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Game Types!


Pick your preferred game type.  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick your preferred game type.

    • Real-time strategy
    • First-person shooter
    • Adventure
    • STAR FOX!!!!!!!

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I bet it was Dwight.  :P

Alright, I confess. It wasn't me. I didn't not do it. I'm glad I didn't not do it. If I had the chance to not do it again, I gladly wouldn't.

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And so the double-negative culprit has been discovered.

Random afterthought: I've just listened to DZ Can't Sing Mario for the 1000 time.

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Options are too narrow. RTS should be changed to Strategy, FPS to Shooter. Fighting, Simulation, and RPG should be there for the increase in broadness and genres. Then again, this isn't official, so...

RTS and Star Fox (RAIL and RANGE).

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This poll was in need of MOAR options. I demand a redo. XD

YEAH YEAH! NEEDS MOAR! I likes ta fight! (Fighting games), then Star fox and maybe an occasional shooter.

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  • 1 month later...

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but this one was the only interesting one.


I had a thing for StarFox games like when I first joined SFO but now I kinda slid off towards games like FlyFF. But I still play Assault and the 64 version occasionally. Never tried Command yet but I am going to download it to my R4 asap. I'm also trying to get the SNES version of Starfox to work on my DS but the emulator is giving me crap and when I play the rom the screen goes white and I can only hear the menu music. :?;

Anyway RTS and Adventure are very fun.

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