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Quest for the Tribes

Guest Derra

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WARNING! This RP is going to have a bit of mild language. Curse words that are allowed: damn, dammit, crap. That's it. No exceptions.

WARNING! This RP is open for anyone who knows how to RP properly. I mean those good old fashioned Para Role Players, not some person who uses poor grammar like this:

I look through some binoculars and spot _____.

No.... That is not how I roll. Third person perspective! Like this:

Derra looked through the binoculars handed to him, looking at _____ from a distance.

WARNING! The Number of people who can join is not limited.

WARNING! Rules are simple... I expect some people who can spell. I expect a two paragraph minimum [Five max] to posts, and each paragraph has a 3 line minimum [seven Max]. You will be warned three times before removal. Also, as always, the RPG Rules for this Forum are applied here.

WARNING! Kissing is allowed. But do not put it on a sexual level.

WARNING! I need a person to play Krystal. If interested, state you will control her in your post.


The year is 3210 A.D. and deep in the Lylat System was the planet Cerenia is at its prime. Cities are abundant, ships fly over the atmosphere, and the streets are done in a somewhat Aztec style. Children had fun playing and learning, work was not as harsh, there was no currency, and there was no sickness. Everyone lived to be at least 300 years old. Everything seemed peaceful.

There were seven tribes, all masters of their main element:

The Zabra Tribe, masters of Electricity.

The Tsouna Tribe, masters of Water.

The Terra Tribe, masters of Earth.

The Magru Tribe, masters of Fire.

The Gustria Tribe, masters of Wind.

The Lyghte Tribe, masters of Light.

The Necra Tribe, masters of Shadow.

Cerenia was ruled by the Templa, a high order of people who knew every known fighting style in Cerenia. The members included:

Krystal, from the Lyghte Tribe.

Czervik, from the Necra Tribe.

Hurume, from the Gustria Tribe.

Tren, from the Magru Tribe.

Sidran, from the Terra Tribe.

Qau, from the Tsouna Tribe.

Wren, from the Zabra Tribe.

These men and women upheld the law, and were known as Templars. Each Templar started their reign at ten years old and left their seat when they died. Each was a child of Royal Blood. And they held peace through the land.

But all peace would soon end. Cerenia was raided, destroyed, and the tribes scattered throughout the galaxy and universe in an attempt to escape, never to be seen again.

Until one day, on the planet Sauria, the Templar Krystal decided to join Team StarFox. She talked to Fox McCloud, their leader, to see if they could track down any remaining Cerenians. But when Fox found himself too busy, the Templar took things into her own hands, stealing an Arwing and setting out to Sauria to get away from things for a while. She did not know that she'd encounter a member of her tribe...


Derra was grunting as he climbed a tree on the lush planet Sauria. As he grabbed a coconut, he fell out of the tree, groaning in pain. He smiled though, as he raised the coconut with triumph to... no one. He took it and broke it on a rock, the boy soon drinking some of the milk from it. He then got a piece of the meat, his green fur along his mouth now white. He was only fifteen, and one of the few survivors of the Lyghte Tribe. His markings were the same as the Templar Krystal, who ruled over Cerenia years ago. But his were red, so they'd show, because his fur was green. He was about fifteen years old, a bit young to be out on his own. But he had to, to survive. He knew there was another tribe member on this planet, but he had not seen her for a good while now... and he did not make himself known to her, for fear she'd hurt him.

That was when he heard the loudest scream in his life. Peeking from the bushes, he saw an odd object emitting the scream. Fear overwhelming him, he dashed off to hide. He soon ran into another tree from being in such a rush, and from not watching what he was doing.

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Nuki was walking through the woods, he always hated everyone even people from his own tribe. His 2 older brothers were both from different tribes, but they still liked eachother, Nuki always tought they were weak, he was only 16, but he made a deal to someone that even the rest of the Necra tibe tought was too evil...Murderon....A dark demon, Nuki made a deal to let the demon posses him, Nuki was a black and yellow striped poison frog, his eyes were black and his pupils are white, Czervik told him that he made a terrible mistake by letting the demon posses him, but he didnt care what he said, he never cared what anyone said.

(There I tried)

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OOC: I could try and play Krystal, if it helps.

Kasovek sat under a tree, enjoying what little shade it had to offer. He'd been stuck out here for a few months now, having crash landed due to a faulty engine. The ship's wreckage lay strewn out in a one hundred foot long swath of charred earth only about half a mile from where he was now. Kasovek had managed to scratch out a living, but so far hadn't seen anything that would help him repair the ship. The few dinosaurs he had encountered were relatively friendly...most of them, anyway. Tehy had shown him what was good to eat and what wasn't, and what to NOT go near. He flinched as he remembered when he struck that weird plant shaped kind of like a pod with a rock he threw. The damn thing exploded and almost deafened him, not to mention burned his back good, which still smarted. He occupied himself with listenening to the waves of the ocean roll back and forth for the time being.

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As Nuki was walking through the woods he saw the trees bent and twisted, the ground was weird colored, Nuki knew he was getting close to where he had to find Murderon.

"Hhhmmm" Nuki said softly to himself "This should be interesting"

As Nuki continued, he saw strange creatures, they looked like the creatures that he used to saw, but possed by something. Now Nuki was sure he was getting close.

"Soom...." Nuki said to himself. "Soon, the world shall be like this..."

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Kasovek growled, sitting up. He was starting to get hungry again, and eating the fruit that grew on the trees around here was starting to get a little old. He noticed a strange looking creature in the sand. It looked like a cross of a dinosaur and a crab. He licked his chops, looking for a rock. Eventually he found one, roughly the size of his head. After digging it out of the sand, he checked to make sure the little critter he was going to have for dinner was still there. Surely enough, it was, sniffing around in the sand. Grinning, he picked up the rock and began to sneak around behind it. After that, he began moving forward, raising the rock over his head. He was only three steps away from his intended meal, when it noticed him, and spat a greenish slime in his face. At first, he felt nothing, then his eyes started burning like someone was gouging at them with a knife. Yelling, he threw the rock aside, accidentally squashing another one of the creatures as he blindly made his way to the ocean water. He dove in, scrubbing furiously  at his eyes.

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Nuki found a strange Altar, it had a table with a few candles on it, it was on top of a pile of skeletons.

"This must be it" Nuki said to himself.

Nuki saw a strange book on the table as well as a note next to it, the book was black with a skull on it, and chains on it. Nuki read the note, it said "Read the 1st page on the book, it shall summon me when you need me once again."

Nuki took the chains off and read the first page, he read the words, but nothing happend, so he read them outloud as a chant to see if it would work.

"Ne wa ma la, she nak, vuck mok to vol, ro we may sha na" He chanted

As he chanted he saw a portal appear, he continued to chant untill there were no more words on the page.

Then when he stoped he saw something coming out of the portal. The creature was tall and thin like Nuki, it head was shaped like a frog as well, it was completly black in color with red eyes, it had a long sharp tail and long sharp claws, they too were colored completly black. The creature opend its mouth revealing sharp yellow colored teeth, then it spoke.

"Greetings mortal I am Murderon, are you the one you summoned me?" Murderon asked Nuki.

"Yes I am Nuki of the Necra tribe, I summoned you into this world, just like you have asked." Nuki replied. "Excelent.....As you might know I do not have my full strength so Im oing to remain in your body untill I reagain all my powers, and as a reward for summoning me I shall share my powers with you." After Murderon spoke he lunged towards Nuki, everything went black.

(I typed a longer one so I could get the hole possesing thing outta the way.)

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Kasovek lay flat on his back, soaked and groaning. His eyes had gone bloodshot, and were still very irritated from both the seawater and the green gunk the crustacean had blasted him in the face with. He rolled over and began to crawl back to his makeshift 'home', not able to see farther than ten feet in front on him, and that was when he was straining. Kasovek stopped groaning once he reached the forest, slowly making his way back. "At this rate...it's going....to...take...me...until...tom...arrow...to...get...back..." Shortly after saying this he collapsed, unconscious.

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(Revival time!)

Zane managed to survive rather comfortably in a cave on the fringe of Thorntail Hollow. His firey crimson red fur carried the mark of the Magru, but his bright, electric blue eyes said otherwise--Zabra. His grandfather was Magru and his presence lingered strong in his blood despite his parents being both Zabra. But it didn't matter anymore, they were nothing but simple musings now that everything he lived for was gone. Being 19 and with some training from school really helped him when it all was burned to the ground. First he wanted to go back and get revenged, but he quick learned that would never happen. All that mattered right now was getting the catch of the day from the waterfall.

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Nuki woke up, he felt different, he felt stronger then he used to be.

He got up and saw a puddle of water he looked in it and saw that he has changed.

His skin was now a dark purple, his eyes were orange with 3 white dots in them, and his hands and feet were orange as well.

"What....what happend to me" Nuki tought to himself.

"You and I are sharing 1 body, unfortunatly for me your will was stronger and your still in control, but now I have to keep you alive, cause if you died I will go down with you, And Im not going back to the underworld, never again. And before you ask questionns allow me to show you how I'll be able to help you." Murderon replied.

And after he finished talking Nuki began to change to short horns sprouted from his head next to his eyes (Hes a tall frog his eyes are on top of his head,  just incase you forgot).

Then a long sharp tail started to form with the end looking like a sharp needle.

his fingers and toes grew long sharp claws.

his eyes began to turn red and he grew sharp rottown teeth, with the bottom teeth larger (Similar to a ghoul in wow).

"What happend to me?" Nuki said to himself with his voice that used to sound weezy and sinister, to a mix from his and Murderons (Whos voice what deep and sinister).

"This is the first demon form, once my powers increase you shall be able to transform into many, many more." Murderon said

"Lets see what you can do with my powers." He countinued

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