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Scourge Empire VS The Frill Era Nations


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I thought of this awile back...ok five minutes ago, but anyway I was thinking lets see two mighty armys of complety different ways clash. Why?

1. I am a war hungery maniac


3. Mostly 1.

4. There is a new race of tanks, but they have yet to go into mass peroduction.

*Takes a deep breath*

Ok, rules...Well since it will be mostly Kal and I, I'll let other members join his or I army and provide what they can.

1. NO side storys, unless they have something to do with the plot...witch need to be thought up.

2. Any weapons apply, be it a civil war cannon on steroids to a crazy lazer bomb thing. But they can destroy the entire army in one blow.

Umm thats all I think.....anyway lets-a go!

Mission start in three two one go!


Frill News channel 4 1/2

Today the world reeled in shock when alien air units were found flying above the north sea. The Frill nation army has seet 8 fighters to intercept the craft, more word as the story debelops.

In other news the Thorn Empire has created a new devestating weapon, named the Lazer Tank. The images show the new tank to be firing a large beam, the Frill Army HQ says they have mainage to capture one of these units and say they have many plains for it.


General Tie: Have the fighters reach there target yet?

Ner: Not yet we are still waiting for a response from them.

I dont like this Ner.

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