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strange arwing blueprints + Dash drawing


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I did this a while ago in school.. My character Dash. I was just messing around since I gave up on characters a while ago.


also.. I found something interesting in the SFA instruccion booklet..

SFA arwing top view:


and some strange arwing prototype blueprints with WHEELS!?


I'll be vector tracing them soon.. One more thing, I'm trying to get into Flash game developing.

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I dunno if those are wheels... the landing plates might have sides to them, kinda like:


or something, those might not be wheels. I'm just guessing though, because in the actual game it has plates, not wheels. But maybe this was a design done before the game was actually released...?

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I've got some Arwing blueprints if anyone wants to see them. Found them on the Internet I did. With them, someone might actually be able to biuld an Arwing, *Shifty eyes*, or not but if you want to see it then I'll post it.. :?:(:twisted::twisted::twisted: ^_^

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Nice Dashster!

And, again, Falco simply disappears for a more profitable job?


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This pic really isn't the one I wanted to show you guys, but my comp won't let me copy and paste it from Paint.

So try this link and tell me what you think....

Like I stated they aren't the ones I have, but I did look for it again.... :D

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I think it needs more detail if it is to be build.

Now, this is detail!


It's in German though... or so I think.

The English bersion of the blueprints are in the city's library--what a place to hide blueprints.

And look at this place...


Someone could actually build an X-wing--if they have the money and resources!

As for the Arwing Blueprints... I found some very detailed ones. They show the cockpit, engines operation, what does each botton does, etc. I got the blueprints for every single fighter from StarWars and StarFox--including the Wolfen. But I think they are in my comp. system in Mexico... or somewhere hidden on my computer.

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