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Four-eyed Vulpine

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Ok, I know a few of you have seen this RP before when I was last here, but since I see a lot of new faces I don't remember seeing last time, I decided to try this again.

Basically, this is going to be a lot like ABC's LOST series.  There is an uncharted island in the middle of the Cornerian ocean that is a source of supernatural power.  This power emits a column of invisible energy all the way through the atmosphere, which interferes with aircraft that fly through it and cause it to malfunction and crash on the island.  The goal is not just to survive the island, but to survive each other.

Here are the Rules:

1.  Your first post needs your character bio (of course) AND a sequence of your character crashing on the island after flying through the invisible energy column.

2.  I've seen this in other RP's, which can make things VERY complicated, so I'm limiting everyone to a maximum of two characters each.  That way, we won't have like five different unrelated fan fictions going on.

I'll make my entry as soon as I get some time to.

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Name: Lilacs

Weight: 190

Height: 6'

Age: 22

Species: Frill Era

Gender: Male

Phobias: Cold Phobia (If an Era (Except a Thorn) gets to cold they become very prone to diseases

Personal interests: Warfare, tanks

His/her soulmate: none

Eye color: Yellow

Scale color: Dark Purple

Nickname: none

Homeworld: Frill Nation on Planit Fana

Muscle tone: Avarage

Cloth style/appearance: Standard Frill Rifle Grunt uniform

Weapon of choice: Frill Rifle

Items: Ammo for Rifle

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Name: Novar Vulpine

Age: 20

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 165 lbs

Build: Medium

Species: Humanoid Red Fox

Hair: White-blondish

Eyes: Blue

Clothes: Black boots, green cargo pants, gray t-shirt

Interests: Meteorology (weather), music

Dislikes: spiders, lightning

Homeworld: Katina

Weapon:  Standard blaster


*It is a serene day on Corneria as I fly over the planet's only ocean on the way to work at the Cornerian Weather Service located inside the capital.  I could have made my residence on this planet to save time going to work, but the cost of living here is high when compared to that of other nearby planets.  At least by living on Katina, I get a chance to go into space everyday, thus fulfilling my childhood dreams.

As I look out the viewport on the starboard side, I can barely see this small island floating all alone in the vast waters below me.  A look at my radar confirms its existence--a very small island that occupies only about nine square miles of space, surrounded by a thin strip of beach with jungle composing the base of a dominating central volcano.  It looks like a nice place for a vacation, but unfortunately, I must get to work.

My flight path begins to curve slightly toward the south as I travel toward east, taking me directly over the island at about 50,000 feet.  However, as I begin to pass over, the light outside suddenly bends in wild directions and my ship begins to shake.  Thinking it's just the jet stream I'm passing though, I struggle with the controls, but the ship components begin to malfunction and shut down one by one, starting with the G-diffuser.

I begin to plummet down to the planet.  Frustrated and scared, I try anything and everything possible to try to get the craft going again, but to no avail.  All components have shut down by the time I reach 20,000 feet.  Doing the only thing possible in a total system failure, I manage to bring the ship lateral and it glides across the sky on its way down, significantly slowing the ascent.  At 10,000 feet, the island becomes easily visible, and I aim to crash land on it.  Just a minute later, my ship makes contact with the beach with a sickening thud and slides over a thousand feet before coming to a stop.

I am thankful that the chaos has finally ended, and that only injuries I have sustained are some minor scratches.  On the other hand, there is no possible way I'm going to make it to work today.  I proceed to try to call via the ship's comm unit, but then I remember that it's dead, along with the rest of the ship.  I go to my second resort, my wrist comm, but for some reason, it won't turn on.  Finally, I reach into my pocket for my last resort, a cell phone.  I flip it open.  "No Service."  So now I'm stuck on this island alone, and with no possible way to contact ANYONE.  I'm having a bad day.*


Name:  Dragonius Maelstrom

Age: 326

Height: 7' 4"

Weight: 575 lbs

Build: Heavy, muscular

Species: Red Fire Dragonoid

Scales: Red, white underside

Eyes: Red

Clothes: Black pants

Interests: Eating fruit, lava baths, hot environments, playing with fire

Dislikes: cold environments, adapting to new ideas

Homeworld: island on Corneria

Weapon: Fire manipulation


*A long time ago, dragonoids ruled the galaxy.  Not out of conquest, however; the systems were vacant then, so we simply occupied the space for ourselves.  For several millenniums, we were the dominant race in the system now known as Lylat.  However, as the anthropomorphic races achieved an eventual foothold, we moved out to accommodate for their expansion.  There were no hard feelings in the move; we exist to assist, not to antagonize.

Now, the dragonoids live elsewhere in the galaxy.  Except me.  I still remain here, living out my life of simplicity here at the volcano.  And I will continue to live here, as long as the anthropomorphic beings don't need this place.  My family line has resided here after the dragonoid migration nearly ten thousand years ago, its more of a tradition than anything.

I'm glad this place has a volcano, or else I would hate this place.  I bathe in the lava pools near the northern base everyday; the lava is kind of like a moisturizer for my scales.  While I'm bathing, I hear this roaring noise from the south that last for several minutes, and then a sliding thud.  I really don't know what it is, but I've never heard anything like it before, so I guess I should check it out.*

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Name: Arby Hcszeool

Weight: 200 lbs (unofficial)

Height: 6'2 (unofficial)

Age: 30 (unofficial)

Species: Pantherling

Origin: Arcadia

Gender: Male

Phobias: Hydrophibia

Personal interests: Warfare (primarily close combat), Physical Structure, Meditation

Eye color: Black

Fur color: Silver-Black

Muscle Build: Muscular

Appearance: Arby wears very little clothing to benefit his movement, as his body can actually endure a lot (so that leaves the use of armor as a moot). He wears bandages on his forearms and legs, and has a metal ring around his left bicep. He wears a fundoshi and a loincloth covering the front.

Personality: Quite meditative and uses force only when necessary. His Raging Blow however can tear things up if needed.


The aftermath of the Arcadian war left nothing but a big mess. Arby, assigned to fix things back in Gilmoa Islands, tinkered with the remains of an old abandoned laser tower that he demolished during the war. "Well, will you look at this," he investigated a small device that seemed to be advanced for Arcadia. After all, laser technology did really seemed futuristic. "Might as well bring it to headquarters."

Suddenly, his grasp accidentally triggered a button.


A beam of light hit him, giving him a feeling of vaporization. He felt as if his body was melting away, evaporating in thin air as he slowly faded into the light.

"Wait... how come... it... still... operates...?"

He felt a warm blow striking his head. He was unconscious.

"Uhh... sand...?"

He opened his eyes with the sunlight hitting his eyes strongly. He rolled around for a bit, feeling the rough sand striking his butt cheeks. A sudden surge of tide made him scamper out. "WATER WATER WATER I HATE WATER!" he screamed out loud as he quickly climbed up a coconut tree. "Phew... ah?" Something struck his eyes. A feeling of unfamiliarity stroke his stomach. "Where... am I?"

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*Suddenly, I hear this voice screaming about hating water.  Kind of a dumb thing to hate, I mean everybody needs water to survive, and......a voice?!  That means someone else is here!!  I hope.....he's not here to claim the island for the rest of this planet.  This needs to be checked out.

I climb out of the lava pool and shake the magma off, being careful not to set any flora on fire in the process.  Now, where did I leave those pants...I swear, I'm always forgetting where I set--ah, there they are.  Walking over and grabbing them out of a tree about twenty feet way, I put them on and start walking in the direction of the voice.  Hmm, he's got kind of a deep voice; he better not be here to cause any trouble.  Wait a sec, why am I walking when I can just fly over?  D'oh!

I hunch over and my three pairs of wings expand out of my back, stretching to a about thirty feet each and getting tangled in the trees.  I should have done in this in a clearing...eheh.  I pull my wings out of the trees and find a clearing, then with quite a bit of flapping, I rise above the canopy and begin soaring through the air, using my fire-bending energy to assist and keeping my body airborne.  Flying is so awesome!

I am flying in a circle around the volcano, eyeing the perimeter shore for any changes.  Beach, beach, beach, more beach...!  What is that?  I approach the object and land by it, folding my wings into my back.  Wait, this must be that guy!  Man, the guy's almost naked...*

"Um...who are you, and what are you doing here?"

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A small buzzing sound what heard above, on top of the Islands clouds a empty Frill T-copter flew. It one purple scaled pilot was whistling a tune paying no attention to what may come up next...With a loud BANG the copters engines cut out and the vessel fell down towards the soft sandy beach. "Ahhh!!!!" the Era screamed and the transported smashed into the ground.

Moments after the crash the tired lizard pulled him self from the twisted metal the was once a flying machine. What da freak? he said looking up and seeing nothing but sand, ocean, and a jungle.

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*Not too long after my crash landing on the island, I hear another crashing sound about a mile away.  It's odd that we would both crash in the same place on the same day, but at least I won't be alone in this coming ordeal.  Heck, I'm not even sure if I was alone to begin with, depending on if anyone actually lives here or not, which I really doubt.  I grab my emergency pack full of supplies from behind my seat and kick open the hatch of the cockpit before standing up.

*The salt of the ocean clears my sinuses as I inhale; I haven't smelled the sea in years.  After a look at my surrounds, I leap off the craft and begin to walk in the direction of the sound, pack in hand.  As I traverse, I reach back into one of the compartments and pull out a loaded blaster, and then attach it to my belt.  Just in case*

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Lilacs looks up and sees an object walking towards him. At first he thought nothing much of it, but as it drew closer, good old Era instinct walked in and forced Lilacs to reach for his pistol. He popped open the clip to see if there were still bullets in it, and sure enough seven 22 caliber bullets were waiting in there. Now the object was much closer to him, close enough they were in range, Lilacs pulled back the top of the gun and loads a bullet in to the chamber and open the clip. The injured Era open fires on the thing approaching him.

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Name: Domino Row

Age: 20 (Somtimes when useing powers, age changes)

Gender: Male

Species: Human X 10 (H2O, Human 2.0, Upgraded Human....come on..)

Rank: Commander/Pilot

Fur/Skin Color: (In furry mode) - Mix of Red, Black, White, (Skin mode) - Light skin

Eye color: Black Right, White Left, Red everywhere else on/in eyes

Mind Symbiont: Nathan from reality


My name is Domino Row.

I have been stranded from my crew for about....well I don't know...

I have been lost in space for awhile, but that is going to change...

I have found this planet called....Cornaria....

I want to find these people, this crew, that has saved this area from...a lot...

I hope I can find my answers

[End Log]

Domino: (Nathan: Man... you are lost....even in a place I know, I can't help you like this)...I know, you know about Star Fox, but you can't do anything without taking over me...(N: Right...Which I don't want to do)

As Domino gets closer to orbit, he starts to have problems with his ship..

Domino: Well you might......hold the phone...(N: What?).....My systems are frelling out....DAMN (N: I knew this was going to happen, but I couldn't tell you...) WHAT?!....(N: Here is the real world, I know a lot more then you think....but one thing...I WILL NEVER LET ANY OF YOU DIE)....thanks....I think

[PXWMII]: System Malfuntion dude!

Domino: I KNOW....Nathan how much dam...(N: I can't tell you...you have to trust me...).....haa alright

Domino is going down faster and faster....

Domino: Should I knock myself out? (N: You can choose to if you want)............................ok..

Domino quickly gets one of his guns and loads a sleeping dart

Domino: You get me out ok...(N: Ok)...

Domino shoots himself so he can sleep

Domino: See ya Nathan (Nate: Oh I forgot....I swiched bodies)

Domino: WHAT!?



DON'T ANYONE RUN FROM DOING THIS RPG!.....I don't really care but I'll know who are chickens, the ones who run are chickens only...

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*I can begin to see the ship and pilot in the distance as I approach, only to realize that he's firing in my direction.  I fall to the ground immediately though his shots barely miss, and then remain perfectly still, pretending to be wounded*

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Species:Green tree frog



weight:135 pounds

occupation:A soldier of the Amphibis Forces.

Bio:362 was scouting the area when his ship ran out of fuel and crashed into the island.

He is trying his best to survive,but who knows what his fate will be.

Ahh god dangit if I make it out of this place I`ll never go one a flight mission again. No matter what the commander will do to me.

But if I`m going to survive I need to look for help.

Ahh whats that!!!

*starts shooting at Novar*

Yes got it!

Now to find out what it is...

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((Wow, I thought this was dead.))

((Domino is gone and Wolfox isn't up on RP's anyway, I'll have to contact Lilacs.))

*the firing stops, and I realize that he isn't even there anymore*


*a short burst of gunfire is heard from further away, along with some smoke from another smoldering ship*

:wink:  Geez, it's like the island is under siege by bad pilots.  *sighs*  Here we go again...

*I get up and approach the next disturbance, keeping my firearm at the ready*


Ok, whatever this guy was has just vanished.  I knew this island was creepy.

*the gunfire from the same disturbance is heard*

What the heck?

*I spread my wings and fly in the direction of the sound*

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#362: Well this is just great! I`m stranded on a desert island, I was attacked,I have no food and no extra ammo.

I hope I can find someone who can help me or at least have some food that they can spare.


Great I`m screaming at nothing and I`m talking to myself.

This really is great.NOT!

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Name: SF Runner

Age: 15

Height: 5:6

Weight: 170 lbs

Build: Medium

Species: Red Fox

Fur Color: Orange with brown streak on head

Eyes: Green

Clothes: brown boots, blue pants, red shirt, sand colored flight jacket

Interests: Flying, target practice

Homeworld: Titania

Weapon: Sidearm Blaster, Assault Rifle, Knife

*On an ordinary day in the skies above the Cornerian Sea, a small Cornerian Fighter is out on a flight, SF sighs as he looks at the never ending sea, SF Runner is casually flying, reminiscing about the golden sands of Titania, which he missed dearly*

Ugh, it's not easy being the youngest pilot out there, you always get stuck with the most pointless jobs, after making me scrub the barracks all day, they make me do this scouting run when theres NOTHING FRICKIN OUT HERE! *sighs* At least this is my last run so I can head home, I may live alone, but all I need are those sands.

*SF looks again and sees a small island, he checks the mapping system but it says the island doesn't exist, but the radar says its there*

Thats funny why doesn't this island appear on the map? Maybe there is a point to this job.

*Alarms start going off*


What, whats going on, what'd I do?

*The nose begins to drop and the craft begins to descend toward the Island, SF grabs the yolk trying to keep it stable*

Pull up you sonuva...

*the ship makes contact with the sand and continues to skid along the beach and into the trees, craft finally comes to a halt 500 feet from the beach, SF looks at the cracked screen which says, ALL SYSTEMS OFFLINE, SF kicks the canopy open, and opens the compartment which housed his blaster, assault rifle, knife, and ammo pack with PLENTY (emphasis on PLENTY) of clips. He looks to the sky*

Crap! Its gettin late. I need to find some shelter or something.

*suddenly, SF looks and sees a red... thing with wings flying in the sky. A frightened SF jams a clip into his assault rifle and opens fire*


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*As I fly, bullets whiz through the air and between my wings*

Holy crap!!

*I look and see SF shooting and screaming and immediately outstretch my arms to put up a flaming barrier sphere that melts the projectiles on contact.  Then I fly toward the aggressor, appearing as a meteor streaking through the sky*

I hope he runs out of ammo.

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Name: Domino Hu Row

Age: 20 (Somtimes when useing powers, age changes)

Gender: Male

Species: Human X 10 (H2O, Human 2.0, Upgraded Human....like I'm useing Biomods or Impants)

Rank: Commander/Pilot

Fur/Skin Color: (In furry/were-human mode) - Mix of Red, Black, White, and Glod (Skin mode) - Light orangy red skin

Eye color: Black Right, White Left, Red and gold everywhere else on/in eyes




Domino: Huuuh?.....Ahhh....

-Don't quit now!-

Domino: Waah?

-I love you too damn much-

Domino: ......Mewfii?


Domino bolted upright..

Domino: MEWFII!

He looked around, but all he could see was green grass, flowers, a few trees, and his weapons all over the place....and weckage of his ship he was in...

Domino: ....Mewfii....right....you didn't come with me....I went solo this time....whew...well time to see what I can do here...

He got up and dusted himself off....

Domino: Time to check my list

Domino, useing his implants in his head, brought up a list of his equipment and ran though the list.....

Domino: Ok, Guns Ying & Yang...(Sees them and picks them up and puts them back in the gun holders at his rear), Check, my Rainbow Sword/Keyblade...(Sees that too, picks it up and twirls it then places on back), Check, Vampire Thriller....heh, not killer, I dance to/like M.Jackson with this, Check, Dagger Of Time and Space...Check, Scouter with more then 9000 files of info and a Power level over 90000......CHECK

Domino then looks around for somthing to do....

Domino: I guess I'll see what I can get from my ship then......


Domino looks up and sees chaos happening in the sky...

Domino:  :lol: Woah!

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*Back in the jungle*

#362:Ok now I know if its multi-colored i don`t touch it.


#362:Whats going on with the sky?

#362:If my ship wasn`t totaled i`d check it out.

#362:Might as well try and fix my ship, So I can see whats going on.

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*Jumps out of the way, entity makes contact with the ground, SF jams in plasma clip, starts firing again.*

That was a close one *pant* what is that thing?

*walks over to crater, notices thing is still alive, SF raises his plasma rifle at the entity*

Who are you and what are you doing here?

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*I stand in the middle of a ten-foot deep, smoking crater and look around, folding my wings back into my back*

Dang, I need to remember to disable the barrier before landing...huh??

*I see SF with his firearm pointed at me and become alarmed as he asks his question*

My name is Dragonius, and I LIVE on this island.  Perhaps I should ask you the same question.

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Domino takes out and flips open his scanning tool and scans the area...

*Beep beep...beep beep*

Domino: There are two life signs in this direction, and a few this way.....and there seems to be some kind of interference from the sky, like a scattering field of some sort....hmm

Domino then puts his scanner away and brings his guns out....



Domino points them to the sky and fires..

The sky then turns black, white, gold, and red at the same time above Domino..

Domino: Lets hope someone sees that!

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*On The beach*

#362: Ah theres the problem with my ship some of the parts are missing.


#362:Whos there come out I have a blaster and I`m not afraid to use it!

Must have been a small creature or something.

*hears some lazer shots*

#362:I better go check out what that noise is this time.

*runs toward the noise*

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*On The beach*

#362: Ah theres the problem with my ship some of the parts are missing.


#362:Whos there come out I have a blaster and I`m not afraid to use it!

Must have been a small creature or something.

*hears some lazer shots*

#362:I better go check out what that noise is this time.

*runs toward the noise*

(OCC: If you heard me, I'm posting)

Domino stops looking at the sky and sees someone coming down the beach he was on....grabbed one of his guns and pointed it to the person comeing done the way...

Domino: (Wispering to gun) -Stun mode- (@person coming at him) Identify yourself!

Note: If it was not you Aleks55 coming at me, tell me and disregard this post, but please tell me....thanks!

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*Dragonius asks his question, but SF never lowers the plasma rifle*

My name is SF Runner, my ship malfunctioned and crashed on this island, I am very confused, very scared, a little hungry, and all I want to do is get off this island and get back to Titania.

*SF hears a loud noise, looks up and sees the flare*

*groan* Awwww, what now?

*SF looks at Dragonius, and notices that he is not that scary at all up close, he lowers his plasma rifle*

Hey, if you can forgive me for shooting at ya, can you help me find out what that is over there?

*Points toward flare, raises hand toward Dragonius to help him out of the hole*


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(OCC: So, SFR and Dragonius have seen the flare, hmmm......and Aleks55, I'm not sure your guy did anything so for just this post I'll just have your guys stand there, but if you want something else, quote and redo the post)

Domino: Please identify yourself!

Domino then hears his scanner beeping, he flips it out again and looks at it...

Domino@Aleks55?: Friends of yours?......FURRY FURY MODE!

Domino then curls up into a ball and then un-curls in fury and transforms into a furry, gold, red, and black and white fur color creature....

Domino: I don't want to fight anyone, but in this mode I have lots of defence, and I can get away in a flash....so what is it, you a friend, foe, or neither?

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