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Sabre and the easy portal refference


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The cake was a lie, but these sites aren't.

My pictures on FA. The art site of champions.


My blog. Aka Livejournal. Keep up with most things Sabre in text wall format.


and some crappy forum I post at.


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On Monday I'll be streaming gameplay of Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic in a live endurence run, complete with my own sarcastic commentary.

I have played the game before, but never got into it. I plan to play until the game finishes, or failing that, for no less then 6 hours assuming everything holds up technically.

You can watch it live here


or a (hopfully) saved version here after it's finished, but I'm told of various issues on the recorded versions.


One person claims those sites crash his browser, so be sure to save your pages before you click.

You can also send me messages during the run if you have X-fire. Again, user name SabreXT if you haven't added me already.

On a related note, how hard is Kotor? Just wondering what difficulty I should play that's all.

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You're talking about the first one? Good game, in fact my favorite game of all time.

It's VERY easy tough, the only exception being the final boss, which you'll have to have some kind of strategy up your sleve to have a go at. The difficulty can be changed while playing.

Even tough you're free to travel at some of the planets in the porder you want, I'd advice going to Tatooine first, then Kashyk, Manaan and finally Korriban. That way, you're racking up most of the interplantery side-quests in one swoop, and you'll get hold of all your party members as soon as possible.

Wish I'd be able to follow it, but my connection is way to slow for streaming live footage.

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Easy tough? That mean normal?

Thanks for the advice. I don't know how long the game is (I'm told it's loooong), but tatooine and then wookies. Gottcha.

Normally I'd pick the soldier over the more wimpy classes, but from what I've read he happens to be the thickie of the group. I might go for the han solo type character. Not sure.

Aww. It probley won't be very entertaining anyway. If it was acctually recording onto my machine I'd put it on a DVD for you if you wanted it, but it isn't. Hopefully my FLV ripper will work on the recorded version.

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I meant easy.

I always used the soldier when I played trough. It's some kind of a mental thing that I always chose the tanker when presented with a choice of characters. Somewhere along the game, you'll get to select a new class. And the less you progress in levels on the first planet, the more you will be able to level up in that, you will reach the maximum level of 20 well before the end if you do all the side-quests.

I found the game to be way to short. But that was probably because I liked it so much. It will definatively get very long if you try to play it trough in one sit.

We always have those file-sharing cites you know.

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Well, in that case I'll pick a character purely for back story and then just respec to what I want when I get there. I assume it's the jedi scene?

Some file sharing torrent places only do legal stuff now. If I had the original files on my machine, that would be my first chioce, but the sound issues prevent me from doing that. If I ever find a decent editing suite in my price range, I'd do that. I'd imagine the let's play archive would have it as well in that case.

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