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Those Traped By Reality


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Nathan - Good

Nate - Evil

Domino - Power

Mewfii - Love

Ranamon - Mind

These are how I see things...


Nathan: Aw man I've got to make it for my test

Nathan was always late for classes...but today is different

Wendy: Hey Nathan wait up!

Nathan and Wendy have been long lasting friends...even soul mates

As they were getting close to the classroom they saw another friend

Brandon: Will you two hurry up...the bell is about to go...




Nathan: Huh? Did you say something Wendy?

Wendy: No....Come on!

Nathan looks around as he continues to run...but he makes it for class before he could figure out where that voice cam from...


-After School is over-

Nathan: Man that test took my energy away....how about you guys?

Wendy: *Shakes her head* Nope....I just do it and hope for the best... how about you Brandon?

Brandon: It was tough, thats all...

Nathan: Come on don't be a stick in the mud *Gives Brandon a little nudge*

Brandon:  ^_^

Wendy: Oh brother  :D:lol:


-Next Day-

-We're coming-

Nathan woke up with a start...sweating a bit

Nathan: Damn it....they are not real...

-At School-

Nathan: Hey Wendy wait up!

Wendy: *Turns around* Hey....

Nathan: Something wrong?

They start walking to class

Wendy: *Wispering* Somethings wrong with Brandon...I saw him on the way here, he was not doing too well..

Nathan: Is he sick?

Wendy: Well, when I saw him...I thought I saw someone else with him.....who was not human....

Nathan:  :wink: .....you pulling my leg?


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