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You know you've played a lot of starfox when....

The Green Fox

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1.) You assemble a paper air-plane put a toy frog/real frog

on it and send it zooming.

2.) Before giving someone advice you suggest

they do a barrel roll

3.) you look out into the sky expecting

to see arwings flying around.

4.) You start speaking in third person.

5.) You try to find pants that have an upside

down triforce on them.

6.) You start thinking that Slippy's

gal pal is actually good looking.

7. You wish that the Air Force would learn how to build an Arwing, just so you can join and fly one.

8. The Star Fox team has begun legal proceedings against you for wage and hour violations.

9. You become insane enough to actually start

a topic like this.

10. You suffer trauma when Peppy gets shot down.

11. You salute to General Pepper at every mission briefing.

12. You salute every time you see a fox or a bullfrog,

because technically, they're your commanding officers.

13.  You love birds, but go insane by looking at the falcon section because it says 'falco' on every page.

14. The levels start looking different

and the characters start talking to you.

15. You strap yourself to a model rocket and try to reach the Lylat system.

16. You've figured out that Fox Sr. really didn't die in a black hole but in the hands of andross, (explination, in the blackhole he went throught time

to the future and was captured by andross

17.  You find yourself walking around your house, talking with your (human)

family, and everything seems normal.  Then, you wake up and find yourself  in the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, and Fox McCloud Jr. sticks his head down  from the top bunk and asks, "Are you OK, Kid?"  Then, you respond, "Sure,  Fox, but I just had the weirdest dream . . .

18. You realize that ROB the Robot has suicidal tendencies,

and that the missiles didn't blow up the Great Fox, oh no,

ROB SELF DESTRUCTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why he refers

to the world as "crewl"

19. You become hyperactive and run around

the room pretending to dodge enemy attacks.

20. You stare at a frog and wonder why he hasn't

gotten into his space ship yet.  :slippy:

21. You read topics like this.

22. You visit a website like this.

23. You come up with your own character and

demand to Nintendo on customer service that he/she be included in the next game.

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