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Mr. Krystal

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Welcome to the Krystal Archive Sub-Forum! This is a joint effort of Starfox-Online.net and The Krystal Archive.

Please read the Starfox-Online Forum Rules if you have not already. All the rules apply to this sub-forum as well, with the following modifications:

  • Though the original rules allow for mild profanity and artistic nudity, I strongly discourage them in this section. However, they are not a punishable offense.
  • Topics in this section should be related to Krystal, The Krystal Archive, and furry-related topics. You are encouraged to make posts in other, appropriate sections of the forum. For instance, a post about your favorite games would go in The Arcade.
  • Some topic reorganization may take place during transitionary this period, such as bringing Krystal related topics in here and moving less related topics out. Don't get freaked out if your topic moves.

Now, go forth an start topics! Have fun.

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