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Mister Bob's funhouse!

Bill Winters

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Come one come all it's Mister Bob's funhouse!


-No blowing up the funhouse/ characters with your charged particle beams,death stars ect.

-Random and Funny moments are a must!

-No teleporting to the end of the funhouse.

-No killing off any characters

Character Creation:









Name: Patrick Reyes

Race: Ferret

Age: 39

Occupation: Hobo/Bum

Equipment: Sharpened Hobo Knife, Hooch, Funhouse token

Clothing:Black Shoes, dusty jeans, dusty white shirt

Pros: Fast, Good at thieving/stealth, Good with knives

Cons: Not so good with other weapons, weak

*Patrick waits at the enterence of the Funhouse, the funhouse with a big clown head at the top looks rather frightning.*

Patrick: *shudders* N-Not clowns!

*Patrick draws his knife*

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Name:  Novar Vulpine

Race:  Humanoid Red Fox

Age: 20

Occupation: College student

Equipment:  Backpack, Ipod, Laptop, standard blaster

Clothing:  Black and yellow steel-toe boots

              Olive green cargo pants

              White T-shirt that says "Anudder brilyunt mind distroid by education."

              Silver watch

Pros:  Speed and Knowledge

Cons:  Lacks most weapon abilities


"Man, what a rough week.  At least I don't have any homework or junk to do over the weekend."

*I see the funhouse to the right as I walk down the sidewalk and stop*

"Hmm, that looks fun."

*I check my watch*

"Hey, I've got plenty of time to spare.  I'm going to check this out."

*I turn toward the funhouse and approach*

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