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The Essence of Hatred (Completed)


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Before you read this, read Starfox: Nemesis:


The Essence of Hatred

Chapter One:

Starting Out

Reece flew his ship close behind Falco and Katt, the last married couple of the original Star Fox. Four years since the whole Aparoid Invasion plot and the destruction of Andrew Oikonny. They flew over the frozen landscape of Laki, a frozen wasteland of a planet just outside the Lylat System, they were sent to investigate a strange signal being transmitted from an old radio tower in an abandoned town. They were intercepting the signal,

“This message looks like a bunch of crap to me.” Falco snapped, they were flying apart of the team Star Falco that was formed after Star Fox was disbanded after the Aparoid Invasion plot,

“That is because we have not been able to decode it.” Reece told Falco,

“Oh whatever.” Falco snapped back at Reece,

“Oh shut up you two!” Katt yelled, “You two need to focus now that we are near the source of the transmissions.” The town was within sight,

“This place is way too… dull,” Reece stated, “something must be lurking in ambush.” Reece checked his scanners on his ship’s computer, he saw nothing, “Or not.” He added. They slowly flew over the suspicious area,

“I hate not knowing stuff.” Falco mumbled. The trio hovered above the abandoned town, it was noting but shacks and a few statues,

“Well this is a complete waste of my precious time.” Falco stated,

“What else would you be doing?” Reece asked him,

“Earning money.” Falco replied, Reece chuckled. Within one second there were turrets raising from the shacks and statues and were firing at them before they knew it,

“Ah crap!” Falco yelled, as he and Katt performed evasive maneuvers. Reece however, was caught in the middle of the storm of lasers, his engines on his beloved ship blew and he plummeted to the ground, Reece had no time to eject, he hit the ground at high speeds, his flaming wreck lay on the snow covered floor.


Reece awoke in a hospital bed, he had bandages around most parts of his body, plaster around his right leg and hand, he also had a neck brace on, he groaned as he moved his head. The robotic nurse approached Reece,

“Greetings,” it greeted, “I am medical assistance robot TKI-98, I am here to tell you the details the doctor has told me to tell me.” Reece listened closely, “You suffered burns to 67% of your body, you broke your right wrist and your right leg, you suffered a major concussion as of a result to a hit to your forehead, this hit also broke your neck and you inhaled a large amount of smoke and chemical fumes.” Reece shocked by what he had endured and he was still alive. That was the last mission Reece ever took on.

That was ten years ago…


Reece sat down on his couch in his home and was watching the nightly news, ever since he quit being a mercenary his life had turned dull, boring and predictable. It was halfway through a report about the rising amount of lead in the soil in a local town when the phone begun to ring, Reece slowly made his way up from his chair to the phone. He pressed the button to activate the communication link, Rave the Border collie was on the other end,

“Heya Reece.” He greeted,

“Yes Rave?” Reece replied,

“Yeah it is good to talk to you to. Anyways what are you doing tonight?” Reece shrugged,


“Good because you’re coming out to Metro City with me.”  Metro City was a rather exclusive nightclub, Rave managed to gain entry after he won his fifth-teen million,

“I am not really in the mood today.” Reece replied,

“Too bad you’re coming.” Rave told Reece, Reece sighed,

“Okay whatever.”

“Nice. I’ll pick you up in an hour.” Rave ended the communication link, Reece sighed as he went to find clothing that could be classified as ‘smart casual’.


Marcus McCloud, the twenty two year old son of Fox and Krystal, was seeking to continue what his Father and Grandfather had created. Marcus was attempting to form a new mercenary squadron. He had the first member of the team already, he was Slippy and Amanda’s son Jason Toad, Jason is more of a brutal offence than his father’s weak offence. Marcus was at the door of Jessica Hare, the daughter of Lucy. Marcus rung the doorbell, he waited a minute until Jessica opened the door,

“Hello Marcus.” She greeted, Marcus smiled and replied,

“Hey Lucy.”

“What’s up?” Marcus and Lucy went to the Cornerian Academy of Flight together,

“I would like to make an employment offer to you.” Marcus started; Jessica folded her arms and raised an eyebrow,

“Really, and what would that be?”

“This may take a while to explain, do you mind if I come in?” Jessica nodded; she held the door open for Marcus and waited for him to enter before closing the door.


Reece and Rave sat at a table in Metro City, the loud music, the flashing lights and the dancing people were a new experience to Reece but all too familiar for Rave. Reece sat down and sighed,

“What’s up bud’?” Rave asked Reece,

“Nothing,” Reece answered, “I’m just a little down that’s all.” Rave got up from the long chair,

“Right I am going to go get us a drink.” Rave told Reece, Reece sighed and scratched the back of his head, Reece knew he was feeling depressed, he had been that way for a while now.

Reece had drunk two drinks given to him by Rave; he was still at the long couch at the table while Rave went to talk to some young ladies at the bar. Reece took a sip from his glass when three vixens sat down next to Reece,

“Aw is someone feeling a bit down?” the white furred vixen asked, Reece looked at them oddly,

“Not really.” he lied, the vixens weren’t fooled,

“Aw, poor baby.” The black furred vixen told him,

“Don’t worry, we are going to make you feel all better.” The yellow furred vixen told Reece, they begun to hug him and rub his chest, Reece glared at Rave, Rave lifted his glass up and nodded, Reece knew this was his doing. Reece allowed the vixens to continue in hope that they would leave if he put on a sarcastic happy mood, he was wrong, this only made them go further. One of the girls went too far with her ‘comforting’ it made Reece really awkward,

“Okay thank you ladies but I have to get going,” Reece lied, “big business project tomorrow and I need to get my rest.” Reece tried to get up from the chair but the vixens held him down,

“Let us help you relax then.” The white furred vixen told him, Reece tried to get up again but again was held down. Reece drunk the remainder of his drink and waited for the vixens to go away.


“A position on a mercenary team huh?” Jessica asked, Marcus nodded; they were in the living room discussing Marcus’s plans to create a new mercenary team, he went in detail about his intentions about the plan, what type of missions they would mainly be completing and the amount of pay they would get. Jessica appeared to be interested in the position,

“I’m not all that much of a pilot but I guess I can help in flight battles, but I’ll happily be the team’s mechanic.” Jessica told Marcus, Marcus was happy to hear her say that, Marcus now had two members of the team,

“Great,” he replied, “I’ll get back to you later on.” Marcus got up from the chair and shook Jessica’s hand. Marcus now needed to see his parents to attempt to secure the Great Fox and the Arwings.


Reece woke up in his bed, although he didn’t know how he got there, he sat up and discovered he had a splitting headache, Reece swore in pain and held his head.

“I drunk two glasses, that’s nothing.” He mumbled, he then noticed the white vixen laying next to him, she rustled up next to him, “What the…” he quietly mumbled, he remembered how he sculled that last glass, he knew what had happened, “Those little….” He swore, Reece believed they slipped something into his drink. Reece sat up and inspected the floor, he noticed three sets of clothes, one of which was his, and he heard the shower going “Uh oh.” he mumbled, “I’m going to kill you Rave.” Reece cursed.


Marcus knocked on the door of his parents’ home, Krystal who was in her late fifties answered the door,

“Hello Marcus.” She greeted,

“Hi Mum.” Marcus replied,

“Well come in.” she told him; Marcus thanked his Mum, hugged her and walked inside. Marcus sat down at the chair next to Fox in the living room, Krystal sat next to Marcus,

“So how have you been Marcus?” Fox asked,

“I’ve been good.” Marcus replied, “Look I want to ask you guys a pretty big question.” Krystal and Fox listened closely, “I was wondering if I could use The Great Fox and the Arwings to form my own mercenary team.” Fox and Krystal looked at each other,

“We are going to need to discuss this between us for a moment Marcus.” Fox told his son, Fox and Krystal went into the other room. Marcus sat back into the couch and waited for his parents to finish discussing his request.


Reece was now dressed and was thinking desperately of how to get rid of the two vixens who had drugged him into taking them to his place, the other vixen was still in the shower after fifth-teen minutes,

“How much water has she used?” Reece mumbled when thinking of the bills. The running water stopped, “What to say, what to say?” Reece asked himself, the door opened and the yellow furred vixen walked out with a towel wrapped around her head,

“Hello hun’.” She greeted Reece frowned,

“Mind explaining at what happened at the bar.” he asked,

“You took my drink instead of yours and drunk it… it had my pill in it, it really loosened you up,” she explained, “well then you took us back here and… well I don’t need to go any further.” Reece sighed, he blamed those girls for something that was entirely his fault, Reece scratched the back of his head again, ‘What now?’ Reece asked himself in thought,

“You look tense, want to go again?” she asked, Reece frowned.


Fox and Krystal sat down on the couch opposite Marcus; Marcus was waiting to hear their response,

“Marcus,” Fox started, “I am happy to hear that you want to follow in our footsteps… but do you know what you are getting yourself into?” Marcus nodded and replied,

“I have thought about what I would do in this business, I have thought about the possibility of me dying or my friends dying. I have thought about the finance parts of it as well as the stress it will bring.” Fox and Krystal looked at each other, Krystal looked at her son,

“Well if you know what you are getting yourself into and you are sure this is what you want to do, then we will happily give them to you.” Krystal told him,

“Just stay safe.” Fox told him, Marcus was overjoyed to hear this, he happily hugged his parents and thanked them repetitively, Krystal and Fox smiled at the response their son was giving them,

“So who have you got on your team so far?” Fox asked, Marcus broke the hug,

“Well I have got Jessica and Jason signed up.” He replied, Fox raised an eyebrow,

“It might pay to have someone with experience on your team.” Fox told Marcus,

“Do either of you two want to join?” Marcus asked, Krystal shook her head,

“No I’m sorry Marcus, you need to do this by your own, we can’t help you all the way.” Krystal replied, Marcus raised an eyebrow,

“What about Slippy or Falco.” He asked,

“I doubt Slippy wants to go flying again with his back problem and I have no clue where Falco is.” Fox told him, Marcus thought for a moment,

“Who can I recruit?” Marcus asked himself.


“The two vixens were now fully clothed and were at Reece’s front door,

“Thanks for loosening up again.” The yellow furred vixen told him, Reece nodded, the only reason he did it again is so that they would leave,

“I had a great time babe,” the white vixen told me, “We will definitely be doing it again.”

“Maybe.” Reece lied, he didn’t really want to see them again, they went through the front door and Reece shut it behind them.

Reece was happily watching the latest episode of his favorite show on television, it was just getting good when there was a knock at the door, Reece paused the television and made his way to the door,

”I swear if those two are back…” he mumbled, he opened the door, to his surprise Marcus was at the door,

“Oh hello.” Reece greeted, he was happy to see it wasn’t the vixen pair, Marcus noticed Reece was expecting someone else,

“Hey Reece.” Marcus replied,

“So what is going on?” Reece asked,

“I have an offer for you,” Marcus replied, “but we may want to sit down.” Reece smiled and went to his dining room table, Marcus followed. Marcus explained the whole mercenary team and the position he was offering Reece,

“I’m sorry Marcus,” Reece replied, “I’m out of the military related jobs.” Marcus frowned,

“Reece do you mind telling me what you do all day.” Marcus asked,

“I…” Reece paused to think, “…I… uh… do nothing.”

“You cannot enjoy doing that.” Marcus told him, Reece nodded, Marcus frowned, “Look Reece, I know how close you came to dying all those years ago, four years before that my father and I almost died, do you remember that?” Reece was shocked at Marcus, he never argued with Reece before, “So if you don’t want to join because you’re scared… fine with me.” Marcus got up and made his way to the front door,

“Marcus wait!” Reece called, Marcus smirked and turned around to face Reece, “I’ll join you.” He told Marcus, Marcus smiled,

“I’m glad to hear that.” Marcus replied, “I’ll contact you later.” Reece said farewell to Marcus and returned to his show, he soon realized he had been tricked into feeling guilty,

“That son of a…”


A/N: Yep this story is being told in third person. Just for the record there has been a fourteen-year skip between this and Nemesis, Reece is now thirty-eight years of age. This time I know that no one will pick up on my intentions. Anyways this is planned to be my biggest fan-fic yet so stay tuned. :P

As far as Reece’s depressed moods go… I have hired the best shrink in the known universe to help him:





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Guest Julius Quasar

Excellent story, as always, evilwaffles!

Feel free to use any of my fan characters if you want, just keep them true to their profiles.

Great Job!

"Paper clip shrink", haha!

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I still don't think krystal and fox can stay out of this and I can't belive they din't want to join him Fox of all things could be like peppy and since Krystal isn't cornierain she's probaly still like she was when she was 20 because Krystal isn't from lylat for all we know she could still be 16-100 In Cerinian years...

Tigress:HEy what about me?! these cornerian fighters are nothing compared to those arwings.

,but good story I have a new character you might like to use her name is Lupe she's a gray wolf she's  kinda like Krystal cept like Tigress she's a Inventor although she's no mechanic....: Lupe is like Krytal in a couple of ways she's taller than Krystal yet like her she has markings on her thighs and shoulders however hers are completly diffrent

Also if you want you can Use Kari Marcus' younger sister (at age 18 she looks like her mother)

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Excellent story, as always, evilwaffles!

Feel free to use any of my fan characters if you want, just keep them true to their profiles.

Great Job!

"Paper clip shrink", haha!

Thanks Julius. :x

I know, the Paperclip ain't cheap.

I still don't think krystal and fox can stay out of this and I can't belive they din't want to join him Fox of all things could be like peppy and since Krystal isn't cornierain she's probaly still like she was when she was 20 because Krystal isn't from lylat for all we know she could still be 16-100 In Cerinian years...

That is possible but that is not a fact so... yeah.

Tigress:HEy what about me?! these cornerian fighters are nothing compared to those arwings.


But good story I have a new character you might like to use her name is Lupe she's a gray wolf she's  kinda like Krystal cept like Tigress she's a Inventor although she's no mechanic....: Lupe is like Krytal in a couple of ways she's taller than Krystal yet like her she has markings on her thighs and shoulders however hers are completly diffrent

Also if you want you can Use Kari Marcus' younger sister (at age 18 she looks like her mother)

Thanks Kursed. I'll PM you and Julius about Fan Characters.


The Essence of Hatred

Chapter Two:



Reece was thinking of a way to get back at Rave, not that he didn’t like what Rave had done for him but he needed to know that you don’t mess with him. Reece sat back into the chair and watched the TV, it was about 11pm at night, he was watching Bryon Bay, an action series about two wolves trying to find the people responsible for the death of their parents. About ten minutes into it the advertisements starting playing,

“Damn it.” Reece mumbled he was really enjoying the TV show; an advertisement started playing that made Reece smirk,

“Need a little life at your party?” the leopard in a tuxedo, “Well then call Jerry’s Dancers, perfect to light up any party, weather it be a birthday or a bachelor party. We offer male and female dancers so call now!” Reece chuckled; he got up and made his way to the phone.


Reece awoke to the ringing of his phone, he grumbled and made his way to the phone. He slowly pressed the button to activate the communication link, Rave appeared in the picture,

“You have any idea what time it is?” Reece asked in a mumble,

“Just what the hell did you think you were doing?” Rave yelled, Reece smirked,

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” He lied,

“You know exactly what I am talking about!” Reece shook his head in denial, “You know exactly about the three male strippers that came to my house!” Reece chuckled,

“Just wait a second.” Reece told Rave, Reece grabbed a wine glass from the cupboard; he held it up to Rave and nodded,

“Oh you are so dead.” Rave growled, Reece simply laughed as Rave ended the communication link. Reece laughed as he went back to bed and back to sleep.


Marcus was at the bank with his father, Fox was signing over the insurance and the deeds on his former ships, vehicles and associated items over to Marcus so just in case anything happens he can claim the money back to replace what is broken or destroyed to him not his father. Marcus frowned,

“Jeeze these questions are a bit complex don’t you think?” Marcus asked Fox after reading the questions, Fox read them,

“They are not all that difficult if you think about it closely.” Fox told him, Marcus read over the questions again thinking very carefully. Marcus had spent all morning reading over and filling out documents so he can have legal ownership of the Great Fox, the Arwings, the Landmasters and the items associated with them. Marcus looked over at his father,

“So why didn’t you want to join my team?” he asked, Fox sighed and looked over at him

“It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s the fact that I can’t.” he replied, “If you asked five years ago sure I would have, but after all these years of piloting and fighting has taken its toll on my body and has made me lose the reflexes I once had, one slow move and I am gone, and that is too high of a risk now.”

So why not be like Peppy was when he quit flying?”

“Marcus this is your team, I don’t want to be there bossing you around.” Fox replied, Marcus sighed and nodded. The banker entered the room,

“Right let’s get this done fast, I’m really not in the mood for this crap.” The magpie banker told the foxes; Marcus and Fox were surprised at what she just said. Marcus answered all the basic questions the magpie asked, she came to the specific questions about the squad,

“What does your business or group aim to do?” she asked,

“We aim to perform military actions for a reasonable payment.” Marcus replied,

“Sounds like my ex-husband’s sister.” She mumbled Marcus frowned, “Do you have a plan or outline of your business or group?” Marcus pulled out a file containing information about Jason, Jessica, Reece and himself, information about how they will perform missions and information on the ships and vehicles, the banker read over them rather slowly. Marcus leant back into his chair and sighed as he waited for the rude magpie to read his outline.


Reece was reading a book that was highly recommended to hi m by Krystal, he found it started out slow but got better as it got further in. Reece heard the doorbell ring, Reece got up and went to the door, he opened the door to see a large but thin chimp that was wearing tight clothing,

“Hi… are you the one from the… uh… ad.” He asked, Reece raised an eyebrow,

“What ad.” He asked,

“The one in the Corneria Times?” Reece frowned,

“Do you mind showing me the advert?” he asked, the chimp gave Reece a piece of paper, it read:

Single man seeking male partner,’ it then showed Reece’s address,

“Rave…” Reece growled, “I’m sorry they must have misprinted it, that ‘I’ is meant to be an ‘o’ and that ‘5’ is meant to be a ‘6’.” Reece changed the address so that it was now to Rave’s address,

“Oh I am so sorry to bother you.” The chimp told Reece, Reece waited for the chimp to leave before laughing. Reece returned to his house to make a sign referring any other relationship seekers to Rave’s property.


Marcus was at the final stages of the signing over of the deeds and insurance documents from father to son. The magpie banker did not improve her mood as the process went on,

“Right so now what do you want the name to be signed under?” she asked,

“Marcus McCloud.” Marcus told her,

“And what is the name of your team?”

“Team Star F…” Fox stopped him,

“I think you may want to have a unique name.” Fox told Marcus, Marcus thought for a moment,

“Team Starstrike.” He told them, the magpie asked,

“So the name is: ‘Team Star F… I think you may want to have a unique name, Team Starstrike.” Fox frowned,

“Just write: ‘Team Starstrike’.” He told her, she rolled her eyes and wrote it,

“All done,” she stated, “now I can finally leave.”  She threw his copy of the documents on the table and quickly left the room. Fox shook his head in disgust,

“What a bitch.” He told Marcus, he nodded in agreement.


Reece was still reading that book, he finished the chapter and sighed, he started to feel the boredom hit. Just as he started to begin reading the next chapter the phone rang, Reece swore, he got up and mumbled, he had begun to feel really irritated at the amount of phone calls and doorbell rings he had been getting lately, he activated the link, a lizard was on the other end,

“Hey are you that guy from the ad?” he asked, Reece was really pissed off now,

“No… typo… piss off!” he yelled and de-activated the communication link. Reece sat down on his chair and picked up the book, he just started reading when the phone rang, he swore loudly and repetitively as he got to the phone, he activated the link to see Marcus, he sighed and greeted Marcus, Marcus nodded in reply,

“Hey Reece Team Starstrike is set to go.” He told Reece, Reece raided an eyebrow,

“Team Starstrike?” he asked, Marcus nodded,

“That’s the name of our team.” He told Reece, Reece nodded, “We are setting up the rooms and changing the preferences to our liking.”

“Okay when do you want me there?” Reece asked,

“Try make it to my parents’ place at roughly 1300 hours.”

“Okay, I will see you then.” Reece ended the communication link between him and Marcus. Reece went to go pack his stuff that he would take aboard the Great Fox. He packed some clothes into a box; he opened his bottom dresser draw and found some clothing that wasn’t his, some clothing worn under clothing, Reece raised an eyebrow.


Marcus entered the largest bedroom in the Great Fox; this was formerly his parents’ room. He put a blaster in his night stand’s top draw, he noticed a photo album in the draw, he picked it up and dusted it off, he opened the album, it was full of photos of Fox when he was a kid, it had photos of him with James, photos of child versions of Fox and Slippy. There were photos of a teenage Fox with Falco and Peppy. The photos continued, he then noticed there were a lot of photos of Krystal that turned eventually into photos of Fox and Krystal. Marcus even saw photos of Reece back when he was a human (Not that he knew that it was Reece) and Reece in the form he was in now. The last photo in the album was a photo of the whole Star Fox team and him. He closed the book and placed it on top of the dresser, he realized how much history there must have been made simply by team Star Fox, he was proud to keep it going (even though it was Team Starstrike now). An hour had passed; Jason and Jessica had shown up but not Reece. Marcus was beginning to wonder where he was.

Reece was walking to Fox and Krystal’s home, his car had broken down half way there. Reece was carrying two boxes containing his stuff, it was rather heavy, he cursed himself for not bringing a mobile phone. Reece walked for another ten minutes, he swore loudly with only fifth-teen minutes until he made it to Fox and Krystal’s home.


Marcus was discussing plans about the team to Jessica and Jason when Reece entered; he was tired, hot and sweaty,

“What were you doing?” Jason asked suggestively after observing Reece’s appearance, Reece glared at Jason,

“I had to walk here because my car broke down and I did not have my mobile on me.” He growled, Marcus stood up and took the boxes from Reece,

“Leave him alone Jason,” Marcus told Jason jokingly, he looked at Reece with a smirk, “he’s getting old.” Reece glared at Marcus,

“I’m thirty-eight,” he snapped, “how is that old?” Marcus knew that Reece was a little angry because of the walk.


Reece entered his old room; it still had his old password. The room was just the way he left it, the bed not made and the middle dresser draw left open. He was placing his clothing in the draws when he came across his old sunglasses, they were snapped in half and the lens were cracked and chipped, he also found his first clothing that he was given by Peppy,

“That’s where I left them.” He mumbled, the glasses and clothes brought back memories of his first encounter with Star Fox.


“Sir,” the lieutenant yelled to get his superior’s attention,

“What?” the high-ranking officer snapped,

“We have learned that the majority of the Cornerian Defense Forces have been sent to a battle on MacBeth, our plans can go ahead.” The superior nodded,

“Affirmative, I will pass this information onto the leader.” The superior smiled and made his way to the leader’s office, “It begins.”


A/N:: Team Starstrike is go! I have given the least amount of description about the military people to avoid me making it predictable.

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I still think Fox want's to be like peppy he's just too prideful to admit it... but good chapter non the less (I'm sorry I'm just partial to Fox and Krystal in starfox.)

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I still think Fox want's to be like peppy he's just too prideful to admit it... but good chapter non the less (I'm sorry I'm just partial to Fox and Krystal in starfox.)

It doesn't bother me in the slightest, I like it when people express their opinions. As always, thanks Kursed.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Haaa-hahahahha! the pranks Reece and Rave pulled on each other were awesome! haha!

that magpie is a bitch, I hope she dies...

Good job, dude! :x

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1) Haaa-hahahahha! the pranks Reece and Rave pulled on each other were awesome! haha!

2) that magpie is a bitch, I hope she dies...

3) Good job, dude! :D

1) Lol, thank god that doesn't happen in real life.

2) :x

3) Thanks Julius. :)

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The Essence of Hatred

Chapter Three:


General Bill Gray was in his warship at the back of the fleet that was flying towards MacBeth, he stood on the bridge and observed his fleet. Bill was thinking about battle plans to exterminate the mutants that were threatening the life of local villages.

“General!” one of the crewman yelled, Bill looked at him, “We have a whole fleet of unidentified crafts incoming.” Bill frowned,

“Have they made contact?” he asked,

“Negative sir.”

“Have we made contact.”

“Affirmative sir, no response.” Bill looked at the direction where the ships were coming from, he saw nothing,

“Activate the infrared scanner.” Bill ordered, the crewman did so, the ship’s front window now was an infrared scanner. Again he saw nothing,

“Remain alert but continue to our destination.” Bill ordered, the fleet begun moving again. Bill continued to scan the surroundings, he saw something,

“Get down!” he yelled as he ducked and grabbed onto the pole near the door, a massive red laser beam shot through the front half of the bridge, it killed anyone in the shot and space sucked out any one not holding onto something. Bill struggled to drag himself to the door, he pressed the button to open the door, before he dragged himself through the door he took one look back at his fleet, he saw similar beams attack the other ships in his fleet, as he made his way into the hall he closed the door closed behind him. Bill got on one knee and caught his breath, he looked up to see two unknown soldiers,

“You’re coming with us.” One of the soldiers told him before the other solider hit him on the head with a lead pipe, knocking him unconscious.


Reece entered the bar, he entered the saloon section to avoid the drunks and rowdy people, Reece favored this place because of the meals were so delicious. Reece sat at his usual seat in the corner of the room, he watched the sport on the television. He waited for the waitress to take his order, a female white wolf sat down next to him,

“This seat’s not taken is it?” she asked, Reece not wanting to be impolite replied,

“Nope.” ‘Bit late in asking.” he thought to himself,

“I’m Emma by the way.” She told him, Reece nodded, she wore a revealing black dress, and she wasn’t afraid to show herself off, she was a lot taller than him,

“Reece.” He replied, Reece wondered why she sat next to him when there were plenty of empty seats and tables.


Reece finished off his dessert, he sat back into the chair, Emma was still there, she managed to talk Reece into paying her bill, Reece did it out of pure kindness. Reece looked at her,

“Well I have to get going.” He told her,

“Would you like to come to my place for some coffee?” she asked grabbing Reece’s hand softly, Reece shook his head,

“I’m sorry but I have to go home and finish some papers.” He lied,

“That’s too bad, I make really good coffee.” She told him.

Reece entered the car park, he noticed that the lights were either broken or dimmed, he took caution in walking through the car park. He reached the row where his car was parked, he heard something behind him, he turned quickly, he saw two bulk figures, both were wearing balaclavas and one was wielding a pipe, the figure with the pipe took a swing at Reece with the pipe, Reece ducked avoiding the blow, he quickly shoved the attacker with the pipe, it stumbled backwards and tripped over the curb, Reece quickly turned to the other attacker and landed blows to its head, it took a step back and put its hands in front of its face to defend itself, the defending attacker grabbed Reece by the throat, he picked him up and threw him in the curb, Reece quickly got up to his feet only to receive a crack to his head with the pipe, Reece fell to the ground fast and hard, he hit his head on the curb, Reece groaned, his vision was blurred,

“Back off!” a familiar voice yelled, Reece saw the attackers back off and run, he could feel blood run down his forehead, he felt someone lift his head up from the ground, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you,” the voice told him, he felt her stroke his head, “I’ll look after you.” The voice repeated before Reece slipped into unconsciousness.


Marcus was drinking his morning coffee, he read the newspaper, he read the article about increasing rate of gang related activity, Marcus thought that there could be some money to be made from stopping them. The phone rang, Marcus was sitting right next to it, he leant over and pressed the button to activate the communication link, a bloodhound’s head appeared in the screen,

“Are you Marcus McCloud, head of Team Starstrike?” he asked, Marcus nodded,

“I am.”

“We have an assignment for you.” Marcus leaned in closer to the screen to listen, “Yesterday at 1802 hours there was a fleet being sent to MacBeth to perform a classified mission when they were attacked by a fleet of ships that has an unknown affliction, all were killed but one.”

“Who survived?” Marcus asked,

“General Gray.”

“Then why do you need us?”

“The General has been captured and is being held hostage at an unknown location by a military force we have not encountered.”

“Can you send this information to our database on our mother ship?”


“Thank you sir.” Marcus thanked the military personal before ending the communication link. Marcus now had to call his crew.

“Okay see you in two hours.” Marcus told Jessica as he finished the call with her. Marcus entered Reece’s phone number and activated the link, Marcus waited for Reece to accept the link, instead it went to his message bank, Marcus tried calling Reece’s mobile, again it went to his message bank. Marcus ended the link,

“Damn it,” he cursed, “where the hell is he?”


Reece slowly opened an eye slightly, everything was blurry more than it would usually be when he woke up. Reece opened both his eyes fully and rubbed them to regain focus, he came to the assumption he must have gotten a concussion from either the hit from the pipe, the fall onto the curb or both. He noticed that he was in someone else’s bed, it was a single bed, the room was a yellow and blue, it had a bookshelf and a desk in there, where ever he was he wasn’t in familiar territory. Reece felt where he was hit on the head with the pipe, there was a patch over it as well as where he hit his head on the curb. Reece groaned groggily as he sat up against the back of the bed,

“Oh good you’re up.” A voice stated, Reece looked up to see Emma, the wolf he met last night,

“Where am I?” Reece asked her, Emma walked over to Reece and sat on the bed next to Reece,

“You’re in my guest room, you got hit pretty hard last night.” she told him, Reece remembered the two figures that attacked him,

“Do you know who they were?” he asked, Emma shrugged,

“I was hoping you could tell me.” She replied, Reece nodded,

“How did you scare them off?”

“Lets say I have a rather nasty rifle.”

“I guess I am in your debt,” Reece told her, “how can I thank you?” the wolf licked her lips, she slowly got on top of Reece,

“I can think of a way.” She told him before she locked lips with Reece, Reece went with it seeing as she did save him.


Reece got from the bed and re-clothed, he found his mobile phone, he saw he had five messages, all from Marcus, Reece’s eyes widened, he listened to the messages, he swore loudly, Emma hugged him behind and kissed his neck,

“What is it babe?” she asked,

“I am supposed to be at work three and a half hours ago!” he told her in a slight panic, he knew he was letting Marcus down,

“Well maybe you can stay here with me then, take the day off.”

“Not in this job, I’m sorry.” Reece told her, he quickly grabbed his stuff, he quickly turned to her, “Again, thanks.” He told her, she passionately kissed him,

“No, thank you.” She told him, Reece nodded before rushing out the door.


Marcus was angry with Reece, their first mission and he wasn’t there on time,

“God damn it.” He cursed, he went to the ship’s phone, and entered Reece’s number, he wasn’t home, he decided to call his mobile number, Reece answered,

“Reece where the hell are you?” Marcus demanded angrily,

“I’m sorry Marcus,” Reece told Marcus, “I just got out of hospital.” Marcus raised an eyebrow,

“Really? Well you will end up there if you drink too much… or jail.”

“Funny Marcus, I was actually there because I was hit on the head with a pipe which caused me to fall and hit my head on the curb.” Reece told him, Marcus was still annoyed he needed to see Reece before he believed him. He ended the communication link,

“So where is he?” Jessica asked,

“Apparently he was in hospital because of an assault.” Marcus replied, Jason laughed,

“He probably got alcohol poisoning.” Jason told them, Marcus smiled,

“That’s what I said.” Marcus replied.


Reece sat on his bed reading his book, he had proven to Marcus, Jason and Jessica that he had been attacked with the wounds on his head, Reece preferred to be alone at times like this. He was half way through the chapter when his gauntlet went off, he looked at the message,

All personal report to the bridge.’ Reece put the book down on his night stand and made his way to the bridge.

Marcus stood at the bridge and looked out the window, he studied what they were about to do. Reece, Jessica and Jason entered the bridge,

“So what’s up?” Jessica asked him, Marcus pointed out the window to the wreckage of the Cornerian Fleet,

“Our first mission begins here.” He told them.


A/N: Here we go, the plot begins. Why would these thugs want Reece, Bill is understandable but Reece? :yes:

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Kadie:REECE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystal:Marcus you need to be more considerate of your crewmen.

nice work.

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That's really awesome! Great job! Keep it up! :D

Why thank thee.

1) Kadie:REECE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Krystal:Marcus you need to be more considerate of your crewmen.

3) nice work.

1) *Hides* (I actually had this written before we started adding Kadie)

2) "Yeah listen to your Mother!" *shot*

3) Thanks Kursed.

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The Essence of Hatred

Chapter Four:

Final Resting Place


Reece and the others studied the mass amount of destroyed Cornerian ships,

“Sector G,” Marcus announced, “the location of the destroyed Cornerian fleet.” Reece looked out the window,

“Nice.” He stated, Marcus frowned at Reece’s comment,

“So what do you say we do?” Jason asked, Marcus walked over to the holographic projector; the lights dimmed down, a projection of the area that was outside,

“This is outside obviously,” Marcus started, as four Arwings appeared in the projection, “we will fly out to separate parts of the area and use the scanners on the ships to pick up as much information we can so we get a fair idea of what happened.” He explained as the animated ships flew around scanning the wreckage,

“We were hired for… this?” Reece asked, “Isn’t this a job for Corneria’s intelligence department?” Marcus shook his head,

“As you can see they lost a massive amount of their defense force right here, they cannot afford to have any more forces leave Corneria, weather they be intelligence of infantry.” Marcus replied,

“So what are we looking for exactly?” Jessica asked,

“Anything that can help us, that’s why we need to scan as much as we possibly can since we have no idea what we are actually after.” He replied, he waited for any more comments or questions, “Anything else?” no one said anything, “Well lets get out there.” Everyone made their own way to the hanger.


Reece pulled the sheet that was covering his spare Arwing off; he shook it a few times to get the dust off of it,

“It’s been a while.” Reece stated when the dust floated in the air, he opened the cockpit window and entered, he pulled the window over top of him and locked it in place, he found half of a sandwich still in a plastic wrap, it stunk and was full of mould, Reece chocked on the smell, he re-opened the cockpit and threw the sandwich outside before locking it in place again. Marcus noticed Reece had thrown the sandwich out the window,

A little respect would be nice.’ he thought to himself, he opened his father’s Arwing cockpit window, he sat down on the comfy leather chair, he begun to think all of what was accomplished in this aircraft, the destruction of Andross, the extermination of the Aparoids, and all the other achievements. Marcus activated his ship’s engines and computer systems,

“Everyone ready?” Marcus asked,

“Yep.” Jason replied,

“Sure am.” Jessica answered,

“No.” Reece replied, Marcus shook his head and ignored him,

“Team Starstrike is go!” Marcus told his team, they all flew threw through the protective force field keeping the space air out and into the graveyard of ships.


Marcus, Reece, Jason and Jessica all hovered in the middle of the ‘Graveyard of Ships’, Reece sat back in the cockpit chair with his feet up on the dashboard, he was generally calm about being in the cockpit since his near-death experience. Marcus frowned at Reece when he saw him,

“Okay this is what we do,” Marcus started, “we all go to different directions of this place and scan whatever is there. Jessica, you will scan the north area,” Jessica nodded and flew off to the north side, “Jason, you will scan the south side,” Jason flew straight out to the south of the ‘graveyard’, “Reece, you will scan the east side.”

“Okay.” Reece replied, he sat up in his chair and flew off to the east side; Marcus flew to the west side of the ‘graveyard’.

Reece flew slowly inside of a wrecked battle ship, he saw the bodies of Cornerian crewmembers that were caught in the blast, their bodies were caught behind a piece of metal of the ship’s hull sticking out,

“Don’t mind me,” Reece told the corpses, “I’m just going to scan you and your surroundings since your lungs have probably exploded and you cannot talk.”

“Reece mind telling me who you’re talking to?” Marcus asked over the radio,

“Corpses.” He replied, Marcus raised an eyebrow and smirked, Reece did this stuff all the time and that’s what he liked about him. Reece pressed the button to scan the surroundings of the area, his computer made the determination,

Metal damage caused by a Mk-VI Acid Infused Laser Canon.

Technicians killed by space air, heavily injured by impact of blast.” Reece raised an eyebrow,

That laser brand is very expensive, only leaders of planets could afford them… and Rave.’ Reece thought to himself, he continued slowly flying through the battle ship while scanning everything, even dust.

Marcus slowly flew through flew throw the Cornerian Fleet’s Mothership, he felt sick to his stomach when he saw some of the injuries and causes of death that the deceased crewmembers had suffered. Marcus scanned the ship’s life support and weapon systems,

Metal damage caused by a Mk-VI Acid Infused Laser.

Life Support System output at 100%

Weapon System disabled.

Communications system offline.” Marcus was confused he knew that the beam had been shot here to make an opening, whoever attacked the ship must have known the life support systems were right there, then why would they not de-activate it once they had captured Bill, things did not add up.

“Have any of you found anything?” Marcus asked his team,

“I found a paperclip,” Reece replied, “it is asking me if I need any help… it’s odd.”

“I haven’t found anything other than what you guys have found.” Jason replied,

“I have found something.” Jessica announced,

“What is it?” Marcus asked,

“I found the wreckage of an enemy fighter, I’ll transfer the information to you now Marcus.” Marcus looked at his screen, a wire frame image of the enemy ship; it also put some information about it on the screen,

Model: Firebird LK-97

Weapon System: Mk-III Acid Infused Plasma

Registered To: Private. J Loka.

“Okay so now we have a name to research which may give us a lead.” Marcus stated,

“Why don’t I get the information?” Reece asked.

Reece noticed an enemy ship; it was just floating in space, spinning around slowly,

“The hell?” Reece mumbled to himself, he scanned the ship, it was the same ship model that Jessica had found except it wasn’t registered to anyone, “I am so calling Corneria Ship Towing Services.” The scans revealed that the ship’s computer was still active, the screen was on the database, he begun to read the documents stored on the computer, he opened a file, a music video begun playing, a guy was dancing to some crappy music,

“Never gonna give you up!

Never gonna let you down!”

Reece quickly exited the file, he grumbled in annoyance. He eventually came across a document that made his eyes widen,

“Guys you might want to see this.” Reece told them as he sent the file to their ships, he waited for some smart-ass comment from Jason, he smiled when he didn’t hear anything,

“This basically gives us the information we need to rescue Bill,” Marcus stated, “it has the location of where he is and the co-ordinates.”

“Yeah but it was too simple,” Reece replied, “something is up, unless they are very stupid then they are waiting in ambush.”

“Well we’ll discuss this back on the ship, no point wasting fuel cells.” Marcus replied, with that the team returned to the Great Fox’s hanger.

A solider sat in his ship that was cloaked to make it invisible to the naked eye, he grinned and activated his radio,

“This is Scout 16-BZ.” He announced, “They have taken the bait.” A voice on the other side laughed,

“Good,” she replied, “it is a matter of time before we initiate phase two of our plan.”


A/N: Well you have to love my shortness :krystal: No one, I mean no one will guess who is leading the enemy forces, I will make sure of it. Anyways I will be away for four-six days; my parents signed me up to some camp… :P

Well see ya when ever.

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Nice work keep it coming.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Lola: "Break a leg, darling!" *seductive purr*

Todd : "Good luck, kid! Here's to you!" *raises flask in salute, then takes a swig*

Great Job, dude!  Sorry you're being dragged off to some "Alpine Auschtwitz" Summer Camp, I know how that is.  :|

As for the guess as to who's leadin' the enemies, I won't say 'cause I might be right and ruin the ending...by the way, where's the cookies with cream you owe me for guessing who that mystery hero was in your last fanfic!? :x  :P

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Lola: "Break a leg, darling!" *seductive purr*

Todd : "Good luck, kid! Here's to you!" *raises flask in salute, then takes a swig*

I took that advice literally. :P (jk)

Great Job, dude!  Sorry you're being dragged off to some "Alpine Auschtwitz" Summer Camp, I know how that is.  :|

Could have been worse, it was actually not as bad as I thought it was... still a waste of time though. And thanks. :)

by the way, where's the cookies with cream you owe me for guessing who that mystery hero was in your last fanfic!? :x  :wink:

Who is this evilwaffles you speak of? :D


Nice work keep it coming.

Will Reece follow Kadie's advice? (cliff hanger)

Thanks, and I will.

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The Essence of Hatred

Chapter 5:



Reece landed his Arwing in the hanger of the Great Fox, he put his feet up on the dashboard, he pressed the button on his computer so it would display the information that he had gotten from the enemy ship. He closed his eyes and thought about the whole situation, they had basically given up their whole plan, where they where located, where their fleet was. Were they really that dumb and clumsy or is it a trap, Reece did not know what to think. Marcus landed his Arwing next to Reece’s, he too was thinking about the information they gained, he was just thinking about it harder and more logically than Reece. Marcus opened the cockpit window and fell the short distance from the cockpit to the floor, he looked up and saw Jason and Jessica landing their Arwings in the hanger, he then saw Reece with his feet on the dashboard, Marcus thought he was resting,

“Reece!” he yelled so that he could be heard through the thick window of the cockpit, Reece looked over at him, “Stop imagining your fantasies and come to the bridge.” Reece smirked and did as he was commanded, he opened his cockpit window and fell to the ground with a heavy thud, he then begun to make his way to the bridge. Marcus waited for Jason and Jessica to exit their Arwings, he then told them to follow him to the bridge to discuss this recent discovery.

Marcus entered the bridge followed by Jason and Jessica, he saw Reece lying down taking up a full couch with his eyes closed, Marcus sighed, he walked over the other couch, picked up a pillow, he walked over to Reece and hit him in the face with it, Reece shook his head and opened his eyes,

“Yes master?” he asked,

“Wake up.” Marcus replied,

“But I already am.” Reece replied, Marcus sighed and made his way to the ship’s computer, he inserted the data disk into the scanner, the lights dimmed as the holographic projector activated, the projection was of the Lylat System and nearby planets, there was no sound with this projection so the team had to watch carefully and observe. The projection started with the Cornerian fleet moving from Corneria to MacBeth, when they reached Sector G the enemy fleet appeared, both sides fought but one thing that was out of the ordinary was the normal like space cruiser flying out of the Mother ship where General Bill was located, the Cornerian and enemy fleet faded out while the cruiser made it’s way out of the Lylat System, it eventually stopped at the planet known as Zailich. The Projection zoomed in on a certain part of Zailich, it showed the cruiser go beneath a cliff edge, as soon as that happened the projection ended, the rooms lighting returned to full capacity. Marcus stood up,

“So we know how they attacked, where they waited and that they had full knowledge of the fleet’s flight path.” He explained, “We know the first part of this is accurate and correct but it is the part where the cruiser flies to Zailich which is the questionable part. What do you guys think?”

“I think you need to get off my legs.” Reece told Jessica who was sitting on his legs,

“Well if you hadn’t taken up the whole couch I wouldn’t be sitting on you,” Jessica explained, “plus I am quite comfy thank you.”

“What choice do we have?” Jason added, “We have no other leads, it may be a trap but we will be ready for it, if it isn’t then we win.”

“But Zailich is a highly religious planet,” Jessica told them, “they don’t believe in the use of technology or interacting with outsiders whom they kill on sight.”

“Then why would they go there?” Reece asked while trying to free his legs without throwing Jessica off,

“That makes me worry for them.” Marcus told them, “So I say we go there and investigate since we have no other options.” Everyone nodded (except Reece who was still trying to figure out a way to get Jessica off his legs nicely), “There is no warp gate there so we will have to fly there, since we will have to fly through lots of asteroid pockets we will fly at a normal speed which should take us an hour and a half to get there.” Marcus added before walking to ROB and telling him what to do,

“You want to get off me now please?” Reece asked Jessica,

“Alright,” she replied as she stood up, “I think you learned your lesson.” Reece got up from the couch and made his way to his room for his bed.


Reece came out of his room a hour and ten minutes later, his hair was messy and his cloths were crumpled, but he didn’t care. He came across Marcus in the hallway,

“Hey Reece.” Marcus asked,

“Ya?” he replied, Marcus pulled out a photo of Reece in a dress with his fur dyed pink, Krystal and Ayuka stood next to him smiling with one of their arms around him laughing, Reece frowned with a very dark expression on his face in the photo,

“Do you mind explaining this?” he asked, Reece sighed,

“Where the hell did you find that?” he asked, Marcus grinned,

“I found it in my Mother’s photo album.”

“It wasn’t in your Dad’s was it?” he asked desperately, Marcus shook his head,

“Nope but there was one of you covered in bandages and stuff during the time of the human crisis, I dunno why they have a photo of a human in there.” Reece’s eyes widened,

“I… I don’t know why either.” He lied,

“Anyways please explain.”

“I lost a bet to those two which made me have to dye my fur pink for a week and wear a dress for a photo.” Marcus begun laughing,

“Well it is definitely funny.” Marcus laughed, he stopped himself laughing before telling Reece, “We need to be at the bridge so we can discuss our battle plan.” Reece nodded, Marcus turned around and begun to make his way to the bridge, snickering as he did, Reece sighed and shook his head.

Reece entered the bridge and laid down on the couch, he didn’t see Jessica anywhere so he thought he was safe, before he knew it she was in the room and on his legs again,

“Damn it!” he yelled simply to be laughed at by Jessica. Marcus and Jason entered shortly after, they were carrying four pistols which they placed on the table,

“These are your tranquilliser guns for the natives since we mean them no harm.” Marcus told Reece and Jessica, Jessica leaned over to pick one up, as she did Reece quickly slid his legs out,

“Ha!” he laughed, as he leaned over to get a pistol of his own, “So what is our method of attack?” he asked leaning back into the couch, Marcus stood up straight,

“Well we managed to get the co-ordinates where the hologram showed the cruiser flying to,” Marcus explained, “after I checked the maps of the area I found out that there is actually a cave down there that gives us access to an underground cavern, I assume this is where the cruiser went to.”

“Well do you happen to have night vision or torches or something so we can see?” Reece asked,

“Yes we have got some goggles for us to where.” Marcus replied, “But those are in the hanger and we will get them before we leave.”

“But they will most likely have lanterns lighting it anyways.” Jessica added,

“So we enter the cavern, shoot any bad guys but put the natives to sleep with our pistols. We rescue Bill go home and get our money.” Jason told us putting the whole plan simply,

“Shall we go then?” Reece asked, Marcus nodded, the team got up and made their way to the hanger.

Reece slowly got into the his Arwing after he had placed his weapons and gadgets in the storage compartment, he was the last to get in his Arwing,

“All set?” Marcus asked, everyone confirmed that they were ready, “Okay then let’s go!” The four Arwings flew out of the hanger and towards the atmosphere of Zailich.


The four of them landed their Arwings at the bottom of the cliff on the tropical planet that was Zailich. The team got out of their respective Arwings wielding their tranquilliser pistols, they observed the cliff face and saw the cave opening, they made their way towards it,

“Halt!” yelled a voice, the four of them turned to see raptor in a primitive attire of clothing, it was wielding a longbow that was aimed at them, “You dare set foot on our planet and bring your technology?” he growled, “You have defied the law of our Gods and you will die, the raptor let go of the string on his longbow, just as he did Reece activated his reflector and reflected the arrow into a nearby tree, Marcus retaliated by shooting the raptor in the neck with the tranquilliser gun, it fell to the ground and drifted into a drug induced sleep,

“Your technological mumbo-jumbo will only get you so far on this planet especially if you are going to enter there.” A voice behind them told them, they turned around to see an old tree frog witch doctor, he was approaching them,

“Somehow I doubt it.” Reece replied to the frog,

“One as arrogant as yourself will be like a dragon fly in a swamp, it is only a matter of time before it gets devoured.”

“Your point?”

“Continue to be arrogant and you will be in death’s hands.”

“Sorry my friend here is a bit stupid,” Marcus intervened, Reece frowned at him, “and do you mind telling me why our technology won’t help us that much in there” the old frog smiled,

“Wise you are young one,” the frog started, “I feel you must get your wisdom from your birth-giver.”

“A ‘birth-giver’?” Reece asked

“It is who you would call a mother in your world.” The frog explained, “Your technology won’t do you any good in the sacred cave of Mon’Lika because of our Shaman’s wards they have put up since the time of creation.”

“Who were the last to go in there?” Jessica asked,

“Two outsiders went in there two moons ago in one of their metal cases they use to fly. They are yet to return.”

“Well my weapons will get me through there safely.” Jason told the frog,

“The only thing that will get you through there safely is the strength of your spirit and the determination of your will. This is the last I will speak to you, farewell outsiders.” The frog turned around and slowly made his way into the nearby forest,

“Did anyone care what he had to say?” Reece asked, the group had begun to make their way to the cave, Reece quickly followed them. The cave was moist but wide and well lit with the lanterns on the side of the walls,

“What a waste of time.” Reece mumbled, his voiced echoed through the cave.


As the team ventured further into the cave it got darker and darker,

“Time for super awesome night vision goggles.” Reece told them, he put on the goggles and flicked the switch to activate them, nothing happened, he pulled them off and put them back in his bag, “Craptastic, this is what this is.” He mumbled. They went further into the cave until it was pitch black in front of them, Reece turned around, the nearest light source was about thirty feet away,

“Just keep going.” Marcus told the group, Reece sighed and followed them, he yelped in fright at what he saw,

“What is it?” Marcus asked,

“Look at yourselves!” Reece quickly replied,

“Now’s not the time for…” Marcus stopped himself as he saw what Reece saw, they were all glowing,

“What the hell is that?” Jason asked studying his own glow,

“I bet that is our aura.” Jessica stated, “I have read about these with my friend.” She looked over at Marcus, “Marcus yours is a violet colour, that represents you great leadership ability. Jason, yours is an orange colour, that means you are a thrill seeker or a daredevil. I am a bluish coloured aura that means I am loving and caring? What the?” she looked over at Reece, “And Reece, you are a red which means you love to express yourself through physical and… sexual acts.”

“Physical, yes… sexual… no.” Reece replied,

“But what is odd about you is that you also have a red over layer, that means you have suffered very early on in life and felt the need for protection, some times it will be a shield from emotional pain in the future but it is most likely to make you distance yourself from what ever caused the over layer to appear.” Jessica explained,

A relationship… most likely with my parents… or my ex’.’ Reece though to himself sadly, “Well thanks for the lesson on auras but can we continue our mission?” Reece asked in an attempt to get time to forget the recent memories that had been brought up, he still felt the pain of those events, the pain forced him to fight back some tears,

“Well the good thing is our auras are lighting up our path.” Marcus stated as they begun walking again.


Fox was sitting in his chair at home watching the television with Krystal; she had her head rested on his shoulder. Someone knocking at the door interrupted them, Fox got up and made his way to the door, he opened it, there were two Bulldogs dressed in suits,

“Mr. McCloud?” one of them asked,

“Yes?” Fox replied,

“We need to speak to you and your wife about a matter of intergalactic security.”

“Uh sure… come in.” The two bulldogs made their way inside,

“Are you Mrs Krystal McCloud?” the other Bulldog asked,

“Yes, happy to see you.” She replied, being polite she decided not to read their min to see what they wanted,

“Likewise.” The Bulldog replied, both bulldogs then pulled out tranquilliser guns and shot Krystal and Fox in the neck, the couple fell to the ground in a drug induced sleep, “Unit K9-LZ reporting in.” the Bulldog announced over the radio,

“Go ahead Unit K9-LZ.” The female voice on the other side replied,

“We have captured the parents of Marcus McCloud, repeat we have captured the parents of Marcus McCloud.”

“Affirmative Unit K9-LZ, you are too report back to base with the prisoners.”



A/N: I had this all typed out on my other computer before it broke (cries). Anyways I know nothing about auras so I got the information from this sight:


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Krystal's supose to be abel to sense aura's I assume Marcus might be able to... and Kadie want's to say somethign...


good work keep it coming

Krystal: uggg I knew I shouldn't have let Fox retire...

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The Essence of Hatred

Chapter 6:



Reece, Marcus, Jessica and Jason continued their way through the cave, the darkness was lit up by their auras, their glows crept the hell out of Reece, he kept patting himself on the arm trying the put out the aura, like a candle on a flame. They continued on further and further into the cave,

“Just how big is this god damn cave?” Reece yelled in frustration, “It has been an hour and a half!” the trio turned around to face him,

“Well we have to keep going just incase ill is in here.” Marcus told Reece,

“And just what the hell is stopping us from using our god damn technology?”

“It is probably an electromagnetic field caused by the atmosphere of this planet.” Jessica suggested,

“Then lets blow it up and get our bikes down here!” Reece growled,

“Reece just calm down.” Jason snapped, “You are being an idiot.” Reece grumbled under his breath and continued walking.


The team walked further and further into the cave, they eventually reached a point where the path split into two parts,

“I am going to drop a freaking bomb on this place.” Reece grumbled, “I am going to inscribe a massive ‘F’ on the side of it too.”

“We will just have to split up.” Marcus told the group,

“That is true.” A voice behind them added, the group turned around to see an old mole dressed in a leather robe, he had a skull of some animal on her head, she was walking on a cane,

“How many freaking natives are going to follow us through this forsaken planet?” Reece growled, the mole retaliated by swinging it’s cane right into Reece’s muzzle, Reece fell onto his knee and held his nose, he swore angrily,

“Lesson one, respect your elders.” She replied,

“Excuse me,” Jessica started, “do you mind telling us why you are following us?”

“Not at all youngling.” She replied, Reece cursed her under his breath, he received a crack to the top of his skull,

“Ow.” Reece whimpered,

“Okay now as Elder Laz was saying,” the old mole continued, “your group must now split up, those with strong spirits will make their way to the right, while those of you with weak or emotionally hurt souls will go to the left.”

“Crap…” Reece mumbled as he heard that last part,

“That’s right whelp, you will have to go down the path alone.”

“Pass thanks.” he replied,

“You have no choice, the gods have determined your path and the path you shall walk alone.” Reece grumbled hearing this, he believed if he didn’t obey the next cane whack would be between the legs,

“What is so different between the paths?” Reece asked, the old mole smirked,

“Oh you will see whelp.” She chuckled; Reece frowned not liking her reply.

Reece got up to his feet and made his way to the left tunnel very unhappily while Marcus, Jessica, and Jason made their way to the right tunnel, much to Reece’s fright a wall of stone blocked him from returning back into the main hallway. The same happened to the others, everyone’s guards were up high. Reece walked down the pathway, very slowly and cautiously, he sighed, to his fright it echoed loudly through the halls. Reece continued walking beginning to become a little frightened being by himself this far into a cave where tribal people could be hiding, Reece jumped back when he heard a high pitch whistling, air begun to hit his face,

“It’s just the wind.” He mumbled continuing to walk, he found it odd, there was wind… but there was no opening or gap in his eyesight, he begun to start walking faster,

‘What’s the matter’ a male voice asked, Reece froze, he quickly looked around himself, no one was there,

‘I’m pregnant.’ a female voice replied, Reece begun to get really fearful for himself,

‘You know we don’t want another kid, get an abortion!’ the male voice yelled, Reece began to run,

‘But I cannot kill it, that is murder.’

‘If you don’t get rid of it I will murder you!’

‘Then good luck finding us!’

‘Fine run, I will find you, I will slaughter you and make your son and daughter watch!’ with that the voices stopped, Reece slowed down back to a fast walk, he was in fear. Reece went five minutes further into the cave, a painful sensation came over him he fell onto his knees and screamed, the pain in his head was back, so were the voices,

‘I am sorry Reece.’ The same female’s voice sobbed, ‘I have no choice but to leave you here. I hope I can see you again one day’ the voice faded out, the pain in his head caused Reece to tear up, he got up onto his feet and started running, he was running from the voices, the pain, Reece had no idea what was going on.

Marcus, Jessica and Jason continued walking down the cave’s path, nothing was happening to them. The old mole was following them,

“So what exactly have you made Reece go to?” Jessica asked, the old mole grinned,

“The one you call ‘Reece’ has taken the tunnel of enlightenment,” she explained, “thee have experienced hardships in one’s life, we burn the bark of trees from the swap of which inhaled brings back the memories that have caused the damage to the person in the first place.” Marcus frowned,

“That is supposed to prove what?” he asked,

“It is to show their mental strength, it they can make it out still sane then they pass the trial.” She replied.

Reece was now sprinting, he was out of breath but he still ran, the voices had gone from the arguing couple to some kids who teased him at school, all the way to when he caught Janice cheating, he was overwhelmed with emotions, anger, fear, sadness, sorrow, they were all there, Reece could see a bend in the path, he could hear the voices of Marcus, Jessica and Jason, he sprinted to the bend in the path, he ran straight into the middle of them, Marcus stopped him,

“Holy crap,” he stated, “are you okay?” Reece started catching his breath,

“Not yet.” He panted, “I just need to stay close to you guys for a while.”

“Understandable seeing what you just went through.” Marcus replied, Reece was feeling very uneasy as they continued through the cave.


The group made their way through the cave, they eventually reached the end of the path, it was a big circular area, there were lots of cobwebs around the room, the one thing that stood out was the space cruiser stuck in the cobwebs,

“We found it!” Jason stated, Marcus ran up to it, the windows were tinted lack making it impossible to see inside and the doors were locked, Reece noticed the mole returning into the cave,

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” he growled, as she entered the tunnel a set of granite bars raised and blocked the exit,

“I am going back here to watch you die to the god of the cave Jin’Salin!” she yelled, Reece managed to fit his arm through the bars and punch her in the head, she fell backwards knocked out cold,

“I wish I never have to do that again to a lady or a senior.” Reece grumbled. The group heard something moving inside a big hole,

“That can’t be good.” Jessica stated, the group moved back against the wall, the rustling continued,

“Um, how do you kill a ‘god’?” Reece asked as they heard a rock crumble, the group waited in silence, a rather large bug walked past the hole, a roar was heard as a large claw like object scooped it up, the bug let out a shriek that was replaced by a crunching sound, Reece swore in curse, rocks crumbled as a large creature leapt out of the hole and landed in front of them, it appeared to be a giant red back spider, it’s pincers were razor sharp, it roared,

“If you are a god make some mouth wash appear and use it.” Reece grumbled, Jin’Salin spat a chain of web at the group, Reece, Marcus and Jessica rolled out the way, Jason got his leg caught, Jin’Salin opened its mouth and begun reeling Jason in, Reece desperately scanned the area, he quickly picked up a relatively large boulder and threw it in Jin’Salin’s mouth, the web was broken as Jin’Salin attempted to break the rock, Jessica quickly helped get the web off of Jason’s leg. Jin’Salin spat acid at the rock, it began to crumble it chewed the rock into pieces and swallowed it,

“Impressive.” Reece stated, Jin’Salin roared again, everyone split up, Reece climbed to the top of a pile of rocks, he started throwing rocks that were the size of pebbles all the way to small boulders at Jin’Salin, Marcus, Jason and Jessica sat behind a large boulder and begun to plan,

“Back vile fiend back!” Reece yelled as Jin’Salin got closer, “The power of Reece compels you!” he yelled as he threw his night vision goggles at it, Reece gasped at what he saw next, he noticed the green glow of the goggles inside Jin’Salin’s stomach before it was digested, Reece thought for a moment, he had grenades on his belt, he activated the counter on one and tried to throw it in Jin’Salin’s mouth, it simply closed its mouth making the grenade bounce off and de-activate due to the electro-magnetic field,

“Reece technology doesn’t work!” Jason yelled, Reece frowned, he had an idea,

“Do not help until I say.” Reece ordered, he slid down the rock pile, Jin’Salin was waiting, it opened it’s jaws, Reece grabbed all his grenades ,and slid down on his belly into the mouth of Jin’Salin, it snapped it’s jaws on his waist, it’s fangs slightly piercing his skin, the others yelled in fear, Marcus rushed over to the beast, Marcus heard a loud ringing noise, the belly of Jin’Salin then exploded killing it instantly, Reece fell to the ground slightly covered in saliva, Marcus however was hit by the insides of Jin’Salin. Reece looked down at his shirt, it had bloody holes on it,

“This shirt cost me forty bucks.” He sighed, Marcus growled as he wiped the stuff off of him,

“What the hell were you doing?” Marcus yelled,

“Killing a god.” Reece replied with a smirk, “And since I killed a god, that must make me a god!”

“You could have been killed!”

“But I cannot die… I am a god.”

“Well he is safe, we just need to investigate that car and get the hell out of here.” Jessica told them, Marcus nodded and begun walking to the car, Reece tried to get up but the pain in his stomach did not let him,

“I think I will sit down for a moment.” Reece told them,

“But gods cannot feel pain.” Marcus replied with a smirk, Reece frowned.

Jessica, Jason and Marcus walked up to the car, Jason threw a rock at the car window, he reached inside and opened the door, Jessica shrieked when she saw the dead, partly eaten bodies of two jaguars, the normal sized spiders were crawling over their bodies, there was no other bodies in the car or any signs of escape,

“We have been tricked.” Marcus growled, Reece swore, “So I became a god and ruined a good shirt for nothing?”

“I am afraid so.” Reece jumped in fright as all his technology came back online,

“I think escaping became that much easier.” Reece stated holding his shotgun.


A jaguar sat at his computer desk, an alert went off, he quickly read the message, the beacon on the cruiser door was activated when Jason opened the door,

“Sir,” yelled the jaguar,

“What is it?” he hissed,

“They took the bait.” The leader smiled, he turned to face Fox and Krystal who were locked in a small cell,

“Looks like your son has inherited your lack of judgment.” He told them,

“Marcus will never let you get away with this!” Fox yelled,

“Marcus won’t let your plan reach completion!” Krystal snapped, the leader laughed,

“But it already has.” The leader told Krystal.

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Kadie:OOOh IF I could get into this I"D BREAKE THOSE JAGUARS NECKS

nice good to finnaly see this goign/

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Thanks you guys.

But Kadie, who is leading the jaguars? Surely he should be stopped first.

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Thanks you guys.

But Kadie, who is leading the jaguars? Surely he should be stopped first.

Kadie:I DON"T CARe their Endagering my man and My friend and in my book that's rock bottom low!  I'd like to give that mole a good whack too I was pretty good with peices of wood. did i just say' that? *blushes*
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