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A Revelation

Star Fox Runner

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I might not be the first one to figure this out, and I might be wrong, but I thought I might share this.

I believe I figured out why Namco was chosen to develop Star Fox Assault.

Back during the Gamecube era, Nintendo, Sega, and Namco contributed in a joint venture to create a low cost arcade hardware based off the Gamecube's technology, which was dubbed the Triforce Hardware. When this happened, Sega was given the rights develop an F-Zero game, and Namco was given Star Fox, and to make a Mario Kart fot the arcades.

F-Zero GX was made for the Gamcube, and a sister game known as F-Zero AX was released in arcades.

As most of us know, there was supposed to be a Star Fox arcade game known as Star Fox Armada, but for reasons that we don't know, that project was cancelled, and Star Fox Assault was made for the Gamecube.

So that explains that, but I had some other thoughts. F-Zero AX and GX was created with a feature that allowed players to take their Gamecube memory cards and use them in the Gamecube and the arcade machines, in order to exchange characters and records, and to unlock features in the opposite medium.

If Star Fox Armada had been released in the arcades, and Assault for the Gamecube, could it have used the same features, and how much could the game had been different.

Also, I wonder how much different Star Fox Assault would have been if Sega developed it instead of Namco. I believe one obvious change would be the music, as Sega likes to put songs with lyrics in their games, which I find okay as long as the song isn't cheesy.

Here is an article on N-Sider.com about the hardware back when it first was announced.


What are your thoughts?

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