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    • Springtrap
      By Springtrap
      RP Name/Title- Adventures of the Star Fox team
      Style- (Chat or forum?) Forum
      Theme- Star Fox
      Setting- The Lylat System
      Description- This RP is about the Star Fox team reviving their lost family members and having to go through Andross and Star Wolf to do it.
      Goal- Revive their lost family members and defeat Andross and Star Wolf.
      Player count- 18-20
    • Arkenova
      By Arkenova
      Name: Simeon Yamasaru
      Age: 17
      Race: Monkey (Albino Capuchin hybrid)
      Origin: Macbeth Colony, Macbeth
      Home: Corneria City, Corneria
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5'3"
      Weight: Average (Medium)
      Build: Athletic, Slender
      Eyes: Central heterochromia (blue eyes with gray inners) with white sclera
      Hair: Spiked and swervy around the head, body is overall covered in albino fur, hands and feet are fair but there's scars hidden in his fur and tail has a black ring with a grey tip at the end.
      Accessories: Goggles, Gloves, Crystal Pendant (Purple/Hidden)
      Family: Hwan Yamasaru (father; location unknown) and Amara Yamasaru (mother; location unknown)
      Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
      Affiliation(s): The Underground
      The Underground is an unaffiliated organization where hiding criminals (juvenile delinquents/adults) of Corneria gather in secret (in person or via hidden connections); it has connections to black markets among other services across the Lylat System. Simeon had became a member in order to be able to gain money for himself and buy illegal parts from the black markets for his personal projects as well as being able to support himself. He is well renowned as a hacker that likes to steal confidential information from Corneria's government as well as cause trouble, but unlike the others, he's known to be one that runs his mouth too much and has ended up in several scraps with previous clients.
      While not an ideal individual to some, he still manages to get the job done.
      MBTI Personality Type: ENTP
      Personality Description:
      Pros (+): Motivated, confident, street-smart, tech-savvy, intelligent, calm, friendly, adaptable, athletic, can be respectful, energetic, ambitious, adventurous, laid-back, somewhat serious, analytical, detail oriented, can have a good sense of humor, optimist Cons (-): Lonely, can be somewhat distracted, can be a showoff, sarcastic, can be a liar, always seem to be hiding something, short-tempered at times, doesn’t like being treated like a kid, can be immature, mischievous, unpredictable, paranoid, can be lazy, somewhat unfocused, prideful, sassmouth Background:
      For being in Macbeth due to his father's job, tensions were already high between his parents since the mother viewed his father as something of a workaholic, not spending time with his son while she has to change from her recent lifestyle to something more uncomfortable and eventually, divorce followed. At the age of 2, his mother has left him behind with his father who had to have a caretaker to watch over him in due time. Since then, Simeon was very lonely and had nobody there for as he was also an only child, however, his drive to escape loneliness had lead him to several incidents of trouble.
      One day, that had changed as an unlikely friendship that would eventually be the most important friendship he had in his young life as he met Koko, a youthful Cornerian cat just about his age in a daycare. At first glance, Simeon was a shy child but eventually he opened up and was eventually introduced to the others, only to find out the fact that not everyone was ready for him, but no matter what, his friend remained by his side.

      At the age of 5, there was no change between Simeon and his father, which often was the leading cause of distance but he was insistent on getting his father's approval somehow. Within the fields of academics, Simeon was behind the rest of the group and struggled with himself as he fell distracted, depressed even, mostly because he missed his mother and had trouble coping. However, he grew to be a more eager and energetic around his best friend and often did things for her around the colony.
      Despite the situation, Koko knew her friend was in a hard time and out of kindness, she brought him a gift that would be not only something valuable but the beginning of something tragic.
      The Macbeth Incident
      It was one day, a terrible incident occurred. The albino fell into the caverns and was trapped down there, laying motionless with several cases of injuries. As in due time, it wasn't long before one of the miners had spotted the child in the distance and came to help him out. It was Koko's father, who made the connection that this was in fact Hwan's son since Koko often spoke of Simeon, and having to rescue the boy, he took the child and reported to dispatch that there was an emergency situation, but as these things were happening, Simeon was in a still state.

      However, despite of the accident, it was as if something clicked in him: a spark of a new perspective that would end his struggles in overall. As far as anything, what will happen next was nothing short of a miracle.The child was rushed to the medical wing and remained in critical condition during the first few hours, struggling to hang onto the thread of life. The doctors didn't know if he would have a chance surviving but in this battle, memories of his family, his good friend and the others overall started flooding in but they were fogged. He was in a foreign world but there was something else about it.
      As the hours past by, there was no news of change until one of the doctors exited out of his room in a rush, causing Koko would notice the situation and investigate for herself to visit with her friend to see how he is. Seeing the heavily bandaged Simeon in his bed, she blamed herself for no being there and might had lost him, however when she approached and started crying, Simeon eventually awakened and apologized.
      While quick to forgive him, Koko's eyes lit up as Simeon kept strong, having recovered from the critical condition he had earlier. Truth was that he never meant to worry his good friend, but after what she did for him, he wanted to give her the best there is even if he risked his life. Just as he visited her before as a small child, his friend visited him on his recovery and did everything they could together.
      Eventually, after several weeks, he was released from the medical wing but the strange reports were still circulating around bringing the curiosity of his own father to look into the ordeal more closely.
      Times Had Changed
      Two years later after the incident on Macbeth, Simeon seemed a bit unsure on what is going on. Strange things were happening as to him being able to do stuff he couldn't before, mostly due to his developing potential. He couldn't seem to understand this and even told his good friend about it as for some reason, objects seemed to move about on their own. His grades seemed to had been rising among his peers and yet, he can't explain it and became a different individual than what he was before.
      Later down the year, hints of discrimination of Simeon and his father was being directed towards the fact that there were tensions between Venom and Corneria at the time; companies from opposite sides were at each other for competition and those who favored Venom were seen as suspicious. As a result, Simeon’s father was let go and while many assumed it would be discrimination; it was skepticism of shady business were behind the company’s back.

      Something of importance that would be crucial to his future schemes.
      Despite the case, it wasn’t long before they were eventually relocated to Corneria to setup at a new home unfortunately having to say goodbye to his friend much to Simeon’s dismay. It was from there, his father took it among himself to raise the child that has been alone for so long.

      Return to Corneria
      Simeon's father has enough with being oppressed and following the incident where his son was sent to the medical wing and had been reported with abnormalities, among the fact that the caretaker had noticed something off with the child, it was assumed that Simeon has been gifted. Sure, he wasn't as smart before or anything like that, it was almost like a trigger had gone off to cause these things to happen. He wanted to somehow tap into that potential and his son was the only answer, his only key. In addition, he had home-schooled the child since their return to Corneria and continued on as usual, denying him to be able to go out unless he deems it.

      Of course, this meant on getting a new job to keep on but to no luck, he was denied and had to keep at it what was as that meant they were living the rough life. Living in a house in the city had its perks but Simeon wasn't used to this as he was in the colony and fortunately for him, he kept the crystal pendant that his good friend gave to him as the last memento of his former life. As he kept to himself, his father had to take the role of looking out for his son, which he did but, it was not without suspicion as whenever anything strange comes up, he wanted to know.

      Over time with resuming curiosity, he began testing his observations on the child while attempting to get at the bottom of the issue, however as he went further in, his moral grounding became more questionable. Focused on the fact that there is something going on with his child, he became obsessed, turning from a loving father to something he feared. While looking around one day, it wasn't long that Simeon found out information about something unusual due to his father having stolen research that once belonged to the company he worked for. Of course, the in-file blueprints were completely encrypted with ancient language however before the child could find out, he was caught by his father and sent to his room, albeit with harsh consequences.

      The stolen research, what did it mean? Well, whatever it was, it mean for something life-changing and his father already has pushed the boundaries to make the means of it come to life, not without some unexpected assistance with a third party. Eventually, Simeon was introduced to the strange device which would help him manage his prowess accordingly. Despite of the child's defiance, it was implemented on him forcefully, soon forming a balance to channel the energy from its previously unpredictable state.

      To The Streets
      Two years of experimentation left scars, not only physical but mental. The father had became abusive and harsh against his own son but the child's powers had grew steadily. Shock tests among other things triggered his forced usage of his developed powers and should he do good, he was spared for the day but when he failed, there will be consequences. Simeon refused to let himself fall down, in fact, he was afraid of failure and was filled with paranoia but he was capable.
      Despite of the experiments, Simeon's father realized that Simeon showed promise on the mechanical and technological pursuits but he also wanted the child to learn some life lessons.
      Life was hard but freedom was what he wanted.
      Several months later, having escaped his father, Simeon had managed to slip into the streets alone, weak and tired but still determined. He had enough and also managed to have the keepsake of a crystal pendant given to him by his old friend around his neck along with the blue prints of the stolen research on a device he took. Not knowing what to do, he hid himself from the world but as it turns out over time, his beginnings would only lead him into a life of delinquency for the future.
      Current Day
      Eight years later, Simeon has grown into the juvenile delinquent as he committed some crimes around the city, run jobs for the Underground and even came into scraps with local gangs if not run-ins with the Corneria Defense Force. He was struggling to live and needed all he can to survive; right now, he lives in hiding among the depths of the inner city and is rumored to live in secrecy.
      Note: Novice (Beginner), Competent (Intermediate), Expert (Experienced) and Master (Mastery). The letter ranking system is put out to indicate how strong/weak Simeon's abilities/powers are in general; same goes for the star system.
      Telekinesis (Competent: A- / Dex Level: Expert / Strength: Advanced) Note: Since Simeon is an expert in dexterity and has advanced strength, it means he can move limited mass, equal to several people if not up to heavy household appliances as long as he can perceive them. Additional note, he could only affect the immediate area around him in general so it's close-ranged; beware if his powers are used in a fight.
      Telepathy (Competent: B- / Level: Advanced) Skills
      Intellectual (Ranks)
      Hacking (Master: S) Mechanics (Expert: B+) Larceny (Competent: B-) Observation (Competent: A-) Salvaging/Scavenging (Competent: C+) Physical (Ranks)
      Acrobatics (Expert: B-) Running (Expert: A+) Climbing (Expert: A+) Swimming (Competent: C+) Self Defense (Competent: C+) Fighting (Competent: C+) Life Skills (Ranks)
      Cooking (Competent: C+) Health (Competent: C+) Money Management (Competent: B+) Spatial Organization (Competent: C-) Overall Status (Ranks)
      ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ Strength (6/10)
      ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ Defense (5/10)
      ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ Speed (7/10)
      ★★★★★★★★☆☆ Intelligence (8/10)
      ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ Accuracy (7/10)
      ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ Agility (7/10)
      ★★★★★★★★☆☆ Stamina (8/10)
      ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ Teamwork (5/10)
      Simeon has subtle hints of PTSD and depression due to excessive neglect and abuse from his father as a child. He may loathe him for experimenting on him but can't seem to come full way with his anger. Listening to music has been a pasttime and helps him focus better with his work. Also he likes to play video games, watch anime and read things. He has interest in other subjects despite of mainly being in technological and mechanical fields and is eager to work on new experiences. The ancient technology subgenre seems to have interested him mostly due to memories of his father working on such before. He is a nighttime person and takes enjoyment in stargazing even during his run for the Underground. He wants to explore other places and see new worlds out there to see what possibilities are waiting. As much as he rarely knew of his mother, he had more of an attachment towards her than of his father who he wanted to impress. He is athletic for his age and has adapted to the street life rather well despite of some situations especially in means of dealing with scraps from local gangs and avoiding being captured by Corneria Defense Force. Simeon was a late bloomer in terms of his intelligence, but after the incident, it triggered an unusual phenomenon that somehow clicked on his potential. His father still questions this as there was never an instance known before in the family history. Simeon's own father wanted to turn Simeon into a weapon but before he could, the child had escaped, and despite of the situation, even now, he is rumored to be lurking around or seem to had disappeared in the eight years Simeon has been missing. He does wear his goggles when the time calls for it. In fact, the reason why he wears them on his head is not only to the fact that it makes him look cool but it is modified with several modes for usage. He does whistle in his sparetime; it varies on his mood. If Simeon uses his powers beyond what he could handle, the device within him will send out signals within his body to temporarily restrict the flow of psionic energy. While a minor setback, it is 'supposedly' helping out with development of his prowess though it doesn't stop him from wanting to remove this feature as his father meant to use this to control him. Additionally, it adjusts to the amount of psionic energy that Simeon has developed over the years, prolonging the limit he can take. Simeon had self-taught himself in terms of driving but had some issues with using weapons due to him using his powers instead. Eventually, he was able to pick up on the skill on his own and as a keeper, he has a specialized laser blaster along with him.  
      Author's Notes:
      If anyone has something to say or suggest, verify me via DM/Discord please. Thank You!
    • Snys93
      By Snys93
      The purpose of this RP is simple, a multi -verse pocket dimension where your OCS and popular characters can mengle and do random fun stuff. The only thing is no sexual activity will take place on this thread.  I'd also ask you to respect all site rules, to be civil and respect your fellow members. Be safe and please refer to the site please. Thank you and happy role playing.
         There is not a set number limit to role players. It is a drop in drop out RP. As to the location of where this all takes place can vary depending on player preference: an arena, a city, desert plain, etc.
    • vonSteakhand
      By vonSteakhand
      Name- Shell Game

      Style- Forum

      Theme- Conversation/Mystery

      Setting- Corneria (Office, cafe)

      Description- Pigleon Claimston. An average Joe, working at his insurance company day after day, filing paperwork and pointing out obvious attempts at insurance fraud. Little does he know that a case as seemingly open and shut as this one could have a far greater impact on both his life, and the lives of people much more important than himself...


      Kamil Khan. A shady fellow. Some call him a "privateer". Some call him an "asset". Some just call him an "ass". But regardless of what he's called, the man still has a rather questionable history. Kamil had commited dozens of crimes in the past, and gotten away scott-free with the help of some rather convincing sums of cash. But he won't be getting off near as easily this time. What might the first serious crime that he couldn't pay his way out of be? Not murder, not assault, not even robbery. But rather, something as comparatively petty as insurance fraud. With evidence piling up at an alarming rate, and a long jail sentence threatening his pirate lifestyle, he decides that the only way to save himself from imprisonment is to somehow convince the investigatior to drop all charges.

      (TL;DR: A private, prediscussed roleplay between leafkin and I in which his character tries to convince mine to drop charges of insurance fraud.)

      Goal- Kamil Kahn to convince Pigleon Claimston to drop the case.

      Player count- 2 (Kamil Kahn: http://www.starfox-o...rs/#entry431746)

      (Pigleon Claimston http://www.starfox-o...ge/#entry432977 )