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Leon Powalski: The Early Years

The Green Fox

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I do not want this to be critiqued. Thank you. However, feel free to contribute.

This is everyone's story.

                                   Part 1: The Swamp Worm

     Midnight in the Rasharaki Rainforest in the northern peninsula of EelaPine Country. Sound of water. Crickets chirping. Frogs jumping. Rustling in the bushes. A green figure leaps out of the greenery and slowly, slowly, devours his prey, the legendary Sancho Worm, using his fine forked red utensil, otherwise known as the tongue. The green figure reveals itself to be a lizard.

Part 2: Morning

     The sun rose over the illustrious rainforest. Every living thing in the forest was ready to welcome the new day. The lizard decided it was high time he looked for breakfast. The Sancho Worm was no more. Without hesitation, he swiftly dispatched his HP Pavillion notebook and connected to a broadband network. He read an article on PapetoonPedia that Sancho Worms were a seldom seen endangered species, and only one existed on the entire planet, hence making it legendary. He also read that

there existed many Sancho Worms on Planet Kew in Sector Y. Leon had a plan.

He would grow up to become a rugged individualist traveller in search of space worms.

He envisioned himself as the Christopher Columbus of tomorrow.

Part 3: Your Father Can Help

     Hours went by. Leon was starving. His father served him up some

worms on his plate.

     "These are Nacho Worms, dad. I like playing with them and hearing

them squelch and all, but I want Sancho Worms, like the ones

they have on Kew!" said Leon.

     "Well ma boy, I couldn't agree more, even if you are a bit spoiled. Let's order a custom-made ship from Space Dynamics. I'll call them right now!" said Leon's father, Pladmire. Pladmire searched for Space Dynamics under the green pages. When he finally found their number, he picked up his cell phone and began to call. Before they answered he had to listen to elevator music.

     "I hate elevator music! Okay, here we go!" said Pladmire, when he finally

got a chance to speak to a live human being.

     "Yes. I'd like to order a large custom built Rainbow Delta equipped with Dual Plasma Shock Technology, two wings, lazer weapons, comfy interior, a shield, a built in DVD player, and a green Repto Makeover!" said Pladmire.

     "We'll have it ready in a month!" said the tech support representative.

     "A month? That's like, a really long time from now!" protested Leon.

     "Good things take time ma boy!" said Pladmire.

     Part 4: The Teen Years

     It was Leon's 16th birthday. Leon was excited, because he finally had a permit and a license, and his father promised him he could use the ship on his own. So

he did.

Part 5: Leon joins a band of rebels

     Leon reached the stratosphere.


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Thanks buddy!!! If you want to, you can even finish

the story. :leon:

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