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It's.... Been a while...


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Hello there, 

We've been trying to reach you about you cars..... Wait, wrong message.... 

Name's Kid_Cortet, have kinda been off and on this website since like... 2005(?) Away for some time, but tend to always check back now and then. 

Anywho, the honest reason for a return is I'm trying to reconnect with some of my old friends that were met initially through these forums in times of old (seriously, it was like 12 years ago when we met haha). I fell off the forum scene and had trouble getting completely back into it, but still want to see what they've been up to. Figure the best place to start is from the beginning. New friends along the way are welcomed, makes the journey through life more interesting. 

To answer some of the Obvious, yes, I'm a fur, DismayWolf is the name (I use that name almost everywhere, my SN on here was made prior to that and unsure of changing it). Avid gamer and getting more into things like VRChat and such. 

Hi everyone, new and old. 

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Hi welcome to Star-Fox online.net I am the Fox and we are mostly defunct since who knows when. I was mostly unaware of this site. Glad to see people are still interested in us. :)

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