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I'm just doing this to be friendly...Here are my chars redone!

Name: Domino

Age: 20

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hight: 6" Feet (Slouching), 6.4" (Standing up straight)

Equipment: Gloves, suit that looks a cross bettween Devil May Cry Char Game Ver 3 and Trunks from DBZ not GT, Dual Swords, Dual Guns, Collapsible/Expandable Staff, Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia), Alchemy Rings painted on palms of hands not circles with the word/symbol that means the ying yang circle in the middle

Abilities: Use alchemy, use Ki energy based moves like in DB/DBZ/GT

Moves: Any move from DB/DBZ/GT, Combo Move (<- Shoots guns, throw em in the air, time is slowed down, shoots Ki blasts, grabs guns and reloads em, shoots guns again, puts guns away, brings out swords and rushes the enemy, Tor-NATEO-es...Tornadoes...the enemy, puts swords back and brings out dagger, stabs enemy and turns him in to energy, sucks up the energy...Done), each move can be done as a combo or not


Wing(s): One golden one comeing straight out the middle of the back


Friends: Nate, Mewfii, Vent and Aile/ZX, Ranamon, Sabre (DP64...unrealeased), Guilmon, Rukario, Mewtwo, Tidus/Shuyin, Sora/Roxas.....and a bunch more....


Name: Ranamon (Not Rena')

Age: Unknown with this race...

Race: Renamon, BITE ME!

Gender: Male (For sure!, no genders are usually herms)

Hight: Over 7"

Equipment: Anything pearl like...I'll think of something...

Abilities: Instead of Diamonds, he uses Pearls and Rainbows


Wing(s): When in attack mode, one black wing on right arm like this - ( ("" = Wing "-" = Attach area "(" = Arm) appears...


Friends: Nate, Mewfii, Vent and Aile/ZX, Ranamon, Sabre (DP64...unrealeased), Guilmon, Rukario, Mewtwo, Tidus/Shuyin, Sora/Roxas.....and a bunch more....


You know the first Pokemon movie with Mew and Mewtwo in it? Well maybe you do, or don't...but remember the armour Geovaini gave to Mewtwo before Mewtwo...er...left...well...with Mewfii...I modified it to look like a cross bettween a not so skimpy (becuase you hate yiff and all that) metal bikini....and shes like a transformer to........well not exactly...


She wears the whole thing on her back, metal claps neer the end of her limbs (Arms, Legs, Head....er...Waistline area...*Cough*)... when she uses it, that usualy means her Psi powers are low and she starts using pysical power, she hits two buttons, one using Psi power and the other Pys power, and the metal parts come out and hook up with the claps...


When she is transformed, shes kinda like Samus (Cannon, Grappiling Beam/Hook) and with the G.Hook she uses them like Samus and Spider-Man together...


Name: Mewfii

Age: Unknown

Race: Mewtwo

Gender: Female

Hight: (Um...this ones hard...) Bigger then Nate, Domino, and a Mew, Smaller then a regular Mewtwo


Wing(s): When in Suit mode, one metal wing on left arm like this ) - / ("/" = Wing "-" = Attach area ")" = Arm) appears, same when not in suit mode but color is grayish white...



Equipment: A mechanical backpack that houses special Mewtwo armor customized just for her...

-Dormant: looks like a big backpack

-Transforming: Mewfii his two switches (One physically, the other with her Psi powers) and five things happen, two attachments go out from the pack and lock on to her arms, same with the leg attachments, the last one turns her head into a helmet

-Active: Arms - Blaster on top of one arm (not like Samus or Mega Man), the other arm has a grippling hook (Almost like Samus but not), Legs - Jump/Hover Boosters (for when she does not want to use Psi powers), Head - Scanner, Comunications, Retractable face shield (For when she wants to look at something with her own eyes)

Abilities: Same as a regular Mewtwo ETC... but she can go from being a Mewtwo to a Mew or her Suit form at will


Untill now...no gender....now....has everything a regular mewtwo

has...size is different (Mew<MewFII>Mewtwo)...tail thicknes is bettween

a Mew and Mewfii....thiner for speed, and female features (Bust area

and near waistline area) the bottom part you can never see unless it's

a yiff picture....which I hate right now, and the bust area, show

enough that people know she is a female, and the color, little pinker

on limbs, darker purple elsewhere, hands are five digits/fingers for

better accrusy (Bad spelling), extra toe for stomping attacks


Something like that but modifiie it for a female and not so bulky, more made for speed...

And the Mewtwo-like Mew: In the Mewtwo Returns USA/CAN DVD there was a bonus feature that showed Mewtwo as a baby...and there was a girl, and the first starters there with him.....Mewfii can revert to that state to get through small areas....

The suit....you can start the pic out with Mewfii showing her profile and you can see the backpack on her, don't forget the claps at the end of her limbs that the suit hooks on to...

See what you can do with that!



Name: Ranamon

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Species: Renamon

Fur Color: Dark Brown/Brown with Pearly White mix

Eye Color: Primary - Golden Brown, Secondary - Rage Red/Pearly White

Weapon: Pearl Based attacks, Pulse Canon Mini-gun

Special Abilities: Warp Transporation, Levatation

Rank: Scout Ranger/Renagade



Types: Dance, Earings, Alchemy

vV|Dominos Fusions|Vv

With Nate: Alchemy Only = Brings Nate into Domino's mind

With Mewfii: Any = Dance - DoMinewFii, Earings - Mewfino, Alchemy only works on Nate or all at the same time

With Ranamon: Any = Dance - DomiNaMon, Earings - RanaMio, Alchemy only works on Nate or all at the same time

With All: Group Alchemy - Just call him N.A.T.E for now....not Nate, N.A.T.E...."Not all there eh?"

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Era Infantry

Rifle Grunt (aka Grunt)

Armed with: Plasma Assault rifle

Strengths: Anti-infantry

Weakness: Armored units

First to the spot, The grunts are the fastest and most easy unit to deploy. There weapon weak but has a very large range, Best in numbers and are usaly see in packs of 3 to 5. but these guys are mostly see goofing up or goofing off, and are most of the Era armys humor.

Bazooka veteran

Armed with: 5" high combustion short range rocket launcher

Strengths: Anti-Armored unit

Weakness: infantry/aircraft

A Bazooka vet's weapon can do a big amount of damage to a ground unit, from a Recon to a tank a group of these guys a turn a war machine into a hepe of twisted metal in minutes. But there weapon projectile is easy to dodge by infantry units, makeing them usless in non armored combat.

Missle veteran

Armed with: radar seeking anti-air demon missles

Strengths: anti-air

Weakness: infantry/ground armored units

Missle vets will down an enemy air craft with out braking a sweat, but there weapon can't lock on to any thing below radar altitude and will just spiral out of controll if aimed at a ground unit. But if close enough a missle vet could destory a tank, but this range can only be found by getting right infront of the iron beast.

Mortar veterans

Armed with: Short range grenade launcher

Strengths: Anti-armored units

weakness: infantry/ aircraft

There weapon designed to fire explosive shells up and over walls, the mortar vets are the key for over running a enemy fort or strong hold.

Assault veterans

Armed with: High caluber Machine Gun (HMG)

Strengths: Anti-infantry/aircraft/lightly armored units

Weakness: Armored units/ wepon over heating

THe assault vets are one of the Era armeys most powerful infantry unit, There weapon; tho weak at long range is devastating to other infantry units. There HMG is strong enough to total Recons and light tanks, and destroy packs of infantry, even in large numbers they can down gunships and low flying bombers. But there wepon is very prone to over heating its self, and the cut off stops the HMG from shooting unit a safe temp is reached.

Flame veterans

Armed with: Arc/78 Flame thrower

Strengths: Anti-infantry

Weakness: Any armored unit

The Flame vet is a powerful unit, nothing strikes fear inthe hearts of infantry than a Flame vet marching down the path. But all this fame vanishes once a armored unit comes over the hills for the best a flame vet could do to a tank is scorch the paint.

Era Ground Armored Units

APC (Armored Personnel Convoy)

Armed With: No Weapons

Strengths: Thick armor

Weakness: Bazooka vets / Tanks / Aircraft

Slow, but strong the APC is favored for transporting Infantry through hostel areas. Its four inch steel plated armor can soak up a lot of punishment.

Reconnaissance unit (aka: Recon)

Armed with: 360o HMG gun

Strengths: Anti-infantry

Weakness: Bazooka vets / Other armored units

Fastest military ground unit, this thing is meant to hit and run, but it lack of armor makes it pray to bazooka or tank shells. Drivers also complain about its difficulty to drive seeing the car and turn on a dime. Such sharp turning is built into the vehicle to help it miss on coming fire.

Frill Era design:


P87 Anti-infantry unit (Hell mobile)

Armed with: two, HGG cannons (Heavy Gatling Gun)

Strengths: Anti-infantry / light Armored unit / Aircraft

Weakness: Bazooka vets / Other armored units

The P87 is a new memeber to the Era war machine family. This one man vessle will stop hords of Baddys in seconds unless said bad guy is a bazooka vet or tank. The vehicle is incredibly slow, and its drive is unprotected. The p87's also have slite AA capabilites and can down Gunships.

H-55 Light Tank (The BB gun)

Armed with: 1 Five Inch plasma Cannon / 1 HMG mounted on top.

Strengths: Anti-Armor

Weakness: Aircraft / Bazooka vets / other armored units

The H-55 is the escort of choice for infantry, is five inch cannon a knock down walls in a heart beat, but this unit falls victom to larger tanks and Aircraft. The vichicles have to operaters one hidden in shide the belly and one to load and shoot the cannon.

Heavy Tank ( The Super tank)

Armed with: 2 Six Inch plasma Cannons / 2 HMGs mounted on top.

Strengths: Anti-Armor / light infantry

Weakness: Aircraft / Bazooka vets

The HT (Heavy tank) is a sight to be seen, the most power full tank in Era hands. You do not want to be in frount of this vessle when the cannons go off, the favort vehicle of Lilacs and the same for much of the ground forces, but they still can fall from bazooka vets and Aircraft.

CM 4 mobile Anti-Air turrent

Armed with: 8 Demon radar/heat/cloke seeking missle pods / 1 HMG mounted on the side.

Strengths: Anti-Air

Weakness: Other armored units / Bazooka vets

CM4's are the choice for knocking out Air craft, there 8 self loading pods turn any aircraft in to rubbish is seconds. What is truly amazing is it ability to lock to most any part of the air craft, even cloked one can be pray. But is light armor and very light Ground protection makes it and easy target for tanks and other ground units.

O-77 Artillery units

Armed with: 10 Inch 10 feet long cannon / Two HMGs mounted on the sides.

Strengths: Static / slow moving targets

Weakness: Aircraft / Armored units / Bazooka vets

O-77's are strong hitters for the Era army, but there lack of armor and Ground protection, makes it wise to keep enemys at a distance.

Era Air craft

T-Copter (Transport Copter)

Armed with: No weapon

Strengths: No weapon

Weakness: Aircraft / AA

The T-Copter it the choose, for moving Infantry unit from one place to another, but Ground armored unit are to heavy for this unit to lift. The T-Coper also lacks any weapons, but it armor can soak up a lot of hurt

Frill Era Design:


B-Copter (Battle Copter / Gunship)

Armed with: Front mounted HMG / Two Side mounted Air to Ground Rockets

Strengths: Ground units

weakness: AA / HMG / Fighters

Great for Anti-Tank defense, Battle copter or also know as Gun ships, can punch through a tank in seconds. Sadly though The vessel is very slow compared to other Air units and is very susceptible to Fighters.

Frill Era Design:



Armed with: Front mounted Air to Air missiles

Strengths: Aircraft

Weakness: AA / other fighters

The fastest of all Era weapons, the Fighter great for clearing the skys of enemy Gunships and Bombers for ground units, but there Misslies will only lock onto things above radar altitude.


Armed with: Two Rear facing HMG / One Front facing HMG / Bombs

Strengths: Ground units

Weakness: AA / Fighters / Gunships

The Bomber is a good choose for those wanting to take out a ground battalion quickly, but look out for AA and fighters the three HMG give only small protection from them.

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