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Jet Harrison and Corona Lee


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Here is some work I did that's not Star Fox related. It's about a young couple I made up named Jet and Corona.





Maybe I should have asked you guys if you liked the pictures.

Another thing, I think after my current Star Fox art project, I might do some more pictures of these 2.

Oh, and is it possible for me to re-name this thread, because if I submit more art for this thread, it might not have anything to do with Jet or Corona. You guys let me know.

EDIT #2:

Well, recently I got to work on a comic strip about Jet and Corona. When I submit, I'll have to give you a content warning, like we all do for artwork and stories we submit, Star Fox or otherwise.

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  • 2 months later...

I decided I'm not submitting that comic. It's rather.......steamy.....

Anyway, I've got something different.

Meet the new queen of the jungle!


I'll be honest, I still need to work on my coloring. Well, I might not. I might have made her feet too small.....Or did I?  :D Anyway, it's the same Corona I created ages ago, except she's battle ready, anatomically correct, and I think I gave her a much nicer outfit than before. The biggest problem I had was getting the lighting right. It's supposed to be a night scene, so now I'm beginning to think I should go back and put in a darker color for the sky.

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:P Alright!!! All I was doing recently was just showing you guys my latest picture. You probably hate it, like you do all my other works. Even this one, despite I made some small improvements, and I know I'll need to improve a bit further in future drawings.


Forget about what I said earlier. Maybe when I'm still working on future art pieces of Jet and Corona, I should write a story featuring them. Okay, here it goes. Mild language, just so you know.

Jet Harrison-The Shy, Sensitive Archaeologist-A story of world famous, run-of-the-mill archaeologist Jet Harrison, as he is given a job to explore Central Africa's jungles to find what may be an ancient city. Little does he know that there's a dangerous consequence waiting for him in the expedition.

Prologue: The Ancient Temple

Deep in the center of the Congolese jungle, there rest a mysterious temple, believed to have belonged to an ancient Swahili tribe. Many explorers from around the globe had tried to search for the temple, but none succeeded, as the temple was very difficult to find. The jungle that housed it was so thick that most people who looked for it got lost, and eventually left the area. Few were able to make it through the jungle and find the temple, but when they did, they disappeared mysteriously. It was because of these small incidents that different tribes across the continent feared the temple. African kings believed that it was cursed by the gods, or that a rogue tribe dragged the few explorers who found the temple inside, and used them for some sort of barbaric sacrifices. This may have been childish superstition. There were also rumors of the temple being just a small shrine where the natives often went to to find peace, and get away from life's troubles. This rumor was also believed to be false, because at times there were different members of the local tribe stood guard of the temple, one member would stand guard in the daytime, and another would fill in for that member during the nighttime hours. Both who stood guard stood sternly, determined not to let anyone else in the temple. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the temple was that it appeared to be thousands of years old. Today in modern times, the Royal Ontario Museum had recently taken great interest in the temple. The curator of the museum, Luther Fortune, was a shifty man with brown hair, a purple tuxedo, and a monocle over his right eye. He spoke with a strong British accent, and when the museum wasn't open, Luther spent most of his time in his office, with his "money". Luther came to the museum one day in his stretched out limosine, and admired the fine artifacts he had in his collection.

Luther: My, my, I do end up with only the best, don't I? After all, if I didn't get such rare and priceless relics of the past, I wouldn't be able to keep this museum open. 'Course, we won't be able to last much longer with the ticket sales we've been getting recently, which although they are good, they're not great. By my standards, income for this place should be through the roof! Once I get that much money, I can leave this..

Jet: Excuse me Mr. Fortune.

Luther: Wha..? Oh, yes, Mr. Harrison. Nice to see you today. In fact, I've been waiting for you to get here.

Jet Harrison was a spry young archaeologist, with spiky read hair, broad shoulders, a thin build, a black shirt, and green pants. He also sported a pair of hiking boots, and other equipment for various expeditions he took on. Jet was confident that there was nothing ancient he couldn't find.

Jet: So what do you need me to find today sir? Priceless jewels? An Aztec pyramid? Or some sort of..

Luther: No, nothing like that, dear boy. This one will be a...small task, in your opinion.

Jet: Well, what is it?

Luther: I need you to find me a lost Swahili temple in Central Africa. Knowing you, you've already heard the rumors.

Jet: Yeah, I have, and I don't give a da@# about what anyone says. There isn't a temple I can't find. When do you want me to go?

Luther: Oh, not too soon, dear Mr. Harrison. Just fly to the Congo.......immediately!!

Jet: Immediately?! I thought you said it wasn't so serious.

Luther: Did I say that? No, I made a mistake in my speech. What the he@# are you still standing around for?! Get too the airport and get to Africa this instant! Make sure you come back with an artifact of value!!

Jet: Yes sir!

Jet ran out of the museum as quickly as he could. He climbed aboard his waiting jeep, and drove for the airport. Back at the museum, something was on Luther's mind, and it wasn't very pleasant. It dealt with the most evil things he could do to get what he wanted.

Prologue-The End

The story will really begin when I get the first chapter up, which might be soon.

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Here's where the story starts off.

Chapter 1: Captured

Jet guided his plane over his destination. He had a hard time looking for a place to land his aircraft, but he had very little luck looking for a spot. His plane had floats, so Jet settled with landing in a nearby lake. As soon as he shut off the plane, he tied it to a nearby tree, got out, and made his way to shore. Some nearby crocodiles followed him, until he noticed them. From nearby in the bushes, a pair of blue eyes watched Jet as he kicked at the crocks to fight them off. The eyes appeared to be human, and were quite angry at what they saw Jet do next. Jet took out a long blade and chopped through branches to get through the jungle. The eyes turned to an accompanying pair next to them, and voices were heard in some sort of African language, one of which was female, the other must have been a man.

Voice #1: *Did you see what that man was doing?*

Voice #2: *Unacceptable! He's just like the others I saw come here. He cares nothing for our ecology, and wants to destroy it.*

Voice #1: *What should we do? Today he violently tears through our fauna, tomorrow he digs up the ground, just like the others did.*

Voice #2: *We'll have to tell King Maka. He'll know what to do.*

Voice #1: *I agree. My father must know immediately.*

The pairs of eyes ran off the moment Jet turned to the sounds of the voices.

Jet: Was someone following me? Or were they watching me? Forget it.

Jet proceeded even further for another couple of hours, until finally he reached the temple. The temple was a dark brown, almost the same color as baked clay. Two torches were also lit on both sides of the door, mainly because night was coming.

Jet: Finally I found it! (Steps closer but nearly gets hit by a spear) Whoa!! (Looks up and sees a native woman with a yellow bikini type outfit with a black pattern, red markings on her cheeks, arms, legs, and a long head of black hair)

Corona: Stop where you are!! That was a warning shot! One more step and you will pay!

Jet: I didn't come here to hurt anyone, I was just here to enter the temple! I've done nothing wrong!

Corona: I saw what you did earlier before you made it here. You hurt some innocent animal life, killed some plants, and other things that would hurt our land.

Jet: Well, sorry about that, but the incident with the crocodiles was self defense, and chopping through those branches is what anyone would have done to find this place. Haven't you had to do something like that before?

Corona: Yes....I'm sorry I made such false accusations..... (Walks up to him and stops) There's something I wish to tell you...

Jet: What's that? (She knocks him out) ARGH!!

Corona: That you outsiders will not do anymore damage!

Corona turned her head back, cupped her hands over he mouth, and cried out like some sort of tropical bird. Two tribesmen came out and followed her back in the temple, carrying Jet in with them.

Chapter 1: The End

I guess Jet is rather easily seduced. What will happen to him, the next chapter will tell that.

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This time you, me, and Corona will see that Jet's a much more caring person than they thought.

Chapter 2: Sacrifice

Jet woke up hearing thousands of voices around him. They sounded angry, at him. Jet observed his surroundings and saw that he was tied to some sort of steak in the ground, in the center of a large rectangular pit, which was lined with marble. A loud gong was rung, and a middle aged tribesman wearing a red robe stood overshadowing Jet from a nearby stand in front of him.

Jet: What in god's name is going on here?! Why the he@# do you have me tied up?

Maka: I am King Maka IV of the Swahilis. You have enraged us with the activity you've been involved in.

Jet: What's wrong with a little archaeology?

Maka: This archaeology you speak of, does it happen to involve chopping down our trees, or tearing up our soil?

Jet: I only cut through a few branches, and that's because I need a way through!

Maka: There were many other men who came to our country and did similar things that you did. They starting deforesting the jungle, and tearing up the ground with these monstrous machines. We believe you are in league with them.

Jet: ("Construction? Could there be land development going on here?") Wait! I wasn't involved in any of that!

Maka: You lie!! There is only one thing we have left as punishment for someone as evil as you!! Release the cheetahs!!

The same gong that summoned Maka was rung again. This time it was followed by 4 gates, one in each corner of the pit, opening up. Out of each gate came a hungry cheetah. Corona, who was sitting next to Maka's throne, grew horrified at what was happening. Jet was being sacrificed.

Jet: Oh da@#$%! I like cats, but this is too much! (The cheetahs lunge at him, but he breaks the steak out of the ground and ducks, making them collide) Now to get the he@# out of here!!

Jet ran for one of the gates, but all 4 of them were closed. One of the cheetahs charged at Jet, and tried to rip him open with it's claws. The wild cat only succeeded in tearing Jet's shirt, and ironically cutting him loose. Jet was then lunged at by all of the cheetahs, yet again. He struck each one aggressively, knocking them away. The sacrificial victim then went to climb out the pit, made it to the top edge, but was followed by one of the cheetahs. The crowd ran away in panic from the cats, and then Jet heard Corona screaming for help. She was pinned down by one of the other cheetahs.

Jet: Oh my god!! Hang on!! (Kicks the cheetah off her and helps her up. The other cheetahs run away as Jet takes a look at Corona to see if she's hurt) Are you okay?

Corona: *panting* I'm fine *panting**panting* now *panting**panting**panting* thank *panting**panting* you..

Jet: Not quite. You're bleeding! One of those crazy-a@# felines went at your ribs!

Jet cleaned off the blood from Corona's cut with a wash cloth he had in his pocket. Then he wrapped some bandages around her injury. Some tribal warrior were ready to attack Jet, but Maka stopped them.

Maka: Stop!! This man saved my daughter. He came to her in her moment of need.

Jet stood up with Corona, and was cheered by the whole tribe. This made him feel proud and beloved, but then a little bit nervous as Corona held onto him and snuggled into his shoulder. It became quite clear that she was falling in love with him.

Chapter 2: The End

I told you they'd see that sort of thing. I'll have a third chapter up soon.

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This third chapter will introduce you to the ancient city.

Chapter 3: Shabooloo

Corona gave Jet a little tour of the large city. Jet looked around amazed at what he had seen outside the cheetah pit. It was an occupied city well hidden from the outside world.

Jet: This place is amazing. Where am I anyway?

Corona: You are in the ancient city of Shabooloo. Swahilis built the city 5000 years ago as a place of living. Even to this day many of us still occupy the city because we don't want to keep up with the modern world.

Jet: I think I've got it figured out. The guys your father told me about are either construction workers, or a mining company. I know you said I hurt innocent animal life before I came when I fought those crocks, but what about the cheetahs? Your father had them locked up and they were let loose to try and kill me.

Corona: I know, and I'm ashamed. The gods had forbidden human sacrifices since 2000 B.C., but when the evil ones came, father willingly re-declared the rule of feeding outsiders to the cheetahs. Thankfully your the only one to come since that declaration.

Jet: Thank god! You didn't want me to be brought in, did you?

Corona: No I did not, but father commanded it.

Jet: By the way, I didn't ask your name. My name's Jet Harrison.

Corona: I am know as Corona Lee, daughter of Maka Lee IV. Father plans to retire in 10 years and set me up as queen. It's a royal tradition. Why have you come to our city Jet?

Jet: A man where I come from named Luther Fortune told me to look for this place, and come back home with an artifact from the city. I guess now that would be pointless, since this city has been lived in ever since it was built. Plus, I wouldn't want too many people knowing about this place.

Corona: Thank you. I've always wondered what it would be like for me to travel to outside places. The only places I've ever visited are here, and the jungle outside, and I've been there many many times.

Jet: Say, do you....wanna take a walk in the jungle?...

Corona: Of course, don't be so shy.

Later that evening, Corona went with Jet on a small walk. There was a time where Jet, wanting to do something nice for Corona, picked her a small fruit. Corona appreciated it, but told him he didn't have to bother. After about half an hour of walking, the two friends sat on a nearby hill and watched the sunset.

Corona: I had a wonderful time today. Thank you.

Jet: You're very much welcome.

The 2 new lovers leaned into each other affectionately. Jet had overcome his shyness of the beautiful princess, and had developed the same feelings she had for him. All of a sudden, a cheetah jumped out from behind them and pinned Jet to the ground. Unlike the cheetahs back in Shabooloo, this one wore a blue bib, as if someone put it on so they could tell who the cheetah was.

Jet: AHH!!

Corona: *No Lucius! Get off him! He's a friend!*

Lucius was the cheetah's name, and when he heard Jet wasn't a threat to Corona, he merely licked his face.

Jet: Hey now! Ha ha! Get off me! Ha ha ha ha! Stop...Ha ha ha!..licking me in the face! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Lucius got off, walked over to Corona, snuggled her and purred. Corona responded to the cat's loving sounds by snuggling back and petting him.

Jet: Why do you know this cat so well? And how come you named him?

Corona: I keep him as a pet. He accompanies me whenever I go out in the jungle, and sometimes pounces me like that to be playful. I adopted him when he was a cub, and since then he's been a strong part of my family.

Jet: Uhh.....yeah..... ("He is sweet though.")

Chapter 3: The End

I know, I know, the third chapter was too love related, but the next one will go back to the story's serious plot.

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This chapter will introduce the problem the Swahili tribe in Shabooloo is facing.

Chapter 4: The Anti-Environmentalists

Jet and Corona, and Lucius were walking back to Shabooloo. On the way, they stopped when Jet heard something next to them.

Corona: What is it?

Jet: I think I know what it is, and I won't like it. Neither will you.

Jet peeked through the bushes and saw the horrific sight Maka said he had earlier. A construction crew was at land development work. Loggers were chainsawing down the trees, excavators were digging up the Earth, and other workers were using dynamite to blast away rock. Their foreman was a big, mean, bumbling man named Dick Scott, barking out orders to the other workers.

Dick: You there!! Quit laying down on the da@# job and get that cement truck ready!! The excavators have already gotten the hole the right shape for the pool!! Loggers, get those trees taken down on the double!! Mr. Fortune wants this land ready for the new super hotel he's got planned!!

Dick looked up as a white helicopter air ship landed on some trees, crushing them beneath it's bulk. Luther got out with a pair of sunglasses and a martini. He asked Dick how the project was going.

Luther: Mr. Scott, how is the construction going?

Dick: A bit slow today sir. We still have a lot of hard rock to blast through before we can get the base ready for the lobby.

Luther: Well hurry up then!! As for the hole for the pool, make it larger!! I want this to be the largest single hotel ever built, spanning at least 3/4 the size of the whole da@# savanah!! When It's finished, I'll go down in history for making the biggest land establishment with a single building. I'll be bloody rich!

Jet: I knew something was up with this expedition. We gotta get back and warn the city, right Corona?

Corona: Lucius!!

Lucius had run out to try and frighten away the workers. Even Luther and Dick were backing away at the angered jungle cat. Luther drew a gun and took aim at Lucius.

Luther: Uhh...It seems a local beast has come out to play some games...Back away before I skin you and make you into a rug!

Corona: No!! (Jumps out and gets her spear ready) *Drop your weapon, and don't you dare hurt Lucius!!*

Dick: Speak English lady! I don't understand any words in......sexy African gal language!

Jet: Wait!! Don't hurt her either!! (Steps out) Mr. Fortune, she just isn't used to seeing people like us, and neither is her...pet here. (Calms Lucius by scratching his ears)

Luther: Pet? She keeps this blood thirsty alley cat as a pet?

Dick: I think she's got a nice set up sir. She's got everything a lady wants. A sexy body, spunk, and she can have herself an exotic pet without spending a dime.

Corona: Exotic pet?

Jet: I'll tell you what it is later. (Gets an idea) You know, Mr. Fortune, uh..you, you guys need to take better care of your machines. (Walks up to a bulldozer) Look at the dozer for instance. (Sneaks a small rock sliver into it's piston) It could break any minute. It hasn't been working this hard in ages. Start it up again!!

The driver of the dozer did so, and when he tried to adjust the plow, it broke down instantly. Everyone was surprised, although the workers laughed uncontrollably until Dick was irritated.

Dick: Shut up!! It wasn't that funny!! Shut down these machines and do a quick maintenance check! Get back too work if everything's okay afterwards!

Jet: Well, I'll be seeing you later Mr. Fortune, goodnight. (Walks away with Corona and Lucius)

Corona: How did you do that? You're not a god or anything.

Jet: Sabotage. I did it to slow them down while I think of another idea.

After a while, Dick and his crew had finished checking their machines.

Dick: We've checked all the machinery and explosives Mr. Fortune, and everything's good.

Luther: Well get them back to work then.

Dick: Sorry sir, but the maintenance check took longer than expected. It's time for us to call it a day.

Luther: You said..

Dick: Even I can be an a@#hole at times, but if I work these guys too hard, they'll walk out on me. Everybody be ready for tomorrow!! We'll see if we can get more done tomorrow!!

The workers all packed up and went back to their tents. Luther grumbled to himself as he crumpled the blueprints in frustration. The greedy miser had a feeling that Jet was up to something.

Chapter 4: The End

It seems things are getting more difficult for Luther. Knowing him he'll come up with something irrational that will bother the Swahilis.

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A little update on this thread, art wise. I've started a new picture of Jet and Corona, but it may not be finished for a while. Till then, enjoy the rest of the story.

Chapter 5: Zallah

Jet, Corona, and Lucius returned to the entrance of Shabooloo, and went the same way they did to exit the city, only in reverse. The two of them walked down what seemed to be one and a half miles of stairs, and came to the mouth of the city at the start.

Jet: Corona, since Shabooloo is such a big city, how is it kept completely other than the entrance?

Corona: Look up. (They look up) In case you did not notice before, the city is covered over top with a large ceiling, with a few openings to let in the sun and moonlight. Above that is 10 feet of Earth, topped with more jungle. The trees help to make sure that we still get rain water, and that no one besides us or you can see where we are.

Jet: Wow!

The 2 friends came to Maka's palace, where Corona was going to say good night to Jet, but they were stopped. The man stopping them was a tall, muscular man with short hair, a spear, and a shield, meaning he was a warrior.

Zallah: You! Leave princess Corona alone this instant! An outsider like you have no right to a relationship with someone as wonderful as her.

Jet: And just who are you?

Zallah: I am Zallah, King Maka's most trusted warrior. The king and the rest of the tribe may trust you with his daughter, but I do not.

Corona: That's enough out of you Zallah! *How dare you treat Jet after he's been so kind and helpful to me! If it wasn't for him today, I would have been killed!*

Zallah: *I was there too! I could have saved you by killing that cheetah with my bare hands!*

Corona: *You always resort to violence, and you are my father's most trusted warrior?! You don't even care about what happens to anyone besides yourself!* Goodnight Jet.

Jet: Goodnight Corona.

Corona walked up with Lucius to her home. Jet and Zallah gave each other an angry stare before they left. Meanwhile outside, Luther was lurking around where Shabooloo's entrance was. The aggressive billionaire waited until Jet was out of sight, took out his cell phone, and spoke into it. Dick was on the other end.

Dick: Mr. Fortune, are you there?

Luther: Yes you ignorant ba@#$%d, of course I am. It appears Mr. Harrison actually found the ancient city I told him too, and the girl is that tribe's princess. The next time she goes for her little jungle walks, you need to follow her, grab her, and get out. Harrison made a fool out of me tonight, but tomorrow I will expose him for what makes him so easy; His affection for Ms. Lee.

Chapter 5: The End

The next chapter will get Jet into a serious situation. Wait until I post it!!

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Let's have things get harry here.

Chapter 6: Kidnapped

One morning, Corona was giving Jet another little tour of Shabooloo, this time of something he hadn't seen before. She led him into a dark hallway, in which he couldn't see a thing.

Jet: Why are we here?

Corona: This is a special place to me, and the rest of the tribe. Father wanted you to see it too.

Jet took out a match, and lit Corona's torch for her. The young archaeologist was almost speechless at what he saw. It was a hallway filled with hieroglyphics, telling many story's that concerned the tribe.

Jet: My....god....Where are we?

Corona: This is the sacred hall of prophecies. Each set of these hieroglyphics tells of events that will affect the tribe in the future. (Points to one that looks like Jet) It says that a stranger from a far off land with light skin will come, more like him will follow, and will be lead by an evil individual against us, but the main stranger is not like them. He wants to protect us and our home from the evil doers, by driving them away.

Jet: So what does...this.....Wait a minute! I could be from an ancient prophecy?!

Corona: It could be possible. You've already saved my life before, and that was a positive omen. Do you wish to....accompany me in the jungle again today?

Jet: Sure.

Later that morning, Jet and Corona were getting into another of their tender romantic moments. Jet was sitting down, and Corona sat in front of him between his legs. Corona was enjoying it, until she remembered something she heard one day from Zallah. She remembered walking in the jungle a couple years back, and asking Zallah about men.

Corona: Zallah?

Zallah: Yes your majesty?

Corona: I am almost 18 years old, and I have been thinking about marriage. Do you think I will be fine as a married woman?

Zallah: It will be impossible to find the perfect man for you. Pretty much all men do nothing with women but lust over them. I tend to be that way, as much as I hate to admit it.

Remembering Zallah's words from a long time ago made Corona grow concerned.

Corona: Jet? Are you lusting after me?

Jet: Of course not!

Corona: Then why are you holding me so close to you?

Jet: Uh, because...you sat down in front of me? (Corona gets up)

Corona: You saved my life and acted so affectionate to me, just out of sheer lust?!

Jet: What?!

Corona: I don't even care that you saved my life before anymore!! (Runs off crying)

Jet: Wait!! Corona, wait a moment!! ......*sigh* I was afraid of this.

Corona ran off until she was far away from Jet. Now she felt regret for misunderstanding Jet. She went to go back, but was grabbed by the arm, and started screaming for help. The beautiful young lady struggled and tried to fight off her kidnappers, but they overpowered her. Jet followed her screams, but couldn't hear her anymore because she had been gagged, tied up, and put in the back of a jeep that carried her off.

Jet: (".....Oohh, sh@#.")

Chapter 6: The End

I know some of you would prefer Corona as more of a tomboyish warrior princess, but I had to do something to make the story more dramatic.

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Mr. Harrison, time for you to take a little rescue mission.

Chapter 7: Dangerous Rescue

Jet returned in shame, shame for what had happened to Corona. He told Maka of what had happened.

Maka: How could this happen?!

Jet: I don't understand what was wrong with her. We were having such a good time, then she thought I was lusting after her and ran away in tears. I wouldn't lust after her!

Maka: It must have been something she had heard at a younger age.

Jet stopped with Maka to think about what the reason could be for Corona's emotional outburst, which ironically led to her capture. Then Jet noticed Zallah was walking away shyly out of the room. Jet furiously grabbed Zallah by his shoulders.

Jet: You ba@#$%^!! It's your fault!! You're the one I know who most likely told Corona some disgusting lie about me that broke her heart!! What was it?!!

Maka: Mr. Harrison!! Please control yourself!!

Zallah: The outsider is right your highness!! (Jet releases his grip) It is my fault Princess Corona is so upset. I told her a couple of years ago that most men do nothing but lust after women, but I didn't know the outsider, I mean, Jet, was that kind of person.

Jet: Well now look at what it's gotten both of us. We don't even know who took her, and we don't know what they'll do to her. So I'm going to look for her.

Maka: No! It's too..

Jet: I'll be fine. I just need to take Lucius with me. And you Zallah, are going with us!

Zallah: Very well then. It shall be my duty to serve the Swahili royal family in such a manner.

The very next day, Jet, Lucius, and Zallah set off from the entrance of Shabooloo, and came back to Jet's plane. They took off to do an areal search. Meanwhile, Corona was just waking up, still tied and gagged. She looked around, not knowing where she was. The room she was kept in was dark and made of metal, meaning she might have been in some sort of facility. Corona remembered the argument she had recently with Jet, and shed a tear of regret. Then she heard a quick hissing sound. A sound that she was terrified of, because she knew what it meant. There was a snake with her in the same room. It was caged in front of her. Corona began to panic, and started screaming again, trying to break free, but she was tied to a pipe behind her. She continued to scream in panic, then started screaming for help again, but it wasn't any good. No one would be able to hear her muffled screaming.

Chapter 7: The End

I haven't quite decided what to say it is where she is. Maybe it's an abandoned building. You'll find out in the next chapter.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here's another picture I just finished. http://transformerrobot.deviantart.com/art/Fun-at-the-beach-80838606-WARNING! Passionate, but not in an "inappropriate for the forums" way.

Here's the next chapter of the story.

Chapter 8: Emergency Landing

Back at the facility where Corona was being held, she continued screaming for help, terrified of the snake that was in front of her. Corona stopped screaming when Luther came in, and stared at her.

Luther: Please my dearest. Allow me. (Un-gags her) Now how about I ask you a few questions?

Corona: You'll never get away with this! My tribe will drive you out of this country, and make sure you never come back!

Luther: They will do no such thing! Speaking of which, I already knew you were from the Swahili tribe in Shabooloo, based on the markings around your waist. I've know for many years now that the tribe has a sacred tradition of the heir of the throne having those markings painted on their waists, even when they get washed off for certain reasons.

Corona: What are you going to do with me?

Luther: If you don't lead me to Shabooloo, I'll burn down the jungle!!

Corona: *gasp*

Outside, Jet, still in his plane, spotted the mysterious building where Corona and Luther were, not knowing that that's what it was. He decided to land the plane and investigate. When he landed, Zallah and Lucius got out with him. The trio slowly walked up and stood against the wall outside the building. They heard Luther talking to Corona about forcing her into revealing Shabooloo's location. This made them angry, and Lucius was angry enough that he bursted, breaking down the door, and pinned Luther to the ground.

Luther: ARGH!! (Sees jet come in with Zallah) Harrison!! You're behind this aren't you?!!

Jet: Let her go Luther!! I don't work for you anymore!!

Luther: Well good, because I was considering firing you when I got my hotel built!! (Zallah picks him up and holds him against the wall)

Zallah: You will do no such thing to our land!

Luther: Oh, on the contrary. I will do that sort of thing, just as soon as my men send the 3 of you to he@#!

The construction crew from the other day surrounded them, pointing guns at Jet, Zallah, and Lucius. Jet and Zallah stood their with their hands up.

Jet: ("I've got a bad feeling about this.")

Zallah: (Whispers) Follow my lead when I give the signal.

Jet and Zallah waited at the right moment, when the workers lowered their weapons.

Zallah: NOW!!

The 2 of them fought off the workers, disarming them in the process. After a few minutes of fighting, as soon as enough of the workers were knocked out, Jet untied Corona, and the 4 friends escaped the building. They got in Jet's plane and took off, but as soon as they were high above the ground however, one of the workers who was still standing fired a rocket and sent the plane diving for the ground.

Jet: Da@#it!! I can't get us out of the dive!! Corona, you take Zallah and Lucius with you and jump out!!

Zallah: But their's a river below us!!

Corona: I can swim!! Don't worry!!

Corona, Zallah, and Lucius jumped out of the plane like Jet said, safely landing in the water. As soon as they got to shore, they saw Jet's plane crash somewhere off in the distance.

Corona: Jet!!! Noooo!!!

Chapter 8: The End

In the next chapter, we'll find out what happened to Jet, so don't stop reading yet.

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Looks like I'm adding a new chapter sooner than you expected.  :wink:

Chapter 9: Survival

Corona sat down up against a tree with Lucius, just to rest for a little bit. They and Zallah had been walking for a long time trying to reach the crash site. Corona pressed her hand against her wound from the cheetah pit incident, and since it didn't hurt anymore, she knew it was time to remove her bandages. As expected, her cut was fully healed, but she was disappointed that Jet wasn't around to see it. Lucius was able to comfort his owner, and Corona gave him some nice pets. While they were resting, Jet was clinging to a nearby tree. Before the crash, he jumped out of the plane at the last second.

Jet: ("I've got better things to do than get killed.") (Jumps out of the tree. Starts feeling guilty) ("This is all my fault. If only I hadn't even come here, Corona's life wouldn't be in such peril.") (Tries walking. His leg breaks.) OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!! (Goes unconscious, hitting his head on a rock at the same time)

Corona, Zallah, and Lucius, able to hear Jet's shouts of pain followed it. After a couple of minutes passed, they found him lying on the ground with a broken leg, and now completely knocked out. Corona and Zallah carried him with them back to Shabooloo. Once there, Jet was set on a soft patch of straw laid out for him, and woke up in only a minute.

Jet: Good god, how many times am I gonna get knocked out?

Corona: I am just glad you're okay.

Jet: I'm actually surprised to hear you say that.

Corona: Why? Is something the matter?

Jet: It's my fault. Your life has been in turmoil ever since I arrived. All I had to do to get here was to fall for a false archaeology job. I don't even deserve to be with you, and over the course of my trip....aw, I just wanna say I love you.

Corona: No, it is not your fault. This is Luther's fault. He wants to drive me and my people away so he destroy our land and tear down our city.

Jet: I didn't need to hear that to know it! I'll fight this thing! I'll make sure he never does anything like this again! (Maka rushes in)

Maka: Mr. Harrison! This is awful! The men with the machinery and fire arms are back!

Jet: That's what I've been waiting for! (Stands up) Argh! A bad leg won't stop me now!

Later on, Jet stepped outside with Corna and Zallah, with Luther waiting for them with his construction crew.

Luther: Well, Mr. Harrison, now's the time for my big plans! I've known about Shabooloo from the beginning, so you get out, take the locals with you, and let us begin demolition!

Jet: Never!! You won't even chip this place!! You won't even breathe on the front steps!!

Luther: Very well.....Destroy the city with them in it!!

Bulldozers, front-end loaders, and excavators began ramming and striking at the ground, where the city lay underneath. The tribespeople below ran in panic as this happened.

Jet: ("Now's our chance!") (Gives out the tribe's call, which he first heard from Corona. Most of the tribe comes out ready to fight)

Maka: *These are the real ones who wanted to destroy our home!! Attack!!*

The many tribal warriors went for the construction workers, stabbing the machines with spears, and knocking out some of the workers. Zallah even confronted Dick, the crew's foreman.

Dick: I'm not afraid of you!! (Zallah puts his spear to Dick's chin) Well now I am. (Runs away) AAAHHHHH!!!!

Chapter 9: The End

The next 2 or 3 chapters will be the last ones.

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I'm not working on anymore artwork related to my characters, so here's more of the story to keep you company while you wait.

Chapter 10: The Authorities

The fighting between the warriors and construction workers continued. More of the workers were being driven away, but many even tried attacking the city with their machines again. Jet and Corona got back inside as quickly as they could to help everyone out safely. Jet suddenly got an idea.

Jet: Corona!! Do you know where my cell phone is?!!

Corona: What is a cell phone?!

Jet: It's something you can use to call people from far off distances!! I had one with me earlier, but now I don't!! It's this big, and it's made of plastic and metal!!

Corona: Oh yes!! I've seen it!! Father had it removed before you were put in the cheetah pit!! It's in the palace!!

The two of them made it to Maka's palace. There, Jet found his cell phone, still working. He quickly dialed a number for the Congolese police department.

Jet: My name is Jet Harrison. I'd like to report a case of property destruction, and what I think is unauthorized construction. Please be here as... (Realizes that this might expose the tribe) Hold on for a minute! Corona, I can't do it! If I do, they'll find out who you and your people are, and they might end up interfering with your customs. Isn't that what your father was worried about?

Corona: Yes, it is, but he is not worried anymore. Jet, if this exposes our way of life, it does not matter anymore.

Jet: ....Okay. (Back to the phone) As I said, get over here as soon as you can. I'm in the dead center of the jungle......Thanks! (Hangs up)

Police helicopters arrived overhead of the ruckus. Unfortunately, with the police came a local news crew, who set up around the area. Lights were shined on the construction workers. Luther looked up and knew that something was definitely wrong.

Luther: Egads! I'm screwed!

Police: You are trespassing in a no construction zone!! This area has been under government protection since 1989!!

Luther: Since when was that put into affect?!! I wasn't doing anything illegal!! You should arrest these savages for trying to kill me!!

Police: Where is Jet Harrison? He called us a minute ago about your operations.

Luther: I don't know where he....("That ba@#$rd!") *sigh* He's inside that building. Go down and talk to him if you wish.

Chapter 10: The End

Guess even in foreign countries, you can always count on the authorities. Well, not all the time. I hope you guys enjoy the story, and future art pieces I submit.

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I couldn't help myself! I started listening to Congolese drumming, and I just had to post another chapter immediately!

Chapter 11: Cultural Exposure

The workers and warriors cleared the way enough for the police to land. A few officers went inside, where Jet and Corona met them. The policemen blushed slightly at Corona's wild beauty, but snapped out of it to talk to Jet.

Officer #1: *Are you Jet Harrison?*

Jet: *Yes I am.*

Officer #2: We'll take care of the guys trying to hurt this place.

Jet: Thanks. I appreciate it. (Luther enters)

Luther: I say officers! You don't know where that beautiful young lady standing next to Mr. Harrison is from?

Officer #1: Who asked you? He said you're the one we're taking in.

Officer #2: You have the right to remain silent.

Luther: Hmph! Obviously you haven't heard of me. I am Luther Fortune, curator of the Royal Ontario Museum. The woman you see is from perhaps Mr. Harrison's most amazing discovery.

Jet: You wouldn't! You can't!

Officer #2: Something wrong?

Jet: Uh, no, I'm just...

Corona: I will tell them everything Jet. It's alright. Sirs, I am...

After half an hour of explaining things, the police knew the whole story. Unfortunately, the policemen were interviewed by some of the reporters. The secret of Shabooloo's Swahilis was out. Corona hung her head in regret of her situation. She hugged into Maka for comfort.

Jet: What are you gonna do now that so many people know who you are?

Corona: I guess we will have to give up our way of life. Now everyone will want us to try living their life styles.

Jet: ("What have I done?!!")

Chapter 11: The End

Okay, just one more chapter after this one, and the first story will be finished.

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This is the last chapter.

Chapter 12: Saved the Day

Jet started worrying about what he had done. He saved the tribe, but he exposed their culture to the outside world. This meant that the Swahili people of Shabooloo would have to face influence from other culture. Jet clenched his fist so hard, his finger nails dug into his palms and made them bleed slightly. He didn't give up.

Jet: No!! You don't have to give it up!!

Corona: What do you mean by this?

Jet: Why should you have to give up your heritage, just because now you're aware of other cultures being out there? You don't have to adapt to everyone else if you don't want to!

Corona: You mean....

Jet: Yes.

Corona was incredibly thankful of Jet's assuring words. She leaped forward and threw her arms around him. Later on that night, Maka made a speech to his people.

Maka: *Mr. Harrison tells me that we do not have to fear the outside world. Our way of life remains our choosing!*

The tribes-people cheered. Another change Maka made was abolishing the cheetah pit penalty for outsiders, for good this time. Jet and Corona came down, and were cheered by everyone themselves. Jet received an even bigger praise for what he had done. He was thrown into the crowd, and bounced up and down on a large sheet of cloth. This made him feel dizzy and nauseas, but he remained polite and accepted his reward. Afterwards, Jet and Corona stood under the moonlight at a waterfall. Embracing each other to reveal their feelings, the two of them shared their very first kiss.

Jet: Every time I hold you, I never wanna let go.

Corona: You and I think very much alike. Thank you.

The next morning, Jet was accompanied by Corona's people as he was getting on a plane to go back to Ontario. Before he left, Corona stopped him.

Corona: Please, Jet, I...I want to go with you.

Jet: I......King Maka, are you alright with her coming with me?

Maka: As long as she is with you, I will be happy for you both.

Jet: Then yes! Yes!

Corona got on the plane with her newly required love partner. The natives cheered as they took off. Maka shed a small tear, knowing his precious daughter was moving on, and finally experiencing true womanhood. Even though Jet was worried about it at first, Corona insisted that Lucius came with them. The wild cat didn't mind his possible soon to be new family at all.

Chapter 12: The End

I love this kind of ending where the boy gets his girl. Thank you for reading.

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