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A Star Fox Christmas Carol


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Okay, don't get too excited. It's just Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol with the Star Fox characters. It's set during the same time period as the original story. Here's the story.

Chapter 1

Wolf O'Donnell and Pigma Dengar were partners in business for god knows how long. Pigma had been dead for less than a decade now, leaving Wolf as the only one left running the bank. But Wolf was not sensitive for this predicament, for he was the meanest, most heartless, cold blooded man ever to walk the Earth. Wolf walked into the bank one day, where sitting at his desk writing important documents was his loyal clerk, Fox McCloud. Wolf noticed it was unusually warm inside.

Wolf: McCloud! It's awfully warm in here! Have you been using my coal again?

Fox: S-sorry Mr. O'Donnell. I just could write very well in a cold room.

Wolf: If you worked faster you would keep warm that way! (Counts the coal by the stove) One, two, three, you've used 3 of them without my knowing!

Fox: Sorry again sir. By the way sir, can I take tomorrow off?

Wolf: What now?

Fox: Well, it's Christmas Day tomorrow, and, I'd like to be home with my wife and children.

Wolf: Christmas?! Bah, humbug! Crhistmas is just a pitiful excuse to pick an honest man's pocket every December! (Someone knocks on the door) Who's their?!

Wolf's nephew, John O'Donnell, entered the office. He was a young, cheerful young wolf with a smile on his face, and hardly a worry in his life. John was greeted his grouchy uncle.

John: Uncle Wolf! Merry Christmas!

Wolf: What's so merry about it? Whenever Christmas comes around, I'm always the man to be bothered by everyone in the whole town.

John: Uncle, it can't be all that bad. Christmas is a time for us to put aside our differences, and remember those less fortunate than us.

Wolf: I do remember those people. Remembering how stupid they were to not even think about making a profit. It would have saved their lives.

John: Most of them, around this time of year, would rather be dead than be poor.

Wolf: What does it matter if they die?! All that will do is decrease the population by a small portion! What is it you wanted this morning anyway John?

John: Well, I was wondering if you'd like to come over for Christmas dinner at my home this year. My wife would love to meet you.

Wolf: That pennyless dog? What do you even see in her?

John: It doesn't matter to me that..

Before he could finish his sentence, John was pushed out the door by his own uncle.

Wolf: Good afternoon nephew!

John: Uh, you too uncle. Merry Christmas Fox!

Fox: Merry Christmas master John. (The door closes)

Wolf: Now get back to work McCloud!

Fox: Y-y-yes sir! (Starts writing again)

Wolf went to his office to begin counting his gold coins, which was his most common hobby. Little did he know that this year there would be a Christmas he wouldn't soon forget.

Chapter 1: The End

Hope you like this one. I'm trying to use a combination of both novel and script style format.

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New chapter.

Chapter 2

While Wolf was in his office, in through the door came a pair of collectors for a charity fund (ROB and Katt). They asked Fox if Wolf was available.

ROB: Good day sir. Do we have the pleasure of addressing Mr. Dengar or Mr. O'Donnell?

Fox: Neither. Mr. Dengar died ages ago, and Mr. O'Donnell doesn't want to be bothered at the moment or he'll lose count of his gold.

Katt: Well, we're sorry to bother you then sir. Good afternoon. (They leave)

Wolf's Voice: McCloud, who was that at the door?

Fox: It was charity collectors sir. I had to send them on their way.

Wolf's Voice: Good riddens.

Fox: Please Mr. O'Donnell. For the last time, may I please have tomorrow off? Christmas is so important to my family.

Wolf: Hmm...Oh fine then! But not for more than 5 hours! I want you back here tomorrow by noon!

Fox: Oh thank you sir! You won't regret this!

Later that night, the bank was closed up for the evening. Wolf locked the front door just to be safe, and walked home to his mansion. The mansion was a glamorous, casual home. Just the type a rich man would live in. Wolf went to open the door, but the something strange happened. When he reached for the door knocker, it turned into a familiar face. A pig's face. One that seemed like it was alive.

Door Knocker: Wolf...Wooolf.......Wwwoooooolllllff...

Wolf: Ah!!

With such a fright, Wolf quickly went inside and slammed the door on his way in. The selfish myser walked up a case of stairs to his bedroom. He spent half an hour doing his usual business before he went to bed. Sitting by an open fire, eating a leftover chicken leg from downstairs. Afterwards, Wolf went straight to bed. Unfortunately for him, the ghostly voice he heard outside came back.

Voice: Wwwoooooolllllff...

Wolf: Just the wind. Nothing serious.

Voice: Wwwooooooooollllllfff..... (Wolf wakes up)

Wolf: What's going on?!!

Wolf was shocked to see a horrible sight. It appeared to be a vision of his former partner, Pigma Dengar.

Pigma: Wwwooooooooollllllfff.....

Wolf: I don't believe my eyes!! The...the ghost of my late partner....Pigma Dengar!!

Pigma: That's right Wolf. I came here tonight to warn you.

Wolf: Warn me of what?!! What are you talking about?!!

Pigma: I was just like you are today. Selfish, mean, greedy, but now look at me! I now forever wander the afterlife carrying chains of agony. It is on Christmas eve I suffer the most. If you don't become the man everyone wants you to be, you'll suffer just as I did.

Wolf: But Pigma, you were always a great business partner!!

Pigma: Ah, yes I was. I now realize the error of my ways. Tonight, you will be visited by 3 spirits. Do as they ask, or suffer the conciquences. Farewell!! (Fades away)

Wolf: Pigma! Pigma wait!! Don't go so soon!!

Chapter 2: The End

Hope you like it.

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New chapter.

Chapter 3

Wolf woke up in his own chair, as if nothing had transpired before him. He looked around expecting maybe to see Pigma's ghost, but found nothing. Only himself, and the contents of the house.

Wolf: This is ridiculous! I was probably hallucinating from eating that bad leftover meat. (Gets into bed) I better get to sleep. Christmas, such a humbug.

As Wolf was sleeping soundly that night, after a couple hours he heard a voice.

Voice: Wolf. Wolf. Wolf! Will you wake up already!! (Wolf wakes up)

Wolf: What?! What now!!

Standing before Wolf was a strange, middle age looking rabbit (Peppy), wearing a white robe and a halo hovering above his head.

Wolf: Who are you? Are you one of those ghosts Pigma said would show up tonight?

Peppy: I am the ghost of Christmas Past.

Wolf: Long past or..

Peppy: Yes, your past. I knew you were going to say that. Come with me and I shall show you something.

Wolf: How can you be real?

Peppy: Just touch my hand and follow me out the window.

Wolf: How stupid do you think I am? I'll fall from there.

Peppy: Not with me around you won't. (Grabs Wolf's hand)

Wolf: Whoa!! Slow down!!

The ghost took Wolf long with him as they floated over the now sleeping community. They came to a small school.

Wolf: Wait a minute.

Peppy: Do you remember this place Wolf?

Wolf: I remember it alright!! This is my old school from kindergarten to the fifth grade!! I could have found it with two bad eyes!!

The ghost and his overjoyed companion landed on the school's front yard. They looked through a small window wear a lonely male wolf pup sat at his desk catching up on his studies, while the other children had gone home for Christmas. Sadly yes, it was Wolf as a young boy, slightly sobbing to himself as he read through his mathematics text book.

Peppy: Remember this sad sight?

Wolf: It's...me....Father had me stay behind to catch up on my studies, when I wanted to be home for Christmas.

The young Wolf was greeted by a female sibling of his age. He knew her as his dear sister Tristan. The two of them were very happy to see each other, and greeted the other with a warm hug.

Young Wolf: Tristan!!

Tristan: Wolf!! I'm here to take you home!!

Young Wolf: But what about father? I thought he wanted me to catch up on my studies.

Tristan: Father's not the man he once was. I asked him if he thought I should bring you home, and said I most definitely should. There's a coach waiting outside for us. Come, let's go!!

Young Wolf: You won't leave me, will you sister?

Tristan: Of course not!! We're going home!!

The two of them happily boarded the coach and left for home. Wolf was happy to see a treasured childhood memory of his, but said for what the ghost had to say.

Peppy: She did leave you, didn't she?

Wolf: I know. At 23, she died during childbirth. Her offspring was my nephew, John. After she died, I strictly tol myself I'd never love anyone again.

Peppy: But you did love again. Remember?

The ghost took Wolf to the sky once more, this time to another familiar landmark in Wolf's past. Wolf and the ghost landed at what Wolf knew as Beltino Toad's accounting building.

Wolf: Hey now! I remember this place too! And there's old Beltino! So good to see the man alive again!

Beltino was writing something, when he suddenly stopped and got to the floor, with a joyous expression on his face.

Beltino: Enough writing everyone! No more work tonight! (Everyone stops writing) Bring out the music, it's time for the party!

Everyone started dancing along to the music from a pianist and a pair of violin players. Wolf saw himself yet again, this time in his late 20s. Wolf watched nervously waiting to find a dance partner. He found who he thought was the right one, a gorgeous young fennec with hazel brown eyes and a lovely smile. Her name was Fara Phionex.

Chapter 3: The End

Hope you like it. Christmas past is always the longest part of the story, so I'll have to use the space of 2 chapters to put it in. Hope you still like the story.

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New chapter.

Chapter 4

The young Wolf shyly walked over to Fara, as he mustered up the courage to ask her something.

Young Wolf: Uh, um, hello there. Do you...want to dance?

Farra: Of course Wolf! (They start dancing together in a formal way) You're rather light on your feet.

Young Wolf: Well, that's strange, considering it's my first time dancing with someone so beautiful.

Farra: Oh, you're such a gentleman as well.

Later that night, Farra and the young Wolf enjoyed a nice open fire. The two of them had grown attached to each other. Farra got herself comfortable as Wolf put her arm around her. Later the next day, Farra was waiting in a park, expecting Wolf to show up. Wolf finally showed.

Young Wolf: Farra!!

Farra: Wolf!!

Young Wolf: I just discovered the source of our future! Let me give you a hint of what it is. It's small, gold, and quite valuable.

Farra: You mean..

Young Wolf: It's a gold coin!

Farra could not believe what she just heard from Wolf.

Farra: Wolf, just, please, leave now.

Young Wolf: But why Farra? What's wrong?

Farra: I was worried about this. You love wealth more than you love me.

Young Wolf: You've got to be joking!

Farra: I'm not joking. (Hands Wolf a golden ring) Here, take this ring. I was going to give it to you just in case, but now you might as well us it to find someone else. Goodbye Wolf O'Donnell! (Leaves)

Wolf and the ghost watched as the scene came to a horrific close. The ghost was ashamed.

Peppy: How could you? How could you love your money and yourself rather than that sweet young woman?

Wolf: I..I....

Peppy: My time has passed Wolf O'Donnell. Farewell!

Wolf: Wait! Wait!!

The ghost disappeared into nowhere. Wolf woke up back in bed, befuddled to what happened.

Wolf: What's wrong with me. I'm practically seeing things.

Wolf heard another voice, this time with a slight Brooklyn accent.

Voice: Hey Wolfy boy!! Get your butt out here!!

Wolf came out of his bedroom to find standing before him was a blue feathered bird accompanied by a small, green skinned toad with an annoyingly high pitched voice. The two of them were clad in thick coats that looked meant for ice fishing.

Wolf: Who are the two of you? More ghosts I take it?

Falco: Gee, ya think. Anyways, I'm the ghost of Christmas Present.

Slippy: In case you don't know, he means what's happening right now.

Falco: Shut up. (Bops Slippy) Excuse my annoying companion. I couldn't leave him alone. We're here to show you how you're greed and cold blood has affected the lives of those today.

Slippy: You better do as he says. This is very important for you to see.

Falco: I told you to shut up! (Bops Slippy again)

Wolf: This better be as important as you say.

Chapter 4: The End

Hope you liked it.

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New chapter.

Chapter 5

The ghost and his companion brought Wolf outside to what appeared to be Christmas day.

Falco: Take a look. These guys see Christmas as a joyous occasion, not something to dread and hate.

Slippy: Not much for them to worry about at all. (Falco bops him)

Wolf: You're right. These people all look so....happy....

The trio came to a small house, which Wolf recognized as Fox McCloud's home. Inside the house, they saw Fox's family. His wife a gorgeous blue furred vixen named Krystal. She had just finished setting the table for Christmas dinner. With her was her 4 year old daughter named Kris. Kris looked very much like her mother, but had orange-ish hair like her father. The mother and daughter saw that Fox had come in through the front door, with his young son Marcus on his shoulder.

Fox: Honey, Kris, we're home! (Sets Marcus down)

Krystal: So glad you're back. How was Marcus on your walk.

Fox: Good as gold, as always. The choir boys in the local church were glad to see us. They said that because of Marcus's condition, they could remember those less fortunate than themselves.

Wolf and the ghosts watched as the McClouds sat down to dinner.

Wolf: Such a nice family, but, why do they have such a small meal?

Slippy: It's all they can afford with Fox in your employment. (Falco bops him)

Falco: Let me do the talking fly breath! I see it now. It makes me sick to my stomach. Over in the corner is where a chair where Marcus likes to sit after a meal. When I look at it further, it's sitting there by itself, and a crutch without an owner. If Marcus doesn't get the proper medical treatment and fast, he'll die.

Wolf: No! No!! It shouldn't happen to someone so young and innocent!!

Slippy: So what if he dies?! All that will do is decrease the population by a small portion!!

Falco: That's what you said yourself, isn't Wolf?!

Fox: You know, I think we should be thankful for Mr. O'Donnell. He's the one who provided this feast.

Krystal: Provider nothing! If he were here right now, I'd provide him with a piece of my mind!

Fox: But Krystal, everyone deserves a second chance. After all, Mr. O'Donnell isn't all that bad. He does provide me with a job.

Krystal: Well, alright, we'll make a toast, but for your sake Fox, not for his. A merry Christmas to Mr. Wolf O'Donnell.

Wolf: Not too popular around the modern household am I?

Falco: Come on. We gotta show you more.

The ghosts then brought Wolf to another familiar house. This one belonged to his nephew and his wife. In the house, John is enjoying the company of his wife and brother.

John's: How about a little guessing game? I give hints to who someone is, and you try to guess it.

Wife: Sounds fun!

John: Okay, first hint, he's cheep.

Brother: Uh, um, the blacksmith?

Wife: The tailor?

John: Okay, second hint. He's also selfish.

Wife: I've got it! Uncle Wolf!

Wolf: Cleaver little lady! I misjudged her.

John: Yes, but he's not such a bad man. I know that he has a soft spot for a few people like us.

Wolf: He's right...I do... Ghosts, thanks for showing me these things. I'm now a changed man!

Slippy: Not quite, for our time is up.

Falco: One more ghost will show you your future. (The ghosts disappear)

Wolf: Wait!! Wait!!

A massive blanket of fog rolled in, just as Wolf heard the town clock tower go off. The bells ringing meant only one thing. It was midnight. Wolf watched as a ghastly figure in a hood approached him. He knew very well who this menacing figure was. He was the third of the 3 ghosts.

Chapter 5: The End

Hope you like it.

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New chapter. Might be the last one.

Chapter 6

The ghost of Christmas Future (Andross) approached Wolf slowly. Wolf was terrified of the monstrous figure.

Wolf: D-don't tell m-m-me..You're the..

Andross: I am the ghost of Christmas Future. It is tonight that I show you how your soulless ways of the modern time will affect events yet to come. Look at your old office.

Wolf looked to see that his office had been all boarded up. The 2 charity collectors from earlier were talking to each other about why the office was closed off forever.

Katt: He's dead?! When did he die?

ROB: Last night, as I calculated.

Katt: And what about all his money? Who did he leave it to?

ROB: I could not calculate who, but I know for one thing he didn't leave me any of it, that's for sure. (The 2 of them leave)

Wolf: But how could this be? My....my....

Andross: Let's take a further look at what lies ahead, shall we?

With a swift swing with his scythe, the ghost bought him and Wolf to a spooky old grave yard.

Wolf: Where are we now?

Andross: Do you happen to see your clerk, Fox McCloud?

Wolf: Where is....Oh no...What's he doing at that....grave?

Andross: That is the grave of his beloved son, Marcus.

Fox shed a tear as he put a bundle of flowers on Marcus's grave. With a few small sobs, he left the area.

Wolf: This can't be....It shouldn't have happened...

Andross: I'm afraid so. Marcus has died shortly before you have. Unlike your death, that young boy's death had an emotional affect on many, many people. One that was ever so negative.

Wolf: Is there anything else I need to see here? (Hears the sound of shovels digging and follows the sound) Who are those men? Who's grave is that?

Three gravediggers (Leon, Panther, and Oikonny) had just finished digging a deep, dark grave.

Leon: There. Do you think it'll be deep enough for the old sinner?

Panther: I think so, but I wish we could have dug it much deeper than this.

Oikonny: Why should we waist our time on him anyway? We've got families to spend the holidays with.

Leon: While he didn't. He hated Christmas anyway.

Panther: Let's just go home. I'm exhausted doing this. (They walk away) Never have I dug so deep into the ground.

Wolf and the ghost looked at the grave.

Wolf: Spirit, were they talking about..

Andross: Yes they were. This is the grave of you, Wolf O'Donnell. There is a nice casket waiting for down there. If you no longer wish to endure such pain, then jump right in.

Wolf: No! I won't go! I'll do anything to prevent this from happening?!!

Andross: You know what to do Wolf!! You must change your wicked ways or face a tragic end!!

Wolf: I'll do it! I'll do it!! I'll do it!!!

Chapter 6: The End

Hope you like it. I guess it's not the final chapter after all.

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I like it. It's not too serious, just plain old fun. Keep it up.

Thanks. Do you think I made the right casting choices?

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Final chapter!

Chapter 7

Wolf woke up in his bed, perfectly fine, as if nothing had happened.

Wolf: I'll do anything!! What's going on? I'm back in my own bed? I'm alive!

Wolf burst through the shutters of his bedroom window, and saw just what he had seen via the ghost of Christmas Present. It was a bright and sunny morning with people in the streets, all cheerful and full of hope. Wolf questioned a young boy in the street below.

Wolf: You there! What day is it?!

Boy: What day? Why it's Christmas Day Mr. O'Donnell.

Wolf: Then I'm not too late!! I can still celebrate Christmas!! Listen boy, take this bundle down to the butcher shop! (Drops a bundle of money to the boy) Buy me the biggest turkey they've got! Tell them to send it to the McCloud home, but don't tell them who it's from!

Boy: Bless your sole kind sir!

Wolf quickly threw on his clothes, grabbed his coat, and ran out the front door. He was just on his way, when he bumped into a trio by mistake. As he got up, Wolf saw that the 3 individuals were the charity collectors he met yesterday, and his long lost love, Fara.

Wolf: Fara!! Merry Christmas!!

Fara: Something's wrong with you Wolf. Normally you'd order us to get out of your way.

Wolf: Not anymore. I'm a changed man. Seeing as how you're part of the local charity fund, here's some extra money. (Gives them a large sack of money) Make sure it goes to the right cause. Also, I was wondering if you could join me for Christmas dinner with my nephew.

Fara: If it means that much to you, than I'd be glad to!

Wolf: Trust me, you won't regret this! Merry Christmas to all!

With that, Wolf got back on his way. Meanwhile, the McClouds got a knock on their front door. Fox opened it to be greeted by the local butcher with a large turkey.

Fox: Oh! May I help you?

Butcher: Here's a nice fat bird for you! I could tell you who the sender is, but it'd spoil the surprise!

Krystal: This is gonna make a fine Christmas feast indeed.

Marcus: I bet I know who sent the turkey, Mr. O'Donnell. It's like father said, he can't be all that bad.

Later that day, Wolf paced impatiently back and forth in front of his office, wating for Fox to show up. Fox was running quickly to the office, and stopped straight in front of Wolf.

Fox: Sorry I'm l-l-late Mr. O'Donnell!

Wolf: Late again as usual McCloud. This time you're 10 minutes late.

Fox: I'm sorry sir, but I needed to spend the morning with my family and..

Wolf: Enough!! I won't stand for it anymore!! There's only one thing left for me to do.

Fox: I know sir, I'm fired.

Wolf: Who said anything about fired?! You, Fox McCloud are getting a raise!

Fox: A raise?!

Wolf: Why stop there, when you can have a promotion too! You now run part of the newly established

McCloud and O'Donnell Financial Aid Service! Not only that, but I want you to take the rest of the day off! It's Christmas Day today! Merry Christmas Fox!

Fox: Merry Christmas Mr. O'Donnell!

Wolf: Oh stop that! Just call me Wolf!

Later that night, John, his wife, and brother were enjoying a nice chat, when they heard a knock on the door.

John: Now who could that be? (Answers the door to find Wolf and Fara) Uncle Wolf! I thought you'd never come!

Wolf: I changed my mind John. I decided that I had the Christmas spirit in me all along.

Wife: So you're the infamous Wolf O'Donnell.

Wolf: That was the old Wolf. You're looking at the new me, who will live on forever no matter what. Now let's enjoy the holiday season! From now on, I'm going to help those less fortunate than me. Not just on Christmas, but every day of the year! (Everyone cheers)

And so, Wolf's lifestyle was changed for the best, for the rest of his life. He and Fox formed an unbreakable partnership. Marcus even got the right treatment to take care of his condition. Every year afterwards, in honor of Wolf, the man who funded his operation, Marcus clearly stated "God bless us, everyone!".

Chapter 7: The End

Dedicated to Len Carlson


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