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For those of you who have a character, I have added some profile fields for them.

Character Name - Your character's name (If not your username).

Character Species - Your character's species.

Character Homeworld - Home planet of your character.

They will appear in your profile page. Name and species will also appear on your posts.

They are not dependent on each other, so you can omit one or more if you wish (IE if your character's name is your username).

To access these fields: Profile -> Forum Profile Information

I have temporarily filled mine out so you can see what they look like. I will delete mine later, though, as I don't really have a character.

Listening To field moved below them, if you are one of those that changes that often.

You will also notice an Anti-Spam word field. You may leave that blank. Only new registrations need to fill that out. Extra spambot prevention measure.

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yeah about those fields umm composer why does the description for those field say. 'Post the song you are Listening to'.

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Uh oh. They all had their own description. Something went screwy in the database. I'll look into it.

EDIT: Fixed. Let me know if this happens again.

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Ok.Do A barrel roll.I found another problem for some reason the Homeworld field isn't showing up on the boards

edit;nvm it's fixed now

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  • 2 months later...

You can still put it there. It'd just be redundant.

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