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The Rapture of Corneria


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:slippy: Warning to all of the people shorter than my knee: This is a violent RP. I am just warning off the bat. Little kid stuff is not my thing and my RPs are renowned on other sites for being...graphic in nature but good stories. :wolf:

Also, this RP is getting into a little bit of a religious realm. Hence the name rapture. So if you aren’t really into that whole thing, this might not be the RP for you.


The end is upon us. In a world of sinners, we are being punished for our own deeds. Our lives as we know them are being torn away from us by the very legs we stand on.

Armageddon is now...

The world is now left in shambles of what is once was, and the dark forces have risen to rule over the planet. The Rapture will be the end of it all. Lucifer is now awaken from Hell and is granted control over this world. The few who are still alive must survive this Hell on earth (Corneria) and live to see the next day. There is no absolute enemy that can be destroyed, there is no primary goal to be obtained, there is nothing but survival.

Summary: Ok, this is for the people not exactly up to date with the good book and everything. The Rapture is the event after Armageddon where Satan has rule over everything. The sinners of Hell are released with he demons to live on earth for 7 years. The people who have faith in God would ascend to Heaven while the sinners of hell must repent for their sins on earth. They are given a second chance so to say. However, the world is destroyed after Armageddon and these who fight to gain worth in God’s eyes are constantly thwarted by demons. These resurrected from Hell are in a constant state of fear.

The RP:

For this game I’ve changed a little bit to make for an interesting game. All of the mortal characters will be people who were once in Hell for whatever crime they committed. Now they are back on earth (Corneria) after Armageddon. Most of these people are in fact repenting for their sins yet still living in fear, others are still out of their minds and worship Lucifer and his new found power. But most, have taken up arms against there demonic foes and destroy them in the hopes of gaining penance for heaven. By killing the devil’s demons, they hope to gain a little worth for their souls. Characters can die. Which is why they are constantly in fear of demons. But many feel that because of their penance, dying might actually be a good thing, with thoughts of Heaven still in mind. Those who die and are still under evil influence will go to the opposite of Heaven...the Lake of Fire. These are all very real places.


Your characters are normal people who were once in Hell. They have all been sent there for one reason or another and are back for the rapture. Will they be one of those who now fight for God and slay demons for the hopes of Heaven? Or will they be among the insane who still damn themselves to the Lake of Fire?

I want people to join before I start the actual RP.

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*Puff cracks his knuckles as he releases a past character who died in a past violent rp... As I am also known for violence. Nice to see someone else in the same catagory*

Thats right, for those who know, Jon is back!

Name: Jon

Age: 18

Height: 6' 7"

Weight: 200 lbs

Build: Better than average

Species: Humanoid Timber Wolf

Hair: Gray, with white stripes

Eyes: hazel

Clothes: Camo Cargo pants Black muscle shirt, street shoes

Interests: To reclaim his life

Cause of Death: Killed by a group of survivors on a deserted island after crash landing there.

Cause for hellish banishment: Trying to eat those survivors on a cannibalistic spree (Read stranded RP)

Homeworld: Corneria

Weapon:  8" Bowie Knife

Jon awoke from his eternal slumber and nightmare from hell, literally. After eating some inhabitance from this island and having some other past incidents of cannibalism and murders, he knew why he was there but what he did not know. Was why he was here, back in life. Was given a second chance? Maybe, but hell was not his goal this time. Being burned, tortured, and stabbed to death more times than he count was not on his agenda. As it once was, hidden amoung the murders and "dinners".

He looked around and saw the same fire in the sky as in Hell. Demons flying over head and for once in his new pathertic version of his eternal punishment, he wasn't on fire or dismembered. His fur was not a burnt black as it always was, it was back to it's natural color of a nice even coat of gray. (creative huh?) Even his knife, which never left his side, was holstered in the leather pouch it was always in.

What... the... -I use bad words-? He mumbled as he rose from the ground to stand on his two feet. Knowing that this was his second chance at life, he wasn't going to fail by tarnishing it with more murder and death. He grabbed his knife and ran towards the first demon he saw....

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(Ok, looks like we're just going to start this thing. Anyone wants to join, do so but keep the basic RPG rules in mind, as well, keep true to the idea behind the RPG.)

Name: Vixx Marley

Age: 35

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 245

Species: Fox Humanoid (would you expect anything else from me?)

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Gray

Bio: Vixx lived a life of murder and drugs onthe streets. He was killed at the age of 35 in a drive-by shooting. In his life Vixx was a mob boss. And I'm not talking ganster G-unit kind of thing either. I mean, Italian style, pinstripped shit, tommygun kind of guy.

Life in Hell: Sent to the 7th circle for acts of violence. There he met two other murders whom he formed a truce with. During the Rapture the three of them stick together to help one another survive.

Life  in the Rapture: Vixx is still partners with those two wolves he met in Hell. He seeks out redmeption. To contradict his sinful life he has taken up a priesthood in a way. His allies call him Father Marley. He is among those who are fighting the demons in God's name.

(He really isn't a priest but he has taken the name as a sort of penence for himself.)

Ash blew into the wind, screams heard from every corner of his mind. Vixx entered this world of hate like all others. The skies above  him were shot with red and blood curtaling screams were all that was heard in the distance. These demonic forces, to him, were the reflection of his own life. Now he has taken up sword and gun to redeem his soul.

This city...this city is in ruins, but it is good enough a refuge as any other. There were two Tyran demons closing in on him and he was running out of ammo. The Katana he held on his side wasn't strong enough to pierce there armor and therefore, rended usless at the moment. He crouched behind a upo thrown piece of rubble, probably fallen from on of the many sky scrappers. He hid in the smoke filled city alone. No one was around. His only company were these two dark creatures, looking to destroy him. Where were the others? The two he met in damnation? He lost them when they were attacked and now he is fighting alone. He promised himself he'd find them again but for now...he had to deal with these two heathans.

He checked his rifle. It was a high powered assult sniper. "Damn it." Low on ammunition. There has to be an amory around here however. This was a war city. Weapons are at everyone's disposal. He had to act fast, they were closer.

(I'm going to submit a drawling of Father Marley as well as the numberous demon species I'm going to talk about. I guess I should start with these "Tyran demons" since I'm using them already. Feel free to make up any kind of creature weather it be demonic or devine. Plus, as far as weapons, we can have primitive as a sword, to advanced as something from Star Fox.)

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Name: Commander Sam

Age: 13

Species: Racoon

Bio: Sam is a bounty hunter who is rivals with Nitro but since this isn't mine, hes not in my RPG

Commander Sam jumped into the scene, took out a machine gun, and asked,"Who are you?"

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