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a book

Guest krystal08

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Guest krystal08

i'm maybe the fan of starfox who know the less the serie...but SFO is like a

book for me because every time i'm log in and i check a topic i know something more

and with the topics i read,i think we should writte a book(not a comic book but a

real book)about SF becausewe are the one who know the best SF and if it will not be

one of all of you who writte a book about SF,i'll be suprise.so,who's with me?

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i like your idea are you talking about a story

or more like a starfox dictionary or a biography

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Guest krystal08

i not sure.i was first thinking of a story but i think more of a sort of dictionary.

i'm not so sure right now.what do you think it will be best?

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maybe the story; there isn't so many words that are only used in sf.

I would make a biography witch  can be like a story than put a dictionary with terms like

barrel role

g diffuser

solar corniaria


you know

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Guest krystal08

I would make a biography witch  can be like a story than put a dictionary with terms like

barrel role

g diffuser

solar corniaria


you know

its a great idea!

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Guest krystal08

the fact is,i don't know the 1/100 about SF.plus,it will be REALLY

LONG to do.but i'll start this week end and i do whatever i know

(what is not much)what i try to say,is that i need help because

the book willl be in english(i just know the basic and i try different

things for my sentence to make sens)and other things like that.

i'm only 15 you know!and i start to be busy thiese time so,it will

take long.

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i would like to help you i know a good amount of stuff

i could type some ideas nd email you them if you like

its such a good idea im planning to work on it since i cant do much thanks to my injury

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I will begin on the definitions today i will email you them as soon as im done.

I also have another idea the whole forum could contribute ideas about definitions and plots if they like

would you be ok with that?

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Guest krystal08

YEAH!i'm open to everything!and i think,if they have any ideas about anything

who could help us,just say it.

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since my email is screwy im gonna post the words here soon there are alot of them and im still thinking of more.

its also hard to define some of them i will post them up sometime today or tommorow.

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Guest krystal08

ok.i have some wods i've got on my guide book so...heu.....if we do a story,i hope

your better than me for doing a story line because if not,it will suck.i REALLY SUCK

WIYH STORY LINE and things like that!

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here are some words iv come up with



lylat system



fuel cells

barrel roll

g diffuser




bio weopon




blue marine

cloud runner



lets define these  and im sure there is more just havnt thout of them yet

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Guest krystal08

we can definit some friends and fiends + i have in my possesion the deffinition of

theise weapons(i have the deffinition too of some friends and fiends)



-gatling gun

-homing launcher

-machine gun

-plasma cannon

-sniper roffle


-sensor bomb

i've the difinition  for the arwing and the landmaster:


the standard-issue spacecraft for members of the starfox team,the

Arwing possesses a laser that can charge it self and lock on foes,plus has 

strong defensive capabilities


the Landmaster is a slow thank but he's armor shrugs off many attacks and

can take a beating.the cannon fires a stunning shot that(like the arwing)

can be powered up to lock on and do even more damage.the landmaster also

has hover power that it can use to reach elevate spots.its armor and main turret

are forces to be reckoned with.

the people that i have the definitions:







-general pepper

-beltino toad






all the difinition i have are in two guid from nintendo power.

i have a lot about Assault and a little about Command.

but i have also a lot of definition to general words that are

in starfox.like that ones i just give you.

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Guest krystal08

here what i  do today.

you can modifi everything that you want to

Fox McCloud:

The team leader,Fox McCloud,made his name flying Arwing missions that have crisscrossed the galaxy,and he even left the safety of his cockpit sometimes.He's a strong gunner,whether flying in the Arwing,piloting the Landmaster or running around on foot.

Falco Lombardi:

The ace pilot of the StarFox team,Falco is about as cocky as theycome,but he has the cockpit skills to back up his claims.Falco suffers from low healt and his talent  with the Landmaster are so-so,but his Arwing piloting is beyond compare.


The StarFox team first met Krystal while saving the planet Sauria,and she's joined up to lend her extrasensory powers to their force.She is he only survivor of her doomed home planet, Cerinia.She love Fox but its don't see to return it.

Slippy Toad:

The teams mechanical engineer oftenflies into the thick of battle---and just as often finds himself under the gun.Where his Landmaster skill is beyong everyone else's.

Peppy Hare:

The elder figure in the StarFox team,Peppy Hare his crewmates from the bridge of the Great Fox,the space vessel that the team calls home.Thought Peppy's quite a sedate fellow,he brings a lifetime of wisdom to missions.


As the Great Fox's prime robotic assistant,Rob helps Peppy analyze a universe's worth of data and compile it into useful facts.He's also in charge of watching over the vehicules found kept insinde the Great Fox,as well as transporting them to wherever  they're needed.

General Pepper:

The jowly commander of Corneria Deffense Force,General Pepper has given his thought-as-nails orders  to fox and his crewmates ever since their first days flying for the force.Now his retired.

Wolf O'Donnell:

Fox's longtime rival,Wolf O'Donnell,heads up the StarWolf team.He flies the Wolfen,a vehicule that's on par with---or possibly better than- the Arwing. Thought he'd rather see Fox and his team on the receiving end of his ship's tailsgunning,Wolf is crafty enought to know when to cooperate with his adversary.

Leon Powalsky:

A coldheart,calculating member of the StarWolf team,Leon Powalsky is not the kind of pilot you want to ogling your ship during battle.Hopefully this vile guy has some sense of greater good in the midst of apocalyptic turmoil

Phanter Caroso:

Panther is the new recruit on Wolf's team,and he brings his predatory talent to piloting.he mey be even more full of himself than Falco is,and he consider himself quite a ladies' man.You'll never find him far from a red rose---the symbol of his passion.

Andrew Oikonny:

A former member of the StarWolf team,Andrew Oikonny is one of Andross's surviving relatives.

Pigma Dengar:

Pigma cut his teeth on the StarWolf team,but the greedy swine wore out his

welcome and has gone freelance.He hasn't been Fox's greatest concern in the past,but you can never underestimate a self-serving fellow when there's profit to be made.

Corneria City:

Its a big high-tech city.

Krystal's Staff:

Krystal's magical Staff is an incredible tool with many uses.It use some energy for doing some attacks.(heum....i mess up this one sorry)(can you do something more please!)

Krazoa Spirits:

Bringers of the life to Sauria(Dinosaur Planet).

I don't know how discribe Triky.i can't describe the places too.(i try but i can't tell something good) :,(

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Guest krystal08



its the default weapon of the StarFox team.It fires quick burst and can charge up a strong shot that bores some shields.


Its a metalic projectile that bounce off any surface it hit.You can "pull the pin" and hold a grenade before lobbing it.

Machine Gun:

With the machine gun in hand,you'll only need to hold down the gachette*sorry,can't find this on my dictionnary so.i don't even know how to writ it in frensh...)to spary a stream of bullets.Lots of ammos at time.

Gatling Gun:

(my favorite)As a stronger version of the Machine Gun,the Gatling Gun will  blaze with serious rat-a-tat-tat when you hold down the *.Lots of ammos at time.

Homing Launcher:

The Launcher will fire a projectile that will zero in on its target to causebig damage.Low of ammos at time.

Plasma Cannon:

Its big big and verry fast connon.In missions,it have unlimited-ammos.It shot down everything.

Sniper Rifle:

The sniper rifle pick off any foe in a single shot.It have a scope to see great distances.

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nice sorry i havnt been much help can get on as much as i like to

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