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Brawl Easter Eggs (Incl. Krystal's appearance) [SPOILERS] [56k warning]


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Just like in Melee, there are taunt easter eggs in brawl. I have confirmed the following characters to have them.

Fox (Lylat Cruise)

Falco (Lylat Cruise)

Wolf (Lylat Cruise)

Snake ( Shadow Moses )

To activate them, roll the D-Pad clockwise (with the gamecube controller, at least, may work with others too).

You can see snakes on the main page. He discusses the character he's fighting with his commander. In Falco's (

), Slippy hacks Snake's comm XD.

The Star Fox ones are like they were on Melee. The characters will have a conversation with the little dialog boxes. This time, though, the design is SFAs style instad of the SF64 style in Melee.

Characters I have seen appear in them thus far: Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Krystal, Wolf, Leon, Panther.

These vary is what they say, but I'll just show one for each.

Here are some screenshots. Sorry for the below-average quality. I was lazy and didn't set my camera to the optimal setting.

My appologies. I may go back later and use better settings an a tripod.




Dwight: These are on my server right now, but I marked them as SFO images. You can upload them to the site if you want.

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