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The Story Of Domino


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I am nither Nathan or Tidius....I am but a dream!

Better To be in the hospital then the jail!

If I don't like it, people should try not to like it!


Name: Domino

Age: 20

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hight: 6" Feet (Slouching), 6.4" (Standing up straight)

Equipment: Gloves, suit that looks a cross bettween Devil May Cry Char Game Ver 3 and Trunks from DBZ not GT, Dual Swords, Dual Guns, Collapsible/Expandable Staff, Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia), Alchemy Rings painted on palms of hands not circles with the word/symbol that means the ying yang circle in the middle

Abilities: Use alchemy, use Ki energy based moves like in DB/DBZ/GT

Moves: Any move from DB/DBZ/GT, Combo Move (<- Shoots guns, throw em in the air, time is slowed down, shoots Ki blasts, grabs guns and reloads em, shoots guns again, puts guns away, brings out swords and rushes the enemy, Tor-NATEO-es...Tornadoes...the enemy, puts swords back and brings out dagger, stabs enemy and turns him in to energy, sucks up the energy...Done), each move can be done as a combo or not

Friends: Nate, Mewfii, Vent and Aile/ZX, Ranamon, Sabre (DP64...unrealeased), Guilmon, Rukario, Mewtwo, Tidus/Shuyin, Sora/Roxas.....and a bunch more....


Name: Mewfii

Age: Unknown

Race: Mewtwo

Gender: Female

Hight: (Um...this ones hard...) Bigger then Nate, Domino, and a Mew, Smaller then a regular Mewtwo

Equipment: A mechanical backpack that houses special Mewtwo armor customized just for her...Dormant: looks like a big backpack, Transforming: Mewfii his two switches (One physically, the other with her Psi powers) and five things happen, two attachments go out from the pack and lock on to her arms, same with the leg attachments, the last one turns her head into a helmet, Active: Arms - Blaster on top of one arm (not like Samus or Mega Man), the other arm has a grippling hook (Almost like Samus but not), Legs - Jump/Hover Boosters (for when she does not want to use Psi powers), Head - Scanner, Comunications, Retractable face shield (For when she wants to look at something with her own eyes)

Abilities: Same as a regular Mewtwo ETC... but she can go from being a Mewtwo to a Mew or her Suit form at will

Friends: Nate, Domino, Vent and Aile/ZX, Ranamon, Sabre (DP64...unrealeased), Guilmon, Rukario, Mewtwo, Tidus/Shuyin, Sora/Roxas.....and a bunch more....


Name: Ranamon (Not Rena')

Age: Unknown with this race...

Race: Renamon, BITE ME!

Gender: Male (For sure!, no genders are usually herms)

Hight: Over 7"

Equipment: Anything pearl like...I'll think of something...

Abilities: Instead of Diamonds, he uses Pearls and Rainbows

Friends: Nate, Mewfii, Vent and Aile/ZX, Ranamon, Sabre (DP64...unrealeased), Guilmon, Rukario, Mewtwo, Tidus/Shuyin, Sora/Roxas.....and a bunch more....


My name is Domino, Mission: Classified

Domino: Hey Mewfii, feeing any better...

The ship I'm on, it's name is A.y.o.m (Assault Yacht Operation Move)

Mewfii: Ya, but only a bit.....this visions....they are starting to hurt....

Domino: Maybe you should talk to Ranamon about doing some Tai Chi, it might make you feel better...

Mewfii thinks for a bit: Alright, I'll se what I can do.

Domino is relived to hear her say that: Ok...I just have to test out the Prowler X3 so I'll be in space for a while......if you need me, call out to me..k?

Mewfii nods her head: Ok!  :nervous:



--REAL WORLD-- (Meaning when your at you computer with your real identity)

Nate is sitting at his computer doing stuff until he notices...

Nate: What the?

He has just logged in to his favorite site and finds out that he can get in to it...

Nate: Alright! Now to just.......THE HECK?!

He's computer moniter starts to twinkle and start to suck Nate into the screen



????: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

-Don't be afraid-

????: Wha?!.........WHOA!......Why not?

-I'll protect you-

????: ......Who are you....and who am I?

-You know who I am......I'll give you a hint....starts with "M"-

????: M?.........then that means......*CRASH*


Domino: Damn those frilling scorge everyone get to the escape pods I'm getting to.....*CRASH*


????: Shit what happend


Nate: My name is Nate and you are?

As soon as Domino heard the name he went on one knee and said:

Domino: You are my creator!......But how?

Nate: I must have been really into this story that I was once in......but now.....I think I in for real...

Domino: .....Well somehow I feel like you and I are one.........hold on....

Domino activates his alchemy rings and says:

Domino: Here hold my hands I think I know a way to merge our souls together....QUICKLY!

Nate ruches over and grabs Domino's hands and they both disappear...

--Outside Domino's mind--


Domino regains consciousness and shouts

Domino: What?!

Sir we have to go

Domino: ......Alright Ranamon lets go!

Domino and Ranamon head back to the hanger bay while it is still falling apart..

Domino: Get to your Prowler...Quick!

Domino and Ranamon get to they're ships....

Domino: Ready!

Ranamon: LUNCH!

Domino:   you mean Launch!

Both ships blast out of the bay as they watch in horror the huge ship go down......and watch all the escape pods pop out of the ship

Domino: I'll meet you back at the battleship Moya....I just have to go check on something

Ranamon: Let me guess...Captain Mewfii?

Domino: Ya there is something I want to ask her

Ranamon: Or do to her...Right big boy? .........(  )

Domino:   Ah no...

As the two ship leave each other

--Domino's mind--

Now why do you want to see her?

Nate: Well......Ranamon (I CAN'T BELEVE THEY ARE REAL!) was half right.......nothing nasty though


Domino: This is commander John Cri... ..I mean Commander Domino requesting clearence to dock with B.S.M.O.Y.A.....Yo Pilot!...You there?

Pilot: I read you commander...The docking on tier 3 is ready for your arival..

Domino: Thanks...(Nate: And?) Oh right can you tell me where Captain Mewfii is?

Pilot: A moment......she is on the hologrid tier...shall I signal her?

Domino: (Nate: No...surprize her) No thanks pilot but thanks anyway..

Pilot: You are welcome....docking net active...Welcome back.

--After landing--

Domino heads for the H Tier and on the way

--Domino's mind--

Nate: So whats she like?

Domino: Mewfii? Oh well shes a tough cookie...

Nate: She is huh...Powerful?

Domino: Yep...she could beat me if she wanted to...but since me and her have a thing going well...just wait and see whats shes like when shes just training...

Nate: Really?

Domino: You better belive it!

--Outside Holodeck Doors--

Domino: Computer is this deck active?

Computer: [YES]

Domino: Can I go in?

Computer: [....YES]

Domino: Thanks.

Computer: [HAVE A NICE DAY]

Domino: -Right -


Domino: Hmm (Nate: You see her....wait this place.......   SUPER SMASH BROS!!!) What? (Nate: Is it 64, Melee, or.....  BRAWL?!) ah...I'm not

??????: Shadow Ball!

Domino:  FRILL! *Dodge!*....WHEW.....  (Nate: )

Both Domino and Nate: MEWFII!

MewFii: *Charges Shadow Ball* THATS CAPTAIN MEWFII! *Throws Ball* SHADOW BALL!

Domino: *Instent Transportation Dodge* Oh so thats how you want to play huh  HHHHHHAAAAA *Super Saiyen Lev 1* Ok lets play!

--Time passes--

(Watching Domino and Mewfii go at it on a screen) Ranamon: Man how long have they been playing?

--Back in the holodeck--

Domino SSJ3: Hoh hoh hoh man I'm almost done..ha...ha....ha...hoo....

Mewfii + Digital armor (Looks like Mewtwo armor but a little bit more skimpyer and has guns on the arm and smaller helmet): Ha....ha....ha....ha...Well I'm just getting started

(OOC: "ha....ha...ha..ha..." = not LOLing, breathing hard)

A little more time fighing then

Mewfii: *Twish* Power Rush!

Domino SSJ3: Uh oh!

Mewfii speeds towards Domino and tackles him into a roll!

Mewfii on top: Ha! Give up?

Domino on bottom: NEVER!

Mewfii: Then..... ....wait!

Mewfii backflips into the air and lands on the ground in front of Domino

Mewfii: Somethings amise...

Domino: Amise? Where? (Nate: Ah Domino...)

Mewfii: THERE!

Mewfii lifts Domino into the air and focuses...

Mewfii:...........  NATE?!

Nate inside Domino:   What up Mewfii?...heh heh.. hehhh

Mewfii:   What are you doing on this side of the demesions?

Nate inside Domino: Not sure myself....I thought you whold know...

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Poke-Jerk, the story is only the top post.  Fox and Nateo were discussing putting a poll on the page that would reflect people's opinions on if Nateo should continue his story or not in the following posts.  Please be a bit nicer in your responses to topics.

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Screw being nice, this guy is a MAD FREAK!!  Nateo, are you mentally ill or something?  If so, tell it to your shrink!

I have Autishum...but it is not an illness, to me at least

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Screw being nice, this guy is a MAD FREAK!!  Nateo, are you mentally ill or something?  If so, tell it to your shrink!


You just don't get it, do you?  Again you've called Nateo names, this time a freak AND accused him of being mentally ill.

One more post like this, and you're banned, no questions asked.  You're wearing my patience with you very thin, very fast.

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