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music of the night?


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setting - Old Paris opera House.

Date - early 19th century

[take a look at my username, you'll get the idea. lol.]

the set up - rumors of an "opera ghost" sparked some interest in the commoners, supernatural hunters, and some teenagers just looking for trouble.  Officaials have tried to keep break-ins to a minimum but still, people have broken in to hunt the ghost.  STrange happenings and sounds ahve been reported.  Though most believe the ghost is just a myth, some still want to investigate.

current action - A curious teenager is just now trying to break into the opera house.  She wants to hunt down the ghost and figure out why people just assume the ghost is an evil spirit.  She hopes the ghost is just a gentle soul trying to find its way off of earth. In all reality, she just really wants there to actually BE a ghost.


My character.

name - Luna

gender - female

species - ocelot

age - 16

appearence - short.  Light colored fur with dark brown spots. A diamond shaped patch of black on her forehead. In this RPG, she's in more of a peasents' attire.


"Oh crap..." Luna mutters to herself.  She sees two police officiers turn the corner onto the alley where she resides.

Quickly, she sprints around the corner.  The opera house is only a block away.

She peeks around the corner. She doens't see the cops anymore, so she tries to sprint off towards her target.

SMACK!  She runs into one of the cops.

"Well well well! What do we have here?  Where you off to in such a rush, my dear?"

Oh... great... she thinks to herself.

"Uhm, why, it's nearly suppertime, and Mother will have a fit if i'm late, sir."

That's believable... right? God, for my sake I hope so!

"Very well. Just be on your way no.  No stops along the way home. Understood?"

"Yes officier. Thank you, sir."

She curtsied, then ran off.

Whew! That was a close on... Now... Off to the Opera House!


Out Of Character - Anyone please feel free to join me.  :D

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So, an RP based on Phantom of the Opera?

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