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The European Union's Next Victim

Fox P McCloud

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This is fairly recent, and I just thought you guys would want to know this:


The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has persuaded President

Barroso of Europe to present her "Declaration of Berlin" for all

European Union nations to sign on the 25th March 2007 (now past).

This declaration will commit all nations to sign the sixth and

final EU treaty. This sidesteps a vote of the people - the other

five treaties were signed by the Queen without the consent of the


This final treaty will adopt the EU Constitution. Frau Merkel

wants this signed before the European elections in June 2009.

Britain will then be sealed inside the nation of the European

Union, a dictatorship with the laws of a police state, commanded

by 107,000 EU regulations.

The EU Regionalisation Plan will abolish England's 48 counties

and replace them with 9 European regions, each with their own

Regional Capital, which reports directly to Brussels, not to

Westminster. The EU constitution will effectively obliterate the

country of England, the monarchy, common law, and the Conservative,

Labour and Lib Dem parties (clause I-46-4).

Britain's 153 embassies around the world will be closed as the ink

from the Queen's signature dries. (As Tony Blair refused to admit

this has been agreed to, Jose Zapatero, the Prime Minister of Spain,

confirmed it in a

February 2005 radio broadcast.)

The EU takes ownership and command of Britain’s Police, Army, Royal

Navy, RAF, nuclear weapons, currency reserves, North Sea Oil. (David

Noakes, The Westminster News)

Most Britons won’t want this. But the coup will have been achieved.

This truly disgusts me; the EU, against most Briton's wills, basically, annexing it into the new "iron curtain" of the European Union.  If wouldn't be so bad if the people agreed to this, but they obviously didn't; in the past Britain has showed that they don't want to fully take part in the EU plan, then the EU turns around and does this....crazy, just crazy...

also, worse still is the fact that all of the armed forces are no longer under Britain's control, AND the currency!

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Firstly, my FUD meter is registering off the charts.

Secondly there is rule #10:

10. SFO is not a political forum. Please keep these issues away from here as they are nothing but flamebait.

I'm afraid I have to lock this.

I understand that there are serious issues with the EU, but SFO is not the place to discuss that.

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