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Thoughts on the recent Zippo leaks?


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Zippo is back at it again, which for someone with a track record like him I don't think we should get excited. 


What do we think about this? I don't think an Assault remaster would be the way to go but frankly I don't have a better idea. What would you want in an Assault remake, and do you think it'd be a good way to get Star Fox out of it's ten year slump?

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It would certainly be nice to see something other than Star Fox 64 get the remaster treatment, but I sincerely doubt something like an Assault remaster would ever come to fruition. I'm not convinced that Nintendo is convinced that the demand for a Star Fox game is there, let alone a remake of one from nearly twenty years ago.

Assault was entertaining, but it's not especially memorable or well put together IMO, and its on-foot sections were derided by critics at the time.

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