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I have Returned


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Holis everyone, I have returned. What is the current sitrep on your all's ARwings? It is the Year 2075 I have been asleep a long time. We have an enemy within our midst. The apes and our creations have turned against us.  I am currently within a Red Zone of South Eastern North Amerika. I am reinstating Star Fox and Star Wolf Mercenary groups. I have learned a great deal about these "people". Miharu will fill you in on the details. As you know World War 4 has broken out in the Western World.  

I have already made preparations for our escape. I have made friends within the Brotherhood of Nod. I met this new Fox named Salaam I will be marrying her on June 14th her birthday. Andros is not the enemy. He is actually a prisoner of his own creations. I have seen many Steppe demons and one claiming to be God. We all know that god doesn't exist. I have decided to join this man named Noah Hubler. His real name is Vadim Kane a Bear Ape. I have learned to love thy enemy to defeat thy enemy via a white bald man named Kane. Sorry I have been gone so long. I literally forgot how awesome I am. Damn YOU FREUD!! DAAAAAMANANANANANNANA YOU

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