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Fox Becomes Addicted to Cheese (Comedic Story, somewhat poetic)

The Green Fox

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This story is intended to be nonsensical and funny.




This text is dedicated to CHEESE, one of my

favorite foods.                     

Cheese looks like this:

One day, Fox Mcloud was spending his evening at Admiral Z's House O' Cheese in Corneria City.

Fox Mcloud looks like this --------) :fox:

Fox bought lots of cheeses of all shapes and sizes, and brought them back to the

Great Fox, to share some with Falco. Falco looks like this ----------)  :falco:

Falco thought Fox had finally flipped. He detested the smell of cheese. He simply

groaned and thought "Oh jeez!"

Slippy on the other hand, was quite partial to cheese. He never got mad at Fox,

unless he had fleas. Slippy looks like this --------)  :)

Krystal had never even heard of cheese. Growing up on Cerinia, she thought it was

some kind of disease. Krystal, looks like this -------)  :D

Peppy thought cheese to be wholesome and divine. He took it all for himself,

and exclaimed "IT's ALL MINE!" Peppy looks like this ---------)  :peppy:

Peppy loved cheese. He earned the nickname Parmesian Peppy in high school.

When Peppy darted off, with the cheese basket in hand, Fox had no cheese,

not even one strand. He had to do something, something quick. He had to get

his cheese back, or he might become sick.

Slippy hastened to his lab, without further adue, he whipped up a Cheese Attractor 2000, and made cheese stick to it like glue.

When Peppy came into the living room, his cheese basket in tow, Slippy

brought out his device, and got Fox's cheese back, ho ho.

But was Slippy gonna give it all up in one go? Surrender his cheese

to the leader of the team, without so much as a croak, yelp, or scream?

No no, definately not. He hid the cheese behind his back, and he had

a lot.

Fox smelled a RAT. He knew Slippy had the cheese. He began tracking him down,

he did NOT say "Please"

Slippy ran for his life, his cheese and everything he knew. He used his secret

escape pod, and set out to the stars, in his Bullfrog ship. He was not going to let

Fox have one little nip.

Fox got in his Arwing and pursuited Slippy. He wanted his cheese back,

and his mind was quite flippy.

As he raced through Zoness, and Sectors Y and Z, he saw no sign

of his friend Slippy. He then knew, oh he knew for sure. Slippy

had taken his cheese to the seas.

Fox set a course for Aquas, Aquas it was. Slippy had taken up residence there.

If his cheese hadn't as well, then where, WHERE?

Fox landed on Aquas, he set foot on the beach. He put on his scuba

gear, and began to screetch! "CHEEEEEEEEEESE!" he cried, as he dove

down deep, and soon he found Slippy's house, without one more peep.

Fox bolted through the door, crashing in. "I've come for my

cheese, and I think it's in here. I knocked your door down,

with Krystal's magic spear!"

Slippy was worried. He decided upon a comprimise.

"Here Fox!" said Slippy. "We'll make a deal. Here's some cubed cheese for you,

and some sliced for me. We'll have one great big CHEESE party!"

"That idea isn't half bad!" Fox said with a smirk. "If I had half a brain, I'd

have thought of that, I'm such a twirp!"

"No hard feelings!" said Slippy. "Cheese is just good! Let's call Falco, Krystal, and Peppy,

and be together, like friends should!"

And if ya wonder how they ate cheese in scuba gear, they didn't! There was an airdome

owned by Slippy, next to the house, so very near!

And so that's what they did. Dining on cheese

in Aquas, the entire Star Fox Team, my oh my, what a marvelous scene.

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wow you have the word cheeze in nearly every sentance

your story was very cheesy!

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