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Proposal of forum changes


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I've grown dissatisfied with the forums as of late in terms of how things are organized and some of the rules we have set.

The current forum layout is based on the original pre-.net SFO forums, Arwing Landing, and on the forums I had on my site at one time. It's kind of a jumbled mess.

Of course I would take community suggestions before doing this, but here's the idea:

First, some things will be removed:

Gallery would be removed. No one uses it.

All extraneous forum themes would be removed (I would like to have a custom theme in a light and dark version).

Then, some re-organization (->= board ->->=child board):

Star Fox Online

->Rules and Announcements

->->Calendar Events

->SFO Discussion

->->SFO Archive

->Staff Office

->->Evidence Locker

SFO Fan Network

->The Lounge

->->Game Room (Formerly Rec Room)

->The Caucus and Pulpit Pub** See Proposal after this section

->Star Fox Arts (Includes all art forms except writing)

->Star Fox Fan Fiction

->General Works (Includes All Art Forms)


->General Star Fox

->Classic Star Fox

->Star Fox Cubed

->Portable Star Fox

->Wii're Star Fox (Will not be created until SF Wii Confirmation)

->General Video Games

Okay, now my proposal:

You may have noticed a new board on the list above, The Caucus and Pulpit Pub.

Firstly, I must admit that I have never been a fan of censorship, but some of the rules here promote it.

The Pub will be a board solely for Politics and Religion related posts. This board will have strict rules (including off-limits topics) that should be strictly enforced to prevent a flame fest.

Of course I will not implement this board without a consensus that it is an okay thing to do.

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Looks good, although I would recommend these changes:

The less sub-forums, the better, even if that means putting them at the highest teir. The exception would be the Evidence Locker.

What is the Game Room for if we have General Video Games?

Perhaps we could divide Star Fox games not by system, but by games themselves, so it would be like:


-> Star Fox

-> Star Fox 2

-> Star Fox 64

-> Star Fox Adventures

-> Star Fox Assault

-> Star Fox Command

-> Other (or "Fan Games")

And also, I would want to place Games above the SFO Fan Network, if possible.

I have no problems with the Caucus and Pulpit Pub, but there should be some kind of disclaimer on every page that pretty much anything can be said and to take offense is your own responsibility.

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The Game Room = The Rec Room. Forum games, silly pic threads, etc. I thought that name would be less confusing, but apparently I am wrong about that. We'll leave it called the Rec Room then.

As far as the SF game boards, I like the way they are now. The way you suggest is the way it is done at Arwing Landing, and there those boards only get like one new post a day if at all. I know our way isn't much better in that regard right now, but I am trying to avoid that. I want to wait until we can grow the community before dividing those. Right now I think our active userbase is not much more than 10.

Community growth is a whole different topic, which we do need to discuss.

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Hmmm, well there is not much we can do when there are not any Starfox games announced or when no one is really doing anything special on the boards... We'll see what we can do about that.

I would strongly advise against a politics and religious debate forum. No matter how well organized it is it will tend to make someone angry. Things will most likely get recycled and the same argument will be made over and over. You might get an initial spike of activity, but ultimately I think that might make some people leave. I believe those types of forums defeat the purpose of a forum... A forum is where you bring people together, right? I believe debating about religion and politics can do the complete opposite.

Video game politics always spark an interesting discussion, but I doubt that can really carry more than a week of activity.

I like the rest of your proposed ideas, DZ.

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I doubt a reorg will actually bring in new activity, but it's not a bad idea nonetheless. I see nothing wrong with what's been proposed. I might suggest splitting fan works into sub-fora of Fanart and Fanfic, respectively, just like at AL, but not if having fewer sub-fora is actually better, as dwight says.

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I am not relying on these changes to bring in members.

There are other, more important things, like lack of exclusive content and SFO not showing up until page 10 for a google search for "starfox".

If there are no strong cries of dissent, I will move this thread out into the public areas in a couple of days.

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Would trying to set up an interview with Dylan Cuthbert be considered a good idea for exclusive content?

Is there anything else we need to discuss before this hits the public boards?

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HELL YES! I was actually thinking about that. I just don't know how to contact him. But if you know, then that would help.

Maybe we could get questions like "Is Solar a star or a planet?" and "Is James McCloud really dead?" answered by someone with authority on the series.

Also, I think it would be neat to have the  community propose questions.

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Dylan Cuthbert. He was a programmer for the original Star Fox, and the director for Star Fox Command.

It'd be nice to interview Takaya Imamura as well. He is one of the very few people to have his name on all 5 SF games.

Miyamoto would be a Grand Slam. Heh.

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Oh, cool.

Just be sure to get someone level-headed enough to ask decent questions. Nothing worse than looking like a fat geek because you slobbered all over someone involved in creating the think you geek over.

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I'd was thinking of getting a community activity going...

Something that we could have members contribute to asking questions to be passed to Mr. Cuthbert and then the most sensible ones are asked. I suppose I could E-mail him, since I've had some luck getting in contact with him before, unless someone else wants to try. How does that sound?

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