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Team Fortress 2

Dr. Wilopolis

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I dabble. I tend to only play with friends when I can help it. Internet people tend to cry alot. I like playing the pyro and the sniper, but since the pyro achievements came out it's been a bit of a pyro spam. I'm SabreXT on steam. Add me and we can have a game.

While we're on the topic, should we expand this to cover all steam games? If so I'm a Sven Coop regular on the multiplay servers. I will also host a listen game if you want something private or small like a campaign game or something.

I also have OC coop and will be trying out the new synergy coop when it's released on the 15th. If anyone fancies ripping through ep 2 coop that will be the time to do it (assuming it works). I also have Dystopia installed at the moment if anyone fancies that.

Lastly, while I'm expecting a turd designed to be fun for griefers, I will be getting Left 4 Dead when that comes out as well.

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