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Modifying the Krystal Archive Theme

Mr. Krystal

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Hey everyone. Please ignore the issues with the Krystal Archive sub-board. I'm modifying the theme to make it better. This guy's code is a mess, so it may be a while.

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ARGH! This is impossible. I can't solve this problem without a few weeks of work. DZ, could you please reset the Krystal Archive forums to use a copy of the standard Sargasso theme? I can't do it right. I'll make the minimal image and color modifications.

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Guest Julius Quasar

Bart Simpson:

"Mom it's broken,

Mom it's broken...

Mom it's broken,

Mom, it's broken..."

(The Simpsons, "Bart Vs. Thanksgiving"...Episode number...dang, I forgot :oops::P

I was just kidding, though, Mr. K., I know you're trying your hardest, that kinda web stuff is hard...Good luck, though.

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I was cocky, and thought I could rewrite a theme in one night without knowing how the theme system works. I didn't make a copy of the originals, so I broke it. :(

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KA board is set to default for now.

I looked into Black Silk while working on Sargasso. It was the guy's first theme. I'm still finding little problems.

If you want, I can re-upload my copy of Sargasso K's files...

Or you can find a new victim here (copy and paste URL, the brackets in it parse as bbcode and break the link [another bug to report to SMF...]): http://custom.simplemachines.org/themes/index.php?action=search;version[]=50

If you modify another one, remember to edit the theme's info xml file.

Also, RC2 will come with a new SMF default theme called "Curve": http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=293556.0

Yeah, SMF themeing can be complicated. There are multiple CSS and PHP files that control the rendering of the pages. Some CSS (though nothing I would mess with) and PHP even comes from the default theme as well.

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Thanks. What I really need is a barebones almost no styling theme. It's easy to add CSS. It's hard to take it away.

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Sadly, I do not know of one, though you could start with the SMF Default theme. There is an option to clone the SMF Default theme in the admin CP.

SMF has a writeup on themes:

http://docs.simplemachines.org/index.php?board=34.0 (LIST IS NOT IN ORDER!)

And the "Coding" Standards:


Make sure you copy the modifications language file into your new theme from the SMF default theme, our you'll fill the error log with "undefined index" errors (I learned this the hard way).

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