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Make sure you use a valid email address when registering


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Sorry to clutter this board up with announcements, but this one is important. I'll delete it after a while.

I was checking the logs, and it seems that a couple of our new members may have registered with a phony email address. I post this here because the users looked like they came for this board based on their usernames.

YOU MUST use a valid e-mail address in order to successfully complete registration. As part of our bot and troll prevention measures, an email with a special link is sent to the email address entered in during registration.

If you do not receive that email and click on that link, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL NOT WORK.

If you did not get that email because you used an invalid address (or if you did and SMF still won't let you in), you may email me at forumadmin{~AT~}starfox-online.net . ({~AT~} = @) I will activate your account, and change your forum email address to the one you sent from, as a valid address is required by SMF.

If you wish to hide your email address from the other users, you may do so under "Account Related Settings" in your profile. Just check "Hide Email Address From Public."

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