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Kursed: Darkness Amidst (COMPLETED)

Guest Para Astaroth

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Guest Para Astaroth

"How much further until we find her, sir," asks a GDF officer "I want to find her get my payments."

"Shut up, and stay in your groups.  I have a hunch that she's near us and she's waiting for US to make the first move..." The commander raises his fist to signal his group to 'halt'.  He points his scanner on his arm communicator to the buildings around him.  Never leaving the screen, he watches closely as no blips appear on his scanner.  He signs and signals the group to push forward.

Around a corner, a small flash is seen and a face peers around the corner as if watching for someone.  Even though it was night time and the rain was coming down, her eyes peered through the darkness...watching the soldiers leave.  She turns away to calm herself and wipes sweat from her forehead, pushes her long, pink right bangs out of her face, and breathes a sigh of relief.

"-whew-.  I better keep a lower profile if I don't want to make those men come after me again.  Vicious police officers...none I've ever seen before!"  She keeps herself pressed against the walls and comes to a small opening.  Even though there isn't anyone on the streets, she knows there's officers watching for her...  waiting for her to make that ONE fatal move to get the shot and bring her down.  She shrugs the thought of being shot down and peeks around the corners, blaster drawn in case of an emergency. 

This rain...  Jeez, i can't see anything around me!  I can hardly drown out all the other sounds around me without hearing it.  But...  there HAS to be someway that I can get to a safe place and wait until this rain clears up...  Otherwise, I'm going to ge- No, I'm not going to get shot.  I'm going to get out of this alive and continue finding my answers... Of why my planet was destroyed...  And what ever happened to Fox.  All of a sudden, it was as if she was being watched.  She stopped herself, letting the rain drench down her face, hair, ears, everything...  Trying to drown out all the noise of the rain.  Soon, everything went quiet.  She closed her eyes and focused on her surroundings.  Turning her head, she saw heat from trees and the lights, her breath, and her face.  Then, she looked at a certain spot in the brush.  It doesn't look right, she thought.  Focusing more, it came more clear to her what it was.

"Oh no!  Got to-"


Shots were fired and she began to run, not caring if she got hit or if she was going to die.  She just wanted to get away;  away from everything.  No matter how fast she ran, the rain kept getting harder and harder, making it wear down her legs from running.  She just shook it off and continued to run.  Run until she couldn't run no more.  Concentrating most of her telekinesis, she let out a loud grunt and leaped onto the top of a nearby building, losing her balance and catching herself as she fell onto the roofs top.  She got up and she looked over the edge slightly, trying not to be seen.  She hears the men calling out to each other, not quite making out what they were saying.  Numbers?  Orders?  She couldn't tell.  She just rested her hand on the handle of her blaster, waiting to shot if she would be seen. 

Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours, hours seemed like days, but they gave up the search and left.  She waited until she knew they were gone, then she layed herself gently against the concrete sides of the rooftop. 

"Heh, I guess I managed to get away unscaved."  Chuckled Kursed to herself.  "This rain...  It's coming down so hard.  This reminds me of the day I left Starfox...  Never to return...  Never to see Fox again.  Still, there is time to- ah, OW!"  She was interupted when she rubbed her shoulder and it stung a bit.  Ohhhh, this isn't good...  She rubbed her hand on her shoulder and saw that she had managed to be shot by a stray laser shot.  Sighing, she cupped her hand over the wound, closed her eyes, and a golden light began to pulse around her shoulder.  It was healed and she got up and she stood over the rail and rested herself on her forearms as she leaned on the rooftop edge. 

The rain pounded harder and harder, but Kursed didn't care.  It wasn't anything new to her at all.  She knew how the rain reminded of her past;  of how it reminded of her of the pain she had to endure from her past loves.  Love of other people, love of everything...  But all that didn't matter now.  All she needed was to get away.  Far away so that no one could ever find her and just let her be.  It didn't seem so since the GDF was constantly on her tail, never giving up on a chance to get her and bring her in for the crimes she committed.

But, what did i do?  I didn't do anything wrong!  I got accused of something i never even did!  But why would anyone do this?  I guess I'll just find out who did it and just kill them...  It just seems that's all that matters to me now.  I have no time for love relationships...  I've given that option up and taken a life of dispair.  There's no reason to care for anyone...  No reason to care for anything, except for what I get payed...  Nothing more

Even though she meant it, something bothered her when she thought this.  Something about not caring didn't seem right, but she forced herself to make it seem right.  There wasn't nothing she had to care for anymore.  Until there was a figure on the rooftop with her. 

"Hello, Krystal.  Did you miss me?"  a familiar voice said.

"I've given that name up long ago.  You will refer to me as Kursed, Leon."

-Yeah, i know i did it a bit long, but still, it's a prologue.  The actual chapters might be as long or longer, maybe shorter, but they're going to relate to Kursed being depressed ever since she tried to make contact with Fox a few years ago at Kew.  It will introduce new and old faces (and yes, Fox is in it), and so just bear with me on this one.

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Guest Para Astaroth

thanks  :x

I can plan on posting chapter one if you want sometime when i've got spare time?  I just got to see what other people have to say and post...and i'm trying to get mr. krystal or whomever to post it on the fanfiction part of Krystal Archive...and maybe, just MAYBE my manga...if it gets done v__v LOL

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No probs.

You can guarantee if art has Krystal in it... he'll host it. :x

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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter One

"So...  What brings you out here to this retched planet?" Sneered Leon.  "You seem as if you're accustomed to running from the poli-"

"Shut your scaley mouth, you worthless lizard.  I have my reasons and my reasons alone.  You, on the other hand, should mind your own buisness and go back to doing what you were doing and let me deal with my own problems."

"HAHAHAHA...  Ohhh, so defensive now, are we?  What made you just...  UP AND LEAVE Star Wolf like that...?"

Kursed just didn't want to tell Leon what her reason was.  Why does he even care about why she left?  It was her reason to leave, her choice, and she didn't have to tell anyone.  All she thought of while he rambling off with arrows of questions were the times she left Star Fox and Star Wolf;  hearing Fox plead her to not leave and rejoin Star Fox and to forgive him.  Also, Panther heartstrucken when she joined then left a year later.  She knew that sooner or later she would have to make a choice of whether to rejoin Star Fox...  or go back to her dark life with Star Wolf. 

None those choices matter now...  And WHY is Leon here?  If he's away from Wolf, he's either on a hit mission, or out for blood.  But...  Why is he here pressing for information?  He usually tends to himself whenever I first encountered him on Sargasso.  What is he doing here...?  I HAVE to find out.  She sat there in her own little world and came to her senses when Leon shrugged her with his thin foot.

"HEY, were you even listening to me?" Glared Leon, knowing she wasn't paying a bit of attention.

"Oh, umm...  Yes I was listening.  Anything else you want to say to waste my time anymore?"

"So, you don't want to hear the message I have for you from someone...?  Well, I guess I can keep it to myself for the time being and let you be alone."

"WAIT!!  Leon, let me hear it!"

"Ahhh, so NOW you want to...?  Sorry, not going to happen, hahahaaaa..."

"But, who was it from then?  Wolf?"  Questioned Kursed.  Her mind searching for whomever sent it. "Panther?"  Then she happened to stammer out, "..F-Fox?"

"Your guess is as good as mine...  Although MINE would've been better.  Until then, let me know when you want to listen to this message...  Otherwise, it's going down a sewage pipe and never to seen from again!"

"Leon, i want to hear it now.  If you weren't so arrogant, then you wouldn't be pressing me for information that i don't even know."  At saying this, Leon turned and glared at her as he usually did.  His glare, not taking his eye off her, just staring.  Searching something in her.

"Well..." Leon began scratching his scaley head "I guess this isn't that important."  Pulling out the transmitter that had the words up on a hologram 'Message recieved for Krystal.'  "But, if I give you this, will you tell me why you left and how come you haven't contacted us in the past few years...?"

"Yes, just give the transmitter all ready!" 

Leon just snickered and tossed it to her like he didn't care at all.  She caught it, having the rain coming down so much at one time, caused the pain in her hand to swell a bit when she caught it, but she acted as if it didn't even phase her.  She turned, twisted, and flipped the transmitter around looking for the button to start the message...  But she couldn't find it.  She had never seen a transmitter like this before.  So she just looked up at Leon, who had his right arm crossed, his face in his left hand, and snickering while shaking his head slowly.

"Wow... Hehe, you are hopeless, aren't you?"

"S-shut up!"  Kursed yelled, blushing at the remark "I...  I just can't find the button to-"

"*Ahem* It's on the side, there.  Just press that blue button.  It's quite obvious...  Are you blind?  Need contacts or-"

At this time Kursed whipped out her blaster and pointed the gun at Leons face with her eyes slanted in his direction.

"That's enough, Leon.  One more remark like that an-"

"AND what?!  You are too kind-hearted to even pull that trigger!  Which disgusts me with people like you...  So...  So SENSITIVE about almost everything."

She shot a round that wizzed by him on the left side of his head and he flinched a bit but knew she wasn't messing around.  He took a step back with no expression on his face and stood there watching her.

"Well?"  Questioned Leon "Are you going to listen to it or am I just going to have to take it back for myself"

Still with the blaster in his direction, "Stay away from me...  I want to hear this without you budding in for no reason."

She lowered the blaster, hostlered it, and pressed the button on the left side. 

She could hear rustling as if someone were getting ready to begin talking... But it seemed that the person on the other end was having trouble getting set.

"Ahhh, screw it!" The voice said as it threw something.

Kursed snickered a bit at this remark.

"*ahem*  Krystal... I... -sigh- I know you are hearing this but...  You know that I'm sorry for what I did...  You have to know I'm sorry, but...  it was for your own safety and I didn't want to see you in pain anymore.  Not the pain i heard you having when I heard you calling out in anguish to me and Tricky..."

Kursed put her hand close to her mouth as if she were about to choke something out.

"...*sob*  Please, I'm sorry.  Just....  just at LEAST talk to me!  I don't know what I'm doing anymore.  I... I shot down Falco whenever he mentioned you when we were fighting over who was better at flying...  That had him in the hospital for a few months...  Slippy...  I don't know what happened to that kid.  He just up and left when he heard me and Falco yelling over our communicators..."

The voice trailed off and Kursed was sitting against the walls with her hand over her mouth and eyes wide with shock.  Did I cause all of this to him whenever I told him off?  This can't be happening...  Not to everyone!  Please, don't mention Pep-  She stopped as she heard the voice say what she feared the most.

"...  And then there was Peppy.  The one I use to call my father figure to my dad...  I didn't want him to get involved...  I didn't want him to get involved with ANYTHING I did...  Nothing at all!  But as I was going back down to check up on Falco at the hospital..."  The voice stopped to collected himself to begin back talking.  "... He stopped and pulled me to the side.  I knew he was going to bless me out about why I shot down Falco, so I got ready."

The voice paused a bit and he did his best not to hold back his sobbing.

"He...  he told me...  That this wouldn't what my father would've done.  Not anyone would have done.  He... He said I'm glad that I'm still alive or he would've sent the Cornerian Police Force after me...  I couldn't believe what I was hearing because Peppy wouldn't be saying this...  this un-unless he was angry over something VERY important.  He said, 'I don't want to see your face again, Fox!  Get out of my sigh-'  and that's when everything went dark.  I don't remember anything after that except hearing Slippy yelling Peppy's name and being pulled away by the doctors."

Kursed, now, had tears flowing from her eyes, hand still covered, and shaking at this.  She couldn't come to herself to believe this was the Fox McCloud she had left those few years ago.  She set the transmitter to the side and just burried her face in her hands, just letting herself go.  Leon, standing in the same position as he was before, stared at her the whole time and turned his head whenever he saw her crying.

Bah, this is getting a bit overhand.  I'm leaving her so she can drown herself with her tears and the rain...  Sheeh, I'm out of here.  Leon turned and leaped off the building and disappeared.

"No...  No, this... this isn't happening..  Fox would never...  never harm Peppy!"  Sobbed Kursed, knowing that Peppy wouldn't be alive when she got back, or he wasn't alive when she returned to Corneria.

Why is this happening...?  I...  I never wanted all this to happen but...  but I can reverse time now!  It's all happened and I don't know what to do!  Father...  Mother...  I wish you were here to help me...  She let out a curse and slammed her fist into the transmitter, destroying it all together. 

Lighting struck down in the park across from the building Kursed was sitting on.  It lit the area and made Kursed glance at the light for a moment and then back at her hands.

"This...  This isn't me.  I'm not this and I never was...  I'm not Krystal anymore...  I've given that name up when i left Star Wolf.  Everything that was once loved by me is now what i hate.  Hate...  That word sounds fitting for me.  Hate is all that is left in me...  and pain."

She collected herself, stood up, and brushed her wet hair out of her face.  She looked up at the sky that was covered in darkness... No stars, no moon, just darkness.  She knew that she wouldn't be known by anyone other than Corneria.  She swore that she would NEVER return to that place...  Although she would've fit in because of her new look, there was something about it that reminded her a little of her home planet.  She pictured herself playing in a garden with friends and family and then picturing Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, and herself at Corneria.  Peppy, his usual old self sitting on a bench drinking tea and watching everyone else, and herself sitting with him, watched as Fox, Falco, and Slippy played football on a clear patch of grass.  As her eyes were closed at seeing the image she flinched a bit as she saw Fox standing by himself with Falco, knocked out with a head gash on the back of his head, slippy with a bruises on his face and unconscious, and Peppy dead from a gunshot.  She froze in horror as Fox rose his gun, pointed it and fired, causing Kursed to scream a bit and fall to her knees.

"What... why am I seeing these images?  Everytime hear something that's happened to my closest friends, it always appears as them diing!  But, this image...  This seemed all too real by what Fox said...  All TOO real for me to imagine.."  She stood up and at that instant she saw something in the distance.  Something coming closer and closer.  It seemed to get bigger and grew in numbers until she saw spotlights all around her.


WHAT?!  How did they find me all of a sudden?  There's no way they could've found in a matter of hours!  There's just no way!  Then the pilot of a helicopter spoke out to her

"WE HAVE SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!" the pilot said over the intercom.


"KRYSTAL..."  a familiar voice said on the intercom.  She froze as she heard her old name and saw the figure jump down to where she was standing.  The figure looked into her eyes with his only eye and his eye patch glowing in the darkness of night.


-ok, this one, to myself, sounds kind of weird a bit to me, but i tried to make to where you could still see the Krystal part still in Kursed.  Even though she has let go of everyone she knew, you could still see her showing her Krystal counterpart at some points.  Stay tuned for Chapter Two :x  :D

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Does this have anythign to do with Project Kursed?

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a bit, but not relating.  Why do you ask?   :hehe:

Just Curious as i was on the old PK forums before they broke up so i knew alot about it.
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Guest Para Astaroth

hmm, i see.  Yeah, i am part of Project Kursed, but since I don't have a computer mic, i can't use my voice for any of the characters.  So i'm bummed for now  :wolf:  Anyways, i plan on starting part 2 in just a bit...got to think of why Wolf is there with the GPF  :hehe:

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Guest Para Astaroth

Kursed:  Darkness Amidst

Chapter Two

"What are you doing here?  And why are you with the GPF?" whispered Kursed, wondering why he showed up.

"I'm hear to ask you something.  We all know you have potential, and that's what everyone has."  The rain then stopped and all that was heard was the dripping of the rain from the balconies and from the propellers of the helicopters throwing them off.  He pulled out a something, lit it, and smoke blew out of his mouth.

"Why are you here...?" demanded Kursed.

"Let me start first, then I'll get to that.  Just wait."  He took several puffs, then threw it down, and stomped on it.  "Now, the reason why I'm here is because I'm in a bit of a pickle as you are.  These guys, they don't know when to quit."

"Yeah...  Like I didn't know that already..."

"Don't get all smart with me.  I'll just leave you here to fend for yourself against these guys.  These men don't play around like most officers you've encountered.  I've dealt with these goons before, and they're no joke;  they're the Real Deal."  He started pacing around Kursed, as if a ghost were following her.

"I've had to deal with them before, Wolf.  They know what they're doing, they're extremely organized, and they know how to split up properly.  I nearly got killed esca-"

"Shut it.  I'm here for a reason."

"Then WHAT is it then...?"  She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes to him as she lowered her head a bit.

He walked up to her and stopped at her left shoulder looking up at the helicopters with assault troopers with their rifles pointed and turrets aimed at them.

He began to whisper, "Do you want to get out of this alive...?"

Kursed turned her head slightly with a look of shock on her face with her eyes on him.  She knew off the bat that he was up to something, but as much as she tried to search his thoughts, she couldn't find out what.

In a whisper, she replied, "Yes.  What about you?"

"Leave this to me.  Just be ready when i give the signal."

"Signal?!  What signal?"

Wolf pulled back his trench coat and showed a trigger that had been consealed while he was on the helicopter.  He gave her a sinister smirk and winked at her.  She rose and eyebrow at him and he turned around towards the helicopters.

Although this will distract them for only a second, we only have a SPLIT second to get out of sight...  Otherwise, we won't get out of here in one piece.  I just hope she's increased her reflexes more since the last time we met.  She was a bit slow to dodge most attacks, but now I think she's got it down pat, now.  He turned to her and just stared at her as she was adjusting her gloves and arm communicator.  Heh, she still has that look since she left.  Never changed one bit, huh?  Well, let's see how well you've improved since our LAST encounter! 

Wolf put his hand on the mic on his head communicator, "OK, she's ready to go..."

"Excellent work, O' Donnell.  We'll see to it that you will get out of prison much sooner than you think."

"Yeah... I KNOW I will!"

Wolf whipped out the trigger, pressed it, and a huge flash was seen in the distance.  A plume rose up and Wolf turned his head to  Kursed who was hiding her eyes from the light and felt Wolf grab her arm



They jumped off the side of the building and landed on the ground below.  Wolf saw that Kursed wasn't phased by the long landing and nodded to her.

"This way!  My Wolfen is several clicks that way!  If we get there before the shockwave hits, we'll be fine!"

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

He turned his head to her and glared at her like he's never done before.

"Don't question me anymore!  If you want to get out of this without being shot, then I'd advice you to zip it or just found your own way out of this!  Otherwise, we're getting out of here!  Now, COME ON!"

They ran across bridges, across streets and parks, even through street blocks filled with GPF troopers on high alert.  By the time they reached the next corner, Wolf stopped and pushed Kursed to the wall and put his head as far as he could against the wall.

"What are you-"

"SHHHH!"  He put his hand on her mouth and looked around the corner watching troopers, tanks, and transports roll by.  They occasionally stopped and looked down the ally way they were in and Wolf froze like a statue.  Kursed was steady watching the other direction to see what Wolf was doing.  All she could think about was how did she get into all this mess.  Wolf would be her ticket to safety...  That is, if she can trust him.

A commando stopped and looked down the ally way they were and told his units to 'hold up'.  He pointed his motion tracker down the ally way and began to walk slowly down it.  Wolf slowly pressed himself against the wall and looked at Kursed.  She wasn't paying attention, so he shrugged her and she shot her head up at him in shock.

He started whispering, "I'm going to make a distraction, while you get out of here.  Do you understand me?"


"What did i say...?  I said NOT to question me.  Now, whenever I grab him and hold him hostage, i want you to get out of here!  Run until you see my Wolfen from a clearing, take it, and get clear of this area.  If don't have any other option than to engage in a gun fight, then use this:"

He gave her a small shard of a crystal.  She couldn't make out what it was, though so she slid it into her arm communicator.  Wolf slowly turned his head and waiting to see the commando's arm and waited...

Everything went quiet and Kursed looked around in confusion wondering if they had already gone.  Wolf never moved a muscle.  He waited as if something were about to happen and Kursed expression went from a questioning one to a surprised look as Wolf sprang out, grabbed the commando in a headlock, and held a gun to his head at gunpoint.


Kursed stood for a second and then turned and darted out the side of the ally way without knowing there were troopers on the other side waiting to flank them.  She stumbled a bit from trash cans in the way, but managed to keep her footing and kept running.  This reminded her of the time whenever she was being pursued by the GPF a few hours ago.  It seemed all the same because she could hear them shouting, running, and firing at her;  laser rounds hitting the walls in front and to the side of her.  She would take tight turns and throw trash cans out behind her to make it easier, but the troopers jumped over them like they were nothing.  Other officers would've stumbled and fell over them, but these were more enhanced troopers.  They don't give up, run out of breathe, or feel pain.  They were called, in Kursed's terms, 'Super Soldiers'. 

"Darn it!  How long will i have to keep doing this?!"  Kursed said as she continued to run from her pursuers.  She then had enough and jumped ten feet in the air and used the shard Wolf gave her.  It gave out a scarlet flash and caused the troopers to suddenly stop and stumble around holding their masks, groaning and yelling.  She stared at the shard, put it away, and continued running.  She then came to an opening and remembered Wolf's words about seeing his Wolfen in an opening.  She looked around frantically and still couldn't find it.  Ahhh, Come on, where are you...?  Where...  She ran into the park when she heard a loud truck engine coming her way.  She dove over the side of the bridge and landed into the water.  She stayed submerged until she didn't hear the echoes of the engine, but took her chances.  She remerged her ears up out of the water enough to hear the troopers calling out to each other and say that Wolf was in custody and to continue to look for Kursed.  She remerged her self out of the water, sat at the embankment, rang the water out of her hair, and continued looking for the Wolfen. 

She came to another clearing finally saw the ship.  She froze as she felt that she was being watched again.  She turned her head to see troopers on the bridge looking in her direction pointing their guns.  The last thing that went through her mind was her being captured and being interrogated.  A trooper motioned the soldiers to his left to fan out and the right to fan out as well.  Kursed brung out the shard again, the flash came, blinded the men, and she made a mad dash for the Wolfen.  Huffing frantically, she jumped onto the wing, opened the hatch, and sat in the cockpit. 

This looks fairly similar to the arwing I piloted whenever i first joined the team.  Controls, thrusts, everythings the same.  Now, let's get the heck out of here!  She started up the engine, made all systems online and functional, and she ship launched out of sight.  She made her way out of the atmosphere far enough for her to set the ship into autopilot and she relaxed to recollected her thoughts.

It all happened so fast:  First, I'm being chased by the GPF, then I'm escaping O' Cronia with help from Wolf.  Being on the run is the hardest thing I've had to do in awhile.  But...  Where is this leading me to?  Am...  I REALLY a criminal now?  I know Peppy wouldn't want to see me as I am now.  It would destroy him inside and never see me as the same again.  I guess...  I guess I'll have to stay in the shadows and tread lightly for now.

She decided to go to a different planet, where she wouldn't be caught or found, and live more secretly.  It seemed that where ever she went, there was a GPF soldier on her case.  She didn't want that and so she set off to a new planet that was near O' Cronia IV.  She went to Syfronia to live there more secretly than she's ever been. 

"Syfronia, the planet of leisure... the place of rest...  the place where I begin my new life."

She took the controls and controlled the Wolfen down to Syfronia's surface and landed in a nearby dock.  She put the safety lock on the ship and went into a near by building that said, "Welcome to Kron's Bar!  Drink 'till you pass out!"  She smirked and walked in.  Expecting a seat to be taken, she saw one seat not taken yet and took her spot.  A waiter came by and asked her what would she like and she asked for a Silver Jager.  No more than 10 seconds, the waiter came back with the bottle and she popped the lid and began to drink.  While she drank, she saw someone she knew that she hadn't seen in almost five years, but ignored them.  Then, at the corner of her eye she saw him stop and she knew he was staring at her.  She glanced up toward him with her bangs in her face, trying to hide her face, and the man took off his shades and saw was shocked to see who he saw.

"You're--" He began

"Hello, Fox...  Long time...  No see."

-Yeah, I tried to make a good part of a scene where she's running her gutts out, but is still being chased, and I did try to make a good part of an escape scene.  I need to step up the level of suspense a bit if i want to make a good fanfic.  Tell me what you guys think of it :wolf:  :hehe:

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Interesting encounter, Kursed and Fox. Keep going, this is good!

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Guest Para Astaroth

why, thank you, my good friend :bill:  It's taking some time finishing up chapter 3, but I've had some family issues and I've been with friends so much that I haven't had the chance to get on.  I'm using my PS3's enternet to respond, so if you happen to see chapter 3 on this forum, then that means I'm using a computer than my PS3.  If you want to know more about what's going to happen, send me a message.  Thank you and have a nice day  ^_^

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Guest Para Astaroth

Thanks, Julius  :D  Yeah, I think I can do a little more but, ya know, it's just a fanfic, so I'm not putting that much effort into it.  Thanks again  :fox:

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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter 3

"I know you...  You're the one that tried to tell me you were Krystal."

Kursed just stared at him blankly and never took her eyes off him.  She brushed her bangs out of her face and motioned him to sit down.  Fox just stood there and just stared at her as well, knowing full well that was going to pursuade him into thinking she WAS Krystal, but if he sat down with her, he would make it clear to her that she's not Krystal. 

Fox agreed and sat down in front of her.  She leaned back in her seat and took a sip of her drink and set it down while Fox continued to stare at her.

She saw that he hasn't tooken his eye off her and so she had to say something.

"You know, it's not polite to--"

"It doesn't matter in here.  Politeness isn't a requirement in this bar, you know.  I can stare all I want and no one will ever care."

"Whats gotten into you lately?  You didn't act like this whenever I last saw you over Kew."

Fox turned his head slightly to act like he didn’t care.  He knew he wasn’t going to get Krystal back and he never will.  He just snickered a bit and looked back at her.

“And who is it for you to care for?  I haven’t changed a bit since my former team split up for the last time.  As far as I know, you are probably a clone that resembles her and you’re out to kill me.  How do you think I know that, huh?  Why don’t you ask me?”

“Well, maybe if you weren’t so stubborn, then I’ll tell you…”

Fox leaned back as if he were struck by lightning and was stunned a bit.  In some ways he knew that she had to be Krystal, but something was holding him back from convincing himself.  There were things about her that he thought wasn’t right.  If this WAS truly Krystal, then way did she all of a sudden changed her appearance and her attitude.  It seemed as if he was being confronted by an old ally inside, but on the outside it was as if he was meeting up with an enemy from the past.  Wolf was the first example to hit his thoughts.

I don’t think Fox knows that I’m here to negotiate with him.  It’s as if he REALLY doesn’t want to see me anymore, but in some ways, I can tell he wants something, but I don’t know what right yet.  I bet he’s still looking for my other identity, but that’s besides the point.  I just hope I can hold this off without making myself break down.  She knotted her hair into a ponytail so that it would stay out of her eyes and she continued her talk with Fox.

“I have to ask you…”

“What is it…?”

“Since you haven’t changed a bit, why did you harm your former teammates?  I want to know that.”

Fox didn’t move.  He jolted his head aside and just ignored the question.  He rose his hand to her and looked back at her with a look of anger.  “It’s none of your concern.”

Unknotting her hair, she lashed out at him, “OF COURSE, IT’S of my concern!  I knew Peppy so much that he acted like a father to me!  You have no idea what I’ve had to deal with and been through!”

“Like your story no different than mine…  I’ve lost my parents in more tragic ways than yours possibly would have been…  And I’m not going to discuss it becau—“

“Because why?  Is it that hard to discuss family problems that have happened in the past?  I’ve let go of my restraints of my parents death, past loves, being betrayed, and believing I don’t belong here anymore.  So, why don’t you tell me why and I’ll tell you how mine died?  Fair enough?”

“Nothings fair anymore, so why don’t you mind your own business and go back to where ever it is you came from.  I have no more use for—“

Kursed jumped up, with tears welling up in her eyes and caught Fox by the arm.  Fox looked down and saw that she had a firm grip on it and glared at her. 

“Let go.  You mean nothing to me anymore.  Now, begone.”

Kursed loosened her grip and stared at him in shock.  Fox turned his head and walked up to the counter to pay his bill while Kursed just stared into space as those words he said echoed through her head like a past nightmare she had about him.  Her arm slowly fell to her side and a tear ran down her cheek and her face started to tense up from holding back her crying.  Fox turned and saw her having her head slumped over with her hand to her face, covered by her long hair, and shaking.  He thought to himself it was wrong to have said that because he felt inside that he just told off an old friend and that he didn’t want that.  He walked over and  put his hand on her shoulders, and she shrugged them off. 

She looked up at him with tears flowing from her eyes, teeth bared from letting everything that she hoped Fox wouldn’t say go from her.  Fox began to say something, but then she did something that no one’s ever done to him in years.  She clenched her fist and swung it at him.  It landed, causing him to stagger a bit.  He caught his balance and looked up to see her still in front of him, but whenever he looked back, she was gone and the bar door was still swinging back and forth.  Everyone in the bar was busy staring at him to even realize that their meal was still in front of them.  Fox looked around and saw that every person in the bar had their eyes on him, even the cashier.  He just went to the counter and asked how much he had to pay and the cashier pointed to the cash projected on the screen in front of him.  Fox slapped down the change and left.

Rain was coming down now, with heavier drops.  Kursed was too busy running than to even care about anything anymore.  It seemed as if she was running for days until she came to a bridge in the middle of a park.  She slowed down and grabbed the side of the bridge with both hands, slumped her wet hair down over her face, and began to sob.  She couldn’t believe this was all happening just to herself and not to anyone else.  She couldn’t stop herself from shaking nor stop crying, so she just let all her restraints go and let everything that had held her back just flow out of her. 

Thunder became more like artillery rounds and lightning was more like rail guns’ flashes.  She just didn’t want no more pain… no more love…  no more trust…  just hate for everyone.  Then she just let go of the bridge and her arms slid back to her side.  She started to twitch a bit and her hair started to rise.  Grass, the leaves from the trees, and the water began to move rapidly.  The rain then formed a ball around her as an aura began to form around her.  She clutched her fist so much that blood began to flow from her paws.  The ground began to crack around her also, a dark purple aura formed around her, and she only remembered hearing the words Fox said:  “Let go.  You mean nothing to me anymore.  Now, begone.”  She shot her head up and her eyes flashed and began to glow brightly.

The ropes and chains that held her powers intact finally ripped apart and shattered under the emmense pressure of the hidden powers she had.

Kursed’s control is no longer her own.

- OK, this one was a bit tough to do.  Trying to have Fox’s attitude change and still having Kursed be herself and Krystal at the same time…uh… VERY hard to do. 

On a latter note, stay tuned for chapter 4!  :fox:

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Guest Para Astaroth

I'm having a bit of trouble with the new laptop i got today so i'll possibly have chapter 4 later on in the month.

until then, stay tuned, my friends  :?

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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter 4

With the hidden powers Kursed had in her since her enrollment with Star Wolf and the time she spent with them, it now decided it was time to come out and fix things that has been ruined by her.  A bolt of lightning strikes down, but is reflected by with her paw and it strikes a nearby building about 2 clicks away and causes all the power in that building to shut off.  She turns and walks out of the park, causing the bridge to shatter and collapse under the emmense pressure of the building of her powers, and she walks into the middle of the street.  The new being inside of her decides it's time to test her new awoken powers.  With that, she slowly raises her hands about waist-length, and begins to float as she generates as much power as she wants.

Summoning only a small portion of her powers, trees start to uproot and float, windows shatter, the ground around her begins to crack, and nearby vehicles and their windows shatter.  As she generates more and more power, a figure is standing on top of a building staring down at her to his left, with eyes that are glowing a bright scarlet colour in the rainy night.  Then, there are sirens in the distance which causes him to glance to his right for a moment only to see a large fleet of personals ranging from APC's, tanks, transports with soldiers, and even Super Soldiers that are jogging a few meters ahead of the squads.  He looks up and see's squadrons of GPF helicopters fly in and surround her with spotlights coming from every direction.  Kursed continues generating more power until she realizes that she's surrounded by GPF armour and personals.


All that she does is narrow her eyes up to the left helicopter and twitches her head a bit.  The pilot starts pressing buttons and switches when the screen goes on the fritz and the last thing the pilot sees is Kursed's eyes flash and the helicopter explodes.  She raises her hand up to the helicopter falling and engulfed in flames and catches it with her telekinesis.  She smirks slightly and swings her arm in front of the next helicopter to her right.  The flaming heli then hurdles towards the it, slams into it, causing the others to pull off a bit while the damaged helis crash to the ground.  A nearby commando orders all the soldiers to 'Open Fire' and shots from all the units around her begin to unload their weapons.

Laser shots rebound off her, sabot rounds from the tanks bounce off and explode in midair, and missles from the other remaining helicopters bounce off and explode into either nearby buildings causing debris to rain down near the units near it.  She then crosses her arms in an 'X' style and extends her arms as she lets out a loud yell.  A huge shockwave is emmitted into the form of a huge explosion, causing all the armour to go offline, also making the helicopters start to stall up and slowly float to the ground, soldiers stagger, and she brings her arms back into an 'X' style, and squats a bit.  The grounds errups into a blast that knocks everyone off their feet, even the APC's and tanks, launching them 20 yards into the air.  Her eyes then flash causing the units and armour to remained in flight and she brings up her hand.  She then clenches her hand into a fist and everything explodes;  APC's, tanks, and even the soldiers and troopers themselves.  Debris rains down and shoots around her, blood rains onto her and burnt bones slam into the ground, helmets and shattered guns falls and hit the ground as well. 

The figure then jumps down and slams into the ground below, causing dust and smoke to come up from the already destroyed ground.  The being that's taken control of Kursed doesn't see him and begins to emit more and even more power, but this time more faster.  Debris begins to fly around her;  helmets, shattered guns, personal fragments, vegetation ranging from trees to rocks, glass, and even the buildings start to crumble under her emmense power.  The figure just keeps his same blank face and his clothing starts to flap wildly as the wind from her powers start to build more and more every second.  She then curls up into a ball, causing herself to pulse a dark purple, and she throws her arms and legs out in all directions and a flash is seen.  The figure stops, clenches his fist, and points his fist at her, opens his hand, and shockwave fires from his hand, causing the being to leave Kursed.  She gasps as the only thing she sees before she hits the ground unconscious is the figure with his hand pointed at where she was, and the debris falling.

Hours past and she wakes up to see him standing a few feet away.  She stammers to her feet and catches herself as she was about to fall back over.

Holding her head she chokes out, "Wha-what happened?  ...I-...I don't remember anythi-"

"You killed every GPF unit that was dispacted to your location."  He said and turned to her.  "You destroyed the helicopters, the APC's, even made the Super Soldiers explode."

Hearing this she slumps her head down, eyes wide with shock.  Tears form and they fall to the ground. 

"Hey, are you-"

She raises her hand to him to hush him, turning her head away a bit.  She starts to sob under her breath and making her hand drop to her side.  She puts her hand to her face thats covered up by her long pink hair and bangs.  She couldn't believe that she got so mad over something that she loved so much and took it out on everyone else.

He rests his paw on her shoulder, but it seemed as if Kursed didn't realize his hand was there.  She was in her own world in thought, just ignoring everything around her.  He begins to rubb her shoulder and this snaps her back to her senses.  She glances over to see his hand on it and slowly moving back and forth.

What is he doing...?  Most people are either here to kill me or have nothing to do with me.  But... why is he trying to confort me..?  He doesn't know what I am or what I've become, so why is he here?

She turns to him with tears still in her eyes and she says, "Why are you trying help me...?"

"I was sent to exterminate some...  well...  'betrayers' from my world, so I decided I'd start searching here...  and that's when I saw you."

"Saw...  Me...?"

"You were generating so much power and energy that the soldiers began to look at each other, and some started to run away, only to be hit by the debris that was floating around you."  He paused a bit to remember all that he saw. "Then, you killed them all...  Every.  Single.  One of them."

Hearing this she turned her head and walked away slowly, holding herself.

"You did what you must.  There was no other way for you to run, and you couldn't have gone far without either being captured or sho--"

"THAT wasn't me!  I don't have any memory of what happened back there!  None whatsoever!  All this...  this... everything that I'm doing, I never wanted to happen..."  She said as she began to choke up and tears started falling.  "I...  Didn't want all of this...  I just...  want to get away from everything..."

"Then come with me."


"Come with me to my world.  They will understand your reason for having so much disturbance in your life.  I'm sure they can do something about it."

He extended his hand to her, which she just looked at.  "This is your only chance to get away from the GPF.  If you don't accept it, then you'll be in the same situation...  Over and over again, and i know you don't want that."

She shook her head, "No... No I do not..."

"Then come.  We will discuss all this later."

--HAHAA!!  Finished chapter 4 faster than ever xD  well, enjoy, my friends :D

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Guest Para Astaroth

ok, I just didn't have my 'Fanfic Skills' today, so I could've done a bit better on Chapter 4.  Well, I don't know, it's fine like it is, I guess =/  Well...without further to say, stay tuned for Chapter 5  :D

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Guest Julius Quasar

nothing comes to mind for chapter 5 at the moment, sorry...but I love chapter 4! great job!

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Zomg my epic senses are tingling nice story man

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Guest Para Astaroth

Thanks, buddy  :D  Did you read from the prologue to chapter 4?  Sorry to sound oblivious, but I'm tired from thinking of what should happen next  X_X.  Heck, I wouldn't doubt it if I dreamt of what chapter 5 is.  Never know, it might be up tomorrow

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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter 5

Knowing that the person she was speaking to was right, she took his hand.  But there was something that bugged her when he was speaking to her.  Something about him just wasn't right.  He seemed too calm about what all is going on and acted as if he was doing the right thing.  He turned and looked up into the night sky, then the clouds moved revealing the stars and the three moons orbiting Syfronia;  Bratonias, Ludochis, Krystonlius. 

"The giant, Bratonias, glowed the most out of the three with it's golden light emitting down on the planet.  The active one, Ludochis, always seeming as if it were breathing for it's strange orbit patterns.  Then, the beautiful one, Krystonlius, always beaming saphire rays and lights down onto the surface."

Kursed turned her head and squinted her eyes.  She rose her hand, in a fist, to her mouth and choked a bit remembering how she was before all the wrong that happened in the past few hours.  The person turned to her and put his hand to her chin and made her look at him.  She saw that his eyes were a diamond shaped and were a ruby/scarlet colour.  His eyes are so...  so beautiful.  I don't know why I'm starting to get attracted to him, but he's seeming as if he wants me to stay out of harms way and let him deal with it.  But, how do I know that he won't turn on me in the last second?  All I can do is just go with him away from all this.

"Is there something wrong, Kursed?  When I said Krystonlius, I sensed something in you that was disturbed a bit.  Is there anything that I nee-"

"No.  All you need to know is that I'm being pursued, chased, and accussed of something I never did.  Plus, I want to get away from all this and never to be bargained with again."

"I see...  So, are you ready to leave?  I'll prep my ship for our departure."  He turned and started to jump off the building when Kursed stopped him.


"What is it?  Something wrong?"

"Yes.  I never got to know your name and, yet, you know mine.  What's yours?"

He placed his foot back down and straightened his coat.  He glanced at the stars and then back down at her. 

"My name is Scarr Ruddlocke.  One of many warriors of the planet D' Sorphis."

"Is that where we are going?"

"Yes.  That is where you will be able to tell everything to my superiors.  They have a powers that can read your mind and tell if you're liing or not.  I can tell that you have some of those abilities in you so I'm not going to ask."

She just stared at him as he turned and got ready to jump off. 

"I'll be back with my ship in a matter of minutes.  Until then, get your energy back from being unconscious.  I know that from all that power you released, you have to be exhausted.  I can tell just by the way you're acting and standing that you're trying to hide it."

She tilted her head slightly like she didn't know what he was talking about and got a bit light-headed and dizzy.  Her vision got blurry and she lost her balance.  He went to catch her, but she hit the ground before he could get to her.  She pulled herself up with her shoulders and just sat for a few seconds to snap herself back her senses.  She stroked her hand through her hair to get it out of her face and looked up at him.

With his hands still out he asked, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine... Just...  just a bit woozy, that's all."

"Don't forget what I said, ok?"

"Just go so we can get out of here...  I'm about to lose my mind if those GPF show again..."

When she said this, he leaped off the building.  Kursed tried to get to her feet, but she was overcomed by exhaustion.  Scarr was right somehow, and so she sat on her knees and leaned back looking up at the sky.  She closed her eyes and she took a deep breath.  A golden aura formed around her and she began to glow and her wounds started to heal gradually.

Scarr turned to see a golden light being emmited from the top of the building he was on with Kursed and realized she started healing herself.  He turned his head and began to sprint down into the forest on the outskirts of the city and disappeared into the woods.  It was too dark to see for him, so he relied on his infrared eyesight to guide him through the woods, dodging tree after tree, bush after bush.  He stopped in a clearing and saw his ship in the middle of the forest covered with leaves and branches from the trees around it.  He flipped a switch on his ship and the leaves flew off of it as if a strong gust of wind blew them off.  He hopped into his cockpit and started it up.  The lower thrusters ignited and slowly made the ship rise up into the clearing. 

Kursed was busy healing herself to see his ship rise up and come to her location.  While she healed, all she could think about were the times Fox and her were still together.  The times the went on dates and stared up at the sky like they always did on their days off from work.  She would almost all the time fall asleep and would wake up the next morning in her room curled up in her bed.  But, Fox wouldn't be there the next morning.  He would either be doing errands for the Corneria Air Force, or doing things for Peppy and the others.  He spent most of his time with her but now it seemed as if he didn't want anything to do with her.  She just ignored that part of the image and thought of the good things in her past life.

Scarr soared up close to the side of the building, but it seemed that Kursed didn't realize he was there.  He left the ship in autopilot and jumped onto the roof of the building.  He rested his hand on her shoulder, she stopped healing herself, and she opened her eyes to see him looking down at her. 

"Are you healed enough to get into the ship?" he asked

"I think I'm good.  I'll manage..."  She stood up and clutched her left arm and walked to the side of the ship.  The door slid down and she walked up into the ship and rested for a second.  She still felt light-headed and shook it off.  Scarr climbed in and put his hand to her back, gently pushing her to a bedlike seat.

"Rest here.  This should be comfortable enough for you to have nearly, if not, all of your energy back by the time we reach my planet."  He said, helping Kursed sit down.

She looked up at him with a concerned look on her face.  "How long is it going to take to get there?"

"It will take awhile.  I'm guessing about three days at the least, but until then, you should rest."  He turned and began walking to the cockpit.  The door opened and and was shut immediately.  He turned his head in confusion saying to himself under his breathe, "What the...  This never happened before..."

"Tell me something..."  Kursed said as she leaned back against the interior of the ship and gazed at the ceiling.  "...Why are you helping me?  I'm a sworn enemy to this system.  You have no clue what crimes I've committed to get this far."  Scarr's shoulders slumped down and his head tilted a bit and he closed his eyes.

"I know.  You have done so much that all of it wasn't your fault."  She turned her head as it was still rested against the side of the ship.  "I know this because it's all over the news:  O' Cronia IV, Kew, even Syfronia has you up there.  You're wanted for first and second degree murder, assault on an officer, and evading arrest."  He paused as he put his hand to the wall.  "The list keeps going and going.  Even now, they might know that you are leaving,"  He turned and looked at her with a determined look on his face "but I'm not going to let them take you away for something you never did."

She smiled at him and closed her eyes. "Thank you, Scarr.  You don't know how much that means to me."  Before she knew it, she dozed off to sleep knowing she was safe and sound.  Scarr walked over to her and gently placed her down on the seat and put some covers over her.  He leaned back and looked at her as she slept.  She looks so peaceful now.  It's good to see that she doesn't have to worry about the GPF coming...  and she can rest more easily.  I know that she's someone else under that disguise.  A vixen that use to be kind and lighthearted... but something caused her to change into the person I'm looking at.  I'll make sure she will NOT be harmed by the GPF, nor anybody else that tries to inflinch pain on her.  I swear to my planet and my life to it!  He stroked her head as he sat down by her head.  He though for awhile that this is what he wanted:  He wanted to help someone in their time of need, and he found just the person.

He got up and went to the cockpit. He stopped and pressed a button and brung up a screen.



"Set course to planet D' Sorphis."

"Course setting...  Set.  Estimated time to arrival:  96 hours, 52 minutes, and 10 seconds."

He turned and went back into the hull of the ship to see Kursed still sound asleep.  He sat down across from her and stared at her as she slept.  Thinking through in his mind, he thought how would he tell his superiors that she's not a criminal?  They knew who she was because if the GPF are seeking out a high-priced target, they're bound to announce it to the whole system.  So, he thought it through, but eventually caught himself dozing off to sleep as well.  He got up and walked back to the cockpit and sat down in the seat and leaned the chair back.  He stretched and said to himself, "It's a long trip, so I better get my shut eye as well..."  He fell asleep soon after.

The next morning, they were leaving the system and Kursed woke up more refreshed than she had been in years.  She stretched in her seat, got up onto her elbow and looked around.  She didn't see Scarr, so she pulled the covers off of her and walked into the cockpit yawning.  She stopped to see him smiling while asleep and she smiled sweetly at him.  Look at him.  Sound asleep like a child after a good meal.  Heh, I don't want to bother him so I guess I'd better go back and straighten my bed up I slept in.  It's...  the least I can do for now.  She walked out of the cockpit and into the hull of the ship and made her bed up.  She walked around the ship and looked around for something.  The monitor of the ship appeared behind her and asked, "Can I help you with anything, Miss?"

Kursed nearly jumped out of her outfit when she saw the monitor of the ship behind her.  She sighed and just looked at it. 

"May I ask where the food stored in the ship is located?"

"Yes, it is in the second shelf to your left."

"Oh!  Thank you."

"I'm am always at your service."

She smirked and got whatever she got her paws on.  She sat down and asked the monitor if it could bring up a television so she could watch the news.  The channel flipped through multiple channels until it came to the Galatic News.  It went through polictical things and through economical things from a new mayor of Kew being elected since the assassination of their last mayor to the rise of the baby boomers of Krosifar, the planet just a few miles from Kew.  She stopped chewing on her food when it showed her photo on the screen and saw tapes of her destroying everything around her and evading police.  It even showed the film of her losing control and taking out the GPF the night before.  She told the monitor to cut the t.v. off.  It dimmed out and went back up into the ship.

She swallowed what she had in her mouth and slowly put her hand to her head.  She shook her head thinking that wasn't her just then on the Galatic News.  If it was, then how was she going to get out of this one.  She heard Scarr yawn loudly and it startled her a bit.  She leaned back and finished what she had left, the monitor took it to the rensing cycle part of the ship, and Scarr walked out through the cockpit scratching his head.  He looked over at Kursed, who was just looking out the window at the planets and stars.  He sobbered himself up and sat down across from her and leaned against the hull of the ship.

"Are you ok now that you've had your rest?"  He asked as he looked at her with his head pointed slightly upward.

With her head still looking outside, "Yes, I'm fine now."  She looked over at him with a look of horror.

"What is it?  Did you have a bad dream or something?"

"No, it's not that...  it's... it's that I'm on the news now."

"I wouldn't doubt that with all that you've done in the past hours"

"Yes, I know, but why is this happening?  Where did I go wrong?  I just want to know?"  She burried her face in her paws and just sighed.

"All we know is that you're wanted for something that shouldn't have been put on you.  Can you tell me how you just started getting accused?"

She looked up at him through her paws and saw that he was leaning down on his knees with his elbows.  She brushed her hair out of the way and sat up straight.

"Well...  I don't remember all that much of what happened, but from what my head is remembering..."  She began as she scratched her head.

"Just try to remember all that you can."

"OK.  Well, it was a year after I met Fox over Kew and I was doing a hit mission for a Mafia Lord of one of the cities on Kew."

"Do you remember the name?"

"None rings a bell..."


"Whenever I killed him, sent the photo to him, I walked outside and I heard a loud gunshot.  Possibly a sniper round, but it sounded more like a high-calibur armour piercing round.  It was so loud that it sounded like a bomb went off... and that's when it started."

She paused for a second to remember as much as she could as Scarr sat still listening.  "I saw the news and It said that the mayor of Kew had been assassinated by an unknown assailant.  I thought that whomever did it REALLY didn't like him."

"And what happened after that?"

"The next day, the reports came through and it said that they saw a blue vixen with pink hair sprinting from a building a few clicks from where the mayor was assassinated.  I knew, then, that whomever did it didn't like ME as either.  I had to do something, but before I could tell them anything, the arrows of being accussed came back..."

"And that's when you left Kew and started your campaign on running from the police and eventually the GPF?"

"Exactly.  That's why I need to get away so that they can see that I'm no longer there and that whomever it is will be caught instead of me.  But, before they can do that, I HAVE to exterminate them first, then show them who the real purpetraitor is."  She sat back and let out a big groan.  "I just hope I can survive that long."

"You will.  Trust me."

"I hope I can, Scarr."  She looked up at him as he got up and sat down beside her to her right.  He put his hand on her left shoulder and whispered to her, "Listen, I know how you feel right now because you don't know me.  I feel the same way, but this is the only way I can think of getting you out of here.  If you think otherwise, tell me now and I'll drop you off at the nearest planet."

"You sure do act as if you're being a bit timid.  Why are you being so?"

"Kursed..."  He said as lowered his head and starred at the floor and brung his arm back to his knees.

"Yes?  What is it?"

"I just saw a the latest commands and orders on the GPF website and..."

He cut himself off when he got choked for a second and looked up across the hull blankly.

"Go on.  What is it?"

"It said that you left the planet and are leaving the system."

"What?  Are you behind this, Scarr?"

"Kursed, this shocked me more than you!  I didn't know the GPF were so clever."

"Of course they are!  You didn't possibly think tha--"

The siren from the went off and it startled both of them.  Scarr looked around as the red light started to flash and a look of horror came to his face.

"Scarr?  SCARR!!! What's wrong??"

"No... oh, no no NO!"  Scarr got up and dashed into the cockpit to see multiple blips on the radar.  "This can't be happening...  Not this quickly!  IT CAN'T BE!!!"

Kursed rushed in with a look of scare on her face because Scarr startled her.  "What is it?  What's making you so jumpy now?"

"It's them... THEY'RE HERE??!!!"

"WHO is?  The GPF?"

"No, far worse!"

"Then, WHOM?!"

He turned and looked at her with a horrified look. 

"The Sporakian Air Fleet!!!"

---  Ok, I'm totally exhausted...  This darn fanfic costed about 4 hours of my time and my fingers are about to die... X_X  :oops:

So, enjoy this LLLOOONNNGGGG chapter 5 I wrote  :lol:

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Guest Para Astaroth

ok, if you guys want to know who the Sporakian are, then I'll explain it when I get some freaking rest.  That fanfic... oh gosh.  Just have to think chapter 6 now -whimpers-  oh darn :oops:  lol :D

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