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Lylat Mafia - a Proposal


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On another forum I go to we tried out this forum game called Mafia. Basically, "Townspeople" try to discover the Mafia members and sentence/execute them while the Mafia members have the objective of killing off the townspeople without being discovered and killed. It isn't just as simple as point, click, bang! though.

The game is split into two phases, a day phase and a night phase. The game starts off on a night phase, where the Mafia members pick their target to kill. They private message their target to the game master. The target is then removed from the game and then the day phase begins. The game master then reveals in the topic who was killed and how, and then the townspeople talk out who they believe did the killing. The townspeople then cast a public vote, and whoever gets the majority vote is killed by the justice system. Then the game moves to night phase again, where the Mafia decides the next hit, rinse and repeat.

During the night phase the town cannot communicate in the thread, and are asked not to discuss the game over any means of communication except the thread during the day phase. The Mafia, however, is allowed to communicate through PM or a special hidden subforum dedicated to their game. Some people are given special roles such as a cop. Cops can pick someone from the town during a night phase, PM the game master with the name. The cop is then sent a message back telling them either the person is a townsperson or a mafia member. Some games allow for the investigation to go wrong, and a coin flip decides whether the cop is given the truth or not. The cop will not be announced to the other people, and can choose to reveal himself at any time in the thread, or he can slyly hint at who he knows is the Mafia member in hopes the hysteria catches on. Other job members include doctor (who prevents people from dying if they are the target) and Vigilante (who can kill anyone at will, though his job is to seek out the Mafia members and kill them), among others.

A typical game has at least 8 people, with 2-3 being Mafia while the rest being townies. Those games tend to forgo the cop or make his investigations less reliable in these size games. You can also easily change the names of the ranks to fit a specific theme (we had a "Death Note" themed mafia game at the other forum, and we could probably adapt it for the Star Fox universe as well) as long as the theme has a good/evil bit. I thought we could try this here, and see how it goes. But I wanted to pitch the idea to you all to see what you thought.

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