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Gotham Star Fox (Working Title) [APPROVED]


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Set in modern day Gotham (a.k.a. New York). Fox McCloud, millionaire son of James McCloud and Vixy Reynard, both of whom were killed before his eyes, has grown up to be Batfox, a costumed crusader vowing to defeat the scum and villainy of Gotham's underworld. Fox isn't alone against the Gotham villains, he is aided by his butler Peppy Hare, police commissioner Bill Grey, photojournalist Krystal Barunetto, and his boy wonder sidekick Slippy Toad/Ro.

Batfox must face off against the most terrifying criminals Gotham has ever known. Wolf O'Donnell/Two-Faced, Gotham's former district a tourney, scarred emotionally and physically by an acid burn that violently disfigured the left half of his face, Leon Powalski/The Jester, a serial killer in clown make up known for carving smiles on his victim's faces, Panther Caruso/Dr. Frost, a homicidal mad scientist plotting to freeze Gotham to death, Dash Bowman/The Parrot, a bird obsessed gentleman crime boss with a tendency to squawk, Andrew Oikonny/The Trickster, a riddling computer hacker who loves to rhyme, and Pigma Dengar/Pain, a musclebound assassin.

The goal of the game is to finish with all the villains locked in prison. Any number of people can play as long as there's enough to fill each character. Keep the cursing at a PG-13 level.

If I can set this role play up after the current 3 are done please let me know.

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Go ahead and start your RP.

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