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Young Xehanort is defeated!!!

FOX: It’s over… it’s finally over…

KRYSTAL: I’m glad we’ve made up. I hope we don’t forget the friends we lost.

FOX: Yeah. I just wish none of this had ever happened. The Anglar invasion, the Star Fox team disbanding…

KRYSTAL: Even the part where you asked me to leave the team.

FOX: Yeah, that. Most of all, I wish I could just bring my friends back.

FOX: Too bad there isn’t a way.

MICKEY: There is.

KRYSTAL: Mickey?

FOX: Krystal, you know this guy?

KRYSTAL: Yeah, he gave me the advice.

FOX: Really?

MICKEY: Of course! Fellas, I have something to tell you.

MICKEY: Your friends aren’t really gone. There was no Anglar Blitz or Anglar Empire.

FOX: You mean…

KRYSTAL: Yep. This is all bad dream that Star Wolf and Xehanort put you guys in.

FOX: Wolf did this!?! Wait, what really happened?

MICKEY: I found you guys lying on the ground, unconscious.

MICKEY: Xehanort created this nightmare to separate you two and make you think that Star Fox disbanded.

KRYSTAL:  You mean… this isn’t real?

MICKEY: Of course, it’s not real. It was all Xehanort’s plan to break your bond against your will.

FOX: We have to… sigh… you know what? I’m obviously getting old. I still want to take things easy.

KRYSTAL: Who’s going to stop Xehanort?

MICKEY: Sora is.

FOX: What?

MICKEY: It’s a long story. Now that you have Keyblades, you can use your power of waking to escape from this nightmare for good.


FOX: Yes?

KRYSTAL: Let’s get married in the real world.

FOX: Thanks, Krystal.

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