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How do I attach a file to my post?


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If you have a file you would like to share, but do not have webspace, you may attach it to the forum post as an attachment, much like with an e-mail.


DO NOT change the extension to upload another format. It will get removed.

PDFs and MS Office documents will not be added for security reasons as these formats are widely used to spread malware. ODFs will not be added either out of fairness. BMPs, TIFs, etc. are uncompressed and will take up too much server space. Please convert it before uploading.

NOTE: Attachments are not available on all boards.

MAXIMUM SIZE: ~1MB per attachment, ~2 MB per post.

How to do it.

1. Create a post like you normally would.

2. DO NOT HIT POST YET. Else, you will have to edit via the Modify link to add the attachment (Does not work with an in-thread edit).

3. Click "Additional Options."

4. Find the "Attach:" field.

5. Click "Browse" or Click in the blank.

6. Find file on computer

7. Click "Open" NOTE: Due to a bug in the CSS, the text will be white on a white background. You can highlight the text, though it mayl open a new open box. You can cancel it.

8. To attach another file (Maximum of 4), click the "More Attachments" link next to the Browse button and repeat 5 & 6

9. Click Post.

Ta-da! File attached!

[Pruned to save disk space]

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What forums does the inability to attach files affect?

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