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Nice to meet you guys.


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Hi. I’ve been reading SF fanfics recently and eventually began to wonder if there any community or something. Well, here I am. I’m glad I could find such place. I really appreciate it.

The reason I wanted to have a contact with the others is because I wanted to share the confusion I sometimes experience with the fanfics of some. Especially about Wolf’s characteristic. Although the difference between Japanese and English versions quotes of the game are also questionable.

For example, in SFAs when Wolf rescued (or maybe accidentally rescued, to his credit) Fox in Cornelia, he says in Japanese;

Wolf:You’re the one who fell on my wings without permission. I just came here ‘cause I had a bone to pick with.

Panther:It is as he says.


As you know in English, the line was more about rivalry, like I’m the one who supposed to kill you, or that sort of stuff. 

Which come to think of it, I just watched the scene again on YouTube for confirmation and I’m beginning to think that the difference is due to the voice actor? Perhaps you guys should check it out yourselves.

Japanese ver.


English ver.


Anyhow, in my impression, Wolf is feral;yes, bold;of course but kind of a cool and distant. So when I see him acting too much of a amateur, it kinds of surprises me. Not that I hate it, yet still confusing.

I noticed this place has begun to decline it’s population, though I hope someone could land me their opinion about this, and sorry for the sudden questioning. In any case, thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the site. It's not as active as it used to be, but we do have a discord where you might get a better answer.

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Though I guess I’ll still keep posting here, too. I’m writing some fan fictions myself, and I suppose the reason I posted here in the first place is to hopefully stimulate the other authors somehow by providing some info. Plus, it’s efficient for clearing my mind by venting all my thoughts.

Which reminds me, reading other’s stories and knowing how they see the characters is quite intriguing. By comparison, it will make it clearer  how I see those characters. Especially when it comes to Wolf’s level of involvement in James disappearance and the cause of his eye loss, or whether Fox’s uptight goody-two-showes behavior are to the bone or rather lighter:depends on the situation.

There are some Starfox fanfics in Japan too, but most of them are really short, definitely in a minority, and the qualities are kind of…well I doubt most of you guys would understand how grateful I was when I found out that there were more. I think I understand how Columbus felt now.

Thanks again for reading! It’s really good to know there’s a place you can talk about your likings.

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It’s been awhile, but I’ll post my…considerations, as I said before.

•Star Wolf’s working system 

Do they always work together, or only when it’s necessary: takes work individually on occasions. If Leon is truly proficient as an assassin,(I’m not sure of the sources) then there should be no problem of working alone on a stealth mission. And if he’s working alone, why not the others? When Wolf decided to keep Leon and newly recruited Panther, it should be safe to think that the one of the criteria was ’how efficient they were’. To work properly in team, one must meet the least qualifications: able to work independently.

I think this is also shown on Smash Bro’s special attack’s cut scene. The differences between Wolf, Fox, and Falco’s are quite intriguing. I’ll put it under. And yeah, it’s also a comparison of Japanese ver. and English ver. again. The two of them are gruffer and one of them are…cuter, I guess.


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