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Metal Metropolis


Read the RPG first, then tell me if you like it.  

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  1. 1. Read the RPG first, then tell me if you like it.

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Metal Metropolis is about a metal city that is in great danger because of the evil Nitro forces.  If you are a good guy, join the Bounty hunting forces, if bad, join the Nitro forces.  You can make a maximum of 2 characters.  You must tell the following about them:    Name, age, species, color(s), weapons, their ship (if they have one), and a small paragraph telling about your character.  One thing that you must remember, everyone has a weakness. So I will now tell about my character and start the story.

Name: Commander Sam


Species: Racoon

Color: Black white brown grey

Weapons: Machine guns, a sniper rifle, 2 Uzis, grenades, and a saber. He keeps all of these in his belt.

Ship: Sky scratcher

Description: Commander Sam is a small but mighty racoon.  He is a bounty hunter that works alone.  He doesn't just search for any bad guys though.  He searches for the Nitro force.  They have a huge army filled with strange creatures like spider wolves and 3 armed, man eating, beasts.  There are many more beasts and monsters that he fights too!

Name: Nitro

Age: 13

Species: Jaguar

Color: Black Yellow

Wepons: A saber and his claws

Ship: The Black Spotted Sun

Description: Nitro is an evil, eye patched, jaguar who is enemies with Commander Sam for life.  He started the Nitro force with his own beasly creations of monsters.  He is very furocious too!


And so the story begins.....

              "So we meet again Nitro," said Sam, "You won't get away this time!"  The next second later, they fought!

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