oh, and be warned for any suggestive themes coming up.

Chapter 2
Journey to Mikado

At the tunnels, Ayame was following the Mikado cargo train; however, the locator said the Dragon Ball wasn't even close. She would go there in a manner of minutes, but believe it or not, she may depend on the bouncers for her own survival. She doesn't really know what the hell is out there, and she might not do it alone. So, she decided to follow them until they could get to Dominique. The nimbus was only a dim light compared to where the train was. Thank goodness the passageway was well-lit.

Volt, Kou, and Sion were riding on the last car. And they managed to keep themselves warm despite the constant chilly winds.
"We made it. Somehow." Volt said with relief.

"It looks like we're on a tanker car. This thing's probably carrying rocket fuel for that shuttle launch everyone's been talking about." Kou concluded. It seems like everyone has been a little preoccupied about the new satellite, and the radiation it'll use on Earth. It won't be long before the world will see.

"You think Dominique's on this train?" Sion wondered.

"The special forces are the ones who kidnapped her; Dominique's in Mikado by now." Volt assured.

Kou pouted. "Oh, really? You seem to know a lot about this, Volt." They wished he would be a lot more grateful now they have the know-how on what they're dealing with. Throughout the train, an alert sounded.

"Damn!" Sion fumed.

"They know we're here?!" Volt thought aloud.

"After that mess we made back there, YES." Kou remarked.

Sure enough, there were some people who knew about the incidents back at Dog Street. The alarm was a bit nosier inside and the captain in a gruff voice informed the passengers.

"We may have intruders in the last car. Investigate at once. Remember, no guns; we're transporting rocket fuel. You got that, Echidna?"

"Roger." A woman responded. She looked very much like a stripper. Her hair was wavy and bright red, there were two ponytails hanging from the sides of her face, while the rest of it were loose bangs and stuck up like two horns. She donned on black sandals, her lower legs were wrapped up with long strings, she had on a huge, orange bra with beads hanging down, and an exotic tiger-patterned spandex with a thick red X in the center. She wore a menacing complexion, and the corners of her glossy lips had thick, dark lines. 

"We've got company." More rent-a-cops stood at attention from their long car seats. "They're stowaways. Make sure you give them an appropriate welcome." They nodded at her command and ran out. Echidna took the rear after the officers left.

Meanwhile, Kou was suffering from the arctic air, obviously since he had light clothes on. "Ohhh, MAN. We're gonna freeze out here!"
"Is there anyway to get in?" Volt queried, hoping they won't go through it themselves. To answer his question, they heard tapping on top of the large cars. They figured they were from the same people they fought before, trying to take them in.

"Guess there's no point in hiding." Sion said. Where else were they going to go, anyway? "They're gonna tell me where Dominique is, whether they like it or not!" He was the first to climb up the skinny ladder.

"How convenient. I was looking to get warmed up." Volt smacked his fist to his hand and followed.

Better take 'em out before my backup gets here. Kou thought to himself, as the last one.

Only three of the officers awaited them. And to Ayame's surprise, no one actually fell off the train while it went over 60 miles. The gang had to be really careful as they blocked whatever move the authority figures made, before they unleashed some of their blows. It made each officer wobble, and eventually fall over the side of the train! She was pretty stupefied of what they did, as the nimbus avoided the unconscious bodies.

With the few of them gone, the heroes actually leapt to another car, where three more cops fought them. It was the same routine, and they all went down without too much of a fuss. But soon, two more men met them, along with the enticing lady front and center.

"If you don't have a ticket, you're gonna have to pay. And this ride ain't cheap." she spoke.

"Where did you take Dominique?!" Sion demanded, also in the middle. Volt stepped in front as he laid a hand on his shoulder, indicating this was technically his fight.

"So nice to see you again, Echidna."

She just stood there, petrified. "I-is that you, Volt!? I thought I finished him off." she recovered with a clenching fist.

"Indeed. But I'm not the Volt you once knew. Now it's your turn to take a trip to Hell." he countered. Apparently, there was some kind of troubled relationship between the two. Even Ayame wanted to know, and they can't even see her!

Echidna swiped her fist away. "Hmph, this time I'll make sure I finish you off. Along with your friends!" She retorted as she and her associates made a fighting stance.

"Then come get some, Echidna." Volt said with a raised fist.

Kou was a lot more coy. "You'd be such a hottie if only you kept your mouth shut."

"Why you bastard!"

They closed in with the working girl leading the pack, and Ayame was a tad worried. The officers were no problem, but the one called Echidna was a threat. She was pretty much like a sweeper, always attacking close to the ground, and tripping her enemies. She was all bone, but very flexible. She could've sworn she almost moves like a very lethal spider, both beautiful and deadly. She did leave quite a mark on all three men, until Volt intervened by the time the cops were out of commission. Barely hanging on for life, Volt finally didn't hold back and let the rage loose. His assailant was down as he pummeled all over her. Ayame couldn't hide her enthusiasm, as she saw him literally run over her!

Seconds later, they emerged from the tunnels. And the night was very clear and breezy. There was hardly any snow this time.
"What's the matter, Echidna? I'm still standing." Volt said confidently.

"You're still a jerk, Volt. It's not over yet." Echidna wiped her swollen lip and challenged, "I'll teach you a thing or two about a woman's wrath, the next time we meet." She immediately stood up and did the unexpected by running and jumping off the train. She landed to the river below after she went through a guardrail in the bridge. Volt just looked down with a somewhat depressed look.

As Sion was climbing back down, Kou walked over to him. "Volt, what happened between you two?"

They both looked up and heard a plane. "I think we'll save story time for later."

Kou recognized the aircraft. It looked like a fighter jet, completely equipped with armor and twin guns. She's here, he thought before he descended.

Ayame saw it, too. She wasn't sure if the pilot was either a friend or a foe. She can already tell it was a woman, and she wondered if she was the same one she saw typing on her laptop. The one she got the message to kill Dominique. Ayame thought she may be working for Mikado, so the nimbus zoomed in for a closer observation. She was several inches from the train, and the jet was heading straight for it. Worst of all, she was shooting it! The bullets caused a ringing in her ears as they repelled off the metallic body. She held them as they were feeling they could almost burst.

Inside, the car the trio was in began to wobble. Almost as if the train was very close to being derailed. 


The impact from the onslaught caused them to lose their balance, and Kou hit the wall.

Hey, take it easy there, woman. Be a little more gentle. he thought.

"Captain! That last attack disabled the brakes!" The engineer on the loudspeaker replied in complete panic.

"Wh-what?! We're almost at the station!"

"The brakes are out?" Sion asked.

"This thing's carrying rocket fuel. If it slams into the station, we're all gonna be a lot WARMER." Kou worried.

"Let's detach the last car." Volt suggested.

Ugh! Leann...Can you say, "overkill"?!

Outside, the bullets stopped as the pilot took off. She was mere inches away from the hapless train just before she got away! Ayame wanted to give chase, "Geez, who the hell is she?! She can't be on our side, is she?!" Unfortunately, no one answered her protest. She only has to rely on her wits instead; usually that was not a great idea. With a shaking spirit and fist, she vows she'll give that damn pilot a thing or two if she sees her again. "Oh, man, I hope the bouncers are doing all right..." she said out loud as the nimbus continued to tailgate the train.

Upon a quick examination inside, Volt concluded, "The coupler's locked with a card key." There was a black stub with a sign that said "Insert Card Here" on the wall.

"And where are we going to get this 'card key'?" Kou asked.

"It's probably in the engineer's cab."

"But the cargo's in the way!" Sion said as he pointed to the locked red door.

"Then we better find one in this car."

"Hey, what if we don't find one?!" Kou's voice nearly cracked.

"We're toast." There was a low beeping noise and the sign above kept saying "WARNING!" indicating the brakeless train was about to collide upon its destination.

"Cut the chatter." Sion said. The trio was shaken up, but he desperately rummaged through the car for the card. Unfortunately, it was just moving too fast that he hardly had any time. The alarm just got louder, and red lights began to flash.

"Oh no." With a last ditch effort, Sion punched the slot, and it did nothing. Not even opening the door! "Damn..!"

Kou did a face palm. "Awww, man! Please let this be a bad dream!"

The car shook violently. And Volt decided what to do. "We're jumping off as soon as we reach the station!" With his thick, sharp elbows, he made massive holes in the large windows. He managed to remove the debris without cutting himself and they leapt out just minutes before the train crashed into the Mikado station! Luckily, the captain and the engineer escaped the impact with a few scratches on them as they ran for their lives.

Kou couldn't hold his ecstasy after witnessing it. "Whoooeee! Ha ha! I don't know how we lived through that!"

Volt, the man with reason, informed, "It's not over yet. Sea water's rushing in from the explosion." Yet another alarm went off. "Hurry!"

The trio ran upstairs, with a huge arrow sign pointing to the left. A blue hallway was just ahead. It wasn't a safe passage, though. There was a bang behind them.

"This isn't good. The emergency shutters are activating!" Volt said. The motion sensors made the doors close as the wall of water was literally chasing them. They could even hear the waves coming through!

"So, we're dead if we get trapped." Sion added.

"Well, we can't go back now. Let's push on!" Kou encouraged.

The rushing water was very close behind them, until another barricade closed. It wouldn't be long before the miniature tsunami would catch up. Then, five of those law enforcers met them, as ready to fight as ever, but they were being very foolish.

"I can't believe they're attacking us. They must really love their job." Kou commented.

"Hey! Outta my way!" Sion shouted. He was leading the trio, as they quickly bashed through them. Luckily, they were so weak, and Sion kinda massacred them with his awesome Mule Kick! He stood on his hands, and kicked up with both feet with such force, which caused a lot of damage to them. As soon as the coast was clear, Volt informed, "There's no time to waste!"

Sure enough, the barriers were closing in on them; fortunately, there was a straight hall down. Sion was the last one to escape as the five of them were closing some feet from him. Following the arrows and his allies, he made it to the second level. Yet still, the hissing kept getting closer and closer.

Kou was a killing machine when the trio met five more sentinels. His tae kwon do was too much for them to handle, but the shutters were activated as soon as the path was empty. He was slightly slower than Sion, but his long legs carried him through almost effortlessly. In just minutes, they entered the final floor with the deluge on their tails.

As they were fighting the four remaining guards, Sion volunteered his friends to go ahead. The heavy crates were blocking the path, making it obscure and menacing, as the barriers eventually started to close, even though, they could hardly hear the water now. 
It was like an obstacle course of sorts as the punk avoided the boxes. He wished they would be enough to hold up the barricades, but they weren't. They just kept closing in front of them instead. Suddenly, he tripped as he maneuvered through them. Kou and Volt stopped as the guards kept attacking them. The barricades kept going, and Kou decided, "Volt! Keep these guys busy!"

"I'm on it!" he said as he blocked each clenching blow.

Thinking there was no hope, he laid there helplessly like a sitting duck. Is this...the end?

"No!" He looked up and saw Kou running to him. "Sion, take my hand!" He did and he pulled him just by a hair before the walls dropped on top of them!

"You got him?!" Volt cried.

"Yeah, he's here!" Kou replied.

"Let's go, there's a clear path ahead of us. Surely, the barricades won't be trapping us now." The wrestler led the way to two colossal doors. There were some Japanese symbols covered with bright paint on them. Two shining panels were on each side.

"An emergency exit..." Volt analyzed.

"Does it lead outside?" Sion asked, almost out of breath.

"This is the only exit, man. We don't have much of a choice." Kou confirmed.

The informant pressed a panel and the doors roared open slowly. They emerged onto a balcony, and there were two vehicles flying around, their headlights nearly blinding the scene. Meanwhile, the nimbus and Ayame were standing by on the roof of the massive building, the ships hardly noticing them.

As Volt watched he identified them. "An Air-Carrier. They must be looking for us..."

"Out of the frying pan and into the What now?" Kou queried.

"We'll hitch a ride." Sion suggested, copying the tiger-tattooed talker from before.

"OH, WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA..! So, should we just go up to them and say, 'please'?"

"We'll look for a chance to jump on."

"It's going to be a long shot." Volt warned with uncertainty.

They waited until one of the air ships went underneath the platform. Three troops were standing on the deck, anxiously expecting intruders for them to take down.

Sion gave the signal. "Ok...NOW!"

"This is insane..!" Volt shook his head as he was the last to hop off.

The landing caused the air-carrier to tip a little, but the bulky man made it almost hit a wall.

"What the hell?!" one of the soldiers cried out.

"We're the punks you're looking for." Kou answered.

The three men with the helmets and visors charged toward them. It was large enough for them to fight on, although they had to be careful not to hit each other. They figured their best chance was to make them take the middle, while the fleet men stood to the side. As they did, they momentarily lost their balance and tripped over the railing! Although, they were a tad stronger than the rent-a-cops.
As he gazed over the fallen troops, Kou thought, It's a tough job, isn't it? ...But so is mine...

Volt marched over to the pilot an hunched over him. "Hey..."

"Y-yes?!" he stuttered in fright.

"Keep flying this thing."

"Y-yes, sir." It was the bouncers' only way to get to Mikado, in one piece hopefully.

Ayame watched everything from above. She was about fifty feet from the Air-Carrier. In the sky, it was just a yellow spec. She continued to follow them, and her Dragon Ball locator was brighter and louder. She noticed they were actually a lot closer than they were before. This was going to be a cakewalk while flying instead of going at a snail's pace. "We'll get to that Dragon Ball yet!" Her face lit up, then her pocket began to glow.

There was an enormous glass dome looming over the forest. And inside laying on her back in a light-blue jogging suit was...

"Dominique!" Sion cried.

"Yo, driver! Drop us off over there!" Kou demanded.

Unfortunately, the pilot bailed out just seconds afterwards. Unlike the other fighters, he packed a parachute as he opened it.
"He got away..."

"Volt, you scared him." Kou accused.

He immediately ran over to the cockpit and took the controls. He wasn't sure how to properly maneuver the thing.
"Hey, you passed it!"


He had enough, and he decided to crash land within the woods yonder. It dragged along the ground and hit a few trees which snapped like twigs. Until it abruptly stopped by an older sequoia with a thicker trunk.

Ayame was incredibly desperate as the bouncers were. She has to get that Dragon Ball located within that dome. Despite the many dangers, she pressed forward as she landed on a limb. The nimbus soared away, and she could barely stop her heart pacing rapidly.

A/N: I had a dilemma whether or not I should include the scene with the rushing water. Finding the card key wasn't a big deal, though Echidna was the first few times. I remembered she was tearing my team apart, ergh I always hated her. But I figured the story would make sense since Volt would warn his team about the emergency shutters either way. Again, I usually pick Sion for these scenes, as he's always the fastest out of the trio. I like Volt, too, but his moves are slow and clunky. I'm not a huge fan using tanks. The nimble ones are the way to go for me. Kou's well-balanced, but I hardly like his cocky demeanor.

I should probably explain about how I got into the game. It was back in the summer of 2002; I was about to start high school. As a graduation gift, I received a PS2 and a handful of games: Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, ATV Off Road Fury, Escape from Monkey Island (which I hardly played), and, of course, The Bouncer, which I actually played the most! The aesthetics were beyond amazing for the console's standards, though the gameplay has its flaws. Other than that, I was deeply fascinated with the star character. You'll probably see why later on.



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This is when the 2 universe finally connect! And Ayame and the Bouncers meet up w/ a deadly enemy who always gives me the absolute jitters!

Chapter 3
A Deadly Enemy

The good news was that Sion, Volt, and Kou were okay after crashing the Air-Carrier. The bad news was they were now stranded in the middle of nowhere. The hanging garden was the perfect place for an enemy ambush anywhere. 

Just to lighten the mood, Kou crowed, "I could have nine lives for this mission, and it still wouldn't be enough."

"Just be grateful you're alive." Volt retorted.

"Yeah, yeah..." Kou sighed as he dropped his arms.

They were heading toward the tower, and Sion was certain that the hostage was up close. "That dome...I'm sure I saw Dominique in there."

"Let's go check it out." Volt recommended.

"Easier said than done." Kou said. He had a strong feeling this was going to be a no-win situation. They trekked on, and they stopped short when they saw three Rottweiler roaming around the premises. They immediately hid behind a thick bush.
"Fancy pets, eh?" Sion whispered.

"I'm sure they're more than that." Volt added.

"Like I said, easier said than done." Kou said defeated. For once he was not feeling so optimistic.

"Shut up. We don't want them to find us." Volt warned. He and Sion led the way as they crawled slowly. Unfortunately, their cover was blown as the bush rustled, causing the dogs to growl. The creepiest thing was, they were not regular watchdogs, as their red eyes began to glow. They figured they were androids as they were being surrounded. But that wasn't all; two ninjas slid down some tree trunks and landed in the middle of the fray.

"Special forces..." Volt pointed out.

"Look at all the security! This has gotta be the place!" Kou chimed in.

"Yeah. Dominique must be in there! Get outta my way!!" Sion yelled, as desperate as ever.

"Be careful! This is their turf!" Volt reminded the group.

I hope we're not too late. Kou thought in distress.

At times the dogs bit the trio. Their fangs were pretty sharp like any other canine's, but thank goodness none of them were equipped with rabies. Otherwise, they would've been dead from a lethal infection. The strange symbol of the Mikado logo was imprinted on their backs and their design was similar to a Houndour's. Neither of the brawlers held back as Kou kept slam-kicking each one. Volt used all his weight as he did a body slam, and Sion did some trips, roundhouse kicks, and flips to take them out. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy with the elites in the way. They had to alternate between the dogs and the ninjas. But eventually, everything was silent again and the thick woods weren't too much of a problem.

"Dominique!" Sion just couldn't get her off his mind. He felt as if they don't have much time.

Kou wiped large amounts of sweat beading on his forehead. "Whew...They're faster than those guys back at the city."

I know he's here...somewhere... Volt thought to himself. Clearly, something was amiss. Even Ayame was curious, as she recalled the spiky-haired dude with the goggles. From a distant tree, she watched the commotion unfold. They were just a few feet away from the sacred Dragon Ball, she could almost feel its warming glow as hers lit up in her pocket.

Out of nowhere, the mysterious man leapt down to the unsuspecting trio.

"I knew he'd be here!" Volt exclaimed.

"It's you!" Sion pointed directly at the masked man.

"How does it feel to have your woman taken away from you?" he mocked, and he licked his creepy-looking choppers in anticipation for some fresh meat.

"I'll save her, after I bust you up!"

"Unfortunately that's not how this story goes. Here, we have the advantage." he responded calmly. "You don't stand a chance." He lowered his goggles and declared, "You will never get the girl back!"

He also had four of his friends, eagerly waiting to show some blood as they landed from the canopies above. The trio, and Ayame, were a bit nervous on what the guy could do. Clearly, he was the head of the special forces...

Sion, however, held his ground. "I got what it takes to save her!"

He was tough, but they were lucky they didn't have any of those pesky pooches around. Ayame was hesitant on whether or not she wanted to help them. The crazy crook was very intimidating, especially on how he fights. Even he had the ability to teleport, as he disappeared in a puff of smoke, and reappeared at a random spot. At least the team wasn't caught off guard, as they kept themselves busy with his minions. They were so much easier than him by comparison. Then she saw another team effort as Sion gave the signal. "Hey, come on!" Volt lunged in from behind the masked man, and Sion kicked him in the ribs. He staggered over to Kou and he grabbed him very tight. "This oughtta finish you off!" Everyone heard bones snapping as he was ripping his midsection apart!

"Oooooowwww!!" he squealed at the top of his lungs. He dropped to the ground as soon as Kou let him go. His body remained lifeless, and Sion was the one towering over him.

I'm not gonna lose anyone else...ever again...

Ayame was once again fascinated by his resolve, but she couldn't take the unnerving suspense anymore. The Dragon Ball was just mere feet away. While the trio continued onward she hopped from branch to branch, her mind racing. She went ahead and saw a huge gap between her perch and another limb. She readied herself and took a leap of faith. Her footing was strong...too strong!
After she sighed with relief, her stomach lurched as she plummeted to the hard ground below. She was out cold, and the trio abruptly stopped as they saw her fall.

Sion rushed to her and knelt to examine the body, wondering if she was dead or alive. He used her cap as a pillow to rest her head on; it was the only thing available anyway. Kou wasn't very subtle. Upon a close look, he sighed, "Great, another soldier, just what we needed."

"Kou, can't you be a little more supportive?!" Volt countered his remark. "How is she, Sion?"

"She's not dead, Volt. She's breathing and has a pulse. She did take quite a knock on the noggin." he said as he saw a bruise. He laid a comforting hand on it to help ease the pain. "Wake up." He kept encouraging her. As soon as her eyes fluttered, he removed it and called the others over. He did want them to give her some space.

Ayame felt her sore neck and head as her vision cleared. She blinked several times and almost instantly recognized the people she was following. She backed away, thinking they might do something disgusting or provocative to her.

"Ergh...what?! Hey, stay away from me!" 

In response they were speaking in another language, and from the sound of it, it was Japanese. She can't possibly comprehend a single word. "What?!" 

They continued speaking to her in that...gibberish. "I-I can't understand you!" Then she realized the white device on her right ear was missing. She reached for it and looked over it, "Oh, no, the translator must've been damaged. Dammit!" She replaced it and the dialogue began to change to translated English again.

"--We were just wondering if you were alive." the red-hooded punk spoke. He realized she had a device that could help her understand the foreign tongue.

"Uh, yeah, I'm okay..."

He politely gestured a hand for her to hold. She hesitantly grabbed it, but her touch was weak as holding a fish. He also gave her back her fallen cap. "Thanks... Um, who are you guys?"

"I'm Sion. These are my friends, Volt," he gestured to the wrestler. "and Kou." he pointed to the man with the exotic tiger tattoos. She introduced herself shyly as Ayame.

"Are you a soldier by any means?" the latter asked.

"Uh, no. A friend gave it to me for protection. I only use it for camouflage." she said as she was rubbing her aching neck.
"Oh, that's a relief."

It was Volt's turn to interrogate her. "What're you doing here in the middle of Mikado? You're treading on volatile, not to mention forbidden, territory."

"So I've heard. I...I was actually following you guys here."

"Why?" Sion asked, he was very curious.

"That woman you were trying to rescue...Dominque, was it?" They nodded. "Anyway, I was following that girl 'cause she has something very important. Something I really need." Ayame took out the orb from her pocket, it glowed.

In awe, Sion asked what it was. Ayame said it was a Dragon Ball, and there are seven scattered throughout the world. According to the locator, which picks up their sacred energy, Dominique has one. The dome is where she has to go to next.

"Well isn't it lucky for you we just happen to be heading your way." Volt complimented.

"Look, I'll tell you what, you let me have the Dragon Ball she has, and I'll help you rescue her." she compromised.


"Can you fight?" Sion wondered.

"I...I think I know a few basic moves."

Before they questioned her any further, Volt reminded them, "Let's go save Dominique; we don't have much time left. We could use her help."

"Right, let's get going." Sion's expression changed to a more serious look. He lead on, Ayame followed close behind him, then the other two bouncers took the rear.

The quartet marched toward the Mikado dome and Kou was very impressed on its humongous size! "This thing's pretty big up close."

Volt looked over. The dome won't be an easy access since a deep, circular pit was surrounding it. "I don't know how we're going to get passed this."

Sion was looking about, until a tree ten feet high was seen. "We're not giving up yet!"

As he ran to it, Ayame followed. He jumped onto each branch with ease, and as soon as he got to the top, a massive piano inside was playing a sorrowful tune.

That song... Sion gazed at the dome, his eyes were fixed on the woman playing it. Then, his mind drifted away...

He had a flashback taking place two years ago: 

Two parents were in complete devastation, the mom wouldn't stop crying. In a roomy house, they were talking to Sion.

"What do you mean an accident?!"

Sion said in denial. He was growing more resentful and impatient of the news, as if the parents were hiding something.

"There was an accident at Mikado, and..."

The dad trailed off, as he couldn't bare to give Sion the news.

"And...what hospital is she in..?"

His voice was cracking in desperation. He never wanted anything to happen to their poor child.

She cried harder, resting against the dad's comforting arms. Facing Sion, he said, "She...didn't make it..."

"Huh...?" Sion's face just fell. He stood there, petrified. He could barely even breathe, as if he felt his entire heart just shattered.

"It was a...massive explosion..."

"You're lying..." He responded in a deep, emotionless, grieving tone...


"THAT'S A LIE!" He screamed, and then stormed out of the house, leaving his past and the family in the dust of their daughter's death.


Back in the present, Ayame was jumping from branch to branch; they were strong, and she wound up just one limb below where Sion was.

"Hey, I could use the extending Power Pole to get us across there. We will get to Dominique and the Dragon Ball in no time..." As she looked up, she noticed she wasn't getting through to him. "Sion? What is it?" She looked at the woman laying on the bed. She could instantly tell how important she was to him. Still, she didn't think it was her that got him so preoccupied. "What is it?"

The song ended and Sion snapped out of his so-called trance. He looked down at her somber face. "Oh...just something that happened a long time ago. Come on, let's get a move on." They both climbed down the tree, and Ayame suggested she'd use her Power Pole to get in.

Elsewhere, the woman stood up from her seat. She had long, sleek hair that nearly touched the ground. She looked Asian and she had on a tall red and green robe, with dark stilettoes, and she had ruby lips and a lot of turquoise eye shadow. She did the incredible as her body shifted to a black panther. Little did the group know, it was the same one back at Edge. Two men were standing over the unconscious girl on the lower floor. One was an old man with a long, white ponytail, a pointed beard, a thick mustache, and his hair was sticking up like a steeple. He was wearing a very long green cloak. He looked to be like an octogenarian. The other man had a more darker complexion. Ayame realized it was the same guy featured during that newsbreak. Although, he was wearing a six-foot long chain, and a cloak as black as night, almost as ominous and bleak as his soul.

"Wong, transfer Dominique to the Galeos. We will proceed according to plan." The second man said.

"But the satellite control center has not been repaired since yesterday's explosion." The old man reasoned.

"What do you mean, Wong? Dominique has returned. It is now possible."

"But..." He hesitated.

"As chief executive officer, I order you, Wong..." The second man's voice ringed superiority, and terror.

"I...beg to differ." Wong startled. "My allegiance belongs to your predecessor. You are only using the Mikado Group for your own selfish agenda..! What would Master Mikado think of your abuse..? Please, for your sister's sake..!" he begged in protest.

"Then do you intend to stop me by force, Master Wong..?" That guy was never backing down. He was just as impassive as a mountain, both in stature and in personality.

Meanwhile, the four were looking over the dome. They wound up on top of it thanks to the Power Pole.

" this guy?" Ayame stuttered, her body covered in goosebumps.

"That's...Dauragon!" Volt confirmed.

"Why's that old geezer fighting him?" Kou asked as they squared off.

"M-Master?!" Sion gasped. Everyone looked at him in surprise. How does Sion know him? Before they got an answer Dauragon made a sucker punch at blinding speed right into Wong's fragile gut! The poor elderly man didn't even see it coming! He toppled over as he held it with a grunt.

"In eastern cultures, they say there's only one way to repay one's master: by surpassing him." Dauragon towered over his hapless victim. "This is my payback to you, Master!" He jumped and slammed his feet which caused his spine to snap like a thick twig. He was as good as gone...


Sion stormed inside and knelt close to his guardian. The others followed suit, but Ayame stayed put.

"Forgive me, Sion...Mikado" Wong said with his dying breath, barely lifting his head to his trusted disciple.


"You...must do it...Sion..." He fell to the ground. As dead as death could be...


Ayame was close to tears as she saw the horror. "Oh, no...Who would do this..?"

"I see that you have studied under Wong. That would explain why you've been so difficult to deal with." Dauragon said without any trace of remorse.

Sion stood up, his eyes blazing with a terrible rage. "I'm avenging my master...and I'm taking back Dominique!"

"She is my sister. I'm the one who will take her back."

"What!?" No one could possibly believe what he was saying.

"I should thank you for protecting her. Is there any way I can repay you?" Dauragon gave a slight smirk.

"Do you take me for a fool?!"

He lowered his arms. "I guess I have no choice but to fight you, then. So be it. I'll show you how it feels to be utterly powerless. I will take on all three of you at once." he pointed them all out. "I shall add another handicap as well." He snapped his chain and a black panther slowly tiptoed down the stairs. She hissed, showing her shiny eyes, and her shark-like fangs.

"You're out of your mind! You don't stand a chance!"

As he and the panther fought off the trio, Ayame was so overwhelmed and terrified by Dauragon. "Whoa...what is with this guy?! I never felt such an intimidating aura before, since maybe Dr. Gero..."

She hardly knew that Dauragon's left hand was chained behind his back. She wasn't sure if he was either a righty or an ambidextral. Still, his moves were very strong and swift. She made a comment every time when the trio took a hit... She saw him sweep the floor with a double trip, "Oh boy." His right elbow was more powerful, "Oh no!" When the panther kept lunging at them, she just cringed. It's as if she's capable of tearing their skin to pieces. With a few ground-sweeping moves, the panther was eventually down. Then they did another Trinity Rush, only this time it didn't work. Kou's punch missed, and Dauragon nearly collided with Volt, then Sion was unable to do his kick and he just hesitated. Dauragon's double kick was hardly too much for them. Luckily, the battle turned for the bouncers' favor. Thank goodness it was only one-handed. Who knows if they'll have the same chance if he uses both...

"Next time, try using both hands." Sion was nearly out of breath, noticing he had one behind his back all along.

"Wong...has taught you well..." Dauragon was impressed about his fighting, though he immediately turned menacing again. "Hmph. Apparently, I have underestimated you. But how about this?"

He did the same sucker punch like he did on Wong. Sion's body landed a few feet away, like being thrown like a ragdoll. The other two men immediately covered for him. But Dauragon was still very coy as he walked toward his so-called sister.

"It was fun while it lasted, but I have other, more pressing matters. As does Dominique..." He snapped a finger, and the bouncers felt the floor rumbling. Then, all of a sudden, it collapsed beneath them! Ayame was horrified, she wasn't sure if they would still be alive after that. She was beyond scared to sense their power levels. The panther limped a little, but she stood by Dauragon's side. "It is almost time, Dominique..."

She went into the hanging garden again. She was extremely terrified at what she just watched. Her body was trembling and she broke in a cold sweat. "I can't fight him by myself...There's no way I can get the Dragon Ball...I thought I could do this by myself, but I can't..." She was close to breaking into tears as she held her head. Then she had a vision of the Z-Fighters and Goku. She shook her head. "No, I can't give up now. I cannot defeat Dauragon, but...the least I could do is get some help. Flying...Nimbus." She swallowed a lump in her throat and the cloud appeared. She slowly climbed onto it and whispered, "We need to get to Goku. It's the only way we could win this and get the Dragon Ball back. Let's get outta here."

They got out as discreetly as they could. The dome had an impressive view of the clear sky and the nimbus took off like a yellow comet; though Dauragon's mind was somewhere else as it recalled a tragic event:

It was at the dangerous, nearby town of Edge. It was a very rainy night, and two kids wound up in front of a colossal building. The girl was being carried on the boy's back. And he desperately pleaded for help as he used the rings to knock on the enormous, old doors.
"Please! Open up! My sister, she's dying!"

A tall, grown woman appeared at the entrance and looked at the young duo. They seemed to be in their teens, that Dominique was 15, and so was Dauragon. Although back then, both shared the surname, Cross.

"Oh, dear! Where are your mother and father?" The kid never responded; they may have been orphans, and it was common around these crime-ridden parts. "Uh... O-one moment. Doctor! Doctor?!" She rushed in and the door slammed in their faces. A few minutes later, while Dauragon weathered the storm, she emerged. "I'm sorry...The doctor's on a house call right now. You'll have to find another hospital..." The door was shut in front of Dauragon's anxious face again. He then implored with all his heart as he kept knocking.

"Please! I don't have anywhere else to go! Please...Please save my sister!" he began sobbing.

Several minutes have passed, and the boy was still carrying Dominique back to his house. Then a car beeped and he stopped. A tall man with a thick, long brown cloak stepped out. He seemed so wise and empathetic, but it was difficult in the raging rain.
"Are you all right?" He asked in a calm, gruff tone. As he looked over his sister's pale, limp body, he declared, "Good heavens, to the hospital, quickly! At once, sir."

As Dauragon continued to look over his sister, his mind went forward a couple years later...

Wong was with him. They were at a bedroom inside Mikado's house. Dominique was on life support, but she was already gone. As they loomed over her, the mentor had a suggestion.

"Master Mikado wishes to adopt you as his son...under one condition."


"You must become worthy of inheriting the Mikado Group. Obviously, you must excel scholastically, but you must also train your body and soul."

Dauragon nodded in agreement as he laid a hand on his late sister's shoulder. "I understand...I would be more than happy to return this favor in anyway possible." Apparently, Mikado took the sick kids in and he even wanted to pass his company onto his adopted son and change his namesake to his, if he has what it takes.

"You will learn all disciplines...For your sake, and for your sister's, as well."

Then, Dauragon recalled a memory at the graveyard. He was standing over his surrogate dad's tombstone. Wong was still with him, and complimenting him on all his success. It was very recent, about a couple years ago...

"You have done well in succeeding your father...You endured harsh training, and you've matured into a young man in whom anyone would be proud. Your father will rest easy knowing that his legacy lies in good hands. From now on, you will lead the Mikado Group."

In the present time, the panther shifted back into the mysterious woman with the black velvet locks. She hung over a little from her injuries, and she laid a hand on him. He smacked it away. "Enough. I'll prepare Dominique and take her to the Galeos myself. We will be together yet." his eyes glistened. Whatever plans he has with his sister, it was not good, but at least he wouldn't have the guts to kill her.

"Yes, Master Mikado." she responded.

Together, they left the dome, leaving Wong's dead vessel behind.

Back at Mount Paozu...

The nimbus took Ayame in front of Goku's house. She's actually been there since hours before the sun came up. She began to stir and she startled herself awake. She immediately looked at her surroundings, and noticed she was several thousand miles away from Mikado. "I don't remember sleeping...I thought I would never shut my eyes..." she rubbed layers of sand from them.

Just then, the door opened, and Gohan was just heading to his high school when he noticed Ayame and the nimbus beside him. "Hey, Ayame, how did it go? Were you successful on obtaining the Dragon Ball?" he said with a smile, which immediately broke off seeing her grim expression.

"No..." Her face lowered and she almost broke into tears again.

Goku was also curious on her sudden depressed demeanor. "Hey, you all right? What happened?"

"Where do I even start..?" Ayame's eyes were burning as she wept. She rubbed them again to dry them.

"How about with a deep breath." Gohan suggested. "Take your time and fill us in."

She did, and when they went inside, she told them everything while eating breakfast: from the flight to Mikado, to meeting the bouncers, and finally to the devastating defeat from Dauragon. As she spoke about the diabolical organization, Bulma was shocked.

"Mikado..? The Mikado Corporation?!"

"'ve heard of this group before?"

"Heard? I practically know this company! Capsule Corp has been in a bitter rivalry with them for years! And it looms over various neighborhoods, including Edge where Dog Street is located. At first, it was promising with Master Mikado as the head, he was respectable but he could always rival my father's intellect. We were so close to going bankrupt numerous times, but thank goodness we stayed if it weren't for the Dynocaps!

"Unfortunately, we heard he disappeared all of the sudden just a few years ago, we were certain he was killed. The company has laid dormant, but it wasn't long before it burst into life again."

"Dauragon! That was the assassin back there. He's in charge now!" Ayame clarified. "Not only did he take the Dragon Ball, but there was an announcement saying he's about to launch a solar-power generator satellite. It'll use microwave radiation, and I'm afraid it could easily cause skin cancer and stuff! Or even worse as a weapon..."

"So I've heard. You may be right about this." Bulma commented on her findings. 

"We gotta stop this thing." Goku intervened.

"But I was unsuccessful. God knows what's going to happen to Sion and the others. And with all those lethal androids, this huge-ass fortress, and maybe his plans for world domination, it's like the Red Ribbon Army and Dr. Wheelo combined." Ayame's voice was rising with every sentence. "I can't do this by myself! How am I supposed to stop Dauragon and get the Ball now!?!" She slammed the table in frustration.

"Calm down." Goku said as he laid a soothing hand on her shoulder. Her head was swimming as she tried to hold together.

"Man...this guy's a lot more intimidating than we anticipated." Gohan said.

Then, Goten and Trunks came out of the bedroom, waking up from their slumber. "Mmm...what's all the fuss about?"

"Yeah, what's going on?" the purple-haired kid asked, groggily.

"We got trouble, guys. Big trouble." Gohan was the one who filled the kids in. Ayame just couldn't stand to hear the same story twice.

"Huh...I need to get some air." she stood up and headed out.

"What's wrong with Ayame, Dad?" Goten asked. Then he and his close friend heard everything. Trunks was a bit more miffed than Goten was, as he heard of the evil going on in Mikado. Even he knew bits and pieces of their business against his family's success. After all, they were both the most dominant companies in the world in terms of money, resources, and fame.

"That guy needs to be taught lesson!" the proud Saiyan boy said, smacking his fist. "It's one thing to steal the Dragon Ball and rule the world, but this has gone way too far."

"I agree, Trunks." Goten said, more scared than determined. He can't possibly imagine that a monster like him would destroy the entire world with a satellite, massacre Ayame's friends, and hopefully not get his hands on the remaining six.

Within a moment's pause, Trunks' face beamed as he said, "Can we go and help her, Mom?"

Needless to say, she was surprised by her son's request. But Goku kind of beat her to the punch. "Come on, Bulma, I know they can do it. They've beaten many foes before, and if worse comes to worst they can always fuse into Gotenks. Besides, I used to take out the Red Ribbon Army and Emperor Pilaf's organization when I was their age, remember?"

"He does have a point." Gohan reiterated.

"Please?" they both said in unison, their hands eagerly folded.

Her face became somber. They were so young, yet full of potential. They do have more skills than Goku did when he first started out on their first quest for the Dragon Balls. The world will meet a certain doom if the satellite is launched, or if Dauragon could even use them. Still, there was no other way... "Alright."

"Yeah!" the boys chorused in glee, jumping, and pumping their fists.

"As long as Ayame goes with you! She'll be responsible for watching the two of you."

"Stop worrying, I think they'll do just fine." Goku reassured. His eldest son nodded.

Bulma sighed, "I hope you're right, Goku. I really do. I can't stop thinking about Dauragon. He can do anything to make my company and the world suffer in his corrupt clutches..."

The boys burst out and Goten called Ayame's name. She walked over and he said that Bulma reluctantly gave them permission to go with her on her second attempt in Mikado.

"We'll take Dauragon down a notch, right, Goten?"

"Right! Don't worry."

"You guys can actually do this? I don't want you two to get too confident. This isn't a game, and he's extremely dangerous."

"He'll be no match for us. Besides, we can always fuse together. And he may know every trick in the book, but he's never dealt with any Saiyans before." Trunks chirped.

"Yeah, he can't top us! Heh heh." Goten added.

"Alright, alright. But you gotta stay sharp and listen to me. I'm in charge here." Ayame dropped her raised, submitted hands.

"Hey, Ayame, what is a bouncer? Is it people that just jump all around?" Goten queried. Trunks made a face palm.

"Eh, no. They are people who protect bars and other public places from dangerous criminals. Kind of like security guards. Truth is, this was my first time meeting one." Ayame defined.

"Oh...I see." his face cleared up as he rubbed his neck, bashfully.

The duo nodded in agreement. They climbed aboard the nimbus, and their friends made a last goodbye and good luck. Even though Ayame forgot where Mikado was, she told the boys to follow her as she constantly gazed over the locator. They were about to head into enemy territory, and the fate of the world, Dominique, and the bouncers depend on them now.

A/N: The only Japanese words I do know is gohan meaning rice, konichiwa meaning thank you, and sayonara meaning goodbye. I don't really know any other words.

Mugetsu was a total pain since I was still low-leveled and inexperienced. I wasn't sure who to use, but again, Sion was the saving grace here. Also, Dauragon, even to this day, always gives me the creeps! Whenever I see him, or fight against him, he always gives me goosebumps and the jitters. I always felt so intimidated by his presence, even now. And the comments she made whenever the bouncers took a hit are similar to the ones Wario makes when he takes damage in Wario Land 4.

During my teenage years, I was always experimenting ideas on who should help the bouncers, besides Ayame. Against Mikado and the entire corporation, one person just wasn't enough. Needless to say, I had A LOT of terrible ideas...until I decided I should add the Z-fighters into the mix! After DBZ concluded with the Buu Saga, I had the answer. Goten and Trunks would be the perfect pair for the job! I always loved those kids.

The comparison was pretty interesting when Bulma related Mikado to the Red Ribbon Army. Even though it is a crossover with DBZ, it does have some throwbacks to the original Dragon Ball, as well. Again, it was kind of like deja vu, even though I saw the original series much later.

Another long, difficult chapter done, but the next one will be just as complex. I'll divide it into three parts, one for each character on both sides. I'm sure y'all know who'll go first by now. See you all later.


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A/N: This is when the Dragon Team find the main trio, will they still be alive after the devastating defeat by Dauragon? Or will it be too late to save them and Dominique from his evil hands? Stand by as the first part features Ayame, with Sion's unknown fate.

NOTE: The messages about the A2 Project were from the actual game; they weren't made up. I'll give Square-Enix credit for all the information received here. Very interesting stuff, well done! OK, let's get this going! Good luck, Dragon Team!!

Chapter 4
Z-Fighters to the Rescue! 
Part 1

After a brief lunch in Dog Street's central hall, the three young Z-Fighters headed to Mikado. Along the way, they passed a few familiar landmarks aside from the massive fountain still intact, first were the tall buildings.

"Hey, Ayame, how much further?" Trunks asked anxiously. He still couldn't wait to rip Dauragon a new one.

"We're almost there, Trunks. Hang tight. We're passing over the town of Edge right now; this is where the Dragon Ball was before Dominique was abducted."

The scenery was so different during the daytime, and the roads were much more busier this time around. She was very lucky the nimbus hovered over Edge quickly, she still has some unease due to its huge crime rate. 

Then they saw the long tunnel which seemed to have stretched for miles. Ayame described the situation as they went. The Saiyan boys were enthralled of the journey. Finally, they wound up at Mikado as they gazed upon the tower. "There it is, you guys, Mikado." They could instantly tell it was trouble 'cause of the massive power levels there. One of them, who had the most ominous, was of course Dauragon's.

"I could sense the energy here, it's so heavy." Trunks commented.

"Yeah, I could definitely feel it, too." Goten added.

Ayame told the nimbus to go slow and make sure they're undetected. Everyone kept their power levels low, so hopefully they'll avoid being spotted on. They also needed to conserve their energy. The cloud circled the base of the tower until it halted beside...a vent?
At first, Ayame became skeptical, but then she realized it was a good idea. She easily lifted off the covering. And she faced the duo. "Alright, guys, this is it. Somewhere in there is Dauragon, or hopefully Dominique and the others." She still doesn't fully understand what the Galeos was.

They nodded. "We're ready."

"Here are what the people look like." Thanks to some of the kind citizens in Dog Street, particularly a worried Boss, he gave her some pictures of the quartet. He hopes they'll be found and brought back safely from the corrupt company; even he undoubtedly hates it.
"Let's get going, you two. And make sure you keep your power levels low. Unless if it's an absolute emergency. If we see Dauragon, that is." She went in first and started crawling in, then came Trunks, then Goten.

The trio had ten Senzu beans to start out with before they made the trip. They hoped that only she and the main trio would be the only ones who'll need them. Soon, they wound up with a trilemma. Three paths were ahead of them: one lead straight, the other made a diagonal left, and the last one made a diagonal right. They could hardly sense anyone, not even the men or Dominique. Ayame grew nervous.

"We got a problem." she said as she faced the kids. "We have three paths to take, and we can't trace their energy. Plus, only one should hold the radar."

"No prob, we'll just each take a separate path and expect the unexpected. I'm sure we'll find them." Trunks said as confident as his father.

"But Trunks, we won't be able find the Dragon Ball." Goten said.

"It's ok, Ayame will hold the locator, while we look for the bouncers. They'll lead us to Dominique if we find her. She still has it I'm sure."

"Good plan, Trunks. I'll take the middle." she said.

"I call the left." Vegeta's son volunteered.

"Ok, I got the right." Goten added.

"Let's move, guys. And good luck to both of you." She gave each of them a few Senzu beans, and she was still holding the four-star Ball in her pocket. "May luck be on our side, and may victory be ours." They responded with a salute, and they went their separate ways.

Slowly and quietly, Ayame crawled through the vents, hoping she won't make any sounds within the ceiling. As she passed each vent, she looked carefully and scanned for any traces of the bouncers' or Dominique's energy. Just as she would like a dog capturing a distinctive scent. She remembered it was difficult to muster, but with some vigorous training, and luck, she eventually obtained that ability. All she has to do is remember what the person looked like. And because she had the chance to meet them, it was so much better.

She continued to trek through, her hopes beginning to dwindle. It's gonna take forever finding the Dragon Ball or any of the others...I'm not sure if I'll ever find them, let alone Goten and Trunks.

To her surprise, there was Sion! At the corner of her eye, she recognized the person through the vent. His head was dropped, and his eyes were closed as he was sitting near a wall in a storage room. The place was crowded with boxes and other thrown in junk. Ayame was worried that he may not be alive, not after what she saw from Dauragon...


Sion was alive! Apparently he didn't perish after all, however...

He looked around and noticed he was alone. His friends nor Dominique was with him. Hopeless, he went on all fours, then slammed a fist to the floor in frustration, "Dammit!" Ayame could definitely understand how he felt. Then there was a noise on the other side of the massive doors.

Sion tried to open the hatch, but they wouldn't budge. Then he backed away a couple feet and charged, causing them to open wide for a short while. Two rent-a-cops were in the well-lit hallway. A large glass window overlooking the garden was on the other side. Ayame immediately followed him through the vents, and the enemies never even noticed her. She was blessed that there were no security cameras watching her in them. He fought them off very easily, barely breaking a sweat. 

Seconds after the cops fell, a Mook emerged from the neighboring room. Enraged, Sion ran to him and slammed him against the back wall. "Where's Dominique?!? Is this job really worth your life?" he demanded as he held him by the neck. The enemy pointed to a door with a control panel at the side. Then, he threw him to the ground and went to it. Of course, Ayame would use the Dragon Ball locator, but she also wanted to make sure Sion was safe, too. After all, it was far too risky dealing with the task at hand on her own.
He emerged in a room to what looked like an office, complete with cubicles, PCs, and desks. A door was to the left of the last one, in which he emerged into a narrow corridor. He followed it to the massive door to his left which took him to a spacious area with couches at the side. Then he took two entrances straight ahead. 

A large wooden table was smack dab in the middle of the conference area. There was one cop in a black jacket labeled SECURITY in bold yellow letters. He approached him along with an orange robot with a searchlight on its head. Ayame could've sworn it looked like a trash can on wheels. He fought them with ease. As a result, the wooden table was splintered when the guard landed on it.

From the corner in another hall, he ran into an ambush. Another ninja was waiting for him, and three more came out from separate rooms. He had no choice but to fight them. For some odd reason, even without his allies, they seemed like a walk in the park, despite the few times when he was knocked down.

He noticed a skinnier tan door and he ventured in it. There was a dark room with indigo walls and he ran up the stairs to the next hallway. Ayame wasn't sure how much longer Sion could hold out, and she needed to hustle if she has to keep up with him. She just kept following him through the vents, and as she moved faster, she didn't care if she made some noise.

He went to the massive door to the right of it which took him to the computer room. The walls were dark, but at least the gates and the inactive monitors gave him some light. Once he reached the door adjacent from the one he went in, he was in the middle of another ambush. There were six enemies now: Four rent-a-cops and two of those trash robots. It seemed it was almost too much for him. The officers actually ganged up on him, and they just held him tightly while the rest of them punched him square in the stomach, which didn't fully heal yet. The robots were still waiting at each side of the door up ahead.

Watching their fury from a vent, Ayame hardly stood the horror. The minions just kept beating him nearly half to death.

"Alright...That's it!" She kicked the cover out with all her strength, and immediately jumped out of her hiding place to the center. She didn't care about cameras now, her friend's life was at stake. Everyone gazed at her speechless, including Sion. She gathered her energy within her body as she fixed her eyes on them. "Stop it! Let Sion go!!" She clenched her fists very tightly, her knuckles growing red. The sentinels stormed toward her, but she disappeared as she moved so fast, their eyes can't keep up. Then she emerged and hit the officer behind the head. He went down in a heap, and so did the street fighter. He was still stunned as he watched Ayame use her melee weapon, the Power Pole. 

She extended it to the ceiling and spun and kicked one. It returned to its normal size, and the two awaiting robots charged in. She whacked the Pole on them, and they were deactivated with a few hits. One tried to ram her over, but she vanished again. As she stood next to Sion, who was still injured, she made a stance.

She brought a leg back, two hands stuck to her side, and she formed a ball. She was conjuring her energy and her cupped hands were growing warm as she said, "Kame...." The enemies ran close to them. "Hame..." Then she released a wave of energy as she thrust her hands forward. "Haaa!!" The attack sent them back toward the wall and it exploded on contact! Sion couldn't believe this spectacle! As the smoke cleared, she saw them dead in the corner.

Ayame took a couple deep breaths and forgot where Sion was. She frantically looked behind her, until she found him to the right. She knelt down and took out a Senzu bean from her left pocket. She handed one to him, "Here, eat this. You'll feel better. It's a Senzu bean, it can help you restore your lost strength." He took it from her, and almost instantly, he felt his body starting to heal. He was very rejuvenated as he slowly stood and looked at himself. He was so surprised on how fast he recovered; he never experienced anything like it!

Facing her with appreciation, he said, "Thanks, Ayame. I never had anything like this before. What was it?"

"It's a bean made by Korin, he's an old friend. They're known to be very rare and have many healing properties. They say its texture is a mix between a corn stalk and an uncooked bean."

"Hmm, I see." Sion said, remembering the strange taste. Then his eyes became wide. "Ayame...what was that technique you used..?"

"Glad you asked. It's called the Kamehamea Wave. It's a beam of energy which is said to be used from your ki; in other words, latent energy that's been stored in your body."

"You know how to control your ki?! Not many people can do that... Not even me or my master..." he sulked a little, remembering his mentor. "Still, I'm very impressed, but you never told me about your Power Pole."

She said it was passed down to her best friend, Goku, from his grandfather, Gohan. He died ages ago, but she was only able to meet his son by the same name. Same thing with the Nimbus, as it was given to Goku by Master Roshi. Then again, she never liked him.

"And that would explain how you followed us..?"

"Exactly." It was finally making sense, he grew more fascinated with Ayame. "We can find Dominique easily thanks to the Dragon Ball locator." She took it out and turned up the settings. "It's up ahead, just a few yards."

"All right, let's go!" Sion said, determined to find both the mystical orb and the girl. He led the way, and Ayame was close behind as they followed the signal.

On the other side of the hall, there was a door that had a huge sign saying "KEEP OUT!". Still, they went in. A large plasma screen was shining at the left along with two smaller ones at each side, and the emblem of Mikado was embedded on the floor. They figured it was Dauragon's personal room, analyzing every step...

"Look out!" Ayame cried and took out her Power Pole, before the black panther leaped in front of the surprised duo. 

"Hey, you're that..." Sion lost his trail of thought. Believe it or not, she didn't want to attack. "Huh?"

"What? Why isn't she attacking us?"

Before Sion asked her, she just ran and disappeared as she headed to the door ahead. It lead to an active monitor. Sion examined it and the screen had a bunch of headers. One was labeled Project A2 in the top left. A map was showing layers of a strange model. As he scrolled through the layers, there was a different topic. In the top right corner the screen said, Mikado Group. Clearly this was all confidential information they were about to receive. He started from the top and worked his way down, starting with...

Project M Special Forces
A project modifying the subject through ROBOTOMY surgery. The nervous system has been enhanced to assist in the completion of assigned missions. However, this simulation of the fighting instincts tends to cause the subject's mind to degrade. Presently, the subject has been assigned as the leader of the Special Forces Unit.

To the right were a few screenshots of the masked figure who abducted Dominique, his name was Mugetsu. It became very clear, considering he was the head of Mikado's special forces, as Volt kept pointing out earlier.

"That's him. That's the guy." Ayame exclaimed.

Even Sion was astounded, and at the same time angered. Without saying a word, he moved to the next topic.

Special Forces Mass Production Type G-I
The preproduction version of the mass produced M type. They obey their orders accurately, even while using relatively simple and short commands. The primary feature of the G-I is that it utilizes the same system as the M type. Testing shows that this unit exhibits almost the same results, in the right environment, as the M type. Presently, these units are assigned as elite members to the Special Forces Unit.

The person labeled MSF Elite was very recognizable. They were indeed the fastest and the most flexible they'd ever faced. Ayame could've sworn they were almost like zombies...Sion scrolled down to the next one.

Special Forces Mass Production Type G-II
The Type G-II is a lower type quality model of the G-I. These units are the most economical version in the G series. Presently, these units are assigned to the Special Forces Unit.

It was easy to see as the person was named MSF, and they seemed a bit more inferior in terms of their fighting style and stamina. He descended to the next topic.

Mechanical - Electrical Engineering Version II
Mikado Corporation's original; service machine, easily manufactured, and possessing a high degree of flexibility. It is one of the many popular products that Mikado produces. This unit is the flagship model for the Mikado Corporation. We intend to develop future machines based on the present popularity and potential of our current machines.

A white robot with scrawny limbs, and a wide chest was shown. It was labeled MC-07. He moved to the next one, which made Ayame cringe.

PD Series
A project that clones a complete human from only a small sample of cells. By converting the internal organs into machinery, the subject's lifespan is extended to almost infinite proportions. Within the PD series, the unit that made the most innovative difference with the new technology is No. 4. Once the PD series is completed, the technology will be transferred for use on "Project A2."

There it was again, what was Project A2? Under the creepy screenshots, the subject was named PD-4. Ayame drifted off for a second, remembering Cell and those other lethal androids. The corporation was becoming more and more similar to the Red Ribbon Army by every scary encounter! But the next one was even more sickening...

Biological Engineering I
A biological weapon created through bio-experimentation. The main goal is to rapidly enhance the abilities of the experimental subject. The subject is easy to handle and it responds to simple orders sufficiently. We are in the process of expanding our research into new areas with these results.

She recognized them as those Rottweiler, or Watch Dogs, that the two saw earlier. She was so sensitive after reading this, that she even hunched over and held her mouth away from the screen as vile rose.

Sion laid a hand on her shoulder, "Hey, you all right?"

Ayame swallowed hard, the vile was burning her throat. "No...I'm not. Why would Mikado do this..? Take innocent little puppies and have chemicals inserted in them. Making them mutated like monsters..!" She went into his strong arms. He completely understood the disgust at what Dauragon was doing. He was, too, a fan of dogs considering his hometown's unique style and merchandise, as it was clearly seen on his outfit.

"I know. It is very unforgivable..." Sion reassured. After a few minutes, she released him. She took a few deep breaths and she said, "Let's get this over with."

He went to the screen again and selected,

Biological Engineering II Bionoid Experiment

The portrait to the right had her name, Kaldea Orchid.

"Kal..dea..." Sion tried to pronounce it. all came back to him! "Kaldea?!" 

He had a series of flashbacks to his early childhood, when they were teens. They were so carefree back then, before she was enlisted into the Mikado Corporation. It was a couple years back, and they were having the time of their lives on an open, lush field. He even made a hat toss to her, and he was laying on the grass admiring her and the balmy summer day. Then she was smiling at him...until the image shattered in his mind.

It wasn't an accident...They were experimenting on humans?! Sion became appalled as he read the text.

Upon evaluating the unanticipated side effects manifested by the PD series, we intend to broaden our research related to cloning. Our best example of this project is Kaldea. The only drawback with our present technology is the treatment ages the subject's cells approximately 10 biological years.

"Oh, man..." Ayame muttered. This was so much to take in. Even Dr. Gero never did something like that... She can't imagine anyone volunteering for such horrid experiments on animals, or humans. And aging ten years was something that was just beyond belief...missing a whole free decade in their lives...slaving away in a laboratory...

Then Sion finally went to the last layer. A familiar pic was to the right, along with an unusual alias, Aggelos Anastasius.

Project A2
A password is required to access further information on this topic. Please enter your password.

"Dominique..?" He gazed at the heading, "What the...What's this A2 project?" Then at the text box, "I need a password..? Dammit!"

"What the hell...Sion, look behind you!" Two Mooks ran in, and one was aiming for Sion's head. However, upon Ayame's warning, he dodged in time, and the screen was smashed. Sion took on one while Ayame took the other using her Power Pole. 

Looking back, Ayame was disappointed they won't see the info regarding Dominique involving her in Project A2.

"Ayame, come on!" Sion snapped her out of it, and she immediately followed him.

Through the doors they emerged into a hallway with a red carpet, almost like the ones celebrities would use. It covered the entire floor, and the walls were a bright gold. The hall and the carpet led to an opening to a door embedded with the Mikado symbol, but they closed on them. Sion slammed a hand and examined for a way to open it. But from behind, the panther emerged from the right wall, and she hissed. 

"Not again! I'll teach that thing a lesson..!"

Sion ran to the ravenous wild cat. She was just as vicious as she was when the trio faced Dauragon at the dome. Her shiny claws and fangs were pretty lethal. When Sion was taken down, she kept biting him. Ayame intervened as she whacked her with the Power Pole. She blocked and countered every blow until she was knocked down from a lunge. Then it was his turn to fight her, with some trips and a roundhose kick when she stood on two paws. She was out of commission in a manner of minutes.

"You all right?" Ayame asked.

"I'm fine." Sion said.

"Whew...this must be the same panther that's been stalking us..." she mentioned in between breaths.

The wounded panther rose her face and stood up. As her sleek body became completely straight, she lifted her face. Then, in a dark mass, it shifted from a cat to an actual woman! Ayame realized her from the dome.

"What the...So now it's human!?" Sion said, astounded.

She just sighed at him, not wanting to attack again. She was greatly disappointed in something, it seemed. Like as if she was trying to show him something. But what?

"W-Who are you?"

"You don't recognize me, do you..?" she asked, saddened.


She returned to her panther form and pranced off to the locked doors. She vanished again, and somehow, she was able to open them.

"What was that all about..?" Sion was trying to put 2 and 2 together, even Ayame. After they were free, Sion looked up. "Dominique!" They went to the large door with the Mikado symbol, and it rose gradually.

The room was nearly dark, yet they still felt the soft red carpet. Sion and Ayame went down a step to a large, golden sofa. And Dominque was on it! But just as he was about to wake her up, they were ambushed by Mugetsu; he was keeping Sion in a strangle hold. "How's my knight in shining armor?!"

Ayame was so miffed she couldn't detect him! With six ninjas surrounding the vulnerable duo, and the ringleader in the center, she took out her Power Pole, ready to strike!

A/N: Ok, Part 1 is finished. Next up will be the start of Volt and Trunks' chapter. Sion and Ayame were almost successful, until the unexpected ambush. Will the Saiyan kid find him alive, or are the bouncers' and Dominique's lives still in jeopardy? Find out next time!

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A/N: This part follows Trunks' perspective. Will he be successful as Ayame, assist the bouncers and Dominique, and find the missing Dragon Ball? Or find himself unwillingly in Dauragon's shadow?

Chapter 5
Z-Fighters to the Rescue!
Part 2

Trunks continued to follow the vents, increasingly getting more agitated by the minute. He was definitely in the mood to tear someone limb from limb, whether it was Dauragon or not. After all, he has the blood of a Saiyan, particularly his father's no doubt. He almost missed a window when he recognized a man strapped to a metallic table standing up against a wall.

As soon as Volt woke up, Trunks felt his enormous power level. For a human's standards, he was pretty impressed. He saw Volt test out the braces holding his limbs back. Then, with a single stretch, he broke free and landed safely on his feet. He adjusted his wrist bands making sure they were secure, it was clobberin' time. 

From the exit ahead of him, a Mook came in. Then Volt just sent him flying several feet away with one punch! As he headed out to the other startled thug, he said, "You guys should invest more in your restraining equipment..."

He watched Volt seamlessly take down the ninjas like they were nothing but dummies. Trunks could hardly hide his enthusiasm as he held the bars. "Wow. That guy's incredibly strong...for a human, anyway." 

As he looked around, Volt concluded, "Looks like nothing's changed..." He went to a dark crossroads. After some quick thinking, he headed left and down the stairs. Trunks flew beside him until he found another vent in the lower floor.

Three ninjas and two trash robots appeared as Volt entered. He had some trouble, from Trunks' point of view. "Ok, he needs some skill..." He commented, as he was quite strong, but very slow. Volt may seem like a badass and a so-so fighter, but he wasn't as nimble as Trunks. His weight and bulk were the problem, but at least he had high stamina and strength.

Through a door, he saw a bunch of racks consisting the body suits from the special forces. "Huh, so that's what they wear. No wonder it's difficult to tell who's who..." the purple-haired warrior said. 

In the next room, four Mooks were waiting for him. It was very spacious and if someone wasn't careful, they could fall over the thin, metallic guardrails. The dark yellow walls made it very dim to see a person's surroundings, making the ninjas blend in more. Volt was able to wipe some of them out while they clustered into one spot, causing them to topple over each other. Then they had a change of plan as they attacked separately, surrounding him in all angles, and later joined by two more ninjas from the top floor. It was almost too much as he kept going down.

Out of nowhere, Trunks intervened from the back end, firing a simple ki blast. "Yaaa!"

The special forces' bodies scattered all over the floor. Volt was free from the pile up, but had a few deep wounds. "...Who is that?" he wondered, looking at that spiky youngster.

When the surprised baddies looked at the kid, he yelled, "Come and get me, you Mikado morons!!"

They all charged in, and Trunks was able to evade all their moves. His speed and strength were overwhelming to them, including Volt. He just sat there, trying to catch his breath, but he was in awe on what a little tyke could do to a bunch of grown minions!

"Whoo-hoo-hoo! You missed me!" Trunks mocked. "You gonna do something about it?" Then he teleported in front of Volt as the ninjas closed in on him with all their fury. And he cupped his hands behind his back. "Buster Cannon!" He thrust his hands in front of him, and a huge wave of energy shot out, knocking the ninjas out in a heap. It didn't take as long as Ayame's Kamehamea Wave to charge; for him, it took less than a millisecond.

Brushing his hands, he said, "Well, that was easy. I wonder if this is all that Dauragon has? Wiping him out should be a cinch." As he gazed back to the wounded wrestler, he realized it was one of the people Trunks was looking for. He ran to him and gave him a small bean from his pocket. "Hey, take this. You'll need it; this bean will help you recuperate. You did take quite a beating back there." Volt reluctantly took and ate the Senzu bean. In a few short seconds, he felt his energy returning and his pain dissipated. "Thanks, kid." he said as he stood up, towering over Trunks. He never felt intimidated by the sight of him.

"You're Volt Krueger, right?"

"Yeah, and who are you? Why are you here?"

With pride, he introduced himself as Trunks. He was sent here by Ayame, to help her out finding the bouncers and the Dragon Ball that Dominique has. His best friend, Goten, is doing the same thing. Although, Volt shouldn't be fooled on what they can do, despite the fact they're kids. "Don't underestimate me, Volt!" Trunks remarked. "You just saw me destroy these guys, heh heh! I can definitely be of some assistance."

"I don't know, kid. This is a very restricted, dangerous area, not some playground..."

"Doesn't have to be. I bet Dauragon will be a piece of cake!" he said out of spite. Some people were just born without fear, and this guy is so full of confidence and potential. Maybe this young jack of surprises could be very useful, especially since they're in Mikado. Trunks took out the thugs with minimal effort, unscathed.

"Ok, you got me convinced. It does usually take a lot."

"Alright." Trunks said, pumping a fist.

"Just one thing..."


"What are those Dragon Balls? Why do you go all this way to look for them?" Volt said, both curious and serious.

Trunks took a deep sigh, he was so nervous as what Volt would say while revealing his secret. Not everyone should know about them for obvious reasons. Still, he had no choice. What else would he expect?

"Oh, you're gonna think I'm crazy..."

Volt just grinned, listening with all ears.

As they trekked through the tower, Trunks explained everything Volt needed to know. And being the informant he was, he, too, explained of his predicament. And why Dauragon was very notorious. Trunks just couldn't believe it; this was becoming more like the Red Ribbon Army he studied about. His family was right about what they were dealing with when it came to the meat and potatoes. Then they made an ultimatum: Volt must avenge Master Mikado and defeat Dauragon at all costs, while Trunks would do this gladly. But he also wants to save the world, retrieve the Dragon Ball, and put his family at ease from their endless anxieties involving the Mikado Group. Again, their paths have crossed, and they agreed to help each other.

In an elevator, they went through a skinny corridor and used the tan door next to it. Eventually, they wound up in the PC room which was ransacked. The monitor looked as if someone punched a hole in it, and papers were scattered all over the place.

"Someone was definitely here...Was it Sion or Kou?" Volt wondered.

Trunks thought maybe Ayame was involved in this as well. He tried sensing her energy as he scanned the room, while Volt found various headlines, and he picked up one. "A report?" Reading it, he summarized, "The CEO's assassin has been terminated, eh? ...Hmph..." He continued to go through the fine print, until it mentioned, "Echidna?!"

That perked up the Saiyan's ears, "Hm? You mean that lady you were telling me about? Your partner?" He could definitely feel his temper rising.

Volt crumpled up the paper and went on his way. "Let's go, Trunks!" He said before Trunks reached for the discarded paper out of curiosity. Then, feeling a little guilty, he ran to him.

They headed down the hall with the red carpet. As soon as they set foot into it via an elevator, Trunks felt Ayame's presence. "Ah! She's here! Look!" And they followed it to the room where she and Sion were ambushed by Mugetsu. Trunks grinded to a halt. "Hang on, Ayame." Volt grabbed him by the hand. They hid by a wall and he told Trunks to stay put.

"But...they're in trouble!"

"Shh. Trust me. We must make a sneak attack on them...And Dominique is here." Volt whispered.

"Oh..!" Seeing the commotion, Trunks became anxious again. Hurry, Volt..!

A/N: I'm not really a huge fan when it comes to Volt's fighting style. He does have a lot of strength and can endure many blows, but even he has limits. Because of his slowness, his attacks hardly connect and he can be very vulnerable in a bind. And he's by far the most clunkiest character in the game! Volt may seem cool and all, but like Trunks said, he does need some work, especially when it comes to development. I would definitely take Sion any day...And I'm not looking forward to the next chapter involving Kou and Goten. This one was easy, but the next is gonna be a complete hassle.

One more thing I should mention, I'm not going to reveal the secret behind the Dragon Balls just yet. That'll have to wait; I still have Kou and Goten to do.


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A/N: ...I was not looking forward to this. The stealth mission with Kou is without doubt the most difficult out of the three bouncers. Not to mention, it was the most strenuous to write! I hated this one so much, but at least involving Goten kind of lightened the mood, just a notch.

Chapter 6
Z-Fighters to the Rescue!
Part 3

At the right vent, Goten was still venturing through them. Compared to the other fighters, since he was the youngest and the tiniest, he almost seemed like a mouse. Out of the trio, he was having the most trouble; he hasn't found any of the bouncers or the Dragon Ball yet for the past 45 minutes. He grew very impatient, and his determination was fading. "Oh, when am I going to find any of these guys?!" he whined in protest. 

He was passing through a window which overlooked a locker room, and he saw a tattooed man with long, disheveled hair, and wearing green quarteroids. He stopped for a few seconds, then pressed on. However, he halted as he recalled what that person was He found one of the missing bouncers!! "That's him, it's Kou!" he beamed. He scurried to the vent again, making a little ruckus.

That actually woke him up. He gradually stood up from his resting place beside a row of steel doors. The clothes were well contained, yet certainly not the stench! It was burning Kou's unfortunate nostrils, as he had to wake up with this foul odor. "Eww... Smells like a sweat sock, in here!" He said blocking them. "Of all the places they could've thrown me!" he screamed as he faced the ceiling.

Then his phone jingled, and it got the attention of an incoming Mook. "Hey, keep it quiet in there!"

"Oh, well excuse me!" Kou kicked him in the gut, and kept at it until he fell over. Goten, from the vents, was impressed of his fancy legwork. His spiraling kicks gave him the most admiration, as he coordinated his moves perfectly.

Wow! That bouncer is amazing!! Goten thought as he smiled deeply. Then, he hid himself as he scurried back; thankfully Kou never noticed him. Instead he just flawlessly put on the outfit from the elite. His idea was fascinating to the kid, He's using it as a disguise. Is he gonna be a spy, or something? They never paid any regard to the naked man's body, which had nothing but underwear on him.

Before Kou left the locker room, he went through his communicator. There was a message highlighting on what he had to do in green lettering:

Special Orders
Infiltrate the Mikado Corporation and recover Dominique. Use the utmost discretion to avoid upsetting the present situation. The Special Forces Units apparently use some sort of code signal to identify allies. To help you deal with the situation, the following signals have been identified: If you come across an enemy, use the same coded signal as he does. If they identify you, use your best judgement to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Good luck!

Huh, Leann must've sent me this... Kou wondered. He shifted to the next screen which showed a list of special poses. When he touched a button, the man was making a corresponding pose, and a description summarized what it is and what it meant:

Old man in thought - Maintain security using extreme caution. 
The man looked deep in thought as he bowed his head while cupping his chin, another hand was behind his back.

A lady's temptation - Await for further orders. 
He gives out an inviting hand.

Lonely warrior - Eliminate all targets in combat. 
He almost looked like a gorilla, squatting and waiting to attack its prey.

Unparalleled friendship - Improve communication by empathizing with others. 
A right knee was lifted while the body was bent over touching it.

He had to study each pose carefully, otherwise if the worst should happen...
No use filling his head with doubt and worry. He must retrieve the damsel. And Goten was just watching him mimic them, as if he was trying to memorize them himself.

Kou left the room, although his brown hair was shown hanging down behind the mask.

The first Mook he saw approached him in a very dark, wide range alley. Many spaces were closed with grey sliding doors. One pose was old man in thought, and he copied it. "Keep up the good work," Kou said. "Everything's under control," responded the agent.

He went to a door straight ahead and became agitated, D'oh! I need a card key.

A man tapped him on the shoulder, Kou turned, and the man did lady's temptation. The disguised man copied it. "Good day, sir." 

Kou said, "Working hard..?"

Thinking there was nowhere else to go, he walked back to his starting point and went in the other direction. As he was passing a wall that said SANDER, an elevator was just a few feet away. Unfortunately, a Mook just got in his way. He did old man in thought again, and Kou instantly followed. "It's all clear on our side."

He walked away and Kou made a brief hesitation to gather his bearings. All right, made it through somehow...

But that was only Round 1. Goten thought still in a vent blowing a warm breeze, as if he read Kou's mind.

The secret agent met a Mook at a bright balcony, and that one was a bit cocky as he strutted towards him. First he did old man in thought, then unparalleled friendship. Then old man, then friendship, then he repeated the pattern until he did lady's temptation twice. Then he repeated old man and friendship again, then...

He kept going until Goten's head was getting dizzy. However, Kou managed with a keen eye, and the Mook saluted him and pointed to the narrow, curved hall to the right with thin, metal rails.

The spy passed a ninja and he rushed off of a small table. Then, his poses were just too fast! He was really trying to confuse his rival. If Kou fails this one, he might... 

He paused for a second, then screamed, "Identify yourself!" Kou's mind just couldn't keep up! He raised his arms as he shrugged. Then, three Mooks showed up. From the vent above, Goten did a face palm. Oh, man...I've had enough of this..!

He burst open the vent and landed in the middle of the crowd on his feet. Everyone was surprised to see a little kid with spiky, black hair and a red vest with a blue undershirt emerge in the middle of a fight. But he just stood there, ready to take them on! No matter, nor care, all the cold-hearted ninjas, but one, ran to him. First, Goten increased his acute senses. He was very nimble and had a striking accuracy. Every punch and kick were exact as he dealt with the ninjas. They did hit him too a few times, but Goten was incredibly resilient. As the foursome ganged on him, he managed to dive between a person's legs, escaping the melee.

"Want to see me do a trick?" Goten cupped his hands behind his back and yelled, "Kamekameha!" He thrust his hands forward and...nothing happened. Embarrassed, he looked at his empty palms, and smiled sheepishly. "Heh heh...woops." The ninjas closed in and Kou finally stepped up to the plate with a kick. They came down like a bunch of bowling pins. Lastly, Goten powered up and tried it again, "Kamehameha!" The blast made a hole, causing all the assassins fall to their demise.

He rubbed his neck, then did a small bow as he thanked the tall stranger. But he wasn't very pleased, even though the Saiyan kid can't see through his mask. "Ok, who are you?! You got some explaining to do, you little runt!" He walked up to the startled boy.

He raised his hands to back him away. "Ah, my name is Goten, sir! I-I was sent here by Ayame to find you! We...we're looking for Dominique and the Dragon Ball, that's all! I don't want to cause any trouble. I-I...I'm on your side..."

Kou's expression changed. He started to calm down a little. He was sent here by Ayame..? That figures. But, why would she send just a kid?

He looked at the tall man, puzzled on what he's going to do to him. "So, you're Goten, and you were sent by Ayame, correct?"

"Uh, yeah. I think you're one of the bouncers we've been looking for." Goten's demeanor eased.

"I s'pose I am. My name's Kou Leifoh; I'm just here to get Dominique and get out of this hellhole. Listen, I'm on a very important mission and under very strict orders, so you'd best stay out of my way." he reprimanded.

Goten swallowed hard, "Um, ok, sure."

Just then, they heard footsteps coming from the back right. Kou immediately told Goten his plan as he knelt to him. The kid nodded when he was done whispering his plan. Then two Mooks went to the duo. They saw one of their men hold Goten in front of his chest, and his hand was wrapped around his mouth as he struggled to break free. He just kept screaming as Kou held him very tightly, though the Saiyan barely felt it.

"Looks like we got ourselves a little intruder, huh?" one said.

"Lousy punk, doesn't he know it's almost his bedtime?" commented the other.

"I guess not."

"I need to teach this troublemaker some manners. He was the one who killed my patrolmen back there." Kou mentioned as he made his grip even more punishing. Goten quieted his outbursts. "Just leave this little bastard to me! I'll handle this!" He tried to sound menacing to them, and it worked. The thugs bought it. It was a white lie, though he knew Kou was joking to buy them from another assault. When they got to the end, Kou released Goten. "Way to think on your feet, man!" he complimented.

"Heh...I guess that was a smart idea. But you should still stay out of my way."


At the well-lit hall he saw another one waiting by the wall. He just stood there, Kou had to make an effective pose, and he had to make one QUICK!! Out of sheer luck, he did woman's temptation, and the Mook followed. Thank goodness there was no alarm this time. 

"Workin hard..?" Kou said. Though the assassin didn't respond. Probably having a long day...I can relate to that.

Two Mooks approached him shortly afterward: the left did lonely warrior, while the right did old man in thought. Which should Kou pick? He hesitated while looking at the pair with wild eyes. Goten was watching above and the tension mounted rapidly. Beads of sweat were forming on his head, and he bit his lips hard. He rubbed his forehead and he was about to bust out again.

Kou saw what Goten did and used the move Old Man in Thought... 

which allowed him safe passage!! 

"Everything's under control!" one pointed. The duo left and Goten took a fresh sigh of relief as he collapsed in the vent.

Kou just pumped his fist. "Damn, I'm good! Thanks again, Goten."

"Ha ha, no probemo, Kou!" he saluted, although his actions weren't really intentional.

The disguised agent heard some murmuring after he just found an elevator at the other wall.

"Hey, did you hear that no one's being allowed on the executive floor?"

"Yeah, I heard they took some kind of top-secret cargo up there."

"Sounds like trouble to me. I think it might be a good idea to stay away from there."

Guess I'm going up...

With a bing the doors slid open, and Kou stepped inside. Eventually a Mook met him on the next floor up, and they still kept going. Uncomfortable silence enveloped the lift. Then his phone jingled again. He managed to hit Stop on his right pocket. And the enemy noticed. 

D'oh! Not now..! Kou thought in irritation.

Suspicious, the Mook marched over to him. Kou raised his hands telling him to hold on. He pointed to his pocket... Oh, this..? It's just my wake-up alarm... 

He stretched out his hands. Then he pointed to his arm, as if he had a watch on it. 

Ya got that? He thought as he was making a pose. The Mook folded his arms across his chest, thinking it through. Until...

he momentarily accepted the sign language as legit when he gave a nod and a thumbs-up.

Whew...that was way too close for comfort... Kou thought as he held his upper chest and he took an assuring sigh.

They soon reached the hall with the red carpet and the golden walls. Goten was able to make it to the top at the same time the elevator did. It wasn't too much of a struggle as the vents also led up instead of just sideways. He was lucky that he, nor Kou, got lost. He just couldn't keep up that spy business any longer.

Alone at last, Kou took out the yellow phone. That was waaay too close...I'd better shut off the comm for now... He did and the screen shut off along with the messages of this whole painful ordeal. It was almost all over, he was very certain he was close to Dominique now. Then in another elevator, six Mooks exited as Kou stood by the wall. 

"We will begin securing the executive floor!" he ordered. Kou just strutted with them. And Goten from the vent saw Volt and his good buddy, Trunks, walk underneath him!

"Psst, Trunks..."

The kid with the wrestler didn't pay any attention.

"Psst. Trunks..?" Goten was disappointed he didn't bother to look up. Having a low power level really did leave him undetected...

The door was opening as the Mooks were standing in single file, then they split up. Not knowing which way to go, Kou eventually decided to take the left side. And then he saw Sion being strangled by Mugetsu! "How's my knight in shining armor!?" 


He was trying to break free and Ayame was being overwhelmed by the odds as the men gained on them.

Securing the perimeter he saw Dominique on the couch sleeping peacefully. He just can't disobey his orders now. Sorry, but I'd better get Dominique while I still can...

From the side of the right wall, Volt grabbed one of the thugs by the collar and lifted him up several feet.

"Volt!? Hey, wait! It's me!! WHAAAAAAA!!!!"

He threw him toward Mugetsu like a football, knocking both him and Sion down! Volt and Trunks marched down from the ledge and into the fray. Looking back, the ninja muttered, "You'll pay for that..!"

"Sion, Ayame, I thought I told you two to stay sharp." The bouncer made a fighting stance.

"Trunks!" A familiar voice called, he looked behind him and he reunited. "Goten!" He ran to him, smiling from ear to ear, and they gave each other a high-five! "C'mon, let's go get 'em!"

"You got my vote!" The two Saiyans were thrilled to see Ayame and their friends in one piece. Nothing was holding them back now!

"Guys! Glad to see you again!" she greeted everyone in the room. He, however, wasn't so giddy.

"Ah! That hurt really, really bad, VOLT!" He took off the mask.

"Kou..?" Sion said, surprised at what he thought was his enemy.

"You look pretty spiffy in that outfit, Kou." Volt commented.

"Whatever!" He threw off that smelly, tight, worthless hide aside. He was thankful he won't have to turn on his friends ever again. "Well, looks like we got our team together!" He saw everyone surround the perimeter, including Trunks, another new face.

Mugetsu was ready to explode. His fist was shaking with fury. "Don't make me angry...You wouldn't like me when I'm angry..." He ripped off the red goggles, never caring about the sheering pain. "I don't care if I destroy my mind...As long as I slaughter all of you!!" he declared at the top of his lungs.

"This guy's lost his mind..!" Volt murmured.

Sion just stood in front of his beloved, ready to smite down anyone in his path. "Dominique's right here. You think I'm gonna lose her to you, NOW?"

Kou shook his head and was prepared for action, "The moment you lose your cool, you lose the battle."

"Huh. That's a good point." Ayame commented. With the Power Pole clutched tightly in her hands she looked to her young friends again and shouted, "One for each of us! Let's take 'em!"

Everyone just charged in for the kill!!!

A/N: Thank f@#$ing goodness..! I finally got all that crap out of the way!! I never liked Kou's stealth mission, maybe hardly anyone does. The first few Mooks were okay, until I got to the last two. I could never get these two perfectly. And when I did, it was just out of sheer luck!! I would deserve a damn medal if I were to do this whole thing flawlessly, without a guide to back me up! I guess that's the only way to keep yourself alive, literally. As you can tell, it's not as lenient as the other two scenarios. And those are the factors on why it's so tricky to pull off...

Ergh, I'm done with this chapter! But the painful fun isn't over yet, enter the escort mission!


A/N: Oh, man. This was very hard to make. The escort mission and the fight with Mugetsu were almost complete torture. Good thing it was limited to just a few characters at a time...Let's just get this over with, shall we?!

Chapter 7
Reunited...And it Feels So Bad

The bouncers and the Z-Fighters teamed up in a free-for-all! Mugetsu and his Special Forces made the executive room crowded during the brawl, and Dominique was in the center of it! Out of vengeance, Sion made sure Mugetsu was finished for good, as he fought the masked man with all his might. Volt faced against two ninjas, while Kou, Ayame, Goten and Trunks each dealt with one. The latter three had to be very careful to not use any energy blasts; it was far too dangerous! However, they were able to keep up their power levels, so it was a breeze for the two Saiyan kids. Two down, five more to go.

The rest of the brawlers rotated on both sides. Mugetsu was definitely the most threatening out of all the combatants. He was twice as fast as he was before with each of his moves, and even he could use his teleportation more accurately. He was also able to land on top some of his unsuspecting victims. At times, Goten and Trunks mimicked his warping skills, making him hesitate. With the combined efforts from all the heroes, the miscellaneous murderers were taken out first; one of them actually fell over the couch the damsel was on. "Hey, be careful!" Ayame shouted over the crowd, though her voice was hardly audible. They were growing weary, but Goten and Trunks still had plenty of salt and vinegar left in them. However, they did let the main trio do the rest of the work. Sion was the one who made the final blow.

"Yeooooowww!!" The last assailant was out cold as Sion punched him squarely in the face.

"Wow...That was more strenuous than I thought," Ayame sighed brushing sweat from her forehead. Her whole body was soaked.

"Piece of cake." Goten and Trunks grinned and responded in stereo.

Volt just gazed at the fallen foe, remembering all the pointless experiments that made the leading ninja go insane. "What a fool..."

Kou had the same impression, "See you gotta keep your cool."

"Eh...don't take that literally, Kou." she muttered. Her clothes were sticking to her skin like glue.

"Dominique!" Sion trotted to the sleeping woman's side. He tried to wake her as he whispered her name. "Dominique..! Dominique..!" He laid a hand to the left side of her face, touching her hair as soft as satin. She slowly opened her eyes. Her vision cleared up as they became wider, and she saw the one who managed to infiltrate all of Mikado for her precious life. "Sion..?"

His face softened and they finally embraced each other. "Sion!" Dominique was just so glad to see him, both safely wrapped in their comforting arms.

"Always getting me in trouble...You had me worried..." he murmured with his eyes closed. This was by far the most trouble he's been in. There was absolutely nothing that could surpass this experience.

"This is the first time you ever hugged me..." she said with a grin. She truly appreciated the feeling as she shut hers as well.

"Uh, I don't mean to intrude," Kou had to interrupt the sensual moment by laying a hand on Sion's rough shoulder. He faced him as he said, "but can we save the love scene for later?"

"Yeah, we have to get outta here first." Volt agreed.

Sion blushed a little when he faced his allies. "Sorry.. Let's get going!"

"Great, but which way do we go?" Kou questioned the informant. With both hands, Sion rose Dominique from the couch. The two of them remained very close.

"Security's tight everywhere. Maybe if we head for the rocket tower it might provide us with a little cover."

"Sounds good to me." Everyone nodded in confirmation.

"Ok, let's move."

The group left, except for Kou who just stood there with a worried complexion. Seeing Dominique run with them, he thought, Sion...I hope this doesn't take a turn for the worst...

"C'mon, Kou!" Goten called, pulling his hand. He immediately went in his direction, "Alright, alright, I'm going."

As the gang got to the elevator, everything was peaceful. Ayame, Goten, and Trunks finally obtained the seven-star Dragon Ball from Dominique as thanks for helping her friends rescue her! But before the bouncers questioned on what they were used for, an alarm abruptly sounded over the speaker. "There are intruders in the rocket tower. Switch all robots to security mode. The intruders are headed for the shuttle area."

Everyone sulked. Just about when they were having a fighting chance... "Damn, security's tighter than I thought." Volt mentioned.

"With all seven of us together, we stand out like a sore thumb." Kou said in disappointment.

Just like the Dragon Balls... Ayame thought.

"I'm sorry..." Dominique replied.

"No, that's not what I meant. What I'm saying is we need a decoy."

"I see..." Volt started to get the idea. Even with the Dragon Team, they will be vulnerably exposed all in one place to the numerous enemies all around them. So, he spoke his plan. "One of us will escape with Dominique. The other two will draw away the guards."

"Don't forget us Z-Fighters." Trunks chimed in.

"So, who'll go with Dominique?" Kou asked, looking around to see who would be the perilous volunteer.

Without hesitation, Sion laid a secure hand on Dominique's shoulder and smiled. "I'll go with her!"

"Thanks, Sion!" she said admirably.

Kou made an irritating sigh, "...So, we're the decoys, then?"

"Uh, yup." Ayame added. He gave her a scornful look, but she didn't regard it. "I think it's a good idea if we stick with our partners. The odds could be even. So I'll stick with Sion again."

"Ok, I'll go with Kou." Goten said.

"Yes, I get to team up with Volt! We'll show these goons a thing or two!" Trunks said confidently while making a fist.

Outside, an orange, rusty robot marched up to the elevator. It had a wide, metallic chest as thick as a 16-wheeler, but it had skinny arms and legs. The headlights shined in as the doors opened. The lift stopped as it binged.

"Damn..!" Kou said as he was blinded by the white light.

"Come on, Kou!" Volt ordered.

"Yeah, yeah..."

Dominique immediately let go of Sion's arm. "Be careful, you four!" she cried.

"We will." Goten said.

"Don't worry, we can handle it." Trunks reassured.

"Good luck, you guys!" Ayame enthusiastically stated. She knows if anyone could help out the duo, it's definitely these two.

The group nodded as Volt gave a thumbs-up, and they all left in a hurry. Good thing they had a sack of four Senzu Beans, so did the others.

Ayame engaged her Power Pole as she took it out from the scabbard. Sion spoke seriously as he faced his beloved. Even he knows that she cannot fight, so it's entirely up to him and his newfound partner. "Let's go, Dominique. Stay close to us!"

"Okay!" She was the last one before the doors shut behind them. They were now trapped on top of the rocket tower, alone.

On the topmost floor there was a trash robot. Sion easily made it crash as he kept kicking it, especially with his powerful Torpedo Kicks. Ayame and Dominique just stood watch until he went to two larger, orange machines. This time, they split as Sion beat the oil out of one, while she smacked the other with her weapon. They had to be careful with their scrawny, though strong, arms as they kept using them to knock them down. Sion rolled out of the way before it made another attack, and Ayame blocked using the Pole and flipped. 

Dominique was scared if the object should break after bashing the robot so much. "No worries, Dominique! The Power Pole is completely indestructible." Then, as she was whacking its legs, the left one was destroyed. It caused it to topple over, and it couldn't move an inch! She jumped back, sheathed her Pole, and unleashed a ki blast, finishing off the metal menace.


"Thanks, Sion! I just got a great idea."

"Hey, come on, Dominique! It's safe for now." he signaled. She slowly followed the duo down the stairwell to the next floor and turned right which had a white widget, and the copper clunker again. 

Yet again they split up while Dominique hid. Sion took on the second bot, while Ayame used the same technique on the other. However, it's legs were wider, so she resorted to its arms instead. With a crippled limb, she continued to whack the midsection and covered herself whenever it poked her. She saw Sion struggle and she commanded, "Power Pole, extend!" It did as it glowed and elongated, taking out its left leg. 

"Now, Sion!" The street fighter had an easier time since the enemy was immobilized. Sparks flew and they were finally off, still managing to conserve their energy.

As they went up a flight to the left, they saw another blanch one. This time, they took turns; when one person fell, the other joined in, until it was deactivated. They climbed down and turned left until they saw another brass-colored contraption. Ayame repeated the process as she activated the Power Pole before it used its sharp, spinning hands grabbed Sion. Her strength was dissipating after that. She was breathing heavier and took out half of a healing bean. She ate it and gave one to her teammate when he was done. They became more focused as they made it to the next floor. 

They went up a flight of stairs straight ahead, then went down and encountered another pair of those MK-30 appliances. Sion made several uppercuts, including a flaming punch as Ayame used some of her ki. As it took the hit, it still stood as strong as a tree. With a few more bursts, it was toast, then she joined the street fighter and used a quick Kamehameha to duke it out. A rent-a-cop bashed into her from behind, forcing her to eat the pavement. Stunned, she felt Dominique's assuring touch as Sion rushed in. 

"Are you okay?" she asked gently, kneeling beside her.

"Did not see that coming." Ayame said, as she tried to stand with her body protesting.

Sion took down the officer in a matter of seconds, since he was a lot more lenient than the others.

"Let's go, girls." he encouraged after meeting them in the corner.

They followed him left, then around in a massive half-circle, up a flight, then down, steered right, then descended two sets of stairs. They ran right and met a security guard blocking the way. 

"I'll get you, you sneaky son-of-a..." With a few fast-sweeping hits with her Pole, he was KO'ed. "Over here!" She led the way and they followed her down two more flights, then turned right, and down to the next level.

There was yet another melon-shaded, mechanical monster waiting for them. They did not stay to fight, they just kept avoiding it as they went straight. Then the trio ascended a small stairway, then down, turned left and there were two white robots. Once more, Sion and Ayame took out one by one. Then an orange one met up with the team. They regrouped and hurriedly went to two stair wells. One was blocked with a crossbar. So, they took the left one. Through a narrow corridor, they went down, and met a white bot and an orange one. They fought them off using the same strategy and went left and down to the next level.

They went straight to a skinny corridor and saw a white widget again. And then there's the elevator right behind...the gathering group of enemies! The ones they ran from met the three exhausted individuals and they were closing in.

The situation was grim, and Ayame's and Sion's strength were just about to run out. There was no time to take a Senzu Bean and they had to escape somehow. Dominique cowered behind him as they marched on.

"Wait a second..." Ayame took out her Power Pole.

"What are you doing?" Sion asked in a hoarse whisper.

"Guys, grab the Power Pole. I need to let them through." She said as she ducked it behind her.


"Just let them through, trust me." They reluctantly held onto the other end, with Sion taking the rear. They continued to walk closer, and she ordered, "Power Pole...extend." The back end elongated, making Sion and Dominique grip it easier. "Hold on!"

She ran toward the wall of enemies, and they just stood in their tracks. "Ayame, what're you doing!?!"

"We're gonna perform a Power Pole Vault!"

His mind cleared at the idea. "Of course...Hang on, Dominique!"

"NOW!" They all stabbed the Power Pole to the ground, and it curved as it lifted the trio over their pursuers' perplexed heads! They each landed a few yards away on the other side with a crouch. The neon green elevator illuminated by four small bulbs was just mere inches away. Their chance for freedom was finally here!

"Sayonara, suckers!" Ayame and Sion chorused. They took both of Dominique's arms, and the red-headed rebel pushed a downward arrow which made their ride descend the remainder of the rocket tower. Their goons just stood there, motionless. One of the guards have said in a gruff tone, "Oh, man...I wish the boss doesn't find out about this..."

"I already have!"

But before he got a chance to look, he smacked him so hard, that he saw nothing but darkness. Dauragon then treaded to the empty shaft, and gazed down at the group. With a clenched fist he snarled, "I won't let you escape my grasp again, little sister." He turned back. "Send in...the reinforcement."

Luckily, Sion, Ayame, and Dominique were safe from the evildoer's threats. They were just trying to relax while taking the smooth ride down. Except for one.

"Sion..." Dominique broke the silence.

"Huh?" he faced her with concern.

After a brief pause, she queried. "Can I stay with you always?"

"What's this all of a sudden?"

Ayame stood up from her perch, listening in on the conversation.

"I don't like this place...Mr. Wong was the one who helped me escape..."

She couldn't believe this has actually happened before. The old man, risking his limited life to protect and escort her through dangerous situations like the ones they've just been through...

"My master..?" Sion, too, was also very amazed.

"And then I met you, Sion..."

"Dominique..." He just couldn't say anymore than that. It was truly unbelievable.

"When I started living with you, you didn't talk very much....But, for the first time, I was free...For the first time, I was happy..." Ayame and Sion both understood. "Can we go home together..?" she asked.

Sion just wrapped her in his secure arms. "Of course..!" His head rested on her shoulder, and Dominique just embraced this feeling of his love, warmth, and security. By looking at the couple that night, Ayame felt her heart would just melt. She had that same feeling of affection and comfort. They were all heading back to Edge in one piece, with the two Dragon Balls on hand. She was pretty confident that Goten and Trunks will keep Volt and Kou safe from Dauragon and his endless cronies.

Her face changed as she decided to do something special...explain everything to them. She never had the chance until just now. She took out Goku's four-star Ball, glistening in the dim light.

She stepped forward and offered. "Hey, you're scared. You can borrow my Dragon Ball."

They looked up and Dominique whispered, "I can have it..?"

Ayame nodded. "Yeah, keep it. It's very lucky."

"Thank you..." she took it and held it close to her.

"So, Ayame..? What are these Dragon Balls, anyway? They're not just for good luck, are they?"

She took a deep sigh as she closed her eyes tightly. When she finally opened them, she asked, "Could you both keep a secret?"
They nodded.

"The Dragon Balls are very rare, and they hold mystical powers." Ayame told the legend. "As they unite, they begin to glow. And when all seven are gathered throughout the world, the Eternal Dragon will be resurrected."

"Eternal...Dragon?" Sion asked skeptically. However, Dominique was very fascinated.

The Z-Fighter continued, "According to the legend, they say the Dragon, named Shenron, could grant the user one wish. It could be anything that he or she desires...But, that was only ages ago. The summoner is stronger and the Dragon can now grant a total of three of them, depending on its strength and the wishes being given. There is a catch, though. Once the Dragon is able to grant these wishes, the seven Dragon Balls scatter themselves all around the world again, and turn into stone. That means they won't be able to be located, nor could they retain their powers for a full year. They must be kept safe from the wrong hands, unless endless terror will befall over the planet. And that's how my friends came to be."

The couple was so deep in thought, they hardly said a word. The power to grant any wish was just...incredible.

"So...being that I helped you rescue Dominique, what do you wish for, Sion?"

His voice was caught in his throat. He was never expecting this. "Can...someone be wished back?"

"Yeah, they can do it. But only once." Ayame said. "If there's any wish at all, which one would you make?"

He hesitated for a few moments. "I wish...If we can beat Dauragon, then...I wish to bring back my master."

"Really? You don't want to wish Kaldea back? The loved one you lost?" Ayame recalled the brief discussion of Sion losing his childhood friend while they were looking for Dominique.

He shook his head, "No. I cannot turn my back on Dominique. She needs me, and I must be there for her, too."

"Oh, Sion..." she held him close, and he returned the gesture.

"If we are able to get rid of Dauragon, and end his regime in Mikado. Then, I'll see to it that your wish will be granted. I promise. As I, too, knows how it feels to lose someone..." she sulked a little. She never thought that he and Dominique would be such good friends to her. She really appreciated it very much; they weren't just a few people causing a lot of trouble and crime, after all.

The ride finally came to a halt when it landed at the base of the tower. With Sion leading the pack, they stepped out and had their first step into their homecoming. 

A/N: Finally! I got all the lead out in this chapter. From then on, it should be smooth sailing. The separation, the free-for-all, and the escort mission were indeed the worst parts to make! Moreover, it's the most torturous to play! Also, if Squeenix plans to do a remake of this game, and I've been hoping for years, they should at least make Dominique's mission more tolerable: Have decent camera angles, make less overwhelming enemies, have her stay AWAY from the fight and not be an annoying shield, and perhaps have some healing items that'll fill a quarter or half of your health bar at most. Yes we could always avoid them, but can't you see we need opportunities to grind our ranks before we progress any further?! Pay attention, Square-shitty-Enix!!

The Power Pole Vault, I think, was an excellent idea! Just using it like athletes would in the Olympics. That was the most clever use of the Power Pole I've ever made!  I really admired that part, especially when Dominique had that pep talk with Sion. I figured it was the best chance for Ayame to reveal the secret of the Dragon Balls. And I think wishing back Wong would fit nicely with Sion's desires. Also, it's weird that the amount of characters is similar to the Dragon Balls themselves...what a coincidence.

So, another chapter done, but it's not the end. There are still the Saiyans, Volt, Kou, and Dauragon. What'll happen next? Will the three return home safely? Find out next time on the Mikado Saga!!


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Pardon me if I was cussing, cuz of lousy internet! And, I'm sorry if this was very lengthy. Plus...I was interrupted and made some mistakes after the fight w/ Mugetsu.

Chapter 8
The Plot Thickens

Sion led the way on the heroes' first step to home. He came across a colossal row of doors to their left in a dark alley. "We'll have to use that." 

"I hope you're right," Ayame said, being a little skeptical. She wasn't quite sure if this was the way out or not. How did he even know?

He tapped on a glowing control panel, and there was a whirring sound. They stood in front and the exit opened...

Someone, or something, popped out. He had messy, silver hair, his right eye was glowing and punctured, and his do was partially covering it. The left eye had a red lining around it, kind of like blood. Almost as it looked like a battle scar. His right hand was like a whip and he had pieces of artificial skin hanging from it. His left looked normal with a long, black arm sleeve. And his bare arms revealed a lot of pulsating veins. He donned on a blue, leather hooded jacket with a thick, gigantic zipper and its sleeves were torn off; he had a dark yellow pair of pants along with a teal sash; and tennis shoes. And he just kept sneering with his black lips, kind of like an evil clown's. They instantly knew he was an android called PD-4! 

"Stand back, Dominique!" Sion commanded as he faced her. She nodded, and Ayame volunteered to protect as she took out her Power Pole. But the scary humanoid was too fast, and he grabbed her using one of his abnormal, extending arms! "Dominique!"

"Ahh! Let go..!" she screamed. PD-4 was carrying her fifteen feet from the ground.

"Miss Dominique, your brother awaits you..." he spoke in an eerie, deep, calming voice. He was definitely not human, and if he was, it's hardly shown.

"I'm...going home with Sion..!" she retorted.

"You have much to learn, my lady..."

Suddenly, his hand crushed Dominique's poor, fragile body. The clasp just closed around her abdomen, and her body hanged in the air. "Huh..? Ohhh..."

"Dominique...!" Sion was beyond scared as he saw what the cyborg did.

"What have you done to her?!" Ayame cried.

PD-4 simply lowered the damsel gently to the ground, and retracted his arm. "Do not worry...I simply put her to sleep... Now, allow me to put you to sleep...Permanently..." He made a fighting stance as he elongated the limb.

"No..." Sion knew he was literally staring at Death in the face. But the Z-Fighter just went berserk! She charged straight for the android with a war cry. "Ayame, no!" PD-4 didn't budge, instead he used his right arm and whacked her like she was nothing but a fly. Her Power Pole didn't really give her any protection. The attack was just too much for her and she flew a foot back! She laid there, paralyzed from the pain.

The killer android took a few steps forward and calmly faced Sion. "Do you wish to attack me?"

He was just horrified on how strong he was! He can't possibly save the women by himself. "Dammit!"

"Why don't you try putting us to sleep while you're at it?" A distant, vehement voice echoed in the barren hallway. It was Volt, and Trunks was with him!

"If you think you got what it takes." Kou and Goten just stood at the side of him, with his arms crossed confidently across his chest. The Saiyan kid peeked from behind. He was the first who saw Ayame's lifeless body. "Ayame!"

Trunks looked over and saw her. "Oh, no." They ran to her and she was too weak to move or respond. Quickly, Vegeta's son took out a whole Senzu Bean and stuffed it in her mouth. She chewed on it slowly and eventually swallowed. Her eyes shot open as she absorbed the healing energy. Her body was still sore as she stood up, still recuperating from her severe injuries. "Goten? Trunks? I'm so glad to see you guys. That means Volt and Kou are with you?"

They nodded, relieved that their friend was all right. Thinking only the trio should handle it, the Dragon Gang volunteered to stay with Dominique; if PD-4 ever gets close, they will strike. Sion and the others acknowledged.

"You're gonna have to take on all three of us." Volt said as the bouncers gathered in front of their foe.

"Three on one...Those are acceptable odds." PD-4 just waved his arm casually. He figured he'd have the upper hand against those weak, full-fleshed humans.

"Acceptable? Gimme a break, we're flesh and blood over here." Kou responded in a sassy manner; however, he yet again had a point.
"Talk is cheap.." Volt added, as he raised his fists.

"You're making a big mistake!" Sion challenged.

PD-4 had some brutal moves, his whip was able to knock down the trio with a single hit. His kicks were constant and swift. He was very flexible and nimble, even his punches were strong. He even had a long-range, laser whip which he struck up as he raised his left palm. They each rotated as they attacked the android.

A Trinity Rush was performed after Kou whistled. It was another code signal, Sion went in front, and gave him two hard punches sending the android back to Kou. He shoved him into Volt. He lifted him up, with the lethal cyborg facing him. "You're going down!!" He slammed him to the pavement with all his mighty strength as he punched him, crushing his skull. "Gauuuu...." The wrestler rose and the fight was over.

"Real cool, Volt!" Trunks chimed.

"Yeah, that'll teach him!" Goten said with glee.

"Way cool..." Ayame complimented on their camaraderie. "I guess normal humans aren't so puny after all."

Even those that aren't Saiyans, Trunks thought. 

"How's Dominique?" Volt questioned. The others looked at her, still and quiet.

"Get that weak stuff out of here." Kou shook his head in protest.

Sion gasped, "Dominique, you all right?!" He immediately ran over to the small group, his friends right behind him.

"How is she..?" Ayame asked, kneeling beside her.

"I...I don't know. I can't seem to sense her ki." Trunks said.

"Wait, does that mean she's a--" Goten stopped as he saw five more PD-4s emerge from another door. They all went toward the helpless homosapiens.

"There's more of 'em!" Sion noticed, the three grinding to a halt.

The quintet locked on and headed toward them! Goten, Trunks, and Ayame decided to get involved in the battle this time. They were completely surrounded, and their arms elongated, ready to pounce on their fresh meat.

"I don't like these odds at all..!" Kou commented.

Dominique didn't even notice the upcoming blood fest. She just held her head, as if she was in intense pain. "Sion...SIOOOON!!"

In the deep reaches of space, over the unsuspecting Earth, the satellite extended its sides and they rotated forward. Dominique went on all fours. Somehow, that vessel Dauragon was using was manipulating her, as well. Then as it was rumbling, her suspenders lit up like a Christmas tree, and everything started to run erratically. Gears were moving rapidly within them, she shifted up her head. It was as if a bone was snapped. Then, she stood up, and made a fighting stance. Her eyes went really dark and sinister. She no longer had the innocent complexion nor the glowing face she used to have. Instead of full of life, she was full of death, it seemed. 

She ran between the two PD-4s. She spread out her arms and knocked them out like they were playthings. She easily grabbed one in her right hand. She tossed it toward the wall, slamming it, instantly deactivating its circuits. Then she jumped and flipped really high, crouched between two others, and roundhouse kicked each one! They were all dead, and the heroes were in the middle of it... They just stood there, petrified, and scared beyond their wits.

"G...Guys, I think we're next..." Ayame said, her voice and body shaking in fear. The others braced for the worst...

Then Dominique's body swayed and then she collapsed in a heap. Her legs were actually emitting thin layers of smoke.

"D..Dominique..?" Sion was just at a loss for words... No one expected her to be such a sudden, deadly, massacring machine.

"Oh my God...she's an android. Dominique Cross is a damn android..!" Ayame said, both in amazement and terror.

The kids just stood there. They wondered if she could be as deadly as the Red Ribbon Army's. As if the comparisons kept getting worse while they piled up...

What did Dauragon do to Dominique..!? Volt wanted to know. He was never expecting this to happen!

Dammit, she's been activated. Kou concluded. He had a strong feeling something was going on. Back at the executive floor, he had his suspicions, but he never had the chance to warn his allies sooner. He wished he would've eliminated the target when he had the chance under LUKIS' orders.

A familiar face landed next to her, and he instantly took her under his arms. It was Mugetsu again, everyone was startled he wasn't dead yet after two fatal rounds.

"You bastard, you're still alive..?!" Kou shouted.

"Hyah hah hah...Of course... But right now I must bring the girl to the giant shuttle, Galeos, where Master Dauragon is waiting... I'll finish you off after that...!!" He leapt up before the man chased after him.

"No..!" He couldn't believe he just lost her again!

Sion fell to his knees. Still very dazed and confused. "That...was...Dominique..?"

The Z-Fighters nodded, even they couldn't get it through their skulls.

"She is Dauragon's dead sister..." Volt explained after a few pauses.


Everyone couldn't believe their ears. Ayame heard, too, but she never wanted to believe it. After all, she looked a bit too young by comparison, and there was hardly a resemblance.

"You're awfully well-informed, Volt..." Kou said in disbelief.

"Dauragon, the present CEO of Mikado, had a younger sister who lost her battle with a terminal illness. Using his position as the head of Mikado, he spared nothing to bring her back to life."

"What..?" The young 'uns were just as flabbergasted.

Sion stormed to him, and grabbed and tugged his leather jacket. "You're lying!" He couldn't believe what was happening; he was the most distraught out of the bunch.

As if to cushion the blow, Volt confessed, "I was a personal guard to the previous Mikado..."

Sion looked up with startled eyes. While his was just as plain as day, never faltering.

"So that's why..." Ayame replied, so fascinated as how he became their personal informant. The dots were finally connecting... Although, Trunks was a little embarrassed as he blushed. "What's wrong, Trunks?" Goten asked. "Uh, well..." he just looked away.

"No wonder you know so much." Kou headed to the clashing duo.

Sion just turned, sulked his head, and smashed his fist against his palm. He was so consumed by grief and horror. He couldn't accept his loved one as a monster Dauragon created. "It doesn't matter whether you believe me or not." Volt reasoned. "Right now, she needs you. Sion...I think you need her, too."

"We're gonna go save Dominique, right? Or else we'll never know the truth..." Kou reiterated.

Eventually, Sion looked up to the massive steel doors. He marched to them, his mind still in a thousand different directions. No choice, the others have followed.

We're gonna need backup... Kou made a quick message to his organization, LUKIS. His fingers flying across the keypad.

"Now, it's starting to all make sense...I think I'm beginning to understand." Ayame said after the team left. "It's all falling into place: Dominique as an android, the satellite, Dauragon..." She trailed off when she looked at Trunks. His head was bent in shamefulness. Goten just laid a friendly pat on his back.

She walked closer to the boys. "What's the matter, Trunks?"

"I'm sorry...I should've told you all sooner..."

"What?" they said in unison.

"Everything...I...I should've told you that Volt used to be Mikado's bodyguard a few years back. He...he was killed, and that woman, Echidna? She set it all up so she could get back at him! They were both partners, but she always had the small end of the stick. Volt was in self-exile before he met the bouncers." 

"Was he?" she asked, fascinated.

"Yeah, we were discussing it as I was with him, looking for the Dragon Ball."

Ayame wasn't appalled by Trunks' confession, just admired. "Wow..."

"I need to tell you a secret too." Goten added. "Kou actually wanted to 'terminate' Dominique as soon as possible. But only if it's necessary..."

"Wait! What!?! Kou actually wants to kill Dominique!? Doesn't he know how much Sion loves her?! It would truly break his heart, especially considering he lost two people already!" She recalled the death of Wong and Sion's girlfriend, Kaldea.

"But...only if he has to. Under orders... I don't think he'll kill her willingly...Kou's a nice man, don't take this the wrong way!" Goten begged, as he clutched her leather pants. He really admired him for his courage, confidence, and his outstanding tae kwon do. He also found his sassy mouth to be funny. He does have a deep friendship with him since they first met with Kou as a Mook.

Looking at his weepy eyes, she just muttered, "I...I don't know what to think..."

"But we still have to take out that satellite and get rid of Dauragon, don't we?" Trunks clarified.

"Yeah, I guess..." she hesitated. She couldn't believe she lost the Dragon Ball and the damsel again. She was starting from scratch from here, but thank goodness she still has the heroes by her side.

"C'mon, guys! We got a job to do. To save the world, and to get the Dragon Ball back! Right?"

"Right...But, can we trust him? Will Dominique kill us all...?" she couldn't get the onslaught out of her mind.

"I hope not." Goten said. "And yeah, you can trust him. He could help us with LUKIS; they're like his backup plan."

After a few minutes of hesitation, she gathered herself. "All right, let's move. The world is still at stake. And we can't let Dauragon get away with it. Who's with me?"

They both raised their hands and cheered.

She turned her cap on backwards, took out her Power Pole, and the trio went to where the bouncers were located.


The trio were approaching the Galeos slowly. They hardly even spoke. In the silence, Kou perked up his ears when he heard a distant whirring noise, "Now's not the time to get all emotional, Sion."

"We have to stop this Galeos thing." Volt added.

Three robots were at the Mikado Tower Deck: two orange ones, and one black one with a glass-yellow window on its head. Clearly, the third was stronger than the other two. 

"Stay on your toes, Sion." Kou said and he charged for the brass-colored bot to the right.

"Let's go, Sion!" Volt headed for the one in the center.

I'm in no mood to be merciful right now... The remaining combatant just barely missed the third machine's attack, as soon as it was about to slam its arms on him.

The two melon-colored mechanisms had to be taken out quickly, and eventually they teamed up with Volt against the coal-colored clunker! They deactivated them in a manner of minutes. The big one making a noisy, ear-piercing sound.

No way am I going to lose anyone else! Sion promised to himself.

The Galeos...We have to stop it before it takes off... Volt thought.

The Galeos...? A giant shuttle..? Are they planning to send that thing into orbit? Kou wondered.

Without delay they ran straight for the shuttle.

"Congratulations! Who would've ever thought you'd make it this far!?" They screeched to a halt and saw--

"Echidna..!" Volt identified her with astonishment. She was standing on a tall ledge, as proud as a cat.

"Now that Mugetsu and PD-4 are out of the picture...I shall become number one! Once I defeat all of YOU!" She pointed straight at the trio.

"Sorry, but we don't have the time to play with you right now!" Volt said.

"I've had enough of your mockery! You haven't changed at all." Echidna protested. They could see her face growing as red as a ripe tomato. Her right fist was trembling. "Ever since you became a special agent, you've been ordering me around!" She leapt off the edge with grace, and crouched as she landed. She stood front and center as three robots accompanied her. And she declared, "I'm not letting any of you get near the Galeos!"

"Fine...we'll settle this score right here, right now..!" Volt was finally not holding back this time.

Hell hath no fury... Kou sighed.

"There's nothing you can do to stop us!" Sion was the most infuriated. He knew they had to get to the shuttle before it's too late!

"We'll right it out! All six of us!" Ayame ran into the upcoming fray. Goten and Trunks joined in.

"Here, let us help you." Goten said.

"One for the two of us." Trunks added.

Volt made no hesitation as he dealt with Echidna, despite her fatal ground-sweeping moves. Ayame reluctantly teamed up with him, considering she, too, was a woman. While Sion and Trunks easily took out one, and Kou and Goten disabled the other; it was a breeze for the pair of young Saiyans. Then, as the team ganged up on her, Volt decided only he should take her out, alone. They watched him as he did some body slams and lunges at her.

"Go get her, Volt!" Trunks cheered. "Show that bi---uh, that bimbo what she's made of..." He kept encouraging him as he continued to fight her. Until the working girl was crushed by his enormous size and strength. That just knocked the wind out of her...
"It's over...Echidna."

She struggled to get back on her toes. "'s not over yet. I can...still fight...!"

"You lost..."

"Then...kill me...I helped assassinate Dauragon's predecessor...and have you framed."

Everyone was abhorred by that. Especially Trunks, "What're you waiting for?! Finish her off! She deserves it!" he yelled, defending the wrestler's honor, or whatever dignity he had left. But Volt just casually walked away. "It's over..."

"I don't want to owe my life to you!" She responded in disappointment. "You've always been like this, Volt! You always had to be better than me...I could never beat you..!" Their bitter rivalry, and her jealousy, just got the best of her.

He never even budged as he convinced her. "Enough, Echidna... Leave Mikado...and lead a normal life..."

The heroes just walked away from the wounded working girl. Trunks just lagged behind, always looking back at her with such disdain.

Then, a lightbulb lit up over her head. If she can't beat Volt, she could at least redeem herself, the way her archrival did. "Wait...The Galeos is in the adjacent tower...Dominique is already on board with Dauragon."


"What're we waitin' for?! Hurry!!" Ayame cried. They all ran to it as they heard a deep roar. Volt was the last one out along with his partner.

The words were muffled during the Galeos launch. The alarm sounded that this was not a drill, and evacuations at the main deck had to be made. It also initiated each phase of takeoff. Lights brightened the loading dock, aside from the neon green signs located at each side. A bell rang as there were rotating red lights. Levers were removed, allowing the Galeos to have access. It was on a moving platform, which drove the shuttle forward, then it ascended. Some people were watching from nearby lookouts. As the platform stopped, the roof opened revealing a lot of light pollution, and some men were waving red glow sticks to allow safe passage. The ship emerged onto a runaway well-lit, and took off as the boosters started burning.

"We're too late..!?" Sion stopped as he gazed up at the enormous black shuttle. It was as intimidating as a stormy cloud.

"So, that's the Galeos..!" Kou said.

"It's bigger than I thought..." Volt recalled.

The Z-Fighters were awestruck.

Argh. What's keeping her?! We need help now! Kou made a fist, as he became more miffed with the delay of his reinforcements.
Soon enough, they were here! A lot of fighter jets flew in and began to shoot the Galeos. The shuttle responded with guns of its own, and it was an all-out dogfight! Ayame recognized the aircraft; they looked like the same one that was firing at the cargo train earlier. And she realized the woman in one of them. Kou described her as his associate and boss, Leann Caldwell. And her ship was known as the Orage.

"So...she really was on our side, after all..? This whole time..?" Ayame had an epiphany.

Kou confirmed it. "Exactly." He continued to watch the lethal war above! Goten and Trunks just stood there.

At the cockpit, the lady, Leann, contacted her agent through a headset. "Sorry to keep you waiting. For now, the best we can do is buy you some time. Use the Air-Carrier to get onboard the Galeos." Her ship was indeed the fastest as it kept soaring away from Dauragon after each volley. Still, the Galeos kept ascending, unscathed.

"What's going on..!?" Sion wondered.

"Looks like they're trying to slow down the Galeos..." Volt said.

Kou was admired by her ongoing confidence that rivaled even his. Leann wants the impossible...Well, as they say, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't..!

Meanwhile, Echidna was limping toward the gang, and even she noticed the activity in the skies. "LUKIS...?! They know about the launch?"

Kou finally put away his communicator and faced his allies. "Ok, let's get going."

"How..?" Volt questioned.

"With that..!" Kou pointed to a completely intact, fully-functioning Air-Carrier. The same one they used prior, only it was brand new.

"You think we could catch up with that..?"

"Let's go while those fighters are keeping it busy!" Sion suggested.

"I just hope we could make it before the boosters ignite..!" Kou wished.

"We'd better hurry..!" Volt stormed to it, as the rest followed.

"Volt!" He and Trunks halted as they saw Echidna again. "Don't you die on me... You owe me a rematch..!" she pointed at herself. He nodded in agreement.

"You guys go ahead, I'll catch up on the Flying Nimbus!" The bouncers climbed in and Volt started the engines. "Let's go, there's not much time." she said as she faced the two Saiyan kids.

"Right!" They responded in unison.

"Flying Nimbus!" The yellow cloud appeared, and the Dragon Team hopped onto it. It followed the ship as it lifted off adjacent to the main tower. Overhead, they saw a few fighter jets zoom passed. They all hoped they won't get in the line of fire while they courageously went straight for the monstrous shuttle. A few explosions were close behind them as they felt the heat licking them. Still, they pressed on.

"Alright, where can I park this thing..?" Volt said as he kept circling for an empty deck.

As he did, there was a stowaway on the outer hull. The assassin was breathing heavily, and immediately took off his mask as he saw the intruders. He ran at blinding speed, and leapt as high as the thin clouds overhead. As soon as Volt was making a parking space, he landed squarely on the deck! It caused the vessel to tilt and crash onto the wall. When the bouncers recovered, Sion instantly knew who he was!

"It's Mugetsu!" This time, his face was bare. He almost looked like a bona fide zombie, or perhaps a Joker rip-off. His rubber suit looked the same, but he had white hair sleeked back, his lips had a black lining and so did his menacing eyes.

He laughed hysterically, "I've been waiting for you...Now that I don't have to worry about Dauragon or the girl...Hmmm hm hm!"
Sion and Kou were ready for the last bout with the crazed clown!

"Who's going to pilot this thing?" Volt asked, though he knew the answer as they looked at him with stern expressions. They already got their hands full. "Ok, you guys deal with Mugetsu."

"I can't wait to butcher all of you! Oh ha ha HA HA HA!" he screamed as loud as his lungs could muster.

"Yeah, I'm not gonna be satisfied until I finish you off!" the street fighter declared.

"Any way you look at it, you're going to hell..!" Kou added.

"Let's split up so we can distract Mugetsu easier." Ayame said.

"It's about time I put an end to this super freak!" Goten chimed.

"Yeah, let's put him in his place where the crazies are!" Trunks cheered.

Mugetsu was extremely powerful as the Air-Carrier was soaring over the shuttle while LUKIS were doing their business. He had an insane move as he spun in midair a few inches above with supersonic speed. He also had some kind of torpedo move, which his body spun and lunged into the group! As Mugetsu collapsed to the ground, Ayame warned, "Watch out! He's not done yet! It's just a faker!" She fired a ki blast straight at him, and he immediately spun on his head like a tornado, repelling the projectile straight back at her! It hit the Nimbus, but eventually she recovered from his onslaught. "Ah, c'mon, Nimbus. Hang in there!" Goten and Trunks flew in to assist the bouncers with their energy blasts, and Ayame smacked him with the Power Pole as she went in with her Nimbus. Until Sion managed to knock him off with a honed, strong punch. He went over to make sure his nemesis was finally done for...

Suddenly, a hand stuck up as he was hanging on to the deck by a measly thread! He had so much homicidal rage, that he was trying to pull down Sion with him by the neck! Ayame was rushing in for the kill. "Kamehameha!" she signaled the Saiyans. They all charged up, and did a triple shot to the psycho's side, making him finally fall to his demise.

"There he goes!!" she exclaimed.

"No, it's not over. It's not over yet! I haven't..." The engines of the Galeos began to have a blinding glow...just as Kou predicted. The crazed man had such a horrified look as he gazed into the eye-scorching light. His eyes and face were as wide as the deck itself. As soon as the boosters were firing at full throttle, his body was gone!

"Ugahhhhh!!!" With a short, piercing scream, he was obliterated! It was incredibly satisfying!!

"Incineration, huh? You'd better get used to it, where you're going." Kou commented, looking over the guardrails.

"Now that leaves only Dauragon!" Sion said, joining him. It was after all their last obstacle to victory.

The Z-Fighters were on the landing dock and signaled Volt to come to them. But, they had to hurry while the air was getting thinner and chillier. They knew it was getting close to the stratosphere. He eventually did, and the aperture closed behind them when Trunks hit a button on the wall. The Air-Carrier skidded to a halt, without any kind of damage.

The room was almost completely black, and the bouncers jumped out. "Let's go, we must stop Dauragon at all costs. There's no going back now..." Volt said, as determined to end his life for all the tragedy and false accusations he's been through. They joined him, but Ayame stopped short as she held her head. They wondered what was wrong...

Inside the control room, Dauragon was vigorously typing on a computer. Dominique was strapped in a leather chair and wires were connected all over her body. The Mikado symbol was everywhere, including the floor. And the massive window overlooked the planet! At last, he stopped. "Let us begin, Dominique. We will start with that accursed hospital!"

He was able to control the satellite within the vacuums of space. Underneath, it elongated a gigantic, tubular device. Then, it began to power up as it absorbed solar energy. Suddenly, it shot it all down straight towards the Earth! Below, the huge hospital, the same one that turned down the desperate Cross children, was annihilated in an instant! It was just like the sequence from Independence Day, only it was very real!!

As her mind felt like it cracked, Ayame let out a shrill cry. Sion ran to her side, after she fell to the ground, her body was shaking and she was sobbing almost hysterically. "Ayame..." He forced her face to look into his eyes. "What is it..?"

"What's wrong?" Trunks asked, just as concerned. Goten followed, so did Kou and Volt.

"The satellite...I knew...I knew it was horrible..!"

"The satellite..?"

"Yes...I saw a newsbreak talking about it..! Dauragon was there, and it was supposed to use solar energy as electricity...I grew very concerned on how we'll be affected by the amounts of radiation, thinking we'd get skin cancer of sorts..."

Volt understood, as he recalled the unusual weather a night ago.

"But..I was wrong. It's supposed to do that...But I just felt my heart sink, almost shut down as..." She couldn't finish her sentence. She fell into Sion's reassuring arms.

"Shhh, it's ok..." he kept saying to her; she was definitely a nervous wreck on what she just found out.

"Huh?" Trunks' eyes became wide. So did his best friend's. "Do you feel that too, Goten? It's like it went straight through my stomach..."

He nodded in agreement, as he had a huge punch in his gut. "I wonder that's what evil feels like." Vegeta's son said as he wiped his sweating forehead.

"It must be really bad... Ayame was right, it was that satellite. It just destroyed a hospital on Earth!"

"What!?" Volt was not impressed.

"So, the satellite is being used as a weapon. Obliterating anything that Dauragon despises..!" Kou concluded. "We got to stop him now!" He smacked his fist on his palm in protest.

"We're not going to let him get away with this!" Sion said, after he led Ayame up.

Into the Galeos Passageway, there were two gigantic, faded green doors. And a panther was casually sitting next to them, until she growled as she saw all six intruders.

"It's you..." Sion said.

"Hey, it's that black panther again!" Kou made a remark.

It began to prance toward the small group, her eyes gleaming in all her fury.

The young bouncer led the fight. "What are you, anyway?!" he asked impatiently.

A/N: I'm sorry I can't seem to get the dialogue right for the Galeos launch. It was all muffled and at one point I could hear the alarm say "This is not a drill...", and also to evacuate the area. I wish there were some subtitles as they described each phase of the takeoff... So, sorry about that.

Ok, this chapter was a challenge to make, but the next one... It'll be pure torture! I don't want to spoil too much, but this is where the team will finally have a chance to fight against Dauragon C. Mikado! The fate of the planet is in the bouncers' and the Z-Fighters' hands! This will take a long time to make, so stand by for the startling, so-called conclusion of The Bouncer!!

However, it won't be the end to this story, though...


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Chapter 9
Showdown at the Galeos!

The last fight Sion and Ayame had with the panther was a cinch compared to now. She unleashed all her prowess as she used her fangs, claws, and even her body as she kept lunging at the main trio. The Z-Fighters stood next to the distraught Ayame, and they were ready to pounce on that conniving feline. What they didn't know, or what the other two bouncers didn't realize, was that she could transform into a tall woman at will; it was the same one they saw back at the dome, stunning both Kou and Volt!

"Who is she?!" Goten queried.

"I don't know." Trunks replied.

The fight started as she was constantly heading toward Sion, until the others intervened. She wasn't too bad since it was only three against one. And the easiest way was to use their ground-sweeping techniques on the panther form. The woman was pretty weak, as well.

She once glanced over at Sion...then he did a Torpedo Kick at her gut. She backed away and she didn't even flinch. She just stood there holding her chest in pain, staring at him with that sorrowful complexion.

"Sion..." she spoke apathetically, her voice deeper than any alto. He just gradually lowered his fists. "You don't recognize me, do you..? Now that I'm so much older than you."

Just then, he started connecting the dots from the time he was going through the A2 Project. And then, he recalled... "No...That's impossible...! Kaldea!?" He ran and caught her as she collapsed. He sat down, with her heavy, limp body in his hands. He kept lifting her head, making sure she was looking into the same eyes she saw during their earlier years...

"Mikado staged my death, and erased my existence." the mysterious woman explained.

"You're wasn' accident..?"

"They experimented on me using bionoid technology, so that...Dominique...could become more human..."

Volt was finally beginning to understand. "Bionoid technology..." Then, his face turned really sour. " didn't..."

"Hm? Did what?" Goten asked.

"Of course...Echidna wasn't the one who killed Master Mikado...Dauragon did!" Trunks clarified. "She just arranged it all and framed Volt for everything, so she could be the top dog, removing him in the process..! He just wanted to use the corp for himself, and speed it up when he hired all those assassins, including him...No wonder Volt wants to go for vengeance."

"Trunks..." Ayame just sulked a little. She was surprised how much he learned about Volt's dark past in such a short amount of time. His intellect was incredible, just like Bulma's. And she also felt really sorry for the troubled bouncer, as well.

"And Dominique was the prototype for his technology, so she could be like his dead sister, absorbing Kaldea's human DNA." he lectured. "That's just sick..!" he recalled seeing PD-4. Even his family's company, Capsule Corp, would never do anything that unsettling.

Still, Kaldea was just as passive as ever. "I pity him. It is so sad..."

"Him..?" Sion asked, perplexed.

"Dauragon, he's lonely...I must be by his side..."


The seven were so absorbed during the conversation that...

They didn't notice Dauragon sticking out his large chain through the doors, stabbing Kaldea straight though the heart from behind! Part of her pendant fell before her lifeless body! Sion dropped her onto the floor, and recognized it was the same pendant he gave her as a congratulatory present for her employment in this accursed organization! His hands were shaking immensely, so was everyone's spirits. 

"I've no need for such pathetic sympathy from a bionoid..." The head of Mikado spoke, without any trace of remorse. The doors closed as he stepped away.

Out of everything that Kaldea did for Dauragon just out of empathy, she was massacred by the madman! The woman that was missing for two years, since her new intern at the Mikado Corporation, had led to this... Not to mention her aging for a decade, and turning into a wild hybrid. Instead of the explosion at the corporation, Sion saw her get killed right in front of him... He just lost his former friend, twice.

His sudden fear and grief momentarily turned to a deep, terrible rage! "You...bastard!!"

He immediately stormed into the control room ahead, and his friends wasted no time chasing after him! Ayame and the others just stayed put, but she didn't have the chance to warn them. "Wait..!" The doors slammed shut, trapping the trio inside.

"No!" She realized they were locked in.

They stopped smack in the middle of the claustrophobic chamber. "Stop it, Dauragon!" Volt countered.

As he was vigorously typing on his motherboard, he said, "With this satellite I will provide unlimited energy to those who will follow me, and I will demonstrate what happens to those who cross me."

Ayame was right on what she felt. Her ki instincts were never wrong. Kou reiterated, "You're going to rule the world with a satellite..!?"

The CEO stopped, his voice rising with his bloodlust. "Human beings want to be controlled. They forsake those who offer no benefit. They laud those with power! They can do nothing for themselves! Mankind's true desire is to be dominated by absolute power!"

At the other side, Ayame peeped, "Not to mention, we also have rights that shouldn't be taken away from us..." Goten and Trunks were beside her, listening in. Just then, the trio saw numerous explosions as the Galeos and the satellite were controlling the endless reign of terror! It was easily seen from space! And it was just as horrifying!

"Dominique, STOP!" Sion had had enough, and he screamed her name, causing the computer to crash. She looked as if she was trying to fight something within her mind...

"What's wrong, Dominique?!" Dauragon slammed a fist on the busted contraption.

"I don't think your sister agrees with you..." Volt replied.

"Sister? This useless puppet..?!"

Sion then realized what her true purpose was. Dominique was only invented by Dauragon as a tool of massive destruction and death! Including the satellite itself! His one and only sister was there to feed his dark desires, as a laser guiding computer. "You're...the one who created...Dominique..!"

"I will take you on with both arms. This is your reward for being such a nuisance!" He faced the bouncers with a lot of hatred as he spread out his limbs. In order to get to his artificial sis, they must go through him! The fate of the world is in their hands, and there was no way out since they were in space! It's entirely up to them...

Sion remembered Dominique saying how his master helped her escape; she knew about her brother's evil motives, including the involvement of Kaldea. She was used for all the evil he'd bring about unto the world. Then his mind shifted over to the numerous deaths he'd seen. "This is...this is unforgiveable, Dauragon!!" he screamed.

"I will avenge...Master Mikado!" Volt declared.

"There's no turning back now. It's time to go all out!" Kou said.

The Z-Fighters felt his power level skyrocket! It wasn't up to 9000, but it definitely was the highest from any human they've ever encountered. They painfully watched as they noticed the heroes' energy was fading upon every blow. In the second fight, he unchained his arm and used a variety of fast and powerful punches, kicks, and throws. They were pretty lucky they were able to knock him out, but...

"I beat him...I beat him, Dominique!" Sion cheered.

"Go to hell!" Volt muttered.

"That was pretty good...Not many people make me break a sweat." Kou complimented.

...He wasn't out, though. In fact, they felt his ki ascend more this time..! As if he has the ability to hold back his energy, like the Dragon Team can.

"What?! Dauragon is not down yet!?" Ayame observed.

"You could never understand the humiliation that I have gone through..." He removed the trench coat and discarded it. Underneath were black denim pants and brown shoes with a darker shade of brown straps in the middle. He was wearing overalls, which was similar to a hakama. His attire symbolizes a high rank of a samurai, or a martial artist, in this case. Through her friends' experience, wearing it while bare-chested is a bad sign, as it is more modernized, and it mostly shows someone going all out with no iota of mercy. And because it was large, it also meant that it does show, "The burden of having to be the best, of having to be worthy...!"

Never backing down, Volt retorted, "Don't be so arrogant, Dauragon!"

"You think I'm gonna lose to someone who's only motivated by resentment!?" Sion challenged.

"You're just joking, right?!" Kou mocked.

"Resentment..?" Goten asked, curious on what the foreign word meant.

"Hate. Wrath. Malice." Ayame clarified.

"Oh." The two Saiyan children said.

He seemed more flexible as he gained the use of some acrobatic kick combos, as well as an unblockable Jet Uppercut. His back flashed and he unleashed his full strength while his fist glowed with a dark pulse. "Heeee...yah!"

The Z-Fighters were in utter disgust as they felt their agony. "They can't possibly take another hit like that..!" she said, alarmed. Still, their energy were fading more rapidly. They wondered how long could they hold out. Sometimes, one of the weakest would stay back and let him be shielded by his comrades, until there was an opening. The trio seemed to be equally fit, in terms of dissipating stamina. With sheer luck, they were barely able to take him down again. They were so battered and exhausted, the Z-Fighters were so relieved after the ongoing punishments they simultaneously endured.

In front of his sister's perch, he collapsed to the ground with his hakama torn. "T-this can't be..."

"I'm a bouncer. I make a living putting my life on the line!" Sion declared.

"Deluded fool..." Volt mumbled.

"Mission complete." Kou said in between pants.

However...the Dragon trio could still sense he's alive and ready. He just conserved his energy for one more round..! "He's still alive?!" Ayame said in complete panic. "This can't be happening!" Goten froze. "Even after all that? What the hell, man!" Trunks protested.

Back in the control room, Dauragon just laid on his back, grinning from ear to ear. He laughed twice, the latter being an outburst. "Good. Goood! I never expected anyone to push me so far." Slowly, he went on his feet once more, in front of the shocked heroes. "Pardon my past discrepancies, I will forget the past...I no longer care about the indignation I have suffered. I should thank you for opening my eyes to this new indulgence!" He ripped his jumper overalls apart, and he was completely topless. And the straps were hanging at the sides. Everyone saw a tattoo of a skinny, curving red dragon breathing a sinister, small flame on his back. His pride and power level went as high as beyond the exosphere! Making the young trio extremely nervous. This was indeed the highest yet from any human!! 

"The pleasure of fighting for the sake of fighting!" he proudly announced as he prepared himself.

"Bring it on. It's time to pay you back for the shame you've caused to both Master Mikado and me!" Volt shouted.

This isn't good...Guess I won't be able to have that date... Kou embraced for the worst.

"Give me the best you got! I'll still beat you!" Sion's courage went just as high as the unstoppable CEO's!

To the others, they were being very, very foolish! Yet still, they stood by, thinking their best chance is to wait until the control room was clear. They cannot get involved now since he and the bouncers would keep getting in their way. There were too many incidents in which they would collide into each other.

In the fourth fight, he used powerful combo attacks such as the Flying Dragon Kick and Rushing Beat. The former, they all saw, was a move in which Dauragon jumped and did a spiraling kick, his dark essence surrounded his legs. And the latter....

The other attack was the most lethal!! He raised his fists, his dragon mark illuminated for a brief second, and he unleashed all his might as he was doing rapid punches at unsurmountable speed and power! The Z-Fighters figured he'd take out all three bouncers in mere seconds.

Sure enough... 

The tank, Volt, was the first. He was acting as their shield throughout the entire ordeal, and now the Dragon Team felt his energy plummet to nothingness. 

"VOLT!" Trunks cried as his ally had fallen.

Shortly after came Kou as he went down in a heap next to him, "Damn..." he said before he was gone, ending his life and his mission.
"Oh no, KOU!" Goten pressed his little palms on the doors blocking his way as his friend met his demise.

"S...Sion is next-!" Ayame was stuttering as she knew that her new best friend would join them...

With a sudden punch to the gut, his vision blurred as he went down to the pile of his comrades. He landed forward on all fours, and saw his beloved, helplessly strapped into that chair, now vulnerable to her brother's complete control. They all had failed. With a stuck-out, shaken hand, he whispered, "Domi...nique..!" He, too, blackened out when his body became lifeless. 

"NO!" Ayame screamed as she felt his energy disappear. Then there was a maniacal laugh of triumph from the new Master Mikado. "No..." She managed to keep herself together as her friends encouraged, "We'll take Dauragon out for them!" "Yeah. It's up to us now!"

With a few deep breaths, she said, "You're right, guys...I have no alternative. The doors must be unlocked." She faced the duo with a grim look with whatever sanity she had left. "You know what to do..." They nodded with the same faces of dread. In unison, they laid their hands on each side, and they emitted a white sphere of energy, growing in density.

Dauragon just kept on pounding around the keyboard, as if little to nothing has happened. He resumed his demolition and wrath, until he heard a strange, fizzing noise. Underneath the doors, the space lit up with a very bright white. They were blasted beyond their hinges and they fell with a deafening clang! Through the thick layers of smoke, three figures stood before him. Eventually it cleared, and a teenage female, and a pair of boys looking to be in their tweens emerged. To the left was Goten, then Ayame as she stood back and center, then Trunks. The two pint-sized warriors made a stance.

"This is your last line of defense?" the madman said in confusion. "Three little kids?!" He looked them down with anger and intrigue.
"That's right!"

"Three little kids!"

"You can't take us all on, Dauragon!"

Goten and Trunks transformed as they yelled. With a burst of energy, they were surrounded in a golden aura. Their eyes turned into turquoise, similar to that of Dauragon's. Their hair became spiky and matched the same shading as their essences. And their power levels raised drastically, perhaps even more than the tower of terror!

Unwavering, he dragged a foot back, raised a fist, and said, "Come on!"

Ayame stayed close to the bouncers, as the Saiyans made their first move. They simultaneously went toward Dauragon and then disappeared before he hit them! It was as if they were expecting him to punch them, but all he hit was thin air. They reappeared at each side and kicked him in the midsection. He countered them as he quickly spread out his arms, knocking them back. He then turned to Trunks and as he stood up, he performed his fatal move.

"Trunks, watch out!" Goten cried out.

"Heee...yah!" Dauragon unleashed his rapid punches, but the son of Vegeta dodged every one with ease! He spread out his arms as he said, "Missed!" Then, he was hit directly in the head! The cocky Saiyan faced the brute looming over him, until he disappeared.

His eyes scanned the room. "Marco...Polo..! Marco..." Then Trunks emerged and did a flying kick from the side. Then Goten dived in with some fast fists of his own! Then, it was a test of speed, endurance, and fury as the battle continued.

Ayame figured that if the boys can keep Dauragon distracted long enough, she could give the remaining fighters another chance. She hoped they hadn't already bit the dust; she must hurry, though. She kept her power level low to avoid being detected; she had a feeling that Dauragon could sense someone's presence using their ki, rather than just holding back his power. While the war raged on, she laid her hands on each individual, starting with Sion. At the same time as her hands lightened, her energy was being depleted with each healing session. She took out two Senzu Beans and felt discouragement; she had no idea there were only those left. "We used most of them already..?" she asked in bewilderment.

Still, she broke them into halves, and gave each but one to her fallen comrades. "Come on, come on..!" She shifted their mouths, making sure they had enough strength to chew, swallow, and digest the curing properties.

Goten and Trunks stood in front of Dauragon for another bout. They were starting to think it was gonna be one-sided. They had an inclination to fuse into Gotenks, even though the result could mean the Galeos would become space dust. 

"You two are starting to annoy me!!" Dauragon roared.

Then...he looked over at the woman he saw as his eyes turned... Before they had a chance to react, Ayame looked up and he began to strangle her with one muscular arm across her throat! He might not win, but he figured his best chance was using a fear tactic to outsmart his opponents!

Before she could scream, his hand immediately covered her mouth. Against his insanely durable body, she was being crushed! The two warriors looked upon her in deep terror.

"Stand down before I destroy that puny, bitchy bug..! ...STAND DOWN!"

Their shiny auras immediately dissipated, and they returned to their normal selves again, power and all.

"That's better..." His hand returning to her windpipe.

"Don't worry about me Goten and Trunks...You have to save the world..! You are our last hope...Save yourselves!" She had a bad feeling that she wasn't able to revive her friends in time...

He used more of his enormous strength. "Shut up!!" Her body became limp and he dropped her, stomach first.

"Oh no!!"


He snickered with so much glee. Victory was his...

Until there was a whoosh of air behind him. From the back of his neck, he was hit with as much force as a hurricane. He fell to the floor with a loud thud, and there was a person that stopped spinning as fast as a F-5! It was Sion!!

He was heaving as the bean only cured one half of his energy. Goten and Trunks rushed to the girl's side, they knelt down, and Trunks took out the last bit. She slowly chewed on it.

"Sion! It's you!" Goten cried.

"I can't believe it...The Senzu Bean really worked..!" Trunks added.

"...For now." he muttered.

Ayame's eyes shot open, as did Dauragon's. She was gasping for air and barely saw him stand up and face one of the revived bouncers. He was incredibly lucky. The titan rose twice as fast as she did, and while standing with just one hand, she gradually lifted her aching vessel. She was not about to surrender to this tyrant...

Facing Sion, she gathered all her energy, or whatever she had left. "I won't...let you...hurt anyone else..!"

The assailant faced her and she unleashed a wide volley of energy straight toward him! "Aaaaaaagggghhhh!!!" As she screamed, he was engulfed by the blast...until her attack gave away within about a few minutes...It almost felt like several. She fell to the ground all tired out. "I...can more..." Dauragon was standing, as if the frantic attack was nothing. "Is that the best you could do..?"

"No way!!" The Saiyans immediately lunged straight toward his abdomen, similar to the sucker punch he pulled on both the deceased Wong, and Sion soon after. He was as still as a statue, even his face, as the boys withdrew themselves. Everyone stood in place.
THWOMP! ...Dauragon's body fell, startling the group. After a while, they collected themselves as intense relief washed over them.

Sion was the first who broke the silence as he spoke in between breaths. "And you still couldn't beat us...with all those moves. You lost!"

The Z-Fighters sighed. Then something rolled out of Dauragon's pocket. Grabbing the object, it glowed in Ayame's hands. The four-star Ball was restored at last. "Yes..!" she cried in amazement.

"We did it! We got the Dragon Ball back!" Goten cheered.

"And Dauragon is Daura-gone!!" Trunks beamed. They giggled and did a high-five.

Suddenly, the two remaining bouncers finally began to rise. Kou and Volt awakened with quite a few grunts. Their bodies and heads started to heal themselves. They looked at the once-fallen heroes. "Well, look who decided to show up." Trunks crossed his arms, smiling.

"Welcome back, sleepy heads!" his buddy followed.

Curious, Kou looked around, and eventually noticed that the madman was no longer alive. "I made it...Leann..." He was so overwhelmed of the fact he wasn't dead after all.

"Master Mikado..!" Volt was just as dumbfounded on his luck, but at least his mentor's death was avenged at last.

"Nope, it's just us!" Trunks exclaimed.

Sion gasped, as if he forgot something. He ran toward the motherboard, and the duo went too.

"Dominique..." He was right in front of her, hoping she wouldn't go berserk like she did against the PD-4s.

"Oh, allow us!" The Saiyans chorused, ripping apart the strap. When the restraint was broken, she gradually opened her eyes. She was really dazed, and her vision eventually cleared as she saw...

"Sion..." He picked her up and held her close. "It was terrible. I was dreaming that I was killing lots of people." she said in fear.

"It was just a bad dream, and you won't have anymore of them." he reassured. "I promise." He leaned close to her and shut his eyes in the embrace.

But the affection was short-lived.

"Oh no!" Volt called as he looked out the ship.

"Hey, we're gonna ram the satellite." Kou demanded, "Volt, change course!"

"This ain't no Air-Carrier!" The strong man said hopelessly as he looked over the controls. Then, the inside started to shake.
"Dammit!" Sion said.

"What?!" Ayame retorted. "This...this is it?"

"We-we're gonna die here, just like that..?" Trunks added.

"Ahh, this is not good!" Goten shouted. He only wished his father was here so he could teleport them using his Instant Transmission. Unfortunately, there was no way out! The Z-Fighters cowered as they huddled themselves together. They sat down and just braced for impact.

"The back..." Dominique muttered.

"Huh?" Sion wondered, facing her.

"The back...of this big ship. The back of it will return to Earth..."

"What're you talking about, Dominique?" Kou asked.

"I saw it in that horrible dream. This big ship splits into two!"

"In your dream?" Volt questioned with doubt and skepticism.

"It's true!"

"I'm gonna trust Dominique." the bouncer replied.

"Sion..." She was so eager to get everyone to safety, even if Sion was the only one who believed her.

The Dragon gang eventually separated and stood up as they heard her plan of escape.

"Well it's all or nothing." Kou agreed.

"I'm in."

"All right, then!"

"Let's go!" The Z-Fighters responded.

They all ran out of the accursed control room, leaving Dauragon's body to rot. Through the Passageway, they passed Kaldea's corpse as well. Then, with a muttering noise, an opaque wall was descending. The separation sequence was initiating! Goten and Trunks were the first and the fastest as they reached the other side. Sion was still carrying Dominique as he went in next, then Volt and Kou, and lastly Ayame.

"Wait, what about the Dragon Ball?" Kou asked.

"Don't worry, I already got it from Dauragon. It's safe." She took it out to prove it. Both Balls glowed. Then she queried, "Hey, wait a minute, what should we do with Kaldea?" She pointed to her empty vessel.

Sion hesitated for a moment, then his eyes were squeezed shut. "Leave her."


"Leave her here. It's better this way... Her missing body will no longer be found, and...she wouldn't want it any other way..."

"A-are you sure..?" The others faced him as she asked. They were actually thinking they could give her a proper burial. But it looks as though the deed was done.

He nodded. "Yes. I have Dominique. That's more than enough..!" They were admired on how strong he was. After all the tragedies he's been through.

The door closed with a clunk! Trunks found a porthole in the wall. He volunteered the heroes to take a look, and they watched the first half demolish as it crashed into the satellite! The spectacle was astonishing, even more than a firework grand finale. However, after the fact, there was nothing but the remnants of the ships, and Dauragon was floating freely. They were surprised nothing was disintegrated, it was all space trash... They could barely see the necklace he was wearing all this time; it was a locket of his human sister's photo, glistening in the light of the sun. They all felt satisfied, but at the same time, disheartened for him. Except for Volt.

Your death is avenged...Master Mikado..!

As the bouncers were watching the Galeos destroy the satellite, and break off Dominique's link forever, Kou took out his comm and dialed his boss again. She picked within the first ring, "Good job. A nice, long vacation for you is waiting back home. I'll get in touch with you later about future assignments."

With a grin, Kou thought out loud, "That woman sure knows how to use a man..."

The red light kept fading in and out within the second half. And the air pressure was getting really heavy. It was so dense, that it made some of the heroes sleepy. It was a long day and night; in fact, according to Volt's watch, it was around 12:30 am. Ayame was the first to succumb to the soothing effect as she yawned and suggested, "I guess we should hit the sack for a little while." The Saiyans were pooped, but the tummies rumbled. "Yeah, and we should probably eat later..." Trunks blushed as he held his. "But, yeah... We should rest a little..." Goten said as he rubbed his eyes.

Everyone followed suit as they all sat down at the back of the better half of the Galeos. They made themselves comfortable, and Dominique was still very close to her beloved, but wearing a scared face.

"Sion...That horrible dream was real, was it?"

He faced her and said, "Don't worry. You won't have anymore of those dreams..." They embraced each other again, and before he drifted off to sleep, he had made a silent prayer.

Rest in peace, Kaldea...

A/N: The info I found about Dauragon's wardrobe as well as the symbolism was from the Squarewiki. Especially the interesting relationship between the dragon and the dog.

The first time I defeated Dauragon was about a month before I started high school. Thanks to an online walkthrough, I used Sion against him and kept using his all-time best, unblockable move, the Hurricane Blitz! Yeah, I was kinda cheap spamming it until he was defeated for good, but I was very ecstatic!! I was also nervous that Dominique would go berserk again, thank goodness she didn't. And she never shut down when the Galeos destroyed the satellite. Believe it or not, I actually jumped to the game's Hard Mode, as I fought three of Dauragon's forms right off the bat, rather than twice like any other player; the Memory Card somehow loaded the Extra Game by default, and I didn't even know it. Damn...what a rush I had after several, painful tries! I also managed to beat him with Kou, but Volt was just the worst.

I'm sure some of you might be a tad disappointed that I didn't include the fusion of Gotenks. I had my reasons: if Goten and Trunks were to combine themselves, he would be just too cocky. He could easily mop the floor with Dauragon, but he'd be too powerful, and perhaps destroy the Galeos and everyone in it. Or at least do some hefty damage to it. Besides, the best chance for those fights was to attack separately anyway. I hope I did the battles all right, especially the one involving the Z-Fighters.

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A/N: You thought the story would be over after the last battle, but it isn't. There are still some bonus material to cover, the first is, of course, the promise Ayame made to Sion and use the Dragon Balls. Plus, Dominique gets a makeover at a very unlikely place.

Chapter 10
Tying up Loose Ends

The heroes eventually headed back to where the fiasco started, at the heart of Dog Street. Since there was hardly any room for everyone, Goten and Trunks didn't mind flying beside the Nimbus. They returned next to the Mikado Dome and Ayame offered the quartet to test it whether or not they could ride it. First was Sion, and he was worthy. Then came Dominique, Volt next, and Kou. Unfortunately, the latter's hand went through. He tried to climb on it, but he wound up falling on his arse.

"Ohh...Sorry, Kou. I guess you can't ride it, heh. Looks like you're gonna have to spend the ride with Goten as he carries you."

"Wha-what?!" Everyone chuckled, but Goten said he wouldn't mind. He sighed in disgust, "Fine..."

"Everybody hang on. This thing goes really fast." Ayame warned. "Keep your hands, arms, and legs inside at all times, try to keep your balance, yadda yadda yadda. Alright let's go, to Dog Street!"

As the cloud slowly lifted off, Sion had a flashback as he gazed into the dome. He realized his master's body was removed, the room was just barren. Then his mind went back to when he himself was gravely wounded by Dauragon and how he was separated. He really thought he was gonna perish at that point, though it seems it wasn't his time. He felt Dominique's touch and he shifted to the present, however, he was not whole.

"Last stop, everybody off." Ayame announced. They did, and Kou landed safely from the Saiyan boy's hold. "Thanks for the lift, Goten!" he smiled, he wished he could have that same method of transportation again. "No problemo, Kou." he saluted. He and Trunks climbed aboard.

"Where are you going to now, Ayame?" Sion asked.

"Oh, you'll see soon enough." Then she turned serious. "Volt, are you sure you do not want Master Mikado back?" During the Nimbus ride, they were discussing how she was going to use the reunited Dragon Balls.

"I'm positive, Ayame. Master Mikado would deserve to rest in peace with Kaldea and Sion's master. And I just don't want the corporation to exist."

The red head sulked at the thought.

"I see. I'll be back after we make our wishes. I hope you'll see the Dragon from here..." Her mind was full of doubt on that statement. She was only going to Kami's Lookout. The pair volunteered to go with her and they all rode the Nimbus there.

It was around 10 am and the lookout above the Earth was already bustling with activity, as the Z-Fighters were awaiting the last two retrieved Dragon Balls. Goten, Trunks, and Ayame were thrilled to see Goku, Gohan, Bulma, Videl, Krillin, Android 18, their daughter, Marron, Piccolo, and of course Mr. Popo, Dende, Korin, and Yajirobe.

They were all very impressed on their successful mission, even though it was a bit more than they originally bargained for. Bulma was the most relieved since she and her family won't have to live in fear rivaling Mikado's business, as well as the distant town of Edge. She hopes that it can recover from its depression if the resources and money should be passed over to it. And, if not, she would gladly offer to help in their financial woes since she realized that her son, Goten, and Ayame made some new friends there.

"All right, everyone ready?" Dende, the prime summoner, announced. Everyone nodded and gathered around the seven sacred orbs. The statue of Shenron was placed next to him. The young Namek knelt down and prayed for Shenron to come forth. It was answered as the sky almost instantly turned completely dark as night. The sun was covered by very thick clouds, and the sky lit up like the Fourth of July with radical lightning. Soon, a serpentine creature emerged from the seven Balls and grew to an incredible length! Its scaly, elongated body soon came to being as the ray of light dissipated.

After the Z-Fighters stared in awe for a couple moments it talked in a vehement, distinctive tone, "I have been awakened. Please make your three wishes!"

"What're you waitin' for, Ayame? Go on," Goku offered.

"You've succeeded on getting the Dragon Balls, so you get to make them." Gohan said.

"Really? Me?" she pointed to herself in disbelief.

"Yes, go for it!" Videl chimed.

Everyone watched as she emerged from the crowd. She stopped next to Dende and remembered, I made my friend a promise. I'm going to keep it.

"Eternal Dragon, my name is Ayame. I'm the one who reunited the seven Dragon Balls. I want you to fulfill my three wishes."

"Speak!" Shenron said.

She cleared her throat, "Shenron, please wish back everyone that was killed by a madman named Dauragon C. Mikado. By his own hands, and by the satellite's. I want you to revive everyone except for Kaldea Orchid, Master Mikado, and Mugetsu."

"Is that your first wish?"

She nodded, and his eyes glowed red as it was being made. Minutes later, he said, "It is done. Your wish has been granted! However, my powers are limited to make one more."

It can grant three wishes, however it has limits. If a wish is made to revive many people, in this case all the fallen ones by Duaragon's hands, it's limited to just two.

She thought carefully as she only had that one wish in mind. She was never sure what her second one would be. But the Dragon was growing impatient, and suddenly, it came to her.

"Shenron, my second wish is this...Is it possible to wish an android into a human being, in this case for Dominique?"

"No, it's not." She faced Krillin with that remark. He said he tried to make that wish after the Cell Games. Androids 17 and 18 cannot be converted to normal humans; it was just beyond his powers, even though they started as such. So Dominique must stay as a robot, immortal; no matter what. Ayame's head drooped, but 18 said at least she won't have to worry about dying, and she'll forever be young.

Shenron said that he can bring back Dominique's human vessel, since she died from a terminal illness like Volt said. But after some deep thinking, she turned it down, saying that Sion was better off with the android instead, otherwise, it'll be back to square one.

So the second wish was to erase the victims' memories of Dauragon, excepting a few people: The Z-Fighters; Kou's boss, Leann; Wong; Echidna; Dominique; and the three bouncers. If it worked for all those unfortunate souls who kept remembering the Cell Games, and Kid Buu's and Majin Vegeta's destruction, it could work now too.

"So be it." Shenron's eyes flashed again, and it took half as long as the first wish. "It is done. I have fulfilled two wishes, I am finished here. Farewell!" He disappeared as he ascended into the sky and changed into a ray of energy again. His Dragon Balls were scattered throughout the world like comets, and turned to stone. They can't be used for another year. It returned to its normal blue hue.

"Well...That surely was an incredible sight." Korin commented.

"Yeah, I wonder where Master Wong is." Ayame thought out loud. "If he's not here, then where is he..?"

Piccolo gave the answer, reminding her, "Shenron always wishes back people where they met their deaths. Don't worry, Ayame; you kept your word."

She took a sigh of relief, Wong would surely be at the Mikado dome. This was the spot where he was perished by Dauragon. She then had a flashback of when it all happened, as she met the tower of terror for the first time...


"Forgive me, Sion... Mikado must be stopped..."


"You...must do it...Sion..."


She knew from experience how painful it must've been since she lost her mom a few years back, along with Goku numerous times...

"Hey," she looked up and saw Gohan. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I just hope he'll be able to return safely. He is of advanced age, and I can't wish him back again if anything should happen to him. Gods know where he is now."

Under Dende's jurisdiction, Shenron can't wish back a person more than once, no matter what the cause of death is; whether by natural causes or murder. That was like the biggest catch while resurrecting someone.

She just couldn't seem to get it off her mind. Even though a few weeks have passed. She tried retracing her steps, as she searched for him in Mikado and at Edge, there were no signs. Not even his ki, which was very well hidden. All this time, she didn't want to say anything to Sion, as she was afraid he'd be disappointed and dejected for what happened.

Elsewhere, Fate was completely restored in all its dull, worn-down glory. Night fell over the other city that never slept, not even the bouncers. Sion and Kou were just chilling at the top floor. The old jukebox was playing its usual slow tune, as if the entire place was suffering from the blues.

"Man...I'm so bored. This place has been too quiet since that incident." Kou spoke, remembering the moment when Mikado's Special Forces took Dominique from their sights.

"Hey, if we're not doing anything, it means the bar's doing just fine, right?" Sion commented, recalling the reception from night one. He was still resting, his chair tilted backwards onto the railing.

"Yeah, but still..." the tattooed man shifted his arm. "my amazing skills are gonna go to waste if I don't use 'em."

Volt marched up the steps. "It's your shift, Sion."

"Yeah, I know..." he stood up and Kou just gave a passive wave to him.

Outside, it was just as silent as the inside. They were used to Fate having some slow, uneventful nights. But this one was just...different to them in a strange way. Sion just gazed out onto Dog Street, not even the slight crisp breeze was perking him up. His mind was still tangled in knots over what transpired. Even the promise that Ayame made. Did she do it? Did she make the wish yet? It's been so long...

His head grew heavy and he hardly noticed himself dozing off.


He was in the middle of a dark forest. The octogenarian was standing beside him. "Listen to me, Sion... I don't want you to worry if I happen to disappear someday."

"Master?" It was as though he read Sion's troubled mind. He already heard of Kaldea's new job at Mikado, and at one time, he recalled his mentor suddenly vanishing as well when some strange activity came from that corporation. Whatever it was, he knew it was never any good.

"Just worry about improving your technique. Now come, Sion. I want you to show me everything I have taught you." His body shifted, ready for action. And his young disciple followed.

It was nothing to it, just a sparring match. Only this time, there was no training wheels, and no holding back. 

The fight was pretty simple; and it almost seemed that Sion's and Wong's moves were very similar to each other. Their uppercuts, punches, and kicks had a similar fashion, however due to his age, the mentor was a bit slower than him.

With his mind completely focused, Sion managed to be the victor, knocking his mentor off his feet. Luckily, he wasn't injured, just impressed. "Hmm...You've learned well, Sion. It is now up to you to decide which path to take."

As Sion sat down in exhaustion, he continued his lecture. "You must never use the arts for personal vendettas. For someone so solitary, you've gained much power." He walked over to him, Sion lifted trying to absorb the wise words during his lesson. "However, you cannot continue this lonely path. Only when you open your heart and accept others..." he sat down in front of him, laying an empathetic hand on his promising student's shoulder "will you become stronger. The spirit is the key to your strength."


The flashback faded. And Sion sulked, wondering what his mentor's lost fate is...

"Hey, boy, can you put that on my tab?"

His eyes shot open. He looked over and saw Dominique, complete with her raincoat and bow. "Bouncers can't be sleeping on the job." she happily reprimanded him, crossing her arms.

"Yeah?" he smiled back.

Then she saw the new pendant hanging from his neck. She just noticed he wasn't using the thick, black collar with the wide chain anymore. He looked somewhat better this way. "You're wearing it!" She ran up to him.

"Isn't that what a pendant's for?"

"I'm so happy. Thank you, Sion!" She really appreciated him using her first-anniversary gift, even though it has been quite awhile since he received it.

"Oh, yeah...I forgot to tell you." he faced her.

"What is it?"


"For what?"

"Thanks for the pendant." he lifted up the Dog Street emblem, sparkling beneath the fluorescent lights. At the same time, so did Dominique's eyes as she grinned. She dove into him, and they embraced each other tightly. Sion was surprised how quick and strong it was. He realized Wong was right of what he said to him, before he mysteriously disappeared, worked for Dauragon, and had himself slewed.

Meanwhile, Ayame watched as the couple happily hugged each other. They looked great, and comfortable, and maybe for once Sion won't be so consumed with sorrow anymore. She hesitated then walked up to them. She was wearing her original attire, minus the camouflage outfit, "Hey, guys!"

"Hey. Ayame!" Sion greeted.

"Hello, welcome back." Dominique added.

"Thanks." She got down to the chase. "I made a wish to resurrect Wong, but...I can't seem to trace him anywhere."

"It's alright, my master always seems to find his way." he reassured. "I'm certain he'll find me here, soon..." He was still feeling a little unconfident.

"I will be looking forward to seeing him again." Dominique chimed.

"I guess..." then the Z-Fighter's face drooped a little. "Oh, by the way, Dominique. android." To her surprise, she didn't seem the least bit shocked.

They parted and she acknowledged, "I know...Somehow I've always known."

"Really?" Sion and Ayame asked simultaneously.

"Why...didn't you say anything..?" he queried with concern.

"I...I was always covering it up," Dominique's voice was a little weak. "After I escaped from my brother, Wong noticed this. He said I was a replica of my dead self. I never wanted anyone to know about what I was, as a product made by his vindictive ways. My memory is a little spotty, but I did remember some of my life. For the longest time, I was afraid. That's why I didn't..." she trailed off. But Sion was still very supportive.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of. Your brother is gone, and you could still live a normal, free life like you wanted. It's all over now." She looked up and he just gave a small grin as he nodded. 

"What about everyone else?" she questioned.

"Eh, something will come up." he shrugged. "So, Ayame, what's up?"

"I was actually thinking she could visit the place where Trunks' family works, Capsule Corp." She took out a fancy brochure from her pocket and handed it to Sion. He and Dominique looked over it closely. "Well, what do ya think?"

He continued skimming through it and was pretty amazed. It also had the address WST 3338926 K. "Wow. This is some really neat stuff. It's almost like Mikado, but it looks more peaceful...And it even has a sparring arena."

"What are the Dynocaps?" she asked. Ayame stated they're the company's pride and joy. Their most innovative piece of work, that any appliance can be packed in a single small capsule, hence the name. "If you're interested, I can make an appointment, so you could see for yourselves."

"What do you say, Dominique?" Sion asked enthusiastically.

"Ok, sure. As long as I can go with Sion."

"Of course, you can both come. I'll make some arrangements." Ayame headed into the bar and used a phone hanging on the right wall a few feet from the steps. She was admired to see Volt and Kou again after all this time. She dialed the number and asked if Bulma was here. Her father, Dr. Brief, picked up and sent the receiver to his daughter and prodigal. "Hey, it's me, Ayame. Listen I was wondering if you could make an appointment for tomorrow. I got two people who're interested in visiting your place, Sion and Dominique."

"Oh, that's great! We were actually thinking about giving her a little...makeover, if you will." She described that her plan was to see the android, make herself comfortable, and perform some tweaking. She and her dad were fascinated about her when they first found out from Trunks. He also described to them about her sudden violent behavior as the satellite was shifting. So, she decided to give her a slight upgrade, so she'd function more properly, whilst removing some of Dauragon's corruptive codes within her.

"How does tomorrow at noon sound?"

"Sounds good. I'll make sure they are prompt to seeing you. They'll be so pleased."

"Ok, I'll see you all there."

"We will, bye." She hung up and pumped her fist. She ran up to the other two bouncers and described the appointment at Capsule Corp. Volt was just as intrigued, since he heard from Trunks about his family's budding legacy, excepting from his father, Vegeta.

Kou was more skeptical, "Are you sure you know what they're doing?"

"I'm positive. They specialize around technology, especially androids. I could vouch for them!"

"Doesn't it seem a little expensive to take such a gamble like this?!"

"Relax, Kou. It's prestigious, yes, but I'm sure they won't charge me. A lot of people stop by, and they don't seem to mind about hefty prices. Trust me, have I ever been wrong?" 

He sighed, "I hope you know what you're doing..."

Ayame broke the news to the couple. They said they'll be ready by 11 am, so it'll give her enough time to summon the Nimbus, head here to Dog Street, then to West City. They said they'll rendezvous at the apartment under their discretion. She told them she'll be there, and she kept assuring the nervous woman things'll be all right. "Think of it as a polar opposite of Mikado," she said.

By the time she got back to Dog Street, they were prepared. Dominique was a bit hesitant, but Sion urged her on the Flying Nimbus. They were both able to ride it again, and Ayame commanded it to go slow. It rose several feet above the buildings, then it picked up some speed. The couple was very ecstatic as they never rode anything this exhilarating before. Several minutes went by, until they reached their destination. A dome-shaped beige structure was in plain view and in bold letters, it read CAPSULE.

"Here we are, you guys. Capsule Corp." Ayame parked the Nimbus in front of the entrance. She hopped out, then Sion, then he led Dominique off. She led the way and rang the bell. A blank monitor overlooked the door at the right-hand corner. Soon, they met an old man who looked in his sixties. He was wearing a long, blanch lab jacket, and had purple hair like Trunks', only his do, thick mustache, and small beard were more faded due to age. An adorable black kitten was perched on his right shoulder.

"Ah, greetings, Ayame. You're right on time." he grinned. "And this must be our guests, Sion and Dominique." He extended a hand. "Hi, I'm Dr. Brief, welcome to Capsule Corp."

"Thanks," the bouncer said when he shook it firmly. "Yes, nice to meet you," Dominique was a bit more shy.

Observing this, the scientist said, "Don't worry, my dear, you have nothing to be afraid of. We have a very nice place, you'll love it here. Believe me," his voice softened. "It is a lot better than Mikado; I've always despised that place. Make yourself at home, Ayame. Come, I'll show you around."

But before he did, his cat, Scratch, climbed off his shoulder and rubbed against the android's legs and purred. She smiled and knelt down to pet her. "I see my companion really likes you, Dominique. She is very sweet." He eventually led them on a brief tour. They first went to a massive, comfy lobby with a receptionist's desk. Next was an incredibly large and airy Atrium. It almost looked more like a greenhouse as they saw a huge tree in the center, along with various other plants and creatures. There was a large koi pond with a running fountain. The sparring ring, complete with ropes and a mat, was located at the far right corner. They were incredibly fascinated with the lush, active section, especially with all the inhabitants. Including some dogs, cats, birds, and even a couple dinosaurs. They even came across a roaming, tall omnivore and a pteradon.

Next, the doc showed them his prized possession, the Dynocaps, as they marched into the Capsule Chamber. The room was massive, and he demonstrated how they worked as he took a capsule out of a cabinet. "Here, I'll show you how it's done. Stand back!" He pressed and held the top down, threw the capsule, and it busted open as a flash of smoke emitted. By the time it cleared, a portable refrigerator appeared, completely filled with all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages. "How about a quick refreshment before we get started, help yourselves." Sion and Dominique did a quick cheers and tasted them. She said it was perfect, and Sion asked where he keeps the hard liquids. Brief said he keeps them locked; only privileged consumers can drink on social occasions. What he really loathed was people never drinking responsively and they cause a lot of trouble, especially when he was in college.

He then moved onto the exhibit room as the two observed numerous fossils he collected. There were some advanced gadgets for space exploration. He then took them to his security chamber, along with the small jail cell. He said he hardly gets any criminals since the fall of the Red Ribbon Army, except a few wannabe thieves who try to steal his capsules, plus a few misdemeanors. And finally there was his laboratory where her daughter, Bulma, was working. It was clean and it had a tile floor, an operating deck with a stretcher, and numerous monitors were on a large desk to the left. He wanted to show them the upper floors, but like he said, time is of the essence.

Dominique did grow a little nervous, though Sion kept giving her some assuring gestures to calm her. Bulma stood up from her workstation, "Oh, I see our guests have arrived."

"Yes, Dominique is a tad scared of the lab. But she shouldn't worry." Dr. Brief said.

They introduced themselves, until it was time for the android to be examined. They led her to the stretcher beneath a large overhead lamp. She began to lie down and Sion was by her side. "I'll leave you two alone for a little while. We'll be ready very shortly." the doc informed.

"Sion..." she grabbed his hand, a bit shaky. He went over her as she said, "I hope I'll go through this..."

"Don't worry. I'm confident they know what they're dealing with. Technology really is their specialty. They're not like Dauragon at all, believe me. You'll be fine."

"I hope so," she whispered.

He remembered seeing a plaque on the wall saying that Brief was a graduate from West City College's Department of Science and Engineering. 

"We're ready." Bulma said as she went to them.

Sion parted from her and he stated that he'll be here when she wakes up. "It'll all be over before you know it. I promise."

Eventually he was escorted by her, she kept assuring him that she'll be ok under their watchful eyes, and the operation could take a few hours. Just then, Trunks came down the hall, playing on a handheld, and his mom said if he could keep Sion company while they operate on Dominique. "Ok, sure! How's it going, Sion?" They greeted each other with a firm handshake and Trunks lead him to the residential Floor 02. The remaining Floor 03 had the West and East Towers, but visitors weren't allowed. So Trunks showed Sion his room, including his wide variety of games and tons of his toys in which his granddad made. He also had a model of a time capsule, in which he hopes it'll be created someday, and a Goku doll in which he beats up.

He said he trains at the Atrium's sparring arena often, as the bouncer was telling him how fascinated he was; Sion wishes he'd do the same if he should visit here again. After a while, he asked how he and Dominique first met. Then, as it started to rain, he looked out a window and had a flashback to one year ago:

It was pouring in torrents, and he was rushing up the steps to a place where he could stay dry. It was a massive building with a pair of old, wooden doors. Along the entrance, he saw a girl wrapped in a blanket. He was wearing his signature collar, and a chain hanging down with a large Dog Street pendant was attached to it.
"Who're you..?" 

She responded with a grin, and shiny turquoise eyes, "Dominique...Dominique Cross...What's your name?" 

"Me? I'm Sion..." he lowered his hood. "Sion Barzahd." 

She stood up and looked at him. She wasn't quite as shy as he was. "Sion..."

"It was right then when I became a bouncer at Fate..." Sion then told Trunks of all the sorrow he was going through when he found out about Kaldea's death during an accident after she got her new job at the Mikado Group. Because of his devastation, he started a lot of fights within the dangerous slums of Edge. He was so desperate to end his life, that he was eventually directed to the saloon where he met Volt for the first time. That was when he began a large bar fight, and it got Trunks' comrade's attention. Surprised at his skills and endurance, the manager, Boss, offered him a job as an opportunity to turn his life around. He reluctantly accepted.

Trunks was so enthralled of his past life, that he may hope to have a job as a bouncer, too, someday. "My family wanted me to work for them, but I'm not too interested. I always liked to fight, it's in my blood." he said as he flexed a fist. "Even though, my dad isn't always around, 'cause he goes to other places to spar in. Who knows, I could lend myself a job at Dog Street and clean house. That'd be great!"

Sion smiled back. "Well, maybe we'll see, even though it's still in recession."

"What's that? Recession?"

Trunks was surprised that the troubled community of Edge isn't receiving a lot of money as of late. It was always in some kind of debt that had lasted for years. It was one thing that a person could be in debt due to reckless spending, or if the financial situations were too much, but he never thought it'd affect a whole city. He wishes it could recover soon, and he did recall his mom's suggestion.
Soon, it started to rain heavily back at Dog Street. And the bouncers were a little concerned why Sion and Dominique haven't returned yet. They thought the weather said the storm wouldn't reach where they were until tomorrow, then again the meteorologist was often wrong. It seems they'll be staying in for the night. Ayame, being chastised by Kou, assured, "I'm sure the Briefs will take care of them. Their hospitality shouldn't be too much of a burden. They always welcome new guests." At least Volt was a lot more hopeful than the obnoxious bouncer.

At the lab, Bulma and Dr. Brief were scanning Dominique. Lasers swept over her unconscious body, as they hoped they wouldn't find any viruses. They were intrigued of her design and structure. As the old doc was using his tweezers, his daughter looked upon the monitors for any corrupt data. So far, she was clean and her codes have been rearranged and reprogrammed to avoid any possible sporadic episodes. They hoped if Dominique has some proper training, she could use her moves in a way to defend herself as well as others from harm. They thought she was the most unique, as they never saw another well-advanced android outside the Red Ribbon Army. However, Bulma's interest had changed to concern as she saw a large, ominous spot within her skeletal framework.

A virus was detected, and she called her father over. He identified it as a Trojan virus. And they became worried if they should remove it. They knew how to do it, as they had dealt with numerous viruses before, but this was different because of their predicament. They were actually nervous whether or not removing this virus could end her life, or perhaps alter her stored data and memories. After some moments of deep thinking, they figured removing the virus with a laser was the way to go. Toward her stomach, it shot out to the infected site; little by little the virus dissipated. When it was completely gone, they did another scan and kept an eye on the vitals. Then, they heard a doorbell ring.

Trunks and Sion heard it as well. "Someone's here. I'll be right back!" He immediately stood up and ran to the front door. As he opened it, he saw a tall man looking to be in his 70s or 80s. He asked if Sion was here. "Ahh! It's Dr. Gero!!" the Saiyan yelped. The visitor looked perplexed. "Na, I'm just yanking your chain." he blushed as he rubbed his neck. "Who're you?"

Then his grand mom, Panchy, showed up. "Oh, we have a visitor, please mind my grandson's manners."

The old man assured her he wasn't a bother, in fact he was admired by his enthusiasm, as it was very common with curious kids like him. He introduced himself as Wong Leung, and he's been looking for Sion over the past few weeks. "Oh, yes, Sion's here. He was with Dominique when Ayame dropped them off here. My husband and my daughter are giving her an observation in the laboratory; they've been very busy for over three hours now."

"I see." the master replied.

"So, you're one of the guys Ayame brought back from the Dragon Balls." the boy chimed, once again he received a skeptical look. "Um, you were killed by Dauragon, right?" he clarified. Wong nodded.

Grabbing his rough, wrinkled hand, Trunks led him on. "C'mon, I'll take you to him. He'll be very happy to see you!"

But Panchy stopped him abruptly as he has to do his homework. " I have to?" Trunks whined. Then he deeply sighed, "Alright, I'll do it..." By the time Wong was close to his room, he held out an arm. "Wait, I think I should announce this to him first. Just to...surprise him."

Trunks went in, "Sion, you have a visitor. He's been wanting to see you."

"Who is it, Trunks?"

"Ah, I'll show you. He's out in the hall."

Sion stood up and walked next to him as he led him to...

The red head just froze, gazing at his lost mentor. "Master..?" His throat started to close up, he thought he wasn't real. So he hesitantly walked up to him, and then suddenly Sion wrapped Wong in his tight embrace, reunited. Trunks and Panchy watched that tender moment, then they noticed his breathing became shallow. A couple warm tears fell from his eyes, as he was so grateful that Ayame kept her promise. The blonde ushered Trunks inside to do his homework while she would make lemonade and bake some cookies for Wong's homecoming.

As they caught up on everything that transpired in the spacious lobby, Bulma soon arrived. With a smile, she said, "Sion, Dominique's operation was a complete success. We removed a very treacherous virus and rearranged some of her coding. She should be fine and dandy now."

"Thanks, Bulma. I appreciate it." he said gladly.

She noticed Wong, one of the deceased from Dauragon, is with him. "You're welcome to see her if you want. She'll be happy you two are with her."

"Thank you, Mrs. Brief." Wong responded with a slight bow.

She offered to take them to her at the recovery chamber. The android was resting on a bed, complete with a soft pillow and comforter. They sat at two chairs next to her. Night began to descend over the city, and they were astounded there was hardly any glares from light pollution; they were very environmentally sound. As the men were resting, her eyes slowly opened. Her vision was a bit blurry, but she did see Sion, sleeping peacefully. His head rested on his hands, next to her side. She reached for his hand, and he almost instantly came to.

"Dominique." He returned the gesture as he touched hers. "How're you feeling?"

"Much better, Sion. I felt as if I've been...reborn somewhat. More alive." She did look she was really glowing. He could tell the Briefs did a phenomenal job, even Wong.

"You look beautiful, Dominique." he commented.

"Thanks." Then, eventually, they did something they thought they'd never do...they kissed. Everyone, including the Brief family, were really affectionate by it as they watched from outside.

Sion, Wong, and Dominique had the Briefs' permission to use Tights' desolated room for the night, since he has moved out years ago, and is currently living in Omori's Island.

A/N: This was really tough to make, especially when they went to Capsule Corp. I'm sorry that I didn't include Vegeta or even Chi-Chi in here or throughout the story. I have my reasons, as I don't like either of them at all. But I figured it was a great idea to have Sion and Dominique visit the place, even when she got the observation. She'd be a lot better if she did have an upgrade; let's hope the game would have the same thing, huh? Be in high definition, keep some of the nostalgia in while having a complete overhaul on it. Like co-op, or better yet a more well-developed story with different arcs including Dauragon's, a better perspective on the flashbacks, etc. I said it before and I'll say it many times; Square quit the Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts series, and work on an upgrade of The Bouncer, it truly needs it. And do not rush it, and add in the extra content it originally was supposed to have. Put it on the PlayStation Network and let it have tons of new content and potential, so hopefully it'll eventually have a sequel. I've been dyin' for one for over a decade now! Make it happen, Squeenix!!


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Oh, and I forgot the pic for the final fight!



Alright here's the finale of the Mikado Saga!

A/N: It all comes down to this, their last goodbye. The Z-Fighters are now leaving Dog Street and Edge behind...

Chapter 11
The Final Farewell

Goten and Trunks were hanging out at the bar waiting for Ayame. They were drinking root beer, and paying Boss handsomely, while Volt discusses with Sion. "So how's been Dominique since the incident?" 

"Don't worry." he said confidently. "Thanks to the destruction of that satellite, she's been her usual self."

"They're going to find out sooner or later..." Volt was always a tad nervous that other common folk will see about Dominique's secret since she's not human. "When we grow old...she's still going to look the same..." he pondered.

"I'll tell them when the time comes." Sion promised as he sat up from his perch on a chair laid back. "But until then...I want her to live a normal life..." It was already going very well for her.

"Yeah, maybe you're right..." 

Kou ran up the old steps that have been recently remodeled from the assault of Mikado's Special Forces. "Volt, it's your shift..." 

"Ok, I'm coming..." Slowly, he stood up and walked down. Trunks gave him a high-five while he was passing him.

A couple hours have passed, and it was nearing 9:00. He hardly noticed Dominique approaching him. "Wow. Hard at work again!" she said with a smile, and her face was still beaming.

"How's it going, Dominique?" He's been wondering whether or not she's been ok after the incident, and the operation she had at Capsule Corp. Needless to say, she had been through an awful lot these past few weeks.

"I'm doing all right. Actually, I'm doing better than ever before!" She chirped, then she looked over him from head to toe.

Curious, he queried, "Huh, what is it..?" 

"Lately, you've been looking a lot kinder, Volt." 

"Oh, that can't be good..." he muttered.


"I could lose my job, you know?" 

"At least you're not scaring away the customers. What's the point of being a bouncer if the bar's empty?" 

He nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're right..." 

"So don't change anything, you got that, Volt?" The android marched inside.

Sion, maybe you were right, after all... Volt thought.

"Hey." An exotic woman looking like a stripper of sorts went up to the bulky punk. "Does this bar have room for another bouncer?" she asked proudly.

"Echidna..." He was pretty astounded, and disappointed, on her arrival.

"They hired you as a bouncer. I should be more than qualified for the job." she said, as headstrong as ever.

"I thought I told you to settle down and lead a normal life." 

Echidna's hands limped to her sides, her heels pointed down. "Show me a man who is stronger than me, and maybe I will." 

He took a deep sigh. "Aena..." 

With a scornful tone, she retorted, "Don't call me by that name!" She pointed to herself with pride, and a bit of narcissism. "My name's Echidna! As in, like, Knuckles?!" She showed off a fist covered with shiny rings with rare gems on them.

Volt just laid back onto the brick wall. "Fine, have it your way."

While Volt and Echidna made a discussion, Dominique ran up the steps as soon as after she went in. "Sion!" 

"You look like you're doing good, as usual, young lady..." It seemed Kou was a little too preoccupied of what the Briefs did to her. The upgrade made her more functional than ever, and she couldn't be any happier. While at the Corp, Bulma mentioned that Android 18 will be more than willing to be her coach, if she's interested.

"Oh, and what about you, Kou? How're you doing?" 

He stood up and did a few pumps of his arms. "I'm doing great! A bouncer can't make a living without being fit!" 

"Good, as long as you have your health!" 

After awhile, Volt announced, "Kou, it's your shift." 

"You got it!" 

As he was heading downstairs, his right pocket rang. He abruptly stopped and answered. Leann talked through the comm, "It turns out although the satellite was destroyed, the target will still need to be watched over. Now that your replacement has been assigned, you're free to take your vacation." 

That was a complete surprise. He wanted to take a break, but he didn't want to be replaced by someone Dominique doesn't even know. He was becoming more and more attached to his friends since he first started at this joint. "Well, actually, um...You think it'd be possible for me to continue this assignment?" 

"Well, I'm sure it'll be ok, but...Why the sudden change of heart?" 

"I don't know. I just feel I should stick with it." 

"I'll let high command know then. Remember, don't get too involved with your assignment. You got that?" 

"See! I told you to be careful, Sion!" Dominique said a few feet away. The agent didn't notice their conversation. He looked back for a brief moment, then answered the new call of duty.


He was just passing alongside Trunks and Goten. The former was making some amends with Echidna. He doesn't seem to feel so sour to her as much as he used to. She promises to look after Volt if things should get messy, that is if she happens to get the job. The Saiyan hopes they won't get into another debate again in terms on who should be in charge. "No hard feelings?" she asked. He shook his head with a small smile as they did a fist bump.

It was almost 11 pm. And Ayame should be coming around shortly. He stretched out, "The bar should be closin' up soon. Time to work the last shift and call it a night." 

Just then, his communicator rang again. I forgot about my day job... he thought. It was of course his boss again.

"Sorry, I know you're closing shop soon, but I've got one more job for you. I want you to meet me in the central plaza." 

"What's the rush..? Is it another assignment?" 

"You'll find out when you get there." She immediately hung up with a loud click, leaving Kou perplexed. He was ending his shift, so there was no harm leaving now, right? So he did, and he walked alone toward the massive fountain. He waited very promptly.
"Did I keep you waiting?" A brunette emerged. She was wearing a red and black jumper suit. 


She got very serious and blunt with him. "I've got orders from command. I'm here to fight you." She rose her fists, despite her associate's surprised expression.


Leann's fighting style was pretty similar to Sion's; she was nimble, flexible, and very swift with her moves. Kou was at first a bit hesitant, but after a few blows, he was much tougher. "Ok, you just woke up the tiger, now! Eeyah!" He momentarily beat her to the punch, or to the kick rather, knocking her down onto the pavement. She grabbed his hand after being stunned for a few minutes. She then retained her authoritve composure.

Kou became so confused at the sudden offer. "Wh-What's the deal of this?" 

"Just testing you. They didn't want you to watch over the target if you lacked the skills to beat me." 

"They don't have much faith in me, did they?" 

"What would you expect? If you have been doing your job, the incident wouldn't have snowballed into something that big." 

"So...what's gonna happen now?" 

"You passed." she responded with a thumb up. "You'll continue with your current assignment." Kou hesitated as she waved. "See you later." 

"Hey, yo, wait a minute. I haven't seen you in a long time and all, so why don't we..." 

"I thought I told you, it's against regulations to get personally involved with your assignment." 

...It's a tough job...

"Kou!" He heard a voice belonging to a tyke. Sure enough, it was Goten. "Hey, I saw you fight that lady. It was really cool!"

"Thanks, Goten."

He was pretty disappointed since his friend went all this way not only to accomplish the mission, but also eventually get a date with Leann. Kou just smirked while rubbing the kid's head. "Maybe next time, my friend. Maybe next time..." They raced each other back to Fate.

When they finally got there, it was dark and empty. Kou was exhausted, though Goten was still his energetic, little self. They really are gonna miss each other when they go. Ayame was already on the Nimbus, parking right in front of the saloon. Everyone was there, including Wong, Echidna, and Boss. She made her final words. "Everyone, we have accomplished an astonishing feat. And we couldn't have done it without each of you. We retrieved the Dragon Ball and summoned Shenron, we got Dominique back in one piece, as new as ever..." she looked over to her, and she grinned while they snickered. "We ridded the Mikado Group, and the world is saved. Our work here is finally done." Then she looked at the boys, "Goten, Trunks..? We're finished here."

"But..." Goten spoke up.

"What's wrong?"

He saddened and so did Trunks. Everyone was going to miss the Z-Fighters. And they would miss their new friends the same. This time, Wong said something. "You kids were very helpful, and we are all grateful for your bravery and conscientious efforts. You're more than welcome to visit us again."

His disciple replied, "Yeah, this isn't the Dark Ages; we can still see each other. You'll just be a Nimbus ride away. We'll call you if things should get too rough." The trio did keep remembering of Bulma's warning that Edge is always criminal-ridden. They'd accepted the offer; after all, when Goten and Trunks grow up, they could be the next generation of the bouncers of Fate. The possibilities are endless! Their friends also had a business card from Capsule Corp as well.

"Well, let's head on home, gang. It is getting very late." Ayame said, but before she went, Dominique brought her something. It was her military cap, only this time it had several logos on it. Apparently, for the last few weeks, she borrowed it and sewed some designs on it: on the front above the flap was the logo of Dog Street, on top was a single-star Dragon Ball, on the back was a large, pink heart with an arrow sticking through it, to the right was some black markings of a tiger, and to the left was the No Cactuar sign duplicated from Volt's jacket.

"Thanks, Dominique..." Tears were building up in her eyes as she whispered. Then they hugged each other, then she looked at Sion and did the same. "I'm going to miss you most of all...Please, take care of our friends for us..."

"I will." he promised. "You kept your part of the bargain. I'll keep mine."

They eventually released and she reluctantly climbed back on. "Let's go you guys." The cloud rose and the crowd all said goodbye and wished for a safe journey home.

"See you guys sooner or later!" she cried. Goten and Trunks hoped for that as well. They jumped off and soared beside her. After they did a last wave and salute. They each took off into the brisk, clear night like three magnificent shooting stars.

They never had any friends like that since the ones they met when Ayame was 15. Geez, has anyone?

A/N: And with the finale, Forevermore, the Mikado Saga is over. That last line was a little excerpt from the Stephen King movie, "Stand by Me." And it was kind of true since I haven't seen any other character or game like The Bouncer. It's incredibly unique, as underrated as it is, and it's been 15 years now. I really want to get the crossover out there to almost celebrate that summer when I first played it before high school, and hopefully give it more attention. It has always been nostalgic to me, and so was the story itself. ...It really needs a HD remake, and perhaps a sequel if Squeenix could get down to it.

The multi-chapter Mikado Saga is complete, but I think I might do the Black-Hooded Sion Saga next. You know, Sion's doppelganger that you can unlock via Survival Mode? Maybe that'll be my next project... Mind you it isn't really a sequel to The Bouncer or the Mikado Saga, since it's based off of the original. It's probably just a follow-up. We'll see.

Until then, I'm the Ikran Rider, and I desperately hope that The Bouncer will have the upmost praise eventually; it's been far too long. See you all next time, and I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did making it! Sayonara, everyone!!



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Now that we completed the Mikado Saga, it's time for the Drabble of Dog Street!


The Drabble of Dog Street

A/N: Welcome everyone to a drabble of mine. This one takes place shortly after the events of the Mikado Saga. This could be a preamble to the Jet Black - Sion Saga, as well. Ayame was just hanging out with Sion in the middle of Dog Street, and she grows curious on how this particular spot got it's name. He explains it all right here.

As Sion was taking Ayame a tour of Dog Street, just to give them time to relax, she wondered why it was called that. She queried if it used to have any dogs walking around joyfully with their owners, or if there were any pet shops around. He stopped abruptly and recalled a troubling event that took place while he was a kid, living with his master, Wong.

He said there used to be one pet store located where the fountain stood among many other small businesses. But crime was still rising at an alarming rate as it gone deeper into recession. There was a newsbreak saying someone actually broke into one close by during the afternoon. There were two guys who were both punks, and they were brothers. The oldest one, who was around Sion's current age, was constantly labelled as insane by the townsfolk, but he was actually suffering from acute sensory. Meaning he always had that flight-fight instinct, and he gets into trouble like him which increases his sight, hearing, and his oversensitive perception on things.

He broke into the place and released all the pets. He was about to free a unique species known as rumble fish, who could actually fight its own kind if they happen to see one another, even to the death. But before he had a chance, the elder gangster was shot by friendly fire from pursuing rent-a-cops. The fish died seconds later, so did the burglar. And since then, the once-calm town was never the same: some places were ruined, crimes have skyrocketed, and "literally all hell broke loose." And it wasn't long before Dog Street changed its logo either. It was once just an innocent, black face of a Labrador, then it transformed into the emblem it has now. And because Sion lived within Dog Street and the dangerous slums of Edge, he eventually became accustomed to its transformation; hence the jacket, the collar, and apparel he always wears.

Wong kept warning Sion that he must stay alert whenever he's alone and wandering within the town, as there will always be trouble everywhere he turns. Ayame kept remembering Bulma's advice, as well. He also wanted to have a dog at one time; however, that was hardly possible since that incident. She asked whether or not Edge will recover and have a more effective judicial system. Sion may not know, and that's why he, Volt, and Kou must protect whatever and whoever is rightfully theirs, "especially when it comes to Dominique, and my master." Ayame wished the best for them, even if it happens to cost them their lives in the process. She hopes that Edge would soon get the financial support from the Capsule Corp. and the non-existent Mikado, as well.

His mind began to shift further into the past, on how he became an orphan after he escaped while his family was murdered, then to Kaldea, then to Wong...Fortunately, Ayame snapped him out of his reverie. And they returned to Fate.

A/N: I have always liked Sion, even to this day, especially when it came to his unique appearance. The one-shot has a couple references to interesting things. First off, the incident as Sion was talking about the burglary. It was a representation of the novel/movie, "Rumble Fish." I figured it was going to be a part of this sooner or later: During freshman year in high school, I began reading/watching it. At first, I didn't understand what it meant, but it wasn't long when Motorcycle Boy and his younger brother, Rusty James, had similar concepts to Sion in a very strange way. I'm not sure why, but they always remind me of him.

Another fascinating reference is the song, "The Down Town," from Days of the New. I remembered listening to it; at the time when I was playing The Bouncer for the first time, it kind of reminded me of Dog Street and Edge. At first, it was really catchy, but I later looked up their dark messages from it. People were running away and escaping the town cause it was so crime-ridden with drug dealers and gangs. Things became very dangerous and some others, including the singer, do not shed a lot of emotion while caring for others. It's really kind of sad when you put it all together, yet it's like a blessing in disguise.

And, that's how I came up with this drabble. I hope y'all enjoyed this...short, sinister one-shot. And I still hope The Bouncer gets more praise. Hopefully I'll get started on the Black-Hooded Sion Saga soon. Ciao.



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The Black-Hooded Sion Saga

Disclaimer: I don't own The Bouncer or Dragon Ball Z; they belong to their corresponding owners. Warning! Some alcohol references ahead.

A/N: The Black-Hooded Sion Saga is finally here! It'll tell the backstory of Sion's own doppelganger. This is something I've been thinking of for years, but I never finished; unlike the Mikado Saga. I'm not sure why really. Anyway, here is how it all began.

Act 1

It all started several months after the Mikado incident. And late one night Sion began to get very intense nightmares, and flashbacks. He was standing in thick fog. As he frantically looked around it cleared up, and he noticed he was standing inside the Mikado Dome. He remembered this was where he first saw Duaragon. Only, it was completely empty and the piano was abandoned. He watched him kill his master right before his very eyes! Only this time, Wong said that it was Sion's fault that he couldn't save him. Startled, he noticed that Dominique was resting at the same place she was before, and he was fighting Dauragon alone, but still with one hand. There was no panther; it was just Sion and the tower of terror, one on one, mono y mono. The battle ended well with Sion as the victor, until the sucker punch sent him flying back a few feet. Stunned, the floor collapsed right beneath him as Dauragon snapped a finger. Then he woke up.

His eyes shot open and he was laying in a bed close to Dominique. Slowly, without causing any disturbance, he went out and snuck to the door. He hesitated and looked back as he started to open it. But the android was still resting soundly. Satisfied, he marched to the lavatory. He needed to perk up. It was his own birthday after all.

It was on a Saturday during the late summer; Edge was just as humid as ever. And Fate was getting ready for the occasion. Volt, Kou, Boss, and Echidna were setting up the festivities.

As he was hanging up some décor, Kou said, "Hey, this place should be jumpin'; we hadn't had a full-blown bash in so long!" Correction, they have celebrated other birthdays before, but none of them were incredibly special. They were mostly small, quiet, and casual. Except when the patrons lose their way over their drinks.

"Don't be so sure, Kou. After all, they always have me." Echidna pointed at herself sitting on a stool. Ever since she became Fate's new bouncer, she was mostly there for attention; however, it was only used to mess around with troublemakers. Her appearance may be sensual, but she'll quickly turn to a vicious beast when needed.

Volt's face soured a little. "You're not planning on giving Sion any lap dances, are you?"

"Of course not, Volt. What do you think I am! Besides, there's going to be some young ones coming here. Goten, Trunks, and Ayame should've gotten their invitations right about now."

"Hm. Well I'm not sure who should watch over the bar."

"I'll do it. No problem." Kou responded, as lively as ever. Just as long as I don't get another assignment. He hoped that Leann, his boss and the head of LUKIS, wouldn't interfere with the party. Especially as soon as his comm starts ringing; it has gotten him in trouble many times before.

"I wonder if Wong would participate; he seems capable." Boss said. They had become close friends since they met, and they happen to be around the same age as well. Everyone obliged, they did notice as he was giving Sion a couple spars from time to time.

"Good thing he'll be 20; I despise underage drinking." Legal drinking or purchasing alcoholic beverages is 20 years in Japan. Much like the United States, they have very strict laws, perhaps even more tighter regulations than across the Pacific.

Meanwhile, as he, Dominique, and Wong got done with breakfast, Sion called Ayame, and even Capsule Corp of the occasion. Even though the nightmare was still fresh in his mind, he never talked about it. Ayame and Trunks said they got their RVSPs, and will show up at 8 pm sharp as instructed. They will actually get Goten as well and head to Fate using the Nimbus. She also said she will wear her cap that Dominique stitched for the birthday bash.

The three minors entered the bar promptly. Sion, Dominique, Wong, Volt, Kou, Echidna, and Boss were waiting, and Krillin and Android 18 were the special guests. While she was called by Sion, Ayame suggested to bring them, as he and the android would be very interesting since their relationships are similar. Though their daughter, Marron, was babysat by Gohan and Videl. Krillin and 18 were always looking forward to visit, and they gladly introduced themselves to the bouncers, especially Sion. They often discussed with him what it was like falling for an android, and also meeting and saving her from Cell.

One of Sion's gifts was a huge check from Capsule Corp. Bulma wanted to give some charity to the town of Edge since she heard it was under a deep recession. From Goten, there was a pendant that had a tiny Dragon Ball hanging from it. Ayame gave him a mix CD she made with some songs she downloaded for him; each song reminded her of Sion and his friends. Volt and Echidna gave him some fashionable spiky arm bands. Kou was uncertain about his present; he actually gave him a stuffed sleek black panther. It was a decent choice since it kind of reminded him of Kaldea's metamorphosis. Wong gave him some new motorcycle gloves, and the Dog Street logo was attached to them; they were incredibly flimsy and they actually had room for Sion's fingers. And Dominique gave him a painting she made; it had a large image of Sion and her side by side walking away beneath the night sky. The Dog Street logo was at the top right corner, while her emblem, a pink heart with an arrow piercing through it, was to the left corner. Sion appreciated every single one.

Goten, Trunks, and Ayame hung out at the second floor, while the others celebrated near the counter.

"Boy, you are a lucky man, Sion." Krillin remarked, as they were talking about his missions rescuing Dominique from the Mikado Group. He greatly admired him of his courage and devotion to her.

18 might be Dominique's coach on how to use her agile, strong figure properly in times when she ever needs to defend herself. "Because she'll know when the time is right, if someone dares to take advantage of her one day."

It was quite a relief that Boss wasn't too alarmed as he found out Dominique is an android, instead of a human. He was glad that she could still be Fate's own mascot, since she'll always live on.

Just then, there was an enormous chocolate cake brought to them. Only, it was actually a fried ice cream cake! Then, of course, Boss was ready for the patrons' orders.

"Whilst sake, also known as rice wine, is the national drink of Japan; lager-beer, pronounced beer-ru in Japanese, is the most popular drink." he pointed out each selection he'd chosen for Sion's party. And Boss stocked every one on the shelves. "Widely available brands include Kirin, Sapporo, Suntory, and Asahi."

Since it's Sion's birthday, he gets to pick the first drink, aside from making the first cut on the cake. "Hm...I'm gonna pick...that one!" The jukebox stopped playing an awkward tune known as "The Bouncer" by Kicks like a Mule. As daring as always, he'd chosen the most potent, the Sapporo. Everybody gasped at this choice, except Goten, Trunks, and Ayame who looked perplexed.

"Sion..?" Wong whispered, wide-eyed.

"Are you sure about this..?" Dominique said as she laid a hand on his arm.

From upstairs, Goten and Trunks queried, "What is it?", "What did he pick?"

"He picked the Sapporo..." Echidna mentioned.

Ayame asked, "What's that?"

As a connoisseur, Boss explained what it is. The Sapporo is known to have 100% malt beer and has a "touch of class". It's known as the oldest drink brewed in Japan since it was made back in 1876.

Yet, Sion still went with it, but only from a shot glass just to taste it. He never seemed to be bothered by the aftertaste; if anything, he was enjoying it. Then he ordered a small glass. Everyone else chose their own respective drinks, despite their shocked expressions, especially Wong's. The three minors never understood, so they didn't mind. Instead they just asked for a few soft drinks. The Sapporo was definitely by far the hardest beverage the Boss ever had in his inventory; he hopes that Sion won't do anything foolish...

Kou eventually finished his shift within a few hours, and it was Echidna's turn. Thank goodness most of the patrons were sober, except of course the 20-year old. He got a little more cocky as he wanted to have up to three more small glasses, one at a time.
"I think you had enough..." Dominique said. Wong and Volt couldn't have agreed more. His head was really swimming as he held it. He tried to clear it as he took a few deep breaths.

"What's wrong with Sion?" Trunks said curiously.

"I...think he had a little too many." Ayame answered. She still wishes she won't dare to wrap her lips around a longneck when she grows older.

As he was given another slice of the chocolate fried ice cream cake, his appetite became ravenous before he scoffed it down. The Saiyan boys were impressed, though the rest of the guys were almost turned off. As they were muttering, something was beginning to awaken inside of Sion, Ayame was the first to feel it. She gazed over to him, and Sion actually offered to head outside by himself. He was wobbling, he held onto his stool, and he became still for a few seconds before he fell to his knees. His body was burning up immensely, then Wong and Dominique decided to escort him back home. A wave of exhaustion swept over him, and he rested on the cold, concrete floor. His master and beloved both carried him as each arm was around their shoulders.

Sion wound up within his own bed. Dominique decided to give him some space, as she left the bed only for him. His blank face was illuminated by the moon's glow, then he began to tremble as he felt strange.

"Where am I?" He woke up on a roof and felt a cool, refreshing breeze. He thought he was still dreaming until he made a quick inspection: his gloves felt tighter, he donned on a black-hooded jacket instead of the usual red one, and even his entire attire was shrouded in shadow. He was wearing his neck collar as well.

"What is this? How did I..?" he grinned at his new outlook. "Wow. This feels...amazing."

He gazed at the full, large moon ahead of him. And his confidence began to grow. He desired for a certain lust, for blood, for violence, for dominance. His fists clenched while his heart and mind started to pound and race within him. With every beat, he felt anew, reborn. He closed his eyes for a few minutes as he absorbed the thrilling sensation, and took a deep breath. The alcohol, his first drink, must've fed and awakened his prowess. He also had a flashback of what Dauragon had said in the Galeos, about forgetting the past, and not caring of what happened. Those feelings were gone and replaced by "this new indulgence. The pleasure of fighting for the sake of fighting!" Yet, Sion wasn't afraid of the delivery, but enthralled. His worries began to vanish and he just sneered as he saw the moon again. He was more hungry and ready than ever!

With his new signature hood up he goes on a fighting spree as he picked them among whatever gang he saw. No matter how tough, intimidating, or strong they were, it was no match. He was lusting over his newfound powers and appearance within every passing second. It was as if Sion's senses just skyrocketed, including his endurance, strength, and speed. It was almost like an intense adrenaline rush.

By the time the night was over, he wound up inside his empty, disheveled bed, as if nothing happened. Yet, his experience was still vivid and exhilarating. He'd never felt this great before, and he still had this unusual demeanor. Because of that, Sion decided to continue wearing it. This did give him a more sinister complexion, but he felt so confident, that he never wanted to give it up. He also put on some more Dog Street apparel including a thick, leather belt with a canine skull; some grey shorts that were slightly below the knees; and black socks. He set Dominique's pendant aside, and he wore the spiky collars that Volt and Echidna gave him on his arms.

During the day, things seemed normal. However, everyone noticed Sion as his own polar opposite, or as his own antithesis. They thought Sion has some kind of Dissociative Identity Disorder, or a Multiple Personality Disorder. The bystanders figured Sion's now a loner, sometimes he's been called a shadow. He shows no fear, remorse, or worry, and always living in the moment while reveling in his destruction to others. Wong disapproved all this as he said he's a lot worse. Acting more of a delinquent, he's definitely not the same person as he once knew him. Dominique eventually caught on, both by Wong, and seeing him strutting his stuff and just showing off. One time, one of Sion's friends called Ayame and even she was shocked of the news. She knew something was very ominous about him the moment he was drinking and savoring more over the Sapporo.

At night, that was when his darkness rose to the surface. And it happened to be during his shift on another clear evening with a full moon. When he stopped by the bar after a couple drinks, it was time. He had hardly talked to anyone, not even Volt, Kou, Echidna, or Boss. While he was outside he kept gazing up at the moon, shining down on him, filling him with that same lust he felt before.

He thought to himself, This...this is my true calling; I will be Fate's own mascot. To represent all of Edge. I'll be known as the wolf of Dog Street. Yeah...the lone wolf of Dog Street. I shall be the city's own top dog!

With a sneer, he thought it was so fitting for him, as the predator of the night, the one who seeks out alone, the alpha male, Fate and Edge's very own.

By the time someone said his shift was over, Sion didn't know who since he was deep in his own thoughts, he decided to extend it. He proudly said, "I'm a bouncer, as I make a living and a difference risking my life for Fate and for Edge. I" The dark energy kept on manipulating him.

Soon it was closing time, and Boss decided to extend everyone's hours: "Ok, people, here's how it's done. This could only be temporary 'cause I'm not certain in terms of hours and payment. Volt will take half a night while Echidna takes the other, Kou might take one whole evening until closing, and Sion will take the next. Happy hour may be subject to change." However, the mad dog didn't like to hear of it; he actually wanted to take all the shifts for himself, without any regard to his co-workers. They were really appalled he would say something like this...

"You're actually taking our hours away?! After all we've worked for?!" Kou retorted.

"Sion...this isn't like you, at all! Mr. Wong was right about you, you're not yourself!" Dominique cried.

Volt and Echidna just stood speechlessly, as they recalled some similar incidents that happened between them as Master Mikado's most promising bodyguards.

Then he just shook it off and asked, or demanded, "Just give me another Sapporo!" However, Boss didn't approve of it very much because he was nearly frightened of Sion's sudden demeanor and appearance.

Finally, the bulky bouncer stepped up. "Sion, that's enough!"

He faced him with a tight expression. The last thing he wanted is to be challenged, "What's the matter?! Am I stealing your spotlight, Volt!? You should be familiar of all of this by now! With you and Echidna. As for me, I'm the one who should be the bar's own mascot!" His desire was finally out in the open, and he showed no signs of recoil.

Suddenly, something was upon him as he recollected a time when he tried to end his life once, just about a year ago:

A man was scared of Sion's reckless fighting, "Ah-Ahhhh! 

"Hey, hey, you're scaring away my customers. Why don't you take it someplace else?" an old man begged for mercy. 

"I think that's my job, Boss." Volt stated as he stepped up to him.

Sion was mostly interested. "Those piercings make you look like a demon straight out of Hell. You think you got what it takes to take me there?" He was still devastated over the loss of Kaldea Orchid, and he figured that this was the quickest way out...

Down, but not out from that short, painful fight with Volt, Sion got back on his feet, panting heavily. "I'm...not dead...yet..." 

"Not bad...for a little kid..." Volt praised, just as worn out.

"What do you think about working for me, boy?" Boss said after he speculated the fight.


"He works for me as a bouncer." he pointed to him proudly. "It's your choice. No one is going to stop you from leaving if you want to..." 

After a pregnant pause, he finally said, "All right, I'll do it...But only until I can beat him..!"

"'ve tried to erase me. All so big, and bad. I'd lost to you last time. I'm so pumped up and determined right now; it's not gonna work this time!"

Before it escalated when Sion raised a fist, Kou wanted to break them up, "Guys, knock it off! You'll both cause another frenzy again!" He warned as he remembered the giant brawl Sion made.

His anger kept on going towards him. He pushed the meddling bouncer away, and as Volt countered, he easily avoided every blow.

Ayame on her Nimbus noticed the catastrophe within Fate; she was actually too scared to get herself involved. Then, she distracted herself as she felt someone's strength fading and immediately headed to that spot.

Barely taking anymore punishment, Sion performed a Hurricane Blitz, knocking the wind out of Volt and shattering a stool. Sion took a few deep inhales and made a menacing, shaking fist over his head. Echidna rushed to his side, and braced for the worst. "It's time to end this!"

Dominique desperately held his arm back! Then he reacted as he accidentally injured her with a backhand slap knocking her to the floor. Trembling in fear, she laid there as helpless as a distressed damsel while Kou ran to her. "No!" He gave her a hand and kept saying soothing words to her, as she was held close to him. She knew at that moment Kou was her only defense who hasn't been incapacitated or awestruck.

Noticing Dominique's fright, the black hooded thug stopped as he froze at what he just saw; everyone became deathly silent as a graveyard. Through her tears, she managed to say, "Sion...who are you..?"

He just stuttered with a pale, blank look, and shook his head. "I...I don't know..." Slowly, he walked backwards 'til he reached the outside of the saloon. Still feeling empty and numb, he began to wander aimlessly, not caring what could happen to him...

Ayame on the Nimbus stopped in front of the bar and the bouncers just as they were leaving, "Guys, we have an emergency here! It's Wong, we gotta help him!"

"Volt's injured from the fight he had with Sion!" Echidna informed. "I don't know what got into him."

"...It was Sion..?"

Kou stepped forward from the crowd, "I'll check it out."

Ayame hopped off since Kou can't ride it. "Ok, but we gotta hurry, Wong's life is at stake, here!"

At a dark alley, Sion wound up witnessing a group of drug dealers beating the blood out of someone that was around four times their youth. Hardly feeling the urge, Sion tried to make out who was at the center of the crowd. After awhile, he saw it was...Master Wong!?

He had a flashback to when he was 16, and a certain event happened to his mentor. He hasn't returned from Mikado in days. It eventually extended to a year even, and Sion was getting increasingly worried. Kaldea was living with him at that time during a cool, long night:

"What is it?" she said, with deep concern as he was looking out the bedroom window. 

"Master Wong hasn't come home." 


"He said something weird a while ago, but I didn't expect him to leave so suddenly..." 

"Have you notified the police? He could have been involved in some accident." Kaldea presumed.

He retorted with complete denial and disbelief. "No accident could kill him! Even if someone tried to murder him..." his voce softened as his throat became tight. He was close to breaking in tears at such a thought. "...that old man wouldn't die..!"

Wong had never returned since that day...and now he was being brutally beaten by this street gang he wound up with. And he was dying, just as how he was when Dauragon killed him..!

Dominique, Kou, and Ayame rushed to his aid. The Z-Fighter gave Wong a Senzu Bean to revive him while Sion fought each member in a violent rage. Unable to contain his fear, anger, and pain, he eventually started to split! The dark matter emitted from Sion's body as he was screaming in severe agony, holding his head as if trying to keep his mind from short-circuiting! Everyone took cover and stood in horror as they watched Sion exorcise this demon inside! As he pushed harder, more of the vile exited from his body until it became a shadow of himself with his hood up. Then Sion looked normal and he collapsed as he fainted.

Kou led the group as they ran to the fallen bouncer. Then they saw the horrid afterimage standing on a ledge several feet above them! Dominique even let out a short scream at that eerie sight!

"...Could this be..?" Wong muttered.

"This is...his doppelganger..." Ayame had a loss for words.

"There are two of him!" Kou cried. This was all of Sion's darkness kept inside him! He looked down at the terrified quartet with a hard glance and then vanished as quick as a blown-out candle.

While Dominique and Wong were nursing him back to health, and with Sion dealing with an intense fever, he didn't remember what happened to him as he woke up in Dominique's bed. Except when he was having excruciating pain and losing his master; he was glad he was still alive. He was given plenty of fluids from a bowl, and he sipped whenever the broth touched his lips. There were some intervals in which he spoke weakly, but often times he would slip into unconsciousness again. He noticed the dog collar with the hanging chain was stolen. In a groggy voice he assured her he doesn't necessarily need it, even though sometimes it was used as a neck guard.

He discovered his darkness was always inside of him since he lost both Kaldea and Wong as they mysteriously disappeared. It was also present as he fought against random people, Volt, and Mikado and its cronies; however, it wasn't consuming him at the moment, until very recently. He realized the darkness assimilated him, transforming his outlook and personality. He tried to apologize many times for his actions, though Wong kept telling him to save his strength. Then during his sickness, Sion reflected on all the guilt and despair, causing him to lose his will to fight:

Orphaned as a child, Sion first saw Master Wong after watching him participate in a street fight, and was eventually taken in by him despite being so late. He was raised as both his son and disciple. Living with him and through rigorous training in Wong's martial arts, Sion grew up. As a teenager, he met up with Kaldea Orchid, a smart and curious, yet frail girl, much like Ayame. Of course, she was known as a very talented pianist, playing a variety of songs they both enjoyed. Everything was swell for Sion, until Wong mysteriously vanished when he was 14. A few years later, living entirely on his own devices, he eventually got involved in a relationship with his childhood friend, and then he congratulated her on being hired for a prestigious position within the Mikado Group. It wasn't long when her parents informed Sion that Kaldea died in a most unfortunate work-related accident. He was completely devastated and went on a self-destructive spiral after that.

Sion's feelings of sorrow at the loss of his loved ones soon turned into resentment and anger, as he picked fights and desired for someone in the dangerous slums of Edge to end his life. A man who witnessed his desperation directed him to the saloon of Fate on Dog Street. Sion stirred up a large bar fight, and attempted to provoke the attention of Volt Krueger, Boss's recent employee, to kill him. Surprised at his courage and endurance, Boss offered him the chance to turn his life around and start again with the opportunity of being a bouncer. 

Of course, he still remembered all the nightmares and his negative experiences when he lost Kaldea again at the Galeos, his fatal bouts with Dauragon, losing his mentor for real...

Through his negativity, sometimes Sion wished himself to just die on the spot, though Dominique, Ayame, and especially Wong wouldn't allow it. He even said he'd "forbid you to do such a thing!"

Ayame wished she would speed up his recuperation by giving him a Senzu Bean, but Korin said he only had one at his disposal, and it was used for an emergency only! As Sion continued resting, he kept having nightmares of killing people by fighting them all over the city, but in reality, it's Sion's darker self doing the dirty work.

A/N: I'm not very much of a drinker, as I mostly despise the taste and the aftereffects. However, I kinda like Mike's flavors. Anyway, I did some research on those Japanese brands, hoping to find the most potent for Sion. I believed the Sapporo might be a nice choice, maybe. The painting was a homage to an image made by MichaelMayne. Who knew that such an old spirit would be capable of inflicting one, eh!?

"The Bouncer" from Kicks like a Mule was a song I picked by accident. During those Kazza days, I was downloading some good songs from the game's soundtrack. Then, I picked this song by mistake; I figured it was probably a part of it since it said "Kicks like a Mule," as a possible reference to Sion's moves...I was a complete idiot, but I don't regret it. It's still a nice, upbeat song I'd found.

I hadn't mentioned in the story 'cause it was just background music, but I was thinking of "Killing in the Name" from Rage Against the Machine as Sion started to transform. It was another song that I could relate to Sion in an awkward way; I pictured him actually singing it, as the artist almost sounded like him. While I was playing The Bouncer, I picked it up somewhere and like the other song, "The Down Town," I thought it was catchy, until I found out what the lyrics were really saying. This might be significant to Sion's dark self, like what if he was actually a rebel? Like a complete polar opposite with nothing but hate and rage inside him, and always like a lone wolf?

Also, if you've played The Bouncer, you'll notice that people in Vs. and Survival Mode have alternate colors and outfits. Sion, however, was missing his black outfit. According to an online guide, it said that Sion's black wardrobe needs to be unlocked via Survival Mode. As it is completed, and if you defeat Sion's doppelganger, he'll be used along with his distinctive look and theme song. He has two names, Jet Black - Sion, and Black-Hooded Sion. The enemies and stages will of course be based off of Survival Mode itself; that was where I had the most inspiration, aside from Sion's doppelganger.

So that's it for Part I. Part II should be up soon, hopefully.



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Act II

Meanwhile, Boss was reading a newspaper. The headline was from last night. Three people were killed as they laid on the ground in the picture of the crime scene. No blood nor puncture wounds were shown on their dead bodies. In bold print the title shown: Slaughter on the Streets. The headline in a smaller font was also shown in bold: The Shadow Rises Again!

A paragraph was displayed saying,

(Dog Street): A mysterious killer is on the loose claiming more victims. This has been the second coming as it took three innocent lives in its wake. Witnesses say that this figure is mostly shrouded in shadow; however, some say that it had a black hood up, covering his identity. Others state that it could be a male by the age of 20, wearing black shorts with chains, a thick dog collar also with a hanging chain, and brown and black spiky hair. These witnesses say that it belonged to a young man they once knew, but no identities have been confirmed. The police are still on the lookout for this individual and they're waiting for the chance for him to strike again. They, on the other hand, believe he goes by the name of Sion Barzahd.

By propaganda, the double framed the real Sion from doing these acts. Everyone in Dog Street, and Edge, believed him except the other bouncers, Ayame, Wong, and Dominique. As a result, after Sion's recovery, he was even banned from Fate. What was more terrifying was that whenever he looked at his own reflection, he saw his dark side. Then outside, Sion saw his shadow, but it wasn't his own. Instead, it was shaped differently like his hood was up; however, his body type was still the same as his. His goal on being the wolf of Dog Street was just a pipe dream that collapsed all around him. He once said he wanted to be a bouncer until he beat Volt; ironically he did and he also lost his job and most of the trust the people had. With a deep sense of rage and vengeance, he decided to hide himself by pursuing his dark side, and to show the citizens he's the real deal! Volt and Kou decided to go with him, but only to just watch over him instead. Dominique, Ayame, and Wong followed suit; he had a feeling that only Sion would know where his dark side will dwell.

At the same alleyway where Wong was ambushed by that street gang, Jet Black Sion was shrouded. He had on a raised hood, and it said Dog Street on the back of his unzipped jacket with no logo. However, he had a wolf skull with crossbones located on his belt. His shorts are a dark grey and had an etching on its right leg, like a white Dog Street symbol; and they're slightly longer as they went below the knees. His socks and shoes are completely black as well.

"At last you've come!" he boomed. He jumped off the ledge and landed without any injury.

Sion just couldn't comprehend any words as he faced his alter ego. " are-"

"Yes, I am. I am your true self, I am all the glory and hatred you've carried. I'm the driving force in your life. I had consumed you, we were one since you drank that Sapporo. How much I desire that drink...Do you?" His lighter half remained silent. "Yet, you've separated yourself from me while Master was brutally assaulted! You'd made a big mistake releasing me, we were very close..." He adjusted his biker gloves.

"Before I end you for good, I'm offering you a choice. We will join ourselves once more, or you will perish." his eyes gleamed at the thought.

With a brief hesitation, Sion looked back at his friends and stuttered, "I'm...I refuse to join with you."

His doppelganger declared as he swiped a fist, "Then you will die instead! And now I shall demonstrate how weak and powerless you truly are! With all those people and feelings holding you back, you're vulnerable. me!"

Much like the original he had his moves: the Torpedo Kick, Floating Mine, Ground Sweep, Buster Throw, Hurricane Blitz, and Double Knuckle. He could emit shadowy energy while performing his Tornado Uppercut, as well as other moves. He wasn't entirely faster than Sion, but he was twice as strong as he was. Sion was still awestruck, and he hardly laid a hand on him.

"Hit him back!" Dominique encouraged. The others cheered him on, yet Sion still kind of had his mind in the gutter.

Close to blacking out, Sion witnessed his doppelganger do the unthinkable; he did a dark Kamehameha wave, to everyone's surprise! Apparently, it was by Sion's observation from Ayame's attack when she used it a few times back at Mikado. After the final blow, Sion lost.

Volt and Kou ran to their fallen comrade who just laid there like a log. They slowly sat him up, yet Sion was still broken in body and mind.

"That was just too easy. Even for me. I knew he was weaker without me in him!" Jet Black mocked.

"You bastard." Volt said with anger building in him. He still couldn't believe it was him influencing Sion all this time. Jet Black Sion just cackled with glee.

Kou immediately rushed to him, then Volt followed, and unleashed their fury. But as they hit the double, Sion also got affected. The Z-Fighter shouted at them to stop attacking him after observing a few blows!

From the startle, it was his chance to take Dominique with blinding speed, and then he lifted off like a rocket within a huge, dark mass.

"Dominique!" Sion coughed while holding his chest.

"Don't worry, Sion. I'll go get her!" Everyone, except Wong, remained unfazed. Ayame gave chase using her ki flight. The darkness went on for miles.

"Geez, he's fast!" she said as she was starting to fall behind. She soon became exhausted as more energy was being consumed.
"Time to end this..!"

Jet Black Sion noticed he was being chased. He abruptly stopped, causing Ayame to do the same. They were over the outskirts of Edge. After he sneered, he charged forward. She covered her face as the darkness enveloped her! Then he lunged at her, causing her to fall to her demise over the city lights! She called the Nimbus which caught her in time. and she couldn't see Dominique or the dark mass again.

Ayame sulked as she returned to the men below. "Dominique...I lost her. She's gone..." Sion sunk to his knees and slammed a fist to the concrete, "Dammit!" She realized he wasn't upset with her, but all the things he did to Dominique and everyone else. He may never have the chance to redeem himself, or worse he'd end up in prison for life because of guilt by association. Since everyone was accounted for, but the android, she figured she'd explain about Sion's most unfortunate event, the fission.

Much like in chemistry, fission is the ability for a single being to split into two different copies of himself. Their qualities are similar, yet different from one another. They can be divided more or less equally in terms of power and appearance, but usually share a single lifeline. It is also the reversal and opposite of a fusion. From experience, she only knew two people that went through this, Piccolo and Majin Buu.

After a few thugs named Van Zant and Smitty shot a puppy named Bee and later his new friend, Hercule, Majin Buu became more scared and enraged than he had ever been. And he used fission to expel the evil from his body in order to keep control. The evil left Buu in the form of a giant cloud taking most of his power with it, giving birth to a tall, thin, and gray version of himself called Evil Buu. The "evil" Majin Buu was a polar opposite of the "good" Majin Buu in all aspects apart from appearance. Much like Sion. Though, according to Buu, his dark side had more impaired speech than he did, before the good Buu lost and was absorbed by him.

When Grand Elder Guru probed into Krillin's mind at Planet Namek, he saw the Nameless Namekian suddenly fall out of bed and onto the floor. At that point Piccolo tore away from his body, making the divided couple. Eventually, he was known as Kami, the first guardian watching over the Earth. Unlike Buu, none of the beings should be harmed, as one affects the other. Just like Sion and his doppelganger. Piccolo eventually merged with him before his battle with the aforementioned Cell since he's classified as a Super Namekian.

"It's possible that he would actually kill Dominique since he's Sion's polar opposite." Ayame warned.

Since there's so much heat, Wong suggested Sion should recover somewhere distant from Dog Street. Then, the street fighter wanted to train at his childhood home where he met and betrothed to Kaldea, at his master's old place. He said it would be better this way, with very little distractions. Ayame figured if he masters his ki, he could use it against his dark self since he's weak against light energy. Because he must protect his friends and save his beloved once more, instead of history being repeated, he decided to make things right.

She headed back to Mount Pazou and informed Goten and his family about the ordeal. Gohan volunteered to help detect the shadow's ki since he's stronger than her and more experienced. While Goten and Trunks try to protect whomever he'll strike next. It's highly unlikely he'll be anywhere outside of Edge since the Mikado Group is no more. It is, however, likely that the doppelganger would harm Dominique as soon as he gets through his better half.

The next day, Sion didn't pack very much for the journey, except some casual clothing and a couple of Dominique's memos, including her discarded pendant. He could use some motivation, and inspiration, for whatever strenuous things he's trying to accomplish.
The childhood home was a ranch house smack dab in the epicenter of a tall, lush field. Accompanied by a lone mailbox next to no roads and with no other example of human or animal life, excepting a couple insects. It only existed with no other place for more than five miles. They had just the two-story house, the trees, and phone lines, but little of anything else outside. It's not much, but it's still home to him. Not to mention, there was a mountain peak in the far distance, where it was the isolated place for Wong and Sion's training. They said there was a log cabin between the base and the summit.

While Ayame promised to train him using the Kamehameha Wave, Wong would teach Sion how to meditate in order to combat his inner demons and the remnants his doppelganger left. It didn't take long for him to gather the supplies, which were only a couple cushions... The men were sitting on them, and Wong informed that they must elevate the pelvis a few inches higher than the knees, and then slightly roll the pelvis forward making it easier to keep the spine upright. He said the head and the spine must be in complete alignment.

"It's said in multiple traditions that your chin should be slightly tucked in, the tongue must be pressed against the roof of your mouth, the lips must be lightly pressed together, shoulders back."

He instructed that meditators start with short periods of ten minutes or so of meditation practice. If one works regularly, it becomes easier to keep the attention focused on breathing. Eventually awareness of the breath can be extended into awareness of thoughts, feelings and actions.

The training was constantly alternated. As Sion got better with his meditation, he became more focused and determined. He knew the pose, as he saw Ayame do it multiple times; however, he needed to learn how to channel his latent energy. As he became more used to his meditating, he was able to conjure more of it; the longer he charged, the bigger the beam was.

While sparring, out of nowhere, there was another white energy wave that made a nearby tree explode on contact! Sion and Ayame looked over and saw Wong who had his cupped hands in front of him! She gasped, "Wong...that, that was amazing! I-I didn't know you learned the Kamehameha Wave! How did you know..?"

He said he learned it a long time ago, though he hardly uses it since it is very destructive. Master Roshi and Master Gohan used to be acquaintances of his.

Ayame said with enthusiasm, "You knew both Gohan Sr. and Master Roshi?!"

He nodded, though he was not a huge fan of the latter geezer, as he's always obsessed with dirty magazines. Coincidentally, neither was she!

So Wong got back to training Sion, and even he was really astonished. Thanks to his fantastic display, he felt a little more confident to learn this common, yet unique, ability. But because it consumed someone's energy, a person would feel more exhausted, so he has to use it wisely while in a wide, open space.

At first, he actually fell asleep as he got deeper into his full meditation. He was limp and the hypnotic feeling weighed heavily on his body and mind. It was almost like sleeping and dreaming, only sitting up. At least he had some rapid-eye-movement and extended control over his breathing. As his mind began to drift away...

Sion was 6 and he first met Wong. At one time while he was training at age 8, he admired his determination despite the exhaustion:

"Giving up already?"

"N-no...I'm just hungry! Can't fight on an empty stomach!"

"Hmph...You are persistent, I'll give you that."

"Wh-what do I need to"

"Jump off of this cliff!"

"A-all right..." He started to run to a precipice just a few feet ahead of him. But Wong stopped him.

"Whoa, whoa...I'm just kidding." He laid a hand on the child's shoulder. "'s time for dinner."

By 10, he met Kaldea. While he was training hard, his sensei went to Mikado for the day. Curious, the teenager walked up to him as he was practicing near the ranch house. Her hair looked like shiny black velvet and it reached down to her lower back. Her brown eyes shined with anticipation:

She smiled as she walked up to him, "What're you doing?"

"Can't you see I'm training?" He said proudly, wiping sweat from his head.

"Looks like a lot of fun."

"No one is stopping you from doing it."

"I get sick real easy, so..." she informed, looking over Sion intently. Her eyes were constantly in motion.

"What's your name?" Sion asked.


He thought it was one of the most beautiful names he's ever heard.

About two years ago, Wong was still gone. He figured he was working at Mikado all this time. Sion figured his friend, Kaldea, should apply for a job there. And he recently found out she got it shortly after. Her family was ecstatic she's employed in a very prestigious company, and for that, Sion bought her a shiny, expensive gift:

"Here, congratulations." Sion smiled as he gave her the silver pendant.

She took it reluctantly, and held it in her hand. She stared at in amazement. "Are you sure?"

"Of course! You got that job in Mikado, right?"

"But...Can you afford this..?" she wondered, still gazing at the pendant in her palm.

"Don't worry." Sion said coolly.

She hugged him tightly. "Thank you. I'll treasure it."

"Ok, but don't go locking it away in some box. It's a pendant. You're supposed to wear it."

Then, tragedy struck. Kaldea never returned, and her parents were devastated when they found out she was killed in a work-related accident. Even to this day, it really opened Sion's deep wounds. Next, he was in the streets of Edge, picking random fights with people, and desperately wanting to end his life:

Kaldea... That was all he could ever think about. All he wanted was for someone to put him out of his misery, so he could reunite with her; he knew in his heart she was gone...

He bumped into a middle-aged man. He was one of many bums who inhabited the dangerous slums. He had dirty blond hair and a mustache. Dirty was just an understatement.

"Hey! Watch it!" Sion never answered, deep in grief. "Who the hell do you think you are, running into me like that without an apology!? What's with the pathetic look on your face? What, did your girlfriend dump you?"

"Errrr...rrraagghh!" With all his deep rage, he kept pounding on him like he was nothing! Still, Sion was desperate to find someone who would send him to his grave. Yet they were no match for his skills.

About a year ago, he was living on more dangerous territory as he moved deeper into Edge. He got into a fight with someone with balding red hair, a leather jacket, and eyes just as soul-piercing. He also had some teeth missing from recent duels:

"Hey...Noticed you were looking at me. You got a problem with me or something?!"

"C'mon..." Sion made a fighting stance at him.

"What?!" He was caught off guard by that remark.

"Why don't you go ahead and kill me then..?" Sion said in determination.

"What are you on?!"

"That is...if you think you got what it takes..."

Infuriated, he charged toward him. "You're asking for it you little..!"

The fight was a challenge, yet Sion pulled through. However, every passing day weighed on his sanity. He became more and more desperate for someone to make him soak in his own blood. It seems he couldn't get his prayers answered; first he wanted someone to love and care for, yet she's gone without a trace, and his heart went with her. Then, he was willing to end his life by a competent fighter's hands, and yet, he can't seem to have that granted either.

He screamed at the top of his lungs, "Someone! Anyone? Come and kill me! Anyone?! You can use a gun if you have to!"

A sheepish man replied, "" He was so nervous that someone would end his life instantly.

"You're going to be the one to kill me?" Sion pleaded.

"I think I know a man...who could get the job done..."

He asked in all seriousness as he came close and strangled him, "Who is he?"

"A man who works at a bar named Fate!"

"Where is it?"

"It's located on Dog Street."

"And that was when you met Volt and became a bouncer for the first time." Ayame was talking with Sion on the grassy field. In the present, he was describing his experience in depth, and she tried to absorb almost every detail.

"It was like my life flashed before my eyes, but I wasn't even close to being dead." Sion said in astonishment.

"That must've been one hell of a mind trip! I haven't really meditated before, but I guess you're making some progress..." She guessed since his dark, repressed memories have reached the surface. "Although, I would like to learn it sometime." Her demeanor was serious when she asked, "Tell me. Did you have any intense dreams when or before you saw your dark self? Were they based on your negative psyche, like, did you have nightmares involving sorrow, anxiety or fear? Or did you have some distorted flashbacks revolving around those feelings?"

"...Yes, I did. Before my twentieth birthday, I was experiencing these things. I remembered emerging inside the dome at Mikado, and I fought Dauragon, but I lost. It wasn't the same when I fought him before; my master said I did this to him while he was dying, and I was alone. He addressed me as some kind of criminal, but I wasn't sure why.

"I was also dreaming of myself slaying lots of people, and I kept wearing that black hood, and I was howling like a wolf...A lone wolf! And I enjoyed every minute of it, and it was always at night...

"Then, I saw my dark self actually step out of a mirror as I stared at my reflection, and he tried to kill me." He described the one when he saw a reflection and his double was mocking him, saying how weak a vessel he was without the darkness inside him. He then managed to step out of the mirror and slay him relentlessly. It was almost too much for him and for Ayame to bare.

Later that night, Sion wound up in a dark tunnel and heard a familiar voice calling his name. He was very weak, and he couldn't make out what she was saying. As he heard his name clearer this time, his eyes opened and there he saw...Kaldea, in her younger 17-year old body!


She looked at him and smiled. "Sion."

He stood up and laid a hand on her cheek. "Kaldea..." he whispered, trying to keep himself from breaking down. Her face illuminated with the bright light shining behind her, while the pendant was glistening around her neck. "You're more beautiful than I remember..."

She touched his hand in a coy manner. "Sion, you must go now." Her face fell, but his smile grew. "Yes...we should go, together."

She sadly shook her head. "No, Sion. It's not your time."

He was shocked, "What?"

"You must protect Dominique. Your dark self cannot get away with this. You're the only one who could stop him." He nodded. Then she reached and touched the back of his neck, bringing him closer. "One day, we will be reunited, but until then my spirit will always be with you...I'll always your heart."

He broke away, "Kaldea, please don't go...I love you so much..."

"I know, but Dominique loves you. Go, save her, before you allow your heart to be broken again."

"I will. For her and for you."

The light in the tunnel caused his eyes to close as he grew weary. His essence faded, and all Kaldea did was smile and whisper to him, "Be happy, Sion."

He woke up back at Wong's place, just at the break of dawn. His body was damp with sweat and tears, His throat was very hard, but he knew what he had to do.

Eventually, he was strong enough to head to Mikado, but he just couldn't wait as Dominique may be suffering from his doppelganger's hands. He began to write a note:


I want to thank you for everything you've done for me past and present, especially when you were teaching me how to meditate. I understand I need more time to deal with my dark self, but I can't wait any longer. Dominique's life is at stake, and I cannot stall for another minute. I'll be using the flying Nimbus to get me to Mikado; my vision has led me to her there.

During one of his meditations, he knew where Dominique and the doppelganger were, at Mikado's executive floor.

Do not try to find me or send anyone to help me. This is my mission now, and I must accomplish it alone. But if you happen to find my dark self anywhere else, kill him without a second thought. Dominique's life is more precious than mine, as it is yours.

As he was writing the note, he could hardy keep his tears back. His despair and his will to sacrifice himself were mounting.

Please, Master, if anything should happen to me, save her, and save yourselves. And if necessary, stop my doppelganger at all costs. Do not remember me as a criminal, and honor my death when the time comes. Always remember as the person I was before.

Your affectionate son and disciple,
Sion Barzahd.

He realized it was too risky for him to sneak out, so he decided to open the window and climb down. The morning dew and fresh, crisp air greeted his skin and nostrils, waking him up more. He wandered further away from the home he thinks he won't come back to, then he summoned the Nimbus. Momentarily, it came to him. He climbed into it and muttered, "There's somewhere we must go to. You're not gonna like it." The cloud took off at top speed to his destination.

As he got to the station, which was near completion, he stepped off the Nimbus and headed to the stairwell. He noticed someone walking around, and hid himself underneath. Luckily, he never spotted him. When the coast was clear, he rushed up and turned left toward the maze. He was surprised that the place wasn't completely flooded by the rushing waters from the Mikado train that once crashed here. However, the stench was imminent, it smelt almost like a fresh bayou. Then, he heard a whoosh and he started to run as fast as his feet could carry him.

The wall of water was looming closer and closer! He tripped and fell with a thud as the deluge was closing in on him! Bracing for the worst, he helplessly closed his eyes as he was being trapped by the emergency shutter!

After a few deep breaths, he opened his eyes slowly. It was all a hallucination; there was no rushing water and his back was against a wall. He eventually gathered himself and pressed onto an ambush. Two security guards with worn-down red uniforms met him, along with a pair of...Mikado's Special Forces!?

What the hell are they doing here?! he thought.

He tried to shake the image out of his mind, but as he felt a punch in the face, he noticed they were real. He was in a fighting stance, as he immediately switched gears and fought them off seamlessly. The strangest thing was, none of them said a word, and their faces were always being shrouded in a dark, purplish hue as they fought angrily with him.

He followed the arrows to the second floor. Three 2nd Class Rent-a-cops met Sion almost as soon as he approached it. They closed in on him, and he fought them off with a little bit of trouble. Since the odds were in their favor, he was beaten up a couple times. They sometimes ganged up on him, and two were holding his arms, while the third punched him hard in the abdomen. Sion closed his eyes, and for once, conjured more of his energy. He managed to break free as he turned his arms, sending his assailants a few inches back. Then he fought them with his hidden strength. Two 3rd Class Security Guards wearing black jackets joined the fray. It was easier since they were constantly huddled in a huge cluster. Then, Sion did the unthinkable as he made the incantation while holding his cupped hands to his side.


The men just stood there in puzzlement. Then, Sion thrust his arms forward and unleashed his energy. "Haaa!" It was small, but it was enough to send them off their toes. Sion closed in on each one of the guards and knocked them out, one by one. However, because of the cost of his endurance, he began to feel a little more weaker.

As he got to the last floor, he saw the same huge crates he saw before. He was still surprised they never held up the descending barricades when the maze was being deluged. He hardly noticed three of the trash-can robots hidden amongst the clutter. As they charged and rammed into Sion, he was losing more stamina. Then, from the right hall, three of the once KO'ed Air-Carrier Soldiers were attacking him, as well. He figured those were the same enemies he fought with, and his dark self probably reanimated their bodies somehow. However, he couldn't think very clearly during the melee while he was starting to black out.

He was knocked to the floor, and the impact just made his weakness worse! As the enemies were regrouping, they were blown away by a few ki blasts. Unfortunately, Sion was losing consciousness before he had the chance to see the mysterious man. A tall shadow with short, spiky hair loomed over his battered body. He picked him up and carried him on his back as he escorted him out of the long labyrinth.


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Sion woke up with a groan and saw a young, gentle face looking over him. His black hair was short and he looked almost the same age as him. He was wearing a sleeveless indigo jumpsuit, almost like Trunks. As Sion opened his eyes deep in a forest, the stranger asked if he was alright.

"Unnnh...Where am I...?"

"As far as I know, I believe you're outside of Mikado's domain."

"Wh...who are you...?"

"I don't think you recognize me. I'm Gohan, I've been summoned here along with my brother, Goten. Ayame left me here and she told me about this place. I brought you here to keep you safe from the security guards you fought back there. They weren't being themselves, that's for sure. You should see the looks in their eyes...What's wrong?"

Sion clenched his fists in fury. "He's here! I know he is! He has to be here with Dominique!"

"Yeah, I sensed him earlier...'Him' meaning your dark side."

"How do you-"

"I sensed his power level. I almost got confused when I tried to find you. He has a dark aura, but his ki is similar to yours. If he uses his dark energies correctly, he could be a dangerous foe. Which is why I'm here to help."

"He had already used the Kamehameha Wave..."

The Saiyan was shocked, but then again a lot of his own allies knew how to use it as well. Even Videl.

"You know where he is!"

Gohan nodded. "Just follow me and I'll take you there...Oh, and if you want me to, I can help you defeat any enemies that might get in our way. As for my little brother, he left with Trunks and an old guy who seems to know you very well. Much like your master."

"Old guy...?" Sion's face brightened. "Boss! The bartender from Fate! It's a pub in Dog Street. I hope he's alright!"

"As long as he's with my brother, he should be fine. He's trying to find your dark side, too, you know."

Sion stood up. "Let's get going!" He ran inside the dome with a startled Gohan behind him. "Hey, wait up!"

Through the hanging garden, thankfully there were no enemies, Gohan and Sion saw the dome. To Sion, it was a very familiar and nerve-wrecking sight. The Saiyan lifted him over the surrounding pit, then they entered it. It was a scary deja vu for him, as it reminded him of his first encounter with the Mikado madman, and the death of his sensei. He also recalled the dream he had. "I was here. In the dream I fought Dauragon, and my master said that I was the one who killed him. I was being blamed for my actions... I couldn't understand why until I was dealing with the darkness inside of me..." He sulked.

The Saiyan laid a hand on his shoulder to snap him out of his self-pity and regret. "Not now, Sion. I think we must defeat your doppelganger first and save Dominique."

"Right." Sion nodded with determination. Following his dark ki, Gohan led the way. There was always a guide whenever Sion ventured through the Mikado building. Several months ago, he was separated from Volt and Kou after suffering from his defeat, then Ayame showed him the way with her Dragon Ball locator. They were still looking for the android, only this time, it was another Z-Fighter and he was able to sense the double's evil energy.

Gohan informed Sion that last night his mentor, Piccolo, let him use his telepathy to find and talk to his dark self. Gohan told him that he knows he'd kill Dominique, so he decided to make a bargain with him: He can't lay his hands on her, and he must deal with his lighter self. If he wins the duel, then he has every right to slay her, even though he does want his righteous self to suffer first. However, until then, he has to wait until he shows up, alive and well so it could be fair. Being he'll have such a thrill over it, he decided to agree with Gohan in his astral form.

He also warned Sion about ki control. He has to master it inside him, not just using it for attacking, but to increase his strength, speed, and stamina. However, if someone were to overuse their ki, or their life force, it could actually destroy the user's body, like Goku's Kaio-ken, or leave a person vulnerable.

When they finally reached the base of the rocket tower, it was an old, terrifying experience for Sion as he recollected the PD-4s, and his way to the Galeos after Dominique went haywire. From a small lift, he also discussed about the promise Ayame made as well as using the Dragon Balls. When it stopped, the endurance test began: First were six of Mikado's Special Forces. And they were quite an overwhelming bunch.

"You take the three in the front, I'll take the three in the back..." Gohan muttered.

They were fast and flexible, though Gohan was the first to knock them all out with ease. He elbowed one in the head, side kicked another, then teleported behind the third ninja, grabbed and spun him around, and tossed him to the injured duo. They all collapsed in a heap. Sion, however, was having more trouble. His Hurricane Blitz worked but for a little while, then Gohan assisted him. The bouncer finished off with a Floating Mine. And there were two watchdogs meeting them. They took them out with a few trips from each of them, though the Saiyan was a bit appalled. "Jeepers creepers, these things were real?!"

They've ascended to the second floor and a can-like robot was to the left of them. Sion kept squatting and punching it until it was disabled. Gohan just stood by waiting for him. Around the right turn, they encountered a white bot with scrawny arms and legs. Gohan blasted off its legs with a few ki blasts, making it immobile. Sion shut it down, though its arms were constantly in his way.

"Look out!"

An orange robot with a wide chest knocked Sion down as soon as he saw it.

"I got it!" Gohan shouted. He used the Super Assault Combo, delivering blinding rapid punches to its abdomen, before pushing it away. He gave Sion a hand, "You alright?" Finally, there was a black bot further up. Both Gohan and Sion took turns deactivating it.

They went right and descended a staircase where they saw a 3rd class guard and a 2nd class. Sion mopped the floor with them. Upwards, two watchdogs gained on them. Gohan just rolled his eyes seeing them again. They may seem like dogs, but they were definitely exceptions since they were so ravenous. He was lucky they weren't equipped with rabies as they kept clawing and biting them. With him, it was nothing, but they left Sion a few deep gashes. After the fight, he quickly used some of his energy to conceal the wounds before a 3rd class guard approached. Gohan volunteered and performed the Super Strength counterattack; he kicked him upward in the chin and punched him in the gut. That got the attention of another Air-Carrier soldier, and a rent-a-cop. Sion took out the basic cop, though the commander was a little more tedious. They'd descended a staircase and went up to the next floor.

There was another trash can contraption and a white bot before they ascended two flights of stairs. Sion took the can while Gohan took on the other. Then they faced another pale one and they went up and down a staircase, an orange can met them. Sion took the robot this time, then he took on another can. Then they've ascended again.

"Man, what is with these things?! There's just no end to these robots! It's almost like dealing with Dr. Gero's androids!" Gohan exclaimed.

There was a black bot further up. Gohan used a single Masenko Wave, disabling it almost instantly; Sion did a Tornado Uppercut, finishing the job. There were two ninjas and they each fought them off, then climbed and there was another one and a can before they headed up a staircase to the right.

Finally, at the top level, they saw a dog and a milky machine further up. Then another pesky pooch closed in on them. From the corner, there was another white bot, plus another bloodhound was waiting near the exit. Gohan looked at Sion sternly. "Now's your chance, Sion! Give them all your might. Unleash your Kamehameha Wave!"

He obliged as he nodded, then he cupped his hands behind him, and chanted, "Kame...Hame..."

Gohan saw the energy glow behind him! He was channeling out all his latent energy. Sion focused on the targets who're running toward him, until...

"Haaaa!" He immediately thrust his hands forward and shot out a large, white beam, and his assailants were caught in it like bugs in a sticky web. The two blanch machines and the three Rottweiler were all dead on the spot colliding into a wall outside the elevator doors!

"Sion! That was incredible! You did it!" Gohan cheered. Sion just looked at his smoking palms. They were tingling and he felt so...invincible. He finally mastered the Kamehameha, the ability Ayame taught him, and the same one his sensei used! He couldn't be more proud.

"Well done, Sion!" Gohan exclaimed. He just couldn't find any more words. He now was feeling more confident than ever; he was certain he'd get rid of his dark self yet. They marched in and they descended after he pressed a button consisting a familiar logo with the multiple ascending lines...

Sion followed Gohan to Mikado's rocket tower, and now they were in the executive floor. Beyond that was where the doppelganger awaited and held Dominique; it was the same place where his meditation revealed, and where he fought Mugetsu with his mask on and his goggles off. Sion knew as they emerged in a hallway with the red carpet leading to the Mikado logo embedded on the golden door. They hesitated; after this, there was no turning back... Sion and even Gohan grew nervous of the upcoming battle.


"I know...this is something you must do alone. The doppelganger is all yours, Sion." His face brightened a little. "But yeah, I'm sure you'll beat him. You made it this far, right?"

Sion sighed, "Yeah..." He wasn't as encouraged as he was. Then, he faced him. "Gohan...If anything should happen to me...please tell Dominique I love her so much..?"

"Of course."

"And...I want my friends and my master to remember me not as an enemy, nor as a criminal. I want my death to be honored by them, to speak on my behalf..." His face saddened, and his throat hardened.

The Saiyan laid an assuring hand on his shoulder. "Stop worrying, believe me you'll have a better chance on losing that way. Just stay confident. I know you can do it, just watch for his Kamehameha Wave. Do your best, Sion!"

He nodded, "I will. For Dominique, and for everyone." He handed him his pendant, and they did a fist bump before they approached Death's door.

When they entered, it was exactly the same. Dominique was sleeping on the large, beige couch in the center after the large Mikado logo. The room was incredibly spacious with motherboards all around. It was silent and the doppelganger was nowhere to be seen.

Gohan hardly noticed as the shadow snuck up from behind and put Sion in a stranglehold! Gohan couldn't believe he didn't sense him coming; as he mentioned, it was confusing to tell Sion and his evil copy apart. He lunged into his side, releasing him. They both felt the hit, but Gohan assured he had to separate the two.

"He is here, isn't he?!" The Saiyan retorted. "You have your end of the bargain! Make this a fair fight, and Dominique is yours!"

They both stood up, and brushed themselves off. "Ah, I've been waiting for this..." Jet Black said as he prepared for battle. He wouldn't want anything more than this moment.

"We'll see who gets Dominique first, faker!" Sion challenged.

It looked as if the two were mimicking, and countering, each other with their own tricks; it seemed the battle was at a standoff, while Gohan stood by and covered the incapacitated android. Then Ayame with Wong sensed the battle. She immediately headed to Goten and Trunks, with the octogenarian behind her. They, too, noticed both of the Sions' energy clashing with each other. They ran with Boss to alert the bouncers.

Jet Black's first move was the somersault, but Sion blocked it and countered with his own. Sion blocked a basic move from his doppelganger, but Jet Black quickly reacted with the Buster Throw, grabbing and tossing him like a toy. At one time, Jet Black used the Hurricane Blitz, which knocked the light Sion down hard! Gohan thought he had enough, but he slowly got up. By the time he used it again after blocking a move, Sion ducked from his rapid spinning arms, and did a Floating Mine.

"That's it, Sion!" Gohan exclaimed.

They each even did the Hurricane Blitz on each other! After the two got the wind knocked out of them, Jet Black murmured, "This won't suffice." He jumped several inches away from his better half, and he cupped his arms behind him. Their last attempt from each of them was the Kamehameha Wave. They each did the dance, then Jet Black unleashed all his dark essence, so did Sion seconds later.

They both pushed their own corresponding energy toward each other, mixing the dazzling light and the dark violent hues together. "Go for it, Sion! But...which one..?" Gohan wondered. After awhile, the core gave in and exploded! They each laid lifelessly on the ground.

"Sion!" Gohan hurried to his side to the right of the couch. He was examining him for a pulse. He could hardly feel one through his neck. And he was beginning to think they were both dead...

...Yet the real Sion had somehow survived. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed Gohan looking over him. "You-you're not dead." The Saiyan said in astonishment.

"Not yet." Sion replied. His doppelganger on the other hand wasn't so lucky. His body was still and it was being enveloped by a purple hue. He was actually starting to fade.

Jet Black muttered, "How could I lose..? I'm the real Sion..!" The lighter half earnestly walked up to him, "Go ahead, kill me. I deserve to die! I'm certain Kaldea wouldn't want me... If you're the real deal, the actual Sion...what does it make me then..?!"

"You're myself, that much is true. My negative psyche. I realize that now. Myself that shunned away from society long ago, and living in the streets. I understand your pain and suffering, just as I went through them. But those days are behind you, now. Rest, and remember, you're no longer alone."

Before he dissipated completely, he left with this malevolent message, "I will always be a part of you..."

"I'm well aware of that."

Sion watched his darkness depart, leaving behind...his dog collar. He paused for a few minutes as he watched Jet Black vanish, then he reluctantly picked it up, and he and Gohan rushed to Dominique's side. They were surprised she was able to sleep through this whole calamity! He noticed his own shadow looked completely normal again, without any slight characteristics representing his dark self! Sion felt so relieved at the sight. Eventually, she opened her eyes, just as she did before when she was in Sion's arms. While he and the android reunited again, Gohan just stood and looked at them with a big smile of adoration. This was the moment where time literally stood still and everything was blissful again, with both Mikado and Jet Black gone.

At long last, she saw and remembered him as the charming man she once knew without any trace of aggression nor despair as he smiled down at her. Then he slowly embraced her and then broke away after a couple minutes. With a grim look, he whispered, "Dominique..? Can you forgive me?"

Looking at his soft eyes, she replied, "Of course, Sion." They slowly leaned in and kissed again, and Gohan said with enthusiasm, "C'mon, guys, let's head back. It's all on me! The Nimbus should be waiting for us!"

By the time they got back to Edge it was around 9-ish. Thanks to his strong ki sense, Gohan was able to find Sion's allies, and his. They were looking for the doppelganger themselves. They rendezvoused at the Fate bar and had quite an interesting idea:

How to explain all this was simpler than they thought, at least to Volt anyway. As if some crazed look-a-like of Sion's was dressed as him and causing so much havoc, plus accusing him. "Some kind of cosplay," he said. And they agreed with the story, including another particular person. The old bartender was like, "I'm the Boss, I decide if someone should be banned or not. You can have your job reinstated, Sion. Just try not to start anymore monkey business again."


Sion showed Dominique and his friends his plan while the Z-Fighters went their separate ways.

"I'm moving."

Apparently, his childhood home is becoming a permanent place for him, Wong, and Dominique. It's a chance to start a brand new life, to start over where it all started, even before it began to turn for the worst.

Ayame eventually met him making the finishing touches as he was finally preparing to move away from the dark bowels of Edge. "Oh, you're leaving?" she stood in the doorway, and Sion looked up at her somber face.

"Yeah. I thought you already knew that. I'm still going to have my job here and see Volt and Kou again, though." he replied.

"I knew you'd leave someday, Sion." She had a feeling this was perfect since he'd no longer live in such harsh conditions at these ghetto parts of Dog Street; heck, it was definitely better than him trying to be its 'top dog.' It was as if the past became new.

"We'll still see each other, won't we?"

"Of course we will."

They embraced each other before they left the empty bedroom behind. Some furniture were still there, but a lot of the knickknacks and personal items have been removed. Ayame hesitated and looked at the desolated room one last time. She thought maybe she could move in here and hang out with her friends more often when she grows older, someday.

Shortly after, Sion on the grassy field performed some kicks and punches as he was training. He wiped away some sweat from his forehead by the time he was finished. Little did he know that Dominique was actually watching the whole thing.

She walked up to him. He looked and smiled as he was so glad to see her. "Dominique." he greeted.

She grinned back. "That was great, Sion. I wish I could be as strong as you, and Mr. Wong one day." She figured Android 18 will eventually give her some neat pointers.

"Come." He invited her over and wrapped her in one arm, gently caressing her. She leaned in and he returned the gesture. Nearby, though unseen from the sunlight and glare, Ayame cruised above the heartwarming couple, and flew away.

And then, they watched the sun set in front of them, hoping that the dark past will be nothing but a distant memory, and it would bring hope to a more brighter, productive future.

A/N: Not gonna lie, this story has tons of references: such as DBZ, Spider-Man 3, and even a little piece from FFIV: TAYs. And the fact that it starts from a twisted nightmare/flashback of Wong saying to Sion it's his doing really sets the stage of the internal/external conflicts he has. It's kind of like Treesicle's video on how he compares Sonic to Shadow; Jet Black and Sion are almost the same. Sonic represents a positive side to life, but never bothers to fall in love considering he'll have someone to lose. Sion loves Dominique but he's always afraid of losing her, too. Whereas Shadow is more negative, as he did lose people he cared about, like Maria. So, in a way, Sion and Jet Black are rivals that possess similar abilities yet have different perspectives of life, even though they're the same person. Like yin and yang, only it's Sion. Which is why, after a pregnant pause, it was revealed that Sion survived the clashing Kamehameha waves. Thanks to Wong's meditation, aside from Ayame's training, he was lucky since he had a clearer conscience and more mental stamina to withstand it. He has a more productive life than his doppelganger, and later dissipates 'cause all he has was Sion's feelings of tragedy, resentment, lust, and anger.

The song in the reunion I was thinking of, particularly the reunion, was called Halcyon+On+On. Yeah, it's a strange name for a song, but it actually means a period of time where everything is just happy and blissful; and I believe +On+On is another expression for everlasting. As soon as I heard that piece from the MK movie, I so wanted to listen to it. And I figured it was perfect for forgiveness and since peace has been restored, to both Sion and Dominique anyway. Besides, the song "Affection" was almost like a reminder of that piece as well, they kinda sound similar. I also wanted to add the ending song, "Above the Sky," as Ayame reflects on Sion and Dominique as she flies away on the Nimbus. It's an OC remix for the classic Sonic games; a combo of the ending theme from my all-time favorite, Sonic 2, and Angel Island, Act 1 from Sonic 3.

I should really thank Leonhart4 for writing Sion's Past; unfortunately, you won't find it here, though. But I really appreciate what he had created several years ago; I loved the backstory and the fact that we are huge fans of his. I should also thank Cerb for re-uploading both ends of the fic; thanks a bunch! And a very special thanks to the Squarewiki and the Dragon Ball Wiki for the info I found about Sion and the like; the story just couldn't flourish without it. And also to DistantRain for her support, and the fact she's a fan of the game just like I am. Seriously, I love all of you.

This story took me weeks, or probably 15 years, to make when I first started! It's one of the few projects that had an extremely long hiatus, just like my song parodies. Everything in this fic shows just how much I really like Sion! Both as a main protagonist and perhaps an antagonist as well. It's sort of canon, and I hope that Squeenix would remake/resume this classic gem. I can't stress it enough! The Bouncer trilogy I've made just shows how much I love this game even to this very day! I'm the Ikran Rider, and I hope you enjoyed this just as much when I first came up with this short series. And if possible...please spread the word for this underappreciated one-hit wonder.

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The Yakuza Saga

A/N: I had mentioned earlier that I had scrapped away many miscellaneous ideas for another Bouncer fic for quite a number of years. Originally, yes, it was supposed to be a trilogy, but ever since I saw Clement's LP as well as getting jealousy of Fanfictiondreamer's progress and popularity on her Kim Possible/Ratchet & Clank fics, I wanted to expand The Bouncer a tad more. Yes, it'll still be within the Dragon Ball universe cause...why not. They continued with Super, so I might as well continue with the Yakuza saga. Trust me, you'll see why soon enough.

I always wanted a Bouncer sequel, so I might as well create this story from scratch; with little to no relevance to the game whatsoever. So without further delay, let's get on with the show!


This began when Sion Barzahd was training at an open field. His usual Dog Street hoodie was colored black with white lining. His undershirt was a bright red with the usual canine icon his former home is known for. His pants, similar to chaps, were colored black on the outside, and the same red shading on the inside, lined with silver-white edging. The pants featured red pockets with chains hanging over them. His gloves were colored black with yellow lines running around them. He also wore the usual red socks matching his black sneakers, and still wore the thick, black dog collar with a thick, long Dog Street chain hanging from it.

The weather was bright and balmy during a fine afternoon, and his love, Dominique Cross, as well as his master, Wong Leung, were with him. Actually, the octogenarian was standing at the sidelines, while the android was in the middle of the field; believe it or not, she was actually sparring with the young bouncer as well as moving in sync as he shown her his moves! Her reflexes were sharp as she blocked, countered and moved, almost mimicking Sion's actions and swiftness. She was quite fortunate that her personal coach, Android 18, was able to teach her how to defend herself both offensively and defensively. And she accepted the fact that she wasn't alone on living as an android instead of being a recluse. Although she wasn't as endurable as Sion, she made up for it in outstanding agility and strength.

She jumped up and slammed her fists down on Sion's fists as he was covering his face. The impact created a sharp pang through his unfortunate arms as he grimaced. 18 did keep on reprimanding her that she must hold back her prowess a little if she'd ever spar with humans, in order to prevent some serious injury concerning she was half metal.

"Ok, you two, that's enough." Wong walked up to the pair and separated them, hardly showing a smile beneath his heavy beard as white as snow.

Despite his achiness, Sion wiped some thick sweat with his black gloves, and they were both panting from their workout. He gave her a handshake, saying she did great. They walked together up the hill and toward their residence, a lone, blanch, two-story colonial; it was Sion's and Wong's home, until the disciple decided to move away from Dog Street and invited Dominique along.

"Looks like all that training is finally paying off, Dominique." Sion said proudly.

"Thanks, Sion." she beamed. She couldn't wait to show her friends Volt, Kou, and Echidna, on what she could do. She always remembered Android 18's warning that a woman must learn to fend herself, as Edge is said to have a large crime rate, which meant that chances were high for a female to get mangled, killed, or raped. A few years ago, she was tweaked at Capsule Corp, as Bulma and Dr. Brief gave her a makeover so she could use her volatile actions more effectively as well as remove any malicious hardware that her brother, Dauragon, left. Since then, she had been more cheerful and lively than ever before.

"I really owe you guys a lot for all the kindness you've given me. And I can't thank all of you and 18 enough for teaching me on how I should fight. I don't want to get into any frays, but..." she lost her train of thought.

Sion held her close. "Hey, it's fine, Dominique. We're even. You don't have to owe us anything. You truly need all these skills if you need to survive. That's just the way of the streets; even I had to learn all that." Sion briefly reminisced on how important it was to learn from the best, particularly when he idolized Wong, and soon becoming a bouncer at the bar, Fate, utilizing his teachings. Then, actually being a full-fledged hero. It was very reassuring that Dominque was budding slowly but surely like a flower, pretty but also alert and ready to whatever came her way. She was so relieved that she no longer was the helpless damsel like she used to be.

Later that night, Sion was attending his usual shift as he stood alone outside the bar. He was at his space to the left of the old double doors while his favorite Dog Street logo sneered at the right. It looked pretty much the same, though there were a few changes: First off was the bass blasting passed the doors; it seems that the pub afforded an advanced music system as a way to entertain the patrons out of boredom, and make service more entertaining, almost like entering a nightclub. The place itself also expanded in size by several more acres. It was no biggie on keeping up with rent. Ever since Capsule Corp volunteered to donate profits to the town of Edge's, particularly Dog Street's, infrastructure, it finally bolstered and prospered. All this time had finally made Edge have a more advanced economy, just as the Briefs wanted so long ago.

"It must be a shame, standing out here and missing out on all the action," a young woman said.

Suddenly, he looked up and saw a woman blending in with the darkness of the lonely streets. She was petite, skinny, had pale skin like his, as well as wearing his apparel, particularly his red hoodie he once wore with black arms, and the logo of Dog Street imprinted in the back. She looked to be in her late teens, and through the dim lighting, he realized who she was. They let out a small grin as she walked up to him. They then wrapped each other in their arms, it was very comforting. After the last few years, Ayame had returned; she was slightly older, wearing the bright red hoodie as a symbol of honoring their friendship.

She looked around the slightly larger exterior, and recognizing the neon letters blazing FATE. "I see the bar is still standing, and it's intact," she mentioned, remembering how it was in shambles when Mikado's special forces invaded here.

"Yeah." He smiled as he said proudly.

"I'm so glad to see you, Sion; it's been far too long."

He nodded. "Yes it has."

She then hesitated as she bashfully held her head. "I...I have so much I need to tell you. Christ, it's been ages since I last saw you."

Sion opened his ears, and she told him how happy she was to see her best friend again after three, long years. She was finally 18, the legal adult age, and she confessed that the main reason why she never came back was because there were so many priorities revolving around various issues such as school, puberty, growing pains, even when she was diagnosed with Asperger's. The Dragon Team wasn't involved in a lot of battles and she just visited them less and less. Since then, she lost touch, and her adventures with the bouncers and the Z-Fighters became lost and forgotten, nothing more than distant memories. That was until she was finally able to live on her own, under her own free will. And finding that red hoodie was just the spark that she needed. He understood it all, and he sympathized it must've been hard to live with a mental illness.

"Sion." Someone in her yellow raincoat came out and interrupted the duo, the speakers were blasting as she opened the doors then silenced a little while after they closed again.

"D-Dominique!" Ayame stammered. It was easy to notice her since she hadn't aged a single iota when they last met.

"Ayame!" They embraced each other tightly for a short while, just as she and Sion did.

They discussed on how Ayame was finally able to visit Dog Street again, as well as Fate's new expansion coinciding Edge's more profitable conditions. Crime had dwindled drastically when Capsule Corp continued its donations, until about a year ago. She mentioned there was also a karaoke machine installed within it, and the cruddy jukebox still stood at the corner of the top floor as a homage to the good, old days. She also mentioned that both Volt and Echidna were the current co-owners of the bar since...that tragic day when Boss died of a heart attack just a month ago. Being that Volt was the most reliable, experienced, and defensive bouncer he's ever employed, he decided to give the entire settlement to him and his fiancée.

Ayame was stunned by the news, thinking that Volt and Echidna would go into another power struggle since they had been constantly disputing over at Mikado. But surprisingly, they got along great when they began the new ownership. Though, the scheduling was tricky since Sion constantly rotated shifts with Kou per week, as he's usually away on more missions involving LUKIS while still keeping tabs on Dominique from time to time. Volt was lesser of a bouncer now, and it was a relief since he no longer "scared away the customers," while Echidna's appearance was...a bit too suggestive.

"Hey, maybe you can become a new bouncer here." Dominique suggested.

Ayame sighed, "I can't work at a bar yet, I'm not even 20. I still have one year to go, and I'm far too young." Besides, she was still pretty coy and nervous working in a saloon, vulnerable to crazy drunkards and violence; the tense environment would've been far too much for her to handle, and she wasn't much of a fighter neither. She thought she wouldn't be qualified as a certified doorwoman.
"That's not true. I was eighteen when I officially got the job here." Sion mentioned with a grin. "I was nineteen during my first anniversary, remember?"

"M-hm." the android nodded in affirmation.

"Oh yeah..." Ayame was at a loss for words since Sion was only at that age when he saved the damsel and the world, as well as made best friends with the young Dragon Ball seeker, including Goten, Trunks, as well as the owners in Capsule Corp.

She touched her chin in deep thought, "Hmm, maybe I should start by living in Dog Street. And I'd probably train myself with you guys so perhaps I could be more elgible..." Or at least competent enough, she thought. The duo was admired by her decision. And before they knew it, they could barely hear a rumble of thunder in the air.

Sion immediately looked up and he felt the dry atmosphere upon him. "Huh?"

"What is it, Sion?" Dominique queried.

"I just didn't expect the sky to cloud up so fast." Indeed, layers of black clouds overshadowed the streets and the thunder got slightly louder.

"Ooh, I think I should get going; the last thing I want is to get caught in a thunderstorm. I hate these, especially at night."

"Yeah, it was very nice seeing you again, Ayame." Sion said.

"It sure was. Hurry along so you don't get wet," the mascot chimed.

"Right, thanks guys. I'll see you all tomorrow so that hopefully I'll fill out an application and pass some tests on being a bouncer. I would really like to work with you guys more directly." Ayame said goodbye to her old friends as she hurriedly headed for home.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, an Oriental who looked to be bad news wearing an evil sneer had done the unthinkable, as the Dragon Balls were gathered and Shenron had been summoned to grant his sinister wishes.

A/N: Unlike the dark intro theme for the Mikado Saga, the theme in Bardock/History of Trunks, this one should be "Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Full English version)."

I was never good at describing appearances, but Sion's outfit is a bit of an inspiration from Sora's outfit in Kingdom Hearts 2, even though I'm not a huge fan of the series. The setting would be a few years after the Bouncer trilogy, now officially a quadrilogy, taking place before Dragon Ball Super.

I'm not sure how I came up with the idea of Ayame coming back after a few years, but at first I wanted her to quit to be a Z-Fighter since I retired from the series soon after the Buu saga, and then I just came up with the reunion. Same thing with the Bouncer, as I had many priorities, on top of the fallouts I had with a lot of material, including DBZ, many games for the PlayStation, as well as others. So, yeah, I decided to make her 18 by the time she went back. And for personal reference, she has Asperger's, though I have a lower level of autism; wish I did have it, though, like my former friend and online rival, Fanfictiondreamer.

Also, the Yakuza was something I first found out upon since I saw the Marvel movie, The Wolverine, and then I looked it up, as a crime syndicate similar to the Mikado Group or the Red Dragon Syndicate, like a Japanese mafia, basically. Because I wanted the series to be Japan-based, I figured this could work.

So, the Prologue may be done, but there is still more to come. Just be prepared for another unsuspecting invasion. You'll see.



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Chapter 1
The Yakuza Arrive

It was a dreary day on Dog Street, and Fate was functioning as slow as ever. Perhaps it was the chance of some rain in the forecast, then again business has usually been at a crawl; it's mostly at night, however, when the place begins to shine like a diamond in the rough.

Echidna, Volt, andWong were quite amazed when Sion and Dominique broke the news.

"So, Ayame really wants to become a bouncer?" the Capoeira fighter said. "Well, that's quite intriguing."

"Yes, she said she would move to Dog Street, and once she does she would like to have some training to see if she's qualified for the job." Dominique clarified.

"Admirable." Sion's master added. "Although she is uncoordinated, and she seems to be frail, just like you and me." His head then rose after he sulked briefly. "But with the proper training, I'm sure she would succeed if she could put her mind to it; she has helped all of you save the world from the Mikado Group, after all."

Volt briefly reminisced on how he met Trunks, as well as the many misadventures they had. He and Echidna both hoped they would see him and the Dragon Team again after a few, dull years.

"Although she doesn't always have to be involved in conflicts, but rather be a sort of bookkeeper for us. She can work behind the scenes and she's very organized, that seems to be her greatest strength."

"A bar cannot function well if it's not in order. Great idea, Master." Sion commented. Even he was aware of Ayame's niches, whether it'd be organization, or even her speed and agility in terms of combat, or her leadership skills and resources when he found and recruited Goten, Trunks, Gohan, as well as others. "Besides, Dominique, Volt, and Echidna could use a helping hand when things get overwhelming."

"Oh, I sure do miss Kou, though." the cyborg murmured.

He faced her and put a strong hand on her shoulder. "So do I, Dominique."

Kou's missions as a secret agent with LUKIS have driven him away from the bar more and more, and Leann began to not bring as much heat on her as she used to have been, though she and the other bouncers didn't know that.

"I can also be her personal trainer if she lets me." Sion knew that their bond was always strong. Besides, it'd be a welcoming opportunity since he himself was trained by Master Wong; he'd be more than happy to return the favor.

While they were discussing all the possibilities of Ayame becoming a part of the team once more, they barely noticed three men march through the entrance. Each one wore reflective sunglasses, their bodies were covered in tattoos, and they had on worn t-shirts that got their sleeves and collars ripped off to show off their etchings. Their hair was sleeked back, and they looked like they meant business. Dominique began to hide behind Sion at the sight of the intimidating trio; they figured the creep in the center was the leader of the pack.

Sion, Volt, and Echidna turned toward them and bravely stepped forward. "May we help you, gentlemen?" the wrestler said in a casual manner; one of the key things of being a bouncer wasn't only how to defend themselves, but also be presentable to upcoming patrons in order to prevent a provocation.

"No." the center male replied in a stern, throaty voice. "Everything we need is right here. All you need to do is come with us... Our master will be pleased to see you all again. He has plans for each of you fellow bouncers. Though if you should resist..." He spread out his arms and he was holding a short cutlass in each hand. His associates followed as they made a fighting stance, putting up their black, leathery dukes. "...then you shall all suffer from our wrath. It would be quite dishonorable of you to resist the Yakuza." Each of the petty customers gasped and muttered in utter panic!

Volt gasped, "The-the Yakuza..?"

"It can't be...!" Wong followed his sudden reaction.

The new boss immediately ordered, "Echidna, Wong, get our customers out of here and lead them to safety. I'll take them on!" His body turned as he brought a foot back, ready for battle. The duo did just that.

"Run, Dominique! Stay with Echidna and Master! You'll be safe." Sion urged. She then hesitated, and after a few moments, she simply shook her head as her delicate hands grabbed onto his arm.

"No, Sion. I will stay and fight. I need to see if my training with Android 18 has finally prepared me for this. I cannot run now."

"But, Dominique-"

"Trust her, Sion! There may never be another time. She must prove herself, we can't hold her back forever." the ancient martial artist persuaded.

Looking into his narrowing eyes, the young bouncer backed down. "Alright." He faced her with earnest he hadn't possessed in a long time. "Show them what you got, Dominique! They can't possibly underestimate you."

"Right." She rose up her fists as the men advanced on to the remaining trio. The gangsters charged in and Sion countered with a mule kick, Volt lunged toward the one to the left, while Dominique blocked the maniac to the right.

Meanwhile, Echidna and Wong also got their hands full as they faced three more Yakuza outside.

"Let's do this, Wong!" she declared as she balled up her fists on the deck.

The elder was on the pavement in front of it. I know these punks anywhere..! he thought as he shifted his body. Each of the men only had gloves, and also some sneakers with spikes at the soles.

"Yeeeah-ha!" Echidna leapt off the patio over the railing and stayed close to the ground as she squatted and moved swiftly like a tarantula. She acted as the street sweeper as she used her Capoeira while Wong used his keno attacks; he did have a fragile defense, especially when they knocked him down, however, he made up for it in spades with his quickness and strength. It was almost as though his arts were similar to Sion's whether it came to speed, power, and style. His best move was his Silent Exploder as he struck them with open palms both in front and behind and was used as a sneak attack. Since the men were backed into the patio, they all went down and received hefty damage. At times, Echidna was sneaky and struck like a viper while she leapt up toward the Yakuza's chins unawares. Her stilettoes were proven to be quite the weapons, courtesy of Volt.

Inside, the other assassins splintered the stools, even when the bouncers collided toward them. But they never gave up. Dominique was so flexible and every execution was nearly quicker than the eye. With her exact precision and calculative strategies, she flipped and spun in the air frantically avoiding enemy onslaughts, and also countering with all her mighty, metallic exterior; this wasn't the time to hold back now.

Eventually, the trio of trouble led the heroes to the top floor, and it was quite astonishing that Dominique could leap onto the railing without any imbalance nor fear of falling. Sion and Volt were closing in and they used every ability in their disposal. From Volt's lethal grabs and spins, to Sion's fancy footwork as well as his Torpedo Uppercut emitting a small orange flame. Hell, his roundhouse kick and Hurricane Blitz made the invasion seamless. One by one, they fell over like rag dolls, as did Echidna and Wong's targets. Though the center man made some stunning slices with his cutlasses.

Ignoring the pain and bleeding, he eventually kissed the tile floor after they've extinguished their own Trinity Rush after Sion gave the signal, "Hey, come on!".

Volt punched him in the upper chest, immobilizing him, then Sion knelt down. "Go, Dominique!" She stood and jumped from his back like a leap pad. She soared and made a flip midair, landed, then did a devastating roundhouse kick! To Sion's and Volt's knowledge, this was nearly the same way she wiped out the PD-4s while she was being manipulated by the late Dauragon's satellite.

After that, she saw the damage then immediately got the trauma kit and treated each of their wounds. The team outdoors just caught their breaths.

"Yakuza, huh? They seemed pretty damn easy if you ask me. They could just be new interns."

"Don't be so foolish, Echidna." he growled.

One of the guys began to rose as he grunted in pain; he had long, black locks matching the many tiger tattoos he had on his body, he also wore olive jeans and his bare chest was clear from those piercings. The working girl grabbed him by the back of his neckbone. "Why are you here? Why do you want to invade our own home turf? I thought you guys were dwindling in numbers. You don't seem so tough." She yanked him to the ground, thinking he was their superior.

He raised his hands trying to keep her at bay. "Aggh! Echidna, stop! It's me! No..!"

She stopped as she looked closer, as if his voice toggled something in her mind. "Kou?"

"Kou!?" Wong wasn't very pleased with this treacherous stunt.

But the pissed off working girl continued to snap, "Why did you come here? Why are you a part of the Yakuza?"

He rose up, using his fingers to separate his flattened strands. He explained he was trying to blend in with the crime syndicate. His superior, Leann Caldwell, heard from LUKIS' subordinates that there were rumors of the Yakuza starting to increase in strength since last night. Leann wanted Kou to keep taps on them on an emergency venture. She never thought that the Yakuza would've accumulated so many members in that short period of time, which was the main cause of concern.

Wong help rose Kou back on his feet. "You are very inquisitive, young man. Sion, Volt, and Dominique are still inside fighting them."

"They're still inside!? Hold on, I gotta go tell them. Now!" As fast as lightning, the Tae Kwon Do expert stormed in. Sure enough they were still busy with the thugs. Thanks to his sudden, fatal kicks he was able to stun them blow by blow.

"Kou, is that you!?" Sion was the most ecstatic.

"There's no time to explain, Sion! They should be on the move now!"

"What?" he became perplexed over his statement.

"Kou!" Dominique marched over, but Volt rose an arm blocking her path.

"Wait, what do you mean they're on the move?"

Just like that, all of the Yakuza members slightly stood up, then leapt away like a bunch of tree frogs!

"Dammit! We should go after them, hurry!" Kou led the way, and the other bouncers followed suit. Sion then dragged to a halt and turned to his beloved.

"Dominique, are you gonna be okay?"

"I'll be alright, Sion. Just stop them." He ran out of the saloon, and his sensei was hardly able to stop him on his next foot toward adventure; it was a first for all three of them since they hadn't been on a hot foot in so long.

"Volt and the boys are sure in a hurry. Kou said the Yakuza are migrating; this may not be the last of them." Echidna reiterated.

They saw Dominique march out and the trio watched in bewilderment as the bouncers headed off.

By the time the bouncers chased them to the Central Plaza, they suddenly vanished and the Square was completely empty. There was no sign of movement, not even inside the buildings. "They're gone!" Sion said in disappointment.

Arrgh, damn! The Yakuza are better than Leann anticipated. Kou soliloquized.

"We need to split up. Find any member and take down each one." They both nodded at Volt's suggestion. Though Sion just stood still and closed his eyes, as if he was focusing something within him.

If I could just concentrate. And sense them through the use of their ki. He did just that and he felt the Yakuza's presence, as well as a more ominous one. His eyes shot open and he ran toward his compatriots.

"Looking for me..? Bodyguard!?" Out of nowhere, Volt heard a familiar, vehement tone, and with a single sneaky assault, he went down like a ton of bricks. He moved so fast, that he was hardly traceable, while also being completely covered in a long, opaque hood and cape. His body looked like it was completely shrouded in shadow. He then made an ambush on Kou, injuring him with a single spin kick. He crawled slowly away, but the mysterious madman elbowed directly into his neck, knocking him out cold.

Sion felt his friends' energies dropping, while the dark ki loomed ever closer. He then saw through the cloak clad in purple and black. "You-you're-" Before he had a chance to react, the cloaked fighter lunged at him with lightning speed, making a deep punch directly to his gut. Sion fell to the pavement, had a brief flashback of him and Wong receiving the exact same deathly blow, before he lost consciousness.

Ayame showed up at the bar minutes later and noticed all the destruction as soon as she opened the double doors. "Wong! Dominique!" She hurriedly rushed in and surveyed the property damage. "What happened?! Where are Sion and Volt!?"

After for some time, Dominique and Echidna filled her in, from the Yakuza ambush to the bouncers chasing after them. They grew anxious and worried of their whereabouts, especially as far as the thugs were concerned. Wong, for the most part, was still flabbergasted the Yakuza returned to Dog Street after so many years, and the fact Sion and the others pursued them without any preparations. He realized that the majority of the Yakuza was part of the Mikado Group when Dauragon took over, while Master Mikado was more benevolent. In fact, Dauragon was involved in Yakuza activity himself, he soon found out. As a servant of the previous Mikado, he spent most of his life defending him from the Yakuza, as well as Sion taking him away from their impending shadows and being associated with Master Gohan and Roshi. He used to fight against notorious members in the past, and he knew that the Yakuza were never seen outright, but could blend in with the townsfolk, as well as perform some chivalrous acts like aiding those in natural disasters; all they cared about was honor, even though they're the largest criminal syndicate in the world, joined by four known organizations. Most notably were the Yamaguchi-gumi, the Inagawa-kai, the Sumiyoshi-kai, and the Aizukotetsu-kai.

He informed the ladies that together, they were known in Japanese as "the extreme path" and members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. The police labeled them as "violent groups", while the Yakuza called themselves "chivalrous organizations." The Western equivalent for the term Yakuza they used was gangster, meaning an individual involved in a Mafia-like criminal organization.

The Yakuza were notorious for their strict codes of conduct, their organized fiefdom nature, and several disturbing rituals such as the Yubitsume, also known as removing a person's finger as an act of punishment. Yakuza members were often described as men with heavily tattooed bodies and slicked hair like the ones they've seen. There were hardly any woman, and those that were in it were often regarded as sex symbols, or those coming from a gangster's leader. And yet this group is still regarded as being among "the most sophisticated and wealthiest criminal organizations."

In fact, in the early 1960s, while Wong was in his prime, police estimated that the Yakuza had a membership of 184,100. However, in recent years their numbers have dwindled with the latest figure from the National Police Agency estimating that the number of members in all 22 designated gangs decreased to 39,100. This decline is often due to changing market opportunities and several legal and social developments in Japan which discouraged the growth of Yakuza membership. Yet, despite their decreasing numbers, the Yakuza still regularly get involved in criminal activities, and many Japanese citizens remain fearful of the threat these individuals cause to their safety.

Wong also told them that the ones they saw had full-body tattoos, which were included on their genitalia. Ayame cringed on how disgusting and painful it could have been. These tattoos were often "hand-poked", meaning the ink is inserted beneath the skin using non-electrical, hand-made and handheld tools with needles of sharpened bamboo or steel. The procedure was expensive, yet indeed excruciating, and could take years to complete.

When Yakuza members play Oicho-Kabu cards, they often remove their shirts or open them up and drape them around their waists. This enabled them to show off their tattoos to show their loyalty to each other. They usually kept them concealed in public with long-sleeved and high-necked shirts. When new members join, they are often required to remove their trousers as well and reveal any lower body tattoos. Also, the tradition was to hold a sword, and due to the removal of digits, the weaker the hold was, as a member is shown to rely more on group efforts instead of individual action, like a probation; though digits are replaced by prosthetic ones.

All that intel was a bit too much to take in; luckily Ayame managed along with the help of Echidna and Dominique.

Wong's mind shifted gears. "Sion... I must go to them. I know Volt and Kou can look after him, but even if they can combine their valiant efforts, they can still be outnumbered and overmatched. I need to go after him, as I only know how to deal with the Yakuza."

Ayame hesitated, remembering how he died last time when she first met Dauragon. "I... Ergh... I don't think this is such a good idea. For Wong to go after Sion." He looked at her with discontent. "I think he may be too frail for this..! And his advanced age on top of this... We-we can't wish him back again if anything should happen to him."

Echidna stood up and walked toward her from behind, "I believe Ayame is right, Wong. A man with a poor constitution would stand no chance against an organization that size. It seems like suicide. Though, I understand your ambition, as I, too, want to help them. And Volt..." she said his name in a reluctant manner.

"But...what can we do?" Dominique muttered in despair, then she sulked.

A lightbulb just lit up. "I think we should ask the Z-Fighters to help us; they might know of the Yakuza, too. They dealt with other notorious groups like the Red Ribbon Army AND the Mikado Group. We NEVER would've made it without them..!"

That struck a cord within each of the onlookers. "Of course..!" Wong said. They remembered their valiance and strength, as well as the occasions when they were "cleaning house."

"I-I can inform the guys with my Flying Nimbus. I'm sure they can help us! I mean, Krillin and Android 18 might stay with you and Dominique while Echidna and I can bring in recruits to help us find them; some I'm sure recognize their Ki, I think." Ayame grew more confident in herself.

"18..!" Dominique was thrilled at the thought. "Are you sure?"

"Of course she is, Dominique." Echidna was just as reassured. "I bet Trunks can help us again, even Goten and Gohan; strength and safety lie in large numbers. Just like the Yakuza."

Wong nodded. "We can be our own counteract..! Then it's settled. Ayame, you gather the Dragon Team, and bring both Krillin and Android 18 to defend any one of us who're unable to pursue Sion, Volt, and Kou, while the rest of you look for the bouncers, and defeat the Yakuza. If they should ever come here, we will show them no mercy."

She did just that, as she called the Nimbus like usual. It went to her almost instantly, she hopped aboard, and immediately headed toward Mount Pazou. There, her first task was to alert Goku and his family, while they'd spread the word of the Yakuza's sudden increase.

Because of their ambition, Android 18 decided to stay with Dominique and Wong with Krillin, while Videl decided to babysit Pam and Marron. With that, Ayame, Krillin, and 18 soared back to Fate a few, short hours later. Night was falling fast, as the Yakuza were spreading more terror throughout Edge and beyond.

A/N: While it hasn't been listed in The Bouncer soundtrack, I think it'd be best if only I could use the song from the Beta 1999 trailer when the guys fight off the Yakuza. And, much like the trailer, Dominique has fought in this brawl; I wished that Squeenix wouldn't waste so much potential and make the actual finished product a rush job to coincide with the PS2's launch. It's a shame, cause Dominique looked really cool. If only the gameplay was less vindictive. Even after 19 years, this definitely has some remake potential, and perhaps a sequel then.

Also, a lot of the info of the Yakuza I got was from Wikipedia, so thanks a bunch for that!



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Chapter 2
The Rescue Mission has Begun...Again

"There it is, guys." Ayame led 18 and Krillin over Fate; however, she decided to land a few feet away from it, just that the occupants would avoid suspicion as they used their ki for flight. They've descended and met up with Dominique, Wong and Echidna.

The monk was all smiles, "Hey, Dominique!"

She looked behind her and noticed Ayame's friends she hasn't seen in so long. "Krillin! Android 18!" She ran up and hugged them both. "I'm so glad to see you two."

"So are we. But, there's no time for a reunion." 18 replied, as serious as ever when she put her firm hands on her student's shoulders. "We've heard about the Yakuza and the bouncers. We're really sorry."

The 15-year old immortal sulked a little. "Don't worry, sweetheart." Krillin said, "We'll defend you guys against them while our friends can help us bring the bouncers back, and beat the Yakuza down!" he let out some fists during his last statement as he responded with his usual, contagious enthusiasm.

"Goku is trying to spread the word, and recruit whoever is willing to fight back; however, large numbers could result them waging a bloody, merciless slaughter. And so far, we have Gohan, Goten, Trunks...and even, Majin Buu."

Although Buu was quite a nuisance in the past, especially by the time he separated from his darker essence which destroyed the entire planet and took forever to kill, Ayame still admired him as his docile, chubby, infantile self. God, she actually missed him, especially when he was playing with Bee.

Wong wouldn't have any doubts from an expert in martial arts and a talented monk hailing from the Orin Temple to help him out.
Krillin bashfully rubbed his neck, "Eh heh heh, don't mention it, Master Wong." Despite the tension, his humor did defuse it, if only a little bit.

"Here's the drill, guys..." 18 discussed her plans with the young adult, as Dominique would stay at the bar and Wong would stand behind due to his poor constitution. "No offense." For once, she was opening up to an elder who's definitely not like her stubborn, cold creator Dr. Gero.

Krillin and Android 18 decided it was crucial to stay as well. Because it'll take some time to gather more recruits, and since they were further away, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Majin Buu would be their only hope on such short notice. Of course, Vegeta would be out of the question because of his signature cockiness and carelessness, especially in terms of saving many innocents. Goku wanted to use his Instant Transmission to make the process more quickly, but he wasn't sure where the Yakuza was, neither did Wong.

"Yeah...don't they usually have a base of sorts?"

"On the contrary, Ayame." the wise man corrected. "They blend into the public crowds. And if they do happen to have a base of operations, they're often difficult to find."

She had assumed it'll be in Mikado, but Echidna disagreed it'd be too easy; however, they both knew this could be the best place to start. Then, Ayame felt a familiar, though intimidating aura. Her head suddenly perked up as if a dog caught a scent so suddenly. She tried to comprehend it as she gazed out to the location where it was most unsettling, making her heart race and her forehead sweat.

"What is it?" the stern lady queried.

"I...don't know why, but...I feel something so...intense. It just came up to me, and it's making me feel so tense. I'm...trying to make out this intimidating aura, but it's so vague, so far."

"It's her ki sense. She probably feels the Yakuza's location. They can get very powerful and cruel that it shows all of their corruptive life force." clarified Krillin.

She then faced the group with a nervous look, "But...I don't know any members of the Yakuza; never encountered them personally."

Wong was deep in thought. "Just try and remember Sion." That raised Ayame's spirits up a notch when he mentioned her best friend's name. "Focus on his memories, his essence. Keep him front and center in your mind, and detect HIS ki."

"But can't you do it, since you know how to use your own ki?" It was shown Wong can use the Kamehameha Wave, though his ki sense wasn't on par as it used to.

"Admittedly, you're younger and so your ki sense is stronger. Not to mention you're still pure. I'm quite confident you will find Sion and his friends. You can do it, Ayame. You must." It was quite difficult since she hadn't used her ki in so long, almost giving up her skills altogether; she was trained at a very young age, after all.

Ayame sighed, "I'll try..."

Minutes dragged on as she looked toward the evil force, closed her eyes, and channeled her energy on concentrating on Sion's own energy. Visions drifted back to her: from the time she first met him, Volt and Kou at the hanging garden, to helping him trek through Mikado, to assisting him descend the rocket tower and keeping her promise on using the Dragon Balls to wish back his lost master. All those bonds, as well as wearing his signature hoodie, helped her exponentially, to the point when Sion suddenly was the first thing on her mind, and never leaving.

"S-Sion! I can sense him!" She pointed towards west. "There!" However, she also felt someone else's ki. The one that was a lot more ominous and dark, interfering with Sion's, Volt's and even Kou's life forces.

"It might be where the Yakuza are coming from. Like hanging out. Or perhaps the one who's leading them." Krillin theorized. Wong figured he could be right, as if he could also sense their evil ki.

"Volt must be there. We should go."

"You mean, just the two of us?" Ayame was skeptical of Echidna's desperation.

"Yes, and we'll help protect Wong and Dominique. There's no doubt they could be after you guys." 18 assured.

To make the journey go more smoothly, Ayame called the Nimbus, and it barely was enough room for both passengers. It was almost ironic that Echidna was able to ride it, as it only applied to those with pure hearts.

Krillin, 18, Dominique and Wong wished the pair luck and a safe journey. And the octogenarian was earnest of her making reports straight to them whenever they should come up with something vital. They soared to the source, though a certain huge fighter jet passed them by. The Nimbus suddenly shook, making the women almost lose their balance. Then, Echidna realized it was the LUKIS gunship, the Orage.

"That's...that's the Orage. LUKIS must've known about the Yakuza since Kou's involved." She then ordered Ayame to follow it.

The aircraft landed in an opaque, distant alley and they saw her fight off more Yakuza. Despite the petite blonde's nimbleness and decent uppercuts and quick punches, she was being overmatched! The Yakuza were able to injure her and knock her to the ground with such force.

Echidna pointed out, "That's Leann Caldwell. The second-in-command. We got to help her, for Kou's sake."

Watching the ferocious abuse, her partner couldn't take anymore. "Alright that's it!" Ayame took out her Power Pole and she and Echidna both ran into the fray.

The Z-Fighter attacked at their midsections, while her partner used her signature Capoeira to catch them from below. With their group effort, using the Power Pole's indestructability and Echidna's unpredictable stunts, they were able to have the advantage after all. The redhead gave Leann a hand and pulled her up off the unforgiving terrain.

"Much obliged, you two. I was actually tring to contact my associate, Kou Leifoh, whom I'm sure you both know. However, he has not returned the call, which is highly unorthodox." She was questioning the thugs before they advanced on her, though they never said a word about their turf nor where the bouncers were. However, there were massive reports concerning their armed robbery, invasions on residential and commercial areas, as well as mass murders.

That input got the women at a state of unease. "We're looking for Kou and the others as well. Ayame?" Her partner nodded, then she focused on the ominous ki sense, and this time it was stronger. She explained to Leann on how a ki sense is detected, by someone that's also using her own life force as well. She was indeed skeptical, "What is she like a psychic or something?"

Ayame cleared things up, saying that she could only feel an acquaintance's energy through herself, not entirely see nor hear what they're doing; it all depended on her strength as well as theirs, as to whether they're injured, well, or weak. "It's still up ahead." she said as she felt some trepidations.

"This could help us guide where the Yakuza's true location is." Echidna clarified, impatience rising in her voice.

"Pipe down. As long as we'd have anything to help us find those terroristic bastards!" Leann decided to pilot the Orage while Echidna accompanied her, and Ayame remained on her Nimbus leading the way while tracing the ominous ki.

Meanwhile, at a distant yet familiar location, the three bouncers were still comatose. Each one laid up against a large wall with one next to the other. The hooded figure looked over the trio with eager, gleaming, turquoise eyes as they sneered with fascination. Each of the Yakuza gave the trio a sip of sake applied to their lips. They were able to drink it despite their foul aftertaste as they nudged their chins up. They drooped again and all of a sudden, their eyes opened instantly, as if they had a shock. One by one they awakened, with Sion, Volt, then Kou. Though, their eyes weren't the sane as they've shown a more glossy, altered look. To the boss' delight, he let out some vehement laughs rising in decibels; his master plan was carried out now that the three bouncers were obedient and loyal to the Yakuza!

A/N: If The Bouncer would truly have a sequel, it should DEFINITELY use the three female side characters Dominique, Echidna, and Leann in that order, and maybe have a similar formula to its predecessor. That way, the ladies would have their time to shine while still support the main trio in their own bouts. But since in this fic Dominique's still a trainee, she still stays with Wong, Krillin and her coach #18.

Regardless, the Yakuza made their move upon Sion and the others. And who is this hooded figure that suddenly influenced them? Hopefully, we'll soon find out.



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Chapter 3
Entering Enemy Territory

Minutes have passed, and Echidna pondered on the thugs they fought back at the alley, as if the ones they faced were actually complete replicas from the Yakuza she herself dealt with back at Fate; as their bodies were completely unscathed, without any traces of injury, though they looked like spitting images in terms of appearance. She also noticed they were flying over familiar landmarks, such as the rooftops of uptown Edge, the long, straight and narrow metallic LSD railroad tracks, and the exterior of the maze that was once flooded by rapid seawater. Her instincts heightened as she hunched on where the dark ki was leading the women to. From behind Leann's cockpit, she disregarded her instincts for the moment.

Are we heading to Mikado..? No, it can't be... she thought.

By the time she was about to put two and two together, the Orage took a violent shake! The steady, uneventful journey became a disastrous one! Leann looked over the controls.

"Incoming! We're being hunted!" Sure enough, she saw digital, neon green aircraft chasing after her own. And the Nimbus received the same punishment. Ayame nearly lost her balance while her transport lurched from the enemy missile.

Apparently, the ladies got involved in a lethal dogfight! The Orage and Nimbus were under attack!

"It's the Yakuza's imperial vessels!" Echidna braced for impact, "I'll hold them off!"

She nodded and brought herself in a fetal position behind Leann's pilot seat. The Orage moved swiftly across the opaque sky as bullets continued to rain down on it and the mystic cloud. Ayame got into a fighting stance and focused her ki to be ejected; there was no time to look for the dark ki now, as her hands were full like Leann's.

She fired upon some enemy fighter jets, blowing them out of the upper troposphere, from simple energy blasts to Kamehameha Waves. Leann retaliated using her own firearms as well as her ship's astounding agility. The Yakuza were pretty fast themselves, but also lethal while they closed in on the trio; however, they still had a fatal trick up their sleeves. Aside from the endless swarms, some of them actually ran out of bullets to use and decided to give chase or head toward their prey!

"Oh no..! They're Kamikazes!" the commander of LUKIS stated as the Orage managed to avoid an oncoming enemy by a hair!

"What!?" Echidna couldn't believe her ears nor eyes!

Still, Ayame's Nimbus took severe blows while the bullets continued to ricochet off the spongy, yellow body. And the Orage was also receiving damage, including to its left wing, causing it to constantly descend gradually while flying in an awkward pattern. Leann struggled to keep her craft aloft and it was difficult to maneuver from that busted wing! Although both aerial fighters were able to wipe out nearly half of the imperial forces, even when they made some Kamikazes toward each other!

But despite their valiant team efforts, they were eventually shot down! The wing exploded, as did the rear fuselage! And the cloud itself was actually starting to disintegrate with Ayame still on it! It was as almost it was dissipating into water vapor like a normal cloud would! As the Nimbus was sharply dropping toward the thick canopy of neighboring thick trees with jagged branches, Ayame leapt off.

"Echidna, we have to evacuate now! We're going down!" Leann ordered her to grab a spare chute and she wrapped it around her, while the pilot did the same before she pressed the Eject button. The roof automatically detached itself from the ship while both she and Echidna went airborne! Luckily, they opened each of their chutes, enabling them a safe landing. Ayame managed to escape onto a strong canopy while her Nimbus crashed and evaporated in a yellowish mist, like the death of a Pikmin's spirit.

The three dropped onto the massive forest floor and met up with each other. "Everyone alright?" Leann queried in her usual, commanding tone.

"Yeah, that was surely a close call." Echidna replied, her stilettoes became loose.

Ayame was more depressed, "I'm ok, but my Nimbus bit the dust; we're stranded, and we don't know where we are."

There was a brief pause, and the woods became deathly silent. "I do." Echidna broke the disquietude. The others looked at her like deer in headlights.

"Where?" Ayame queried.

"We're back in Mikado's domain now..!" she growled. To Ayame's horror, this was like deja vu to both women. Leann never saw the domain up close, aside from Dauragon's satellite control center, the Galeos. Fear nearly interfered with Ayame's focus as she struggled to trace the dark ki; while the evil energy was all around her and her partners, she knew exactly where the source was emitting from.

"The crystal dome. The dark energy HAS to be up there..!" she concluded.

"Let's go, then. Volt, Sion and Kou may be inside. Let's hustle!" Echidna and Ayame ran toward the towering settlement.

"Wait!" Leann cried. "You don't even know what's out there-!"

Before the trio knew it, several people ran out with their blades drawn and their fists clenched. They were all Oriental, though it was hard to tell from the deep, dark wood and their blending uniforms made of indigo silk. Their war cries were close to uproars made by the undead, and they also wobbled as such. Echidna, Ayame, and Leann stood their ground with their backs toward each other before they broke away and fought them off! They had utilized the same strategy as they did before, while Echidna attacked from below, making some surprise blows from the camouflage, Ayame went for the midsections, and Leann scored high with her fast kicks and punches. Though, the wide, open spaces were no problem while their enemies floundered like some rag dolls.

Soon enough, the coast was clear. But Ayame still felt an unsettling presence up close. The air became chillier as it went through her bones, and some shrubs even began to shake as a deformed creature materialized out of nowhere. Luckily, her ki sense was never wrong, and she forced Echidna and Leann away as she tossed them aside before the mutated monster lunged at them!

It was approximately 15 feet long, its belly was constantly sagging as well as some of its decaying skin hanging from its peachy, flubber-like body. Its four massive legs were nearly the size of a human's, only they ended in paws and claws that were similar to a chimera's. Its tail was curled much like an iguana's, hardly ever unraveling itself. Veins were in clear display while they flowed over its grotesque body. And its head was nearly the shape of a Komodo dragon's, or rather a REAL fantastical one! The abomination hissed as it fixated its dilated eyes onto the group!

"What the hell is THAT!?" Ayame screamed.

"Is that thing actually human..?" Echidna wondered.

"Mikado's own chimera..?" Leann was in utter awe as well as shock.

The multi-legged creature was tough and ferocious, as it used its claws, teeth, and even its retractable, whipping tongue; however, the women decided to use their low attacks and acted as a few sweepers using Echidna's signature moves, Ayame's lower attacks with her ki and Power Pole, though she had to block often, and Leann mostly aimed for its menacing maw which stunned the nightmare several times.

For once, the women strategized their very own Trinity Rush, as they remembered their partners had used some of theirs in the past. Using her Capoeira, Echidna made a strong mule kick sending the enemy upward, Leann ascended it some more using one of her Sky Uppercuts, and Ayame grabbed the fleshy abomination as she soared several feet into the air and then performed what seemed to be a Seismic Toss sending the feral experiment directly on to the grassy knoll. They took quite a few lethal blows as the women at times collided with each other while they were closing in on the failed experimental biolizard.

Despite their disadvantages, their combined strength was enough to put the dreadful demon out of its misery.

A biolizard..? I have never seen a vicious creature like this before..! Echidna thought.

"We had to deal with aggressive canines plus a panther, and now this!?" Ayame voiced her shock and frustration.

"Hold on, Kou. We'll soon be on our way." Leann said.

Thanks to the extending Power Pole, Ayame got her team to the usual landing beside the crystal dome. While there, they observed something very horrifying, as if their nightmares have really come true.

Echidna described in loud whispers that the Neo-recruits to a yakuza organization were required to take a servient role to one of the more experienced members. They were officially called kobun, literally translated as child roles. Yakuza had a complex leadership structure, much like the special forces, but there were many layers one must progress through to reach the top. It was undoubtedly accurate that each of the three soared through the ranks with flying colors, considering most of the membership were expendable carbon copies.

The initiation ritual for the new recruits occurred with a ceremony based around sake. The interns sat opposite their oyabun, or their father role. In this case was the tall, hooded figure that comatose them earlier, while the drink itself was prepared by other members. The newcomers each got a small portion while their cup was filled to the brim, a reflection of their status. Each of the former bouncers, as well as their cloned counterparts, sipped from their own cup, before swapping and taking another drink, at which point the ceremony came to a close. This was supposed to represent the creation of what was supposed to be an adoptive father/son bond between the kobun and oyabun. By the time they finished, barely feeling their whirling heads, all three made a kowtow to him as he rose up and stood over the tranced trio.

"That does it! I'm not going to let those traitors stay loyal to the Yakuza!" Echidna led her vengeance and Leann and Ayame begged her to stop, but to no avail.

From a creaking noise on the roof by someone's body weight, the ominous man looked over. He knew something was up, even though he hardly saw anything. He then focused upon his new recruits and made a sudden clap. The sound made the threesome raise ther heads abruptly, their eyes were gleaming with pure bloodlust. They rose as all three females rushed in. They could never believe what they were seeing right before their very terrified eyes!

"Is-is that you, Volt!?"

"Kou!? You've disobeyed my orders!"

"S-Sion..! His light ki is gone..!"

The hooded figure pointed toward the hapless trio. They were on their own now, facing the malicious team that were once their closest allies.

"You better not have forgotten who you're dealing with...trespassers." the wrestler struck fear into them like a lightning strike.

"Your days are numbered, Volt!" Echidna cried in resentment.

"I'm now a close servant working for the Yakuza. How do you like them apples, Leann..?" the Tae Kwon Do expert sneered with power and chaos.

"Kou! What the hell are you doing!?" Leann asked in a shocked tone.

"I should've been part of the Yakuza since I was young. My true master is indeed Master Mikado!" the street fighter fixed her eyes on her closest friend.

"Sion..? N-no! Don't do this!" Ayame screeched.

The ladies were startled, yet they had no choice. Volt fought Echidna while Ayame went for Sion, and Leann took on Kou. The bouncers and the women each rotated around their enemies, and while Volt's intimidating structure went toward her, Ayame made a desperate attempt at his genitalia as he was closing in on her. As she was receiving so much abuse, she backed away, withdrew her Power Pole, and cupped her hands behind her. "That's IT! Kame...hame...ha!"

Instead of a powerful energy wave, her palms were only emitting thin smoke. For some reason, Ayame's Kamehameha Wave didn't work, as she noticed her Ki has been affected, just as a desperate move, never holding back.

"Nothing happened! Something's wrong with my ki energy!"

AS the fight progressed, she realized the dark ki multiplied from the hooded stranger who had strands of blonde hair streaking down his cheeks, as well as the bouncers, and Yakuza, overriding her light ki rendering her defenseless. Instead, she only had to rely on her Power Pole for offense and defense. And she was quite fearful when she only resorted to close combat; she knew their prowess was three times as much as hers alone, so she stayed behind Echidna and Leann unless if they should advance to her.

Echidna, though, had little to no problem aiming low on each of the men, including aiming for their private parts, just enough to stun them.

Leann was all over the place as she aimed toward multiple positions, high or low.

Just then... "You ready..?" Volt shook his arms, and Leann was caught in the crossfire of the bouncers' Trinity attack: Kou forced her into Volt's bulk which slammed and pinned her to the floor.


With so much effort and little to no time, Ayame managed to fire an energy blast toward Sion before he made the finishing move as he was about to kick her face in like a football. This rendered him off his feet, and Kou and Volt were left standing. Still, Echidna, Ayame and Leann teamed up, aimed below their belts, while Kou got his legs mangled, and they eventually went down for the count.

Ayame barely caught her breath as her heart raced a million beats. She focused on the ominous figure, realizing he was the true source of the dark ki, "You make me shiver... What are you!?"

"This is all too familiar..." Leann made a sharp gasp. "Could it be-"

"Volt, you have to snap out of it! ALL of you!" Echidna let out her fiery persona.

" want to know who I am, do you..? I believe you meddling whores know me all too well! I lead the Yakuza as well as those impressive fighters who happen to be my new associates." They all stood up, but he rose a hand to keep them at bay.

Registering that voice, Ayame recognized he was none other than...

...Dauragon! Dauragon C. Mikado, the resurrected former head of the Mikado Group!

"Ha..! You're not as stupid as you look!"

Suddenly, there was a slight rumble beneath the women's' feet, like a subway passing by. "Oh no-!" Stricken with fear, the floor collapsed but Ayame used her Power Pole to keep them alive and conscious.

"Power Pole extend!" It responded as it glowed in the pitch-black pit, and each lady grabbed hold onto it while the ends just stretched to the top and bottom which the latter was just several feet away.

By the time they got their bearings and caught their breaths, Leann queried, "Echidna, you alright?"

"I'm ok. Leann?"

"Yeah. I'm a few feet below you."


"Y-yeah... I think I'm...alright." she tried her best to prevent the bile from rising as her throat felt it was as tight as an air socket.

Much like firefighters, Leann slid down the pole. Echidna, with her expertise in using one, gracefully descended after her as soon as Leann's feet hit solid ground. Then, with a few shout outs, they signaled Ayame to climb down. She held it in her right hand, and the Pole retracted to its normal length. Thanks to Leann's communicator, its LSD screen lit up, allowing the women to see their surroundings, albeit vaguely. The women were so grateful to still be alive and conscious, but Ayame was so close to burst into tears when she recalled Sion's viciousness.

"Leann-I... I have to contact the group..!"

Leann handed her device over and Ayame immediately used it as she dialed the number for Fate; her fingers were covered in a cold terror sweat as they slid. With exact precision on each step, Android 18 picked it up and the Z-Fighter alerted the group.

"18..! It's Dauragon!" She struggled to keep her hoarse voice level.

"What?" Her face began to wrinkle.

"It's Dauragon, he's back!" The cyborg hesitated for a few paces before she ordered Wong, Krillin and Dominique to come down. While holding the receiver, she told them upfront.

" brother has returned..?" the young android was just as floored as her coach.

Wong's mind shifted to when he was killed in cold blood, then his heart nearly stopped. His body wavered, but Krillin caught him in time. "Wong! Oh no..! This...this is horrible."

"You think Dauragon was wished back by the Dragon Balls?" 18 asked.

"I don't know. I can't be sure if a Yakuza member used them, or maybe he's just a clone... I...I don't know." Ayame was at a complete loss.

This was undoubtedly by far the worst possible scenario the new heroes have ever faced...

A/N: Though it was said by an old man at Jingle Village that the Nimbus Cloud cannot be destroyed, Tambourine somehow destroyed it. It is possible that the Nimbus was destroyed because Tambourine used ki, as opposed to the Rocket Launcher that Colonel Silver used to blast it, or because no one as powerful as Tambourine had ever tried to destroy a Flying Nimbus before the King Piccolo Saga in the Dragon Ball series.

Another thing the sequel should have are like different elements, or play styles; maybe if there's a dogfight for instance and the heroes can still get Bouncer Points if an enemy ship is shot down. Also, Ayame would be fighting to a similar style if Fox would deal with the Sharpclaws in Starfox Adventures.

According to Wikipedia, the drinking of the alcoholic beverage, sake, is a common ceremony to represent the creation of a bond in Japanese culture. Sake was seen as a bond that adheres the relationship between people. This historical link gives the Yakuza ceremony a religious significance, so it is often performed at a Japanese Shinto shrine, or in this case, a place of power like the Mikado crystal dome.

So, yes, Dauragon C. Mikado was somehow resurrected and is now leading the Yakuza along with Sion, Volt, and Kou as official members. And the women are now stranded and imprisoned at his domain. Will the Z-Fighters come to their rescue, or will it be a lose-lose situation for all of them?




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A/N: This title is like an oxymoron as not only escaping from the bar, Fate, but also escaping FROM fate itself; as history wouldn't repeat itself if Dominique should be abducted by Mikado (Yakuza) again.

From here, this story will separate into three different gaidens, as the women have been captured and trapped in Mikado. And the first segment would be none other than the valiant quartet featuring 18, Krillin, Dominique, and Wong.

Chapter 4
Escape from Fate

Android 18 was in charge of cosmetics, utilizing Echidna's abandoned makeup bag housing all kinds: from mascara, to lip gloss, to hair dye, the works. She and Krillin were quite astonished on how Echidna managed to keep so many tools in such a cramped, compacted space, and Dominique assisted, as the Z-Fighters put her and Wong under guises.

18 worked on her disciple first and foremost, while Krillin made some clumsy, confounded attempts to find whatever was needed to make a disguise for Wong; the bar itself was littered with debris from the Yakuza fight, so it was no doubt a chore to collect his bearings. They recalled Trunks making a past remark that Wong had a similar appearance to one single mad scientist in charge of the Red Ribbon Army. And after gazing over the ancient martial artist, 18 definitely had the right idea. She had to bite her tongue during the process as she decided to make Wong look similar to Dr. Gero, and a nearby pan was used, after she broke off the handle, to be displayed as his artificial brain. 18's main objective, however, was to have Dominique's hair dyed and applied with more heavier makeup, almost looking like a Goth. Though she was constantly distracted by brainstorming on how Wong should look while still watching her husband like a hawk, even when it came to something that'll conceal his newly, standoffish attachment implanted on his head.

"If we do happen to evacuate from here, we're still going to be at the mercy of the Yakuza; they may have the ability to detect our own ki." Wong said.

"That's why we should always have our ki very low." replied 18, though it's obvious they'll be undetected, they'd still be vulnerable if there happens to be an enemy ambush. The crime organization was reckless and merciless, Wong knew even after all these past decades. They still remained the same, though, but if Sion was involved in the hunt...

As if reading his troubled mind, Krillin assured, "Don't worry, Master Wong, we'll protect you guys. My wife and I will take the front, right 18?" he made a slight grin.

"Of course. Finito!" She just completed Dominique's own makeover. Her hair was more sleek having a jet-black tone and it remained very shiny under the fluorescent lights. She had on darker shades to her lips, eyebrows, lashes, and eyelids. Her cheeks were a lot more rosier than ever, she was wearing high heels, and her outfit was replaced by Krillin's. No matter since the monk himself was wearing his usual attire of an orange jumpsuit with a navy blue undershirt. As for Wong, 18 managed to find a tall, black cap that was able to keep his artificial brain in place, and his wardrobe was very similar to Gero's but without the RR logos; she was quite lucky that she and Krillin got a Dynocap as a portable set of drawers if 18 wanted to switch clothes in a jiff. The cyborg became a bit more agitated, wanting to remove the "disgusting displays" as soon as they got to Dende's Lookout.

Overhearing her muttering, Dominique asked, "Where is it? What IS Dende's Lookout?"

Krillin filled them in as it was a place that watches over the Earth at the Heavenly Realm. Basically, just above the stratosphere, reassuring them they'd be safe from Dauragon and his new Mikado Group. They'd also be protected by its own guardian, Dende. And it was done several times in the past while the heroes took refuge, with the exception of Evil Buu as well as Garlic Jr. and his malevolent Spice Boys twice over. "All we needed to do is tread out of Edge casually as far away as we can to avoid the Yakuza's hungry eyes." By the time they'd reach the checkpoint, they'd be safe and use ki flight to head toward the Karin Forest where the Karinga tribe live, which was the basis of Korin's Tower. Both Dominique and Wong still looked perplexed. "I'll explain along the way. Are we ready, 18?"

She faced the terrified duo, "Are you two up for it?" They nodded in uncertainty. She then faced Krillin. "Let's go."

Krillin and 18 led Wong and Dominique on to the cold, silent streets, hoping they'd reach their destination in one piece. During the makeovers, Krillin had a talk with Gohan soon after Ayame broke the news. He said he'll head to Edge immediately and keep an eye over the Fate bar and the Yakuza's dark ki, while Goten and Trunks decided to go to Wong's place. Gohan also told Krillin to alert 18 that while there, she should ask Dende if the Dragon Balls were used recently, from last night.

The quartet noticed that whoever walked the streets were indeed Yakuza; there seemed to be no one else, as they all looked nearly identical, with their shiny shades and hair, their Asian characteristics, even portions of tattoos here and there. Still, despite their growing fears, Krillin, Wong, and 18 remained cool as cucumbers while their bodies covered around Dominique's new appearance. Even she wasn't very confident as to whether or not the Yakuza would notice; some were probably involved in the last captor plot, Wong believed. As they responded casually to each passersby, the elderly fighter recalled a similar event, when he helped Dominique escape from Mikado underneath her brother's nose.

As they went through the many alleyways and the Central Square, Krillin kept assuring them they'd be out of Edge shortly. By the time they reached toward the MSD cargo train station, the gangsters in security uniforms looked at the suspicious foursome, as if they somehow knew they didn't seem to appear cohesively with each other. One of them who was bony and skinny wearing a bright white T, shady glasses, and jet-black hair and gloves motioned his cohorts over. They marched up to the group and one of the Yakuza just got into Krillin's vision, nearly bumping into him.

"H-hey, excuse me, mister." he replied politely.

"Forgive me, we're in a hurry. So, if you could just let us-" the octogenarian never finished.

The silent gangster continued to obstruct their path when they were trying to walk around him. He was actually "inspecting" each of the group, including the women. Dominique let out a shrill cy of discomfort, and 18 held his hand back.

"Hey! Back off, Yakuza! You should know better than to lay your hands on a lady! I know you guys are responsible for robbery, assault, murder, and most disturbingly, child trafficking and reducing them and women into sex slaves! You monkeys are all completely unforgivable, especially to those whom you manipulate from the Philippines and Korea-!"

"18! Enough!" Wong stopped her tirade, and the man withdrew his hand with a snarl. Then he and his cohorts advanced, and everyone but Dominique was prepared for battle!

"Dominique! Brace yourself!" 18 shouted, her disciple nodded in affirmation.

"Typical Yakuza!" Wong growled.

"Come on! We'll show them! Even though we may drop dead..!" Krillin said with his paranoia.

When they fought off a few more members of the Yakuza, Krillin and 18 took the front since although the other two had decent offense, their defense were still lacking. Wong was greatly injured during the fight, and Dominique was unable to treat his wounds. Instead, it was only Krillin and 18, with her aggressiveness as well as the monk's own signature move, "Destructo Disc!" As soon as he raised up his right arm, a large, rapidly-spinning, circular disc made of energy was conjured. He threw it and his ki honed in on his enemies, knocking them off their feet and leaving their bodies broken and gravely hurt, almost immobilized. Then it exploded into the ceiling, causing some of the steel rods to collapse onto the Yakuza!


Apparently, the clangs were so noisy that more of the Yakuza headed straight for them. Upon Dominique's whisper, they noticed him amongst more Yakuza with a sneer under his black hood overshadowing his violent expression. Without hesitation, Krillin shouted, "Shield your eyes!" They all obliged before he unleashed a "Solar Flare!" With three fingers against the sides of his eyes, a strong volley of light as bright as the sun's was able to blind the terrorists.

By the time the area cleared a few minutes later, Krillin and 18 already took flight toward a distant location carrying Wong and Dominique respectively.

The Dragon Team went over a lush, fertile land. It was occupied by many teepees in all sizes, and the inhabitants looked like ants by comparison. Krillin described this plain as the Sacred Land of Korin, or Karin Forest in other words. Because of the distinctive indigenous people, Wong became fascinated by them. Just then they also saw two aborigines, a grown boy and his father, looked up toward Krillin and 18; they waved and smiled back.

"These guys are the proud chief, Bora, and his son, Upa. They are the guardians of the base of Korin's Tower. Y'know, Goku used to help protect them and their village while he was still just a child, and that was when he encountered the Red Ribbon Army's most lethal warriors, Mercenary Tao and Captain Yellow." Android 18 still cringed while he mentioned the accursed organization.

"Hang tight, guys. We'll be there in a jiffy. All's we gotta do is climb up this tower and we should be there."

"What!?" Both Wong and Dominique were disgusted, as they already have seen how extremely high that tower was! It was like a really long spear poking through the clouds, and still growing!

18 gave Krillin a nudge, "Hey!"

"Don't mind him! We'll take you two up." Looking at Wong's wounded body, she put their minds at ease when she said that Korin and Dende can fix things up. "If there aren't any Senzu Beans, we can at least rely on Dende to help us recover. We're almost home free." Carefully detecting the distant dark ki, which was miles and miles away, 18 and Krillin ascended quickly through the thin cloud carpet and wound up at a massive, UFO-shaped settlement that was on top of the skinny, excruciatingly long tower. They landed on the side deck and went inside.

A wise, white cat holding a staff was waiting for them; Krillin was still carrying Wong over his unfortunate shoulders, his feet dragging. "Oh, hello there. Welcome to my home turf. I assumed you guys made it up my tricky tower?"

"Ergh, now's not the time, Korin. Wong is greatly injured during a fight against the Yakuza. He's frail and we don't know how long he can hold up." Krillin struggled to keep him aloft. "Urgh, do you have any Senzu Beans..!?"

"Alas, I do not." he shook his head. But his eyes lit up as his whiskers twitched. "But I'm sure our guardian, Dende, would be of use to you. Ever since the Yakuza multiplied exponentially, darkness became supreme. It ain't easy to harvest and grow these beans without a lot of light energy."

"Thanks, Korin." 18 said. She led them up in a lift after they saw a disgusting sight, as Yajirobe was stuffing himself like a pig with multiple greasy mammoth ribs. Dominique was indeed the first to have her stomach flip. 18 escorted the group without hesitation and the lift ascended toward their destination.

Dende and his assistant, Mr. Popo stood watch while the quartet finally emerged. They walked toward them and the Namekian gave a wide grin. "Welcome Dominique and Wong. Welcome to my sanctuary." He then gazed and congratulated Krillin and 18 for bringing them here safely. "It was a wise decision to relocate them to my Lookout, I can assure you both that no enemy of yours can ever find you. You may take refuge here." At first, it was a stunning sight to meet a full-fledged alien lifeform; he nearly looked kind of like a Martian, with all that green skin, feelers, pointy ears, as well as other awkward features. Dominique even reached over and shook one of Dende's feelers, and he giggled. "I wish no harm to my guests. And while I heal Master Wong's wounds, my dear friend can show you around." He nodded toward his best friend and servant. It was also bizarre to meet a large living, breathing genie with a turban, magic carpet, and all, as he proudly demonstrated to both of the weary travelers.

" I dreaming all this?" Dominique queried.

"No you are not, my dear." the demigod said. "I also happen to tend the grounds as well as a beautiful flower garden if you're inter-ested."

That made the android exclaim, "You have your own flowers here!? Oh, this is so amazing!" She really did appreciate the large variety of plants, as well as the butterflies fluttering about; both she and Wong were very astounded that it was so peaceful and tranquil up here, and not as sub-zero freezing like they anticipated. "On the contrary, it's always balmy here all year round. We never freeze up here, even in the dead of winter."

The plump, joyful assistant marched over toward Wong who seemed to be fully healed. "Dende seems to be the first ever guardian who can recuperate those who're gravely injured. He has such astonishing feats." The martial artist rose on his feet, amazed by Dende's prowess, which only took a matter of seconds to complete.

"I'm so glad you're ok." she said to him.

"Indeed I am, Dominique. So, you said you are the Earth's own guardian?"

Dende then described that The Lookout was once a part of the sacred landscape Krillin and 18 showed them, as it was believed that the giant, floating platform orbits over the Earth and its guardian and Mr. Popo could sense everything happening over the planet, even lethal battles as they look over the sides. He told them the story that Kami, the first God of Earth, was the Lookout's official guardian as well as the creator of the Earth's own Dragon Balls, before the Super Namek, Piccolo, merged with him when Cell, 18, and her destructive brother, 17, wreaked havoc. 18 sulked a little, recalling the incidents before she fell in love with Krillin. Soon after, Dende grew up and soon became the current protector of Earth. The peaceful atrium was connected by Korin's Tower, and below that wasn't really an actual tower, but rather a sacred tree that grows every decade and has been doing so for many millennia. Above that, was Korin's Tower, and soon the Lookout itself. Also, it should be noted that Goku's, now Ayame's, extending Power Pole could fit into the hole just beneath the hermit's turf which connects and serves as a vital link between them.

"I may be this planet's guardian, but Goku, and his dear friends, are the true heroes. Even Ayame, Echidna, and Leann. If only they'd be successful..." Dende sighed. "May luck be with us." That gave Krillin an epiphany.

"Oh! Hey, Dende! Can you do us a favor and see if the Dragon Balls have been used since the night before?"

He nodded. "Of course. It'll only take a few minutes. I shall return." Using his staff to keep his spine upright, he treaded toward one of the distant forts.

Inside, the very miniature, fragile Shenron statue made of stained glass stood on the thin platform. Dende inspected it for any suspicious activity. The new guardian looked at the statue of the Eternal Dragon, that was churned into a duller material, which meant the Dragon Balls have been used and then petrified since last night, as it was around the time when the model glowed and the Balls were active.

He then broke the news in a disheartened manner to the bewildered quartet. "Your fears have been justified. The Dragon Balls had been used since the night before; two wishes were made of resurrecting the deceased members of the Yakuza... As well as Dauragon. I begin to fear for the worst of the welfare of well as Sion's." The Namekian felt the dark ki from below, and it was ever increasing rapidly from the brainwashed bouncers, and Dauragon's strength has been enhanced compared to the last time Ayame and the Saiyan kids encountered him.

"I only hope we are not too late..."

"Sion, Volt, Kou..." Dominque whimpered every name as she grew more depressed and hopeless; each one was like a gut punch. She laid into Wong's arms for comfort as she was horrified to the core.

Meanwhile, a strange-looking Earthling who was the size of a midget suddenly opened his eyes very wide. He had on a pale, white face, a red spot on each of his cheeks, wearing a black hat with a red tiny pompom on it, a light-blue tank top, black pants, and dark golden shoes. He was at a very young age, and he just received a jolt through his skull like an electric current. He rose from his lotus position on a grassy mound overlooking some distant, frosty peaks, and he was more than ready to take the fight to this new threat. The world was highly at stake, and he had a mission to accomplish.

A/N: I know this has been a bit formulaic, but the scenario in which Krillin and 18 snuck through Edge and escaped to the Lookout may be similar to Kou's stealth mission.

So, Wong and Dominique finally escaped safely and met up with Earth's guardian, Dende, as well as his assistant, Mr. Popo. It was kind of nice that the Lookout has been featured twice in the tetralogy, with the previous time during the Mikado Saga as Ayame granted a couple wishes using the Dragon Balls. Even though, ironically, Dende noticed they were used recently to resurrect Dauragon, instead of him being presumed as a mindless clone. And who is this mysterious young fighter? You'll find out soon enough, but I'm sure it's obvious to any veteran to the Dragon Ball series.

So, the next chapter would revolve around the Saiyans as they observe some Yakuza activity while also monitor over the common locations. See you all then!



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A/N: This one highlights the efforts of the Saiyans Gohan, Goten, and Trunks as they watch over the places the bouncers frequent; Gohan looks over Fate, while the others look over Sion's/Wong's own settlement.

Chapter 5
Saiyans on the Scenes!

Sion, Volt, and Kou were still with their CEO, Dauragon, who was very, VERY pissed of the women's narrow chances of survival. According to Sion's ki sense, he can still feel their vital signs, and Mikado knew the basics of controlling his own life energy.

"Impossible! They must never survive and escape here unscathed!" he roared. "Find them and destroy them! And if it's not too much trouble...bring home my little sister." he sneered at the last statement.

All of the Yakuza nodded, then Sion stood up from the crowd. "Master..?" Everyone shifted their attention to him, including the madman. "I know where they could be hiding," he said with earnest. "I am certain that Dominique and the others have never gotten far. Ayame and the others may still be imprisoned here, and Dominique should probably be hiding in Fate, or somewhere in Dog Street. If not, then she could be at Master Wong's place."

Dauragon was deep in thought; he really admired his new subject's strategies. He simply nodded. "Very well. Volt, you will stay here and track down those meddling slovens. They deserve the worst for interfering with our plans. Never hold back! The rest of you shall pursue them and Dominique outside the premises. I believe that none of you should fail." They all responded obediently and carried on their assignments with no relent.

A few moments after Krillin and company escaped to Dende's Lookout, Gohan in his navy blue uniform soared over the deserted streets of Edge. The sky was as dark as night could get, as if it too was shrouded in darkness like the town itself overrun by Yakuza. He felt the sinister essences everywhere which caused him to feel anxious, yet still he had a job to do. He slowed to a crawl as he overlooked Dog Street's rooftops, trying to find which belonged to the Fate bar; he has been there once, but amongst the many similar buildings, it was very confusing.

Gohan continued to scan the streets until he finally laid eyes on a building with blazing, neon letters that spelt F.A.T.E. "That's it. That's the place where the bouncers and Dominique frequently visit." He then had some flashbacks on helping Sion tread through Mikado and deal with his doppelganger. He sulked when he recalled he's now part of the Japanese mafia. He thought to himself what he should do when he sees him. Just then, a chopper ripped through the air, interrupting his thoughts. From his keen observation, it was a giant, jet-black chopper with the familiar logo of the Mikado Group; his heart lurched when he saw that mark. However, it was hovering over a distant place, an apartment of sorts. He then saw the side door open and several black ropes hung out while some of the Yakuza slipped through them. One of the members looked strikingly familiar.

Curious, Gohan flew slowly toward it while keeping his ki energy low. He sunk in between the archaic houses and came toward their location. At a very tall settlement in the end of a narrow alleyway, the distinctive member drew out a set of keys as he climbed the worn stairs, unlocked the wide, tall, doors underneath an arched awning and slipped inside. The rest soon followed. Gohan then waited until the organization came out empty-handed. They ascended a few flights of stairs and wandered over the vacant room that used to house Dominique and Sion. There was hardly any furniture around, amongst layers of cobwebs, and one of the guys raised his brow, as if he realized he made a crucial mistake. Being that the apartment was part of a strip, it didn't make it easy for Gohan to hide. So, he climbed up the front wall like a spider and looked over, recognizing that the peculiar member was Kou! He startled for a moment then his gaze followed him as the gang trekked toward Fate. He leapt from roof to roof until he got there.

He slipped down the rear of the place and he peeked out the side where Kou and his minions were circulating the area. He went inside, only to find that it was also abandoned, and it was left in shambles from the previous brawl. He growled in frustration as he smacked his fist against his palm, "Damn! Dominique gave us the slip! She must've gotten help from that whore-bitch, Echidna, and that old geezer, Wong!" He sighed irritatingly and racked his tainted brain for any solutions. "Where the hell could they possibly have run off!?" He then signaled his soldiers, "Move out!"

As the elites left, Gohan peeked through the rear window, and took a sigh of relief, trying to soothe his racing nerves. "Whew..! Good work, Krillin. At least we know that Dominique is safe!" He then looked again at the helicopter, "But where could the Yakuza be heading off to..? Unless..!" As it soared several miles away he decided to follow it.

The dark ki began to multiply, and Gohan oversaw so much of the Yakuza's destruction. Many lives were greatly suffering, from being lethally interrogated of Dominique's whereabouts, even having some of their homes being vandalized and in some cases burned. Gohan clenched his fists in fury and he bashed his way through some of the organization's worst thugs. It was an effortless bout between them and the former Great Saiyaman then noticed that their bodies have reduced to nothingness; almost the same way after Cell sucked his victims dry. Soon an ominous presence distracted his attention. He was anxious to follow it, and that was the hotspot the chopper was going to, but he still needed to keep an eye on two wily kids.

Goten and Trunks scavenged the exterior of Wong's colonial, with no such luck of any Yakuza activity, not even from the three allies they'd been wanting to see with great anticipation. The waiting itself started to grind on their sensitive nerves.

They soon saw a chopper that made such a loud, sudden whirr and the wind pressure from the blades and engines shredded the once lush field surrounding it.

Goten tapped his partner on the arm, "Hey, Trunks. Look!" He stood up and they gazed upon the aerial fighter as well as the passengers being deployed from it; their hefty boots were squashing the stalks like hapless insects as they marched toward the colonial. They even barely noticed the unusual symbol for a brief moment before they ducked suddenly. The guys scurried outside before the Yakuza entered as they first broke the door off its hinges. The terrorists scattered everywhere, looking for any traces of their soon-to-be captors, including the elusive android.

They all scanned the interior and exterior room for room, although one member in particular was more thorough. Rather than just using the usual five senses, he himself knew how to use his ki sense. With that, he was more formidable and skilled at detecting a hapless victim's energy in whatever hiding spot there was. Goten and Trunks somehow knew they'd meet their maker, as they decreased their life energy drastically, putting the kids, especially Goten, in a state of panic.

Their flash beams continued to skim over the house, and Trunks was just tiny enough to fit in the chimney aloft the fireplace. He then climbed onto the roof, though he was safe for the moment, he still felt nervous about his comrade; Goten may be brave, but could also be cocky and a bit too emotional to deal with the mounting disquietude as he was feeling now. He crawled over to the chopper, thinking that something looked so familiar. By the bright hues coming from the copter's headlights, he hardly saw a horrifying sight. He remembered the long symbol that had the red background and series of white lines ascending then ending in what seemed to be an foreign, erratic arrow

Trunks gasped sharply, "Is-is that the symbol of Mikado?!" Just then, a flood of memories entered his mind, neither of them being ANY good, not even Sion's, Volt's, and Kou's failures to stop Dauragon at the Galeos as he kept increasing his power levels tenfold. Not to mention Ayame being in peril while crushing her windpipe as she squeaked for the kids to save the world. Trunks' eyes were as wide as saucers and his face grew pale. He bit hard as he grinded his teeth, "Errrgh..! Goten..!"

He was shaking from head to foot, as was the small tyke. He also noticed that amongst the darkness, he recognized a ki sense looming closer and closer. Upon registering his power level, like a dog catching a scent, he was in complete shock. "S-Sion..!"

The whisper actually perked up his ears with his hood drawn up. Goten immediately squirmed beneath the table, covering himself with the hanging, white cloth. Sion tiptoed over toward it and Goten was so petrified of the advancing bouncer! The child held his breath tightly not wanting to let off another sound, even while covering his mouth. He cowered low to the floor, until...Sion lifted up the cloth quickly!

To his surprise, he saw no one. Underneath the table was just as vacant as the place itself. Goten somehow managed to teleport toward the chimney flues undetected. Sion rose up and announced to his cohorts there's nobody here. "Dammit!" he scowled. They all marched out to their transport and the Saiyan kids, led by Trunks, ducked behind the house. They watched it soar away in great discomfort.

"That was close." Trunks said.

"Sion..! He's one of them. The Yakuza!" Goten's jaw remained ajar.

"Yeah, and not only that, but they're working for the Mikado Group." That REALLY put them on edge. "I-I know Volt warned me that Mikado has hired some felonies and assassins, but this..?"

They were so preoccupied in their own paranoia and fear that they didn't notice an older Saiyan meet up with them. "Bro! Trunks!"

Gohan called out for them, and they immediately hugged him as tight as anacondas, and their bodies were shaking as if they've been dumped in very frigid water. Their sentences ran into each other's, but Gohan was able to make out that the chopper they saw belonged to the Mikado Group, and the Yakuza and Sion were a part of it. He mentioned he saw Kou as well, which made Goten cringe.

"He was looking for Dominique too..? Figures." He became more somber. "I hate to tell you boys, but...we need to go straight to Mikado!"


"No way! We can't handle this by ourselves!"

"Sure you can. You guys have done a great job when you overthrew Dauragon last time. My guess is he may have been resurrected by a wish from the Dragon Balls."

"And Volt, Sion, and Kou are with them. That's not even FUNNY!"

Gohan laid a hand on Trunks' shoulder. "Pipe down, Trunks. We need to sneak inside and rescue the bouncers as well as Ayame, Echidna, and Leann; they depend on us for their survival, no doubt." Gohan then had a flashback when his mom, Krillin, Piccolo, as well as Yamcha, Roshi, Puar and Oolong and the rest of the world was brainwashed by the Black Water Mist, and he had 24 hours until the effects became permanent. "There's no time to waste. Majin Buu is coming with us. We can use him as offense to help us infiltrate Mikado. Come. We must hurry." The kids reluctantly nodded before they followed after the mature Saiyan.

They took off like three comets awaiting to blow upon contact and leave a trail of inevitable carnage.

A/N: Btw, the accomplishment jingle would be the Stage Clear theme from Pinobee: The Wings of Adventure.

So, the Saiyans discovered of Mikado's newer plot, and the Yakuza rapidly increased while they worked for them. So they're setting foot into Mikado, just like all those years ago. Would they be too late? Can they still save Ayame and the rest of the women along with the brainwashed bouncers?


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A/N: Part 3 of the trifecta starts here. With our heroines trapped in Mikado, would they be saved with the arrival of the Z-Fighters? Or would it be too late as they would suffer under the Yakuza's and Dauragon's domination?

Chapter 6
Mikado's Mind Controlling Method

Ayame, Echidna, and Leann eventually made their way out of the opaque chute via the militant's communicator utilizing its bright LSD screen. They came across a large, wrought steel door that was supposedly made by titanium alloy. Together, they were able to move it a notch and went out into the sliver of light.

The narrow hallway's fluorescent lights blinded the group. They followed it, with Echidna leading the way, and came through a tannish door.

There was the room that used to house all the uniforms for Mikado's special forces, but instead, those racks were replaced by numerous, nameless human subjects entangled by thick wires with blood and certain fluids coursing through their veins, including their heads. Very creepy. Ayame began to stutter at the gruesome sight; even Echidna herself wasn't expecting this...

I feel so sorry for them right now... she thought.

Since Echidna knew the ways around the Mikado domain well, she led Ayame and Leann despite them trying to keep themselves from going insane at all those crude experiments they'd passed inside the Bio-Plant. From having the Yakuza clones trapped inactively in stasis tubes, to their bodies dropping into them from the chutes aloft and then have them wrapped in wires by mechanical arms while also making incision sights in their limbs and necks.

As they went through some familiar, though cringy, scenery, a thought came to Echidna on how Mugetsu, and his Mooks, have went through ROBOTOMY; as a way to make subjects more obedient and submissive, and have the subject's fighting instincts to be enhanced while also causing their minds to degrade in the process. She desperately hoped that Volt, Sion, and Kou hadn't gotten through this, though Leann doubted they could have over a short period of time.

"Maybe they had some neurotransmitters implanted into them?" They both shrugged at her theory. Then they pressed on.

Ayame also hoped that their bodies hadn't been reproduced into clones, and her mind started to drift as she remembered the atrocious PD-4s she faced as well as Kaldea in a bizarre panther hybrid; she also wondered if the REAL Kaldea was actually burned alive in the fiery "accident", while her cloned body lived on as a more loyal servant to Dauragon while also restoring her memories little by little. Then again, the pendant was an inclination it couldn't have happened. Yet still, the fact the bouncers could be carbon copies was a possibility.

Unfortunately, th-e women's reveries were interrupted by some Yakuza ambushes, and they've utilized the same techniques as before, even with those that had more sharper, lethal weapons such as those curved cutlasses.

With their minds still racing, unsure of where to go, Leann's comm suddenly increased its signal strength showing several bars. She signaled them to stop and then she vigorously typed on it. Through the LUKIS officer's impressive hacking skills, as her fingers were flying across the tiny keypad, she managed to receive some intel concerning Mikado's more quicker methods, just after calling for backup to HQ via distress signal.

On the screen were mountains of deciphered, encrypted data, and Leann showed it all to her desperate teammates as soon as they reached a chamber surrounded by massive doors with card key slots. They had reached the Laboratory Prep Room, and Leann gave the weary women the following information summarized as follows:

The A3 Project was described as a brainwashing weapon of some kind. Through a small electronic transmitter implanted on the neck, or any portion on the head, the machine would be able to manipulate the subject by sending a certain kind of electric wave into an area of the brain known as the "Gator's Cortex", from where the most primitive behaviors can be initiated. With that way, Leann came to the conclusion that the A3 Project was capable of destroying the mind and forcing the experiment into acting entirely out of instinct rather than reason, causing his/her fighting attributes to increase while they become demoralized.

"Like the Borg...and Locutus..." Ayame thought out loud.

Upon further evaluation, the Gator Cortex allowed humans to do basic actions, such as to "eat", "sleep", "kill" or "escape". This portion hidden deep within the vast human subconscious was titled as such, based on a gator hiding in a swamp awaiting for its prey to attack and then retaliate aggressively.

The new biological project initiates the body's natural electric current into this section, turning it into a certain kind of radio wave. By directing this into the brain, it was possible to stimulate these actions voluntarily upon the master's requests.

By trading their natural impulses for the radio ignition, this produces hallucinations that are permanent, causing a total loss of sanity in the subjects.

Just like Mugetsu!

Echidna feared the process would be irreversible, turning the subject into a permanent shell of its former self, a zombie-like being no less. However, Leann guessed if the transmitter can actually be damaged or disabled soon enough...

She then fed the intel to her superiors and subordinates as an emergency to save her and Kou, never labelling him as a mindless slave. Both she and Echidna decided it was official that each bouncer had a certain bullet-shaped implant somewhere in their bodies connecting to their brains; once the link has been found and then destroyed in time, chances are they would revert to their normal selves without any extreme damage. However, in order to be perform the body searches, they must be sedated first, which won't be an easy feat. Echidna recalled PD-4 having some sedatives at his disposal; however, they were no longer around.

At the executive floor, they heard a deep hissing noise accompanied by a snarl. Ayame figured it belonged to a monstrous cobra. The beast treaded behind the unsuspecting trio as it snuck silently across the red carpet that was covering the majority of the floor. By the time it let out another hiss, though...

Its slick tongue grabbed and yanked the Power Pole out of Ayame's hands! Their old nemesis swallowed the weapon whole as it went down its gullet, just like a carnivorous snake! Their gaze followed to that dreaded biolizard again!

"Ergh, you're gonna pay for what you did to my Power Pole!" Ayame screeched in rage.

"Well, if it isn't that slithering bastard itself!" Echidna concluded.

"Ready for Round 2, chimera?!" Leann put her black dukes up as she shifted a foot back.

The humanoid reptilian had some new moves up its saggy, fleshy sleeves as its adhesive, lightning-fast tongue enabled it to stick and extend it to make the monster reach higher, more distant grounds, even as a countermove when it rammed into its enemies. They had to either brace themselves or move aside whenever it charged in for the kill.

It was nothing the women couldn't handle when Echidna continued to use her unpredictable Capoeira while Leann made swift blows toward it. Ayame, however, had to improvise using her ki blasts for long-range attacks as well as blocking. Her stamina was wearing thin, so she had to rely on her buddies before she'd pass out from fatigue. Eventually, the mutant's legs started to buckle.

The young Z-Fighter just pounced on its stomach after it was knocked on its back, when it finally vomited the Pole as well as some black and blue blood!

"Ullk!" She couldn't stand the abrupt upchuck. Then the Licker lookalike just laid there like a lifeless slug as more of its insides began to drool out of its mouth. She reluctantly grabbed for her lost weapon and it dripped some more before her fingers slipped.

"It's about time we put an end to him..!" Leann sighed with relief.

"Feral fiend..!" Echidna said under her breath.

Ayame pointed her Pole toward the pile of decaying skin. "I bet that gave you quite a stomach ache, did it!?" she challenged.

The three women regrouped, though something was amiss. Ayame's ki sense kicked in once more, and the signal was weak toward the next room. "This...this can't be the way. I can feel the darkness stronger over there. We need to go back."

"What!? Are you crazy?" Echidna objected.

Leann made an assuring hand on her shoulder. "Relax. We didn't go all this way for nothing, hot stuff. If she could sense Kou as well as the others...?"

They followed her lead, with Echidna tagging along, more fumed than ever. Of course, the commanding officer had to keep an eye on her, comforting Ayame before she'd get a chance to pwn her.

A/N: The process of making the miniature mind control device was inspired by the Strider series, as it was done by the ZAIN project, a mind-controlling experiment that Grandmaster Meio uses to make biological weapons out of humans, aside from cloning, and as a way to discover how the brain in general operates, especially in terms of instinct as well as its basic functions such as eating, sleeping, and escape. Although I never got far into the series, the original SEGA game was ok, when I was a kid anyway...

Also, I couldn't believe I've forgotten this, but whenever Ayame uses the Power Pole's extension, I can picture it on how Link used his Hookshot/Longshot, with the aim, extension, and all that.

I can't really come up with some good Trinity Rushes for Leann and Echidna though, nor any taunts; heck, I don't have a copy of the game so...I'm pretty much stuck. So another chapter done; hopefully I'll do the next one soon.

Oh, and here's a pic of the 2 main androids, Dominique and her mentor, 18.


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Chapter 7
Here Comes the Cavalry!

The full moon casted its soft glow through the glass dome. And it wasn't a very pretty sight, as mayhem was occurring below. Numerous Yakuza, including Sion, Volt, and Kou gathered around their oyabun, and he was furious of their failures.

Dauragon shouted in protest to his kobun, "Imbeciles!" His balled-up hands left a mark at a nearby stone cot. The one where Dominique used to sleep on. "I will not stand incompetence by the likes of you! These intruders better not escape within our grasp. And yet, they have managed to wipe out most of our brethren, even our human-chimera hybrid. But no matter." He waved a hand as if he swatted a fly. "My sister still hasn't been found. As shameful as it is, I must perform the unthinkable." He then faced his kobun again. "I need your fingers..."

He gestured his own fingers, causing a distinctive Yakuza member march up to him. He showed no fear nor remorse, just plain indifference, no emotion. The gangster went toward the tower of terror, and he forced his right hand on the cot. In his left, he drew out a large blade from his pocket. The man never quivered nor squirmed, not even when his master raised it into the air! He threw it down as quick as lightning!

But... The blade missed the subordinate's fingers by a mere few inches. His hand was still bound, though, and the observers muttered and sighed with relief. But Dauragon wasn't done...yet!

He immediately dropped the steak knife and snapped all of the man's digits all at once like flimsy twigs, rendering him in sharp, sudden pain and brutal agony. With quick movements, Dauragon stuffed a cloth into his mouth, minimizing his screams! He just stood over him and spoke coldly, "Now you'll have to remove your fingers..!"

"Mmm-mmmmpph!" Two others dragged the severely injured man away. The rest of the Yakuza just stood there, shocked and shaken.

Dauragon still didn't show any relent. "Now I need yours..! Volt Krueger."

Just then, floods of resentful memories raced through the oyabun's mind: from his treachery, to his bloody escape after Echidna and her men shot him, to his final bouts against him at the Galeos. To suit the vengeful occasion, he actually removed his hood, revealing the same blond locks hanging down at the sides of his face, but also the top of his scalp as well as his face showing various burns and stitches.

"How I have waited for this..!" he growled. Volt slowly marched up to him, ready and anticipating his punishment. Sion and Kou simply just gazed at the horror. The Yubitsume was about to resume!

"My... That's surely a scary establishment there."

The Yakuza shifted their attention behind them as a small tyke with a cheery voice challenged them. He then made a fighting pose while he hovered above the floor.

"I sensed some incredible dark ki here and I followed it. So YOU must be the culprit!" he pointed toward Dauragon.

"And you're the one interfering with my ceremony. Volt, Yakuza. Slay him!"

"You're gonna have to do better than that, Dauragon..!" The supervillain wasn't the least bit fazed on how he knew his name, yet the young fighter was prepared to battle!

Back at Dende's Lookout...

"It's Chiaotzu!" Krillin exclaimed while he was looking down. "Go get 'em, buddy!"

Wong joined him and Dende as they were overlooking the world. "Chiaotzu..? You know him, Krillin?" he queried. He and Dominique were still uncertain how they were able to see, hear, and feel things below their sanctuary.

"Ah, I know this guy from anywhere!" He described him as a clown lookalike that's also a gifted martial artist through the use of telepathy, telekinesis, and other psychic abilities who hailed from the Crane School along with his partner, Tien. He was actually surprised he wasn't with him, though. Krillin summarized they were bitter rivals turned allies of the Turtle School, the same one where Master Roshi trained. Krillin, himself, first met them at the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament at Papaya Island, and, "Man, were they such formidable opponents. Until a certain math problem distracted him long enough." He kept rambling on and on when he was slewed by King Piccolo as well as his failed suicide attempt to blow up Nappa using all his psychic strength...

"Krillin!" 18 snapped him out of his run-on introduction.

He rubbed his neck, "Eh, sorry 18. It's been so long since we've last seen him." He continued to look over the plateau. He then frowned, "I just hope he'll be alright..!"

The nameless Yakuza were sprawled all over the floor. Then he wound up in the middle of the fray. Sion made a roundhouse kick, while Volt lunged in with a lethal punch. Only to hit each other mere seconds later, when Chiaotzu instantly teleported away in time! The two bouncers went down on all fours, stunned by each other's impacts.

Chiaotzu then conjured up his ki and used his telekinesis as he threw a few nearby boxes toward the advancing Kou, hurting his legs for a short while. Though they weren't backing down an inch, and he felt Dauragon's intimidating aura, as well as his influence, increase rapidly as he watched in a corner. His skin also started to ripple from beneath. The Crane student also tried to shock them as he made some pangs into their skulls as he extended his hand, and then tossed them asunder. He even made some psychic blasts and some Dodun Rays, knocking them off their feet, but those stunts STILL weren't enough. It was as if they were being negated somewhat, and they couldn't stop their bloodlust no matter how hard he tried.

As they continued to advance more and more aggressively, Chiaotzu closed in on them from time to time, then teleported to keep his distance and collect his bearings. Heck, there were also some times when he visualized each of the bouncers' moves then he used their most lethal abilities such as Sion's Hurricane Blitz. One time Chiaotzu was caught in a headlock by Volt. Though he slipped away, producing an afterimage. He thrashed at it, nearly hitting his own teammates. As Chiaotzu snooped around, he then sensed a link within each bouncer; a trigger that was activated and controlling their own psyches. His vision honed in on the back of Sion's collar, Volt's horns, and-

Before he was able to find Kou's own infection, Dauragon closed in on him using his lethal Rushing Beat! He summoned up all his pent-up strength while his back flashed abd his gauntlets glowed a bright violet hue, then unleashed his fury in rapid punches.

"Huh-Aggh!" Chiaotzu was caught in the crossfire, getting mangled by the Neo-Yakuza leader. Then he was pwned as he was forced back a few feet. He was badly weakened and nearly immobolized as he grinded his teeth when he sat up, but also horrified.


Ayame rushed in, with Echidna and Leann close at her heels. She tended to him when the women surrounded him.

"You haven't finished us yet, Mikado murderer!" the sensual fighter raised her voice, recalling how he killed his mentor in cold blood in order to become his successor, then assigning her for framing Volt as retaliation.

They noticed the young emperor, Chiaotzu, was keeping their assailants busy; although they doubted that a person at that size would be too much of a threat, Ayame was very ecstatic to see him after so many years, but was also horrified with Dauragon's ever-growing might!

All three women, including their shaking friend, were taken aback by Dauragon's prowess. He was about to lunge at them all out once, until...

A fiery jet crashed and burned several feet away from the dome, then the entire sky was being lit up like the Fourth of July. The Yakuza aerial fleet was under attack by some more meddling Z-Fighters. The women barely noticed the participants, excepting Ayame who recognized the Saiyans, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, but also another certain someone: He was all covered in bright pink, spongy tissue; very massive as if he was inflated like a balloon; wearing a purple vest, a white pair of chubby pants shaped almost like a humongous diaper with the letter M, and also some dark blond shoes. He also possessed an antennae of sorts and always either regenerated after every explosion and kept emitting tons of gas. Majin Buu also wanted to play!

"The Dragon Team..! They're here!" she cheered. Although it was short-lived feeling the usual frightening aura.

Chiaotzu's feet barely touched the floor, then after Dauragon's abuse, he sensed another psychological link which actually belonged to the red dragon tattoo located on Dauragon's upper back. He ripped off the opaque hoodie and discarded the shredded rags, as his back displayed the same etching of a dragon emitting a small flame.

Ayame then had a flashback of his final speech in the Galeos, "Pardon my past discourtesies… I will forget the past. I no longer care of the indignation I have suffered. I should thank you for opening my eyes to this new indulgence! The pleasure of fighting for the sake of fighting!" It was his last train of thought before he was defeated by Goten and Trunks. Then her mind shifted before the fatal showdown as he decreed, "Human beings want to be controlled... They forsake those who offer no benefit... They laud those with power! They can do nothing for themselves! Mankind's true desire is to be dominated by absolute power!"

The female Z-Fighter became so helpless and horrified, that she couldn't move an inch. She barely even noticed when he declared, "If the Yakuza won't get the job done, then I shall do it myself! I will destroy the whole lot of you!" Just then, he spread his arms out and high above himself as he roared. All of a sudden, the floor began to shake like an earthquake, and foundations began to collapse. His body was starting to be engulfed by that same aura she was too familiar with! There wasn't anything her team can do. They were mercilessly trapped like rats, with no safe place to go!

"Hurry! You guys gotta get outta here!"


He appeared behind the terrified trio alongside Goten and Trunks. They ran to them and the kids were indeed shocked to the core as they noticed their fears were very surreal.

"Agh-Volt!" Trunks could barely speak at his condition, both physically and mentally.

"N-no..! Kou! You can't-" Goten could hardly make a coherent statement as he saw his friend struggle. His eyes were being burned by the sudden build up of tears.

"There's no time to be scared. Let's go!" After Gohan's order, the glass ceiling began to break apart. A few large shards dropped close to them, and the roof was rapidly falling on top of the group! Luckily, however, Chiaotzu immediately made some more telekinetic moves, knocking out Sion and Volt cold, but he was unable to do the same to Kou as he was being buried by the debris, particularly his legs!

"K-Kou!" Goten cried. He dove forward, but Gohan held him back with his muscular body.

"Oh my God!" Leann screeched at the insanity. Kou continued to wail.

"Come on!" Trunks, the free one, grabbed onto her and Echidna, then vanished within seconds. Chiaotzu did the same after he went to his unconscious victims. Ayame disappeared soon after, and Gohan rapidly went to Kou then evacuated with Goten still in his arm.

Soon after, the entire dome was falling apart, leaving an enraged Dauragon in its ruins! Then the shockwave became too much for the adjacent towers as they fell and also tilted over each other like dominoes. Seconds later, the hanging garden dropped after its hinges suspending it were destroyed. While Buu and the rest of LUKIS flew over and surveyed the damage.

The pink blob maintained his cutesy composure despite all the catastrophe. "Mee-kado went down in big KABOOM!" he commented.

Minutes have dragged on before the thick layers of smoke, dust, and ash finally dissipated. All of the surrounding trees and plants had died, all three towers including the dome were demolished, and Mikado's domain never looked the same again.

The Z-Fighters descended with their allies in tow, and they looked around in silence.

"It's-it's over." Ayame found her tongue.

Everyone was so assured as they took in the news. "But...but Sion, and Volt. Kou." Echidna looked over and saw Chiaotzu lay down the former two, while the latter was still in utter pain. Goten was about to rush over to him, as did Trunks toward Volt, and Ayame to Sion.

"Wait!" Gohan shouted. They all stopped abruptly. "We can't tend them now. They may still be manipulated!" The guys paused, recalling their dark ki.

"Is-is there any way to restore them to normal..?" Leann, for once, was numb and fearful, unlike her usual authorative self.

The mature Saiyan pondered a little. Then he brightened, "There is a way. We need to take them straight to Dende's Lookout; the guardian has something known as Sacred Water. That can reverse the effects of Mikado's mind-altering, but first..."

He looked over at Chiaotzu, who was busy disassembling Sion's collar, then removing a nano chip attached in the rear. Everyone was in awe, even the women who recalled Leann's new intel. He repeated the process as he took off Volt's horn piercings telekinetically, then they dropped and clinged to the ground like fallen crystals. Lastly was Kou as he peered underneath the hair locks over the back of his neck, then discarded the other chip. He took a deep sigh.

"Well done, Chaiotzu." Gohan greeted. Though no one felt relief. "Let's get these guys to The Lookout, and then we can restore them to-"

"Gohan!" His younger brother screeched as he pointed toward the pile of rubble which began to rustle. Soon, Dauragon emerged, breathing profusely. "What?!"

"No way!" Trunks chimed. They both braced for the worst, waiting to clobber the unstoppable CEO one last time; if they did it once, they can do it again! But...

He was down but not out, as Dauragon's body began to deteriorate! Pieces of flesh fell as other, more crimson, spines began to protrude throughout his morphing vessel! As it did, the dragon tattooo illuminated with all its luminosity while Dauragon's body took shape! He morphed as his face shifted into a dragon's snout with razor-sharp fangs in its deadly, bloody maw! His skin churned, then burst away as the remainder shattered while his metamorphosis grew to an astonishing height. He kept growing higher as his limbs extended and bulged, and even sprouted a demon's tail! Everyone but the lifeless bouncers gazed up at the horror! Although Buu still had his hands full of Yakuza Kamikazes.

The Saiyans and Ayame should've known it came to this, as Dauragon usually meant dragon, and he had that tattoo, as well as all those enhancements he injected himself with. He was just as erratic and uncontrolling as Mugetsu was, only more insane and powerful!

"Chiaotzu! Evacuate, now!"

"Right, Gohan!"

Together, the young warrior, along with Ayame, teleported away holding Echidna, Leann, Sion, Volt, and Kou. It was only up to the brave Saiyans now!

A/N: I CAN'T believe that I've completely forgotten another favorite DBZ character, Chiaotzu! I adore this little tyke, just as I do Gohan, Goten, and Trunks. Here's the story:

In late 2003, over a year after I got into the Bouncer, I was also into Starfox Adventures, and yet again I was brainstorming some ideas for allies for Fox. Aside from my rodent OC, Ratricia, and the Phantrons, one of them was using Chiaotzu because of his youth, charm, abilities, etc. the end he made a suicide bomb like he did on Nappa, only it was Andross, and then he later appears as a spirit during the Aparoid wars... But, I guess having Chiaotzu here would be, like, a smarter idea; overtime ideas and preferences change, and they just fit better. And that's why he's here. Still, it's a real shame that he and Tien got less and less popular as Dragon Ball, as well as Z, went forward.

So another chapter is done, but how would the Saiyans defeat Dauragon's altered form? Would the bouncers ever be themselves again? Find out next time, in the Yakuza Saga!



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Chapter 8
Once and Forever!

In the devastated forest surrounded by pillars of cement, Gohan teamed up with Goten and Trunks, Majin Buu was like a regenerative human beanbag against the aerial fighters.

Dauragon's massive chimera's strength was incredible! It was even enough to knock over the crystal dome like a kid who was having a conniption fit over a structure of blocks he hated making. The remainders of the dome and the transparent ceiling shattered into large, soul-piercing shards as they broke off bit by bit. As the building collapsed, and soon the adjacent towers like humongous dominoes, the impact caused the hanging garden to fall several feet down! The trees lost all their limbs and toppled over coincidentally with the dome.

In The Lookout, Krillin, 18, Dende, Wong, and Dominique continued to watch over the earth. The guardian was in complete shock.

"Damn, Dauragon's power's still increasing!" Krillin said with a tight, clenched fist. "There's just no end to this evil!"

"No, but Gohan and the others know what to do. Majin Buu would also join in the fray, but he's got his hands full of Yakuza Kamikazes." 18 reiterated.

"My brother's down there. But where's Sion, and Ayame?" Dominique cried. Wong held her close for reassurance.

As if on cue, Chiaotzu, the women, and the comatose bouncers emerged from behind. The telekinetic martial artist dropped his victims gently to the floor. Ayame released Echidna and Leann, her arms sore from carrying so long.

Krillin was indeed ecstatic to see him, he let out an enormous grin as his eyes shined with delight. "Chiaotzu!"

"Krillin! It's so good to see you!"

They gave each other a manly hug as they laughed a little with some high-fives.

"I see Ayame and the others are here."

"Yep, and so are these men over here." Chiaotzu pointed toward the heap in which Dominique and Wong were inspecting.

"Dominique, wait!" 18 scornfully told her to stay away, as chances were they could still be influenced. The little warrior drew out the three gizmos attached to them.

"Hey, we should have them analyzed in Capsule Corp. Are those the same transmitters that were controlling the bouncers?"

"Yes, Krillin." Wong and Dominique were more aghast, though 18 was abhorred.

"I can't believe this..!" she growled.

"Krillin, there has to be a way to reverse the effects and restore Sion, Volt, and Kou. We better not be too late..!" Echidna said anxiously.

Leann made a fist. "Ergh, I'm so disappointed in you, Kou."

"No stress, princess. There is a way. We need to get the Sacred Water from Korin; he can help us. He lives not too far from here." His mind then shifted as he regretted the time when he kept attacking Gohan; apparently it was all an act, and Ayame went off on a rampage on him and Piccolo, calling the latter a monster and wishing to kill him if he wasn't a part of Kami, and the forner never getting a girlfriend again. She couldn't forget the fallout she had until Future Trunks came to be.

"Eh, don't you mean like Holy Water?" Leann gave a quizzical look.

"Nevermind, we gotta go." Ayame said. Chiaotzu once again used his telekinesis and carried the unconscious bouncers to Korin's Tower. The women followed as they were transported by Ayame, though Chiotzu's transfer made the process lighter.

Krillin put a gentle hand on Dominique's quivering shoulder. "Don't worry, they'll be fine. We'll cover the fort from here. It's up to the Saiyan boys now."

"Oh I sure hope Sion and the others would be themselves again."

"They will, Korin knows what he's doing; it wasn't easy getting the stuff." Dende said. "Run along."

She did with Wong, Chiaotzu, and the women as they descended to the tower.

Ayame explained to Leann that Kou was caught in the crossfires, and his legs were severely crushed! Chiaotzu held Sion and Volt who were limp under each arm. He actually used his telekinesis to catch Echidna, Ayame, and Leann keeping them from falling sharply to their demise.

"Boys! It all comes down to this. Are you ready?" They both nodded at Gohan's words in a determined manner.

Gohan stood back and saw that Goten was to the left while Trunks was to the right with a wide range between them. In unison, they performed the secret Fusion Dance as they stepped toward each other while their arms arched over themselves with two digits from each hand were elongated. In stereo they said, "Fuuuu..."

Then their arms shifted away from their bodies to the other side, while their fingers were still sticking out. Each of their left legs lifted up, "...sion."

Lastly, they tilted towards each other so the tips of their fingers made contact. "Haaa!"

All of a sudden, both Saiyains' bodies glowed in a huge blast of light! So much so that it was blinding Dauragon. In the neon field of light energy, it grew larger while Goten and Trunks' bodies combined! After a few moments, the light finally dissipated, revealing a single merged vessel. His hair spiked up and it was a combination of Goten's black locks with Trunks' purple do. His black eyebrows were longer and frizzier. His physique was thin but very muscular. He wore an open teal short sleeve revealing his bare chest and arms, he was still wearing Trunks' signature golden shoes, arcs of thick, bright orange slabs covered his shoulders, and he had some torn, white capris. They had to hurry, as their fused vessel is temporary.

Gohan decided to fight alongside the fused fighter. This was indeed the last fight with Dauragon since people could only be wished back once using the Balls. "Let's get rid of him. Once and for all!"

"Saiyans, can you hear me?"

Gohan instantly knew who the message was coming from, one of his old childhood friends, actually. "Dende!"

"I'm sending you this message telepathically, but there's not much time. You and Gotenks must hurry before he can separate into two within thirty minutes; his massive energy usage could only dissipate whatever time he has, so you guys must wipe out the Dauragon dragon as quickly as possible! He has an equivalent power level with yours altogether.

"If you can hear me, and if you two young ones can't finish off the chimera in time, you'll be vulnerable to his own malice! Good luck to both of you. Hurry now!"

Gohan then faced his teammate with earnest. "You heard the guardian, bro! Let's take the fight to Dauragon. And make sure he's Daura-gone..! For good!"

"Right! You said it, Gohan!"

"Give him everything you got!"

With all the people they cared for racing through their minds, even the wrath that Dauragon caused to the bouncers, Ayame, Dominique, and the world, they instantaneously transformed into their highest Super Saiyan forms! Both Gotenks and Gohan's hair glowed in neon blond locks, while their turquoise eyes illuminated as bright as stars! Their bodies were not only saturated with light, but also with several lightning bolts. They charged up and lunged toward the Mikado monstrosity!

At to the left and right, he was hit directly. Then, he retaliated with all his strength as he swapped them away like insects. "You two are going to pay for your insolence!" His voice boomed as it was altered to a more intimidating baritone.

"YOU will pay for what you've done with our friends! Even to Volt, Kou, and Sion! You shall pay!"

Gotenks spread out his arms as he let out all his rage, and rapidly fired some energy blasts in an intense velocity! The chimera just repelled them like toys of flying saucers. The boy hunched then threw himself toward the creature once more.

With one of Dauragon's deadly Sonic Elbows, he forced him back. Then, Gohan came into the fray with his Ultimate Knuckle, using his back hand stunning the enemy. After that, he countered with his own Super Assault Combo, sending quick punches and kicks to the CEO's abdomen and then two roundhouse kicks.

The monster hunched over in pain, but his body flashed as he made another Rushing Beat. Gohan avoided most of his blows, though while he was distracted, Gotenks opened his mouth and spat out several Kamikaze Ghosts. They swarmed around their target, then closed in on Dauragon as soon as Gohan teleported away from the melee. As Dauragon swiped some away with a spiraling hit, they exploded on contact while they accidentally touched each other or a Yakuza plane. Not many were able to make their mark.

"Ergh, that didn't work. He's more cockier than I thought." Gotenks said. He tried again after he raised his right hand and conjured a large beam of golden energy. It formed the shape of a halo, as his own Galactic Donut. It wrapped around Dauragon, constricting his movement, and he struggled to break free.

While the enemy was helpless, Gohan charged up and created a whitish-blue energy sphere around his entire body, performing his Hidden Potential; a technique he learned as a kid. He flew forward with his arms in front of him and shot a huge energy wave from his fists at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage. However, the Donut was also weak enough upon impact, allowing Dauragon to strain then break apart the halo!

Both Saiyans cringed at the display, and Dauragon was immersive again, leaving it to disperse into dissipating energy balls!

"Wolf Fang Fist!" Gotenks yelled as he raised his right clenched palm.

"Hey, isn't that Yamcha's technique..?" Gohan was astounded when Gotenks created the allusion of a large, howling, snarling wolf appearing at the tips of his fist. Then he closed in for the kill. His charged melee efforts were effective, though it was short-lived as Dauragon kept whacking him away with his tail, spines, and thrashing arms surrounded in a violent, violet hue. The display was horrifying in conjunction with the opaque turf, though it never flinched the dragon.

Instead, he released his volley of deadly Chinese kenpo moves as he made close contact with the Saiyans, each one more quick and insanely powerful than the last. Despite their best efforts, they weren't invincible as their auras began to weaken, even Gotenks' single form. It began to flicker as Goten and Trunks attempted to separate like a person seeing double. This process caused him to lose his vital energy.

As the boys backed away, they noticed he was focused entirely on offense while he was making some reckless strikes toward them; some of his punches even left craters the size and depth of houses, terrifying the duo. Then, Dauragon's gauntlet glowed a purplish flame and swiped Gohan, immobolizing him. In his berserk state, his Dragon Barrage commenced as he continued to punish him with a powerful surge of fast punches leading to an uppercut, and finally finishing off with a heel drop to the spinal column.

"No! Gohan! Die, die, DIE!" Gotenks' Continuous Die Die Missile was activated. A rapid fire of compacted ki blasts spread out. He initiated this attack by shooting dozens of continuous ki blasts more powerful than the normal ones. Though Dauragon tried to repel them using his Rushing Beat again.

Gotenks thrashed in using his Final Cannon, his High Speed Rush technique. He charged a yellow aura and unleashed a barrage of punches, next proceeded to kick the opponent into the air, and then knock him away. That technique was assimilated from Trunks. Unfortunately, the chimera was still standing, unwavering.

Dazed, but not confused, Gohan saw Dauragon's noticeable feature, his tail. It was weird since he never had one before. But, then again, a lot of dragons possess them, even Shenron or Porunga. So, Gohan actually grabbed it as soon as he saw it swing behind his tricky legs when he teleported, then did a roundhouse kick and stomped it! That stunt caused the chimera to wail. Gotenks was unsure of what just transpired, and his fused form dissipated a little more.

"Gotenks, we need to attack together! Just like you do!"


"Trust me!" His partner reluctantly offered. Then, Gohan led the way since he was stronger and quicker as just one person.

First, Gohan commandeered the fight as he ordered his parrtner. And then they combined their ki in a single Masenko wave. Gohan and Gotenks put their hands above their heads and built their Masenko attacks. Then, when they were ready, they fired them simultaneously and then merged into a large Masenko blast at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage. They placed both hands above their heads with the palms facing the target and one hand in front of the other with the fingers going in opposite directions. When the user thrusted their hands forward, they screamed, "Combined Masenko!" and fired a beam of yellow energy.

And finally, there was the Bros. Kamehameha. When performing it, Gohan and Gotenks each prepared their Kamehameha attacks. Then, they fired them simultaneously so that the two energy waves merged into one large Kamehameha blast. When this was not enough to defeat the opponent's might, Gohan and Gotenks put more power into the attack, overpowering Dauragon and inflicting a great deal of damage.

Eventually, Mikado's body literally dissipated as the volley incinerated him inside out!

After a proud pose, Gotenks' vessel kept on flashing, until...

He began to separate into Goten and Trunks again. They and Gohan simply gazed out at the demolished field in complete silence.


Then Buu dropped suddenly onto the ground after fighting off the Yakuza aerial forces, sending a huge, though fast, quake. His belly jiggled a little.

"Buu loved playing with Yakuza toys! Some fun! Pow, pow, pow!"

Gohan rubbed the back of his head. He didn't really like him very much, but he was necessary for their defense. "Yeah...well, we need to head for The Lookout. Dende's expecting us and-"

"Kou!" Goten cried and he covered his face as he burst into tears.

"And Volt! We need to save them, and Sion too!" Trunks was a little stronger than his younger friend as he held him close.

"You're right. Their lives are at stake here. I sure hope the Sacred Water would work on them. If Korin has it in stock, that is." He recalled how much of a hassle it was for Kami and Mr. Popo to get it from the dead, wrathful guardians at the graveyard. He then shook off those haunting memories. "Come on, guys." Following the adult Saiyan, Goten, Trunks, and Majin Buu headed toward the Heavenly Realm.

Moments later, Dende stood beside Aayme, Echidna, Mr. Popo and the others as Korin applied the Sacred Water. Each bouncer rested on a separate, comfortable cot wrapped in a thick blanket. Although, Kou's severely crushed legs were being healed by Dende himself while his hands layed over them and emitted some recuperative energy.

Just then, they felt a shockwave as the Lookout quaked briefly. Stepping in was the quartet scarred from the battle back on Earth.
"How're they, Dende? Are we too late?" Gohan asked. Goten wiped his nose, still whimpering at times when he walked next to Kou's bed. Trunks followed to Volt's.

"Hi, Buu." Ayame greeted.

"Buu?" Echidna was at a loss for words by the sight of the strange creature, as if things couldn't possibly get any more bizarre.

Korin explained, "All three bouncers had to be incapacitated, as they couldn't be given a Senzu Bean since chances are they're still tranced."

Leann saw the little tyke beside her associate, she queried, "Are you hurt?" She then pointed toward another vacant bed, "Here lie down."

"Not me. It's my friend, Kou Leifoh. Somebody help him, please!" Goten nearly sobbed next to him as he begged Leann and Dende to assist him.

"He'll be fine soon, Goten." The young Namekian said. He laid his hands off of Kou's legs, then he watched as Korin finally forced him to drink the liquid's restorative properties.

The bouncers received the Sacred Water, which was said to reverse the effects of mind control; both Gohan and Ayame knew all too well when she had a fallout with Piccolo and Krillin after exposure to the Black Water Mist, and after Garlic Jr. was relaunched into the Deadzone. By the time they sipped from small spindles on tiny teacups, their minds were restored before sunrise.

The first person that woke up was Sion. With some groggy moans, he began to gradually open his eyes. The faint light from the cerulean sky was enough to help him see his foreign surroundings. With a heavy head, he looked around, and then he finally saw his beloved and his sensei resting by his side.

He reached over and touched Dominique's delicate hand. She rose up and smiled. "Sion."

He brought her over in a tight, warm embrace. She could hardly tell him how much she missed him, and how lucky he was to be back safely in her arms. Upon contact, he noticed something valueable was missing. He gasped, "My dog collar. It's gone."

"I believe he has it." Wong pointed to the approaching Chiaotzu holding it with the thick dog chain dangling from it.

"Thanks." His face became doubtful. "Who're you?"

"I'm Chiaotzu. I was the one who brought you guys here. Welcome to Dende's Lookout." he greeted. "I'm sure the lot of you have some explaining to do." He crossed his arms in front of him.

"Huh?" It was all so new to Sion.

Chiaotzu concentrated on his mind which seemed to be a blank slate, as was Volt's and Kou's. Turns out they had some memory lapses. And for Sion, he was still pretty out of it, Volt recuperated shortly and Kou's legs felt stronger though still irritated from the strain. One by one, they came to, and so did Echidna, Leann, and the Saiyan boys. While Dende eventually reunited with the group, and Ayame was only sulking outside.

A/N: Yeah, you DBZ fans got what you wanted. The fusion of Gotenks is finally here! The idea of having Gotenks in the wrecked hanging garden with the devastated dome was actually an idea I had several years back; as I was into The Bouncer and the Buu saga, I used to make a concept drawing of Gotenks (with the design mimicked from one of those regular playing cards) lighting up as a Super Saiyan at the dark forest with looming shadows of the threee bouncers, as well as having Dauragon as a large chimera. Unfortunately, I lost it. And having Kou with broken legs was just a random idea i conjured since he was always so good at kicking.
Also, the final fight may have been similar to the BioHazard in Sonic Adventure 2, which I got the inspiration from, and instead of "Live and Learn," I want the battle song to be "Superbeast" by Rob Zombie. It suited the fight perfectly while I was writing this. Plus, the moves I came up with for Dauragon was from the Dissidia Shuffle Wiki; not much content, but hell, if The Bouncer was referred in Kingdom Hearts via Pence, then he should be a villain in another multiverse as well. He's just so epic!

There were also some references to the Garlic Jr. saga, as well as my fallout afterwards; Ayame just couldn't stand betrayal, especially since she's been through it twice. I never wanted to give the series another shot while Goku was gone, until Future Trunks appeared and changed my mind!

So yeah. That should be it for this chapter; soon will come the epilogue.


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      Serenity Wheeler (July 4, 2560)
      The hyper futuristic race we know as F-Zero starts on November 21, (200 years after the fatal F-MAX) that took place in 2560, before the same competition when Sterling LaVaughn first raced in. The Knight, Queen, and King Leagues took place, and Capt. Falcon, Dr. Robert Stewart, Pico, Samurai Goroh, and Tinsel Steelus competed for the gold! She was lucky enough to barely win the first series of tracks, taking in 2nd place while Falcon took the lead! Alas, Tinsel was unable to pass over the 50-foot long gap in the last White Land track in the Queen League. She suffered from great hypothermia, and retired as an F-Zero pilot; she left the Silver Comet in a nearby garage at Mute City and never returned...with some people presuming her to be dead. Then, there was the unfortunate event known as the Horrific Accident, aka the Grand Finale, in which Deathborn caused the lethal crash at the last course of the King League, Fire Field. It was rumored to be Pico due to his reckless driving, then it was assumed to be the works of Black Shadow, even when Falcon barely noticed him stealing his DNA while being hospitalized and under anesthetics. Even Roy Hughes was nearly obliterated on duty as part of the Galaxy Platoon; his body was reconstructed and his wife was horrified by his surgical replacements, then divorced him and left their son, Clank, in her care.
      The Grand Prix was suspended for seven years, and during the wait, many pilots had trained in underground races, even Falcon who has installed simulations throughout the distant islands in the Port Town archipelago. Meanwhile, some evildoers had practiced in the underworld, even a certain demon and his evil creation... Heck, there were even a tetra of mysterious pilots using unique machines such as the Blue Thunder, Luna Bomber, Green Amazone, and the Fire Scorpion; even two secret competitions known as the Broadcast Satellite F-Zero Grand Prixes had been created, including newer circuits to Mute City, Big Blue, Sand Ocean (known as Sand Storm), Silence, and a couple new locations like Metal Fort and Devil Forest! However, since they were illegal races, they didn't air for too long, and most of the details remained a mystery. F-Zero seemed to have faded into obscurity...until, thanks to the persuasion from Super Arrow, the Federation Congress decided to resume the sport with the F-Zero X competition in 2567.
      Billy was born.
      Mokuba Kaiba was born on July 7 at Domino City, Japan, Earth.
      Blood Falcon was created by Black Shadow utilizing Capt. Falcon's DNA stolen after the Horrific Accident.
      Dai Goroh was born in Planet Cryton, Red Canyon.
      Clank Hughes was born on July 28 at Planet Forno.
      Approx birthdate for Alias.
      Terry Getter was born.
      The android, Mr. EAD, was created on November 16, 2201; since he debuted in F-Zero X, might as well be the year the X competition started. He was the replica of Dr. Kipo, who was actually nicknamed EAD.
      From the Jack, Queen, King, Joker to the X Cup, Falcon emerged victorious once again amongst a newer generation of pilots, including Roy's alias, the Mighty Gazelle, showing off his metal parts while disguising himself as a mech. As well as Zoda. Not a certain assassin we know, but rather the alien from Planet Uma-31.
      Sometime within the year, Yugi/Yami won over Marik in the Battle City tournament. A little afterwards, the infamous Duel against Anubis and the Pyramid of Light transpired.
      Unlike the main chronology, there was a pilot that seemed to have returned from the dead, Tinsel Steelus. Aside from introducing the Duelists, Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler, to the upcoming event (F-Zero GX) several years later, probably in 2573. It was thanks to Falcon that spread her wings and started to race again since the original Grand Prix 13 years prior and that incident in White Land.
      F-Zero GX Grand Prix started on July 25!
      So how does it relate to the Duelists? On the Yugioh side, Tinsel and her Comet rescued Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea from the Battle City island that was about to self-destruct thanks to Kaiba. Then, there were the events in GX. And Yugi, Yami, and Joey has only made cameos later on. Black Shadow, Deathborn, and The Creators were defeated by Falcon, and he wished to pass on his legacy to a certain...Grand Prix Legend.
      Now, GP Legend would be in an alternate continuity, as would Climax, but both the GBA game and the anime were released at the same time in Japan in 2003, and then the US a year later. So, it's only fair to include both in the same timeframe. Here's the lowdown:
      Zoda was reawakened after GX, and the max security prison in Planet Alcatrand was demolished by Black Shadow. His evil organization, Dark Million, has taken root, and the Emperor has been resurrected! Some time later, Jody and Andy Summer were involved in a shootout in downtown Mute City! Zoda ambushed the duo, and Andy cushioned the blow for Jody from the monster's rocket launcher! Since then, the fate of Andy was presumed lost... Although the Falcon House was established, and Burt actually took Tinsel in as her estranged father abandoned her since she refused to move to the Sothern Asian Colony; she had trauma-induced amnesia from that unfortunate experience...
      A little afterwards, the Elite Mobile Task Force was created, with Jody as the captain and Tanaka as director by the Commissioner! Other members followed suit such as Stewart, Clash, Jack, and EAD improving their lives and careers. Jack lost GX and was disbanded from his band, Thunderbolt, and then became the Death Reaper employed by Michael Chain as an act of vengeance, till Jody saw good in him and took him under her wing.
      At one point, Falcon visited the Task Force base to discuss a personal matter with Jody and Stewart. He went over the prophecy from the birth of the universe, how it'll meet certain catastrophe within the 26th century. The legend was foretold that a Savior must be chosen to even out the war waging between the Yin and Yang, in this case Falcon and the revived Black Shadow. Both members were skeptical of the legend of the falcon and how it shall bring peace perpetuating throughout the galaxy.
      Not only that, but Jody's obsession to stop Zoda grew tenfold. As a ways of destroying him, she'd done her research of a certain racer who was killed 150 years ago. His name was Rick Wheeler, the cop from New York, formerly known before Mute City, a century and a half prior to his fatal crash as he was pursuing the madman! With the way medical technology has advanced, she's quite confident Rick would be the key to the Task Force's victory over Dark Million; he was supposed to be revived after 200 years, rather than deducting 50 years.
      A little after that, Jody invited Dr. Stewart and John Tanaka discreetly to revive Rick, with the common public and the Commissioner not knowing it; it was against the law to thaw someone from cryo-hibernation on account on losing the patient from its severe injuries or the fact he/she's a felony sentenced for permanent stasis.
      Falcon instructed Dr. Clash to install a Light Reactor Might within their magnum opus, known only as the Dragon Bird, based on the name of the Vermillion (Dragon) Bird/Ryu Suzaku, and the Wuji/Dragon.
      In my OC's timeline, the anime and game both take place one year after the events of GX. In Sept 2574 (Sept being the release monh on the FoxBox), the scenarios of the anime went first, but only the first two Laps when Rick was awakened from the 150-year cold sleep and was just starting out; however, Lucy wasn't included in the game's Story Mode, so I theorized that the game must've taken place before the end of the second Lap prior to Lucy Liberty and Tinsel joining the Task Force. The anime resumed from there. From Rick training then competing against Capt. Falcon, to the onesie race at Planet Clifoto, to Rick and Tinsel chasing after Goroh and retrieving rare medicine for terminally ill kids. Tinsel competed in the next race as she rammed into the Astro Robin stolen and made over by Lisa Brilliant, then the mistress was ambushed at the skinny pit area as the Golden Fox halted her at the end! Tinsel won 1st, despite the Dragon Bird sharing 2 pilots, Jack Levin piloting it, and Rick with his injured arm navigating it. Jody grew fascinated with her skills, and Rick then encouraged her to join the Force; she reluctantly did, then asked Jody if there was a training program, she accepted, and because of her past experiences Tinsel was chosen almost instantly! From there, Tinsel worked part-time and also improved Rick's skills by giving him pointers, including educating him on past F-Zero races used as training grounds. Then, Tinsel used a large Duel Disk, a gift from the Duelists, and actually confronted Truman and the Bloody Chain on her own! Jody was thrilled on her skills, though this was when she needed to be evaluated...
      It was then she was diagnosed with mental illness, but because of her outstanding skills, the Force still kept her in. A week later, Rick suffered from Survivor's Guilt, met Miss Killer and nearly died! It was thanks to Tinsel's resuscitation after he succumbed to a deadly spell by The Skull!
      Sometime afterwards, there was an infiltration at the space transport in Planet Forno. Capt. Falcon destroyed it as Zoda escaped and an unfortunate soul's body was obliterated but his brain and metallic body parts.
      Rick then found out of a secret of Jody as a cyborg, and they were ambushed at the destroyed prison in Planet Alcatrand; Tinsel chased after, and froze Zoda's bullets, sparing the duo. Then, there was the nefarious Fake Star race when Pico attached speed-sensitive bombs to all but one machine... The Duelists assisted Falcon and destroyed the blimp activating them, and Alias received heart surgery. Then, the Crystal Cup race occurred as Zoda deactivated the protective shields from devastating meteors! Tinsel's Duel Monsters protected the pilots, excepting a Black Bull double which was incinerated, while Lucy won by default! Antonio Guster was encountered who bombed a space transport and an Aeropolis track! Clank Hughes was taken in by Burt after he escaped an orphanage in Planet Forno, Silver Neelsen reunited with an old friend, Anthony Ropkins (who was in cold sleep for 70 years) which also restored Jack's victory over Rick! Then, Kate befriended Mr. EAD, to the point she invited him to a Port Town cruise, where Zoda and his thugs were about to smuggle the stolen data chips; luckily, they, Tanaka and Kate were spared as they made their getaway.
      This was when the English Dubs were canned, sadly... Rick received a heart-warming gift from Tinsel.
      Archer Arrow was born somewhere in that year since he was saved by Capt. Falcon as an infant trapped on the train tracks; based on Capt Falcon's profile vid. He was born in Big Blue, and he was also 15 when he joined F-Zero.
      Tinsel suffered from a curse on losing races, and she quit Dueling as she grew distant from Yugi and Joey; she never bothered with the 10k-year curse set by Orichalcos orchestrated by Dartz and the Great Leviathan. She then asked to work for the Task Force full-time, but without outside allies to assist them. In the spring of 2575, she enrolled at the Hovercraft Hub in Tortiz 3, encouraged by her friends as a leg up to hone her skills. She succeeded and was able to return to Earth in the Finals at Victoria Falls...until she was brainwashed by a dark liquid... She then succumbed to the darkness, working for Black Shadow, wreaking havoc on the course, and soon sent to Mist Flow. The effect wore off, but she and Rick were injured. He was there beside Tinsel who was recovering for almost a week till she was strong enough to race and since then, her extra help paid off!
      There were also a few Japanese subs that took place while Tinsel was away at Tortiz 3 training in the Hovercraft Hub. Such as Rick's day off when Clank introduced him to an old-fashioned automobile and named it the Dragon Ghost; which later got scrapped to restore the Dragon Bird from its makeover as the Dark Star Dragon. Blood Falcon also managed to make the Task Force disband; due to its shape-shifting skills from a Dark Reactor Might, it wreaked havoc disguised as each member, causing strain and severe accusations. Even the fact Rick was infatuated w/ Miss Killer, who was actually Haruka. The Commissioner was of course saved and set the record straight while also promoting the Task Force into public status. Tinsel also missed out on the heated Women's Cup and the title of Miss Galaxy which Jody won the race prior; no one won as it turned into a warzone!! She also missed out on the rescue mission in White Land when Super Arrow and Rick saved Mrs. Arrow and Falcon destroyed a weather-control unit from Zoda's sabotage; there was an episode scheduled for the FoxBox, Super Scam, as Lap 16 in which Super Arrow assisted a hapless woman which was a disguise by Miss Killer, but it never occurred... Clank and Jody also discovered some lost ruins in Sand Ocean. Gomar & Shioh scammed Lucy on losing weight, though she developed their machine, and the aliens were put on probation for their fraudulence in their business w/ old auto parts. There was also the fact that Jack was the Death Reaper, and Rick and Jody settled the score of Jack's past while also scrimmaging against Mike and Baba, resulting in the gangbanger's imprisonment.
      And of course there were also the events from "Ending it All (F-Zero crossover)," which made some of the circumstances altered in the Japanese/English dubs. They just skewed into a different tangent because of the unexpected cancellation of the English dubs.
      So...Yugioh takes place in the nefarious saga, The Wake of the Dragons. Before those events, the Duelists, and their famous Monsters, had made some cameos. It all started on the fic, Cold as Ice, based on Lap 7 of the anime; this introduced Tinsel having the Duel Disk and let her use the Kuriboh and Multiply Cards against the Bloody Chain! Since then, it made some cameos, like Tinsel calling for outside help as Dark Million was raising the bar, starting with Zoda and his invasion in the deserted Alcatrand prison. Then, in the Fake Star race, Yami and Joey got involved in the emergency when Pico attached speed-sensitive bombs to the machines during the Fake Star race and they destroyed the blimp, crashing it toward him! A week later, Zoda deactivated the shields protecting the Outer Space course from meteors, and Tinsel used low-level Monsters to defend the pilots.
      The Duelists and Monsters hadn't appeared for awhile on account of Dartz and the Great Leviathan, but they returned by the late chapters in Ending it All. Then, concerning the Duelists, they got invited for Tinsel and Rick's wedding six months after they said goodbye to Yami and Kaiba.
      The Elite Mobile Task was abducted soon after Rick was in complete devastation of Haruka's death thanks to an obituary he found; he left his home and wound up in a deserted alley, then he was taken out of his vehicle and ambushed by Dark Million's cronies, including Miss Killer who stabbed him deeply. He made the conclusion she was his late flame, Haruka, and she scorned him not to call her that, before she and Bio Rex knocked him into unconsciousness. He and The Skull held Rick while they inserted a mysterious liquid in his upper neck.
      Tinsel began looking for the team who disappeared a couple weeks ago, with no connections according to Burt and Clank. Rick was the first who awakened and succumbed to the darkness, but was snapped out of Dark Million's thrall. Jack and co followed suit and also succumbed to the evil influence. Thanks to an experimental formula created by Dr. Stewart and kept safely by Rodney, they returned to their senses excepting Jody and the high-flying medico; Dr. Clash forced Rick to make him commit suicide as his mind was cracking, never wanting to have his bright mind be infected permanently. Zoda was also assassinated, in Port Town, while one of the mega corporations was infiltrated. The Championship was a split victory, and Tinsel was captured into Dark Star. The reunited Task Force, the Duelists, and outside allies infiltrated the enemy base. Uma-31 was erased from existence thanks to Dark Star's Mights. The remaining duo came back, and the Legend of the Falcon was unveiled, even when Deathborn was searching for the Reactor Mights for his Eden of annihilation; Rick was the chosen one as the Savior of the universe! Peace was restored as Deathborn and the base were obliterated upon Falcon's sacrifice.
      Oh, and by default since both Falcon and Black Shadow/Deathborn bit the dust, the tallied results for the Champion of the GPL Grand Prix was indeed Rick!!
      After trying to fit Yami's memories together, the events from Dark Side of Dimensions took place, the Duelists graduated, Tea eventually became a ballerina in Mute City, and Atem and Kaiba passed on.
      Over a month later, Tinsel moved into Rick's apartment and occasionally visited Falcon's Fortress while still mourning... The first Resident Evil movie made a cameo in Man of Destiny, Rick's first bounty-hunting mission. And The Hive was obliterated preventing the spread of the T-Virus.
      Phoenix Clark Levin was born; he was 7 when he joined F-Zero and his birthday was the same day as the matrimony with Jack Levin and Luna Stewart.
      Several months after that, it was Valentine's Day. And Rick made a surprise for Tinsel at her nostalgic place, the Port Town Queen League circuit. And he finally proposed! Then, he and Tinsel decided to leave for Planet Giant for a week, while also crossing paths with Lily Flyer who's preparing for her salvage mission in Giant and apprehend Don Genie before awakening the powerful ancient Deities of Materia. Rick somehow absorbed lethal electricity into his molecular makeup, causing him to have similar draco-like and electrical abilities to the late Capt. Falcon!!
      In spring, Rick stopped by in Boston for a few days and Tinsel decided to tag along. They went to Stark Farm, only to find his childhood home devastated and barren. The agriculturists of the Galaxy Platoon, even the Mother-Q, were convinced to restore the broken landscape. Or so they did...
      During a balmy summer, PJ moved into Tinsel's former flat in Mute City. The Empyrean Colony was destroyed by a humongous bomb as a train crashed into a metropolis set by robot terrorists! A girl named Rocket sacrificed herself for her sister's freedom as well as her posse. Prior to, PJ lost his job at Galaxy Cab after demanding for a larger craft and bigger wages.
      The Guardians of the Galaxy also made an appearance in To Be Married and Loved since their bounty-hunting mission with Rick and Tinsel. The Duelists including Mokuba, Mai, Serenity, Solomon, Tristan, and Tea were also invited. And Rick and Tinsel tied the knot on Oct 9, 2577, while also making the Falcon Fortress as their permanent living quarters that same night!
      Later that year, Tinsel and Rick attempted to use a uterine replicator to form a fetus safely without any chances of birth defects, disease, or harm to the mother. Sadly, it was experimental, and...they lost their chances as their sperm/eggs never merged...
      And finally, the latest Grand Prix, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, which occurs in 2585 (25 years after the original; I think having it a quarter century after GX was a mistake as it'll take us back to the settings from the original). The future's yet to come involving the all-new pilots, machines, and courses, though it's unknown as to how the competition had reduced from the intense, advanced rules to that from the original competition. Perhaps the Federation were having a restart. The future is hard to see.
      Feel free to make your own timeline for the F-Zero series, and let's hope it lives on.
      Such stories in the timeline include:
      Falcon's Followers The Samurai Returns Cold as Ice Rick's Lament Vulnerability of a Hero Ryu's Immigration A Trilogy of Tension Tanaka in Trouble Merry Christmas, Rick! Tinsel's Trial Tinsel's Interview with Mr. Zero Ending it All Man of Destiny An Action Point for Valentine's The Power of the Falcon PJ, the Empyrean Colonist The Bostonian Comes Home To Be Married and Loved A Tragic Day Trivia
      There were some Easter eggs mentioned like Days of Thunder, Grand Prix (1966 film), Need for Speed, MegaRace, Last American Hero, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, Yugioh, Resident Evil (2002), Sucker Punch, I Robot, and Big Hero 6.
      Certain chars' birthdates can't be found, such as Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora, Ego, Alice, Chad, Spence, Kevin Stewart, Mason Summer, Mr. Zero, Zoda (the alien), Black Shadow/Deathborn, Lewis Legend, etc. Others seem insignificant like Pegasus, Spock, Capt. Kirk, Capt. Picard, others from Star Trek, and the ancients from Yugioh.
    • TheIkranRider
      By TheIkranRider
      We Are VR Troopers
      Episode 93
      The Backstory
      Disclaimer: First off, I don't the VR Troopers, nor Mutant League Football. The former goes to Saban and Toei Entertainment, and the latter goes to EA and Sega; I just happened to be a huge fan when I was a youngster.
      Introducing the crossover I came up with since I was a kid. I came up with this idea since I was around 7 years old. And both things have influenced me greatly. It's strange that I was turned on by the VR Troopers and not their sister series, Power Rangers; yet, they never finished due to Saban running out of stock footage. If only we could finish a third season somehow. So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to something so bizarre that it may make a difference to both sides...
      This all happened during the start of the football season. Grimlord, Gen. Ivar, and Col. Icebot had begun their invasion on virtual reality. At The Battlefield, the former Galaxy Aces were defeating the Sixty Whiners seamlessly, until...
      The field was attacked and the Whiners were killed almost instantly during the bombing. Most of the audience evacuated; however, upon exposure to radiation, everyone gradually rotted and transformed into mutants, while some actually died. Blood Clot was one of the lucky players that left unscathed, yet he still turned into an abomination. Soon, all of the stadiums and fields were nuked, forming deep craters, landmines, and the enormous mutations. The only inhabitants that weren't affected were the dragon-like Aliens, as well as the Trollz. The majority of the survivors have turned themselves into skeletons with bare bones, or freaks with superhuman enhancements.
      Despite the sudden losses and destruction, the football season began a complete overhaul; the Mutant League Football was born, and customs were changed radically. Unbeknownst to them, the battle was also raging outside in the real world, where three young adults were recruited by Prof. Horatio Hart, enlisting them as the VR Troopers. Their mission was to put a stop to Grimlord's mayhem in virtual reality. They took the fight there, as well as the break through the reality barrier, while the games were still taking place.
      It wasn't until a young girl named Chita Comett was playing one of her favorite Sega Genesis games that she was introduced to them personally. She first met Ryan, Kaitlin, and J.B. as she became fascinated in learning karate at Tao's Dojo. Unfortunately, she wasn't as coordinated as the rest of the junior division, nor had good balance. Despite her hinderances, every once in awhile she'd hang out with the trio after school while also getting some help with her own work, as well as doing some odd jobs. Since then, Ryan had been a good friend and mentor towards her, and that actually developed her first crush. While the team went into battle she would watch them unfold via the professor's lab along with Hart and Jeb, encouraging her heroes on.
      Through a tear in the reality barrier on one fateful day as she was playing the same game, she was sucked into the War Stadium and came across the players; she recognized them within a moment's notice, and the team didn't lay a hand on her. They were quite impressed that someone from the outside knew who they were.
      Shortly afterwards, both the Slammers and Chita encountered the Troopers as they faced off with one of Grimlord's robots named Footbot that looked similar, though abhorrent, to an actual football player. Thinking it was an insult, Docken and Shocken led the ambush along with their close friends Blood Clot, Razor Kidd, Snake, Nelson, Mortar and the twin Trollz, Mo and Spew Puke. They later introduced themselves, and the trio couldn't thank Chita enough for finding some reinforcements while they were searching for her. After they took her home, they decided unanimously to make contact with them utilizing Prof. Hart's technical assistance. And that was how the bond between the Troopers and the Mutant League began.
      The guys could never forget all those times the Troopers have saved and assisted their hides as well as protected their domains. It was actually thanks to Professor Hart who managed to find some more of the resistors deep within virtual reality. They couldn't be more grateful on how their broken lives were spared: From the moment when the Vile Vulgars scattered out of their turf while the big bad made the nearby cave his temporary base in the Hump Dome as Tyler Steele was held hostage. To the Killer Konvicts and the Icebay Bashers helping them fight back at their slippery fields. Even the times when Grimlord invaded the Void Club, also known as the Indigo Sector, and the Rad Rockers evacuated unscathed. There were also the Road Warriors, Psycho Slashers, Darkstar Dragons, as well as others, and even the bullies such as the Terminator Trollz and the Slaycity Slayers lend a hand.
      As their determination grew, more and more teams bound together, drove away most of Grimlord's armies and befriended the trio. They were quite impressed that a small number of courageous, resourceful, not to mention average humans could stand up against such unspeakable odds. Although nearly all the players were united, there was a lonesome group of robots known as the Turbo Techies that resided on a distant, massive space rock called Asteroid 66; they had little to no interest working with organic lifeforms, skin or no skin, as they were too primitive for their tastes. They were the most mysterious and they were rarely seen, unless if there were to be a new Playoffs game, or the occasional Single Game. Not to mention they always spoke in beeps and chirps instead of communicating in "a normal manner" as Blood Clot would say. The location was eventually found as J.B. programmed Galileo in both worlds.
      Unfortunately, tragedy struck. The Battlefield was destroyed and the League's best team, the Galaxy Aces, have died trying to fend off Grimlord and his onslaughts. Everyone of the mutants had perished, excepting Blood Clot who narrowly escaped.
      Overtime, the War Slammers and their coach, The General, had officially made the Troopers allies to the war effort, as did the other regrouping teams scattered across the virtual realm. J.B. eventually got the Superhumans rounded up by Blood Clot from the Road Warriors, Ryan joined the Aliens who were recruited by the Razor Kidd who was dumped by the Psycho Slashers and became a vital part of the Screaming Evils, Jeb got Mo and Spew Puke and the Trollz due to their wicked sense of humor, Kaitlin got the Skeletons led by Snake from the Deathskin Razors, and Hart mentors with the coaches, mostly The General. At one point, the Superhumans and the Skeletons revealed they were human once before they were mutated, so they had a soft spot for the trio. And that was when Razor Kidd personally got involved with helping his best friend find his father and rescue him from Grimlord. Unfortunately the Mutants were overmatched by Ziktor's massive upgrade, even by Despera's fatal staff which incinerated some of their teammates before Ryan with his new power suit arrived. There was also a point when Snake and the Razorskins made a protest as they found out about Kaitlin's dark motives, which turned out to be her doppelganger's doing.
      And finally, with the help from J.B.'s little space probe, Galileo, he was able to find a desolate location known as Asteroid 66, the home of the lesser known team in the League, the Turbo Techies.
      And now, the long-awaited war has been declared. The fate of both worlds will soon be decided. Will Grimlord's long reign can finally be put to an absolute end in favor of the Troopers and Mutants? Only time, and space, can tell the final tale!
      A/N: The inspiration of Chita first came from a comic book that caught my eye as a kid that was simply named The Comet. And later I was also enthralled by how majestic and fast cheetahs were. I wasn't really into the comic much, and I did come up w/ the lame alias known as the Comet for Ryan (in his season 2 avatar) and Cheetah for...well, Chita. So I decided to name her Chita Comett instead; I just didn't want to give up on those terms entirely, but use them in a better fashion. This was before I started using OCs more properly, I was just starting out with fanfic concepts after all.

      Besides...Ryan Steele was indeed my first-ever crush. There was always something about him that fascinated me when I was a kid; even now I see him as the main hero. It could be almost anything really. I know it sounds embarrassing, but that's when this whole thing started. It's about darn time this series finally gets the finale it truly deserves. Too bad Saban ran out of footage; I don't understand why we can't just finish it with the advanced technology we have now. I doubt the cast would be willing to reprise their roles, and the actors that played Tao and Karl have bit the dust. So, I'm tired of false hope; let's finish this thing, shall we?
      Oh...and I thought I can do 2 parts in 1 vid, but it took too long... I'll release the 2nd vid and 2 vids in the next part, if u want to read along.