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Zoness terror +15 (EXTREAMLY non-canon)


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Zoness, an ocean-wide planet that use to be beautiful and was a great vacation spot for many in the Lylat system. But on one fateful day, an ass named Andross polluted the entire planet. Now the planet is no longer a vacation spot, it isn't beautiful (to most people), and the natives are super-bitchy. But what Andross didn't know was that an extremely skilled pilot, used to live there: Leon Powalski. Leon wasn't too happy with the shit Andross did to his bad ass planet. Nope, not happy at all. Soon, Leon decided to kill that cunt-faced loser once and for all. So he ventured to Andross' home world, CHARGED HIS LAZAHS, and blasted Andross to that place the Netherlands call "hell". Now, Leon wants to cleanse his beloved planet from the evil creatures that keep the planet polluted. So he assembles a team of 6 skilled pilots and dives into the water with them inside his mother ship submarine called "The Chameleon Claw," and with his team, he will make Zoness a beautiful planet, once again.

Name: Leon Powalski

Age: 34

From: Zoness

Occupation: read the above paragraph

Interests: Sexy female Chameleons and lemons

Dislikes: His planet being polluted

Main Weapon: Delta Beamer

Day 1

Leon sets up millions of flyers on every planet in the Lylat system, explaining his goal. Several (or a few) pilots come to his building on Fichina to get interviewed on whether or not Leon wants to hire them.


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Sir Scar reporting

Name:Scar Alonso

Age: 25

From: Corneria

Interests: Sexy female canines

Dislike no one caring for pollution throught the Lylat system

A young Great pilot had heard about the pollution in Zoness he wanted to do something about it ,but he was sorry he didn't had the courage to start; Now he has the chance.

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Name:Unit 55


Appearance: similar to octoman (F-zero version not command version)


Interest: nothing really

dislikes: alot of things.

Bio: His age is unknown, he does several different missions for the organization called E.R.A. they do research missions mostly for whatever group,army,planet, whatever pays the most money. His ship is a small ship similar to those in the cornerian army (N64 versions). with 2 blasters and only carries one nova bomb. He was sent to Zoness to gather samples for research also to try to create a bio-weopan prototype. He currently stays at a small refuel outpost on Zoness collecting, creating, experimenting, lots of things.

55 was sitting on a large ship floating in the water. This was supplied from E.R.A., it has a crane to reach down and grab whatever is in the water thats not stuck in the groud. The group 's been finding good rare ites for the clients they have, 55, no matter how much he gets paid, always hates that ERA is becoming more of some "company" and "supplier" rather then using its tech for research. After a while they headed back to the outpost, while they were heading back some ships flew overhead, they all had some weird emblem on the side, but it was hard to see it. after they got back the rest of the crew from ERA were busy working on the ship, refueling it, reparing it, etc.....55 saw the sam ships and the people who flew them, while they were all talking with the outpost manager, 55 took a better look at the emblem, the emblem was dirty probably from space combat, but he saw the words Leon and a few others that were hard to make out. 55 could here the members of this "group", start to raise their voices at the manager then the manager pushed a button inside his outfit, 55 could see some venom soldiers starting to come out of the building, 55 ran back to his own ship and so did everyone else who wasnt apart from this, once 55 got to his ship he took off, he saw that the others are escaping well too, but citizens also began to draw guns too to fight back, and half of the people got in their ships to get weopans or to use the ships blasters. unit 55 saw that the crew members from ERA even began to pull out weopans, so if 55 was going to take a side he new it was ERA's. He drew his blaster and took fire, blindly, he knew he was going into battle.

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