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Here is a non Starfox short story that I wrote.

I woke up in my dark, cool den and stretched out my muscles. After I felt more awake I poked my head out the entrance and looked around. On some of the bushes tasty looking ripe berries were hanging. Oh, and there was a pile of soft leaves, that would be great for the den. I headed off to get some food and frolic through the meadows.

While I was lying in the fields of tall grass my ears perked up from sound emanating from the lake. I figured it was my friends so I grabbed my lunch and ran off. When I got there I jumped in and started swimming out to the small boat floating in the middle.

When the children saw me they squealed with delight “Sam!” Mr. Jones set down his fishing pole for a moment to wave to me. When I got to the boat they pulled me aboard, and all of them were about to embrace me when they stopped moving and smiling. Out of my mouth dropped the dead rabbit.

“What? You said we were having a picnic so I brought my lunch.”

“That is a dead rabbit,” Mr. Jones tried to inform me as if I did not already know this.

“I am a fox, I eat rabbits,” I stated simply.

For some reason the rabbit seemed to disgust Kelly and Brian and make Mr. Jones mad. I picked it up and set it down in the back of the boat where it would be out of the way. I could eat it later.

After a while everyone forgot about that whole incident and felt better. I went to the children and they hugged me, stroked my fur, and patted me on the head. It all felt very nice and reminded me of when I was a little kit and my parents would lick me and say ‘we love you Sam’.

“What kind of food do you human usually eat?” I asked.

“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!” Kelly and Brian shouted happily.

Kelly and Brian took small square shaped objects out from the lunch box. They each took one for themselves and set one down on the floor for me.

“Hey, yours is bigger,” Kelly whined.

Brian stuck his tongue out at her, “It is not.”

I looked at mine cautiously for awhile and then took a few small nibbles. The light brown substance in the middle was the best part. I asked what it was and the children told me it was peanut butter. Kelly offered me a lump of the stuff on a spoon and it tasted so good with its soft gooey texture. More please! Even though I was starting to feel very full, I continued to cram servings into my mouth until there was no more left. Then everyone started laughing at me for some reason. I checked my reflection in the lake and saw that I had peanut butter all over my fur; I had to admit that I looked pretty ridiculous and laughed too. I stuffed my face in the lake and shook it as hard as I could but this did not help. Brian took out a cloth and wiped the peanut butter off of me. The children joined me on the floor and we spent a long time lying on our backs looking up at the clouds as they floated past overhead.

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Here is a poem I dedicated to my graphics card:

You lie there motionless

Dead as a doornail

Then the electricity comes

Thes sweet necatr you devour so ravenously

You spring to life

Your cooling fan becomes a blur over your oversized coper heatsink

It's time to go to work

Data gushes through your pipelines

The triangles come and you fill them just as fast

Famous artists can take months to create beautiful paintings

You can put out sixty in one second

You're getting hot, but don't care

Shiny cars,rough skin,translucent water

Nothing is beyond your power

Anti-anilising and full bloom are the icing on the delicious cake you bake

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